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1D) October Book Reading: Global Slump: The Economics and Politics of Crisis and Resistance by David McNally

2) Voters’ Forum on Climate Change and Clean Energy

3) To Change Everything: The Promise of Anarchism

4) Free Skool Planning Sessions

5) Indigenous People’s Day Olympia

6) Oly Town Hall on Policing

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Laboratory of Oppression



The Humans are Winning!

Hey Kids!

Since we have so many various technological advantages, this means that after we’ve finished frying the planet then humans are probably going to be one of the last of the higher life forms to go extinct.

If we do turn out to be the last survivors — does that mean that we win?

Problem is — there won’t be anyone left to give us any awards…


Bend Over and Grab your Ankles: The TPP is Coming!


It is time to once again mount our steeds and to draw our swords! The TPP has been successfully negotiated and it will now come before Congress for an up or down vote!

In case you’ve been living on Venus or something, the Trans Pacific Partnership [TPP] is a treaty that represents a major corporate takeover of major portions of the small portions of the planet that they don’t already control. It is called a ‘free trade’ agreement, but it actually represents the ultimate in Monopoly Crony Capitalism Gone Wild for big pharma, big insurance, the War Machine, and — of course — the big banks — amongst many others.

They have been negotiating the TPP under super-secret conditions for over eight years now and the only reason we know the things that we do know is because a whistleblower provided much of the draft text to Wikileaks, who then posted it online. Thus, we learned that the TPP represents a corporate Bill of Rights that gives them the power to not only sue your city if you pass an environmental law that negatively effects their profits, but they will sue you in a foreign court that is administered by the very same corporations that are suing you. Corporate lawyers that work for these corporations will take turns acting as judges and prosecutors in these foreign courts. The TPP’s provisions will trump all local or domestic laws on environmental, labor, and financial issues.

No, I am not describing some fictional Orwellian nightmare — this is in the language of the TPP. There are so many profoundly wrong things about the TPP that it is unbelievable that they are even trying to pass such an outrage — but Saint Obama is pushing hard for his corporate pimps and this is likely to be a major fight — and it is a major fight that we can’t afford to lose.

Elizabeth Warren, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz all oppose the TPP — amongst many many others — so we do have a fighting chance. Since Hillary Clinton is in campaign mode (meaning she will say whatever she thinks people want to hear) and due to the fact that NAFTA — the last major ‘free trade’ bill that was signed into law by Hillary Clinton’s husband — the fact that NAFTA turned out to be a total fiasco and represents a major stain on the presidential legacy of said husband — then many think that Mrs. Clinton may well come out against the TPP as well.

(NOTE: I wrote that last paragraph three days ago: Mrs. Clinton just announced her opposition to the TPP — even though she has been all for it up until now. Surprise. Not.)

Call Denny Heck, Maria Cantwell, and Patty Murray. I suspect that Heck and Murray will vote for it if they think they can get away with it — and Cantwell isn’t always a dependable vote on such issues either.

You can call them through the congressional switchboard at (202) 225-3121.

This is a BFD. Tell your friends. March in the streets. Occupy congressional offices. Do whatever is necessary to kill this bill.

Expect much more about the TPP in future Thunderbolts.


Systemic Problems 1

There are no shortage of problems that need time and energy to resolve. A lot of people spend a lot of time and energy fighting problems. However, the underlying problem usually goes far deeper than whatever individual problem someone is fighting. The underlying problem is not the TPP. The underlying problem is not the Republicans or the Democrats. The underlying problem is not any particular ideology. The underlying problem is not with the economy or with the tax structure. The underlying problem is not with any individual or even any particular group of individuals.

The underlying problem is the very system that all of these people operate in; the underlying problem is literally systemic. The people who do all this nasty stuff have simply adapted to their environment. They are playing the game by the rules as they are presented. They are adapting to what is there to adapt to.


Systemic Problems 2

Our ‘system’ lavishly rewards incredibly vile behaviour whilst severely punishing honourable behaviour. Our ‘system’ places profits over human life.

I have been pulling my hair out for years over these corporate sociopaths literally getting away with murder, for instance.

This week saw yet another case in point: The Obama administration just used their favourite non-lethal weapon against GM, i.e. a ‘deferred prosecution’. What this innocuous sounding name means is that GM just pled guilty to engaging in a criminal conspiracy that killed over 100 people. They knew they were killing people for several years and yet they just kept doing it.

That is the very definition of pre-meditated murder.

A ‘deferred prosecution’ means that the murderers get away scot-free. Rather than trials and prison terms for the murderers, a group of people who aren’t murderers (i.e. the shareholders) are instead assessed a token fine that represents a fraction of the money they made by mass-murdering people

No one goes to jail.

Shortly the GM ‘settlement’ was announced, a nutcase kid went onto a college campus in Roseburg, Oregon and killed nine people. His act precipitated blaring national headlines, condemnations from our president, calls for gun control and other useless measures, and all of the other exhibitions of outrage and angst that invariably accompany such events.

The people who commit these crimes are universally and unconditionally demonized and decried by all. They almost invariably receive either the death penalty or life without parole.

The largest mass-shooting to date inside the United States was when a 23-year-old student shot 32 people in Blacksburg, Virginia…

…yet GM can totally get away with killing over 100 people.

In addition, GM will be deducting this fine from their federal taxes…

…and no, that was not one of my jokes. Under the federal tax code, fines for corporate murderers are tax deductible.

And keep in mind that these 100+ deaths count only those that can be definitively proven to have been directly attributable to the defective ignition switches; it is estimated that the actual number of murders could run into the thousands.

However, all of these details are not the problem. The problem is that this GM settlement is being treated by the Media Machine — and thus by the general public — as ‘business as usual’.

When mass murder becomes ‘business as usual’ — you are in serious trouble.


Shifting Blame

When a drunk driver killed my mother, it never even occurred to me to blame the guy’s car — yet now we have yet another mass shooting and the Pavlovians are already out in force blaming the guns rather than the people.

According to Barack Obama, our problem is not a society that mass-produces murdering psychopaths, our problem is that our murdering psychopaths can get guns. (This is said in the context of the fact that Mr. Obama is himself the most prolific mass-murderer of children on the planet, by the way…)

Never mind that Russia has very strict gun control laws yet they still have a higher per-capita murder rate than we do. Never mind that almost every Swiss citizen not only has access to weapons but to military grade weapons — yet Switzerland has virtually no violent crime. Just ignore inconvenient facts because we can’t possibly acknowledge that our actual problem is the fact that we have a sick society because that would imply that the United States is maybe not so ‘exceptional’ after all.

The Pavlovian right-wing response is that more guns will make us safer.

Well — I must admit that I find myself wondering what would have happened if several of those students and/or teachers in Roseburg had had guns of their own…

Restricting or taking private guns is a necessary step for implementing a police state. I frankly would not be surprised to learn that many of these mass-shooters are graduates of some kind of government MK Ultra-type program who were set loose upon us to create the grounds wherein they can begin to implement serious gun control. Many of these shooters are quite young, and now that I think about it I don’t remember ever reading about how long the MK Ultra brainwashing process actually takes to complete — but the trademark characteristic of MK Ultra-style killers is that they have blank-eyed stares, they show no emotion as they kill, and they look “through you rather than at you”.

I wonder how many of these campus mass-shooters exhibit such characteristics?

Now that I further think about it, I don’t know if I have ever covered MK Ultra in the Thunderbolt before — and that is yet another nasty can of rotten worms that I don’t want to open right now, so here are a couple of sites that I just found with a quick Google search that seem fairly comprehensive:

The Wall Street War Machine Complex has seized control of our government, they have seized control of our press, they are currently seizing control of our schools, and they have almost completely marginalized organized labour.

This means that the private ownership of guns is one of the only threads that still stands between us and a complete and total police state.


Laboratory of Oppression

It is arguably human nature — but it is definitely American nature — to paint everything in terms of pure black or pure white. Something is either ‘good’ or it is ‘bad’. This is in spite of the fact that almost nothing and almost no one is purely good or purely bad. As far as the Zionists are concerned, for instance, the Holocaust was a necessary step to achieve their long-standing wish for a Jewish homeland; it almost certainly wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Therefore, disregarding everything else, from the point of view of establishing a ‘Jewish homeland’, even something as horrendously outrageous as the Holocaust was not a purely bad thing.

This especially applies to American ‘foreign aid’. Even putting aside that most American ‘foreign aid’ consist of guns bombs and various other weapons of mass destruction, and even putting aside the fact that American ‘foreign aid’ is used as a tool of political manipulation and exploitation — let’s give the benefit of the doubt (very briefly) and travel to imaginary fantasy world by pretending that American foreign aid actually does exist for the stated purpose of helping impoverished and developing countries with an eye toward stabilizing them and promoting peace…

…that façade is immediately stripped away by the fact that the two largest recipients of American taxpayer largesse are Israel and Egypt. Neither Israel nor Egypt is impoverished or developing. Therefore, this aid is obviously being provided for other than the stated purpose.

For a long time I have wondered about Israel and their undue influence over our own government. My research into the matter led to my discovery that for over 100 years now, one of the central tenets of the Zionist strategy for acquiring and then maintaining a ‘Jewish homeland’ has been to hitch their wagon to some major world power and then ride along with them whilst occasionally trying to turn their cart in the desired direction. They first allied with the Ottoman Turks and then switched to the German Kaiser. Then they went with the British before moving toward the French — and then they finally hooked up with the United States.

The deal in all of these cases was that the Zionists would support whatever hegemon they were kissing up to at the time in return for their support of a ‘Jewish homeland’. (I place that phrase in quotation marks because many Jews did not think that there should be a ‘Jewish homeland’ — but that is a can of worms for another time.)

This strategy is actually understandable considering Jewish history — but the manner in which the Zionists have conducted their business has now made them just as reprehensible as most of their oppressors ever were.

So as mentioned, for many years now I have been utterly baffled by the fact that the American government seems ever ready to support Israel even though Israel has become a brutal apartheid police state and even though Israel regularly commits heinous war crimes. Both of the major American political parties unquestioningly and without query support Israel’s interests even when those interests are counter to our own national interests.

In order to answer any such question, one must always first answer this question: Cui bono? Who benefits? What does Israel have to offer to the United States in return for our government’s unquestioned and massive financial and military support?

There are probably several reasons — but this week I would like to submit a theory that possibly you haven’t considered: I would propose that Israel has become an invaluable laboratory for tactics and strategies that are effective in domestically oppressing large numbers of people whilst yet maintaining the guise of a ‘democratic’ government.

Our world is full of brutal dictators. (Most of these brutal dictatorships are also supported with your tax dollars — but that’s yet another issue for yet another time…)

Brutal dictators usually do exactly what you would expect brutal dictators to do.

Israel, on the other hand, is accepted (at least by the American public) as a democracy. Maintaining this fiction is vital to Israeli security interests in order to keep that funding flowing in from both the United States government and the American Zionists.

A related factor: While the United States is the King of the Roost when it comes to arms sales, Israel is also a major arms exporter — and ‘military security’ is a $2½ trillion industry and that is a whole massive scary thing in and of itself — and it is also a very highly under-covered issue — but this week I want to focus upon a lesser known factor at play here in that nations are not really fighting that many wars with each other these days. The United States is almost certainly never going to go to war with Russia or China, for instance. Pretty much all of the ‘wars’ since World War II have consisted of western powers either indirectly oppressing Third World countries by financing and arming proxy civil wars from within and/or financing and arming proxy armies from without. In this new era of indirect warfare, the goal is usually not occupation or even to gain territory — these are wars of policing and pacification. They are meant to keep common people under the heel of the designated local western-influenced elites. Even when the Americans do overtly attack someone with their own military, their high-tech equipment, their nuclear missiles, and their naval bombardments are next to useless against foes such as ISIS.

Thus, ‘policing’ has become much more popular and overt militarism is actually on the wane. This is why the police have been becoming a lot more like soldiers while soldiers have been becoming a lot more like police; soldiers are no longer necessarily there just to win battles and the police are no longer necessarily there just to fight crime; the central role for both institutions has largely become oppressing poor people for the benefit of rich people. You can see it everywhere from Afghanistan to Ferguson.

I can guarantee you that the drones you see today flying over Yemen will be flying over Olympia sometime in the near future.

The American prison industrial complex is also part of this; when you have a proliferation of what Henry Kissinger referred to as ‘useless mouths’ (i.e. people that provide no profit to the capitalists) then you can transform them into useful mouths by charging the government $50,000 a year to keep them in prison.

This state of affairs has developed because over the last 100 years the United States has pioneered a new form of indirect imperialism, i.e. rather than occupying a country with a big expensive military force, the Americans simply bribe and/or threaten and/or coerce locals into doing their dirty work for them. Big massive militaries with their big massive infrastructures are mostly useless in this type of imperialism. This is more police state stuff rather than military occupation type stuff — and over the last 100 years, Israel has developed highly effective tactics of police state oppression as well as surveillance systems and security systems and myriad other tools for oppressing civilians — and I would suggest that a lot of Israel’s value to the western powers consists of the fact that they are now exporting all of these things to all of their allies. I would suggest that many of these tools and tactics are being used by the Pentagon in places like Afghanistan and that they are even being used here at home.

This idea first came into my head when I learned that Israeli agents were teaching American police forces how to oppress and suppress us during the Occupy Movement.

American cops needed help from the Israelis on how to suppress dissent? Really?

Indeed: One of many revelations that the Ferguson situation brought about was that there are Israeli security agents all over our country training American police forces in how to suppress dissent.

It turns out that Israel is not only the world’s leading expert on how to effectively suppress civilian populations — but they are also the pioneers in looking good whilst doing so. Israel is proving that not only can you be a brutal oppressor, but you can also be considered to be a ‘good guy’ while you do it!

And Israel has taken this worldwide: They are teaching nasty people all over the planet how to deal with their own Palestinians. I have discovered that it is not just the western hegemons that Israel serves; in spite of the fact that the whole Middle East thing is supposed to be a clash between Jews and Muslims, probably one of the closest partnerships on the entire planet right now is the one currently existing between Israel and Saudi Arabia (which — other than the Muslim/Jew thing — makes perfect sense since they are two of the most brutally oppressive countries on the planet).

It makes even less sense (at least on its face) that in addition to assisting the western powers and Saudi Arabia, there are also Israeli ‘trainers’ all over Africa and South America teaching various dictatorships in those regions on how to oppress their people. Even in the poorest and most destitute countries there are still cadres of elites who usually represent a combination of political, commercial, and military interests — and Israel is there for you if you need help in protecting those interests. Israeli ‘trainers’ are thus operating in many locales that may seem counter intuitive. Israel provided weapons and training to both sides before during and after the Rwandan Genocide, for instance. Israel is currently arming various factions in Sudan. In Columbia, Israel has been arming and training both the Columbian government forces and the FARC forces for many years. Israel assists the Kurds in Syria but helps Turkey to oppress the Kurds of Turkey.

Almost any elite factions anywhere in the world can generally call on Israel for help in oppressing their own people if they so wish.

So, one may ask: Why would Israel bother with helping corrupt Third World governments?

Here is a small but typical example of how Israeli involvement in the Third World helps both their own interests and those of their benefactors in the First World: Since it is obvious to everyone that Israel has absolutely no interest in making peace with the Palestinians and that they plan to just carry on with the ‘peace talks’ indefinitely without ever resolving anything, then last year the Palestinians brought a resolution to the UN that the General Assembly impose a timeline on Israel for these peace negotiations. They knew that if their resolution received enough votes to pass, the United States would veto it and — in a sense — that was what exactly what the Palestinians wanted to happen. I’m thinking that they wanted to demonstrate that it was actually American interests that were impeding peace in the Middle East.

However, they needed nine General Assembly votes to pass the resolution in order to force an American veto and they thought they had enough — but it turned out that they didn’t.

Nigeria is usually not only a rock-solid vote for Palestinian causes but could even be considered a leader in Africa as far as supporting the Palestinian cause — yet Nigeria surprised everyone by abstaining from this vote. As a result the resolution failed and the United States was not forced into the embarrassing situation of once again very publically thwarting peace in the Middle East.

Nigeria later explained that they abstained because Israel was the only country in the world that was providing them any significant aid at all in their battle against Boko Harum.

The situation between Israel and Palestine has become like a microcosm of what is happening all over the world. In the United States, the government has convinced the citizens that we can attack the Afghan people even though the vast majority of the population never even heard of 9-11, we can invade, destroy, and then steal the oil of Iraq, we can steal all the minerals in Africa, we can replace governments we don’t like with impunity, we can rape the entire planet — yet we are still the good guys.

One vital component to achieving this is to so demonize and dehumanize your ‘enemy’ that whatever you do to them is justified.

Israel has accomplished the same feat. They actually used white phosphorous weapons on civilians during their last orgy of mass-murder in Gaza — one of the most heinous weapons it is possible to kill someone with as white phosphorous burns to the bone once it gets on your skin and there is nothing that can be done — yet Israel regularly portrays itself as the ‘victim’ in this situation. Thus, Israel is actually even ahead of the United States on this curve and they are busy exporting their highly effective methods of oppression all over the planet as a means of currying favour with various players.

Israeli agents are literally in the United States teaching American police how to treat us like the Israelis treat the Palestinians.

A popular slogan amongst Palestinian rights activists is this: “We are all Palestinians”. They mean this in a metaphorical sense — but it might also be considered to be true in an almost literal sense.

In the process of stealing their ‘homeland’, Israel has become one of the most toxic and malignant forces on the planet other than the United States itself. Yes, there are many countries that engage in tactics that are even more horrific than anything the United States or Israel practices (at least anything that they do overtly). It is hard to imagine any Americans or any Israelis slowly lowering dissidents feet-first into vats full of boiling water like our American ‘ally’ over in Uzbekistan is reportedly so fond of doing — but for overall strategic nastiness, the US and Israel are the team from hell and they both need to be curbed if we ever want to live in peace on this planet.

Achieving ‘peace’ is not just an academic exercise or a pie-in-the-sky dream. Pretty soon, ‘peace’ is no longer going to be an optional choice; it will soon be the only choice other than extinction. ‘Warfare’ is already transforming from standing armies facing each other on smoking battlefields into low-intensity warfare on our own people in our own cities. Armies are being replaced by militarized police forces. The ‘enemy’ is being transformed from foreign soldiers into criminalized portions of our own urban poor. Dissent is being turned into ‘terrorism’.

When they finally bring in the cattle cars I will be near the front of the line. If it gets to that point I would rather miss that party anyway, so I frankly don’t give a shite.

I’d really rather it didn’t get to that point, though, so…

It’s time to get to work!




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of October 8th thru October 14th, 2015




1) FYI Section:

1A) HELP NEEDED: I-735 Falling Short; Need more Signatures and Signature Gatherers

The deadline approaches. Help get this very important initiative on the ballot.

This message came from Christi:

As a voter in the State of Washington, I enjoy the people-watching aspects of politics. I occasionally make a $25 campaign contribution to support a candidate who I like in some way and would like to see succeed. Unfortunately, since the U.S. Supreme Court decision called Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission in 2010, my occasional $25 campaign contribution is drowned out by the noise of significantly larger donations. Citizens United says that corporations and other legal entities have a First Amendment right to spend virtually limitless amounts of money from their treasuries on political campaigns and contributions to political super PACs, so long as they do not coordinate spending with a candidate. The decision rendered ineffective most of the existing campaign finance reform laws. Because of the dizzying array of exceptions that exist for funneling political money through super PACs, 501(c) and 527 political organizations, big corporations and unions could circumvent much of the remaining legislation.

The effect of Citizens United and other U.S. Supreme Court decisions is that the United States has become an oligarchy — a small group of people owning most or all of the candidates for elected offices. This means the oligarchy wins political power, without regard to which party or candidate is in power, because the oligarchy owns them all.

The only way I know to reverse this trend is through a constitutional amendment that requires a super majority — two-thirds in Congress and of three-fourths of the States. That’s why I support the statewide Initiative 735 to get big money out of elections. It is one step in the constitutional amendment process and wi ll tell our Washington state congressional delegation, including our two U.S. senators, that we want them to pass a constitutional amendment that says constitutional rights belong to individuals, not corporations. Furthermore, this constitutional amendment should make clear that spending unlimited, unregulated campaign money is not a First Amendment free-speech right. Therefore, our elected representatives can return to legislating meaningful campaign finance-reform laws that prevent undue influence and require immediate public disclosure. Initiative 735 is an initiative to the Washington State Legislature, and as such, gives our elected representatives a chance to pass it in the 2016 Washington State Legislative session. But if the legislature fails to approve this initiative, then I-735 automatically becomes “an initiative to the people” and will appear on the ballot in November of 2016. Passing this initiative will state in a public way that we want to overturn Citizens United via a constitutional amendment and allow us to join 16 other states that have already done so.

Christi Johnson is a volunteer I-735 signature gatherer.

For more information, go to the Washington Move to Amend website at or movetoamend .org/

Where You Can Sign in Olympia/Lacey

To sign the petition you must find a hard copy and sign it with a pen, the old-fashioned way. 
Fortunately this is easy. Find a business that supports democracy nearest you.

Eastside Store                                 Westside Store

3111 Pacific Ave SE                                     921 Rogers St NW
Olympia, WA 98501                                                Olympia, WA 98502
360.956.3870                                              360.754.7666

  • Mountain Home Bakery
“We Have Sweet Treats”
5823-M Lacey Blvd SE (next to the Lacey Post Office)
Lacey, WA 98503
M-F: 6AM – 6PM; Sat: 6AM – 3PM; Sun: Closed

Join WAmend’s I-735 20/20 to 200K October Challenge!

I-735 volunteers are making progress and WAmend now has over 160,000 signatures in the door. Because “slow and steady wins the race,” the campaign has a new fun way to get more people involved. With this strategy, the goal is to exceed 200K signatures by the end of the month!

Volunteers and supporters across the state are now challenged to COLLECT at least 20 signatures and/or DONATE at least $20 during the month of October.

All volunteers, whether new or old are encouraged to participate, as well as invite two or more friends and/or family to join the challenge to collect 20 signatures (or more) or donate $20 (or more) during the month of October.

Go to and hit the request petitions page to have petitions sent to you to get others to sign. Click the donate button to give your donation of $20 or more.



1B) Green Take on I-735

This message came from Janet:

I know you are all aware of “Corporate Personhood” (what a mouthful), where corporations are persons and have the protection of the Bill of Rights.  I’ve been aware since 2005, when Jacqui Brown-Miller held a Democracy School in Olympia and explained it to us.  She said people have all kinds of issues – whales, fracking, lunches for school kids – and they’re working hard, but none of their efforts will gain traction as long as this one issue hasn’t been resolved.   As long as corporations can donate to legislators, legislators will listen to them, not us.

And as far as I can tell, it’s completely true.  We are petitioning for stuff that legislators ought to do because it’s the public interest and it’s their job – but we have to struggle to get them to do every little thing.  A .1% tax on financial transactions?  How simple and how right.  But it’s not going to happen.  Use the tax advantage to keep manufacturing at home?  Not going to happen.  Pass the TPP?  Absolutely going to do it.  It goes on and on.

So when the Citizens United decision came around in 2010, I was fiercely glad.  Now, I thought, people will be so angry they’ll take action.

Well, people were angry, but there was no clear path until last year.  Now we have a strategy, as follows:  I-735 will politely ask our Congressional delegation to begin a constitutional amendment, or support one if it’s already started, to make it clear that corporations are not persons and that Congress has the right to regulate campaign donations.

That might sound sort of weak (why not just declare that in Washington State, corporations are not persons?)  But it gets its strength from the fact that it’s happening all over the country.  Sixteen states have already passed such a resolution and another 22 have one in the works.  We’ll be number 17.  That’s half-way to the number required for a Constitutional Convention.  A magic number!

We have to pass this initiative.  It’s foundational.  But as things stand, there aren’t enough volunteers and it won’t get done.

Please just get the 20 signatures to fill out your petition, and send it in.  Just do that much.

As you get signatures, you can test out different ways of framing the request, and see what feels right.  You might figure out something you can say in 3 seconds or less, which is how long you have to address someone as they come out of a grocery store.  Then you can go into high gear outside that store and get 20 signatures an hour.  You don’t have to do this but you might find that you can.

And if you do that several times a week, we’ll pass this thing.  It will pass because of us Greens.

Thanks for listening.


Janet Jordan



1C) Report from Candidates Forum

This message came from Lisa:

Subject: Wed. Night WOBA Candidates Forum

Hello All;

Several of us attended the WOBA    Candidates Forum  Wed.

night at the Doubletree Hotel in Downtown Olympia. There were around

60-70 people in the room at first. Most were in their 60-70’s,and looked

to be business people. After the City Council debate, with 4 candidates,

Shelby and Marco, and Bardin and Bateman, most of the crowd got up

and left (all friends of Shelby?).

So with around 30 people left we had the Port of Oly. debate.

It went as usual;   Words, words, words: but how will they pass rules and regulations regarding their agencies? How will they help to lead us into

the future? Look at who donates to their campaigns;

they will do the bidding of their “masters”, their constituents.

Look at the PDC reports, online.

Jerry Farmer read alot of his statements, he cannot bring

them to mind, unless he reads them (as did Bateman on the City

Council race).

Prof. Zita was open and straight forward with

her analytical approach; it was not politics as usual.

She cares about the environment, about local agriculture, and

about those processes those rules,  that support those issues.

She was great.  But I doubt that she will get alot of votes

from that crowd.

Joe D. and George B. had words that are similiar,

except that George spoke a lot about alternative energy,

and sustainability; Port of Oly. SEPA, solar panels,  and energy efficiency.

Joe D. talked about expanding the Port of Olympia international

marine   operations, that seems to be his main goal,

his main point (along with expansion of the air port in Tumwater, he said).

He kept saying that if he is elected, he will be around

in 2020 to keep his policies in place.

So look at the groups that support each of these candidates.

Who is behind each group?

A man who placed Michelle M. on the commission?

A man who supported Sue G. during her illness?

Or a man who is supported by Cladia K., an attorney

who represented big oil in Saude Arabia, a man

who is supported by the “Big developers”, the Master Builders Assoc.

Words mean nothing, actions mean a lot more.

This Nov. election will effect Budd Inlet, our jewel in the heart of

our jewel of a town; Olympia, our Thurston County.

We must look behind the empty words.

Thank you,

Lisa Riener



1D) October Book Reading: Global Slump: The Economics and Politics of Crisis and Resistance by David McNally

Book Discussion will be on November 7th

This message came from Matt:

We will be meeting at the Mixx96.1 conference room, near Cafe Vita, on Saturday November 7th from 1-3PM to discuss the book. Please let us know if this date and time conflicts with other community events so we can reschedule if necessary.

The actual address:

119 Washington St NE

Olympia, WA 98501

October’s featured book is “Global Slump: The Economics and Politics of Crisis and Resistance” by David McNally. For each book we will host a discussion of the reading and collaboratively decide what to do with our new insights: plan direct actions, give presentations, conduct local group research, or something else. The success of these reading groups depends upon active participation, so please come having read the book (or simply as much as you can) and ready to share comments, ideas, and questions!

If you can’t afford the book, we have you covered. Just message us with your name, primary email, and phone number and we will get you the reading.

PM Press’s book overview:

“Global Slump analyzes the global financial meltdown as the first systemic crisis of the neoliberal stage of capitalism. It argues that – far from having ended – the crisis has ushered in a whole period of worldwide economic and political turbulence. In developing an account of the crisis as rooted in fundamental features of capitalism, Global Slump challenges the view that its source lies in financial deregulation.

The book locates the recent meltdown in the intense economic restructuring that marked the recessions of the mid-1970s and early 1980s. Through this lens, it highlights the emergence of new patterns of world inequality and new centers of accumulation, particularly in East Asia, and the profound economic instabilities these produced. Global Slump offers an original account of the “financialization” of the world economy during this period, and explores the intricate connections between international financial markets and new forms of debt and dispossession, particularly in the Global South.

Analyzing the massive intervention of the world’s central banks to stave off another Great Depression, Global Slump shows that, while averting a complete meltdown, this intervention also laid the basis for recurring crises for poor and working class people: job loss, increased poverty and inequality, and deep cuts to social programs. The book takes a global view of these processes, exposing the damage inflicted on countries in the Global South, as well as the intensification of racism and attacks on migrant workers. At the same time, Global Slump also traces new patterns of social and political resistance – from housing activism and education struggles, to mass strikes and protests in Martinique, Guadeloupe, France and Puerto Rico – as indicators of the potential for building anti-capitalist opposition to the damage that neoliberal capitalism is inflicting on the lives of millions.”

Mcnally’s website with links to video and audio interviews covering “Global Slump” and other writings.



2) Voters’ Forum on Climate Change and Clean Energy

Thursday October 8th at 7 pm @ Olympia School District’s Board Room, Knox Building, 1113 Legion Way SE

This message came from TC Pro Net:

Voters’ Forum on Climate Change and Clean Energy
Date: Thursday, October 8, 2015
Time: 7:00PM – 8:30PM
Short Description: On October 8, Thurston Climate Action Team will hold a

forum on how clean energy and climate change figure into

local elections in Thurston County.

Location: Olympia School District’s Board Room, Knox Building

1113 Legion Way SE

Olympia, WA 98501-1652

Contact Information:

Interested in local candidates’ positions on clean energy?  Want to know how your vote and voice can help address climate change?  On October 8, Thurston Climate Action Team will hold a forum on how clean energy and climate change figure into local elections in Thurston County.  Co-sponsored by the South Sound Sierra Club and the League of Women Voters of Thurston County, the forum will focus on how to communicate community concerns about climate change and clean energy effectively with candidates and elected officials.

The meeting is open to the public.   Panelists will include:

  • Anna Fahey, Senior Communications Strategist with Sightline Institute of Seattle. Anna researches, synthesizes and distills best practices in messaging for regional leaders. Anna’s talking points memos (Flashcards), messaging workshops, and blog posts tackle tricky topics, like climate change and the role of government. Anna has a BA from Smith College and an MA in political communication from the University of Washington.  She will discuss the most effective ways of communicating about climate change and clean energy with candidates and elected officials.
  • Tom Crawford, board vice chair for TCAT who led a recent survey of Thurston County residents on clean energy and climate change.  He is also working on development of a county-wide clean energy program.  Tom will discuss the program, and conversations about it so far with local elected officials.
  • A representative of the League of Women Voters of Thurston County will summarize candidates’ positions on clean energy.  This will be based on responses to a question on local clean energy programs asked in their candidates’ forum this fall.

There will also be opportunity for participants to connect with others and with local activities that address climate change and promote clean energy.



3) To Change Everything: The Promise of Anarchism

Saturday October 10th at 4 pm @ the Evergreen State College Library, Room LIB 1001, 2700 Evergreen Pkwy NW

Come learn about the most misunderstood political ideology on the block.

This message came from Mike:

Climate change, economic crisis, unrest from Baltimore to Brazil: the prevailing order is unsustainable in every way. Today even the most entrenched authorities admit that it is necessary to change everything. But all the solutions they offer rely on the same structures that produced this mess in the first place. How do we change everything?

This panel brings together organizers from Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the US to discuss what anarchist ideas and strategies have to offer in the 21st century. Comparing experiences in the social movements and uprisings of the past decade, they will explore questions about reform, democracy, and self-determination.

Evergreen Library Building Room LIB 1001



4) Free Skool Planning Sessions

Monday October 12th and Every Monday from 3 to 5 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE

The Free Skool is back! Yippee!

This message came from Nora:

Hey all,

I will be hosting the library, forming working groups, and serving tea at Media Island every Monday from 3 – 5pm.  Come by to see what’s up!

I need some help to create the Free Skool Calendar, if you want to help but can’t make it at this time, let me know.  I would love to set up some group or one-on-one meetings with folks who want to help the free skool flower this summer.


Nora Mahto-Knutson

360-359-1904 (texts only at the moment)



5) Indigenous People’s Day Olympia

Monday October 12th from 4 to 8 pm @ Sylvester Park, 620 Capitol Way S

This is an alternative to celebrating lost European land developers.

This message came from Laura:


On August 17th, Mayor Pro Tem Nathaniel Jones presented the City’s proclamation to a crowd of supporters at a rally at Heritage Park.  Read the text of the proclamation below.

Please send Mayor Buxbaum and the City Council an email thanking them for taking this important step! You can email them at More contact information for the City Council is here.

Stay tuned for information on festivities to celebrate Olympia’s first Indigenous Peoples’ Day this October!



6) Oly Town Hall on Policing

Wednesday October 14th at 7 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW

This message came from Bruce:

Join other citizens in working towards a more accountable police department. No outside experts on board — You will be the experts. Bring your ideas and your energy. Every idea will go up on the board for everyone to consider. We’ll end with an action plan and a work force to see it through. Realize there may be a lot of outpouring of emotions. This is common when people have not had an opportunity to share their feelings.

This Town Hall will be structured to get at what we, as a community, feel is important in how the OPD operates. We will be looking for what’s working well, what needs to be included in hiring, training, implementation. What’s not working well or needs improving. And what is happening that needs to stop immediately.

Some history of the OPD will be presented along with feedback on community monitoring over the past 20 years.

Members of the police department, city council members, city staff have been invited to participate as citizens, but not in their roles as officials. Of course they will be able to give their perspectives, given their roles in the community, but they will not be allowed to claim authority or expertise.

Members of several community groups have been invited, including, but not limited to:

• Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)
• Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR)
• Media Island
• Justice Not Jails Coalition
• Interfaith Works
• Addressing Racism
• Ad Hoc committee on policing
• Citizens Review Board
• Cop Watch

Stand Up! Speak Out! Make Your Voices Be Heard! Action Begins Now!



7) Olympia Candidate Forum for Mayor and City Council

Wednesday October 14th at 7:30 pm @ the Timberland Library, 313 8th Ave SE

This is just what it sounds like. This message came from Allison:

Wed, October 14th @ 7:30 pm:  Hear candidates for Mayor and City Council (Position #1) discuss the issues. Ask questions of the candidates with a facilitated Q&A.

All Timberland Library programs are free and open to the public. These events occur after library open hours and no other library services will be available.

Thanks you,

Allison Mackey

Adult Services Librarian

Olympia Timberland Library

313 8th Ave SE, Olympia WA

(360) 352-0595



8) Justice Not Jails Monthly Meeting

Thursday October 15th at 7 pm @ Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 2315 Division St NW

This is a monthly meeting for prison reform. This message came through Olympia FOR:

Thurs Oct 15:  Justice Not Jails:  More and more people in Olympia are working together to reform various aspects of our criminal “justice” system in humane ways.  Our local “Justice Not Jails” groups meets at 7:00 pm the third Thursday evening of each month at the Olympia Unitarian-Universalist Congregation, 2315 Division St NW, Olympia.  Confirm tonight’s meeting and get info: Steve Tilley



9) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Kill the TPP!




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