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1) FYI: Update from Flush the TPP

2) Film Screening: The Stanford Prison Experiment

3) Olympia Queer Rock Camp Showcase

4) Indigenous People’s Day

5) Zita for Port Fundraiser

6) KOWA Core Volunteer Meeting

7) Meet and Greet with Olympia Mayoral Candidate Marco Rossi

8) People’s Open Mic Feat: Cecily Shuler and and IWPS Finals

9) Bonus Tip of the Day


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The Thunderbolt

Most Evil Person in History Nomination #3



Empty Words

Hey Kids!

It still blows my mind that even though virtually every politician above the level of dogcatcher has proven over and over again that their words have absolutely no meaning whatsoever — in spite of this the Media Machine not only still hangs on their every word, but after the bloviation ends the empty heads on the Media Machine then engage in endless speculation about what their empty words meant and they breathlessly try to figure out what the talking head was actually saying.

This is in spite of the fact that their words have absolutely no meaning whatsoever.


Honesty in Politics

Later now: No matter how much you loathe and detest every word Donald Trump utters and every ignorant savage stupid thought that runs through his tiny brain before gushing out unfiltered through his mouth — no matter how much you hate Trump — you still gotta love the guy.

You can tell his impact by the extraordinary lengths the Media Machine is going to try to marginalize the guy — so far with a complete lack of success.

I just listened a full-length hit piece on Trump on the radio, for instance. They used the standard template for hit pieces, i.e. they interviewed every prominent political figure they could muster to list the many and varied reasons that Donald Trump is such a very bad person and shouldn’t be running for president and repeat over and over, “Trump bad, Trump very very bad!” And, of course, they also followed the standard practice of pretending they were being ‘fair and balanced’ by airing a couple of Trump enthusiasts who said the usual nutcase crap that you would expect from anyone that would support a nutcase like Trump, and of course their praise was immediately followed by three more ‘experts’ who were asked about these nutcase praise points whereupon the ‘experts’ completely deconstructed the nutcase praise that Trump had just received.

This was a typical boilerplate hit piece of just the sort you would expect from Faux News — except I heard this piece on NPR.

Trump is responding by, “right back at you, mo fo!” He is giving, if anything, even better than he’s getting.

I just watched some clips from the Republican debate. First, for possibly the first time in history a Faux News empty head actually did their job and thoroughly grilled a Republican politician! Yes, Megyn Kelly — designated Machine hit-woman extraordinaire — lit right into Donald Trump right out of the gate and very sharply questioned him about his assertions concerning Mexican criminals coming to the US!

Trump did not bloviate. He did not equivocate. He did not vacillate or hesitate: He lit right back into Ms. Kelly:

I think the big problem this country has is being politically correct. I’ve been — I’ve been challenged by so many people, and I don’t, frankly, have time for total political correctness. And to be honest with you, this country doesn’t have time either. This country is in big trouble. We don’t win anymore. We lose to China. We lose to Mexico, both in trade and at the border. We lose to everybody. And frankly, what I say — and oftentimes it’s fun, it’s kidding, we have a good time — what I say is what I say. And honestly, Megyn, if you don’t like it, I’m sorry. I’ve been very nice to you, although I could probably maybe not be, based on the way you have treated me. But I wouldn’t do that.

As far as Trump’s assertion that the Mexican government is sending criminals to the US, the debate was whether it was right or wrong that Donald Trump said that. Not one person mentioned the fact that Mr. Trump has yet to provide a single shred of evidence to back up his assertion and during the debate not one person asked Mr. Trump for any evidence of his assertion much less questioned the actual truthfulness of his statement.

Unlike the famed leftist ‘insurgent’ (supposedly, anyway) Bernie Sanders — Mr. Trump has not ruled out running as a third party candidate should he fail to gain the Republican nomination.

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to have an honest voice in a presidential contest. True, this particular voice is a disgusting ignorant misogynistic racist voice — but it is an honest disgusting ignorant misogynistic racist voice. I believe that Mr. Trump’s incredible ignorance is very real. I believe that he has spent his entire life living inside a completely insulated little bubble world where reality is whatever Mr. Trump says it is — and THAT is what the Machine doesn’t know how to deal with. He doesn’t need their money. Therefore he can say whatever he wants to say.

Trump is striking a compelling chord with almost the entire contingent of the nutcase right-wingers who — like us — understand that all of us are being royally screwed by the Wall Street Washington War Machine Complex even if they are confused about the causes and the solutions.

And just to bring the irony full circle, Trump’s fanatical Tea Party supporters were originally a creation of the right-wing Machine! The Tea Party started out grassroots but it was almost immediately purchased lock stock and barrel by the Kochs et al.

Now, Dr. Frankenstein’s monster has broken out of its cage and the right wing Machine is seriously freaking out about what to do about this guy.

I’m loving every minute of it!


Irony of the Week

Mavell is evidently making lots and lots of very big bucks by making movies with anti-capitalist themes.


The Second Enlightenment?

The American Psychological Association just voted to prohibit their doctors from participating in torturing people.

Gee. A bunch of doctors who took an oath of which the first tenet is “DO NO HARM” were forced into a vote on whether or not doctors should help governments to torture people.

Is this the New Enlightenment?



When I was California, one morning I waiting for our crew standing outside our bus outside the college dorm in Santa Clara where we were staying. This was an upscale neighborhood and one of the locals stopped to chat. When we mentioned gentrification as an issue, he said that he had watched Berkeley transform from a ‘dump’ into a ‘really nice place’.

I asked if he knew what had happened to all the people who used to live there? ‘Dump’ or no, the fact was that this had been their home. This had been where their support networks were. This had been where all their friends were. This had been where their jobs were. This had been where their child’s school and all their child’s friends were. This had been where their stores and everything they knew and everything they were familiar with was.

Now, their community has been decimated and they have been cast to the four winds. With their highly limited resources they are expected to go make a brand new life somewhere else however and wherever they can.

However — rich white people now have yet another really nice place to hang out!

That makes it all worth it!


Aborted Decisions

The lie to the argument that anti-abortion activists use concerning the ‘sacredness of life’ can be demonstrated by the fact that for so many of them this purported ‘sacredness of life’ evidently only applies if you have not yet been born. Once you are actually born, though — then according to them you’d better invest in some good bootstraps because you are now on your own…

Make no mistake: The whole abortion issue is about men controlling women. Women can create new life. Men cannot. This means that left to their own devices the ladies choose who breeds and who doesn’t. My theory about the oppression of women is that for several millennia now we’ve had a bunch of justifiably insecure men who aren’t comfortable with leaving that choice to the ladies. Thus, they have sought — and often succeeded — in seizing this decision for themselves.

I am convinced that THAT is what the abortion issue is really about.




A couple of years ago a young man from Gaza spent three months living at Media Island. Trying to imagine what someone from a place like Gaza thought of our little All-American Mad Max reality bubble made my head hurt.

I told him, “This must all seem totally senseless and insane to you because it is indeed all senseless and insane. Please understand that for us, senseless and insane is ‘normal’. Please understand that while people everywhere are different, they are also the same. Most Americans are good people. We just seem senseless and insane to you because most of us have adapted to our artificially created environment.”


Nomination #3: The Thunderbolt Most Evil Person in History Award

Yes, the tension mounts as the field widens! So far, for this non-prestigious honour the Thunderbolt first nominated Edward Bernays, the father of modern propaganda. Next, the Thunderbolt inflicted a joint nomination upon the brothers Allen and John Foster Dulles, those impetuous Cold Warriors who pioneered the CIA ‘Coups R Us’ school of foreign relations.

This week’s nomination takes on a bit of added significance because — unlike previous non-honourees — this week’s nomination is still alive and kicking!

Arguably, this week’s nominee bears more responsibility than any other single human for the bitter hyper-partisan divisiveness that so dominates the current political paradigm in the United States. This man is personally responsible for nearly every vile right-wing meme that the Machine is currently using to destroy our world.

He also has that mental disease that is so popular amongst all the best world destroyer circles wherein they are utterly convinced without the slightest doubt that they know everything and that their views on every issue are the correct views and therefore it doesn’t matter what they do to achieve their ends since their ends always justify their means since they always know what is best.

This is a very handy ideology as it provides moral justification to do whatever murdering destroying lying cheating and/or pretty much any other criminal murderous genocidal behaviour that you may wish to indulge in because you know that it is all for the ‘greater good’ and no one else does.

This condition is known as ‘fanaticism’ and it has been the rage of all of the very worst humans throughout our history.

This week’s nomination is absolutely no exception to this rule. He pretty much personifies it, in fact.

And this week’s nominee is (fanfare, trumpets, wild cheering, etc.):

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia!

(Fanfare, trumpets, wild cheering, etc.)

First of all, let me say that I stand somewhat in awe of Antonin Scalia’s genius. While I would definitely consider going back in time and drowning him as a baby if I could get away with it — I can’t help but stand in highly alarmed amazement. This guy is GOOD!

Antonin Scalia can take an argument that is insane on its face, and he can then not only make it seem completely logical and reasonable but he even manages to come up with some spectacularly specious legal justification for making it into law!

I maintain that Antonin Scalia has single handedly done more to assist the 1% in their complete and utter takeover of our government than any other individual human alive or dead.

A very important factor about Mr. Scalia is the fact that he grew up in a devout traditional ultra-conservative pre-Vatican II Catholic household. He is reputed to be a member of Opus Dei. (Since the membership of Opus Dei is a strictly guarded secret, it is impossible to confirm or deny the charge.) For a little historical context, Opus Dei were the same people who said not one word about Hitler’s extermination of the European Jews during World War II, and Opus Dei was the organization who operated the ‘underground railway’ to Argentina for escaping Nazi war criminals after the war was over.

Opus Dei or no, Scalia — being a big fan of ‘original intent’ — has publically stated that he supports the centuries-old tried-and-true pre-Vatican II Catholic ideology. Mr. Scalia thus feels free to ignore the infallible rantings of these modern popes who oppose the death penalty because they say that all life is sacred. Mr. Scalia is of the ‘eye for an eye’ school of thought; therefore he can support the death penalty and ignore Pope Francis.

Another very important thing to remember about Antonin Scalia is that he is a member of the Federalist Society, which consists of a bunch of lawyers who work for Wall Street.

For the last 30 years the Federalist Society has been packing the federal courts with fascists every time that Republicans have occupied the White House.

Antonin Scalia’s entire career path was — as such paths usually are — a combination of incredible luck combined with a genius-level skill at taking optimal advantage of every little shred of opportunity that might present itself. One very important attribute was that in combination with an uncanny ability to come up with a legal justification for pretty much anything you may wish to do, all through his career — even when on the federal appeals court — Mr. Scalia played well with others and he was always a very affable even to his adversaries.

When it came time for Ronald Reagan to appoint a Supreme Court justice, Reagan chose Robert Bork. Unfortunately, Mr. Bork turned out to be a sexual harasser of women and after a spectacular three-ring circus of a Senate confirmation hearing that lasted for weeks, Mr. Bork’s nomination went down in flames.

By this point, Congress was exhausted and thoroughly sick of the whole deal. After giving numerous answers that later proved to be ‘less than honest’, Mr. Scalia’s nomination was pretty much a shoo-in at this point.

Antonin Scalia was a sleeper agent for the 1% from some point fairly early in his adult life. However, he very skillfully played the role of Dr. Jekyll for several decades. I think it significant that not one single prognosticator that I have ever been able to find came even within a light year of predicting what kind of justice Antonin Scalia would turn out to be. That was how well he had played his sleeper role.

Evidently absolutely no one — even evidently including Reagan’s people — had the slightest clue of what was about to hit them.

The instant he took his lifetime court seat, the Mr. Hyde portion of Mr. Scalia’s personality came to the fore and it’s been in command ever since. He was no longer the affable player. He sought to control and dominate the Supreme Court and he had no problem bullying and insulting his way there. He immediately made clear that he didn’t care about judicial decorum or conflicts of interest or much of anything else. He became a court of one. He very quickly changed both the conversation and the agenda. Before Scalia, Supreme Court justices rarely engaged in extra-judicial activities such as giving speeches or interviews or writing books. Now, thanks to Scalia contemptuously ignoring those traditions and publically bloviating at every available opportunity that will pay him enough to do it, such activities have become commonplace. Before Scalia, Supreme Court justices rarely criticized each other in public. They always referred to each other as ‘my esteemed colleague’ or whatever. Since Scalia, criticizing other justices has now become commonplace and they often refer to each other in far less flattering terms than ‘esteemed colleague’. Scalia insults other justices even in his written judicial opinions. In a very early dissent he described an opinion by Sandra Day O’Connor as “totally perverse”, “irrational”, and “not to be believed”. He even lit into his closest ally, Clarence Thomas, by once saying in reference to Mr. Thomas, “I’m a textualist, I’m an originalist; I am not a nut.” (The fact that this statement was factually accurate probably makes the fact that he said it in public even worse.)

The most devastating thing Scalia has done for the court, though, is that he very plainly politicized it — thus placing a target on its back. He converted the court from a group of respectful colleagues into bickering and polarized adversaries. After calling other justices ‘idiotic’ in public, Scalia made it okay for the right-wingers to be disrespectful toward and contemptuous of Supreme Court justices.

Fortunately, Mr. Scalia’s influence is somewhat limited by the fact that he refuses to compromise or negotiate. Over the years he even managed to completely alienate more middle-of-the-road conservatives such as Sandra Day O’Connor and David Souter.

Therefore, he is known mostly for his blistering dissents opposing whatever decision the court has come to.

Still, even with limited influence on actual judicial decisions, Scalia has wrought vast a profound change both on the court and in our country. He does often manage to cobble together a five-vote majority for much of his nastiness. It was Scalia behind Bush vs. Gore. It was Scalia who cemented the right to bear arms to every crazy Tom Dick and Harry. It was Scalia behind Citizens United. It was Scalia who opened up the floodgates to unlimited campaign cash with which to purchase politicians. Plus, more than any other single person, I maintain that Antonin Scalia has been responsible for the far-rightward leap in the American political meme over the last few decades.

The single most effective argument that lefties have for supporting a Democrat for president is that they appoint better people to the Supreme Court. While they aren’t really all that much better — I must concede this point. They do indeed.

Whatever. Scalia — again — is a symptom. The fact that he can get away with all the utterly crazy crap that he says and does and yet remain on the Supreme Court is not his fault.

It is our fault.

It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of August 13th thru August 19th, 2015




1) FYI: Update from Flush the TPP


Dear TPP Resisters,

The TPP is far from dead!

Despite the fact that The Economist declared the TPP dead, there are many reasons to see how this is not the case. In response to the notion that the TPP is dead, Popular Resistance trade and climate organizer Mackenzie McDonald Wilkins wrote:

“Everything that I have heard suggests that negotiators are gearing up for another round as soon as possible and that they will likely, but not surely, try to squeeze the deal in before US elections get too hot and after Canadian elections in October.”

We can’t stop fighting yet!

If you haven’t yet joined the fight to stop the TPP by signing the Action Pledge, now’s the time.

The Action Pledge is an opportunity to commit to taking part in or helping to organize at least one local action or educational event about the TPP. We need to keep building the movement to stop the TPP and other rigged corporate trade deals like it.

TPP Occucards

Flush the TPP on the web

Flush the TPP on Facebook

Flush the TPP on Twitter, @FlushTheTPP



2) Film Screening: The Stanford Prison Experiment

Friday, August 14th at 6:30 pm thru Thursday August 20th at Various Times @ Capitol Theater, 206 5th Ave SE

This is a film about that famous experiment they conducted about oppressors and the oppressed.

This message came from Chris:

Based on a true story, The Stanford Prison Experiment shows what happens when a college psychology study goes horribly wrong. It is 1971, and a college psychology professor at Stanford University decides to stage an experiment to demonstrate how situation shapes behavior. Twenty-four male students are recruited to play the roles of prisoner and prison guard—what follows is an excursion into the shadowy depths of the human psyche, as the students’ conduct towards one another quickly devolves. Shocking in its revelation, The Stanford Prison Experiment is a fascinating account of a strange event that still holds relevance in its study of human behavior.

Dir: Kyle Patrick Alvarez / 2015 / US / 122 min / DCP

FRI 8/14 6:30, SUN 8/16 5:00, TUE 8/18 9:00, WED 8/19 6:30, THU 8/20 4:00 & 9:00



3) Olympia Queer Rock Camp Showcase

Saturday August 15th at 6:30 pm @ the Capitol Theater, 206 5th Ave SE

Come see gay talent!

This message came from Koyote:

Join us in celebrating Queer Rock Camp’s 5th year in Olympia at the Showcase Performance!!

Queer Rock Camp empowers youth and builds community through music. We support the fluidity of gender and sexuality, and see music as a way to amplify resilience and self-expression. In one week, campers ages 12-21 learn new instruments, form bands, write original songs, and participate in a variety of radical workshops. All this hard work culminates in a final performance which YOU are invited to!

Don’t miss your chance to witness these amazing youth performing their original songs! 12 camper bands, exciting raffle prizes, info table, slideshow, and more!

Saturday, August 15th
Doors open at 6:30pm, show at 7pm

Free for youth 21 & under
Sliding scale $10-$25 for adults

@ the Olympia Capitol Theater, 206 5th Ave SE

Tickets available through the Olympia Film Society



4) Indigenous People’s Day

Monday August 17th at 6 pm @ Heritage Park, 4th and Water Streets Downtown

Lets celebrate the only TRUE Americans.

This message came from Rod:

We will be gathering at bəsčətxwəd (place of the black bear) Olympia, Washington for a gathering of folks that would like to see Olympia City Council follow the City of Seattle’s decision to change Columbus Day -October 9th to Indigenous Peoples Day! Bring drums songs and your vision to help make this happen this October 9th, 2015.



5) Zita for Port Fundraiser

Wednesday August 19th at 5 pm @ 6015 Marantha Lane SW

This speaks for itself. Come meet Port Commissioner candidate Zita.

This message came from Bev:

Zita has made it through the Primary and is gearing up for the General Election! For her to be successful, she needs our support.

Voters have a choice between “business as usual” at the Port with cranes sitting idle and subsidies for a few big businesses versus a better way — one that supports local small businesses, local farmers, and is more careful with our tax dollars.

Christine Garst, Mayor of Tumwater Pete Kmet, and Former County Commissioner Karen Valenzuela are hosting a fundraiser for her on Wednesday, August 19, from 5 to 7pm.

The event will take place at Christine Garst’s environmentally friendly, energy-star certified home that overlooks Black Hills and beautiful Mt. Rainier. The pristine surroundings will take your breath away!

Come out and support Zita. Tell her you want a better way for the Port and a better way for the citizens of Thurston County. Please join us!



6) KOWA Core Volunteer Meeting

Wednesday August 19th at 7 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE

Come plug in with Olympia’s up-and-coming little radio station that could!

Look for KOWA at the Love Our Local Festival too!



7) Meet and Greet with Olympia Mayoral Candidate Marco Rossi

Wednesday August 19th at 7 pm @ Bigelow Park, Corner of Bigelow Ave NE and Tullis St NE

Come meet a progressive mayoral candidate.

This message came from Janet:

Marco Rossi reached out to the Green Party today and I offered him a chance to meet with us on Wednesday, August 19 (a week and a half from now).  I told him Bigelow Park (or if not, we would send a message around) at 7:00 PM.

I hope this is OK with everyone.  It seemed good to meet with him sooner rather than later.

Marco is running for Mayor against Cheryl Selby.  Cheryl has the image of a business leader but I don’t know much about her.  It would be helpful if the rest of you would chip in with what you know about her.  Marco is trying to run as a progressive.

It will be interesting to hear what Marco has to say.

What do we want from him?  What can a mayor do for Olympia?



Janet Jordan



8) People’s Open Mic Feat: Cecily Shuler and and IWPS Finals

Thursday August 20th at 7:30 pm @ Been Moore’s Restaurant, 112 4th Ave W

It’s radical poetry from radical people! The best kind!

This message came from Daniel:

It’s IWPS FINALS! Some of these poets will still be fresh and returning from the National Poetry Slam. Some of these poets will be fresh and rehearsed from being other places. All of them are competing to represent to Olympia in the Individual World Poetry Slam this October in Washington, DC. The competing poets all have names, they are:

Brian Koyote McCracken

Daniel Georgeson

Sara Callif

Tim Johnson

Alex Loret De Mola

Scarlett Pedersen

Angelia Saplan

We also have Cecily Schuler featuring! Cecily is one of our features and we’re super stoked for another one!


Cecily Schuler is a 2016 MFA candidate at the Pratt Institute in Writing and Social Activism, in Brooklyn, NY. A 2013 Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference contributor in non-fiction, Cecily’s work has been published or is forthcoming in Fairy Tale Review, Ellipsis, Duende, and Fire Stories: Further Thoughts on Radically Re-thinking Mental Illness. Since 2009, Cecily has been teaching, collaborating and performing on stages across the country. Cecily acted as co-slammaster of the Seattle Poetry Slam for the 2013-2014 season, repped Seattle at the 2014 National Poetry Slam, and is the current slam manager at Union Square Slam in the heart of every New York City Monday.



9) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Expose evil at every opportunity.




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