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1) FYI Section: Update from the West Central Park Project

2) I-735 Olympia Move to Amend/WAmend Meeting

3) Olympia People’s Mic: Team Send Off Show

4) Peace Vigil at Percival Landing

5) PFLAG-Olympia Monthly Meeting

6) Localize This Action Camp

7) WAmend I-735 Event with Move to Amends’ David Cobb

8) Bonus Tip of the Day


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Foundation and Empire



The murderers walk free while we are the ones who are locked up.

Felix Marquez, Mexican Journalist

Calendar Events

Hey Kids!

First of all, my feature piece this week — Foundation and Empire — is a very important piece and I encourage even people who don’t normally read all the commentary to at least read this one.

Second: My event calendar is very narrowly focused and activist-centric. Not only that, but I focus mostly on radical politics and ignore most of anything that has to do with conventional politics. If you have wider interests there are three other organizations — TC Pro Net, the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation, and KAOS — that also publish event calendars and I would actually recommend checking all of them out as they usually (though not always) cover most of what I cover (if not as comprehensively) plus they often list events that I don’t cover.

Basically, their calendars are geared toward liberals while mine is geared toward radicals.

We here at KOWA, in fact, just decided that rather than trying to maintain our own events calendar on our website that we are instead going to merely provide a link to the KAOS calendar.

Here are links to the online versions:

TC Pro Net:

Oly FOR:




Foreign Languages

The reason that music so often becomes such a powerful political tool is because music speaks to people in a language in which politicians are utterly illiterate.




A few weeks ago I mentioned that ex-Attorney General Eric Holder had “failed to prosecute the Wall Street banks”.

Janine Jackson from Counter Spin pointed out that rather than “failing to prosecute” the Wall Street banks, Mr. Holder instead “succeeded in protecting them”.

Point well made.




All of the talking heads and ‘experts’ are all over the media machine telling us how our economy is in recovery mode.   They cite certain statistics that make it appear as if we are recovering.

Some may ask who I think I am to question the economic expertise of such financial luminaries as Janet Yellen, the head of the Federal Reserve?

Well, what I can say is that I am is the person who is always right while they are the people who are always wrong. For many years now.

As for our alleged ‘economic recovery’, here are some statistics that the talking heads and economic ‘experts’ don’t tell you:

Child Poverty:

The child poverty rate in the United States is 22% overall, 38% for black children. This number has been steadily rising ever since the recession and continues to climb.

Household Incomes:

Household incomes are stagnant. They haven’t risen since the recession.

Home Ownership Rates:

Home ownership rates continued to decline in 2015, and they are at their lowest rate since 1989.

Small Business:

There is a steady decline in small businesses. For several years there have been more small businesses going out of business than there are new businesses opening.

Labor Force Participation Rate:

Labor participation rates fell over 3% during the recession and they have never come back.

Wealth Inequality:

Wealth inequality has been steadily growing since the recession. Rather than getting better, it is growing.

Monetary Volatility:

Monetary volatility, or the number of times a dollar bill changes hands, has collapsed since the recession meaning that there are far fewer financial transactions happening.

‘Economic recovery’? The only people experiencing an ‘economic recovery’ are the 1%.



Foundation and Empire

Propaganda and police are far from the only public manipulation tools in the 1%’rs toolbox. For many decades foundations and philanthropic grants have also played a vital role in the 1%’rs control and manipulation of public perception — and in fact, I maintain that this is one of the most important and least understood of all the tactics that they use to control us.

I have mentioned several times in the past how just after World War I the 1%’rs spent big bucks on scientific studies on how to manipulate public perceptions. Using their money to manipulate their opposition is one of the results of these studies. These studies led to David Rockefeller founding the Council on Foreign Relations. The CFR is the premiere organization promoting the ‘New World Order’. The CFR supports ‘evolution, not revolution’ as their policy. What this means is that the instant any grassroots organization starts wielding influence, the 1% tries to take over and co-opt it. They form foundations to shower grant money upon them and try to get their own people into leadership positions. They also do this with NGO’s. They do this so they can promote ‘counter-establishment’ memes in order to marginalize any ‘anti-establishment’ memes that might form. They promote ‘reform’ rather than ‘revolution’. Thus, during the race riots of the 1960’s the foundations very generously funded legalistic and reformist organizations such as the NAACP rather than more effective but more radical organizations such as the Black Panthers. This way, rather than actually getting to the roots of racism, they could just allow a few blacks to rise within the system and thus make them a part of the system rather than being forced to actually change the system. Thus, they neuter revolutionaries rather than allowing them to reproduce. Thus you see a vile currency manipulator such as George Soros funding all kinds of worthy causes — NOT because he cares about the causes, but so he can control them and restrain them lest they trod a path too revolutionary. The Rockefellers, the Fords, and the Carnegies — all of them not only participate in this cooptation of revolutionary and/or social justice organizations but they literally pioneered the field. They seek to ‘professionalize’ social justice movements because then as ‘professionals’ they gain status as part of the system rather than as opposed to the system. They are invited to conferences and to speak at events. They sometimes appear on the media. They are literally brought into the heart of the very machine that they were allegedly fighting.

These people fund Democracy Now. They fund Ralph Nader. Note that Democracy Now won’t touch 9-11 Truth with a 10-foot pole. Note that in elections Democracy Now often endorses machine Democrats over true progressive revolutionaries. Note that Ralph Nader refuses to take on the main problem with labor unions, i.e. their own leadership.

Eventually, the leaders of these social justice organizations — even the good people who started off to do good things — often become trapped within this institutional meme. There are certain lines they no longer want to cross because that would endanger their new status. In addition, once they become dependent upon funding from a certain source then the tendency to not bite the hand that is feeding them can become paramount.

Since the policies of the 1% basically consist of raping the earth and the people who live there, then their policies tend create massive social upheaval and warfare. Thus, the 1%’rs need all the public manipulation tools they can get. Educating their lackeys properly is another part of the plan. John D. Rockefeller founded the University of Chicago to create consensus amongst societal elites as to beliefs and ideologies, and also to train their upcoming lackeys in their newly pioneered methods of controlling the masses. Cornell and Vanderbilt Universities were founded for the same reasons. These universities first institutionalized social sciences — in particular, economics, politics, and sociology. They did this so they could subsequently institutionalize all of the intellectuals in order to draw them away from any radical ideologies they may otherwise be exposed to. This way they could focus public attention upon the symptoms rather than upon the disease itself. This is very important because the 1%’rs are themselves the disease itself and thus the 1%’rs don’t want us to actually fix the problem because that would mean seriously downgrading if not completely eliminating their privileged positions. Thus, they promote ‘reform’ rather than ‘revolution’. They support super-gluing the existing non-sustainable structure rather than tearing it down and building something better.

THIS is why all these famous foundations suddenly popped up in the early 20th Century seemingly doing all these wonderful philanthropic works. It was all done for PR and for purposes of manipulation and deflection.

These foundations are tools of control and domination.

As for the NGO’s — you may remember that the Christian missionary system was one of the vital tools of imperialism? Well, the NGO’s have now taken over their old role. They are there to preach the gospel of compassionate capitalism even though there is no such thing. The individual people who made up those missions and who work for these NGO’s are often the best of people with the best of intentions. They enter the world of NGO’s because they want to make change but they consider politics to be too dirty — but they are actually there merely to mitigate the symptoms, not to cure the disease. The 1%’rs know the true role of these NGO’s even if the employees and volunteers who actually do the work don’t. They are there to relieve poverty. They are not to ask why there is so much poverty. They are there to help refugees during war. They are NOT there to ask why there is so much war. They are there to report on poverty and injustice. They are NOT there to ask why there is so much inequality and injustice. They are there to treat the victims, not to question the reason for their victimization. They are not to question the system that creates all this poverty, war, and injustice. Their actions actually strengthen the system because NGO’s often pacify good people into thinking they are making things better when actually they are further contributing to it, and the fact that the 1%’rs so cynically use so many truly good people to accomplish such incredibly vile ends is one of many utterly contemptible attributes that the 1% harbours.

This problem is further exacerbated by the fact that when the 1%’rs fund social justice organizations, then they often insist upon line-item control of their budgets. They often demand certain results. Since they tend to fund on a quarterly schedule, and since true change often takes generations, then they are not geared for long-term projects or goals. Thus, the social justice organizations spend all their time on ineffective short-term fixes rather than doing any long-range planning for true and effective change.

The 1%’rs also use these foundations to manipulate the opinions of the general public. One of the originals — the Rockefeller Foundation — was first formed as a direct result of the Ludlow Massacre, wherein Mr. Rockefeller paid National Guard troops to massacre not only a bunch of striking miners but they ended up killing a large number of their women and children as well. This resulted in a massive scandal, and thus Mr. Rockefeller hired the very first PR man — Ivy Lee — to convince the public that Mr. Rockefeller was actually a swell fellow after all. Suddenly, Mr. Rockefeller was all over the news for all of the charitable contributions he was making. He spent several times as much money advertising his contributions as he did actually contributing, but that fact wasn’t mentioned.

It worked. Very quickly, Mr. Rockefeller was transformed in the public eye from a murderer of women and children into a philanthropic hero.

The model grew. Foundations were soon forming think tanks — such as the Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberger Group — and these groups were lavishly funded.

The Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation got together in 1924 and formed the Social Science Research Council to act as a conduit between the foundations and the universities so it wouldn’t appear as if the foundations were directly directing the course and curriculum of social sciences education at the universities.

They must go to such extraordinary lengths because they absolutely do NOT want students to actually understand what is going on. This is why the universities so severely compartmentalize education in the fields of sociology, economics, and politics — and never shall the fields meet. They do this even though all three fields are intimately intertwined and you cannot truly understand any one field without having at least a basic understanding of all three.   They separate these ‘sciences’ because if students ever started learning about all three and about how they all interact with each other then they would very quickly discern what an insane unfair and unsustainable scam it is.

These foundations have profoundly influenced every area of our society, from politics to education to the environmental movement to psychiatry. They decide what your child will learn in school. They decide who will be the president of the United States. Their influence is, if anything, even more pervasive in the Third World, where their money goes even further. They are ubiquitous and they are pure frigging evil.

We really need to marginalize these people. We can’t beat them playing their game by their rules — especially when they themselves are not subject to the rules. We cannot beat them in their rigged game by playing with their stacked deck.

I am convinced that what we need to do is to create our own system and then simply make their machine irrelevant.

It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of August 6th thru August 12th, 2015




1) FYI Section: Update from the West Central Park Project

This came from Alicia:

We’re gearing up for our 2nd Annual Arts Splash coming up on August 15 from 12-5 at the Park. Community musicians and artists will gather to share their creative talents with you! Come on out and enjoy the sights and sounds of 14 visual artists and 10 musical acts throughout the day.  Contact Tuck Petertil at for more information about how to get involved.

There will be no parking in the Park itself for the Arts Splash, but there will be some front in only parking along the alley south of the Park. There are also 90 on street parking spaces on Cushing, MIlroy and Decatur. Terry’s Automotive on Harrison( eves and weekends) and Gloria Dei Lutheran, six blocks away provide an additional 50 parking spaces. The West Central Park was never intended to be a drive through park. There will always be numerous ways to access the block via foot, bicycle or bus, and there are miles of low density neighborhoods to the south that are characterized by wide streets and sidewalks and no major streets to cross. Across Harrison, again, miles of low density neighborhoods with sidewalks and wide streets.  If you can leave your car behind please do, there are numerous busses that run right in front of the Park on the half hour daily as well.

Monday Movie Madness continues this coming Monday, August 3rd with the 1973 classic, The Sting, starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford. In the movie, set in 1930’s Chicago, Redford plays a young aspiring crook, Johnny Hooker who gets out crooked by some real nasty pros.  He gets the  help of the biggest crook of all Henry Gondorf, played by Newman. Watch Gondorf’s  clever plan unfold to the tune of all of Scott Joplin’s rags. Bring your blankets and lawn chairs, it does get chilly in the Park at night, but nothing is nicer than cuddling under a blanket under the stars, with your crispy hot popcorn and watching an outdoor show. The movie is brought to you by Olympia Federal Savings, The Olympia Framemakers, The Iron Rabbit and WSECU!!  Since it is getting darker earlier, we will start the movie at 9:45 on Monday. Dollar popcorn and hot tea will be available for your movie munching pleasure.  See you there!

The Park is sustained by volunteer labor and donations of money that average $25. All of these donations are 100% tax deductible.  Please consider donating your time or money to a project that your family and community will be able to enjoy long into the future. Visit to see how you can donate.

Thanks Oly!



2) I-735 Olympia Move to Amend/WAmend Meeting

Thursday August 6th at 7 pm @ Thurston County Courthouse, 2000 Lakeridge Dr SW Bldg #1

Money out of politics?   Yippee!

This message came through TC Pro Net:

I-735 Olympia Move to Amend/WAmend Meeting: LET’S GET BIG $$ OUT NOW!
Date: Thursday, August 6, 2015
Time: 7:00PM – 9:00PM
Short Description: Join us and get involved with WAmend’s I-735 to get BIG $$ OUT of politics. 1st Thursday of each month through December 2015.
Location: Thurston County Courthouse Complex, Bldg. #1, Rm 280
2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW
Olympia, WA 98502
Contact Information: Michael Savoca at or Jennifer Sprague at 510-863-4735,

Please join us!  We will be making plans for and gathering signatures for WAmend’s Citizen Initiative 735 through December 2015 (to get I-735 on the November 2016 ballot in Washington).  Come by to drop off filled petition sheets and get fresh blank ones or other materials you need.  You don’t need to stay for the meeting if you don’t want to.  In addition to getting I-735 on the ballot, gathering signatures helps us spread the word about the movement to get money out of politics and educate our friends and neighbors about what we can do to reclaim our democracy and return to a government “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

See the language of I-735 here:

We meet in Rm #280 of Building #1 at the Thurston County Courthouse Complex.

Questions? email Michael at or Jennifer at

Some of the other organizations that are working toward a similar goal to overturn Citizens United include — and we welcome members of these groups to join us:  WAmend, Wolf-PAC, Fix Democracy First!, RAD (Restore the American Dream) Team, Public Citizen, People for the American Way, Sum of Us, Represent.US, Free Speech for People, StampStampede…

We the People, NOT We the Corporations 


On January 21, 2010, with its ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are persons, entitled by the U.S. Constitution to buy elections and run our government. Human beings are people; corporations are legal fictions.

We, the People of the United States of America, reject the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United and other related cases, and move to amend our Constitution to firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights.
“The Story of Citizens United v. FEC”


WATCH and share this short video (under 9 min.) which explores:

>the inordinate power that corporations exercise in our democracy,

>the history of the American corporation and corporate political spending,

>the appropriate roles of citizens and for-profit corporations in a democracy, and

>the toxic impact the “Citizens United” Supreme Court decision is having on our political process.

It ends with a call to amend the U.S. Constitution to confirm that people—not corporations—make the decisions in a democracy.

SIGN! Motion to Amend the US Constitution: Reject Citizens United:

SIGN! Corporations are not people:

Priceles$$ The Movie: A Call To Action For Campaign Finance Reform
We keep trimming the branches of the tree, but we really need to get at the root of the problem… Watch Pricele$$: (56:15)

Click here to connect with the Olympia Move to Amend/WAmend group.



3) Olympia People’s Mic: Team Send Off Show

Thursday August 6th at 7:30 pm @ Three Magnets Brewing Co., 600 Franklin St SE

Radical poets!

This came from Brian:

In a world, dominated by small imaginations, corporate newspapers, and complex ideas simplified into bad Facebook memes, FIVE POETS seek to thwart the supremacy of lazy communication!

These heroes have braved bone crushing qualifying slams at Olympia People’s Mic, the grueling anxiety of the Olympia Poetry Grand Slam, and three months of soul-searching poetry chaos to arrive at this send-off show for Olympia’s first team at the National Poetry Slam. They are:

Scarlett Pedersen (The Deflector)

Kina Wolfenstein (The Survivor)

Kelly Miller & Daniel Georgeson (The Tension Twins)

Brian McCracken – Wise Fool Speaking (Captain Distraction)

Team Olympia will be showcasing individual and group pieces that they will be performing at NPS. Come show your love for Team Olympia and wish them luck at Nationals! Team anthologies and Old Growth Poetry Collective patches will be available for $5.

Suggested Donation: $5-500 to support this and future trips for Olympia poets to national events.

There will be an open-mic at the beginning of the show. Sign-ups at 7:30. Show at 8. BE THERE!!!



4) Peace Vigil at Percival Landing

Friday August 7th at 4:30 to 6 pm @ Percival Landing, 4th and Water Streets Downtown

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation has been doing this every Friday for decades. The Artesian Rumble Arkestra — Olympia’s own activist brass band — often performs at these vigils.

This message came from Glen:

Peace Vigil at Percival Landing
Date: Friday, August 7, 2015
Time: 4:30PM – 6:00PM
Short Description: Join us for Olympia FOR’s weekly peace vigil, 4:30-6:00 pm. We provide signs to hold. The Artesian Rumble Arkestra joins us at 5:00.
Location: Percival Landing
4th & Water, downtown
Olympia 98501
Contact Information: Glen Anderson (360) 491-9093


Every Friday from 4:30 to 6:00 pm:  Peace Vigil at Percival Landing’s south end, 4th & Water, downtown.  Please join us for whatever length of time you can.  We provide plenty of signs.  The Artesian Rumble Arkestra street band joins us at 5:00 with lively music to support our vigil!  We have vigiled here since November 1998.  The Olympia FOR sponsors this.

Info: 491-9093


See website’s sections on “Vigils” and other topics



5) PFLAG-Olympia Monthly Meeting

Sunday August 9th at 2 pm @ First United Methodist Church, 1224 Legion Way SE

These meetings happen every month. I don’t know these folks personally but they are highly spoken of.

This message came from TC Pro Net:

PFLAG-Olympia Monthly Meeting
Date: Sunday, August 9, 2015
Time: 2:00PM – 4:00PM
Short Description: PFLAG is the nation’s foremost family-based organization committed to the civil rights of gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender persons.
Location: Gathering Place Room at First United Methodist Church

1224 Legion Way SE

Olympia, WA

PFLAG is the nation’s foremost family-based organization committed to the civil rights of gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender persons.

PFLAG promotes the health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons, their families and friends through: Support, Education and Advocacy. PFLAG provides opportunity for dialogue about sexual orientation and gender identity, and acts to create a society that is healthy and respectful of human diversity.

See PFLAG-Olympia’s homepage for specific details about the program which changes each month.




6) Localize This Action Camp

Tuesday August 11th through Monday August 17th on Vashon Island

This is the premiere training camp for creative activism. Come spend a week learning how to shake up the world.

This message came from Bill:

Localize This!, 11-17th of August, is YOUR destination for Creative Direct Action Tactics and Effective Organizing Strategies.

>>> Register at

Lock arms with passionate action-oriented change agents from across the country.

Dive into a week of intensive training, strategizing, learning, and sharing of victory stories with some of the movements most effective organizers.

Take action before everything we value or hold as sacred is extracted, exploited, and extinguished.

What started out as training ground for a community’s fight to stop a transnational corporation’s environmental destruction and extraction has turned into an annual celebration of some of the best our movements for justice have to offer.




7) WAmend I-735 Event with Move to Amends’ David Cobb

Wednesday August 12th at 7 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW

This message came from Mike:

WAmend I-735 Event with MTA’s DAVID COBB at Traditions Cafe
Date: Wednesday, August 12, 2015
Time: 7:00PM – 9:00PM
Short Description: Move to Amend national spokesperson David Cobb is visiting Washington State in support of I-735.
Location: Traditions Café

300 5th Avenue SW

Olympia, WA 98501

Contact Information: Michael: 360-951-6518,

Join us for a very dynamic speaker from Move to Amend’s National Leadership Team!

Move to Amend national spokesperson David Cobb is visiting Washington State to reveal the origins of corporate power in America and inspire activism for I-735. David’s presentation will help us understand how we can work together to abolish corporate personhood and establish a government of, by, and for the people.

David Cobb from Move to Amend’s National Leadership Team is National Projects Director of Democracy Unlimited. He is a lawyer and political activist. David has sued corporate polluters, lobbied elected officials, run for political office himself, and has been arrested for non-violent civil disobedience. He truly believes we must use ALL the tools in the toolbox to effect the systemic social change we so desperately need.

David was born in San Leon, Texas and worked as a laborer before going to college. He graduated from the University of Houston Law School in 1993 and maintained a successful private law practice in Houston for several years before devoting himself to full time activism to achieve real democracy in the United States.

In 2002 David ran for Attorney General of Texas, pledging to use the office to revoke the charters of corporations that repeatedly violate health, safety and environmental laws. He did not win the office, but the Green Party of Texas grew dramatically during his campaign from four local chapters to twenty-six. In 2004, he ran for President of the United States on the Green Party ticket and successfully campaigned for the Ohio recount.



8) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Don’t take candy from bankers.




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