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1A) I-735 Needs Signature Gatherers!

1B) Washington DC Mobilization from November 14th thru 18th to Kill the TPP

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2) Adventures to the Coast with Larry Evans

3) Global Slump: The Economics and Politics of Crisis and Resistance

4) The Beehive Design Collective Presents: Pollinating Rios Vivos

5) Pre-Hearing Meeting on Spokane Community Rights Bill

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Manufacturing Killers



The Cost of Living

Hey Kids!

Lately I have been wondering what is going to happen when no one can afford to be alive anymore…


Gone to Pot

I just heard a legal pot grower being interviewed on Flashpoints and he said that they should be referred to ‘pot farmers’ rather than ‘pot growers’ because ‘pot growers’ has such a negative connotation.

I agree with this gentleman that such a distinction would be a good idea — but not for the reasons he may think. When pot was illegal, ‘pot growers’ risked years of their lives to provide us with the magic herb and I have always considered them to be heroes. Legal ‘pot farmers’, on the other hand, are capitalist opportunists who are assisting in the government’s attempts to seize monopoly control of our buds. I consider them to be — if anything — the opposite of heroes.

So yes, let us make a fine distinction between ‘pot growers’ and ‘pot farmers’.

And by the way, concerning said governments said efforts to seize monopoly control of our buds?

Ha, ha, ha! It has turned out just as I predicted it would: Since I can purchase pot from my friends for nearly half the price that they charge in the legal stores, then there is still a thriving black market for buds. I am a proud and enthusiastic consumer.


Gone to Pot II

I have reported that the Pacifica radio network is in serious trouble. Pacifica is the largest true public radio network in the country (and yes, I am dissing NPR here because I don’t think that true public radio network should ignore perfidy just because the perfidious behaviour is being conducted by a financial ‘sponsor’, such as is the common practice at NPR…)

The Pacifica Network produces probably 70 to 75% of the programming that we air on KOWA.

If you want learn more about Pacifica and its problems — and especially if you think you can help in any way — then there is a website called Pacifica in Exile that is tracking all of this and you can find it here:


Gone to Censorship

There is a gentleman running for president on the Democratic ticket named Lawrence Lessig. Mr. Lessig is running on a single issue: Campaign finance reform. He has promised that if he is elected president he will occupy the office only long enough to implement campaign finance reform, whereupon he will then resign.

The Democratic Party’s response provides further evidence that they have absolutely no interest in campaign finance reform; when it appeared that Mr. Lessig was going to poll high enough to win a slot in the next Democratic debate, the Democratic Machine changed the rules for qualification to participate in the debate specifically to exclude him.


Gone to Co-Ops Not

One of the outcomes that single payer advocates predicted when the details of Obama’s abominable Wall Street-centric health care plan became public was that the predators would figure out some way to squeeze out all the competition and that as a result Obama’s plan would exclude millions of the very people who needed health care the most.

One of the many ‘bi-partisan compromises’ that the infamous ‘Gang of Six’ came up with whilst crafting the details of the Obama Care monstrosity was to allow the existence of health care ‘co-ops’ to accommodate people who didn’t want to or couldn’t afford to trust their health care to sociopathic Wall Street predators.

Both of those very predictable and predicted things have indeed come to pass; the predators have figured out a way to squeeze out all the competition and as a result Obama’s plan has excluded millions of the very people who need health care the most. Health care co-ops all over the country are closing down because they can’t compete in the dog-eat-dog-winner-take-all field of Obama Care. When you open a brand new co-op, you don’t have the capitalist shareholders to carry the initial losses that any such operation can count upon. The co-ops were thus initially supposed to receive $6 billion over time to cover these expenses so they could get a fair jump-start — but Congress later slashed that funding to under $2 billion, thus self-fulfilling their prophecy that this program wouldn’t work and was thus a risky use of taxpayer money.

That $2 billion is now gone and 10 of the 23 existing health care co-ops are failing. Several more are expected to soon follow.

I could go into the details of how and why this happened — basically, little tiny health care co-ops that were honest and played by the rules and who existed to provide health care to people couldn’t compete with massive Wall Street conglomerations who were dishonest and completely ignored the rules and who exist only to cut any and all corners in their quest to provide the maximum return for shareholders — but those details are easy to find if you are interested. Forbes has an interesting take, for instance:

Since this outcome was exactly what Wall Street wanted and since our president is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Wall Street Insurance Machine (which is an integral part of the Wall Street War Machine, which is an integral part of the Wall Street Bankster Machine, which is an integral part of the Wall Street Media Machine, etc.) then if the scandal becomes big enough our Dear Leader might be forced to issue forth with some empty and meaningless rhetoric decrying the situation — but since the Media Machine is completely ignoring the failure of the co-ops then he may not even need to do even that.

However, I can guarantee in any case that — other than uttering some pretty lies — what he will actually do about this is absolutely nothing at all.

Thus, if you are or were a member of one of these failing co-ops, you are now at the cold steel mercy of the Wall Street Insurance Machine.

Good luck with that…


Gone to War

Obama has just expanded the American military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan (breaking two more campaign promises doing so) and he has very quietly and without much fanfare and with absolutely no public debate inserted American troops into Cameroon and Syria.

Saint Obama has, in fact, been steadily growing the American military budget and the American military presence all over the world for his entire term in office.


Gone to Hell

The United States government regularly commits heinous crimes that make my head explode — and just last week I nominated Saudi Arabia for the Thunderbolt Most Evil Country in the World Award.

Well, I gotta say that both countries have achieved a monumental new low in vile mind-numbing frigging evil. In addition, the United States and Saudi Arabia evidently now feel the are completely immune to public opinion because they have committed the Ultimate Sin: Thou Shalt Not Bomb Privileged White People.

In addition to being privileged white people, Doctors Without Borders [Mèdecins Sans Frontières or MSF] are probably about as close to saints as anyone that is currently walking on this Earth. With little or no pay and often at great risk to their own lives, Doctors Without Borders go into war zones and try to save people.

There is evidence emerging that the United States intentionally targeted an MSF hospital in Syria — and that Saudi Arabia did exactly the same thing to an MSF hospital in Yemen.

In addition to the problematic aspect of bombing saints, there is also the hypocrisy of the fact that American accusations that Bashar al Assad was bombing civilian hospitals (an accusation that in this case happens to actually be true) the Americans used this fact as one of the central pillars to their arguments of why Assad had to go…

All of this leads me to question once again: Who are the ‘terrorists’ around here?


Invasion of the Amazonians

After using its monopoly tax-free sweatshop brutal cutthroat business methods putting thousands of private mom-and-pop brick-and-mortar bookstores all over the country out of business — Amazon will soon be opening its own brick-and-mortar bookstore in Seattle.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some unemployed ex-bookstore owner firebombed it.


And The Challenger Is…

Whoever our president is after the next election, we will continue with business-as-usual — so except for the social issues it doesn’t really matter all that much who wins. However, if Queen Hillary needs to be seriously worried about anyone on the Republican ticket I would advise her to keep a close eye on Marco Rubio. Like her, Marco Rubio is very personable and attractive. Like her, Mr. Rubio is very smart and very quick. Like her, Mr. Rubio is a master politician. (And I DON’T mean that as a compliment.)

In addition, a fairly large majority of white people did NOT vote for Barack Obama or the Democrats in either of the last two national elections, so the Democratic Party is very dependent upon people of colour for their votes — and Marco Rubio is Hispanic. In addition, think of what might happen should Mr. Rubio win the nomination and were he to then choose Ben Carson — a lionized icon that is practically worshipped in the black community — as his running mate?

I suspect that Mr. Rubio is about to rattle some cages.



“Justice is incidental to law and order”

              —J. Edgar Hoover

In reviewing an interview that Amy Goodman conducted with David Talbot, author of a new book about Allen Dulles called The Devil’s Chessboard, I criticized Mr. Talbot for ignoring Mr. Dulles’ very intimate connections with all the top rock-star Nazi war criminals of World War II.

Well, I just listened to an interview on KOWA that Mr. Talbot gave to a KPFK program called Uprising — and it turns out that Mr. Talbot does indeed go deeply into the Dulles/Nazi connections in his book!

Good for him!

Evidently, Ms. Goodman did not want to go into that on her show, though — even though that is much more explosive even than the stuff that they did talk about.

You may remember that I said Democracy Now refuses to touch certain stories that are officially deemed to be ‘off limits’ by the Media Machine — who will label you as a tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist and dismiss you as completely irrelevant if you dare go anywhere near there — even in cases where the facts are on the record and irrefutable?

Connecting the Rockefeller and the Bush families directly to Nazis — before, during, and after World War II — is one of those issues — even though the facts are on the record and irrefutable.

I don’t really blame Democracy Now for that though — there are certain issues that you just can’t touch if you want to ever influence the Main Meme in any significant way, and the DN crew does the best job of anyone navigating that ephemeral line between ‘official credibility’ and ‘telling the truth’. Democracy Now sometimes receives mention on the Media Machine and Amy Goodman is sometimes interviewed on Media Machine programs — and while that is indeed a sign that Ms. Goodman will not cross certain lines — the fact remains that the Media Machine has monopoly control of the information for a large majority of our population. If you want to get through to them through that channel at all — you just can’t start harping about the Bush + Adolph situation in public.



Manufacturing Killers

“I sent them a good boy. They sent me back a killer.”

       —Mother of an Iraq Veteran

I have reported before about how the US military is taking 18 year old kids and then throwing them into a murderously insane environment that is guaranteed to scorch their spirits, break their hearts, and fry their brains. I have further portrayed how after they have broken these young men, they throw them out of the military and onto the streets with their fried brains but without any of their military benefits because now they are broken.

When I reported on that, I assumed that this was probably only being done by a few rogue units that were scattered here and there.

It turns out that this was a false assumption.

It turns out that this was systematic throughout the military.

Since 2009 the US military has kicked 22,000 soldiers out of the military with less than honourable discharges after they returned from the wars with mental health issues and/or traumatic brain injuries.

You can find a lot of them if you care to, since they represent a large number of the homeless people you see living on the streets and are thus often on public display.

This link will take you to a most excellent 20-minute NPR story about this issue:

Part of this story concerns an army sniper who — when he realized that the Army was trying to throw him away — determined that the US Army had thus become his enemy. Since he had been professionally trained to gather intelligence and conduct surveillance on the enemy’s every move, he determined that he was going to secretly record all of his ‘therapy’ sessions with his VA ‘councilors’.

The result is mind-blowing and I highly recommend that you read or listen to this NPR story.



You would think it would be easy to determine who are America’s friends and who are America’s enemies since our friends are the people that we sell guns to while our enemies are the people at whom those guns are aimed.

Ah! Would that things were so simple!

In this thoroughly deadly game of musical chairs that represent our ‘friends’ and ‘enemies, here is the current status:

The central focus of American power in the Middle East currently consists of the ‘alliances’ with the Sunni Arab countries, i.e. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the Gulf States. (Israel, of course, also represents an ever-present omnipresent presence.)

Breaking yet another ‘promise’ Barack Obama has ordered ‘boots on the ground’ in Syria, where the American forces are allegedly battling ISIS. (At least our president’s record on breaking promises is consistent!)

One of a vast plethora of problems with this scenario is that ISIS is also battling the existing Assad regime, which is also America’s ‘enemy’. The Russians are with us on battling ISIS but not on battling Assad while Turkey is all for bombing ISIS and Assad but they are mostly focusing upon the Kurds, who — in Syria anyway — are also American ‘friends’. These American troops are supposedly in Syria not to actually fight battles but to “train, advise, and assist” our allies.

(If you are wondering where have we heard that phraseology before — those were exactly the words they used in describing the troops that our government initially sent into Vietnam…)

There are now eight wars being fought in Syria and many if not most of the fighters are not Syrian — yet every one of these wars is being fought down to the last Syrian. There are Syrian wars between Iran and Saudi Arabia. There are Syrian wars between the United States and Russia. There are Syrian wars between Sunni factions and Shia factions and there are Syrian wars between Alawite factions and other Sunni factions.

In all of these wars, though, it is mostly only the Syrians who are actually on the ground who are actually paying the price for all these wars.

Large portions of Syria have almost literally been bombed back into the Stone Age.

As for the purity of the ISIS ideology — this can best be demonstrated by the fact that ISIS is selling oil (and stolen archeological artifacts, for that matter) to the highest bidder — be they friend or foe. ISIS is literally selling oil to countries that are subsequently using that oil to lubricate the machinery they are using in their attacks upon ISIS.

(Evidently Milo Minderbinder now has a contract with ISIS!)

Iran and Israel are mortal enemies with each other — yet they are simultaneously both supporting their mutual American allies in Syria whilst simultaneously they are both supporting their mutual American enemies in Yemen. ISIS in Iraq represents largely remnants of the Bath Party that the Americans removed from power leaving them unemployed and broke and owning nothing but lot of guns — guns that were originally purchased by the American taxpayer. Many of the other radical Islamist organizations that are battling with American interests in the Middle East are remnants of the old Mujahedeen that American tax dollars armed and trained to fight the Russians in Afghanistan back in the 80’s.

The United States just concluded the largest arms sale in human history in order to arm the Saudis with weaponry to continue committing their massive war crimes against civilian populations in Yemen and Syria — which means that a significant portion of these arms are likely to find their way into the hands of those that the Americans are battling in Syria.

(If you’re head is going around in circles by this point, that is a good sign as it means that you are human after all…)

Then we have the Kurds: When the European imperialists split up the Middle East after World War I, they gave not the slightest thought to natural features such as rivers and watersheds — and they gave not the slightest thought to the cultural and political landscapes that already existed. Thus, the Kurds were split up into several different countries. There are significant Kurdish populations in Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria. The Kurds in Iraq are the very goodest buddies of the American government while many of the Kurds in Turkey, Iran, and Syria are designated as ‘terrorists’ by that same American government. The Kurds in Iraq are very likely to have their very own independent Kurdish country soon, and while many of the Kurds in Turkey would like to have their own independent country — that is a very unlikely outcome. The Kurds in Syria and Iran have little or no interest in forming their own autonomous country except for the anarchists in Rojava, Syria, who have managed to carve out — and to maintain (so far) — a little island of sanity in northern Syria (in spite of attacks from both ISIS and Turkey) and Rojava is thus kind of a whole separate thing of its own that is actually quite fascinating and I intend to award them with an official Thunderbolt of Honour sometime soon.

So anyway, now that I have broken everything down for you — everything seems so simple and straightforward, right?

It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of November 5th thru November 11th, 2015




1) FYI Section:


1A) I-735 Needs Signature Gatherers!

This message came from Gabe:

As October comes to a close, have you gathered signatures for I-735 yet? Now is the time to help collect and get them in! Many people like you have made a difference in the quest to overturn Citizens United. Won’t you join the 854 people who have turned in petitions so far! Volunteers have now gathered nearly 190,000 signatures! With your help we can get enough to qualify for next year’s ballot!

Over the next 9 weeks (before the December 31st deadline) we need to collect an additional 130,000 signatures. Your help is essential as we are relying on individual volunteers like you to collect the 80-90% of the remaining signatures. An outside political committee called Fix Democracy First for I-735 has also come together to hire a signature gathering firm to collect additional signatures. FDF for I-735’s actions will help to increase our margin of success by gathering above the minimum needed to cover for duplicates and invalids.


A great way to do so will be at next week’s UW Campus Surge. Join us on November 3rd and 4th to gather signatures at the University of Washington. We are partnering with three student organizations to table in multiple areas around campus. This is a great opportunity to gather signatures and inform the students, staff, and faculty of our efforts to become the 17th state urging an amendment to overturn Citizens United and to get them involved!

Don’t forget to ask the adults you see over the Halloween weekend to sign your petition. Some volunteers are keeping them with them at their door as trick-or-treaters come by!

9 Weeks to Go – How You Can Help

This is crunch time so please add to the effort to get I-735 over the top! The 20/20 to 200K October Challenge is coming to a close and there is still time to help reach our goals! Please send in any completed petitions as soon as you can to be eligible for prizes, including a free stay at a beautiful bed and breakfast.

Everyone who turns in 100 signatures or more can also have an I-735 volunteer t-shirt. Anyone who turns in 1000 signatures or more gets an awesome car magnet. Both of these help promote the effort and makes it easier to collect signatures. Please email Malakay to claim your gift.



1B) Washington DC Mobilization from November 14th thru 18th to Kill the TPP

This is big and this is important. This message is from Flush the TPP:

Sign up for the DC mobilization this November 14 to 18 to stop the TPP and TTIP. Groups are making their plans to participate. We’ve reserved a second church to provide sleeping space. This is going to be big!

Click here to see the schedule of actions and register.



1C) West Central Park Update

This message came from Alicia:

From November through February our work party time will be from 11-1 every Sunday.  Maintenance will revolve more on new projects, transplanting and clean up each week.  Tomorrow one of the best masons in town will be on site to pour the base of the new WCP permanent chess and checkerboard. Stay tuned to find out when the chessboard tabletop will arrive!

Calling artists and wood workers to help us in our mini bird and bat house building sessions this fall and winter!  We will spend some Sunday work parties, indoors creating handmade crafts to sell and benefit the Park. If you have some creative expertise and would like to help, let us know so you can find out when our first craft session will be.

The tent takedown is scheduled to happen on Sunday, November 8th.  The weather forecast seems to be favoring sunshine, which is by the far the most favorable condition for the take down. The take down will be held during normal work party time from 11-1 and will be advertised on our Facebook, twitter and website as well. If you can’t help us that day that’s ok!  We will have another phase of the tent take down process the following week. That one will consist of being inside and folding and putting away the dried and cleaned tent tops.  Mark it on your calendar!

The Park needs you to keep thriving. West Central Park has the distinction of being the only Park in Thurston County that is a community owned and operated, public private park. Be proud of that West Olympia! You can be an active part of the evolution and creation of this neighborhood oasis and someday, maybe have lunch with your grandkids there!

Hope to see you there.



2) Adventures to the Coast with Larry Evans

Saturday November 7th at 10 am @ the Blue Heron Bakery, 4419 Harrison Ave

I sometimes include events from the esoteric world of mycology in the Thunderbolt because fungus actually will play a vital role if we are ever to become locally self-sufficient, which is ultimately a political goal.

This message came from Ava:

Myconauts! We have an exciting treat for you all if you didn’t receive enough mushrooms in your trick or treat bags!

Larry Evans of “Know your mushrooms!” will be visiting on Saturday November 7th and we’ll go on an adventure to the coast and we’re going to make a day of it! Let’s carpool and spend a lot of time out in the feild. We’ll try to hit a few different terrains together, and get back around 6, or later depending how the group is feeling.

Bring buckets, your Discover pass, a knife for mushrooms, a camera, and lots of Rain gear!

If you can we’re asking 10-20$ sliding scale donations. No one turned away! Kids are welcome, and encouraged!

We’ll all meet at the Blue Heron Bakery before we head out at 10am. Try to arrive early so we can leave on time.
Please RSVP to if you can so we can gauge how many are coming.



3) Global Slump: The Economics and Politics of Crisis and Resistance

Saturday November 7th from 1 to 3 pm @ MIXX 96 fm, 119 Washington St NE

This is a book discussion group. This message came from Matt:

October’s featured book is “Global Slump: The Economics and Politics of Crisis and Resistance” by David McNally. For each book we will host a discussion of the reading and collaboratively decide what to do with our new insights: plan direct actions, give presentations, conduct local group research, or something else. The success of these reading groups depends upon active participation, so please come having read the book (or simply as much as you can) and ready to share comments, ideas, and questions!
If you can’t afford the book, we have you covered. Just message us with your name, primary email, and phone number and we will get you the reading.

PM Press’s book overview:
“Global Slump analyzes the global financial meltdown as the first systemic crisis of the neoliberal stage of capitalism. It argues that – far from having ended – the crisis has ushered in a whole period of worldwide economic and political turbulence. In developing an account of the crisis as rooted in fundamental features of capitalism, Global Slump challenges the view that its source lies in financial deregulation.

The book locates the recent meltdown in the intense economic restructuring that marked the recessions of the mid-1970s and early 1980s. Through this lens, it highlights the emergence of new patterns of world inequality and new centers of accumulation, particularly in East Asia, and the profound economic instabilities these produced. Global Slump offers an original account of the “financialization” of the world economy during this period, and explores the intricate connections between international financial markets and new forms of debt and dispossession, particularly in the Global South.

Analyzing the massive intervention of the world’s central banks to stave off another Great Depression, Global Slump shows that, while averting a complete meltdown, this intervention also laid the basis for recurring crises for poor and working class people: job loss, increased poverty and inequality, and deep cuts to social programs. The book takes a global view of these processes, exposing the damage inflicted on countries in the Global South, as well as the intensification of racism and attacks on migrant workers. At the same time, Global Slump also traces new patterns of social and political resistance – from housing activism and education struggles, to mass strikes and protests in Martinique, Guadeloupe, France and Puerto Rico – as indicators of the potential for building anti-capitalist opposition to the damage that neoliberal capitalism is inflicting on the lives of millions.”

Mcnally’s website with links to video and audio interviews covering “Global Slump” and other writings.



4) The Beehive Design Collective Presents: Pollinating Rios Vivos

Monday November 9th at 4 pm @ The Evergreen State College Longhouse, 2700 Evergreen Pkwy NW

This message came from EPIC:

(abajo en español)

The Bees will be at Evergreen with their giant, portable murals! Beehive collective´s graphics aim to draw-out the connections between colonial history and present day struggles against corporate globalization, violence, and racism. The Beehive creates anti-copyright graphics as tools for popular analysis, education, and organizing. Our presentations and workshops offer an accessible format for unpacking the ways in which resource extraction, militarization, and industrial development in the Western Hemisphere are all interconnected in the same ‘big picture.’

Once again, this fall a visiting Bee from the Polinizaciones project in Abya Yala (South America), who is also a member of the Ríos Vivos Movement in Colombia, is heading out on tour to the Pacific Coast of Turtle Island (North America) and then onto the Florida pensinsula (southeast US). This collaborative tour will share stories from Ríos Vivos Colombia, the social movement of dam impacted communities that struggle for the defense of their territories and rivers, and for an energy model by and for the people, and also the work of Polinizaciones, a Beehive grassroots process that collaborates with communities impacted by resource extraction in the use of arts, culture, and communications as strategies for land defense in Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

Using Beehive graphics and other culture and communications work, Polinizaciones creates another way to learn, create, and understand our history in the context of globalization and free trade, militarization, the war on drugs, and the infrastructure and extraction projects integral to IIRSA-Project Mesoamérica. The Polinizaciones sharing session will highlight the Beehive’s giant banners, accompanied by photographs, short films, personal experiences, and stories about the communities in resistance we have been weaving relationships of mutual aid with over the last eight years.

Throughout Abya Yala, Beehive graphics are being used by youth and community educators within Native, Afro descendent, rural, and urban poor communities as a medium for dialogue and raising consciousness around the current threats against these communities. The Ríos Vivos Movement in Colombia is just one process that has appropriated Beehive collective graphics as part of their movement.


el Colectivo de Diseño la Colmena y el Movimiento Ríos Vivos-Colombia presenta la

Polinizando Ríos Vivos: Gira de la Costa Pacifica y la Península de Florida!

octubre- diciembre 2015

La Abejas regresan a Evergreen con sus murales portátiles gigantes! Las Abejas ilustran las conexiones entre la historia colonial y las realidades actuales de las luchas contra la globalización neoliberal, la violencia y el racismo. La Colmena, crea obras gráficas sin derechos de autor que se usan como herramientas para promover el análisis, la educación y la organización popular. Las presentaciones y talleres están hechos en un formato accesible para poder entender mejor la extracción de los recursos naturales, la militarización y el desarrollo industrial en América, sus interconexiones y su vínculo con procesos mucho más grandes.

Nuevamente, este otoño una abeja del proyecto Polinizaciones en Abya Yala (Suramérica), que también es integrante del Movimiento Ríos Vivos Colombia, realizará una gira por la Costa Pacifica de Isla Tortuga (Norteamérica) y la Península de Florida (sureste estadounidense). Esta gira colaborativa va compartir historias del Movimiento Ríos Vivos, el movimiento social de las comunidades impactadas por represas en Colombia y que luchan por la defensa de sus territorios y ríos, y por un modelo energético de y para los, y también el trabajo de Polinizaciones, un proceso popular de la Colmena que colabora con comunidades impactadas por la extracción de recursos con el uso del arte, cultura y comunicación como estrategias por la defensa del Territorio.

Usando las obras de la Colmena además de otros medios culturales y comunicativos, Polinizaciones crea otras maneras de aprender, crear y también entender nuestras historias dentro de los contextos de la globalización y el libre comercio, la militarización y la Guerra en contra el narcotráfico, y los proyectos de infraestructura y de extracción de recursos naturales al IIRSA- Proyecto Mesoamérica. Este compartir con Polinizaciones tendrá presenta los telones grandes de la Colmena, y también fotos, videos cortos, experiencias propias e historias de las comunidades en resistencia con quien hemos estado tejiendo relaciones de apoyo mutuo durante los últimos ocho años.

Por toda Abya Yala, las obras gráficas de la Colmena están siendo utilizadas por jóvenes y docentes de comunidades indígenas, afro descendientes, campesinos y urbanos populares como un medio para crear dialogo y conciencia de las amenazas que enfrentan. El Movimiento Ríos Vivos Colombia es apenas un espacio donde se ha apropiado los gráficos de la Colmena como parte de su proceso.



5) Pre-Hearing Meeting on Spokane Community Rights Bill

Monday November 9th at 6 pm @ MIXX96 Meeting Room, Corner of Washington and 5th Streets

Come educate yourself about the community rights movement and on the situation with Spokane’s community rights initiative.

This message came from Janet:

Hi Community Rights enthusiasts — 

Spokane’s Community Rights movement will defend itself before the Supreme Court on November 10.  It’s about Spokane’s initiative to the people, filed in 2013, with four demands that the people should have been able to vote on:     (1) that neighborhoods have power over local developments,  (2) that the Spokane River and aquifers be protected,  (3) that workers not lose their Federally enumerated rights once they enter the workplace, and  (4) that corporations no longer be considered “persons” in Spokane.  The measure qualified to go on the ballot.   However, a cabal of corporations and corporate front people used the courts to block the people’s vote.

Now, after that block was overturned in January of this year and the cabal again appealed, the matter goes to the Supreme Court.  This will be the final word on whether a Community Rights Ordinance has the same right as all other ordinances to proceed to the people once it receives its quota of signature.

All such Ordinances contain an element of civil disobedience, but they are in the people’s interest and we say the corporate interests which would lose out should not have the right to block them.

Kai Huschke will also be coming to Olympia.   He’s our contact in the Community Rights movement and a leader of the Spokane Community Rights initiative.

We can follow what happens:

On November 9, there will be a pre-hearing orientation from 6 to 8 at the MIXX96 Meeting Room.   Kai will give us an overview of the case and its issues, as well as what’s happening in the movement across the country and in Spokane.

On November 10, the hearing will take place from 9 to 11 at the Temple of Justice.

After the hearing, we can meet for a post-mortem from 11:30 to 1:00  in the Columbia Room of the Legislative Building.  This would be to analyze the hearing and to talk about the road ahead for Washington regarding community rights and the right of local community self-government.   (That room is next to the Cafeteria; we can bring food over if we want.)

All are welcome to the hearing and the community meetings.

Contact Information:

Here’s the website for Envision Spokane:

Here’s Kai’s contact information:

Kai Huschke

CELDF Northwest + Hawaii Organizer


Janet Jordan



6) Climate Change A Panel Discussion

Thursday November 12th at 7 pm @ WET Science Center, 500 Adams St NE

This message came from Larry:

November 12th, 7:00 – 8:30

Climate Change – A Panel Discussion about the Implications that come from Drought
LOTT’s WET Science Center, 500 Adams NE, Olympia

Paul Pickett, Department of Ecology

Ginny Stern, hydrogeologist, Department of Health

Join us at 6:30 PM for light refreshments.


Co-Hosted by the Washington Foundation for the Environment (WFFE).  
This will be the first of the South Sound Estuary Association’s Discovery Speaker Series.



7) Bonus Tip of the Day:

If you’re gonna go somewhere, go somewhere that is worth going.




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