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1) FYI Section:

1A) Free Transit?

1B) Message from Save the LBA Woods

1C) Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation Fall Retreat Coming Soon

2) Forum on Greek Austerity and Resistance and Refugee Situation

3) “Sir! No Sir!” Film Screening and Discussion

4) Olympia Zine Fest

5) The Lewis and Clark Expedition in the Pacific Northwest with Clay Jenkinson as Meriwether Lewis

6) Oly Sunday Assembly Kickoff

7) Out of the Woods Benefit for Homeless Families

8) Rally for $15 Per Hour City Council Study Session

9) Dia de los Muertos Party/Show to Benefit the Thurston County Crisis Clinic

10) Film Screening and Discussion: Hearts and Minds

11) Bonus Tip of the Day


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Je Suis Ukraine!



Smarty Pants

Hey Kids!

Two scientists walk into a bar. One of the scientists snickers in a condescending manner as he says to the bartender, “We’d like two glasses of ‘H2O’.”

The bartender replies, “I see. Well, my analysis of the pragmatic context of your order combined with an ability to distinguish the boundary tones dictating the grammatical function of your homonyms in a coda position means that yes indeed, I will gladly produce two fine glasses of water for you two fine gentlemen!”


Having a Bad Day?

This morning I went to eat breakfast at the Olympia Union Gospel Mission. When I sat down, I noticed that a gentleman who was sharing my table was covered with scrambled eggs all over the front of his face, all over both of his hands, and all over the table in front of him. I initially assumed he had some kind of mental problem — but rather than being lost inside his own brain, he was instead obviously embarrassed and explained to me that his jaw was broken in three places, he had lost most of his teeth, and that he was determined to eat these scrambled eggs because they were the first thing he had been able to eat in two days and he was starving.

Having recently spent four months with no top teeth myself, I could somewhat sympathize with his situation — but when I was missing my teeth I could at least still gum stuff. This gentleman obviously couldn’t even do that. He basically had to use his hands to very carefully place the eggs inside his mouth so that he could subsequently sort of work them down into his throat and finally into his stomach. Most of the eggs made it down, but some fell out of his mouth onto his face and onto the table in front of him.

There are a number of liquid alternatives to food that I could have suggested — but obtaining those alternatives requires at least EBT if not hard cash. The OUGM generally does not provide such things. I did let him know that Apple Care covers dental — something he didn’t know — and I suggested that he should get to Seattle as they probably have more resources to deal with his problems.

Otherwise, I felt quite helpless.

Here is a suggestion: Picture this gentleman the next time you think that you are having a bad day.


Mobile Perfidy?

The justification for paying corporate CEO’s six and seven figure salaries is that if they weren’t paid that much then they would go somewhere else.

Really? If we didn’t pay extortionist salaries to the people who destroyed our economy then they would go somewhere else?

Two questions immediately come to mind: Why didn’t we do this 20 years ago?

And: If they go somewhere else, do you suppose we could talk them into going to China next and sucking them dry?


Déjà vu All Over Again

It has been revealed that Exxon knew the dangers of climate change back in the 70’s.

In spite of this they have been spending many millions of dollars denying the existence of climate change so that they could continue to profit from destroying our planet. It has now been revealed that Exxon even commissioned studies on how they could really cash in when all the arctic ice melted and they could start serious drilling up there.

There is widespread outrage and calls for investigations and prosecutions.

Since we are talking about Exxon, and since Exxon owns a large percentage of our government, I hereby predict that absolutely nothing will happen to Exxon as a result.


Servicing or Using?

Once a week I eat breakfast at the Olympia Union Gospel Mission. This provides a great way to stretch my highly limited budget. However, the main reason is that I like to stay in touch with the homeless community yet I can’t directly interact with mentally ill people because I find them to be contagious. (Long story.) If I go hang out with homeless people on the streets then I am fair game to be approached by some seriously mentally ill person. However, when on their ‘home turf’, so to speak, homeless people generally have great respect for each other’s privacy. While most are happy to socialize should you wish to do so, they are generally just as happy to leave you alone should you wish them to do so. Eating breakfast at the OUGM thus provides me with a relatively safe manner to hang out with the homeless community without actually having to directly interact with them unless I initiate the contact.

That said, I do have several serious problems with the Union Gospel Mission. The OUGM and the Salvation Army receive the vast bulk of the available funding for providing services to homeless people in Olympia. Both places house and feed homeless people. I have eaten at both places and the food tends to be surprisingly good. I have never sought lodging at either place, but from what I hear both places run their shelters in a military style and if you break any of their dozens of petty rules they will sometimes kick you out in the middle of the night and will not allow you back.

What makes them problematic (in my view) is that both places use spirituality as a honeypot to draw people into a worldview that I consider perversely twisted. The OUGM and the Salvation Army tell homeless people that they are in such sorry shape because they are evil sinners and that the only way to redeem themselves is to blindly accept bizarre and highly unlikely religious superstitions as absolute unassailable unquestionable fact.

I will grant: There are a percentage of people for whom this actually works. They adopt these bizarre and highly unlikely religious superstitions as absolute unassailable unquestionable fact and become fully functioning and productive people seemingly as a result.

I am convinced that in the vast majority of cases, though, that they simply add a big load of guilt upon the heads of people already burdened with a load that in most cases is quite heavy enough already.

Another thing: When you pay someone to get rid of something you create a situation wherein it is in their financial interest to make sure they never actually eliminate whatever they are being paid to eliminate because if they ever actually eliminated it then they would be out of a job. As evidence of this I would point out that homeless service providers — including both the OUGM and the Salvation Army — almost invariably represent one of the biggest roadblocks whenever anyone tries to promote policies that will actually reduce or eliminate homelessness.

A typical example: A couple of years ago some activists set up a large tent as a ‘homeless shelter’ — first at the Artesian Well — but then it moved to the parking lot of an abandoned state building in the industrial area just north of downtown. (Full disclosure: I was myself a participant in this protest action.) The new ‘homeless shelter’ also happened to be within sight of the front door of the OUGM.

Though this ‘homeless shelter’ did actually provide shelter for several people for the several days that it operated, this was largely a symbolic act meant to spur the state into providing some funding for homeless services. The organizers and a couple of the homeless kids were eventually arrested and the ‘homeless shelter’ was torn down.

They were there to help homeless people, just like the OUGM. They were there to provide shelter to homeless people; the OUGM turns people away due to lack of space every single day.

If concern is for the welfare of homeless people is the central focus here, then the OUGM and the activists are natural allies, right?

Instead, the head of the OUGM was furious. He let his ‘clients’ know that if any of them came anywhere near the activist shelter they would be forever banned from the OUGM.


The Whistleblower Follies

I also have a lot of criticisms of Democracy Now. She won’t touch 9-11, for instance — but in that case I actually understand why. 9-11 is one of those things that you can’t touch if you want to maintain even a shred of official ‘credibility’; the Democracy Now crew I think does the best job of anyone at telling the truth but still maintaining at least a modicum of this official ‘credibility’ — at least in liberal circles.

I’m willing to give them a pass on 9-11.

However, I have less patience for some of their other practices. They pay way too much attention to what politicians say (as if what politicians say has any meaning whatsoever) and while they don’t hesitate to criticize Democrats, when push comes to shove Ms. Goodman always jumps on the “we have to vote for Democrats or the arch evil Republicans will win” bandwagon. In a couple of cases Amy Goodman has shown evident bias toward a Machine Democrat over a true radical.   I would point out the New York gubernatorial campaign of 2014: A Machine Democrat named Zephyr Teachout and a true progressive named Randy Credico both challenged the incumbent Andrew Cuomo. Amy Goodman interviewed both on her show and Ms. Goodman’s prejudice toward Ms. Teachout was palpable.

That said, overall I think that Democracy Now does the best job of anyone in the business at picking the stories that cut to the heart of the matter and then finding the right people to educate us about them. I watch every morning and I often follow through with Thunderbolts based upon stories that I first became aware of on Democracy Now.

Example: Jeffery Sterling is an almost completely unknown name that should be on everyone’s lips.

In an incredible act of courage, Mr. Sterling’s wife — Holly Sterling — has just held a major press conference to try to achieve that end.

Mr. Sterling received 3 ½ years in prison for leaking ‘classified’ information about war crimes to James Risen of the New York Times.

David Petraeus was convicted of doing exactly the same thing — except he leaked classified material to impress his girlfriend rather than doing so in an attempt to save his country.

Diane Feinstein and Hillary Clinton are two prominent Democrats who favour throwing away the key with Edward Snowden but feel that David Petraeus should be cut slack.

While there have been numerous high-profile whistleblower cases that have been front-page news, Mr. Sterling’s case has received virtually no press even though his is one of the more outrageous ones.

I haven’t heard anyone else suggest this — but I am here suggesting that this is at least partly due to the fact that not only is Mr. Sterling black, but he sued the CIA for racial discrimination.

One other note before we move on: I know how the fascists work and I know how they think. I have intensely studied them for decades and I am very smart. I directly dealt with them face-to-face on a daily basis for the six years that I lived at taxpayer expense.

I would strongly suggest that Holly Sterling make absolutely sure that she has sufficiently covered her backside.


“Thank you so much, Mr. Dulles, for helping shape our coverage of the Warren Report.”

              —New York Times to Allen Dulles in 1965

Suspicious Circumstances

Thanks to a Democracy Now interview with David Talbot, author of a new book about Allen Dulles called The Devil’s Chessboard, I just learned something I didn’t know about the Kennedy assassination!

I watched the entire interview online and — as I suspected — Mr. Talbot does not touch Mr. Dulles’ Nazi connections in his book.

Mr. Talbot is a journalist and I’m sure he’s aware that the best way to ruin his career is to start making a big deal about the very intimate connections between Prescott Bush, Herbert Walker, and the people who financed Adolph Hitler…

Everyone already knows that Allen Dulles was one of the shot callers on the Kennedy assassination so this new factoid isn’t a blockbuster breakthrough or even all that important in the big picture — but it is fascinating and maddening nonetheless:

One of the nastiest of Mr. Dulles’ hit men was a gentleman named William Harvey. Concerning William Harvey, get this: Mr. Harvey was the overall operational commander of the CIA assassination squads during most of the reign of Allen Dulles.

Can you imagine a more sinister role? Mr. Harvey was — amongst many other things — the central organizer for many of the failed assassination attempts against Fidel Castro, for instance. (And yes, the ‘exploding cigar’ plot was one of Mr. Harvey’s babies.)

As with all the top fascists of the day, Mr. Harvey was also a virulent Kennedy-hater.

Anyway, get this: Mr. Talbott’s book has revealed that Allen Dulles flew William Harvey from Rome to Dallas just a few days before the Kennedy assassination.

Wow. The head of the CIA’s assassination squad flew into Dallas just a few days before the Kennedy assassination? Wow.

And by the way: Mr. Talbot filed a FOIA request for Mr. Harvey’s travel records — records that are now 50 years old — but the CIA still refuses to release them.

Oh, well — no one ever said that Allen Dulles was subtle.


Live Like a Refugee

20% of the population of Lebanon now consists of refugees from Syria. That 20% figure does not count the half-million Palestinian refugees that are also there — and it turns out that a large number of the Syrian refugees coming into Lebanon are actually Palestinian refugees who had been living as refugees in Syria before becoming refugees from Syria — and evidently the fact they are now Palestinian refugees who are coming from Syria instead of Palestine makes their asylum claims in Lebanon problematic.

They didn’t already have enough problems?

Thus, between the new Israeli crackdown on Palestinians in Palestine and Palestinians being denied status in Lebanon — the Palestinians find themselves once again hammered in one direction before being knocked in the other.

This has been their status for nearly sixty years now.


Obama Takes The Next Step

I warned the Africans three years ago when I learned of the formation of AFRICOM! (Unfortunately, I don’t think very many Africans subscribe to the Thunderbolt.)

Anyway, I told them that they had better cover their asses and head for the hills because creating an entire new American military command just for Africa meant that the American Machine was about to drop a big load of democratic whoopee on their asses.

Then, when I learned that the drug warriors were going to expand the War on Drugs into Africa, I suggested to the Africans that this meant it was time to begin constructing underground bunkers and to start stocking up on non-perishables.

Well, Saint Obama has just taken the next step: American troops are about to deploy into Cameroon, supposedly to fight Boko Harum.

Thus does the camel stick its nose under the tent…


Je Suis Ukraine!

The packaging and selling of Hillary Clinton is moving apace. Never mind that she is an utterly corrupt wholly owned subsidiary of the deadliest and most vicious criminal gang in history. Never mind that she never met a war she doesn’t like. Never mind that she fully supports brutally oppressing whistleblowers whilst simultaneously giving her patrons a free pass to commit the most heinous crimes imaginable. Never mind that she fully supports brutal suppression of political dissent. Never mind that she was for Keystone before she was against it and that she was for the TPP before she was against it. Never mind that the ‘Clinton Foundation’ is actually a cesspool of money laundering and influence pedaling.

I’ve reported before on the Clinton Foundation’s ties to a slimy mining company out of Canada called Pacific Rubiales and how, after a large contribution from this company, Mrs. Clinton not only did a 180o turn on aid to Columbia that would greatly benefit Pacific Rubiales but she arranged for the ‘private’ donor from Pacific Rubiales — CEO Frank Giustra — to join the Board of Directors of the Clinton Foundation.

There were also all kinds of nasty back room shenanigans involving the Russians and their uranium mixed up in all of this stuff that I didn’t go into in my Thunderbolt piece — but you can check it out here if you’re interested in all the gory details:

Well: Believe it or not, yet another scandal concerning the Clinton Foundation has just came to light! Surprise, surprise!

It turns out that Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Pinchuk, a major pusher for allying the Ukraine with the EU, made huge contributions to the Clinton Foundation during Mrs. Clinton’s imposture as the US Secretary of State!

Isn’t such civic mindedness just so refreshing?

Although Mrs. Clinton ‘promised’ that she would not accept donations from foreign governments whilst serving as a state official, the Clinton Foundation has continued to gleefully accept money from a variety of shady ‘private’ donors, many of whom have various intimate ties to various foreign governments and private interests.

And the Ukrainians are not only donating, but during the period between 1999 and 2014 Ukrainian sponsors rose to the top of the list among individual foreign donors contributing to the Clinton Foundation — and there’s some heavy hitters on that list, I can tell you! Ukrainians have provided the Clinton Foundation with almost $10 million total, pushing England and Saudi Arabia to second and third places respectively in the battle for purchasing influence with Mrs. Clinton. The Viktor Pinchuk Foundation alone transferred at least $8.6 million to the Clinton Foundation between 2009 and 2013.

In the meanwhile, the Ukrainian government has been bought and sold and it is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the World Bank and the IMF. There are also major government connections in the New Ukraine: Natalie Jaresko, Ukraine’s Finance Minister, previously worked in the US State Department — and she has also been linked to oligarch Viktor Pinchuk! What a small world!

As usual, this is being widely reported everywhere in the world except in the United States: Our Media Machine is completely ignoring it.

The Democrats, of course, don’t care. Hillary Clinton is smart and she “seems presidential”, according to one ‘pundit’, so therefore she is qualified to be president rather than the prison inmate that is what she actually should be.

One BIG disappointment concerning Bernie Sanders is that he is evidently giving Mrs. Clinton a pass on her email troubles. He reportedly said he was sick of hearing about them.

That’s too bad. It is probably politically wise, though. Attacking Mrs. Clinton on this issue would probably not win him any brownie points with the Democratic electorate since Democrats are very famous for refusing to acknowledge that their own feces has any odour.

However, in spite of Mr. Sander’s contention that the email thing isn’t any big deal, it actually is a very big deal. The ONLY reason Mrs. Clinton maintained her own email server is so she could share nasty secrets with nasty people. I truly hope the Republicans nail her on this since the Democrats are obviously going to do doodly squat, but the Republicans already pretty much shot their wad on irrelevant BS like Benghazi and have thus lost whatever limited amounts of credibility they might ever have possessed in the first place. I’m not holding my breath.

It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of October 22nd thru October 28th, 2015




1) FYI Section:


1A) Free Transit?

I needed to go to Shelton and whilst looking over the Mason Transit website I learned that there is no fare for local travel on the public transit system in Mason County. Upon investigating this further I discovered this:

Providing Fare Free Public Transit Today

Today Mason Transit Authority carries forward the philosophy of its founding citizens. It is continued not only as philosophical practice but also as a smart business practice.  Following is a summary excerpt from the research conducted and published in 2012 by the Transit Research Board of National Academies, with the research sponsored by the Federal Transit Administration in cooperation with the Transit Development Corporation. The entire report (Implementation and Outcomes of Fare-Free Systems- FTA 2012) is available under “Fare Free Reports”.

  • Synthesis results indicate that ridership has always increased significantly when fare-free transit is offered. Reported increases ranged from 21% in Boone, North Carolina, to more than 200% in Hawaii and Macomb, Illinois. Substantially higher increases of more than 1,000% have been experienced in Europe and China. Ridership has increased very quickly in many instances, with increases of as much as 60% within two months. The disproportionate increases in ridership beyond what typical elasticity formulas would predict might be attributable to the psychological barriers that are removed when fares are no longer required. Public transit agencies that consider offering fare-free service need to be prepared to respond quickly to increases in demand to avoid the degradation of the quality of service, negative media coverage, and the potential loss of long-time passengers.
  • Although public subsidy and sometimes total cost may increase, the subsidy per passenger drops significantly. The effectiveness and productivity of the public investment in transit is enhanced.
  • Public transit agencies with fare-free policies tend to experience a few more “problem passengers”; however, in the vast majority of cases, it is not a problem that seriously affects passenger satisfaction or community acceptance. Agencies can help minimize the problem with enforced codes of conduct, video surveillance, active supervision, cooperative relationships with local law enforcement and the court system, and passenger support.
  • Fare-free systems have enjoyed a reduction in the expenses and administrative functions associated with fare collection. Charging even a nominal fare to avoid issues dealing with “problem passengers” could reduce ridership substantially and might not cover the costs of fare collection.
  • As opposed to the earlier fare-free experiments in Trenton, Denver, and Austin, bus operators are reported to be very supportive of fare-free policies in almost all locations where they now exist. Although they might have to contend with a few more “problem passengers,”they regard that as a fair tradeoff for not having to deal with fares and fare disputes. Vehicle operators often serve as better ambassadors for the system and the community when they do not have to collect and enforce fares, and can spend more time answering passengers’ questions and focusing on safe bus operation.
  • Fare-free policies generally result in more efficient operations because of the opportunity for passengers to board through all doors and the elimination of the fare collection process. These time savings are sometimes countered by the increased number of passengers boarding and the more frequent stops buses need to make.
  • Public transit agencies in small urban and rural communities cite the significant benefits fare-free service offers to students, seniors, and lower-income residents. In both small urban and rural communities, local property owners are able to promote their locations as “being on the free bus line.” Transit managers reported that more people want to retire in communities with fare-free public transit. Universities have been able to minimize their investments in parking facilities when fare-free transit is offered, enabling them to build more teaching facilities and dormitories. University communities also noted that fare-free transit provides a measure of equity to nonstudent residents who are usually lower-income and would be the only ones needing to pay a fare when they board.
  • Transit agencies offering fare-free service have expressed pride in their contributions to livability and environmental objectives no matter what type of community they serve. Many have documented the amount of carbon that has been eliminated and take credit for cleaner air, reduced traffic congestion, and less dependence on gasoline and autos.
  • The elimination of fares essentially places transit in the same category of services as schools, libraries, and most community parks. Although these services are paid for with community taxes, people usually do not pay a service charge to use them. They are regarded as essential elements of what a community deems important and why it is worth living in. Removing the fare requirements of transit democratizes the service, making it equally available to everyone regardless of income, to use as often as they like. If properly funded and maintained, the image of the buses change from being the clunky transportation choice of last resort to the service that connects all elements of the community and provides equal opportunity to access all that a community offers. Fare-free transit has been a source of community bonding and pride that also has helped local communities earn positive recognition. A number of communities offering fare-free transit have received state and national awards as “best places to live.” Fare-free service is reported to help bridge the divides that exist in “town and gown” communities.

Fare Free Reports



1B) Message from Save the LBA Woods

This is an exciting time for park lovers in Olympia. Ballots for the November 3 election are arriving in voters’ mailboxes across the city and Proposition 1 will be on the ballot. We are hoping for a landslide of support for Prop 1, which establishes a Metropolitan Parks District in Olympia.
As you probably know, the LBA Woods Park Coalition is one of the dozen Olympia organizations endorsing Prop 1. Through, we’ve been working all spring and summer to create an extraordinary funding measure for our 30+ parks and new parkland such as the LBA Woods. And, we’ve been out doorbelling all across the city, tabling at the Farmers’ Market and City events, waving Prop 1 signs at key intersections during rush hour, speaking to civic groups, making radio appearances.
Why do we care so much about Prop 1? Quite simply-without Prop 1 our chances of saving our beloved LBA Woods will diminish considerably along with Olympia’s ability to maintain its current parks and buy other parklands for the future.  Please check your mailbox, vote YES for Prop 1, and drop off your ballot ( or mail it back right away.If you’d like to know more about Prop 1 before you vote, take a few minutes to visit the fantastically informative YesOlympiaParks website where you can read what’s been published in The Olympian and get the facts you’ll need to make your decision. We think you’ll agree that a YES vote is the best choice for Olympia.

To launch the official voting season, we’ll be out waving signs and cheering for Prop 1 on Saturday October 17

th downtown at “The Kiss” statue on Percival Landing. Join us anytime between 9:30 and 11:00-rain or shine-for a raucous good time. Bring the kids, bring homemade signs or wave one of ours!  For more information and a photo of the Prop-1-loving kissers, click here.

Vote YES on Proposition 1



1C) Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation Fall Retreat Coming Soon

I’ve never attended this event but I’ve heard it is awesome.

This message came from Glen:

“Practical Democracy:
How Can We Make it Work for All of Us?”

Western Washington FOR’s 2015 Fall Retreat

Saturday November 7 in Lacey

The 2016 election is a full year away, but the circus of hype started several years ago.  Most candidates and mainstream news media are distracting us from the real issues and real democracy.  Real democracy – practicaldemocracy – would be very different from this!  People would empower themselves to figure out how to meet their needs and collaborate with other folks for grassroots solutions.

The Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation’s 2015 Fall Retreat is grounded in this authentic spirit of democracy.  We invite you to join with other folks on Saturday November 7 to participate in WWFOR’s Fall Retreat, “Practical Democracy:  How Can We Make it Work for All of Us?”

Every year we gather in a pleasant setting in Lacey, near Olympia, for an annual Fall Retreat that brings Western Washingtonians together to enjoy an informative, engaging event to build the grassroots progressive movement.  On Saturday November 7 we will explore how to make democracy happen in various sectors of society, starting at the grassroots.

Our keynote speaker, Mary Lou Finley, has decades of experience with grassroots movements for political and social change.

You may choose from four participatory workshops in the morning and four others in the afternoon.

Information tables and other opportunities will help us share information and work on solutions.

We intend for folks to continue working for practical democracy after we return home.

We plan to offer these eight workshops:

  • How white folks can organize for racial justice
  • How to organize now for single-payer health care
  • How to use Saul Alinsky’s classic model of local organizing
  • How to monitor local governments to hold them accountable
  • How to build the Move to Amend movement to fix campaign financing
  • How people can create their own progressive media (print, radio, TV, blogs)
  • How to organize effective grassroots direct action against oil and coal abuses
  • How to strategize for nonviolent grassroots movements for social and political change

Please register now!  See the flyer/pre-registration form attached to this e-mail and posted at http://www.wwfor.organd

The Olympia FOR is taking the lead in organizing WWFOR’s annual Fall Retreats.   For more information – including pre-registration and carpooling – contact Glen Anderson at (360) 491-9093



2) Forum on Greek Austerity and Resistance and Refugee Situation

Tuesday October 22nd at 6 pm @ Obsidian, 414 4th Ave E

This message came from Peter:

This coming Tuesday, October 20th, from 6-8 P.M., there will be a presentation and discussion on recent political and economic developments in Greece, focusing on austerity and resistance to it; and also the refugee situation in Greece and Europe.

Presenters and discussants are Peter Bohmer, Zoltan Grossman, Savvina Chowdhury and Peter Dorman.

This event is part of the Tea and Talk discussion series being organized by KAOS radio. It is also co-sponsored by Economics for Everyone.

Place: Obsidian Cafe, 414 East 4th Ave., downtown Olympia.

Date and Time; Tuesday, October 20th, 6 P.M.

There is no charge.

For more info, contact

Please share this announcement with others!



3) “Sir! No Sir!” Film Screening and Discussion

Friday October 23rd at 1 pm @ The Evergreen State College, Seminar 2, Room B1105, 2700 Evergreen Pkwy NW

This message came from Larry:




Why these events and why now?

The USG, through the Pentagon is having a 50-year Commemoration to rewrite the history of the Vietnam War era.


There is a concerted effort to make the US government actions in the war honorable and to glorify war, which is a disservice to those who lost their lives in the war (both the Vietnamese and the US soldiers) and just as importantly, the lives that are being lost and will continue to be lost in current and future wars.  Veterans for Peace at the national and local level are involved in this effort to set the record straight.  See their website of Vietnam Full Disclosure-

Sponsored by Academic programs “Political Economy of Power in American Society,” “Caliban and the Witch,” “Culture and Violence,” the President’s Diversity Fund and the Olympia Rachel Corrie Chapter 109 of Veterans for Peace.  All events are free and open to students and the community.  Parking on campus is available for $2.  For more information contact Larry Mosqueda at 360-867-6513 or or VIETNAM-FULL DISCLOSURE: NO MORE LIES-THEN OR NOW


Teach-In on Wednesday October 28, “Vietnam-Full Disclosure: No More Lies-Then or Now” on the history of the Vietnam Era and why it is still important.



4) Olympia Zine Fest

Friday October 23rd at 7 pm @ Timberland Library, 313 8th Ave SE

This message came from Allison:

Friday, October 23rd @ 7:00 pm: Come and celebrate the start of the first annual Olympia Zine Fest, an event centered on small scale, alternative, do-it-yourself print media! The panel will include V. Vale of RE/Search Publications, Author and Maximum Rock’n’roll contributor Imogen Binnie, Queer Zine Archive Project founder Milo Miller, and facilitator Joaquin de la Puente. This event is part of Olympia Zine Fest–more information available at

All Timberland Library programs are free and open to the public. These events occur after library open hours and no other library services will be available.

Thanks you,

Allison Mackey

Adult Services Librarian

Olympia Timberland Library

313 8th Ave SE, Olympia WA

(360) 352-0595



5) The Lewis and Clark Expedition in the Pacific Northwest with Clay Jenkinson as Meriwether Lewis

Friday October 23rd at 7:30 pm @ the Capitol Theater, 206 5th Ave SE

This message came through Olympia FOR:

Fri Oct 23:  “The Lewis and Clark Expedition in the Pacific Northwest” with Clay Jenkinson as Meriwether Lewis:  This is a benefit for Friendly Water for the World, an Olympia-based non-profit org that provides clean water for many communities around the world.  7:30 pm, at Capitol Theatre, 206 5th Ave SE, Olympia.  Tickets $20-25 available through (206) 321-4112 or (360) 918-3642 or  Info:



6) Oly Sunday Assembly Kickoff

Sunday October 25th at Noon @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE

This came from Olympia Pacifica:

Excited to announce the Oly Sunday Assembly KICKOFF! There will be great speakers, coffee and music and more!

The Sunday Assembly is a secular congregation that celebrates life. Our motto: live better, help often, wonder more. Our mission: A Sunday Assembly in every town, city and village that wants one. Our vision: To help everyone live life as fully as possible.

We are here for everyone who wants to:

Live Better. We aim to provide inspiring, thought-provoking and practical ideas that help people to live the lives they want to lead and be the people they want to be

Help Often. Assemblies are communities of action building lives of purpose, encouraging us all to help anyone who needs it to support each other

Wonder More. Hearing talks, singing as one, listening to readings and even playing games helps us to connect with each other and the awesome world we live in.

The Sunday Assembly

  1. Is 100% celebration of life. We are born from nothing and go to nothing. Let’s enjoy it together.
  1. Has no doctrine. We have no set texts so we can make use of wisdom from all sources.
  1. Has no deity. We don’t do supernatural but we also won’t tell you you’re wrong if you do.
  1. Is radically inclusive. Everyone is welcome, regardless of their beliefs – this is a place of love that is open and accepting.
  1. Is free to attend, not-for-profit and volunteer run. We ask for donations to cover our costs and support our community work.
  1. Has a community mission. Through our Action Heroes (you!), we will be a force for good.
  1. Is independent. We do not accept sponsorship or promote outside businesses, organisations or services
  1. Is here to stay. With your involvement, The Sunday Assembly will make the world a better place
  1. We won’t won’t tell you how to live, but will try to help you do it as well as you can
  1. And remember point 1… The Sunday Assembly is a celebration of the one life we know we have

What should you expect from a Sunday Assembly event?

Just by being with us you should be energised, vitalised, restored, repaired, refreshed and recharged. No matter what the subject of the Assembly, it will solace worries, provoke kindness and inject a touch of transcendence into the everyday.

But life can be tough… It is. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, we have moments of weakness or life just isn’t fair. We want The Sunday Assembly to be a house of love and compassion, where, no matter what your situation, you are welcomed, accepted and loved.

Most of all, have fun, be nice and join in.



7) Out of the Woods Benefit for Homeless Families

Sunday October 25th at 6 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW

This message came through Oly FOR:

Sun Oct 25: Benefit for the “Out of the Woods” shelter for homeless families – This humane, people-focused effort ( is grounded at the Olympia Unitarian-Universalist Congregation

Tonight’s benefit will feature music by The Other Mothers (Paulette Frisina) and Tarik & Lizzy Bentlemsani. It starts at 6:00 pm at Traditions Café, 5th & Water, downtown Olympia.



8) Rally for $15 Per Hour City Council Study Session

Tuesday October 27th at 5 pm @ Olympia City Hall, 601 4th Ave E

This is a movement. Come join in. This message came from Liz:

Please join us as we gather in solidarity at city hall on the 27th as the city council will be studying/discussing the future of $15 in Olympia/other necessary worker’s rights. Come share your story of why $15 matters to you and the community and demand city council take action on this urgent issue!



9) Dia de los Muertos Party/Show to Benefit the Thurston County Crisis Clinic

Tuesday October 27th at 7 pm @ Le Voyeur, 404 4th Ave E

This message came from Elena:

Join us to celebrate with hardcore punk bands, Annapura (from Mexico City!), Darkness Stole the Sky, Anthroporcene, and Big Idiot to raise money and awareness for suicide prevention. Bring pictures of your dead loved ones to add to altars and learn about this holiday. Also, Candy! All door proceeds will go to the Crisis Clinic. Big thanks to Elena for organizing this event and Le Voyeur for hosting. 21+



10) Film Screening and Discussion: Hearts and Minds

Wednesday October 28th at 1 pm @ The Evergreen State College, Seminar 2, Room C1107, 2700 Evergreen Pkwy NW

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2015—–1-3PM  






* Mark Fleming, Veterans for Peace organizer on the history of American Intervention in Vietnam

* Anh-Tri Nguyen, Vietnamese Student in the US in the 1970s and currently living in the US

* Graham Clumpner, Veteran from Iraq Veterans Against the War,

* Larry Kershner, Vietnam V4P activist and Poetry

* Peter Bohmer, TESC faculty on the Anti-war movement in the US

* Glen Anderson, of the Fellowship of Reconciliation on the cost of the war

Why these events and why now?

The USG, through the Pentagon is having a 50-year Commemoration to rewrite the history of the Vietnam War era. See

There is a concerted effort to make the US government actions in the war honorable and to glorify war, which is a disservice to those who lost their lives in the war (both the Vietnamese and the US soldiers) and just as importantly, the lives that are being lost and will continue to be lost in current and future wars.  Veterans for Peace at the national and local level are involved in this effort to set the record straight.  See their website of Vietnam Full Disclosure-

Sponsored by Academic programs “Political Economy of Power in American Society,” “Caliban and the Witch,” “Culture and Violence,” the President’s Diversity Fund and the Olympia Rachel Corrie Chapter 109 of Veterans for Peace.  All events are free and open to students and the community.  Parking on campus is available for $2.  For more information contact Larry Mosqueda at 360-867-6513 or or VIETNAM-FULL DISCLOSURE: NO MORE LIES-THEN OR NOW



11) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Don’t give money to crooked politicians.




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