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1) FYI: Perfidy at Strategies 360?

2) First Annual Sandwiches for the Homeless

3) Turning In Signatures to the Secretary of State’s Office

4) Bonus Tip of the Day


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Military Sanity




Season’s Greetings


Hey Kids!


Yippee! Welcome to the Thunderbolt for Christmas Eve, 2016 — and I am looking very forward to another year of blasting Olympia with Thunderbolts!


The last thing I would like to do this year, though, is to thank the many people who have provided me with financial support and to the many customers that purchase Real Change from me at the CoOp. Thanks to your support I am able to continue producing my Thunderbolts without the distraction of having to interrupt my work having to beg anyone for funding. Thanks to you I am getting by just fine, thank you, and I am free to hurl Thunderbolts without having to answer to any funding sources other than my readers.


Thank you.




Who Am I?


So who am I, you may ask?


Well — people in both the entertainment industry and the news business are supposed to be all about themselves — but I often forget myself!


So what does that make me?






In the Fold


As world events unfold — I sometimes find myself wishing I could just fold them back up again.




Military Sanity


I have spent the last several years delineating at great length the hypocrisy, the deadliness, and the literal insanity of American foreign policy.


Evidently there are those in the Pentagon that agree. Seymour Hersh has done it again with yet another explosive exposé, this time revealing that members of the Joint Chiefs have not only been ignoring official American policy but they have been doing their best to counter the immense damage that these policies are doing to our country — in spite of and in direct contradiction to Obama’s terrorist-friendly Wall Street-centric policies.


What does it mean that we must look to our military leaders for sanity?


Since Mr. Hersh’s story is from a single anonymous source the Media Machine is ignoring his reporting — even though Mr. Hersh’s reporting has always been proven right in the past and even though they themselves use anonymous single sources all the time and only seem to have a problem with single source anonymous reporting when that reporting says something controversial.


I strongly suggest watching this video of Amy Goodman interviewing Mr. Hersh about his findings.




Hung by Their Own Pétards


Here is a transcript from the recent Republican presidential debate:


HUGH HEWITT: Could you order airstrikes that would kill innocent children by not the scores, but the hundreds and the thousands? Could you wage war as a commander-in-chief?


  1. BEN CARSON: …you have to be able to look at the big picture and understand that it’s actually merciful if you go ahead and finish the job, rather than death by a thousand pricks.


HUGH HEWITT: So you are OK with the deaths of thousands of innocent children and civilian[s]. It’s like—


  1. BEN CARSON: You got it. You got it.


HUGH HEWITT: That is what war [is] — can you be as ruthless as Churchill was in prosecuting the war against the Nazis?


  1. BEN CARSON: “Ruthless” is not necessarily the word I would use, but tough, resolute, understanding what the problems are and understanding that the job of the president of the United States is to protect the people of this country and to do what is necessary in order to get it done.



Really? Killing “thousands of innocent children” — this is “what war is”?


Gee, I thought killing children was an actionable war crime — but what do I know?



It’s time to get to work…





The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of December 24th thru December 30th, 2015





1) FYI: Perfidy at Strategies 360?


This message came from Kim:


Over the last few years, Sightline has shined a light on a range of firms surreptitiously pocketing dirty coal and oil money—and perhaps no group deserves a more gimlet eye than Strategies 360.


Strategies 360 was also the PR firm Puget Sound Energy hired to kill the Thurston Public Power Imitative 3 years ago . Their hallmark during the campaign directed by Democrat Paul Berendt was misleading and false Information in robo calls and glossy mailers .Another new Democratic insider now in charge at 360 is Marty Loesch; he joined the firm as Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel. Marty recently served as Chief of Staff to Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire.(Who also helped to scuttle the Pubic Power Initiative ).


Senior staff at the firm make liberal use of a revolving door between big business and government: they rotate from top flight positions in Washington’s state capitol to working as paid advocates for coal and oil companies before heading back into key positions in Olympia. Arguably no firm in the Northwest has done as much to advance fossil fuel development. By rights, the firm should be considered an arm of the coal and oil industries, albeit one cloaked in the friendly guise of local boys.


Most recently, Sightline has learned that the firm is behind a controversial bid to site a new oil refinery on the Columbia River at Longview, Washington.



2) First Annual Sandwiches for the Homeless

Friday December 25th at 11 am @ the Kissing Statue, 5th and Water Streets


Come spend Christmas with the people! This message came from Mary:


Join us at building sandwiches, and delivering them to our downtown homeless!
We hope to get at least 100 sandwiches out our first year- who’s in?



3) Turning In Signatures to the Secretary of State’s Office

Wednesday December 30th at 1:30 pm @ Elections Division Office, 520 Union Ave SE


Success! The I-735 people have done it! Come join in as they turn in their signatures to get I-735 on the ballot!


This message came from Scott:


We have a 2:00 appointment with the Secretary of State’s Elections Division office to turn in our signatures. (Address is 520 Union Ave. SE, 98501). Join us to help carry in boxes, take photos to share online with all of our supporters who can’t be with us that day, and celebrate our accomplishment!!


Arrive early to find parking. Please carpool.

Parking in downtown Olympia – map and rates at meters:


Parking around the SOS’s Elections Division office:

Street parking: There are 9-hour metered spots on the streets around the SoS’s Elections Division office (Cherry St. and 10th Ave.) The 9-hr. meters are 50-cents per hour and only take coins. And just south of Union Ave., there are 1- and 2-hour FREE parking zones along Cherry St. & 11th Ave.


Afterward, we’ll celebrate at Three Magnets Brewing in Olympia. (Happy Hour begins at 4:00pm!)

Three Magnets Brewing

600 Franklin St SE, #105, Olympia, 98501

Parking around Three Magnets Brewing:

Street parking: There are 2-hr, 3-hr. and 9-hr metered parking spots on the streets around Three Magnets Brewing. The 2-hr meters are $1 per hour, the 3-hr meters are 60-cents per hour, the 9-hr meters are 50-cents per hour. You only have to pay until 5:00pm.



4) Bonus Tip of the Day:


Support your local military!







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