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1) FYI: West Central Park Update

2) Move to Amend Monthly Meeting: Get Big Money out of Politics

3) Olympia City Council Candidates Forum

4) Rally in Support of the Olympia Food CoOp & It’s Boycott of Israeli Goods

5) Arts Walk Fun with POWER

6) The Bridge at Arts Walk

7) Dana Lyons CD Release Concert

8) Veterans for Peace Monthly Meeting

9) Film Screening: 3½ Minutes, 10 Bullets

10) Bonus Tip of the Day


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True Confessions of an Evangelical Motherfucker!



NOTE: A few years ago several people got upset with me the first time I included personal anecdotes in a political context here in the Thunderbolt. A couple of people even unsubscribed over the issue. They felt personal information had no place in a political newsletter and they had very good arguments for why I shouldn’t do that.


However, while I respected their arguments, said arguments I feel apply only to journalism. While I do occasionally commit journalism here in the Thunderbolt, that is not the central focus and I personally consider the personal and the political not only to be one and the same, but I consider getting the personal down as a vital first step to dealing with the political and so I respectfully rejected their criticism.


However, I did agree to warn readers in future instances when I was about to mix the two and I am not only going to reveal personal information this week, but I am going to reveal personal information about sex so let’s just say that you now stand warned.

In a way, this week’s Thunderbolt is a belated response to those previous exchanges…

The True Confessions of an Evangelical Motherfucker

Hey Kids!

As my vast legions of loyal fans know, I rarely use profanity in the Thunderbolt. I have reasons for doing that — but this week I have reasons for not doing that, and so — never being one for half-measures — I have not only included profanity this week but I have taken it beyond all reasonable good taste. (I do have a reputation to maintain, after all!)

The thing about words is that in and of themselves they are completely harmless. The only power they have is the power we choose to give them — which leads to the ironic paradigm wherein the people who choose to be shocked and offended by certain words are also the people who guarantee that particular word’s continued popularity. I am convinced that a good strategy for countering what are considered to be ‘offensive’ words is rather than getting all upset — which is often exactly the response that the utterer of the word is seeking — I think it is more effective to simply ignore them and/or make jokes about them and laugh at them.

Another tactic is to appropriate the word yourself and make it mean something else — a tactic that I am going to deploy this very week in the Thunderbolt, in fact!

Anyway, my vast legions of loyal fans also know (and yes, I mean all three of you) that I always try to get to the heart and core of the issues here in the Thunderbolt. I consider ‘profanity’ and the environment and global warming and government corruption and civil rights and even the truly big issues of war and peace and Justin Bieber — while these are all very important in and of themselves (except for ‘profanity’, anyway) I personally consider all of these issues to be merely symptoms of a deeper issue — that issue being the very nature of humanity itself.

(Justin Bieber may or may not be human, so he may or may not be relevant to this discussion.)

While the Rule of Tooth and Claw has served us quite well over the millennia, my theory is that we humans are ultimately here to transcend that rather savage and uncouth reality and move beyond it because we don’t need it anymore. I think it significant that we have come to dominate the planet in spite of the fact that our actual teeth and our actual claws (as opposed to our metaphorical and/or extended teeth and claws) are pound for pound amongst the wimpiest on the planet — meaning we didn’t get where we are because of our teeth or our claws.

Not only do I think that we are here to transcend the Rule of Tooth and Claw but I am convinced that the attitude and the reality that Tooth and Claw represents now itself represents a major threat to our very survival as a species.

While I do spend a lot of time delineating and bemoaning the symptoms, I do this because delineating and bemoaning the devastation wrought by the resultant symptoms is often very useful in explaining why the heart and core of the issue — human nature — is so vital.

In that spirit, this week the Thunderbolt is going to argue that one vital strategy to saving the world is to elevate the status of mothers — and I am going to argue that one important and even vital tactic to achieving the strategic end of elevating the status of mothers is to simultaneously elevate the status of motherfuckers!

I guess that requires an explanation — but first let us delineate the overall problem…

It is considered perfectly acceptable by most Americans to allow their small children to watch people killing each other on the television machine or at the movies but it is strictly forbidden for them to watch people making love.

Apply logical thought to that paradigm for one second. (It actually shouldn’t even take you that long to figure out that even making the attempt to apply ‘logic’ to that particular paradigm is oxymoronic — but then, logic has little to do with much of anything in our insulated little American Bubble World these days, so that’s par for the course…)

Now: Combine that paradigm with the fact that the word “fuck” is widely considered to be the most profane word in our language — and that the one and only way to make the big bad “f” word even more profane is to attach the word “mother” to it — and I feel that these two facts perfectly encapsulate the heart and core of many of our most important social and political problems — human nature.

To “fuck” someone usually refers to having sex with them — with the implied understanding that what you are doing to them is a very bad thing.

I have spent the majority of my adult life as a wandering adventurer exploring the highways byways and college towns of North America seeking out wondrous things to do and wondrous people to meet — and I found an overabundance of both. My experience has been that every second of every minute of our entire lives from birth to death we are constantly surrounded by wondrous things and wondrous people that are just sitting there waiting for us to find them.

Yet of all the wondrous mind-blowing things I have seen and done and experienced, I have found making love with women in general and mothers in particular to be the most magical mystical wondrous merging of mind-body-spirit that it is possible to attain with another human being and making love with a magic woman is by far my #1 tip-toppest most favouritest thing to do that I have ever done.

I consider “fucking” to be as close to a holy act as two humans can share with each other.

Now: I spent several very confused years as a teenager before I figured out that sex means something very different to many if not most other people. I am convinced that it is impossible to be a fully-fledged human if you are incapable of a healthy attitude toward sex. My theory is that your attitude toward sex is usually indicative of your overall attitude toward your fellow humans in general — whether fearful or hateful or controlling or loving or caring — and I am also convinced that all of this is true even if you are not actually experiencing regular sex at any given time. The sex itself is important, but the attitude is the really important thing in this context. (i.e. the context of saving the world and fulfilling our destiny of supplanting the Rule of Tooth and Claw.)

I feel the fact that sex has become such a twisted ugly and uncomfortable thing to so may people helps to illuminate the heart and core of many of our most important social and political issues.

Why is accusing someone of fucking mothers considered to be one of the worst insults we can deliver?

What does that fact say about our culture?

Anyway, as long time readers know I came out of the closet several years ago as not only an unrepentant motherfucker but indeed, I am a proud motherfucker!


Anyway, in order to begin building the foundation for my argument, let us first consider women in general…

A sub-factor to my being an evangelical motherfucker is that I am also an evangelical sexist in that I feel women are far superior to men in just about every way that really counts. I could go on and on about how they are kinder and gentler and more compassionate and wiser and emotionally stronger — but the bottom line as far as motherfuckers helping to save the world is the fact that women can create new life and men cannot — often, the only requirement is that they are fucked at a strategic time.

That, of course, represents the truly important underlying factor to being a motherfucker — but that is far from the only contribution that motherfuckers make to the saving of our world!

Anyway, speaking of creating new life — and in order to further build the foundation for my argument — let us next consider mothers in particular…

When I consider mothers in particular, I consider the weight of the responsibility. I consider the depth of the commitment. I consider the length of time that both of those two things last. I consider the fact that by the time mothers have finally figured out what is going on then everything has changed. I consider the insane variety of skills that are required. (Everything from doctor to laundress to psychiatrist to engineer to culinary expert to economist to diplomat and so on and so forth…) I consider the insane working hours that the job requires. I consider the total drain on mind body and spirit the job extracts. I consider the almost complete lack of respect the job receives. I consider the almost complete lack of financial remuneration the job receives.

All of this is in spite of the fact that mothers have what I consider to be the most important job in the world. I am convinced that raising an enlightened and motivated child is the most revolutionary act that it is possible to commit. I am convinced that raising a child that knows right from wrong and whose instinctive inclination is to do the right thing and not do the wrong thing is probably the only thing that can save our world.

Mothers get the highest possible props from me, anyway — even if not from much of anyone else — and that is especially true when they are obviously doing a good job of it.

Next, I wish to strengthen the foundation that I have built, so let us now consider human brains…

Nothing happens in a vacuum and that is especially true of humans and their vaunted brains.

Human brains are vaunted for very good reason: The human brain is by far the most complex organism in the known universe. There are hundreds of trillions of possible connections and how those connections connect is what makes you into the person that you are.

A human brain is not only capable of writing a symphony, but a human brain wrote Beethoven’s frigging 9th frigging Symphony even though the possessor of that brain was stone deaf at the time.

While humans continue to grow, learn, and evolve throughout their lives, a lot of very important stuff gets hardwired into our brains when we are young children and rewiring those circuits after adulthood can be problematic if not impossible. If that hardwiring is problematic then that human is likely to become problematic. A lot is already there at birth — but the fact is that mothers are usually more responsible than any other single human for installing the majority of that wiring in any given human. (There are always lots of exceptions to every rule and I always silently acknowledge that fact even if I don’t always mention it in print.)

Even before you are born, if mom is sending you a lot of stress hormones, then you know it’s time to grow a big amygdala so you can be ready to start kicking some serious ass right out of the gate. If mom is all Zen and peaceful, then you know you can skimp on the amygdala and develop some musical skills, or perhaps you’ll be a math prodigy. (The possibilities with all those hundreds of trillions of connections available are virtually infinite.)

Anyway, after birth most people gain most of whatever morals and ethics they might possess from their mothers. They develop most of their instinctive reactions to many stimuli from their mothers. Both girls and boys — but especially boys — acquire a great deal of their attitudes toward sex and the opposite sex from their mothers.

Therefore, since my theory is that one of the base core foundational problems with our society stems from the fact that so many people have no morals or ethics and that so many have a sick view of sex meaning they have a sick view of human relations overall and since both their conscious and their instinctive reactions to many stimuli consist of screwing other people for their own benefit — considering all of this, then the evidence would indicate that many mothers are failing at their job.

It would be easy to condemn and castigate such mothers — but mothers don’t happen in a vacuum either and I suspect that most of those mothers got messed up by their fathers — so whatever.

In conclusion, if my theories about mothers have any validity, then this means anything that helps mothers to do their jobs is very important and I am convinced that many of these mothers are not being properly fucked.

(I did warn you that I am a sexist pig, right?)

Now: When I refer to being “properly fucked” I don’t mean the metaphorical equivalent of scratching an itch that sex represents to so many. I don’t mean that she needs to be ‘put in her proper place’. I don’t mean that a penis is the key to her happiness. I don’t mean that she needs to be dominated or subdued.

Mothers do require a plethora of various things — such as overall respect and financial remuneration and flowers and so forth — but the fact is that sometimes a cigar is much more than just a cigar (as a recent ex-president of the United States can attest) and attitudes toward sex mean much more than just sex. I am convinced that attitudes toward sex are emblematic of our overall attitudes toward our fellow humans overall. I suspect that someone who views sex as a part of some sort of domination strategy also views their fellow humans overall in a predatory manner.

When I refer to being “properly fucked” I am referring to the holistic and loving version of that act that fulfills strengthens and uplifts. I am convinced that the job of motherhood is much easier and more fulfilling if mothers are regularly subjected to the passionate and loving attention and the emotional release that a good holistic fucking can bring. In addition to providing an awesome emotional and spiritual release it can also help lower their stress levels and it can significantly alter their mood and even their overall worldview.

Therefore, next to motherhood itself, I think that motherfuckers possibly represent one of the most important revolutionary demographics that we have!

So it’s time to get to work now — but first — hug a motherfucker today!




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of October 1st thru October 7th, 2015




1) FYI: West Central Park Update

This came from Alicia:

Hopefully you have been able to get some quality shopping done this season with the Tuesday West Oly Farm Market that has called the WCP its new home this year. The market offers 15 regular farm stands including breads, vegggies, herbs, seafood, raw drinks soaps, and much more!  Every second Tuesday the market has hosted a crafters edition with many more handicrafts and art pieces for sale. LIve music to feast your ears has also been a regular occurrence at The West Oly Farm Market. The market season is coming to a close the second week in October so make a point of being there each remaining Tuesday and showing your support for these local heroes.

Mark your calendars for October 17th for the second annual Harvest Fest at West Central Park. There will be lots of workshops and speakers, all about gardening, composting, fermenting, growing mushrooms, bee keeping and more!  There will be a cider press on site so BRING YOUR ORGANIC APPLES!!  We will be mashing up a delicious cider for all to share. There will be a veggie swap table for all to share and add to and so much more, don’t miss out. Harvest Fest, Saturday, October 17th, from 12-4.

And remember, this Park is a public charity, 501c3 and needs your help. Whether you come out to a work party or send five dollars in the mail, your efforts make all the difference to keeping this community oasis alive. Work Parties are every Sunday March-November, from 10-2, and every Sunday November -February, 11-1. Donations can be mailed to:

West Central Park, 2103 Harrison Ave, PMB 2835, Olympia, WA  98502.

See you around the Park!



2) Move to Amend Monthly Meeting: Get Big Money out of Politics

Thursday October 1st at 7 pm @ Thurston County Courthouse, 2000 Lakeridge Dr Room 280

Thurs Oct 1:  Get big money out of politics!  Local organizing meeting tonight:  Olympia’s Move to Amend group invites everyone to join them for a monthly meeting (first Thursday of each month) at 7:00 pmin Room 280 of Bldg 1 at the Thurston County Courthouse.  Info:  Michael Savoca at or Jennifer Sprague 866-8906



3) Olympia City Council Candidates Forum

Thursday October 1st at 7 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW

Come meet the people who want to ‘lead’ our city.

This message came from Janet:

Hear the candidates for City Council give their views on the important land-use questions the winners will have to decide over the coming year. Q and A, refreshments.



4) Rally in Support of the Olympia Food CoOp & It’s Boycott of Israeli Goods

Friday October 2nd at 8 am @ Thurston County Courthouse, 2000 Lakeridge Dr SW

You thought this was over? The Zionists never sleep.

This message came from the Rachel Corrie Foundation:


Friday, October 2nd – 8:00 AM

Four years after the filing of a lawsuit against them, sixteen current and former members of the Olympia Food Co-op’s board of directors will again find themselves in a courtroom over their decision to boycott Israeli products. The lawsuit is intended to intimidate the co-op into overturning its 2010 decision to boycott Israeli products until the country secures equal rights for Palestinians.

The next hearing in this lawsuit is fast approaching! Supporters of the co-op have called for a show of community solidarity on October 2, 2015 at the Thurston County Superior Court (2000 Lakeridge Drive SW). A rally with provided signs will begin outside of the courthouse at 8:00 AM.

Please plan to arrive by 8:30 AM at the latest in order to secure your place in the courtroom. This lawsuit has been financed to the tune of over $400,000 by international Israel advocacy organization Stand With Us and was originally conceptualized with help from former Israeli Consul General Akiva Tor. We need to defend these courageous board members and our beloved local co-op through continued community grassroots power! The defendants in this case have endured more than four years of legal intimidation and they need our support more than ever.

For more information, please contact or call (360) 754-3998.

We will see you at the courthouse!



5) Arts Walk Fun with POWER

Friday October 2nd from 5 to 10 pm @ POWER Office, 309 5th Ave SE

This came from Monica:

Please join us at Olympia Arts Walk on Friday, Oct. 2nd and Saturday, Oct. 3rd for another Sock Monkey for Social Justice Exhibit in the POWER office.

On Friday, Oct. 2nd we’ll also be part of an outdoor craft market in the Rainy Day, POWER, Primevil Ink, and Little General parking lot from 5 – 10.  We’ll have beer, food and Yodelady will play from 6 – 8!


Parents Organizing For Welfare and Economic Rights

309 5th Avenue SE, Olympia, WA  98501

360-352-9716 toll free 866-343-9716

Find us on Facebook.

POWER is an organization of low-income parents and allies advocating for a strong social safety net while working toward a world where children and care giving are truly valued, and the devastation of poverty has been eradicated.



6) The Bridge at Arts Walk

Friday October 2nd at 6:30 pm @ The Artesian Well, Jefferson and 5th Ave

This is the community gathering to play and share.

This message came from Renata:

The Bridge is hitting Arts Walk featuring youth performers, DJs and a ton community orginizations sharing information.


DJ Pasquan

Shady B

Gabriel Ybarra

Emmey Bird& Just-In

A Bboy Cypher featuring

  1. B Boy aka Hero Miguel Renteria
  2. Tahvenh Bounking

3.Miss freeze Jenny Johnston

4.Tristan aka JH

  1. freeman escobar aka bboy manefes

Information from:

Community Youth Services

KOWA Community Radio

Gateways for Incarcerated Youth

Programs, Partners and Events Action Team

& Partners in Prevention Education



7) Dana Lyons CD Release Concert

Friday October 2nd at 7 pm @ Unity of Olympia, 1335 Fern St SW

Besides having an awesome name, Dana Lyons is an awesome political songster.

This message came from Oly FOR:

Singer-Songwriter / Environmental Activist Dana Lyons’ “Great Salish Sea” CD Release Concert starts at 7:00 pm, at Unity of Olympia, 1335 Fern St SW, Olympia.  It’s free, but donations will be accepted for a non-profit org.  Info:  (360) 943-5757 or



8) Veterans for Peace Monthly Meeting

Sunday October 4th at 2 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE

This message came from Veterans for Peace:

Veterans for Peace (Olympia’s chapter 109) invites veterans and others to their monthly meeting at 2:00 pm at Media Island International, 816 Adams SE (across the street west of the Olympia Timberland Library).  Info:  Dennis Mills 867-1487  and



9) Film Screening: 3½ Minutes, 10 Bullets

Opens Sunday October 4th at 2:30 pm @ Capitol Theater, 206 5th Ave SE

This message is from the Olympia Film Society:


On Black Friday, 2012, two cars parked next to each other at a Florida gas station. A white middle-aged male and a black teenager exchanged angry words over the volume of the music in the boy’s car. A gun entered the exchange, and one of them was left dead. Michael Dunn fired 10 bullets at a car full of unarmed teenagers and then fled. Three of those bullets hit 17-year-old Jordan Davis, who died at the scene. Arrested the next day, Dunn claimed he shot in self-defense. Thus began the long journey of unraveling the truth. 3 ½ Minutes, Ten Bullets follows that journey, reconstructing the night of the murder and revealing how hidden racial prejudice can result in tragedy.

Dir: Marc Silver / 2015 / US / 98 min / DCP

Other Screenings:

SUN 10/4 2:30 & 7:30, WED 10/7 6:30, THU 10/8 6:30 & 9:00
Tickets for this film screening can be purchased at the box office 1/2 hour before showtime.



10) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Make a mother’s life easier today.




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