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1) FYI Section:

1A) I-735 Getting Close to Goal! Signature Gatherers Needed!

1B) Update from West Central Park Project

1C) Update from Save the LBA Woods

2) Boycott & Blockade: Short Films and Q&A

3) Get Big Money Out of Politics Local Organizing Meeting

4) Olympia to Nicaragua Solidarity Benefit

5) Musical Benefit for Charles Adler

6) EGYHOP Benefit: Girls in Love with Burgerwink and Hot Rush @ Media Island

7) Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body, and Primitive Accumulation

8) Stonewall Youth Annual Winter Gayla Extravaganza

9) Dana Lyons in Concert

10) Media Island Monthly Benefit Brunch: Friends Ugandan Safe Transport

11) Film Screening: Syriana

12) Olympia Ad Hoc Committee on Police and Community Relations

13) Bonus Tip of the Day


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U-PP on the TPP!




True Confessions of an Imperialist Progeny


Hey Kids!


I sometimes use this newsletter to make shocking personal revelations.


Well prepare yourselves, Thunderbolt fans because here we go again!


Yes, Kids, this week I feel I must come clean! I must be brutally honest and have faith that my audience will trust me in spite of a few dark secrets…


So here it is — brace yourselves: In the interests of full disclosure I must now make a full confession:


I am a white male.



Before you run away in shocked horror, please understand that I was born this way! I had no choice in the matter. The fact that I am a member of the craziest deadliest most hated feared and loathed demographic on the planet has always been a cause for some consternation and confusion on my part.


I can assure you that even though I am a white male I do not invade other people’s homes or steal all their stuff.


I don’t always assume that everyone else wants to be just like me.


I think that Adolph Hitler was a very bad person.


I have never even raped a woman of colour!


So you see — it is possible for a white person to be at least somewhat similar to a normal human!



Please judge me on my merits rather than on my unfortunate racial heritage…




Welcome to the Thunderbolt!


Moving right along now (thank you!) welcome to the Thunderbolt! Faster than a speeding bullet point! More powerful than multi-gigabyte bandwidth! Able to leap mixed metaphors in a single bound!


Defending truth, justice, and the un-American way!


Boldly going where no hack newsletter has gone before!




This Week on the Thunderbolt Radio Show: Africa in the Crosshairs!


I received a couple of notes of appreciation for my piece, “Africa in the Crosshairs”, so I thought I’d let readers know that the radio show version of “Crosshairs” will air this week. You can tune in live tomorrow [Friday] at 8 am and 7 pm and Saturday at noon. We broadcast at 106.5 fm (and we have slightly boosted our signal so you can tune us in pretty much anywhere inside the Olympia city limits now) or you can live stream KOWA anytime 24-7 at http://kowalp.org/listen/


You can also find archives of the audio version of the Thunderbolt at www.radio4all.net


Just type ‘Thunderbolt’ into the search box, click on the episode that you want to listen to and/or download, and then left-click the red arrow at the bottom of the page to listen or right-click the red arrow to download!


I usually post every week’s show Friday morning — and in fact you can usually listen to it before it actually airs on the radio.



Thunderbolts on demand! What a world!




Do As We Say


Next, I will provide Thunderbolt readers with yet another example demonstrating the wisdom of always assuming that anything that any government official says is always a lie: Our government is supposedly conducting a ‘War on Terror’.


At the time they launched their ‘War on Terror’, the three leading anti-terrorist bulwarks in the Middle East and Northern Africa were — Iraq, Libya, and Syria.


Do you see a pattern?


Hussein and Kaddafi loathed Muslim extremists and Assad still very much loathes them (judging from events, the feeling is mutual) and none of these leaders tolerated Islamic extremists in their respective countries. Hussein and Kaddafi both succeeded in achieving this end — Iraq and Libya were both largely nutcase-Islamist free — and Assad had been succeeding until Saudi Arabia armed a bunch of foreign psychopaths so they could then start a civil war in Syria.


If we were actually fighting ‘terrorism’ then these three leaders would have been our most enthusiastic and effective allies. Yes, they were thoroughly vile corrupt and evil people — but compared to a few members of our current crop of ‘allies’ these guys frankly looked like a bunch of boy scouts.


One of our central ally in the area, for instance, is Saudi Arabia — the beheading capitol of the world and the source for most of the funding that is keeping ISIS alive and kicking ass.


ISIS came about because right after the Iraq occupation one of the first things that the American appointed Viceroy decided that he was going to fire every Baathist in both the Iraqi army and the Iraqi government.


This left them unemployed pissed off — and heavily armed.



Now they have their own army and they are ruling over a large portion of the Middle East.



Boy — no one could have seen that coming!



We aren’t fighting ISIS: We created ISIS and our tax dollars are both directly and indirectly funding ISIS. We are using ISIS for our own ends and ISIS is using us for their ends and both sides are getting what they want.



God, these people suck.




Not As We Do


There is nothing like a good old terrorist attack to gin up the old xenophobia and to start banging on the old war drums!


In doing so, François Hollande, the president of France, provided another example demonstrating the fact that you can almost always rely on always assuming that anything any politician says is always a lie: After the terrorist attack Mr. Hollande used the incident as an excuse to give himself sweeping powers to restrict people’s civil liberties.


However, the ONLY activity that Mr. Hollande subsequently restricted was — protesting!


All other business as usual continued as usual. Sports contests will continue as usual. Concert halls will operate as usual. The COP conference will continue as usual. People are still free to peacefully assemble — as long as they aren’t protesting anything.



The fact they are still so afraid of us is a good thing.



Since the COP conference in Paris happens to very conveniently be taking place during this protest ban, a whole bunch of protesters said f*#% that s&*@ and protested anyway — whereupon they were met with violence, tear gas, and beatings.


During the protests a bunch of flowers at a memorial for the people slain during the terrorist attack got stomped and defaced. Mr. Hollande used this as an excuse to demonize the protesters claiming that they had intentionally stomped on the flowers and Mr. Hollande suggested that they weren’t actually protesters at all but just a bunch of troublemakers.



The next day a video surfaced showing that it was actually the frigging police who had very intentionally and very systematically stomped upon the flowers and defaced the memorial display.



Perhaps they weren’t police at all, but just a bunch of troublemakers…






‘Moral Turpitude’?


A famous anti-corporate activist from France named José Bové is banned from the United States. When he made inquiry as to why he is banned from the United States, Mr. Bové discovered that he had been found guilty of ‘moral turpitude’.


When he investigated this charge of ‘moral turpitude’, Mr. Bové discovered that it is applied to people who attack the profits of American corporations.



The profound irony of the American government applying ‘moral’ judgments upon a man like José Bové for criticizing the activities of murderous American corporations is just too rich for words…




Encrypt This!


The powers that shouldn’t be — never ones to waste political opportunity — are — of course — using the Paris attacks to say a bunch of crap that isn’t even worth the paper that it’s not written upon.


Example: Some French officials suggested that the people who attacked Paris used ‘encryption’ techniques to hide their communications from government officials. These officials evidently have taken lessons from the Republican Party in the United States since they offered no evidence of any kind to back this assertion. Even a corporate shill like NPR — usually ready to repeat what most government officials say as if it were news — even NPR dared to question this assertion when they reported upon it.


However — the Media Machine lost no time flooding the airwaves with other government officials decrying encryption in their never-ending efforts to convince Americans to voluntarily give up their freedom and their privacy and any semblance of democratic or accountable government by hyping up the ‘terror’.



It appears to have worked: Evidently in reaction to the Paris attacks, a majority of Americans now favour restrictions upon encryption technology and a majority of Americans now favour a military attack upon ISIS.




Excuse Me Your Racism is Showing…


In addition to all that, there has also been wall-to-wall media coverage of the Paris attacks. Survivors have been intensely interviewed and many of the victims have been memorialized. The perpetrators were breathlessly described in intimate detail. Every little clue was intensely analyzed and the meaning penetratingly debated [not].


How many of you knew that at about the same time as the Paris attacks there were also mass-casualty terrorist attacks in Beirut and in Ankara that killed hundreds each? You didn’t know that? If you didn’t know that it is probably because these attacks were almost completely ignored by the Media Machine. What little coverage there was consisted of cold and emotionless analysis of the different factions that were fighting each other rather than a highly personal and outraged condemnation. The attack in Beirut was described as an attack on a ‘Hamas stronghold’ rather than as an attack on a civilian marketplace that killed no one but innocent civilians.


There were neither interviews with nor any pictures of any of neither the victims nor any of the survivors. None of the individual victims were even mentioned much less memorialized in any manner whatsoever.



What would have been the reaction had the Media Machine aired intimate biographies of several of the people who died in these attacks? What if they had published pictures of a bunch of the dead children whose little bodies had been blown to bits and spread across the streets of Beirut?



What would happen if the Media Machine started treating foreign people of colour as if they were actually human?




Update on Latest Zionist Blackmail Op


By the way: I went to further investigate the matter of The Nation and The Center for American Progress censoring information critical of Zionists — and I found a 2012 Nation article highly critical of AIPAC:




This means that if the recently leaked emails are accurate (and they appear to be) then evidently The Nation has changed their policy toward AIPAC sometime during the last three years…



Gee — does anyone familiar with the way the Zionists conduct their business have much doubt about what happened at the Nation?




U-PP on the TPP!


If you aren’t at the table — then you are on the menu

       —Popular Aphorism in Diplomatic Circles



We weren’t ‘at the table’ during the negotiations for the TPP — and now that it has been made public our almost complete absence during those negotiations has become very apparent. The Trans Pacific Partnership [TPP] already had me seriously tearing out my hair for years now — but as totally freaked out as I was by the numerous ‘leaks’ that have come to light through Wikileaks, the reality has turned out to be exponentially worse than even I was anticipating.


If you care about all forms of social justice — from free speech to privacy to the right to organize to poverty to criminal justice — you need to make killing the TPP your organization’s top priority.


If you are fighting for transitioning to clean energy sources, you need to make killing the TPP your organization’s top priority.


If you are an environmentalist of any kind, you need to make killing the TPP your organization’s top priority.


If you don’t want your local laws subject to adjudication in a foreign tribunal whose decisions cannot be appealed and whose decisions trump any local or even national laws and a tribunal where both the prosecutors and the judges are Wall Street lawyers that take turns playing the two roles — if you don’t want to be forced to pay Monsanto big bucks to not kill your family due to some environmental law your county or your city has passed — if you don’t want economic and political power vastly condensed and concentrated and handed over to a criminal gang of war profiteering sociopathic mass murderers (sometimes referred to as the Wall Street/ military/ industrial/ congressional/ media complex) then you need to make killing the TPP your organization’s top priority.



What has now happened is that the big multi-nationals have become so big that they are now much bigger than most governments. What they are attempting to do with all of these ‘free trade’ treaties is to institute a worldwide corporate government that is over and above our national governments.



This is the next major step in instituting the New World Order. This is Big Brother. This is fascism on steroids. This is Orwell Huxley Machiavelli Gone Wild.



Fortunately for us their operations on the ground in Africa, South and Central America, Asia — and especially in the Middle East — more resembles Catch 22…



It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of December 3rd thru December 9th, 2015




1) FYI Section:


1A) I-735 Getting Close to Goal! Signature Gatherers Needed!


This message came from Gabe:


WAmend volunteers had a great week! They have now gathered just under 210,000 signatures to get Initiative 735 on the 2016 ballot! We have reports that Fix Democracy First for I-735 has also received an additional 7,600 through paid signature gatherers! That means that I-735 is 30,000 signatures away from the minimum needed to file and a little over 100,000 short of our goal of 320,000 by the end of the year!


Many people like you have made a difference in this quest to overturn Citizens United. It looks like we can expect clear skies through the weekend so where do you plan to fill your petition? The campaign has people working in all corners of Washington and you can click here to find where to join them in your area.


Please Sign Up to Volunteer if you haven’t already.


Your help is essential as we are relying on individual volunteers like you to collect 80-90% of the remaining signatures. We can do this!


Let’s dig deep and keep up the energy in the final weeks! What is your goal to make sure I-735 qualifies?! Do you have enough petitions to get your friends and family to sign over Thanksgiving? Know the perfect location to gather on Black Friday?


Sing up here to volunteer and help the ongoing effort. WAmend will send you one or more petitions for your friends, family, colleagues, and other Washington voters to sign. We can also connect you with seasoned signature gatherer who work the best spots for success. Campaign staff have identified places that are protected when it rains and have high foot traffic when it’s dry.


Please don’t hesitate to call WAmend’s office at 206-547-9961 with questions or to volunteer.


Please make a donation.

The campaign is “all-in” to reach our goal of 320,000 signatures by the end of the year. Exactly 1,100 people have now given to the effort! Donate here and show your support. WAmend needs to raise $5,728 this month to stay on track.


Please give today!


With your help, Washington State will declare that corporations are not people, money is not speech, and all political donations should be regulated and made public. With your help, Washington can become the 17th state to demand that Congress overturns the Citizens United decision.


Please join us! Together, we can get there!


The I-735 Team

Tom Elliot
Field Canvass Organizer


Tiffani McCoy

State Field Organizer



Gabe Meyer

Campaign Director



Pat Stell
Strategic Partnerships Coordinator


Theresa Turner
Phone Bank Supervisor


Steve Zemke

State Field Director



WAmend / I-735





1B) Update from West Central Park Project


This message came from Alicia:


Would you like to see more events at West Central Park next summer?  Come help make that happen by getting on the WCP Arts Committee. This committee will be responsible for planning all of the art, music and entertainment that the Park can host.  The committee will start meeting in January to plan the 2016 event schedule. Be involved in the center of the action!


Remember that this project is a nonprofit public charity, 501c3.  In order to survive it needs your time, effort, and tender loving care. Do you want to see the Park conitinue to give back to its community long into the future? Find out how you can plug in and make that happen!  Check out more about the project at our website: aparkforus.org and on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WestCentralParkProject/?ref=hl


See you around the neighborhood!



1C) Update from Save the LBA Woods


This came from Save the LBA Woods:


The City of Olympia is seeking your input on LBA Woods and our future parks


The draft 2016 City of Olympia Parks Plan is now available for public review.


We are thrilled that the City’s parks plan specifies that about 1/2 of the LBA Woods will be acquired in the near future.  Thanks to the passage of Proposition 1, the City has a definite funding source to complete the purchase the “Trillium” half of the woods — about 75 acres.


But we still have much work to do to save all of LBA Woods.   The “Bentridge” half is still vulnerable.  But Proposition 1 makes the purchase of that half viable as well.  (See map to see which is which)


Please take time to review and comment on the draft plan.   The City should be thanked and applauded for moving forward with the Trillium purchase.   But it’s important to let it know that Olympia’s citizens desire protection for the woods in their entirety.


The Olympia Parks Department wants to know what you think about the draft. The Parks Plan was written based on an extensive public input process. To learn more about the plan, check out these links:


Executive Summary (250KB PDF)

Complete Plan (7MB PDF)

23-Minute Presentation on the Plan (Note: Video starts after approximately 20 seconds)


The Parks Department needs your feedback! Please look over the plan and help them answer these questions: Did they hear you correctly? Is there anything missing? Does anything need to be changed?


You can provide comments in three ways.

  1. Participate in the OlySpeaks on-line questionnaire: http://olyspeaks.org.
  2. E-mail your comments to the City parks planner Jonathon Turlove: jturlove@ci.olympia.wa.us
  3. Come to an Open House on Wednesday, December 2, 6:30PM at The Olympia Center, 222 Columbia NW, Olympia.

The deadline for comment on this initial draft is Friday, December 11, 2015.


Talking Points for Comments to the City


  • The plan reflects the ample support for acquisition and conservation of LBA Woods by featuring it prominently.  We appreciate that!
  • Thank you for negotiating the purchase option of one-half of LBA Woods.  We look forward to the City completing that purchase.
  • Please put forth a maximum effort to negotiate the purchase of the other half of LBA Woods so that the community’s vision of conserving this treasured forest in its entirety can become reality.
  • Volunteers have already expressed their willingness to maintain trails and remove noxious weeds.  LBA Woods Park Coalition is ready to help apply for grants to leverage the City’s available funding.  The community is 100% behind this effort.


We are halfway toward our goal of preserving the LBA Woods.   Thank you for your support!



2) Boycott & Blockade: Short Films and Q&A

Thursday December 3rd at 4 pm @ the Flaming Eggplant, CAB Building, Evergreen State College, 2700 Evergreen Pkwy NW


Come learn about two highly effective activist tactics.


This message came from Ell:


Boycott & Blockade: Short Films and Q+A with

Volunteers from the Unist’ot’en Camp

-the fight against pipelines on unceded Wet’suwet’en territory


Members of Familias Unidas por la Justicia

-farmworkers fighting for fair wages and dignified conditions


bring donations for the campaigns if it’s within your means!





3) Get Big Money Out of Politics Local Organizing Meeting

Thursday December 3rd at 7 pm @ Thurston County Courthouse, Bldg #1, 2000 Lakeridge Dr NE


This message came from Mike:


Thurs Dec 3: Get big money out of politics! Local organizing meeting tonight: Olympia’s Move to Amend group invites everyone to join them for a monthly meeting (first Thursday of each month) at 7:00 pm in Room 280 of Bldg 1 at the Thurston County Courthouse. Info: Michael Savoca at masavoca@fairpoint.net or Jennifer Sprague 866-8906 jbsprague@hotmail.com



4) Olympia to Nicaragua Solidarity Benefit

Friday December 4th at 7 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW


This message came from Peter:


Gather in support of U.S.-Nicaragua Solidarity for an inspiring evening of TRADITIONAL FOOD, STORYTELLING, & LATIN DANCE! Support sustainability for a Nicaraguan community through your donation and attendance!


Suggested donation of $15 grants admission, a meal, a bachata lesson by Stephanie Perceful and a rich cultural experience and opportunity to learn about the ongoing need for solidarity between Olympia and Nicaragua. Beer and wine will be available for purchase through Traditions. This is a family friendly event!


The fundraiser will benefit the rural community of El Lagartillo. Nestled in the Northern Highlands of Nicaragua, the community is home to a resilient and progressive people. All money raised will directly support this exceptionally organized community in thier effort to cultivate and purchase the land which sustains them. A foreign investor has indicated interest in purchasing the acreage for private use, making this a critical and urgent cause for the future of Lagartillo.


Please help support this incredible community through its resistance to destructive Neoliberal policy. For more information about El Lagartillo, please visit the following links.













5) Musical Benefit for Charles Adler

Friday December 4th at 7 pm @ Rhythm and Rye, 311 Capitol Way N


This message came from Patricia:


A musical benefit for our friend Charles Adler.


Come listen and celebrate. We steady our stride.


7pm Social hour and snacks (bring some if you like)


8pm Olympia Jazz Tentette – cool band elegance.


9:30pm Artesian Rumble Arkestra


11:00pm The Joe Mailhot Jazz Unit





6) EGYHOP Benefit: Girls in Love with Burgerwink and Hot Rush @ Media Island

Friday December 4th at 9 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE


This message came from Olympia Pacifica:


Girls in Love – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFG2ZXRopUo


Burgerwink – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpBEg-FAY4c


Hot Rush – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcWAY7Bh34c


* * *


9 pm // Media Island // 816 Adams St. SE


$5 suggested or donation of gloves, socks, scarves, jackets, long underwear, hats, coats, sleeping bags




Flyer art by Jonny Negron (jonnynegron.bigcartel.com)






7) Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body, and Primitive Accumulation

Saturday December 5th at 1 pm @ KXXP Meeting Room, 119 Washington St NE


This message came from Mt:


November’s featured book is “Caliban and the Witch: Women, The Body, and Primitive Accumulation” by Silvia Federici . For each book we will host a discussion of the reading and collaboratively decide what to do with our new insights: plan direct actions, give presentations, conduct local group research, or something else. The success of these reading groups depends upon active participation, so please come having read the book (or simply as much as you can) and ready to share comments, ideas, and questions!


If you can’t afford the book, we have you covered. Just message us with your name, primary email, and phone number and we will get you the reading.


Autonomedia’s Book Overview:


Caliban and the Witch is a history of the body in the transition to capitalism. Moving from the peasant revolts of the late Middle Ages to the witch-hunts and the rise of mechanical philosophy, Federici investigates the capitalist rationalization of social reproduction. She shows how the battle against the rebel body and the conflict between body and mind are essential conditions for the development of labor power and self-ownership, two central principles of modern social organization.


“In the neoliberal era of postmodernism, the proletariat is whited-out from the pages of history. Silvia Federici recovers its historical substance by telling its story starting at the beginning, with the throes of its birth. This is a book of remembrance, of a trauma burned into the body of women, which left a scar on humanity’s memory as deep and painful as those caused by famine, slaughter and enslavement.


Federici shows that the birth of the proletariat required a war against women, inaugurating a new sexual pact and a new patriarchal era: the patriarchy of the wage. Firmly rooted in the history of the persecution of the witches and the disciplining of the body, her arguments explain why the subjugation of women was as crucial for the formation of the world proletariat as the enclosures of the land, the conquest and colonization of the ‘New World,’ and the slave trade.


Documenting the horrors of state terror against women, Federici has written a book truly of our times. Neither compromising nor condescending, Caliban and the Witch expresses an unfailing generosity of spirit and the dignity of a planetary scholar. It is both a passionate work of memory recovered and a hammer of humanity’s agenda.” – Peter Linebaugh, author of The London Hanged



The Making of Capitalist Patriarchy: Interview with Silvia Federici






8) Stonewall Youth Annual Winter Gayla Extravaganza

Saturday December 5th at 6 pm @ The Olympia Ballroom, 116 Legion Way SE


It’s a benefit for Olympia’s premiere gay rights organization for youth!


This message came from Bryn:


Buy tickets now, ‘cuz the Gayla is right around the corner (and ticket prices increase on Nov. 26!).


This year’s Gayla will be even more phenomenal than past events, with a marvelous dinner, wine/beer/non-alcoholic beverages, a dessert dash, carnival games, auction items, childcare, a photo booth, raffles, and astounding performances (special musical guests, such as Ashley Eriksson! acrobatics! spoken word!). Stay tuned for more revelations about surprise special guests!


PLEASE CONSIDER BEING A TABLE CAPTAIN: invite at least 4 people to buy tickets and join you at your table. Or you could buy tickets for them! Our fervent hope is that each Table Captain will recruit at least SEVEN other folks, so do your best. HINT: look to see who’s indicated that they’re “going” or “interested” in this Facebook event to see if you want to recruit some of them to be at your table.


Even if you don’t want to be a Table Captain, please ATTEND THE EVENT! Go ahead and buy a ticket, and then find a friend who’s a Table Captain, or contact us and we’ll find a seat at a table for you. Or look to see who’s indicated that they’re “going” or “interested” in this Facebook event to see if there are some folks you’d like to sit with.


Here are some other exciting ways to participate:


SPONSOR A YOUTH TO ATTEND! Their are many youth who would love to attend this event, but buying a ticket is just not an option. Please consider sponsoring a youth to go to this event by purchasing a ticket (or an entire youth table if you’re able!).


DONATE AN AUCTION ITEM! We’re collecting items as well as experiences for the auction. Do you have something you would like to donate? If so, please contact info@stonewallyouth.org for more info.


DONATE A DESSERT! Do you have a connection to a fancy pastry chef, baker or bakery? Or maybe you’re a pastry chef or baker yourself? This event will include a special dessert auction and we could use your help collecting delectable desserts. Please contact us at info@stonewallyouth.org if you are able to donate.


Here’s more info for folks interested in being a TABLE CAPTAIN.


WHAT DOES A TABLE CAPTAIN DO? Ideally, you invite at least 7 people to buy tickets and join you at your table (for a total of 8). Do your best to recruit 7 folks, but we may be able to help you out if need be.This is a great opportunity to invite your friends, coworkers, family members, clients and neighbors to join you for a fun evening of supporting Stonewall Youth!


The goal is to fill your table and to invite guests who are willing to participate in the auctions and other fundraising festivities. You’ll also act as a host for your guests the night of the event, making sure they understand how to participate and feel welcome.


HOW DO I BECOME A TABLE CAPTAIN? We make it as easy as possible for you. First, send us a Facebook message or email us at info@stonewallyouth.org by Nov. 20 (preferably sooner) to let us know you’re interested. We’ll send you more info about how to be a table captain, additional details about the event and additional information to share with your guests about what Stonewall Youth does and why supporting our organization is so important. You can also find a lot of this info on our website: http://stonewallyouth.org/


This is an all-ages event. The venue is ADA accessible. We provide childcare. Ticket price includes full dinner and one drink ticket. Alcoholic beverages will be served to those 21+ with valid ID. Ticket prices increase to $55 at 11:59pm on November 25th.


If you have any questions at any time, feel free to call or email. If someone else you know would like to be a Table Captain, please have them contact us as well. Thanks for supporting Stonewall Youth!


Yours truly,

The Gayla Team: Parker, Masa, Lex, Lili, Ruby, Dusty, Amira, Bryn & Crystal


(360) 705-2738





9) Dana Lyons in Concert

Saturday December 5th at 7 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW


It’s our infamous local political raconteur with the awesome name! (Yes, he’ll probably play Cows with Guns, which I recently used in a Thunderbolt radio show.)


This message came through Oly FOR:


Sat Dec 5: Dana Lyons in concert: He is the singer/songwriter best known for his outrageous hit comedy songs “Cows with Guns,” “RV” and “Ride The Lawn.” Captain Paul Watson from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society says, “Every movement has its minstrel. The unions had Woody Guthrie. The peace movement had Phil Ochs. The environmental movement has Dana Lyons.”


7:00 pm at Traditions Café, 5th & Water SW, Olympia.

Info: www.traditionsfairtrade.com (360) 705-2819



10) Media Island Monthly Benefit Brunch: Friends Ugandan Safe Transport

Sunday December 6th from 11 amto 2 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE


This month Media Island teams up with the Friends Ugandan Safe Transport for this tasty and friendly event.


This message came from Ugandan Safe Transport:


Regarding Uganda’s Passage of A Law Targeting Its LGBTQ Population (Minute approved on April 13, 2014)


Olympia Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends [Quakers] noted with deep concern the Ugandan Government’s passage of a law targeting the LGBTQ population. This law has created a climate where the life, health, and freedom of all LGBTQ Ugandans and those who help them are at immediate risk. We are appalled at hearing about those who have already been kicked out of their homes, denied basic rights, abandoned, beaten, imprisoned, or killed, or who live in constant fear.


Olympia Monthly Meeting has been called to create the “Friends Ugandan Safe Transport Fund” (formerly known as “Friends New Underground Railroad”) to aid LGBTQ Ugandans who are fleeing their homeland for their lives and safety. We have been given an opportunity to provide direct assistance that will save lives. In the first year of this effort we helped 1004 Ugandans get to safety and freedom [see the FAQs page for current numbers and other important information]. Many others remain at risk, and are trying to escape.


We call on all Friends, both individually and in their Meetings, Friends’ organizations, and all people of good will, to help us in this effort.


For more information, call Gabi Clayton, FNURR Manager; Co-Clerk, Peace and Social Justice Committee, Olympia Monthly Meeting at: (360) 888-5291.





11) Film Screening: Syriana

Sunday December 6th at 7 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE


This is a benefit for the Green Party of South Puget Sound. This message came from Janet:


Film Screening: Syriana

Showing at Media Island, 816 Adams St SE

Sunday, December 6, 2015 at 7:00 PM


SEE THE PLOTS TWIST AND TANGLE Oil magnates bribe host countries — the CIA manipulates and doublecrosses — the consultant pushes a pipeline — terrorists recruit a suicide team — the Prince dreams of a truly democratic nation, and plots a coup to get it started. Green issues everywhere!  Bob (George Clooney) tries to figure it all out, but can he do it in time?


Actually, nobody that I know has figured this movie out to date, but we’ll give it a try afterwards..  Also — we’ll fast forward past the fingernail-pulling.


THIS IS A FUNDRAISER FOR THE GREEN PARTY OF SOUTH PUGET SOUND.  $5 entrance fee, $1 for lemonade, $1 for popcorn.  Proceeds will go towards renting THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING, to be shown in early 2016.


That movie costs $300 to rent.  If we don’t get the whole amount with Syriana, we’ll show another movie on December 20.  Stay tuned.


Get together with friends one last time before the workweek starts.  It will be fun.


Call me, Janet, at 360-232-6165 if questions.





12) Olympia Ad Hoc Committee on Police and Community Relations

Monday December 7th from 5:30 to 8:30 pm @ First Christian Church, 710 Franklin St SE


This is the local police accountability organization.


This message came from Terren:


Mon Dec 7: Olympia Ad Hoc Committee on Police and Community Relations: This is the third in a series of community forums to develop opportunities for broad-based and inclusive engagement with the community about criminal justice issues. It will run from 5:30 to 8:30 pm at First Christian Church, 701 Franklin St. SE, downtown. Info: http://olympiawa.gov/city-government/advisory-committees/police-relations-committee.aspx



13) Bonus Tip of the Day:


Explain to your Congressperson that the TPP is a complete sellout to corporate special interests and that if they vote for it then you will be very upset with them.







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