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1A) Update from Save the LBA Woods

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1E) Update on Citizens United

1F) Update on Initiative 735

2) Studying Medicine in Cuba: A Seven Year Journey

3) Fast for our Children

4) Justice for Andre and Bryson: Responding to the Report

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Welcome to

Bubble World!



Welcome to the Thunderbolt!

Hey Kids!

The Love Our Local festival last Sunday was wonderifically fantabulous and lots of people there wanted to help with the revolution! Yippee!

This week we not only welcome almost 20 new members to the Thunderbolt family — but they also love our local! Yippee!

In my experience, when it comes to dealing with the world then you can either laugh about it or cry about it — and in my experience, laughing not only feels much better but it also tends to make you more popular. I have also found humour to serve as both an effective activist tactic and as a cathartic personal coping device and so the overall philosophy embodied by the Thunderbolt is this:

I joke — therefore I am!

And an FYI: If you like the email version of the Thunderbolt then I suspect you’ll love the radio show! The Thunderbolt airs every Friday at 8 am and 7 pm and every Saturday at noon. If you are in the downtown area you can dial us in at 106.5 fm, or you can stream us 24-7 at


Welcome to Bubble World!

The central philosophy behind my activism is that most people are good people who are guilty of nothing more than believing what they see on the Media Machine and that if even a relatively small minourity of them figured out what was really going on then they would rise up in outrage and put a stop to it.

Right after World War I the Machine spent serious money on scientific studies on how to manipulate public perception and they have been spending serious money ever since implementing the best practices that their studies revealed. This has resulted in the population of the United States being wrapped firmly within a bubble that has absolutely nothing to do with facts or reality or sanity.

I call this ‘The Great American Bubble Machine’.

The Great Bubble Machine has convinced most Americans that it is honourable to sit in an air conditioned bunker in Nevada while you mass murder women and children 8,000 miles away with a drone but that it is ‘cowardly’ to voluntarily give your life on a certain death suicide mission to fly an airplane into a building.

The Great Bubble Machine has convinced most Americans that making rich people richer is good for everyone even though history has proven over and over again that always invariably without fail 100% of the time that making rich people richer not only helps absolutely no one but rich people but it always invariably without fail 100% of the time proves utterly disastrous — often fatally so — for everyone who is not a rich person.

The Great Bubble Machine has convinced most Americans that it is perfectly acceptable for one man to own a measurable portion of the whole frigging planet while a mentally ill person is left to live on the street and die in an alley.

Until recently the Great Bubble Machine had managed to convince most Americans that smoking a harmless medicinal herb was a dangerous enough activity to warrant locking people up for decades over it while it was perfectly acceptable to consume a drug that is thoroughly deadly, highly addictive, destroys lives, wrecks families, is the leading cause of violence in our culture, is responsible for a mass-slaughter on our highways every year, and is directly responsible for tens of thousands of deaths per year.

I think we’d be much better off if we could live in a reality-based world.


Should We Suck or Should We Suck More?

In the news, the Obomber has painted us into a corner: Basically, either we sign this deal with Iran or we will almost certainly go to war with Iran.

The deal sucks but not doing the deal sucks much more.

The stated reason for turning down the deal is that Iran can’t be trusted.

Iran has not sent their troops into a foreign country for over 200 years.

The United States, on the other hand…



Black Lives Matter. Really.

I understand a lot of the liberals got all huffy over Black Lives Matter activists interrupting a speech that Bernie Sanders tried to deliver in Seattle recently.

I wasn’t privy to the Black Lives Matter strategy meetings — but I’m thinking that they were thinking that they should demonstrate the fact that the policies of even the furthest left of left leftist of all the viable presidential candidates were still wholly inadequate.

The racism — along with the oppression and the misogyny and the patriarchy — is bedrock stuff. All of these lesions on our body politic were spawned from the same tumor and it is that tumor that we need to eliminate.

Once that is done everything else will fix itself.

(Hint: It starts with the kids…)


Political Correctness

Just last week I pointed out that the much ballyhooed ‘economic recovery’ was complete crap and that our economy is not going to recover because the banksters have sucked us dry and there’s not much left for them to steal.

Five days later (Monday, August 24th) the stock market crashed. While there have been larger drops in the past percentage-wise, this was the largest volume crash in Wall Street history.

Like I say, always being right would be much more satisfying if the stuff I am always right about didn’t always suck so much.


Presidential Critics

I do not actually go find the facts that I report in the Thunderbolt. Over the decades I have figured out who knows what they are talking about and I depend upon their facts and views on those facts. One of the people that I depend on is named Webster Tarpley. Mr. Tarpley is one of those most precious of gems, i.e. a man who joined the military to defend his country but then turned on the military when he figured out that the military itself posed one of the most serious threats to his country extant. He is an ex-general and has been very effectively exposing high-level criminality and perfidy for several years now.

The reason I mention this is because I just heard Mr. Tarpley suggest that while Barack Obama is indeed a sold-out piece of shite, the government is actually run by people much worse than Mr. Obama and that if anything Mr. Obama acts as a check on Machine overreach and that thus, criticizing Obama can be counterproductive.

I have known very well for a very long time that the president of the United States is an almost purely reactionary position and that the president does his/her reacting whilst wearing a straightjacket and handcuffs. More often than not, when I trash Obama I am using him as a symbol and as the most recognizable face of the Machine rather than attacking him personally — though he is personally a total piece of crap too, so that is not always true — but Obama operates within a very confined space and ultimately he is nothing more than another symptom rather than the disease itself.

Make no mistake, I utterly loathe Barack Obama on a visceral level and with every fiber of my being. He is, after all, the opposite of Mr. Tarpley, i.e. an ex-activist turned traitor. He used our movement to make himself famous then he sold us down the river. Goldman $achs installed Obama in the White House in order to shut the left up about fascism and about the War Machine and Obama succeeded spectacularly at that task. He has managed to get away with a whole bunch of truly nasty stuff that Bush could never have dreamed of achieving because according to the left, Saint Obama can do no wrong. We had a massive and vibrant anti-war movement going under Bush. That movement died the day Obama took office. The only reason that we still have any local activism on this issue at all is due solely to the efforts of the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation — and I’ve never asked Glen about it, but I’m going to guess that FOR experienced a massive reduction in participation at their actions after Obama took office. (Glen?)

Obama hired the very same people who helped Wall Street to loot our country to subsequently run his administration, i.e. Robert Rubin, Lawrence Summers, Timothy Geithner, et al. From the instant he took office to the present he has continued to use our government to assist this criminal gang to suck our country dry, and in fact EVERY SINGLE ECONOMIC POLICY OBAMA HAS CHAMPIONED — INCLUDING HIS HEALTH CARE BILL — WORKED TO THE VERY GREAT BENEFIT OF WALL STREET IN GENERAL AND HIS #1 FINANCIAL BACKER GOLDMAN $ACHS IN PARTICULAR.

Obama has now made fascism bi-partisan. When Bush was doing his thing everyone blamed the Republicans — but now that Obama is not only doing all the same things but doubling down on most of them, all of the people who were screaming so vociferously about Bush have given Obama a free pass to do exactly the same things.

Obama has personally ordered the murder of thousands of innocent civilians at least two American citizens without a trial yet our president was not even impeached much less sent to prison.

In spite of all that, though, concerning Mr. Tarpley’s observation that Obama is actually relatively benign compared to some others — I’ll concede that point.

That says something profoundly disturbing in and of itself, though.


Guatemalan Payback

I don’t often get to report on good news in the Thunderbolt but there are wonderful tidings from Guatemala!

First some background: For you newcomers, for years the Thunderbolt has firmly established proven shown and demonstrated that United States government policy is to eliminate any foreign government that runs their country for the benefit of their own people rather than for the benefit of the Wall Street banksters and to support any government that runs their country for the benefit of the Wall Street banksters rather than for the benefit their own people.

In 1952 the United States followed standard procedure and orchestrated a coup that overthrew a very popular and democratically elected government in Guatemala led by a gentleman named Jacobo Arbenz. (This was a Dulles Brothers operation.) They replaced Mr. Arbenz with a criminal gang of mass-murdering sociopaths under leadership of a sociopathic mass-murderer named Carlos Armas.

Coups and counter-coups became the norm in Guatemala and eventually another mass-murdering sociopath named Rios Montt took over. Mr. Montt had been trained at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation — which was formerly known as the School of the Americas until large numbers of Americans discovered that their tax dollars were being used to train Third World child killers and father rapists.

The government responded to this criticism by changing the name of their murderers school to something that rolls of the tongue much less easily.

During he reign Mr. Montt sent waves of Guatemalan troops throughout the countryside killing everyone they found. The stories from this scorched earth policy are truly horrendous — troops cutting open pregnant women and running around the hills chasing people down with machetes and raping and torturing family members in front of other family members and on and on. There are THOUSANDS of these stories that have been thoroughly documented.

Eventually, Guatemala became a pariah state everywhere in the world except within the Reagan administration — but for a long time, that was all Mr. Montt needed.

According to the UN Truth Commission that later looked into this period, government forces and state-sponsored, CIA trained paramilitaries were responsible for over 93% of the human rights violations that occurred during Guatemala’s civil war.

Hostilities finally ended in 1996 with a peace accord and democracy has returned to Guatemala. Guatemala has also joined the ever-growing Great Rejection of United States foreign policy that for a couple of hundred years now has consisted of treating Central and South America like they were wholly owned subsidiaries of American financial interests.

So now for the good news: In January 2012, Rios Montt appeared in a Guatemalan court on genocide charges. During the hearing, the government presented evidence of over 100 incidents involving at least 1,771 deaths, 1,445 rapes, and the displacement of nearly 30,000 Guatemalans during his 17-month rule from 1982–1983.

He was found guilty and sentenced to 80 years in prison.

This marked the first time in world history that a former head of state had been found guilty for genocide by a national court.

However, also in 2012, in reaction to widespread corruption on the Guatemalan left, a former general and accused war criminal under Mr. Montt named Otto Pérez Molina won the presidency.

However, his administration has proven to be even more corrupt than the leftists were and so there is yet another Guatemalan revolution happening. The United States is — predictably — supporting the fascist Molina, but America’s influence, as mentioned, is on the wane and, unlike in the good old days, it doesn’t look like this alone will be enough for Mr. Molina to maintain. Following the resignation of the majority of his Cabinet over the weekend, Molina is still rejecting calls to step down. He has faced months of massive protests and a growing corruption scandal that has led to the arrests of many top officials including the former vice president. The government is accused of running a multimillion-dollar scheme in which importers paid bribes to Tax Authority officials to obtain discounts.

According to Allan Nairn, the current government isn’t likely to stand for much longer.


Greek Tragedy

Believe it or not, I have been called a pessimist. Believe it or not, I have been called a pessimist more than once.

I can’t deny it — but my accusers also can’t deny that I’m always right.

There isn’t much in politics that surprises me anymore — but even so, sometimes they still manage to astonish me.

I was completely unprepared for the turn of events in Greece, for instance. It made absolutely no sense whatsoever. Mr. Tsipris’ people had his back. He had received an ironclad mandate for the very policies that he had been advocating ever since first seeking office. He appeared to be in the driver’s seat.

Then, he accepted a thoroughly humiliating and utterly devastating deal that was even worse than the one his people had just voted down a few days before.

It made absolutely no sense whatsoever until — until — what if Mr. Tsipris was actually an agent of the Machine the whole time?


The ‘excuse’ given by the Greek Machine was that they were not prepared to take themselves off the Euro and that the German banksters had simply refused to back down one inch.

What Mr. Tsipris didn’t say was that the reason Greece was completely unprepared to take themselves off the Euro was because unless they wanted true financial disaster then taking themselves off the Euro would have been a very delicate complex and time-consuming operation — and neither Syriza nor Mr. Tsipris had taken even the very first baby steps toward implementing a single one of those measures. What that meant was they had absolutely no back-up plan should the banksters refuse to back down — which is exactly what they very predictably did, especially since they knew full well that the Greeks had not taken these steps and thus the banksters knew that they had absolutely no need to back down an inch.

Since this was by far the most likely outcome for the situation then believing that Mr. Tsipris had never taken this possible outcome into account is difficult.

My theory about Mr. Tsipris is further evidenced by the fact that he has called a new election and in spite of having just implemented policies that a near super-majority of his own people had utterly rejected just a few days before — in spite of that Mr. Tsipris is still expected to win this new election.

Gee. It looks like the Machine. It smells like a Machine. It feels like the Machine. It tastes like the Machine.

The reason Mr. Tsipris is expected to win is because all of his opposition — including a large number of the now ex-members of his own Syriza Party who broke ranks and started their own party when Mr. Tsipris sold them out — the opposition is in utter disarray and they are fighting with each other more than they are fighting with Syriza.

With Syriza’s traitorous sell out, the only Greek political party left that has not completely sold out to the banksters (and who are effectively letting the Greek people know that and whose popularity is rising on account of that) is the Golden Dawn Party.

The Golden Dawn Party is referred to as ‘neo-Nazi’ — but actually you can just drop the ‘neo’ part of that.

Thus, as far as thing in Greece go — once again its heads they win and tails we lose.

Same ole same ole.

It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of August 28th thru September 3rd, 2015




1) FYI Section:

1A) Update from Save the LBA Woods

This message came from the LBA Woods Park Coalition:

Happy August!  This summer has brought great news for the future of Olympia Parks. Thanks to your continuing support, the Olympia City Council decided to obtain a purchase option on one of the two LBA Woods parcels in southeast Olympia. This marks a major milestone in our campaign but we will continue to pursue funding for the second parcel to reach our goal of saving all of the LBA Woods.

The acquisition of the LBA Woods is just one of several big parks projects Olympia residents care about. Under the current Parks budget, there simply isn’t enough money to fund all of these projects. So earlier this year, the LBA Woods Park Coalition and several other parks-advocates groups began working with the city Finance Committee to develop a new funding mechanism for parks — one that would provide a stable source of funding for park acquisition, operations, and maintenance. This is the MPD — the Metropolitan Parks District.

We believe the MPD gives us our best chance to acquire all of the LBA Woods and also to move forward on other worthy city parks projects. An MPD must be approved by Olympia voters on November 3. The MPD will appear as Proposition 1 and we hope you will vote YES on your ballot. You can read it here.

But we’re not expecting you to vote YES just because we’ve asked you to.

We want you to learn about the Metro Parks District and what it means for you and for Olympia. The just-launched YesOlympiaParks campaign is dedicated to providing the best and most accurate information on the Metro Parks District. YesOlympiaParks is a volunteer group powered by several parks-advocates groups, with interests ranging from soccer fields, running and bike trails to waterfront parks and wildlife habitat protection:

LBA Woods Park Coalition

Olympia Coalition for Ecosystems Preservation

Woodland Trails Greenway Association

Olympia Capitol Park Foundation

The PARC Foundation of Thurston County

Friends of the Waterfront

Olympia United Soccer Club

Barron Park Striders

Please consider volunteering your time or making a financial contribution to this exciting campaign. This is an incredible opportunity to shape Olympia’s future for the better, to keep our city beautiful, green and vibrant. See what’s happening on the web at and on Facebook at Yes-Olympia-Parks.   At these sites, you can also learn why a Metropolitan Park District makes sense for Olympia.


LBA Woods Park Coalition volunteers will be at the Farmers’ Market tabling for Olympia Parks

on August 22, 29 and September 19, 26. Stop by our information table to ask questions and pick up free campaign signs.  Don’t worry, they don’t weigh much!

I scream, you scream!   We all scream for a thorough understanding of the Metropolitan Park District!  Come to a ice-cream social and MPD rally at 7:00 PM, Tuesday, September 15th at Washington Middle School off Cain Road.

Visit our website for new content, photo galleries, and blog postings (including MPD news).

Like, share, follow, link to all things LBA via our Facebook page SaveLBAWoods.


Please contact us at if you have any questions.

If you submit comments in support of saving the LBA Woods, City Council members indicate that heartfelt and thoughtful comments, emails, and letters are the most persuasive.  Please write the City Council at

For more information or support documents, go to



1B) Update on the West Central Park Project

This message came from Alicia:

Hello Park Peeps-

Last Saturday was a smash of a splash! The 2nd Annual Art Splash was tons of fun for all who were able to come out. Lots of fine art was exhibited and shared and the fun music went all day.  Thanks for making it a success Olympia.  Next year’s Splash will be even bigger with more tents, more artists and more musicians!  Find out now you can help out for Art Splash 2016.

Hopefully you have all taken your bags and baskets over to the Park on Tuesday afternoons for the West Olympia Farmer’s Market from 4-7.  This, the freshest of the fresh farm food, is brought to you by fourteen of the hardest working people you’ll ever meet, the West Oly farmers. They work to keep your food independence alive and well! Come out and support them and let them know we need them!!

Tomorrow, a fine and dandy work party is coming your way from 10-2.  There will be plenty to do in weeding mowing, watering, edging, litter patrol and harvesting the ripe produce. This is a Park for the entire community.  Come make it yours and feel comfortable here.  The weekly work parties are the best way to do that. The Park needs your help to be the best it can be!

Monday Movie Madness is all lined up for The Sandlot, this coming Monday, August 24th.  Oly Fed will be providing free popcorn for us so come get your snack on! Sandlot is a hilarious movie about a group of young kids who push some dicey boundaries when they try to get their Babe Ruth ball back from a ferocious neighbor and his ferocious dog.  Bring your blankets and lawn chairs, the movie will be starting right around dusk 9 ish, so come grab your seat early.

See you at the Park!



1C) Update on Cop Watch

This message came from Terrence:

Would you give a plug for Cop Watch? Besides our weekly gig at Traditions, we are organizing a Town Hall meeting on policing to be held on Oct. 14th, 7pm at Traditions. More on the latter later. Encourage folks to keep at least one eye open when it comes to policing in Olympia. The motto is:  SWAT = Stop, Watch And Take pictures. There is an app that will directly load photos & videos to the ACLU so that if your phone is confiscated or destroyed there is still a record.

Semper Vigilante


We want the police to keep us safe

So we have to keep the police honest

We are a group of concerned citizens who have heard and seen news reports from across the United States. Since Olympia is part of the United States, and our police are part of the greater brotherhood of police departments and officers, we have every reason to believe that the police in our community operate with the same attitudes. Especially so because there is no official civilian oversight of the Olympia Police Department.

We, as Cop Watch citizens, will do what we can to give feedback to the OPD, city council, news media outlets, and the community regarding the conduct, behavior and actions of interactions that are presented to us, both good & bad.

We will collect stories in oral, written or video formats and use these to compile an on-going document of interactions between the officers of the OPD and the public whom they are charged to serve & protect.

Cop Watch citizens will be available at Traditions Café’ on Thursday afternoons from 4 – 5 pm.

Free cookies.



1D) Update on Oly FOR TV Series

Oly FOR produces a most excellent series of television programs every month.

This message came from Glen:

As you know, the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation has produced and aired TV programs on TCTV, cable channel 22 in Thurston County for 28 ½ years, since February 1987.  Each month’s program airs three times a week – every Monday at 1:30 pm, every Wednesday at 5:00 pm, and everyThursday at 9:00 pm.

Also, you can watch the current program – and more than 100 of our previous programs – and dozens of special programs – through the Olympia FOR’s website.  Simply visit, click the “TV Programs” link, and scroll down past the thorough description of the current month’s program.  Previous programs are listed chronologically.  Simply click on the link for the program you want to watch.  Also, next to each program’s link is a link to a thorough description of the program.  You can read it by clicking the “Word” or “pdf” link.

I am attaching a list of 70 of the most recent programs that you can watch through our website



1E) Update on Citizens United

This message came from Zander:

5OO,OOO Co-Sponsors Needed: Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United >>

The Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling is one of the worst judicial decisions in history. Groups like the Koch Brothers are now free to buy elections and undermine our democracy.

Help us reach 5OO,OOO citizen co-sponsors for a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United:


Co-Sponsor: PENDING (click to sign) >>

Friends –

It’s been more than 5 years since the Supreme Court’s fateful decision in Citizens United v F.E.C. Since then we’ve seen:

— The rise to power of Charles and David Koch

— The invention of the “SuperPAC

— The unconstricted flow of money into our elections

What’s happening before us is a fundamental erosion of our democracy. Big money groups — most prominently those on the far right — are seizing more and more control of America’s electoral system.

This was painfully evident in the 2014 Elections. Right wing groups were dominant spenders in elections both small and large — and it paid dividends through a massive Republican wave.

Regardless of whether you lean right or left in your politics, we can’t allow ourselves to have a system that’s up for sale to the highest bidder.

We need change…but it won’t be easy. Amending the Constitution is a major undertaking. To start, we need tens of thousands of citizens like you to stand up in support of this movement.

Please, will you join us now and add your name as a citizen co-sponsor for a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United? >>


We need your support. And we thank you for it.



1F) Update on Initiative 735

This is from Mike:

Move to Amend’s David Cobb recently stated that Washington State’s Initiative 735 is

“the single most important democracy campaign in the country.” Many agree as people

from around the state are signing I-735 petitions and giving donations. They are becoming

grassroots volunteers to help reclaim our democracy and get big money out of elections.

What is saving our democracy from superPACs, dark money, and the undue influence of special interests and corporate money worth to you? The I-735 campaign is $4,765

short of making our financial goals this month – can you give today to keep us on track?  If

just fifty people receiving this email gave $100, we would surpass our fundraising goal for

August. You can help us succeed!

Please make a donation today


A big thanks to all the people who are working each week to help WAmend reach its

signature goals. A big shout-out to our Thurston, Jefferson, San Juan, and Island county

chapters for leading the way in our totals for this past week! We’d also like to recognition

the Kitsap Gang for their willingness to travel and help out where needed. The Bainbridge

Island David Cobb event last week also had the biggest crowd in Washington!

At last count, unpaid WAmend volunteers from all around the state have now

collected 121,220 signatures! This week we’ll reach the halfway point towards the state’s

minimum requirement of 247,000 valid signatures needed to qualify. To make sure I-735

makes it, we need to gather 20% more to cover duplicates and invalid signatures. We have

lots of folks working but could still use more help!

Click here to join us in collecting more signatures

Can you make a personal goal to collect two sheets (40 signatures) per week? Take petitions

with you to barbecues, parties, your place of worship, political events, on the ferry, parks,

grocery stores or wherever people gather and ask others to sign your petition. It is also

important that people like you commit to filling out petitions from people they know and

sending them in. The links needed include:

•    Email us here to be sent petitions.

•    Check these locations to pick up or drop off petitions.

•    WAmend chapter captains in King County and around the state can connect with you and

•    can give you training and petitions.

•    Sign up here to collect with other volunteers at events.

Join others in your area who are collecting signatures. We are happy to give you training

and send you out with a seasoned signature gatherer. Please sign up for a regular spot or

to help cover large events. WAmend staff and captains will gladly help get you started. Future

large events include:

•    BUMBERSHOOT FESTIVAL (September 5-7, all day, Seattle Center, Seattle, WA)

•    WASHINGTON STATE FAIR (September 11-15, all day, Puyallup, WA)

•    ISSAQUAH SALMON DAYS (October 3-4, 10am-8pm, Issaquah, WA)


Please help us with social media!

Like WAmend on Facebook and follow I-735 on Twitter. Take pictures and post them online!

Please use hashtags #I735 and #getmoneyout when posting. Like, share, invite your friends,

tweet, and retweet! Let’s keep on message about helping I-735 get on the ballot! Please

contact Cheryl Kopec if you’d like to get more involved in the social media strategy. Thanks


College outreach will lead to growth!

WAmend is also launching a strategy to organize Washington State universities and college

students to help I-735 get on the 2016 ballot. We have lists and contacts but need folks to

help reach out and get them organized. Please contact Brian Grad if you are interested in

helping out. Thanks Brian!

We are very grateful for all you do. Thank you again for helping to reclaim our democracy

from big-money.

The I-735 Team

Gabe Meyer

Campaign Director


Steve Zemke

State Field Director


Tiffani McCoy

State Field Organizer


Michael Lang

King County Organizer


Donate Now


WAmend · 1314 NE 43rd St, 203, Seattle, WA 98105, United States



2) Studying Medicine in Cuba: A Seven Year Journey

Thursday August 27th at 7 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW

Come look behind the propaganda about Cuba.

This message came from Rochelle:

David Lavender, who has been living in Cuba since 2010, will give a presentation covering medicine, politics, culture, and personal experiences from the Greater Antilles’ biggest island.

Started in 1999, the Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina (ELAM) has trained over 20,000 doctors from 110 countries around the world. The training is free, with the understanding that students will go back into their communities, working where access to medicine has traditionally been scarce if present at all.



3) Fast for our Children

Saturday August 29th All Day

These folks have organized an all day fast for children’s rights.

This message came from Michelle:

We are facing challenges to human rights from every direction. The vision of “liberty and justice for all” is under attack on multiple sides. It’s hard to keep up with all the battles, and easy for little children held in detention to be lost when there is so much demanding our attention. We fast for them, to keep them front-and-center in our hearts and minds – to never let them slip away.

Children are our future, that is an indisputable fact. When children are harmed, society suffers for decades to come; those who care about the future of our society are naturally repulsed when children are harmed. The current family detention centers which lock up countless children who have come here to seek refuge is a deep and damaging wrong. The world is made less safe – colder by this action . . . Today thousands of children suffer in the USA at our Southern border while those who could help turn away – willing instead to embrace a more dangerous, harsher world.

In recognition of the need to respect and protect the humanity of our children, Starving for Justice holds fasts every Tuesday and Saturday from midnight to midnight for as long as these children are at risk. All are welcome to fast with us.



4) Justice for Andre and Bryson: Responding to the Report

Tuesday September 1st at Time and Place TBA

In spite of the fact that Olympia is an almost pure white city, the Olympia Police managed to find two unarmed black youths to shoot.

Maybe they wanted to be taken seriously as a police department amongst their peers?

Anyway, this is a response to the report that the city recently released upon the incident.

This message came from Koyote:

Date TBD

Time TBD

Place TBD

On the morning of May 21, 2015, brothers Andre Thompson and Bryson Chaplin were shot multiple times by OPD Officer Ryan Donald. Andre and Bryson, thankfully, survived the attack but are currently awaiting the release of the official report and details on any charges being sought against either Officer Donald or the brothers. Almost three months later, the independent investigation conducted by the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office and South Sound law enforcement agencies has been concluded and was passed on to the Prosecutor’s Office just this last week. As the Prosecutor’s decision on charges could be released at any moment, we as a community need to prepare ourselves for a critical and organized response.

We are issuing this notice with the aim of preparing our community to stand with these two men and their family when this report is inevitably released. And with this notice, we are speaking directly to the White people of Olympia. It is time for our White community members to acknowledge the privilege and power their positionality provides them in holding the responsible systems and entities accountable. It is essential for our White community members to now assess the extent of their willingness to support Andre, Bryson, and their family. Are you as willing as you were on May 21st? Are you as willing as you were on May 30th? Be prepared to show it.

When the report is released, there may or may not be direct action. There may or may not be civil disobedience. What are we requesting of from our White community members is to stand up in a way they have not yet been able – to push themselves past the insecurity of learning, growing, and changing to a place of active solidarity with the Thompson-Chaplin family and the Black community of Olympia.

We are asking you to be ready and to stay tuned…



5) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Burst out of a bubble today!




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