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1) FYI Section:

1A) Update from the West Central Park Project

1B) Help to Fund the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation

2) Nationwide Day of Action to Protest the TPP

3) Lobby the Legislature for Social Justice

4) Phyllis Bennis: Understanding ISIS and the New Global War on Terror

5) Book Discussion: Illegal People by David Bacon and Undocumented by Noam Chomsky

6) Is a Poem / Is a Painting / Is a Play: Cross-Genre Writing Workshop

7) Meaningful Movie Series: Take Back Your Power

8) Film Screening: Truth

9) Media Island Monthly Benefit Brunch: Gateways for Incarcerated Youth

10) Moms Rising in Olympia

11) Mary Abramson aka “Lady Liberty” Presents Liberty Enlightening the World

12) Prisoner Letter Writing

13) Steve Davis Lecture

14) Mary Abramson aka “Lady Liberty” Presents Liberty Enlightening the World

15) Stephanie Coontz at Evergreen

16) Stephanie Coontz at Evergreen

17) Bonus Tip of the Day


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Billionaires and Ballot Bandits!





Harken Back to those Days of Yore!


Hey Kids!


Harken back to those days of yore — when people said things like “harken back to those days of yore”!




Official Thunderbolt Apology


I do apologize to my readers. I try very hard to remain profoundly cynical and pessimistic — but I can just never seem to keep up…




Shelton: Flint West?


It is being reported in the Mason County Blog that our neighbors over in Shelton are having problems with poison in their water and that the mayor is doing jack-all. I got this just before deadline so go here to learn more:




Where the Drones Don’t Soar


Police in the Netherlands are training eagles to attack and destroy drones. You can watch a video here:




Official Thunderbolt Election Strategy for 2016


If you want to assure that a Republican does not win the White House this election then you should do everything you can to encourage the candidacy of Donald Trump. While Mr. Trump is decidedly popular amongst the insane, he is decidedly unpopular amongst everyone else.


As for the Democrap Party, I would note that people who support Bernie Sanders do so because they passionately believe in his message. People who support Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, do so either because she paid for them or because they are single-issue organizations (such as Planned Parenthood) that look only to their own narrow interests without consideration of the larger societal interests. (That is one of the problems with single-issue interest groups.)




The Opposite of the Truth


I love how politicians can say the exact opposite of the truth and make it sound so believable!


Here is an example:


The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money

       Margaret Thatcher


This is a rare instance of a statement from a politician that is absolutely true — if you substitute the word ‘capitalism’ for ‘socialism’.


Then you have instances where someone is telling the truth from a completely false premise — such as Ted Cruz:


Iowa has sent notice that the Republican nominee and the next president of the United States will not be chosen by the media, will not be chosen by the Washington establishment, will not be chosen by the lobbyists, but will be chosen by the most incredible powerful force, where all sovereignty resides in our nation — by we, the people, the American people.



Keep in mind that Mr. Cruz was put into the Senate by Goldman $achs — however — the public perception of Mr. Cruz is that he is a ‘populist’ and he is definitely not part of the established Republican Machine, so the perception is what people voted for and so Mr. Cruz’s victory is significant (with the caveat that anything even remotely resembling anything ‘normal’ in this election cycle has been Trumped by an elephant in the room).


In addition, Bernie Sanders just fought Hillary Clinton to a tie in Iowa even though a few months ago he was 40 points down, he had no money, and he had neither organization nor name recognition in Iowa.


In addition to that addition — as Mr. Sanders himself noted in his speech — he was in that position whilst taking on the most powerful political machine in the world — and he fought it to a draw.



Then we had Barack Obama who — during his initial campaign for president in 2008 — told the unions that he had their backs and he made several ‘promises’ to them about opposing ‘free trade’ agreements in general and NAFTA in particular — at the same time that his top economic advisor, Austan Goolsbee, was up in Canada assuring the Canadians that this was all total BS that Obama had to say in order to get the union vote and that he was actually an enthusiastic supporter of ‘free trade’ agreements.,_2008


I am mentioning this because a journalist named Lee Fong just tried to hang Mrs. Clinton from her own pétard by asking if she planned to release any of the transcripts from any of the private speeches that she gave (and for which she was very well-compensated) to Goldman $achs.



Mrs. Clinton just laughed.


Yeah. Ha, ha, ha. That was really funny, Mrs. Clinton.


When asked to defend the $675,000 that she has received in ‘speaking fees’ from Goldman $achs (this is out of a total of $125 million the Clintons have collected in such ‘speaking fees’ over the years) Mrs. Clinton actually told the truth and compared herself to Barack Obama! She pointed out that Mr. Obama received ‘significant campaign donations’ from Wall Street — yet he had passed the so-called Dodd-Frank ‘reform’ bill.


The Dodd-Frank ‘reform’ bill, of course, represented the equivalent of a bandaid on a severed artery. It was a ‘feel good’ bill and it was passed strictly to fool the American people into thinking that something was being done about Wall Street corruption — when actually ‘doing something about Wall Street corruption’ was the complete opposite of what was actually going on.




Billionaires and Ballot Bandits On the Loose!


Speaking of fighting corruption, Greg Palast is back on the beat! Once again he is exposing billionaires and ballot bandits right and left! (Though mostly on the right…)


The Brothers Koch have pledged to spend $750 million purchasing politicians, the bulk of which will be going to Republicans (with a few Democrats thrown in to hedge their bets…)


And — can you guess who is the number one contributor to the Republican Party Cause? (At least ‘on the record’…)


That dishonour goes to a gentleman whose name you virtually never hear on the Media Machine — so let’s give a big heartfelt Thunderbolt raspberry for:




[Cheering! Wild applause! Pandemonium!]


Yes, that Paul Singer, the very personification of vulture capitalism!


Let me tell you, Kids, that Paul Singer represents the cutting edge in the purchasing Third World debt for pennies on the dollar and then using ruthless cutthroat no-holds-barred methods of collecting upon that debt! Paul Singer has completely drained the treasuries of several Third World countries (literally impoverishing millions of people in the process who hadn’t been doing all that well to begin with) all so he could increase his already obscenely large personal fortune!


(Mr. Singer is backing Marco Rubio, by the way…)


In this one single man is contained every ugly reprehensible cruel and murderous nastiness that so personifies our wonderful system that so lavishly rewards thieves and so severely punishes the honest.


Argentina even managed to negotiate terms for their debt wherein a large part of it was forgiven due to the fact that this debt had been accumulated by a previous right-wing administration that had been utterly corrupt. The IMF and even Goldman $achs was ready to go along with this deal — but Paul Singer refused to honour this arrangement and he insisted upon full payment even though he had himself had purchased the debt from a discount broker paying only pennies on the dollar.


And by the other way: If the TPP passes then Singer will be freed of the few (largely token) restraints upon his vile endeavours that still currently exist…


Meanwhile, out in nutcase land, Joe Arpaio is endorsing Donald Trump.


Joe Arpaio is the infamous overtly racist sheriff of Maricopa County [Phoenix] and Sheriff Arpaio was one of the central movers and shakers in passing all of the overtly racist laws against immigrants that were so controversially passed in Arizona a few years back.


However — when considering clowns such as Donald Trump or Joe Arpaio, you must remember that there is a huge Machine behind these men and that that Machine is no frigging joke. The Koch brothers fund Mr. Arpaio, for instance. In spite of the image that Mr. Arpaio intentionally projects, he is no hick sheriff from the boonies. He is funded through an organization called Donor’s Trust. When the feds started coming down on Joe Arpaio like a ton of bricks for his overtly racist policies, the Donor’s Trust provided the good Mr. Arpaio with an attorney named Kris Kobach.


In addition to being Joe Arpaio’s attorney, Mr. Kobach is also the Secretary of State of the State of Kansas. Mr. Kobach is thus in a position to purge lots and lots of voters from the voter rolls…


…which brings us full circle back to the ballot bandits! THEY’RE BAAAACK!


If you have the same name as a convicted felon or even if you have the same name as someone else who also voted then you may find your name purged from the voter roles if you live in any of 29 Republican controlled states — for these states have gotten together and they are all cooperating in their various voter purges! This new system is called ‘Interstate Crosscheck’, and Greg Palast has discovered that ‘Interstate Crosscheck’ has a list of over 7 million voters that they plan to purge from the voting roles for ‘voting twice’ in any of the 29 states that are participating in the new ‘Interstate Crosscheck’ system.


Voting twice in the same election is a serious federal crime subject to a five-year prison sentence — yet in spite of having 7 million people accused of committing this crime, not a single one has been prosecuted! They even have their addresses and ID numbers!


And I’m sure it is coincidence, but the overwhelming majority of these seven million names are black, Hispanic — and they are even starting to purge Asians since Asian support has shifted over to the Democrats over the years. If your name is Fauntleroy Wentworth III and you have the right zip code you will probably not be purged from the roles. If your name is Terrell Washington and you live in the wrong zip code, then you probably will purged from the voting roles because another Terrell Washington voted in Alabama last year.


Mohammed Mohammed — a very common name amongst the Muslim community — is also on this list. ‘Interstate Crosscheck’ has determined that all of these Mohammed Mohammed’s are the same Mohammed Mohammed voting hundreds of times and so there will likely be dozens of not hundreds of Mohammed Mohammed’s who will be unable to vote in the next election even though they are fully qualified to vote and even though they have a Constitutional right to vote.


Amongst other names to be purged: John Brown and José Rodriquez.


‘Interstate Crosscheck’ is in force in the two central swing states in the next election too, i.e. North Carolina and Ohio. Ohio has already targeted 675,000 names (in almost exclusively black areas of the state) for removal from the voting roles.


Alabama began requiring all their voters to obtain driver’s licenses or state approved ID’s — then they closed nearly all of the DMV’s in all ten of the majority black counties in the state.


There is a black state senator from Alabama named Hank Sanders. 50 years ago Mr. Sanders walked across the Edmund Pettis Bridge with Martin Luther King to win his right to vote.


Senator Sanders has just been purged from the voting roles of Alabama.


Senator Sanders noted that this is like he has now marched once again over the Edmund Pettis Bridge only this time he is marching backwards.



And now we move full circle: It turns out that the ‘Interstate Crosscheck’ system is being operated out of the office of the Secretary of State of the State of Kansas, the Koch funded attorney for Joe Arpaio, Kris Kobach!



What a small world these people live in!




War Crimes R Us


Meanwhile, the bizarre looking-glass reality into which we are descending just got even wackier: Now the Republicans are complaining that Barack Obama is a wimp for not murdering more innocent civilians than he already has.


First we had a ‘journalist’ named Hugh Hewitt insisting that the ability to order the mass murder of civilians is a requirement for a presidential hopeful (as opposed to a reason for a lengthy prison sentence). Now we have Marco Rubio insisting that he would ‘carpet bomb’ Syria — and instead of being arrested for conspiracy to commit mass-murder he is being seriously considered for President of the United States.



Evidently war crimes have become official American policy.




Economic History 101


For several decades following World War II, the 1% was taxed over 90% on personal income over the equivalent of a few million dollars, banks operated in regulatory straightjackets, and labour unions effectively defended the interests of working people (even as they simultaneously defended the interests of organized crime).


During this period the unions assured that wages and increases in productivity roughly corresponded; as workers created more wealth per hour worked they also shared in the increased profits that those increases in productivity created.


That all stopped in the 1970’s. Suddenly — even though productivity continued to exponentially increase — wages suddenly stopped growing and eventually even began declining.


All those extra profits from the increased productivity were instead now being lent back to those very same workers at extortion-level interest rates.



As a result of these changes, the last 30 years has witnessed the most massive ‘redistribution of wealth’ in all human history.



In the 1970’s the United States was the world’s leading lending nation.


We are now the world’s leading debtor nation.


The way you create real tangible wealth (as opposed to ephemeral ‘paper’ wealth) is to take raw materials and to make something useful out of them. In the 1970’s the United States was the world’s leading importer of raw materials and the world’s leading exporter of manufactured goods.


We are now the world’s leading exporter of raw materials and the world’s leading importer of manufactured goods.



I have heard economists on the Media Machine talk about the difference between a ‘recession’ and a ‘depression’. They almost invariably manage to do this without actually shedding any light whatsoever upon said difference.


For the record: A ‘recession’ is a normal adjustment to a capitalist economy. They usually don’t last long. A ‘depression’ is a long-term downturn that lasts for many years. Long term zero interest rates are a sign of a depression (much less negative interest rates such as Portugal and several Wall Street banks have recently announced).


As for the touted ‘economic recovery’: The United States has been stripped down like a stolen car in a chop shop and it has been parted out. The 1% has gutted our country. In spite of all their rosy predictions I can guarantee you that there is no economic recovery coming.


Americans do still create a lot of real wealth (as opposed to ephemeral ‘paper’ wealth). Most Americans are completely unaware of the fact that Los Angeles is one of the biggest manufacturing hubs in the world, for instance.


However — our production of actual real tangible wealth (as opposed to ephemeral ‘paper’ wealth) is a fraction of what it once was, both proportionally to the rest of the world and in the inflation-adjusted population-adjusted total.


As for the economy: We have been limping along more or less in neutral for over a decade now. Even there we have only managed to do even that because China has been experiencing double-digit growth rates and they have been carrying everyone else along in their slipstream.


However, China’s double-digit growth rate has been fueled by — yep, you guessed it — a massive debt bubble! As always proves to be the eventual case with massive economic debt bubbles, the Chinese economy is now collapsing catastrophically and it is starting to look like they may take the entire worldwide economy down with them.


Stay tuned.




Uneasy Street


The Catholic Church is incredibly rich. The Catholic Church is the largest landowner on the planet and they wield major political influence. They play all the same nasty games that any other major political power plays but they conduct their nastiness under colour of religion, which makes it even worse in my book.


The financial shenanigans engaged in by the Vatican Bank over the centuries are well documented and they are thoroughly reprehensible.


Anyway, me saying anything good about a Catholic pope is something of an historical event — but I must confess that one of several good things that the current pope is doing is attempting to clean up the Vatican Bank.


Cleaning up corruption is always popular with the public but it is always decidedly unpopular amongst corrupt people and since corrupt people tend to wield all the power and pull all the strings and control all the bankbooks and blackmail information and since they often have access to accomplished assassins then they tend to present a formidable challenge to actually cleaning up corruption, especially when it is as pervasive and systemic and as long-term as that of the Vatican Bank.


Thus, while being the Pope’s Economic Czar may seem like a plum position, the current occupant of that position, one George Pell, is under serious fire for daring to shake up the existing status-quo — especially when he publically announced that he had discovered hundreds of millions of Euros in ‘off-the-book’ accounts.


Uh, oh! Sounds like dirty deeds done dirt-cheap to me!




Get the Lead Out


Most Americans know — from heartbreaking experience — that lead poisoning is no joke. They also know that there is no safe level of lead. Any measurable amount of lead in your system not only causes damage but it causes an increasingly wide variety of truly horrendous damage the more you ingest.


Most Americans know that — but here is something I just learned that has totally blown my mind: New studies show that lead poisoning also destroys the part of the brain responsible for impulse control and that this leads directly to great increases in violent behavior. As part of their evidence they presented the fact that fro the 1950’s to the 1970’s there was lead in our gasoline and there was lead in our house paint — and that about 20 years after they started saturating our environment with lead there was a massive increase in violent crime.


Then, about 20 years after they took the lead out of our gasoline and house paint and after they had remediated the homes of everyone except poor black people, the violent crime rate nosedived.


Yes, correlation is not necessarily causation — but sometimes correlation is causation and the authors of this study claim that they have a ton of other evidence to go with this correlation — so this is big.




Terrorism of Another Colour


I have reported at great length about the fact that the only way to be labeled a ‘terrorist’ is if you are Muslim, an environmentalist, or an animal rights activist. I have reported numerous instances of domestic right-wingers conducting serious acts of terrorism without being labeled terrorists. There was the guy who literally flew an airplane into a federal building — but he was a white right-winger so he wasn’t labeled as a ‘terrorist’. I have reported about how a Cuban gentleman named Luis Posada Carrilles has publically admitted to shooting down a civilian airliner and killing over 70 people back in the 70’s — yet he currently lives in Miami under the full protection of a United States government that refuses to extradite him to either Cuba or Venezuela, both of whom seek extradition for the mass murder that Mr. Carrilles openly boasts of.


If you look at the definitions for ‘domestic terrorism’ in the US code, the recent armed occupation of federal property in Oregon also provides a textbook example — yet the perpetrators are only being charged with impeding federal agents.



Had a group of Muslims tried this very same stunt I can guarantee you that they probably would have been droned within a couple of hours.




Ghost Soldiers


And finally: In another demonstration of that unique genius exclusive to American foreign policy makers, it turns out that yet another major problem with the Afghani army (yes, that very same Afghani army that so many of our American tax dollars went toward arming and training) yet another serious problem with the highly lauded and loudly applauded Afghani army is it turns out that their army is made up largely of ‘ghost soldiers’.


Now make no mistake: These ‘ghost soldiers’ are paid very well (largely with American tax dollars) to defend Afghanistan from all enemies foreign and domestic!


The problem is that these ‘ghost soldiers’ don’t actually exist except on paper.


Their pay is evidently going into the pockets of corrupt army officers.


These ‘ghost soldiers’ are of proving to be of highly limited utility when the Taliban comes rolling into town — though unlike the actual soldiers, at least the ghost soldiers don’t throw down their weapons (for the Taliban to find) before they run away…



It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of February 4th thru February 10th, 2016




1) FYI Section:


1A) Update from the West Central Park Project


This came from Alicia:


The Park’s Land Use Application is in its final review at City Hall and is expected to be before the Site Plan Review Committee on February 17th for approval. If approved, the West Central Park will be the first Private Neighborhood Park in Olympia. That will call for some celebration!  WCP will be hosting a special event for the entire neighborhood to help consecrate this historic event.  So stay tuned for an announcement of our grand opening as an official Park!


Because of all you have done to keep this little oasis looking its best and serving its community to its utmost, West Central Park thanks you all!




1B) Help to Fund the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation


This came from Glen:


If you like what the Olympia FOR is doing, we warmly encourage you to support our work.


The Olympia FOR does not charge dues or have paid staff.  We rely on volunteer labor and voluntary contributions.  We trust that each person will help in whatever ways they can.


Contributions to Olympia FOR are tax-deductible as allowed by law.


THANK YOU for participating in whatever ways you can.  You are helping us stay active in working for social justice, nonviolence, and peace.


Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s Mission Statement


The Olympia Chapter of the Fellowship of Reconciliation works for a nonviolent world, a healthy environment, social justice, economic justice, and peace.  We bring together people of diverse ages, races, and faiths who are committed to active nonviolence as a transformative way of life and as a means of profound social change.  We model these principles by personal example.  We collaborate and dialogue with the larger community for mutual education and to engage in nonviolent and compassionate actions.


(360) 491-9093



2) Thursday February 4th

Nationwide Day of Action to Protest the TPP

All Day Everywhere


This information came through Oly FOR:


Nationwide Day of Action to protest the TPP.  This is the first day that President Obama can officially sign the TPP, so people across the country are mobilizing to say NO!  See this action map for some of what’s happening.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.  If there isn’t an action near you, please consider planning one.  It can be as simple as holding signs and passing out fliers in a busy area or it can be more elaborate and creative.  Help is available:  Contact us if you are interested.



3) Thursday February 4th

Lobby the Legislature for Social Justice

Washington State Capitol, 416 Sid Snyder Avenue SW


This message came through Oly FOR:


Thurs Feb 4:  People of all faiths urge Washington State Legislature to support social and economic justice at “Interfaith Advocacy Day:  Faith Action Network advocates will bring to our elected leaders the voice of compassion and justice, partnering for the common good with people of all faiths to challenge the powerful.  Your meeting with legislators and/or their staff on this day is the most important thing our faith advocates can do.  Info:



4) Thursday February 4th

Phyllis Bennis: Understanding ISIS and the New Global War on Terror

Noon @ The Evergreen State College Library Lobby, 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW


This message came through TC Pro Net:


Phyllis Bennis-Understanding ISIS and the New Global War on Terror
Date: Thursday, February 4, 2016
Time: 12PM – 1:30PM
Short Description: Phyllis Bennis, author, activist, and political commentator, speaks at Evergreen on ISIS and the new global war on terror.
Location: The Evergreen State College Library Lobby
2700 Evergreen Parkway NW
Olympia, WA 98505
Contact Information: Rachel Corrie Foundation (360) 754-3998


Phyllis Bennis, American author, activist, and political commentator, will speak Thursday, February 4, at The Evergreen State College in Olympia about the origins of ISIS, U.S. military strategy, the refugee crisis, and what U.S. policy on ISIS and Syria should be. The free event is at noon in the Library Lobby, 2700 Evergreen Parkway.


A Fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies and the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam, Bennis is active with U.S. and global peace and Palestinian rights movements and speaks widely on U.S. wars, occupations, and foreign policy. The author of a dozen books, she has recently published Understanding ISIS and the New Global War on Terror. Bennis is also a regular contributor to Democracy Now!, the PBS News Hour, NPR’sDiane Rehm ShowBBC, al JazeeraThe Nation, and more.


The free event is sponsored by Evergreen programs ReInterpreting Liberation, A New Middle East?, and Culture & Violence, and by the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice.


Bennis speaks at venues throughout Western Washington February 2-4, including at Town Hall Seattle.  For information visit the Rachel Corrie Foundation website or call (360) 754-3998.


Phyllis Bennis in Western Washington February 2-4:

February 2nd

3:00 – 4:30 PM: Seattle Pacific University, 150 Demaray Hall at 509 W. Bertona, Seattle

7:30 – 9:00 PM: Downstairs at Town Hall Seattle, 1119 Eighth Ave., Seattle; tickets are $5, available at the link listed.

February 3rd

12:00 – 1:20 PM: Fairhaven College Auditorium Western Washington University. 516 High St., Bellingham

3:00 PM: Syre Auditorium, Whatcom Community College, 235 W. Kellogg Rd., Bellingham

7:00 PM: Village Books, 1200 11th St., Bellingham

February 4th:

12:00 – 1:00 PM: Library Lobby at The Evergreen State College, 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW, Olympia

7:00 – 9:00 PM: University Place Library, 3609 Market Pl. West, University Place


Bennis’s Western Washington visits are sponsored by programs at Seattle Pacific University; Town Hall Seattle; Western Washington University-Fairhaven; Whatcom Community College; The Evergreen State College; Village Books-Bellingham; Whatcom Peace & Justice Center; Voices for Middle East Peace-Bellingham; Jewish Voice for Peace-Tacoma; United for Peace of Pierce County; Peace, Justice, and Healing; and the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace & Justice.



5) Saturday February 6th

Book Discussion: Illegal People by David Bacon and Undocumented by Noam Chomsky

Discussion @ Tacoma Detention Center

Vanpool Meets in Olympia at 9 am @ Vic’s Pizza, 233 Division St NW


This is heavy stuff. This came from Matt:


January’s featured book is actually selections from two books! David Bacon’s “Illegal People” and Aviva Chomsky’s “Undocumented”

Read Ch. 4 and 6 from Bacon
Read Introduction and Conclusion from Chomsky.

We will meet at the ICE Detention Center for the “People’s Tribunal against Tacoma Immigration Prison” from 10AM-12PM.

Carpool will meet at 9 AM outside of Vic’s Pizza.

The detention center address
1623 E J St, Tacoma, WA 98421


For each book we will host a discussion of the reading and collaboratively decide what to do with our new insights: plan direct actions, give presentations, conduct local group research, or something else. The success of these reading groups depends upon active participation, so please come having read the book (or simply as much as you can) and ready to share comments, ideas, and questions!

If you can’t afford the books, we have you covered. Just message us with your name, primary email, and phone number and we will get you the reading.

FB event.



6) Saturday February 6th

Is a Poem / Is a Painting / Is a Play: Cross-Genre Writing Workshop

Noon @ the Washington Center for the Performing Arts, 512 Washington St SE


Another writing workshop!


This message came from Koyote:


Playwright and Poet team up to deliver a cross-media collaborative writing workshop in the spirit of the Paris Salon and in advance of The Center Salon later in the evening. Participants of all literary traditions are welcome in this three hour workshop of mutating ideas between mediums and cross-genre creation.

Hour 1: Artistic exercises translating ideas between participants
Hour 2: Creation of 3 minute original collaborative work
Hour 3: A “mini-salon” presenting these works to each other.

The passion you bring is the product you get! Bring paper, pen, a willingness to collaborate with other writers, work outside your artistic comfort zone and grow. Bryan & Brian take only partial responsibility for resulting mutant weird works of art. Things are going to get interesting.

What: Writing workshop with Brian McCracken & Bryan Willis
When: Sat. Feb. 6th noon–3:00 p.m.
Where: WCPA – Black Box Theater – 512 Washington Street
Cost: $15 + box office fee (Space is limited to 15 participants)
For Tix: WCPA box office: 360- 753-8586
Producers: Washington Center for the Performing Arts & the Northwest Playwrights Alliance



7) Saturday February 6th

Meaningful Movie Series: Take Back Your Power

6 pm @ MIXX 96 Meeting Room, 119 Washington St NE


This message came from Zahid:


Meaningful movie

“Take Back your Power”

Saturday February 6th, 6pm at Mixx 96,

119 Washington St NE, Olympia


See you all there,

Ann & Zahid Chaudhry

360-529-1109 (Text Preferred)



8) Saturday, February 6th thru Thursday February 11th

Film Screening: Truth

Various Times @ Capitol Theater, 206 5th Ave SE


This is a film about how Dan Rather got railroaded for telling the truth.


This came from the Olympia Film Society:


February 6 – 11




Dir: James Vanderbilt / 2015 / Australia, US / 125 min / DCP


Truth is a gripping newsroom drama that details the downfall of CBS news anchor Dan Rather. Robert Redford portrays Rather as a veteran newsman whose belief in the rules of journalism is as strong as his conviction to reveal the truth. When his producer, Mary Mapes (Cate Blanchett), unearths a story that could nab then-president George W. Bush in a blatant lie, they run with it. Truth delves into the details of this case, revealing the startling lengths reached by those in high places to withhold facts from the public. Steven Holden of The New York Times calls Truth “a beautifully executed journalistic thriller.”


SCREENING SAT 02/06 6:30; SUN 02/07 5:00; TUE 02/09 9:00; WED 02/10 6:30; THU 02/11 4:00; THU 02/11 9:00



9) Sunday February 7th

Media Island Monthly Benefit Brunch: Gateways for Incarcerated Youth

11 am to 2 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE


Every month Media Island teams up with another social justice organization and sponsors a benefit brunch so everyone can learn about each other’s work.


This message came from Bruce:


Brunch to benefit Gateways for Incarcerated Youth


On the first Sunday each month Media Island International (MII) hosts a benefit brunch from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm to raise visibility and funds for a local non-profit organization.  Today’s beneficiary will be Gateways for Incarcerated Youth.  Gateways provides the individualized approach needed to reengage young people who are incarcerated.  Their focus on culture – helping all students learn their own and respecting others – helps to break the cycle of incarceration, violence and recidivism.  Enjoy a simple, tasty brunch for a worthy cause each month, and donate a voluntary amount rather than a fixed price.  Media Island is at 816 Adams Street SE (just east across Adams Street from Olympia’s downtown library).  If you need a handicap entrance, use the alley behind it, accessible from 9th Ave SE.



10) Sunday February 7th

Moms Rising in Olympia

3 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW


Mom’s Rising is a most excellent organization out of Seattle that I have worked with before. They are evidently expanding into Olympia and that would be a very good thing.


This message came from Nina:


Want a fun coffee date with other moms that also makes an impact?


Come hang out with other Olympia moms at 3 pm, February 7th at Traditions Cafe to learn about MomsRising and our work to make Washington a better place for working families while enjoying some great conversation, sharing tips, and finding ways to make a difference in Olympia!


Click here to find out more and RSVP:


Meet other moms, have sparkling conversation, and have an impact. These conversations are needed. Why? Right now, childcare often costs more than housing, transportation, food, and even college tuition for many families. [1] The US is the ONLY developed nation without universal maternity leave. [2] And right here in Washington, pregnant women are still being fired for needing simple accommodations like bathroom breaks. [3]


That’s just NOT okay.


Together, we can have fun, support each other, and get a conversation started about what we can do to help improve the lives of women and families right here in Washington — and we won’t be the only ones. MomsRising moms are coming together across the nation in-person to talk about important current topics and hang out with other cool, secret superhero moms. So our conversation will be part of a much longer conversation to create change in our communities!


Let us know if you can make it to this Moms Meetup for some coffee, great conversation, and the opportunity to make a difference.


Here is what you need to know about this FREE event:


When: Sunday, February 7 from 3-4:30 p.m.


Where: Traditions Cafe, 300 5th Ave SW, Olympia, WA 98501


What: A coffee date with other local moms for great conversation, resources, and the 411 on MomsRising.


Who: Moms in the Olympia area (that means YOU!) Kids are, of course, welcome!


Think you can make it? Let us know here so we can save a seat for you:

If you have any questions about the meetup, contact me on the Moms Meetup event page and we hope to see you there!


— Nina Perez, Maggie Humphreys, and Adriana Hutchings


P.S. Want to host your own Moms Meetup about early learning or another topic? Email to find out how you can get involved.



[2] NPR: Lots of other countries mandate paid leave, why not the US?

[3] Seattle Times: The fears of balancing pregnancy and a career


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11) Monday February 8th

Mary Abramson aka “Lady Liberty” Presents Liberty Enlightening the World

1 pm @ Olympia Timberland Library, 313 8th Ave SE


This message came from Mary:


Mary Abramson (Mary Hath Spokane, Peace Prophet, aka “Lady Liberty”) presents LIBERTY Enlightening the World:  Come and hear Mother Goddess Liberty present her 7-Point Plan for a Sustainable Earth and how both individually and collectively we CAN eliminate greed, war, suffering and call forth PEACE, HEALTH, JOY and ABUNDANCE for ALL the people of this World – and heal Mother Earth in the process.  1:00-3:00 pm at Olympia Timberland Library, 8th Ave SE between Franklin and Adams Streets, downtown.  Info:



12) Tuesday February 9th and Every Other Tuesday

Prisoner Letter Writing

6:30 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE


This is writing letters to people that I can assure you truly appreciate it.


This is from Nora:


Come write letters and talk with others!


A safe space 4 snacks.



13) Wednesday February 10th

Steve Davis Lecture

11:30 am @ Prison Obscura Exhibit @ The Evergreen State College, 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW


This message came through TC Pro Net:


Steve Davis Lecture
Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Time: 11:30AM – 1:00PM
Short Description: Steve Davis, Photographer. Davis’ work appears in the current Prison Obscura Gallery Exhibit at Evergreen (through March 2). Part of the Evergreen Art Lecture Series, 11:30 – 1p.m., Communications Building, Recital Hall.
Location: The Evergreen State College
2700 Evergreen Parkway NW
Olympia, WA, 98505




14) Wednesday February 10th

Mary Abramson aka “Lady Liberty” Presents Liberty Enlightening the World

7 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW


This message came from Mary:


Mary Abramson (Mary Hath Spokane, Peace Prophet, aka “Lady Liberty”) presents LIBERTY Enlightening the World:  Come and hear Mother Goddess Liberty present her 7-Point Plan for a Sustainable Earth and how both individually and collectively we CAN eliminate greed, war, suffering and call forth PEACE, HEALTH, JOY and ABUNDANCE for ALL the people of this World – and heal Mother Earth in the process.  7:00 pm, Traditions Café, 5th & Water SW, Olympia.  Info:



15) Wednesday February 10th

Stephanie Coontz at Evergreen

6 pm @ the Evergreen Longhouse, Evergreen State College, 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW


This message came through TC Pro Net:



Stephanie Coontz
Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Time: 6:00PM – 9:00PM
Short Description: The Real Story of the American Family, a discussion with noted author and Evergreen emeritus faculty, Stephanie Coontz, whose work was cited in the 2015 Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage. An updated version of her groundbreaking book, The Way We Never Were: American Families and the Nostalgia Trap, will be published in March. Part of the Liberal Arts Forum sponsored by the Evening and Weekend Studies program. 6 – 9p.m., Longhouse.
Location: The Evergreen State College
2700 Evergreen Parkway NW
Olympia, WA, 98505



16) Thursday February 11th

Nisqually Delta Restoration Information

7 pm @ LOTT WET Science Center, 500 Adams St NE


This message came through Oly FOR:


Learn about the Nisqually Delta Restoration – Speaker Melanie Davis, USGS Scientist, is hosted by the South Sound Estuary Association:  Melanie Davis, USGS Scientist Talks about Nisqually Delta Restoration – What Tools do They Use to Track the Results and Provides a Summary of the Latest Finding.  7:00-8:30 pm at LOTT WET Science Center, 500 Adams NE, Olympia, WA 98501.  Co- sponsored by LOTT WET Science Center.  Info:



17) Bonus Tip of the Day:


Stop paying ghost soldiers.













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