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1) FYI Section:

1A) Olympia Heron Preservation Group becomes a Land Trust

1B) Update from Flush the TPP

1C) Update from I-735: SUCCESS!

1D) Message from Hollow Earth Radio

1E) Message from Janet Jordan

2) Reading Group and Planning Session: Caliban and the Witch #2

3) Oil Train Activists on Trial

4) What I Want for my Birthday

5) 2015 India Trip to Present Gandhi’s Message

6) Bonus Tip of the Day


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The Enemy of My Enemy




Shortened Thunderbolts


Hey Kids!


We have a very short Thunderbolt this week because my computer crashed (again) and I am breaking in a new one. I tried Libre Office for the last newsletter but I was unhappy with it so I’m back with Word.


As much as I diss Microsoft – they make the best word processor on the market and I am spoiled.




The Citizen’s Last Stand?


Since Democracy Now is on one of their gun control jags then I have a quick minute right now though:


The Wall Street War Machine has seized control of our federal and state governments, they have seized control of our economy, they have seized control of our media, they are currently seizing control of our educational system, they have marginalized labor unions to the point of near total irrelevance and our president is executing people without trials.


What that means is that our guns are the only thing that is left standing between us and a complete totalitarian police state.



So excuse me if I mute Democracy Now as they play in full Barack Obama’s lengthy barn-burning speech intended to begin marginalizing our last vestige of protection against the Goldman $achs storm-troopers…



Do you really want a situation wherein the only people with guns are the cops and the criminals? Do you really think either of those groups are on your side?




The Enemy of My Enemy


Another note on the ‘enemy of my enemy’: Last year I reported extensively concerning a Nevada rancher named Cliven Bundy. Mr. Bundy made the news when, after decades of grazing his cattle on public lands and refusing to pay even the largely token grazing fees that the federal government charges for such usage of public property — and after being fined for doing so and after refusing to pay for these fines — after all of that — when federal agents finally moved in to seize Mr. Bundy’s cattle in lieu of his lack of payment for either the fees or the fines (and even as his cattle were grazing illegally on government property) Mr. Bundy and a bunch of his right-wing militia friends lined up along a freeway carrying guns and threatened to shoot any government agent that messed with Mr. Bundy’s cattle in any manner whatsoever.


Then — the truly amazing aspect of this story came when the government backed down. Mr. Bundy kept his cattle and nothing further of any kind was done about this matter.


Nothing further has been done to this day.





I have already heard pundits invite listeners or readers to imagine what they think would have happened had a bunch of Black Lives Matter activists had lined up along a freeway and pointed guns at federal agents. The implication they were attempting to draw was that the double standard being displayed was racist in origin.


I would instead invite readers to imagine this: What if a bunch of Occupiers had lined up along a freeway and pointed guns at federal agents?


I would suggest that the double standard being displayed is actually classist in origin and that the racist aspect is a subset of that overarching classism…



Anyway, the point here is that armed citizens successfully backed down the American government. That is a BFD.


There is a lot of history to all of this. The blowback from Waco and Ruby Ridge was immense. The feds absolutely positively want absolutely positively nothing like Waco or Ruby Ridge to ever happen ever again ever.


Make no mistake: Cliven Bundy and his buds are racist misogynistic assholes. They are paranoid, ignorant, and arrogant. They are fanatical and they are dangerous. If Cliven Bundy wants to use public lands to graze his frigging cows then he can damn well pay for it.



But these guys stood up to the feds with guns!


I am afraid I must admit that this development thrills me to no end and I can’t help but cheer them on…



Anyway — much to my combined consternation and amusement, it turns out that Cliven Bundy has two sons – and it turns out that Mr. Bundy’s acorns didn’t fall far from his tree! The Bundy legend lives on!


They have conducted an armed occupation of a national wildlife refuge in Oregon!


Thus far, your government has done absolutely nothing about it.


Democracy Now is on this. Stay tuned for further developments.



It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of January 7th thru January 13th 2016




1) FYI Section:


1A) Olympia Heron Preservation Group becomes a Land Trust


This message came from Kim:


The powerful story of a few dedicated community members with the Olympia Coalition for EcoSystems Preservation (OlyEcoSystems), a group on a mission to save and restore a local heron rookery on Olympia’s westside, continues to unfold.


Alicia Elliott, Olympia, recently donated to the group two parcels, totaling 4.7 acres, that she acquired last year to protect Olympia’s lone colony of Pacific Great Blue Heron.


With her donation, made in early December, OlyEcoSystems announced this week that it is becoming a land trust, thus protecting the woods in perpetuity. Elliott is a board member of the group.


The rookery parcel is about 1.9 acres, and the adjoining parcel, which will act as a buffer for the rookery, is about 2.8 acres.




1B) Update from Flush the TPP


This message came from Flush the TPP:


REMINDER: The next TPP Resistance call is this Wednesday, Jan. 6 at 9 pm Eastern. Mark your calendar and see below for details.


We have great news! The office of the US Trade Representative opened a public comment period so you can officially tell the administration what you think about the TPP. We make it easy for you.


The USTR is seeking public comments on the impact of the TPP on jobs and the labor market until January 13, 2016. These comments will be formally submitted to the House Ways and Means Committee in Congress.


In the first week, more than 650 people have submitted comments. If you haven’t done so, please take a few minutes to comment today. There are only 9 days left.


If you have commented, thank you. Now, please share this widely so others can comment too.


CLICK HERE to follow the step-by-step instructions for submitting a comment. We provide information for you and a sample comment to make it easy.


Momentum for the February 4th Nationwide Day of Action to protest the TPP is building. Cities in the US and Canada have committed to actions and are on the action map. This is the first day that President Obama can officially sign the TPP. Japan Times reports that TPP country leaders are making plans for the signing ceremony.




If there isn’t an action near you, please consider planning one. It can be as simple as holding signs and passing out fliers in a busy area or it can be more elaborate and creative. We are happy to help you. Contact us if you are interested.


Let’s show that people everywhere are united against these treaties that drive a race to the bottom in wages and worker’s rights, environmental protection and more. We demand a new paradigm that puts people and planet before profits.


Here are more actions you can take:


  1. Join the Buycott for Trade Justice. We are building power to create an economic impact of our own and to put in place an economy that raises standards globally. This will take time to build. The holiday season is a great time to start. Click here for more information and let us know if you want to join the buycott working group.


  1. Get ready for the president’s state of the union address on Jan. 12. We expect a deluge of misinformation about the TPP around the state of the union and we must be prepared to correct it. Become a media mobilizer by clicking here.


  1. Sign and share the petition. We will deliver this petition to leaders in Congress when the time is right. Click here to add your name!


To get involved with organizing actions to stop the TPP/TTIP/TiSA, join the weekly TPP Resistance calls on Wednesday nights at 9 pm Eastern/6 pm Pacific.The next call will be January 6, 2016.





Let’s grow this movement of movements. Join the call and invite other TPP resisters too!


There are new tools on the education page including a “TPP 101” powerpoint created by the AFL CIO.


And finally, if you are able, please donate to support this work. Click here to donate. We currently out of Stop the TPP T shirts, but if enough people want one, we will order another batch. Thank you!

Unite for Global Justice,

FlushtheTPP Team


TPP Occucards

Flush the TPP on the web

Flush the TPP on Facebook

Flush the TPP on Twitter, @FlushTheTPP




1C) Update from I-735: SUCCESS!


This message came from WAMend:


337,263 signatures filed!


Thanks to everyone who helped. WAmend supporters turned in to the Washington Secretary of State over 337,000 signatures on I-735 on Dec. 30th and Dec 31st. Over 1200 volunteers and supporters were busy this past year collecting signatures. Over 112,000 signatures were collected in December alone to put the measure over the top. This was a huge effort and we could not have done it without support from across the state and country. Thanks to everyone who helped us get there.


The Secretary of State will now review the signatures and should validate the initiative by the end of January. If the Washington State Legislature does not enact the measure it will automatically go on the November 2016 ballot. Once passed, Washington State will become the 17th state to urge the U.S. Congress to put a constitutional amendment back to the states to overturn the Citizen’s United decision.


As we now switch to the “Yes on 735” campaign, we need your continued support to make sure I-735 passes with ease. There will be a variety of volunteer opportunities as the campaign moves forward, but right now we could use your financial support. Please donate $10, $25, $50, $100 or morse to keep the campaign going and help us pass I-735 in November.




1D) Message from Hollow Earth Radio


Hollow Earth Radio is an online radio station in Seattle that wants to go on the air.


They are the only other station besides KOWA that airs The Thunderbolt, so that says something about them in and of itself.


They are conducting a fund drive to buy a transmitter and some other equipment and evidently they are falling short, so here is a message from Garrett:


I tried to send this to every dj via email, but I might have missed a few so I am reposting it here. Our IndieGoGo pledges have dropped off significantly. We may have done as much as we can via social media. Now we need your help to get the word out. Here is what I wrote to all DJs. Please read. “`Hello,


I’m writing to remind you about a pledge I asked you to make regarding Hollow Earth Radio’s $25,000 IndieGoGo fundraising campaign.


We’re going to need all of that money (and then some) in order to buy the radio equipment (antenna/transmitter) and permit fees, etc. that go into becoming a terrestrial station broadcasting into the Central District.


Here is what I am asking of you.


Can you each commit to a personal goal of trying to raise $500 through friends, family and acquaintances?


It may sound daunting, but to tell the truth, this is the only way this is going to happen.


By now, you should have already made your list of ten people that you plan to ask.


Can you write me back and confirm that you have done this?


By January 8:

I would like everyone to have asked the people on their list.


– It’s a good idea to ask in person. Tell them why you think it’s important and what the station means to you and the city. Help them to understand why this is so important.

– You can also send out a personal letter to your contacts for people that you don’t see regularly. Every little bit helps. Just try to make your ask as personal and specific as possible, explaining from your point of view why you want this to happen.


– Come up with a number for how much you want to ask them for and suggest that specific number. Say “Would you donate $35 to Hollow Earth Radio to help make this new station happen. You’ll get a tshirt in return”. Or: “Would you commit to a donation of $500 to help Hollow Earth Radio begin broadcasting on LPFM”. It sounds scary, but really people will be flattered that you asked and it’s up to them to decide whether they can do it or not. The worst that can happen is that they will say no, and that’s ok.


– We’ll be making handbills so you can ask more casual acquaintances (the people you interact with daily like baristas or neighbors) so that you can hand them something that will remind them to donate.


Relevant links:




Fundraising party (with cool bands):


Film screening (folks can buy tickets via our indiegogo. This is a real easy way to get people to donate):






1E) Message from Janet Jordan


A few good things to do from Janet:


  • The Tesoro oil train terminal, proposed for Vancouver, is being hotly discussed.  The State of Washington Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council is accepting comments, I’m not sure for how long.   Your voice would help them come to the right decision.  You can find talking points below, and a  link to the Council’s comment section.
  • Take the Olympia Downtown Strategy poll, found here.   I took it and found it quite fun.  It divides the downtown area into sub-districts and tries to describe the special character of each.  I had issues with their characterizations and you might too.  Then they want your ideas on what to do with each sub-district.  There’s plenty of space to comment.


These are both good opportunities to help steer your community and the state.




Fuse’s comments on the Tesoro initiative:


Big Oil wants to send dangerous mile-long oil trains rumbling through our communities along the sensitive Columbia River. Four trains would bring in 360,000 barrels of oil per day, right through our back yard.


The proposed Tesoro-Savage oil export facility on the shores of the Columbia would threaten the health and safety of every person and animal living near the river. The oil to be exported would be shipped in on four trains a day, snaking their way through our state.


If Tesoro-Savage is allowed to build this terminal, officials expect an oil train derailment once every two years.A derailment would expose Spokane, the Gorge, and Vancouver to oil spills that threaten salmon, clog traffic, and cause massive amounts of asthma-inducing pollution – along with putting lives at risk.


Washington should be encouraging clean energy, not building a massive new facility to export oil. Tell state oversight to halt this dangerous oil-by-rail terminal.


Stop the Tesoro Savage oil-by-rail terminal


Here in Washington, we have an incredible opportunity to build a clean energy future that will tackle climate change and transition us off of dirty, dangerous fossil fuels.


Big Oil continues to put people over profits by pushing to advance its dirty, dangerous oil-by-rail proposals.


That’s why this terminal by Tesoro-Savage has drawn enormous opposition—from Columbia River tribes to local longshoremen, firefighters, business leaders, health professionals, faith leaders, climate activists, and leaders of every neighboring city.


Stand up to Big Oil and tell our state to protect our health and climate


Stop the Tesoro oil by rail terminal!


Janet Jordan



2) Reading Group and Planning Session: Caliban and the Witch #2

Saturday January 9th at 1 pm @ MIXX 96 Meeting Room, 119 Washington St NE


This message came from Matt:


Hey folks,


After November’s reading group on “Caliban and the Witch: Women, The Body, and Primitive Accumulation” by Silvia Federici, the group decided more time discussing the deeply important text was necessary!


The book discussion will be held at Mixx96 on Saturday January the 9th from 1-3. After we will continue collaborative brainstorming and planning of direct action around reproductive justice and planned parenthood from 3-5.


Feel free to attend one or the other, or better, both!




Free PDF of Caliban and the Witch!


The success of these reading groups depends upon active participation, so please come having read the book (or simply as much as you can) and ready to share comments, ideas, and questions! If you don’t have access to the book, we have you covered! Just message us with your name, primary email, and phone number and we will get you the reading.


Autonomedia’s Book Overview:

Caliban and the Witch is a history of the body in the transition to capitalism. Moving from the peasant revolts of the late Middle Ages to the witch-hunts and the rise of mechanical philosophy, Federici investigates the capitalist rationalization of social reproduction. She shows how the battle against the rebel body and the conflict between body and mind are essential conditions for the development of labor power and self-ownership, two central principles of modern social organization.


“In the neoliberal era of postmodernism, the proletariat is whited-out from the pages of history. Silvia Federici recovers its historical substance by telling its story starting at the beginning, with the throes of its birth. This is a book of remembrance, of a trauma burned into the body of women, which left a scar on humanity’s memory as deep and painful as those caused by famine, slaughter and enslavement.


Federici shows that the birth of the proletariat required a war against women, inaugurating a new sexual pact and a new patriarchal era: the patriarchy of the wage. Firmly rooted in the history of the persecution of the witches and the disciplining of the body, her arguments explain why the subjugation of women was as crucial for the formation of the world proletariat as the enclosures of the land, the conquest and colonization of the ‘New World,’ and the slave trade.


Documenting the horrors of state terror against women, Federici has written a book truly of our times. Neither compromising nor condescending, Caliban and the Witch expresses an unfailing generosity of spirit and the dignity of a planetary scholar. It is both a passionate work of memory recovered and a hammer of humanity’s agenda.” – Peter Linebaugh, author of The London Hanged


The Making of Capitalist Patriarchy: Interview with Silvia Federici



3) Oil Train Activists on Trial

Monday January 11th in Lynwood, WA


This message came from Segue:




On September 2, 2014, five activists fighting against oil trains and fossil fuel expansion in Washington took their resistance to the next level and blockaded a train that was carrying explosive Bakken oil in the BNSF Delta rail yard in Everett.


Known as the Delta 5, our friends are headed to trial for their blockade. They are facing potential time in prison and our movement needs to have their back.


That’s why we’ll be packing the courtroom on January 11 in Lynnwood to support them. Please join us. Click here to RSVP.


As you know, the oil industry has been trying to increase the number of dangerous and dirty oil trains traveling through the Pacific Northwest. We’ve sent emails to public officials, packed meeting rooms, demonstrated and marched. And while we are fighting the expansion of refineries and export terminals, the Delta 5 remind us that to seriously address the climate crisis we need to keep that oil in the ground. That’s why they’ll be pursuing a unique defense in court, arguing that their blockade was morally – and legally – justifiable given the imperatives of the climate crisis.


So let’s make this a big splash. PLEASE RSVP HERE, and we hope to see you there on January 11. RSVPing will also help us organize carpools.


You can read more about their action, their legal strategy and RSVP to attend the trail on their website:


Hope to see you there,


  • ••••••••••••••••••••••

Alex Ramel

Extreme Oil Field Director






4) What I Want for my Birthday

Tuesday January 12th All Day


This message came from Jennifer:


For my birthday I would like everyone I know to contact the White House and ask President Obama to grant clemency and reconciliation to Leonard Peltier. I’d like it if all of you would ask for the same gift for your birthdays.


Please call, write or email. Once you have please post that you have here at this event. Thank you!



5) 2015 India Trip to Present Gandhi’s Message

Tuesday January 12th at 7 pm @ Traditions Cafe, 300 5th Ave SW


This message came from Bernie:


Bernie Meyers has visited India 15 times since 2005. He will present the story of India today as we look at Gandhi’s life and message.


The Consequences of Ignoring Gandhi, The Curse of our Times, Not Just for Gandhi, But For the World.



6) Bonus Tip of the Day:


Stand up to a federal agent today!







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