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1A) Action Page for Breaching the Lower Snake River Dams

1B) SB 6173 Information


1D) KOWA 106.5 fm Volunteer

1E) Update from West Central Park Project

2) Film Screening and Discussion: This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein

3) Writing Workshop

4) Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day

5) Nationwide Day of Action to Protest the TPP

6) Lobby the Legislature for Social Justice

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Different Kinds of People





A Plea to America from the Thunderbolt!


Hey Kids!


The Wall Street banks are stealing you blind and we’re here trying to do something about that but we’re very seriously short handed — so if you can tear yourself away from your cat videos and your football games for a minute, we could sure use a hand…




A Plea to Olympia from the Thunderbolt!


Tomorrow [Friday] I will be posting a radio show that I produced back in 2013 within a couple of months starting the radio show version of the Thunderbolt. In case anyone was paying attention over the years, listeners would have noted that they heard Poppy Seed Street Lessons #1, #3, and #4 — but there was nary a Poppy Seed Street Lesson #2 to be heard!


You never heard Poppy Seed Street Lesson #2 on KOWA back then because — believe it or not — this piece was so controversial that it was censored from KOWA’s airwaves!


It is so controversial that — while I ultimately disagreed with the consensus-minus-one decision not to air it (especially since the ‘one’ was me), even then I could see their points for not airing it on public airwaves.


Anyway, this week has a 5th Friday meaning that for the radio show this week I’ll be airing an edition of The Thunderbolt’s Greatest Strikes — and as an added bonus I will also be including a second additional and online exclusive Greatest Strikes show that will include that infamous banned Thunderbolt!


Friday morning go here:


Type ‘The Thunderbolt’ into the search box and then click on the “Censored” show.


You won’t want to miss the regular show this week either! (If you miss the regular scheduled broadcast on KOWA then it will also be posted at Radio4All right next to the Censored show.)


Two hours of some of my best audio Thunderbolts! How can you resist?




Two Kinds of People


There are two kinds of people in the world: There are those who say that there are two kinds of people in this world and there are those who don’t.




Three Kinds of People


I have mentioned this before but I want to remind you again: Back in the early 20th Century the 1% arranged things so that American academia split the fields of economics, political science, and the humanities into three completely separate spheres — and decreed that never shall the twain meet. (Never shall the thrain meet?)


They did this even though it is impossible to truly understand any one of these fields without having at least a basic understanding of all three.


(This was also when they began using their money to manipulate the curriculums of American academic institutions.)


They did this because they don’t want academics to truly understand how all of these fields interact with each other. They split these fields up this because someone trained in only one of these fields doesn’t have an overarching understanding of how all three work together — and the 1% doesn’t want academics to understand this because an inevitable result for anyone that does begin to understand how all three of these fields interact with each other is that they can’t help but also begin to understand how utterly unfair, evil, and insane our current system is.


That is why they don’t want academics to truly understand any of these fields.






You don’t see that word often in the Thunderbolt. There are a couple of reasons for that. For one, my personal views on abortion tend to piss of both sides and that is one issue wherein you piss off either side at your own risk.


In addition, I am a member of the male half of our species and — while I have a voice — I also think that abortion is one issue wherein the voice of the ladies needs to be given preeminence.


With those caveats established, while it is possible to have a reasonable debate around at what point an inanimate clump of cells becomes ‘human’ — it seems very obvious to me that this transformation happens sometime a long time after conception and that it happens sometime a long time before birth.


However, while it seems obvious to me, evidently for nearly everyone else — not so much — which leads us to the first of the many minefields that one must navigate whilst approaching the abortion issue: Neither side is capable of rational debate. Neither side is willing to give an inch on their respective reactionary views about when that clump of cells becomes human, for instance.


In spite of that, I also think the positions of both sides are understandable. Most anti-abortion activists are convinced that fetuses are babies and thus that there a mass slaughter of babies happening. My ex-wife falls into this category, so I have had some up-close inside personal insights in that area.


If you thought that there was a mass slaughter of babies happening then you would probably be pretty upset too.


Pro-choice activists, on the other hand, view abortion restrictions as a bunch of old white men trying to control their bodies and to control one of the most important and most personal decisions it is possible to make — and this assessment is 100% accurate. If a bunch of creepy old reactionaries were trying to legislate what I do with my own body and if they were trying to criminalize one of the hardest and most agonizing personal decisions of my life then I would probably be doing a lot worse than most of the current crop of pro-choice activists are currently doing let me tell you yes sirree bob — so there!


Thus, when it comes to the abortion issue, my instinctive tendency is to just not go there — but I gotta go there now because the United States Supreme Court (made up mostly of creepy old white men) just took on an important abortion case concerning the Draconian restrictions that Texas state laws have recently placed upon abortions resulting in most of the women’s health clinics in Texas closing down resulting in vast swaths of that vast state having no specialized health care for low-income women. (Women with money — as always — will be just fine of course…)


The mere fact that this court agreed to hear this case is scary as hell in and of itself.


While Washington State is heavily pro-choice — meaning that this case isn’t likely to directly affect you local ladies anytime soon — an assault on the rights of one is an assault upon the rights of all. That means that while there may be no immediate effect, this greatly increases the chances that creepy old white men might soon be appearing in a neighborhood near you…



Meanwhile, low-income females unfortunate enough to live in certain areas of Texas might well soon need to start disinfecting their coat hangers.


Stay tuned…




Gaza: To Know the Facts is to Lose Impartiality


This is an excerpt from an article that was written by Daniel Day Lewis. (Yes, the movie actor.)


This is a state of apartheid. It’s taken me less than a week to lose impartiality. In doing so, I may as well be throwing stones at tanks.


In the Gaza Strip the Israeli army reacts to stone throwing with bullets. It responds to the suicide bombs and attacks of Palestinian militants by bulldozing houses and olive groves in the search for the perpetrators, to punish their families, and to set up buffer zones to protect Israeli settlements. MSF’s psychologists are trying to help Palestinian families cope with the stress of living within these confines; visiting them, treating severe trauma and listening to their stories. Their visits are the only sign sometimes that they have not been abandoned.


Israel’s tanks and armor-plated bulldozers can come with no warning, often at night. The noise alone, to a people who have been forced to suffer these violations year after year, is enough to freeze the soul. Israeli snipers position themselves on rooftops. Householders are ordered to leave; they haven’t even the time to collect pots and pans, papers and clothes before the bulldozers crush the unprotected buildings like dinosaurs trampling on eggs — sometimes first mashing one into another, then covering the remains with a scoop of earth. Those caught in the incursion zone will be fired on. Even those cowering inside their houses may be shot at or shelled through walls, windows and roofs. The white flag carried by humanitarian workers gives little protection; we’ll have warning shots fired at us twice before the week is out.



While on one hand it is awesome that someone of Daniel Day Lewis’ stature is speaking out on this, the oppression he describes is actually quite mild compared to a lot of the other things that go on there.


If Mr. Lewis thinks everyday life in Gaza is harsh, he should visit during one of Israel’s semi-annual mass-slaughters of civilians, for instance…



I am working on a couple of longer pieces but neither of them is done yet — so that’s it for the Thunderbolt this week — meaning…


It’s time to get to work! Yippee!





The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of January 28th thru February 3rd, 2016




1) FYI Section:


1A) Action Page for Breaching the Lower Snake River Dams




1B) SB 6173 Information


This came from the Environmental Priorities Coalition:


Climate action opponents are at it again. While Washington State is trying to put into place rules to help us meet our existing carbon pollution limitations, the state Senate is considering banning these kinds of important rules. Without this rule or other significant climate action, there’s no way we’ll meet our carbon pollution limits.


We need your help now. Will you contact your Senator and tell them to vote no on SB 6173? Tell him or her you think it’s high time our state’s biggest polluters do their fair share to help protect our environment.


If SB 6173 passes, it will prohibit the governor from creating limited regulations to help us meet our carbon pollution limits and protect our public health. After an unprecedented wildfire season where even the Olympic rainforest burned for weeks, we simply cannot afford more inaction.


Washington State has a lot to lose from climate change. That’s why we need to lead the way to a clean energy economy.


Contact your Senator right away and tell them that SB 6173 will set us back. Tell him or her you’re counting on them to Safeguard Our Environment and vote no.


This dangerous legislation can be brought to a vote at any time. We must act quickly to stop it.


Thanks for all you do,


Cathy Lehman

Campaign Manager

Safeguard Our Environment





This came from WAmend:


JUST HEARD TODAY – I-735 Certified!!!


WAmend was just notified by the Secretary of State’s office that Initiative 735 turned in enough valid signatures to be certified and is on its way to the legislature.


We hope to be announcing the dates for hearings in the state House and Senate soon. The hearings will provide an opportunity for legislators to hear that voters in Washington State deserve to learn about the importance of the initiative and to vote on it in November.


Thanks to everyone who made it possible to get this far. Fix Democracy First looks forward to the campaign to make Washington the 17th state calling for an amendment to overturn Citizens United and its progeny.




1D) KOWA 106.5 fm Volunteer Meetings Moved to Sunday


The Volunteer meetings for KOWA have moved to Sundays at 6 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St. SE



1E) Update from West Central Park Project


This message came from Alicia:


There are still a few spaces left for our Mini Bird and Bee House workshop. We will be building small mason bee houses and simple bird houses with all natural materials. We invite to come build one for your own backyard and one to donate to the West Central Park for fundraising. Let us know if you’d like to sign up!


Exciting plans are brewing for new pathways, new lighting and a new gazebo for the park!  Would you like to be involved on the planning level? You don’t have to be on the Park Board to help shape the future of West Central Park.  There are many ways you can interface with the visioning process by helping out at the Sunday Work Parties or joining one of our committees.  The Fundraising, Arts and PR committees are waiting for you to lend your skills. This little community green space needs you to complete it! Connect with us on Facebook, and at to find out more about how you can plug in to this dynamic project.  See you around!




2) Film Screening and Discussion: This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein

Sunday January 31st from 1 to 4 pm @ North Thurston High School, 600 Sleater Kinney Rd NE


This message came from Patricia:


Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis’s movie


This Changes Everything


Powerfully showing the connection between capitalism and the coming climate chaos, and our opportunity to seize the crisis to transform our failed economic system into something radically better.


When:        Sunday January 31.  Doors open 1:00 pm.  Movie starts at 1:30 pm.Community discussion starts at3:00 PM.


Where:      North Thurston High School’s Koval Performing Arts Center,600 Sleater-Kinney Rd. NE, Lacey, WA 98506.


Sponsors:   Olympia FOR’s Climate Crisis group, and many other local activist groups including the Green Party of South Puget Sound.


After the film:   A one-hour community discussion about what local people could do to address the climate crisis.


Directions:   From Martin Way, go north on Sleater-Kinney Road NE, turn right onto 6th Ave NE, and enter parking lot.  Our friendly greeters will point you toward the right building.


Admission is free, but we suggest a voluntary donation of $5 per person to help us cover our costs for renting the building and the film.


Movie Information: Filmed in nine countries and five continents over four years, This Changes Everything is an epic attempt to re-imagine the vast challenge of climate change. Inspired by Naomi Klein’s international non-fiction bestseller,This Changes Everything, the film presents seven powerful portraits of communities on the front lines, from Montana’s Powder River Basin to the Alberta Tar Sands, from the coast of South India to Beijing and beyond.Interwoven with these stories of struggle is Klein’s narration, connecting the carbon in the air with the economic system that put it there. Throughout the film, Klein builds to her most controversial and exciting idea: that we can seize the existential crisis of climate change to transform our failed economic system into something radically better.


The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s Confronting the Climate Crisis group appreciates the help from Seattle’s Meaningful MoviesProject for getting the film here.  We intend the one-hour follow-up community discussion to help mobilize people and build a larger network to take positive local actions on climate issues.   While the recent global climate summit in Paris was useful, the real action must be organized from local grassroots levels worldwide, including right here.  We invite you to connect with these co-sponsors that are now doing the meaningful work on the ground locally:


Olympia FOR’s Confronting the Climate Crisis

The Meaningful Movies Project

Backbone Campaign Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.

Climate Solutions

Interfaith Works Earth Stewards


Black Hills Audubon

Great Old Broads for Wilderness

Green Party of South Puget Sound

South Sound Sierra Club Group

Thurston Climate Action Team

Master of Environmental Studies Association at The Evergreen State College

League of Women Voters of Thurston County


Contact:    Sue Gunn  (360) 918-8012.

If unavailable, contact Rod Tharp  (360) 951-1080

See much information about the climate at



3) Writing Workshop

Sunday January 31st at 1 pm @ Ben Moore’s Restaurant, 112 4th Ave W


Writing is lots of fun and the revolution always needs more writers!


This message came from Koyote:


Come join us for a writing playshop! Hosted by Old Growth Member and accomplished poet, Scarlett Pedersen. This workshop will focus on writing and editing. There will be a writing prompt, followed by an opportunity to workshop a piece with the group!



Please come with a notebook and a pen, ready to write!



4) Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day

Tuesday February 2nd @ Washington State Capitol, 416 Sid Snyder Avenue SW


This message came from WLIHA. Real Change is also involved in organizing this event:


Let me tell you why I participate in Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day.


For the past 15 years, I’ve been in the thick of things in Olympia as the lobbyist for the Housing Alliance. And take it from me – when big lobby days happen, legislators take notice. This is especially true for Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day.


Our Advocacy Day is one of the most effective lobby days for several very important reasons:


1 – We show up with a strong, cohesive message for lawmakers: everyone should have the opportunity to live in a safe, healthy, affordable  home. Everything we do on this day reflects that simple fact.


2 – We stand out. Wearing those bright red scarves, carrying red folders with impassioned messages on them. We get noticed.


3 – 600 people rallying on the capitol steps is just downright impressive.


Can we bring 600+ people together on Feb 2 to fight for affordable homes and an end to homelessness? I think we can.


But you need to register!


When housing and homelessness advocates come together to make their voices heard, I get very excited. If you have a good meeting with your legislator, it can lead to them calling me and saying “My constituents are really fired up about this, what can I do?”


You do your part, I’ll do mine. Together we can make a big difference.


Thanks, see you next week,




Nick Federici

Government Affairs Consultant


Washington Low Income Housing Alliance


206.442.9455 |  |  fb /wliha  |  tw @wliha



5) Nationwide Day of Action to Protest the TPP

Thursday February 4th All Day Everywhere


This information came through Oly FOR:


Nationwide Day of Action to protest the TPP.  This is the first day that President Obama can officially sign the TPP, so people across the country are mobilizing to say NO!  See this action map for some of what’s happening.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.  If there isn’t an action near you, please consider planning one.  It can be as simple as holding signs and passing out fliers in a busy area or it can be more elaborate and creative.  Help is available:  Contact us if you are interested.




6) Lobby the Legislature for Social Justice

Thursday February 4th @ Washington State Capitol, 416 Sid Snyder Avenue SW


This message came through Oly FOR:


Thurs Feb 4:  People of all faiths urge Washington State Legislature to support social and economic justice at “Interfaith Advocacy Day:  Faith Action Network advocates will bring to our elected leaders the voice of compassion and justice, partnering for the common good with people of all faiths to challenge the powerful.  Your meeting with legislators and/or their staff on this day is the most important thing our faith advocates can do.  Info:



7) Bonus Tip of the Day:


Be a kind person rather than a kind of person.







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