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The Thunderbolt is your weekly electronic newsletter keeping you up to date on activist activities in Thurston County. It is published every Thursday morning.

There is also an audio version that airs at 8 AM Friday and Saturday mornings on KOWA 106.5 FM in downtown Olympia or streaming at http://www.kowalp.org all over the world.


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  1. Who…are you? I must know! Finally, I am loving every second of reading a blog…instead of trying to fight off the inevitable self-loathing that typically accompanies these activities…

    • If you live in Olympia I put out a weekly newsletter about everything activist happening in Oly, along with commentary on current events. I’ll add you to my list. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. We are working to develop a movement to truly begin on Black Friday 2013. We need an Occupy level movement across this nation to protest the corruption that permeates so many aspects of our society, but ultimately rests with the fact that corporations have purchased the American Congress, along with many other governments around the world. We need to address this problem in the United States by creating a nationwide initiative to have a Constitutional Convention. This needs to be done by petitioning state legislatures around the country.

    I believe that the states need to see the large protests that happened in 2011. We need to have a more defined mission than the Occupy movement. The fractured nature of this movement led to nothing, but the same movement again with leadership could have a completely different effect. We need to bring all of the separate organizations that are focused on all of the issues: GMO, environmental destruction, anti-TPP, and pro-2nd amendment groups, to agree on addressing the true corruption that has caused all of these issues. Corporate rule must end to fix any of these issues, before this civilization goes the way of Rome.

    Help us get our state legislatures eyes opened to what is necessary. We must nullify corrupt federal and international laws at the state level and we must do this all over this country. This needs to stay as non-violent as possible, or it will deteriorate into a violent collapse quickly. Addressing these issues from a constitutional mandate is what the process was created for, so as to avoid the violent responses that have caused problems in the past.

    We are starting a March against Corruption rally/protest/education at Wal-Mart on November 29, 2013. I will be going to Wal-Mart to be one of the first people in line for the “Black Friday Deals” but be with a bull horn and hopefully a crowd to educate people how giving their money to this corrupt corporation that makes massive profits, has many programs and practices that hurt this nation, and pays third world wages to maximize their profits. They have brought those third world wages to our shores, and are cutting back on the number of people that receive benefits, while increasing the number of employees that need federal assistance. This organization can be the face on that day to truly open more eyes to the problems that persist in our country/world.

    Help me get the word out around the nation! This Christmas needs to be different!

    Read more at: marchagainstcorruption.com

    I will be at the Lacey, WA Wal-Mart beginning on Thanksgiving at around 4pm, and will stay there as long as people will stand with me!

    • I would endorse this if not actively participate in the campaign as this could prove a very effective poke at the Machine — but actually the thought of a Constitutional Convention during the current climate and with the current mass-ignorance of what is really going on scares the crap out of me. I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that the problem is not the system, the problem is the people, and that once you fix the people then the system will take care of itself. I don’t think you can legislate racism or freedom. The condition of black people 150 years after slavery and 50 years after the Civil Rights Act seems evidence of that. The condition of our current civil liberties (or decided lack of same) in spite of our vaunted Constitution seems evidence of that. What good a Constitution if they just ignore it? Regulatory pacifiers or reform suppositories simply force the bad guys to find alternate means. When you can buy the government you can do pretty much whatever. The thing about laws is that good people don’t need them and bad people ignore them so they are of highly limited value; you cannot just pass laws or write new Constitutions, you must simply make racism and slavery unacceptable within your culture. We must make racism and slavery into abominations.

      We CAN do this. Until fairly recently in human history slavery was the accepted norm and women were treated like brood mares. Now there’s a woman who is likely a serious contender for president and you can’t even say ‘nigger’ in polite society anymore. While the progress has been WAY slower than anyone likes or wants, the overall trajectory is in the right direction. We ARE winning!

  3. I completely agree with you that it is a lost cause until the people stand up and demand their nation back. That is what I am here for. We need to show the people there are concrete solutions to some of these problems, they have just been neglected beyond the point of recognition at this point. We need to make a sweeping change to the actual men and women that are sitting in the seats that hold the power. If the people do not join together to stop this mess, then there are going to be some massive changes coming anyways that will force them to understand what they let happen. When the shining light we have finally falls back into the historical nature of humanity, i.e. tyrannical, monarchical, or various other despotic rules, then they will finally snap their eyes open. We need to have groups that are already established to quickly educate and organize them. That is what needs to start now.

    The apathetic nature that the mass of this country has is pathetic. The nation that was built on individual responsibility, will inevitably decay when that belief has passed.

  4. it’s not the people that needs to be corrected, it’s the system. The whole “why make laws or amend the constitution? nobody listens” hivey jivey just isn’t going to fly. Moneyed interests get away with the things that they do because THEY CREATED THOSE RULES.

    We CAN legislate racism: a public business cannot deny service to, or refuse to hire specific races. Saying nigger is a freedom of speech issue thats given to us, surprise, by the Constitution. It’s not that the Supreme Court doesn’t follow the Constitution, it’s that they were allowed to twist legal definitions of things like ‘speech’ to include wealth and that legal fictions (businesses) have access to the Bill of Rights.

    If the constitution said, outright, that money is not speech, and that corporations are not people, that would overturn our corporatist supreme court’s disastrous decisions (not ONLY Citizens United), as they would no longer be constitutional.

    We need to do this if America ever wants to be taken seriously again. It is a sad reality that our legal political bribery makes us a laughing stock of the entire world, and encourages voter disenfranchisement. So what are the options?

    Replacing 100% of the federal legislators will be a short-term solution at best, given the same corporate interests will simply turn on the $ faucet, vying to influence these fresh targets.

    Laws, such as Montana’s century-old anti-corruption legislation have already been overturned by the SCOTUS because it contradicts their interpretation of the constitution.

    With the U.S. Constitution as the ultimate, overriding law of the land, an amendment would be the ultimate legal bulkhead to construct a wall between wealth and state.

    There are only 2 ways to amend the constitution. 2/3 of Congress can submit amendments for the states to ratify, or 2/3 of the states can call for a convention (a convention of the states, NOT a constitutional convention) to propose amendments to again, be sent.to the states for ratification.

    Given the ridiculous obstructionism in the U.S. Congress, and reports of how Super-PACs have become tax-free political slush funds, and how congress couldn’t/wouldn’t pass the Disclose Act or even couldn’t keep the country running… which group of people is more likely to listen to their constituents? State legislators, or Federal ones?

    Our democracy must be rescued from undue influence of wealth. Amending the constitution is not easy, nor is it impossible. Both factors are by design. We have amended our constitution 26 times, once every generation, trying make our government more effective given our changing societal needs. It’s our generation’s turn.

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