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1) FYI Section:

1A) Beehives for Moms Grant and Fund

1B) Pacific Northwest Alternatives to Currency Services and Exchange

2) Film Screening: Trumbo

3) Planned Parenthood Defense Demonstrations

4) Martin Luther King Day March

5) Pro Choice Rally

6) One Time Screening: Blackfish

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The Legal War of the Week!





The Next Chapter


There are various reasons why people celebrate mass killers. One of them that especially applies in the case of the US is maybe… they don’t know that [Ronald Reagan] was a mass murderer, and that is largely the case with what happened in Central America because the way the US press covered it and failed to cover it the facts never got through to the American public. If they did, people would not stand for it.


       Allen Nairn


Hey Kids!


I don’t think I’m getting too far out on the limb to predict that major figoobliations are going to happen in 2016. Central and South America are going to be focal points. There are major shifts both to the left and to the right in various countries and major showdowns appear inevitable in Venezuela, Guatemala, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico among others.


Here is a link to an Allen Nairn interview wherein he lays out some of the relevant history of Central America:




Something to Hold Onto


A friend of mine told me she was taken aback at my ungenerous depiction of Barack Obama’s gun control speech last week. The fact that the president of the United States was shedding tears over dead children had moved her deeply and reading my depiction evidently felt to her as if someone had farted in her church or something.


The presidential tears may have had a little more impact on me had I been unaware of the fact that even as he promoted gun control and even as he lamented the dead children — Barack Obama is himself both the biggest arms dealer in the world and the most prolific mass murderer of children on our planet.


I’m sorry, but by this point the guy just instinctively triggers a wave of revulsion anytime that I must consider anything about him or think anything about him. I find his tears to be even more revolting than the normal level of putridity I feel over most of the other things that he says and does.


I pointed out to my friend something that I knew that she already knew: That every word, move, and gesture made by Barack Obama whilst in public view is not only carefully scripted but since Mr. Obama is a sociopath then this means those tears were totally manufactured specifically to produce just the effect that he had had upon her. Mr. Obama’s tears were most likely the result of a lengthy strategy session wherein — with serious faces and passionate arguments — aides and advisors debated the plusses and minuses of having the president shedding tears during his State of the Union.


My friend didn’t care. She said, “I have to have something to hold onto.”



Mr. Obama’s intelligence, his charm, his wit, his air of competence — all of this combined with his ability to use his soaring rhetoric to produce just the sort of reaction that he had produced in my friend and in so many millions of other people as well — all of this is exactly what makes Barack Obama ten times more dangerous than George Bush could have ever dreamed of being.


Thanks to Barack Obama, liberals now think interventionist wars are militarism are cool and that police states are cool and that mass-surveillance is cool and that all of these other fascistic things that they used to scream about so loudly when George Bush was doing them — suddenly all of that became perfectly acceptable when Barack Obama started not only carrying on with the very worst of George W’s policies but doubling down on most of them.


Even Georgie boy never tried to say that it was legal for the government to murder Americans without a trial, and with the coronation of Barack Obama the large anti-war movement that had been thriving up to that point almost instantly died without a wimper.


Meanwhile, all of the very bad things have only gotten much worse under Obama’s administration.


Evidently, the liberals think that police states are just fine as long as charismatic Democrats are running them. We just can’t have Republicans doing it.



I guess the fact that our national grief over the dead children was so ably embodied by fake crocodile tears from a sociopath probably also provides the perfect symbolic metaphor for modern America.




Leading the World Again!


After many years of having both the Bush and Obama administrations intentionally torpedoing any serious efforts at dealing with climate change — I am proud to announce that — suddenly and without warning — the United States has somehow become a world leader on dealing with climate change!





I know this is true because Barack Obama just said it was!




Pants on Fire!


Our Dear Leader also just accused we critics of the TPP of lying about what the TPP will do — even though what we are saying the TPP will do is what the TPP itself says that it will do.



Barack Obama — of all people — just accused me of lying? Really?



In response I would suggest that Thunderbolt readers compare my record of lying against Barack Obama’s record of lying.



Here is Lori Wallach’s most excellent take on Mr. Obama’s accusation:




The Official Thunderbolt War Crimes of the Week


Evidently our Dear Leader is also taking an occasional break from his valiant battle against climate change and his slurs upon my character to commit a few war crimes here and there too.


What a busy guy!


For instance: Using cluster bombs is a war crime — and for very good reason, I might add. Even though I don’t believe in Hell, I hope whoever invented cluster bombs is there.


Killing civilians is also a war crime.


In spite of those facts Saudi Arabia is killing thousands of civilians in both Yemen and Syria — with the blessings of Barack Obama — and one of the weapons they are using to do that are cluster bombs that they recently purchased from the American war profiteers — also with the blessings of Barack Obama.


In addition, the Saudis, the Israelis, and the Americans have all taken to bombing hospitals. Hospitals are universally considered to be demilitarized zones. They are a final refuge. They generally have absolutely no military value and the only reason to bomb one is to rob people of their last sanctuary and thus possibly rob them of any remaining hope.


The Saudis are bombing families and then robbing those families of any chance at finding any health care for their survivors. Doctors Without Borders is wondering whether they can continue to operate in Yemen if the Saudi’s are going to keep bombing their hospitals. If Doctors Without Borders pulls out of Yemen there is no one else to take their place. All those little kids who have their arms blown off by Obama’s drones would just have to make do however they could.


Besides just being such a foul and heinous act that it makes my head explode, bombing hospitals is also the very definition of an act of terror.



Bombing hospitals is also a major war crime — but evidently laws don’t apply to the United States or its allies anymore.




The Official Thunderbolt Legal War of the Week


The United States is constantly engaged in undeclared and illegal wars all over the planet and has been for decades. The United States of America has not engaged in any actual constitutionally legally declared-by-Congress type wars since the Korean War in 1953, in fact.


How many of you know that we are still legally at war with North Korea? Yep! Our last declared war was never undeclared! They signed a cease-fire agreement and then just never un-ceased it. They never signed any official ending to the state of war that was declared by our Congress in 1953 meaning that legally we are still at war with North Korea.


This means that the United States could go bomb the crap out of North Korea and be completely ‘legal’!


(Maybe that’s why North Korea is one of the only ‘enemies’ in the world that the US isn’t bombing? They don’t want to set a bad precedent by engaging in a legal war?)


However, bombing the bidoodlies out of North Korea not even without precedence! In 1953 the United States dropped more bombs on North Korea than both sides dropped during the entire course of World War II! The Americans pretty much leveled the entire country, in fact.


That sure worked out well in the end, right?



After being bombed back into the Stone Age by the Americans and after spending the following decades watching the Americans unleash insane levels of lethal violence against anyone that stood in the way of the Goldman $achs War Machine — after all that — North Korea just detonated a nuclear device that they claimed was a hydrogen bomb.


American officials are saying that it wasn’t a hydrogen bomb — which leads me to assume that it most likely was indeed a hydrogen bomb except that officials will tell the truth whenever it is politically advantageous — meaning that assuming that they are always lying is more a probability than a sure bet — meaning that there is the possibility that it wasn’t a hydrogen bomb after all.


Whatever. It is pretty obvious that the North Koreans feel that doing such things is the only way they can get the serious attention of the rest of the world in general and the United States in particular.



I would note that the previous Kim was subject to being charmed by American celebrities — from basketball players to ex-presidents.



Maybe Mr. Kim just wanted to be loved? Maybe we can just give him a big hug and make friends?



Until then, though — it’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of January 14th thru January 20th, 2016




1) FYI Section:


1A) Beehives for Moms Grant and Fund


This is a program to connect low-income mothers with beehives.


This message came from Mary:


Mothers of all ages, and otherwise marginalized women, low income women, women from non-traditional households who want to keep bees, please apply to receive your natural style bee hive.




REQUIREMENTS: Agree to natural practices, and to an amount of community. Think about volunteering to teach others natural beekeeping.


20% of all orders December 2015- December 2016 will go into the first annual From Single Mom, to Living With Bees Beehive Grant & Fund.


All donations titled ‘Single Mom’ received between now, and forever, go toward empowering queen bees with the ultimate teaching tool- beehives.


(Funds go to building beehives for single moms, and mothers of non-traditional households).


*Donors please write a one page essay or letter that describes the value of your donation. Allow us to publish your essay, anonymous or otherwise.


*Natural keeping only- zero pesticides, zero smoke, and feral swarms only!


*All hives include mentoring, consultation, and community.


As many hives built as funds can accommodate.



1B) Pacific Northwest Alternatives to Currency Services and Exchange


This is a local group trying to get away from capitalism and back to barter. Check it out.



2) Film Screening: Trumbo

Sunday January 17th thru Thursday January 21st @ Capitol Theater, 206 5th Ave SE


This is a film about a truly epic human being. I haven’t heard any reviews about how good this particular iteration is, but I can guarantee you that you want to know more about Dalton Trumbo.


This is from the OFS:



January 17 – 21

Dir: Jay Roach / 2015 / US / 124 min / DCP


Dalton Trumbo was an Oscar winning screenwriter whose career was upended during the 1940’s Hollywood Black List scandal. In this intricate biopic, Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) portrays Trumbo: a driven man who was as prolific in his work as he was outspoken about his politics. When he is forced to testify before Congress, his world crashes down, but not his perseverance, as he goes on to write award-winning work under various pseudonyms. Peter DeBruge of Variety calls Trumbo “An important reminder of how democracy can fail, and the strength of character it takes to fight the system.”


SCREENING: FRI 1/15 6:30; SUN 1/17 2:30 & 5:00; TUE 1/19 6:30;  THU 1/21 4:00 & 6:30


Tickets for this film screening can be purchased at the box office 1/2 hour before showtime.



3) Planned Parenthood Defense Demonstrations

Every Friday at 10 am @ Planned Parenthood, 402 Legion Way


This is sponsored by an organization called OlyAct, and while I usually don’t promote events when I don’t know anything about the promoters (and I don’t have time to research OlyAct right now) I am making an exception for this event because I’ve been begging someone to do just this for months.


If they want to defend Planned Parenthood then they can’t be all bad.


I learned about these actions from the Works In Progress calendar.



4) Martin Luther King Day March

Monday January 18th at 10 am @ POWER Office, 309 5th Ave SE


This is part of a large annual march on the capitol building on MLK Day. Usually several busloads of activists come in from out of town but I haven’t heard anything about that happening this year.


Come express your discontent with our government.


This message came from Monica:


Meet at POWER at 10 am for children’s activities and sign painting. POWER is next door to Rainy Day Records.


We will march at noon from downtown Olympia to the Capitol!


There are many local speakers scheduled after the march including Luvva J, Old Growth Poetry Collective, Alex Puckett, and Lennée Reid


Questions? Contact us at 360-352-9716 monica@mamapower.org


Take a stand for racial and economic justice!



5) Pro Choice Rally

Tuesday January 19th at Noon @ Washington State Capitol, 416 Sid Snyder Avenue SW


This is another action from OlyAct. I guess I need to find out who these folks are if they are going to insist upon doing such good works.


I got the information from Works in Progress:


Defend reproductive health access.   This is a counter-protest to the annual anti-choice march.



6) One Time Screening: Blackfish

Wednesday January 20th at 6 pm @ Capitol Theater, 206 5th Ave SE


This is a powerful and disturbing movie that everyone should see.


This message came from the Olympia Film Society:



w/post-film Q&A

6:00pm doors / 6:30pm film



Dir: Gabriela Cowperthwaite / 2013 / US / 83 min / High Def Digital


Blackfish is a compelling behind-the-scenes look at the captive orca display industry. Spanning 50 years and several continents, the story of captive orcas is told primarily through highlighting the sad life of Tilikum, a 12,000 lb male orca captured in Icelandic waters in the 1980s. He has been responsible for the deaths of three people since 1991, including Dawn Brancheau, an experienced trainer at SeaWorld Orlando who was the last person Tilikum had enough access to to drag her into his tank and kill her. Anyone who has ever been to a marine theme park or seen a dolphin show needs to watch ‘Blackfish’ – it’s the story that should have always been public knowledge but was successfully hidden by the industry for far too long.



7) Bonus Tip of the Day:


Protest an illegal war today.







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