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1) FYI Section:

1A) Link to Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

1B) Update from Flush the TPP

1C) Message from Moms Rising

2) Nisqually Delta Restoration Information

3) Thursday February 11th

4) DIY Collective Presents: Food Not Bombs Benefit Punk Show/Dance Party

5) Presidents Day Lobby Day with Washington CAN!

6) Evan Greer in Olympia

7) “No Methanol Refinery” Comment Hearing

8) Rebel Alliance to Defeat the TPP Death Star

9) Bonus Tip of the Day


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The New Normal





Official Thunderbolt Nerd Alert!


Hey Kids!


On the science-nerd front, there has been a major advance in the battle for a Unified Field Theory of Everything! Physicists have come up with a new theory called M-Theory (Membrane Theory) that evidently adds an eleventh dimension to String Theory’s ten dimensions and evidently M-Theory thus encompasses String Theory within it!


I have no frigging idea what all that means but I do know enough about it to know that this is a very exciting development.



On the health care front, scientists have discovered the cause of schizophrenia. It turns out that there is a portion of our brains that activates whenever we talk to ourselves inside our heads. Evidently there is a gene that causes this part of the brain to activate without conscious control — and thus schizophrenics start hearing voices inside their heads.


They haven’t figured out how to cure schizophrenia yet, but they now have a specific target…



Astronomers, meanwhile, are positing the existence of a 9th planet way out in the Kuiper Belt beyond Pluto. They haven’t found it yet but they know it is there due to perturbations in the orbits of other celestial bodies.


We could use a new planet right about now…




Official Thunderbolt TPP Alert!


Now is the time for all good members of the 99% to educate yourself about the TPP — and then to flood Congress with phone calls forcefully denouncing the TPP!


Remember: The TPP needs to be approved by Congress. In spite of both the Obombers and the Wall Street Machine pulling out all stops to push this through, due to massive anti-TPP activism the congress critters are now running away from the TPP like it just developed a serious case of halitosis — and it is no longer clear that Congress would approve the TPP were they to vote on it now.


This is especially true in the House.


No presidential candidate with over 5% in the polls has yet to publically endorse the TPP. (Hillary Clinton, it must be noted, was all for it before she was against it, though…)


Since our local Olympia rep is a corporate shill and a rubber stamp for Barack Obama’s police state then I would especially encourage Olympia voters to call Denny Heck and I would encourage Olympia voters to call Denny Heck often.


While you’re at it, remind Mr. Heck about his vote a few years ago to continue funding the NSA’s theretofore-secret program to illegally spy on your grandmother.



Remember: Other than a massive cash donation, hiring a good lobbyist, or a personal visit to their office — a phone call is the most effective method for a private citizen to influence their political representatives.




Official Thunderbolt Cretin Alert!


There are certain people who I suspect are deeply concerned about the popularity of Bernie Sanders. Many of these people are also the most powerful people in the world. Many of these people basically make their livings by overthrowing ‘unfriendly’ governments. I suspect that these people would consider any government headed by Bernie Sanders to be such. Thus, I suspect that Mr. Sanders should watch his back if this continues for if Bernie ever reaches a point wherein it looks as if he might actually take this thing (imagine Bernie winning the California primary, for instance) and I suspect that those shadowy characters would have no hesitation in implementing the Robert F. Kennedy solution to the Bernie Sanders problem…




Minority Report


If you think that the right-wingers’ heads were exploding over a black president — think what they’re going to do if we elect Bernie Sanders as the first Jewish president…




The Definition of Insanity


Here we go again! After so many spectacular military successes in the Middle East over the decades — yet another falsely identified nail is once again about to get hit with the Great American Hammer!


Yes, Kids, after we stopped him in his tracks a couple of years ago when he tried to ‘send the troops’ into Syria, the Obomber has finally managed to sneak them in through the back door!


You see? Persistence pays off!



We have to destroy ISIS, after all — and as we have proven over and over again — sending in American troops is the best formula known for mass-producing yet more ‘terrorists’!


Which means more fodder for instilling terror into the hearts of the American public and more profit for Boeing and GE and more influence for the Wall Street War Machine in Middle Eastern affairs!






The New Normal


The UN just issued a report accusing both pro-government and anti-government forces in Syria of committing heinous war crimes.


Under the ‘new normal’ it would actually be news these days if they weren’t.


Dividing the combatants in Syria into ‘pro-government’ and ‘anti-government’ forces also vastly oversimplifies what is actually happening in Syria right now: I’ve documented a lot of this previously but there are actually about eight different ‘sides’ in the Syrian madness and the alliances are not always clear. For instance: According to what American officials say, the central target of American forces in Syria is ISIS — but according to what they actually do, their central target in Syria is Bashar al Assad.




Bernie is a Sexist!


Hillary Clinton has already pulled the ‘sexist’ card! (Excuse me, Mrs. Clinton, but your desperation is showing…)


When Bernie Sanders accused Mrs. Clinton of being a shill for Wall Street she said that she couldn’t be part of the ‘establishment’ because she is a woman!


She then accused Mr. Sanders of ‘smearing’ her by pointing out the irrefutable fact that Mrs. Clinton has received and is currently receiving barrelsful of moolah from Wall Street.


Mrs. Clinton accused Mr. Sanders of ‘smearing’ her — even though I believe that a ‘smear’ requires that someone say something that isn’t true about the allegedly smeared person.


Mrs. Clinton challenged Mr. Sanders to provide one instance where she changed a vote as a result of a campaign contribution.


Funny she should say that, of course, because here in the Thunderbolt I have been documenting repeated and outrageous examples of Mrs. Clinton doing just that for many years now — and as far as accusing Mrs. Clinton of ‘adjusting’ her vote depending upon campaign donations — Mr. Sanders has yet to even mention Mrs. Clinton’s TRUE source of campaign cash (though it is not legally considered to be associated with her political fundraising) and that would be…


[Drums, Fanfares, Wild Cheering, etc.]




[Drums, Fanfares, Wild Cheering, etc.]


Yes, Kids, the infamous Clinton Foundation! That great cesspool and grand bazaar of influence pedaling! Your one-stop shop for people like Saudi Arabian sheiks, foreign oil companies, foreign mining companies, CEO’s of major drug companies, and many many others! Would you like to purchase influence with the Clinton Machine? Well I’m here to tell you, Kids, you too can make a massive ‘contribution’ to the Clinton Foundation and than stand amazed as you watch Mrs. Clinton announcing a complete reversal on a policy decision that is highly favourable to your cause!


And you need not even fear any legal repercussions! Even though this is highly illegal and totally unethical — under our ‘new normal’ the only way anyone will ever be prosecuted for anything is if they were to become a whistleblower!



Bernie Sanders MUST know about all this. That leads me to question why (as far as I know) he has yet to even mentioned the Clinton Foundation during this campaign?



Then, during one of her recent debates with Bernie Sanders, Mrs. Clinton surprised even me when I heard her say this:


I was very flattered when Henry Kissinger said I ran the State Department better than anybody had run it in a long time”.



I must confess that — as accustomed as I am to politicians saying insane things — to have Mrs. Clinton spend an hour trying to burnish her ‘progressive’ cred — and then to go right from that directly to boasting of an endorsement from one of the most heinous war criminals of the 20th Century? (Bomb Cambodia and Laos, anyone?)


Henry f*%#ing Kissinger?!?! Are you f*%#ing kidding?!?!


Is Hillary Clinton REALLY that profoundly tone deaf?



Hillary Clinton has now inspired me. Sometime in the near future I am going to nominate Mr. Kissinger for an official Thunderbolt Most Evil Person in History Award soon so that I can educate Thunderbolt readers about this purely evil cretin — who is evidently so very fond of Hillary Clinton!


How appropriate.


Stay tuned.




Flinty Reality


On the domestic front, this Flint water thing is turning into a BFD. (That’s “Big F*%#ing Deal” for those of you who have yet to learn to speak text…)


This is looking nastier and nastier the more that emerges.


For instance: It turns out that the white people in Genesee County continued to get their water from the Detroit system.


It was only black people who were poisoned by their own government.


In additional addition, it turns out that prisoners in the local jails were forced to drink the water up until week before last. Then, they were given only 24 oz. of bottled water per day — which represents only half of the daily-recommended intake of water for a typical human.



There are now serious people calling for serious jail time for whoever is responsible.


Many people are saying that the Republican governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, is responsible.


Rick Snyder was the driving force behind Michigan’s ‘Emergency Manager’ law. Immediately upon signing said law, the governor almost immediately picked someone to come in to displace the democratically elected government of Flint and to replace it with someone who assumed literal dictatorial control over local budgets and policies.


This ‘emergency manager’ answered directly to Governor Snyder.


Governor Snyder even used a tactic as old as slavery: He deployed one of his houseboys to actually stick the knife in: Flint’s ‘emergency manager’ was a black man.


It was this ‘emergency manager’ that made the decision to switch the source of the water supply (but only for Flint’s Blacks).



This is an almost textbook example of the Machine’s mindset concerning what they deem to be ‘disposable people’.



Any mindset that even allows the concept of ‘disposable people’ to even exist is unacceptable, especially when found in those that wield public power.



It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of February 11th thru February 17th, 2016




1) FYI Section:


1A) Link to Washington Low Income Housing Alliance


This link will take you to the webpage for the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, where there is lots of information about the current legislative session and what they are doing (or not) about housing low-income people.




1B) Update from Flush the TPP


This message came from Flush the TPP:


Corporate Greed Resisters!


Great work! Last week, TPP Resisters across the United States and in 6 other TPP countries protested the signing of the TransPacific Partnership in New Zealand.


In New Zealand, tens of thousands of people turned up to shut down intersections in the Central Business District in the morning and hold a massive march in the afternoon. We are still trying to catch up with posting the report backs. If you want to see great photos and videos of the actions, you’ll find links to the report backs here or check out our Facebook page.


The commercial media barely reported on the signing of the TPP, but the social media buzzed with photos and videos showing the widespread opposition.


We are having an impact! Sen. Rob Portman, who serves on the Senate Finance Committee and was the US Trade Ambassador under President Bush, came out against the TPP today (he has a strong anti-TPP challenger in his race). And all signs show that the TPP is stalled in both houses of Congress.


Our job is to make sure that the TPP implementing legislation is never sent to Congress.


How do we do that? People are already organizing actions to target their Representatives and Senators during the Presidents’ Week Congressional Recess Feb. 12 to 21. Click here for more information about that. If you are planning an action, send the details to We will post and share it.


There will also be a protest at Rancho Mirage on February 15 while President Obama hosts a trade summit there. Click here for details.


And join the TPP Resistance call on Wednesday nights at 9 pm Eastern each week! Evan Greer of Fight for the Future will tell us of their plans for a big mobilization this spring.


Click here to register for the calls.


All of the actions last week had a big impact! We are building that movement of movements, that “tremendous people power” that will overcome their “total profit plan.” Keep up the great work. Spread the word. And encourage people to take action.


Here are a few things everyone can do:


  1. Call the White House at 202 456 1414 and tell them you oppose the TPP.


  1. Call your members of Congress at 202 224 3121 and tell them to oppose the TPP.


  1. Join the weekly calls to get informed and to join in the organizing efforts.TPP Resistance calls are on Wednesday nights at 9 pm Eastern/6 pm Pacific.The next call will be TONIGHT February 3, 2016.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE CALL.




1C) Message from Moms Rising


“Losing my childcare support from Working Connections upended my whole life. With the subsidy, I was working toward a great future for me and my kids. Losing it meant it was hard for me to work and take care of my family.” – Angelica, Washington.


Stories like Angelica’s are not uncommon in Washington. And that’s simply NOT. OKAY.


Lawmakers in Olympia have just a few weeks to ensure our children and families have the access to affordable, high-quality early learning, like childcare and preschool, that they need. As legislators work to finish the 2016 supplemental budget, now is the time to remind them that children and families can’t wait another minute for greater investments in their future.


Click here and (if we already have all your information) your name will instantly be added to an open letter asking lawmakers in Olympia to support children and families by investing in early learning and end long waitlists for affordable high-quality preschool and childcare.


At a time when the cost of childcare outpaces the cost of college tuition in our state, and when there are 2,676 children on the waitlist to get into ECEAP, our state’s public preschool program, and when access to affordable, high-quality childcare is out of reach for so many Washington families, we need leaders in Olympia to step up and invest in our littlest learners. [1,2]


Without greater investments in early learning, Washington children will have less access to high-quality early learning opportunities like preschool and childcare that will help them build the foundation to achieve their greatest hopes and dreams.


Unfortunately, Washington families could face a double-whammy if legislators don’t act: the current funding for Working Connections Child Care, a subsidy provided to working families at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Line to help with the cost of high-quality childcare, isn’t enough to meet demand, and more than 2,000 families are facing long waiting lists. AND a growing wait list of children and families in need of ECEAP, our state’s public preschool program, makes this a crucial moment for Washington legislators to act.


It doesn’t have to be this way.


A waiting list for preschool and childcare is a recession-era austerity measure that now stands to hurt parents’ ability to work, and kids’ opportunity to learn and thrive. Our lawmakers took a big step forward for kids last year with the passage and funding of the Early Start Act. This year, our families can’t afford to take a big step backward.


With childcare costs often exceeding the costs of housing, college tuition, transportation, and food — and here in Washington we rank 6th worst in the nation for the cost of childcare for infants, [3, 4] — families need state leaders to invest in early learning, including childcare and preschool, more than ever.


*When you click this link, you instantly sign on if we already have all your information.


The case for early learning couldn’t be more clear. Investing in early learning is good for families, businesses, and the economy. Children who have high-quality early learning experiences are more likely to succeed in school, graduate from high school, gain stable employment, and are less likely to be arrested later in life. [5] And when families have access to quality early learning opportunities, parents are able to focus on work without the stress of unreliable care. Not to mention that investments in high-quality early learning programs actually save future dollars for everyone. For every one dollar invested in high-quality early learning, we see a return of up to eight dollars! [6]


Sign now and remind legislators to do big things for our littlest learners and invest in early learning:


*When you click this link, you instantly sign on if we already have all your information.


Together we are a powerful voice for children and families!

Lauren, Donna, Kristin and the entire team


[1] Washington State Head Start & ECEAP Association


[3] Ibid

[4] Ibid




Like what we’re doing? Donate: We’re a bootstrap, low overhead, mom run organization. Your donations make the work of possible–and we deeply appreciate your support. Every little bit counts. Donate today on our secure website.


On Facebook? Become a Fan. Follow us on Twitter.


Want info from in Spanish? Sign up to receive emails from our Spanish-language community, Mamá!


What should MomsRising tackle next? Tell us what’s on your mind.



2) Thursday February 11th

Nisqually Delta Restoration Information

7 pm @ LOTT WET Science Center, 500 Adams St NE


This message came through Oly FOR:


Learn about the Nisqually Delta Restoration – Speaker Melanie Davis, USGS Scientist, is hosted by the South Sound Estuary Association:  Melanie Davis, USGS Scientist Talks about Nisqually Delta Restoration – What Tools do They Use to Track the Results and Provides a Summary of the Latest Finding.  7:00-8:30 pm at LOTT WET Science Center, 500 Adams NE, Olympia, WA 98501.  Co- sponsored by LOTT WET Science Center.  Info:



3) Thursday February 11th

Thurston Climate Action Team Monthly Meeting

7 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SE


This message came through TC Pro Net:


Thurston Climate Action Team Monthly Meeting
Date: Thursday, February 11, 2016
Time: 7PM
Short Description: TCAT strives to provide engaging and educational monthly meetings and to build a bridge between climate issues and the local economies.
Location: Traditions Cafe and World Folk Art
300 5th Avenue SW
Olympia, WA
Contact Information: Tom Crawford at


Energy, transportation, dairy farms, urban corridors, and job growth: These are a few of the topics that have an impact in Thurston County and connect with climate change. TCAT strives to bring engaging and educational monthly meetings to you, our community, and to build a bridge between climate issues and the local economies.


Bring your ideas, questions, projects, and passions to our monthly meeting onThursday, February 11th at Traditions Fair Trade, beginning at 7pm and we’ll build a calendar from your ideas.

Check out TCAT’s new website



4) Friday February 12th

DIY Collective Presents: Food Not Bombs Benefit Punk Show/Dance Party

8 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE


This message came from Kai:


DIY Collective (Dorks. Igniting. Yuppies.) presents a community benefit show for the Olympia chapter of Food not Bombs. Come on out and see 6 wierdo acts (3 punk bands and 3 DJs) and try to crush capitalists.


FnB uses the food scraps of society to create home cooked yumminess in the form of free vegan meals that are open to the public. The Olympia branch serves every saturday at the Timberland Public Library at 4:30PM.


$5 (nobody turned away for lack of $$$)
No racism, classism, sexism,queerphobia, or dickishness. If youre a dweeb I will personally dismantle you.

Punk bands play first. Then the DJs and dance party.


~Punk Bands~


+Big Idiot- Skateboards strapped with bombs (and food).

+Ugly Lovers- Ugly on the outside and uglier on the inside.

+Super Secret Special Guests- They think they’re so fucking special. Ooooh I don’t want people to know who we are… Nerds.




+Carrier Current- Don’t get carried away.

+Boswell- Its like a dolphin giving you a backrub.


+Phase Locked Loop- Its not a phase, mom.



5) Monday February 15th

Presidents Day Lobby Day with Washington CAN!

10 am @ Washington State Labor Council, 906 Columbia Street SW


Washington CAN is a statewide organization and they kick ass:


This President’s Day, Monday, February 15, we are traveling to Olympia for a Lobby Day and we would like to invite you along. We will visit our state capital and call on lawmakers to put politics aside and put the issues you care about first.


Our allies at NARAL Pro-Choice Washington will join us; in part to emphasize our Stand With Women campaign. The campaign urges lawmakers to Stand With Women this session by passing legislation to expand access to women’s health care, abolish workplace penalties for pregnancy and raise wages to ensure equal pay for women.


Please click this link to let us know you are interested in attending.


We are still working on the exact details but we know we will depart in the morning and meet at the Washington State Labor Council at 906 Columbia Street SW #330 in Olympia at 10:00 a.m. There, we’ll prepare for the day and then hit the capital campus for a full day of speaking with elected officials and staging actions to make our voices heard.


Let us know you’re coming and we’ll have more information soon.


We hope you can take this important trip with us!



Rosalind and the rest of the Washington CAN! team



6) Monday February 15th

Evan Greer in Olympia

7 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE


This message came from Bruce:


Get excited! Touring trans/genderqueer riot-folksinger Evan Greer is coming to Olympia on Monday, Feb 15th for an Anti-President’s day party! Let’s celebrate resistance instead of politicians.


Local support from: Megan Hewitt, Anna Gordon, Premium Spirits, + more!


All ages. $10 – 20 sliding scale suggested donation, $5 students / low income. No one turned away for lack of funds.


Evan Greer is a trans/genderqueer activist singer/songwriter, parent, writer, and organizer based in Boston. She writes and performs high-energy acoustic songs that inspire hope, build community, and incite resistance! Evan tours internationally as a musician and speaker, and facilitates interactive workshops to support movements for justice and liberation. Wielding an arsenal of fiercely radical songs that vary in style from pop-punk poetry to foot-stompin’ bluegrass singalongs, Evan has been honored to collaborate, tour, and share stages with artists as musically diverse as Pete Seeger, Immortal Technique, Billy Bragg, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, Pamela Means, Downtown Boys, Against Me!, The Coup, Anne Feeney, Oi Polloi, State Radio, The Mammals, Defiance Ohio, Holly Near, and Chumbawamba. She’s currently the campaign director for Fight for the Future, the viral digital rights nonprofit. Evan writes regularly for The Guardian and Huffington Post, has been a guest on All Things Considered, and has been interviewed about her activism by the New York Times, Rolling Stone, TIME Magazine, NBC, the Wall Street Journal, CBS News, Democracy Now!, The Atlantic, CNN, and even Fox News.


Learn more at


More details and local artists TBA. Hosted by Olympia IWW.


Wheelchair accessible. Venue info:



7) Tuesday February 16th

“No Methanol Refinery” Comment Hearing

2:30 pm @ Meeker Middle School, 4402 Nassau Avenue NE Tacoma, 98422


This is out of town but it would directly affect us.


This message came from Alan:


Lock arms together to denounce this reckless proposal to build a methanol refinery in Commencement Bay and on the shores of the Puget Sound.


More details TBA but plan to arrive early (4:30 / 5pm) to rally and to signup to comment.


If peddlers of this petrochemical plant (the largest in the world) got their way, China would siphon off precious resources to produce more plastics and leave our communities’ on the hook with all the hazards and a plethora of poisonous byproducts. If you need another reason to be opposed to this plan consider the fact that by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in our oceans (as noted in this article by the Guardian –



8) Thursday February 18th

Rebel Alliance to Defeat the TPP Death Star

1 pm @ Washington State Capitol, 416 Sid Snyder Ave SW


The TPP is Big Brother on steroids.


This message came from Bruce:


Be On the Right Side of the Galaxy, Join the Rebel Alliance to Defeat the TPP DeathStar on Thursday Feb 18th!


The fate of democracy may be decided by Congress as they consider passing legislation that would finalize the biggest corporate trade agreement ever brokered: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).


Yet, the Rebel Alliance (We the People) are amassing to ensure no more representatives slip into the darkside. We need your help to make sure the “force” is used for good!


Hop into your x-wing and draw your light saber for an epic battle against the dark force of the corporations on the Capitol steps in Olympia.


Please RSVP today!


From Sith Lords and Congresspersons to Chewbacca and other Rebels we’re looking cast 25+ participants into specific Star Wars roles and to help us mobilize all the imagery. RSVP so we can follow-up with you!


350 Seattle, WFTC (Washington Fair Trade Coalition) and Backbone Campaign are anchoring this event, while many many more are coming together as a global uprising to #StoptheTPP!



9) Bonus Tip of the Day:


Don’t accept the ‘new normal’.







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