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1) FYI Section:

1A) New Film War on the Whistleblowers Seeks Local Screenings

1B) Update from Save the LBA Woods

1C) Patty Murray Sells Us Out on the TPP

1D) Backbone Campaign Localize This Action Camp

2) Coordinating Meeting for Climate Change Activists

3) Media Island Monthly Benefit Brunch: KOWA 106.5 fm

4) POWER Outage: Swimming Picnic

5) KOWA Volunteer Core Meeting

6) Bonus Tip of the Day


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No Voter’s Guide




Hey Kids!

First, I must confess that I spent all my time this week producing a radio program (The Thunderbolt’s Handy Household Tips on Proper Storm Trooper Etiquette that will air at on Friday August 7th at 8 am and 7 pm and Saturday August 8th at noon) and I don’t have a News & Commentary section this week — other than to note the fact that a federal judge has just told Obama that his practice of locking up immigrant women and children who have committed no crime is both illegal and “deplorable”.

I guess our constitutional Scholar in Chief didn’t already know that.

And by the way, entering the United States illegally is a civil offense, not a criminal one. It is roughly the equivalent of receiving a traffic ticket. Obama has been locking up women and children for months in private prisons over this.

I would also note that the Obomber just went to Africa. As far as the current competition between the United States and China for influence in Africa — the Chinese are bringing highways and dams. The Americans are bringing guns and chaos.

Which country do you think the Africans would rather see coming?

No Voters Guide

I must also confess to having fallen down on my job in another way — there is a local election next Tuesday and I haven’t looked into anything. Normally I don’t take voting too seriously as far as actually accomplishing anything goes, but people did die for our right to vote and whatever impact voting does have is most impactful in a local election — and so I need to solicit advice from any Thunderbolt readers who might know where there is a good website where folks can get information about the upcoming election so I can share it with other readers before next Tuesday. Anything anyone knows about any of the candidates or any of the issues that they would like to share would also be helpful — as would links to documentation for any factual assertions you may make about any of them.

Also, please do NOT refer me to the FUSE voters guide as their support for Denny Heck over Sue Gunn in our last federal House race proved that they are shills for the Democratic Party rather than the ‘progressives’ that they claim to be and are thus not to be trusted.

Thank you.

It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of July 30th thru August 5th, 2015




1) FYI Section:

1A) New Film War on the Whistleblowers Seeks Local Screenings

Barack Obama has been allowing blatant outrageous criminality in every level of government and finance yet has aggressively prosecuted anyone that tries to expose these crimes. He has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all other American presidents combined. This is so outrageous it makes me want to start doing outrageous things.

Robert Greenwald has made a new film called the War on the Whistleblowers and they are encouraging organizations to offer free airings to their communities.

This message came to me from Brave New Films via Desdra:

It’s way too easy for you and me, living our daily lives, to overlook the personal hardships whistleblowers are going through everyday just so we can keep America a true democracy.

Edward Snowden is still living in exile. Thomas Drake was indicted, lost his job and his pension. Franz Gayle is the target of ongoing investigations and lost the career he loved.

Next Thursday, July 30th is National Whistleblower Appreciation Day – a time to honor whistleblowers and push for the de-criminalization of truth telling.

Help us celebrate National Whistleblower Appreciation Day by hosting a free screening of War on Whistleblower in your home, community, church or school.

Whistleblowers are pioneers of change who risk everything – their livelihood, homes and freedom- to tell the truth in hopes of making the world a better place.

Together we can call for an end to the unjust persecution of whistleblowers. Due to ongoing efforts to lift up the voices and heroic acts of whistleblowers, there are rumors that Edward Snowden may be able to return home if granted a plea deal! We will continue to demand that the Department of Justice stop persecuting Edward Snowden by dropping charges against him.

So let’s keep up the pressure and keep creating new activists to join this critical fight to preserve our democracy!


Robert Greenwald, President




1B) Update from Save the LBA Woods

I don’t get to report good news very often, so it is always a pleasure.

This message came from Save the LBA Woods:

Dear Supporters of Saving the LBA Woods:

    City Council Approves Purchase Option for Ashton Woods/Trillium
Last Tuesday (July 21),the Olympia City Council voted unanimously to obtain a purchase option for the 74-acre Trillium/Ashton Woods parcel, half of the 150-acre property known unofficially as the “LBA Woods.”  This parcel, adjacent to the City of Olympia’s LBA Park in southeast Olympia, is currently owned by developer D.R. Horton, which has submitted plans for building 400 homes on the site.

Tuesday night’s unanimous Council vote marks the first big step towards our vision of conserving all of LBA Woods for parkland. The vote commits the city to pay $250K for the right to buy the wooded acreage for $5 million by June 30, 2016.

We give a huge Thank You to all members of the Olympia City Council. Read more about this Ashton Woods/Trillium acquisition plan in The Olympian newspaper.

Please take a moment to send a note of appreciation to the City Council.

City Council Approves MPD (Metropolitan Park District) Initiative
The City Council also approved placing the Metropolitan Park District (MPD) initiative on the ballot this November. The MPD establishes a taxing district to provide stable and sustainable funding for parks in Olympia. In addition, it creates an MPD Board, and a citizen-based oversight committee to provide an annual report to the City and District regarding the City’s compliance with the funding requirements in the MPD.  The amount of revenue collected via the MPD is expected to be approximately $3 million per year for parks acquisition, operation, and maintenance (not necessarily in that order).

We thank Council Members Jim Cooper, Nathaniel Jones, Jeannine Roe, and Cheryl Selby, who voted enthusiastically in support of the MPD and its placement on the November ballot. Thanks to Mayor Stephen Buxbaum and Council Members Julie Hankins and Steve Langer for their thoughtful input on the MPD ordinance language and support for a successful MPD for Olympia.  Again, please send a note of thanks to the City Council for the MPD.

The LBA Woods Park Coalition and other parks-advocacy organizations are gearing up to ensure the MPD’s success on the ballot. Be on the lookout for more information on the “YesOlympiaParks” campaign and how to be a part of a brighter and greener future for all Olympia citizens. More to come on the MPD!

Before You Vote in the Primary, Read Candidates’ Answers to our Questionnaire

In advance of the Primary elections for Olympia Mayor and two City Council positions, the LBA Woods Park Coalition sent a questionnaire to the eight candidates to learn their thoughts on the most pressing local environmental issues and the future of our city’s parks and parks funding.

We urge you to review the responses we have received to date (from 4 out of 8 candidates), available on our LBA Woods Park Coalition website, before you vote your Primary ballot.

PLEASE DO VOTE by August 4 !

Once again, we are making progress in saving the LBA Woods because of YOUR participation and communications with the Olympia City Council! 


Please contact us at if you have any questions.

If you submit comments in support of saving the LBA Woods, City Council members indicate that heartfelt and thoughtful comments, emails, and letters are the most persuasive.  Please write the City Council at

For more information or support documents, go to



1C) Patty Murray Sells Us Out on the TPP

Patty Murray — who is supposedly a ‘housewife in tennis shoes’ but who is actually a wholly owned corporate shill — has sold us out on the TPP. Surprise, surprise. A LOT of folks are upset with her.

Go here to express your outrage. This message came from CREDO Action via Janet:

Over 72,700 activists have signed our petition about Senator Patty Murray’s betrayal of the Democratic caucus by supporting the Trans-Pacific Partnership!   But we’re aiming for 75,000 before we deliver the petition.

Senator Murray is in the running for the position of Democratic whip. That’s why we need to make it as clear as possible to Senate Democrats that selling them out on this terrible trade deal should disqualify her from a leadership position.

Be sure to sign the petition yourself!  You can go directly to the petition by clicking here.

Click here to share this action with your friends and family via email, Facebook, or Twitter. 

Thank you for speaking out.

– Murshed for Credo Action



1D) Backbone Campaign Localize This Action Camp

This is the premiere organization for creative activism. Come learn how to change the world.

This message came from Bill:

Action Camp is merely two weeks a way. . .

Have you registered yet?


Localize This! is August 11th-17th

Register for Action Camp ->HERE<-


Register TODAY, recruit your friends, and whatever you do, make sure you don’t miss Localize This! Action Camp.

What: Localize This! 2015 is YOUR destination to explore Creative Direct Action Tactics and Effective Organizing Strategies

When: Tuesday August 11th – Monday August 17th, come a day or stay a week


Where: Vashon, WA a beautiful, rural island across from Seattle.

Register HERE



2) Coordinating Meeting for Climate Change Activists

Thursday July 30th at 5 pm @ Priest Point Park, Shelter #3

This is an effort to network all the climate change activists so everyone can coordinate their efforts. If you are working on this issue you should attend this meeting.

This message came from Peggy:

There are many like-minded groups in Thurston County all trying to reverse the severe damage being caused by fossil fuel global warming. To be more effective we all need to meet, socialize and coordinate our efforts. Sierra Club South Sound invites you to a green gathering July 30th 5-8 pm Priest Point Park Shelter 3.

If you have any questions please contact Lois at: . It’s time to sit down with all the other hard working environmental groups in Olympia and have some fun. We will provide drinks, hot dogs, burgers, garden burgers,and all that goes on them. You bring a side dish.

Guest Speaker: Harry Chichester, Environmental Specialist at Washington State Department of Ecology

Peggy Bruton



3) Media Island Monthly Benefit Brunch: KOWA 106.5 fm

Sunday August 2nd from 11 am to 2 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE

Every month Media Island hosts a brunch to benefit a local social justice organization. This month the brunch will benefit KOWA, 106.5 fm.

This message came from Media Island:

KOWA is learning to fly. We’ve been the beneficiaries of grant money to elevate the power of the radio station. Now is the time to put into place the good practices that can generate an interest and benefit for the Olympia Community. Come down to Media Island and join us for a brunch and learn more.



4) POWER Outage: Swimming Picnic

Monday August 3rd Carpool Leaves at 5 pm from POWER Office, 309 5th Avenue SE

It’s the monthly POWER Outage — always a good time.

This message came from Monica:

August POWER Outage

Join us for our annual swimming picnic!

Monday, August 3rd at the Maytown Quarry

Carpools leave POWER at 5 pm sharp!


Parents Organizing For Welfare and Economic Rights

309 5th Avenue SE, Olympia, WA  98501

Bring kids, dogs, swim gear, and food to share.

There is no lifeguard at the quarry so please be safe!



5) KOWA Volunteer Core Meeting

Wednesday August 5th at 7 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE

This is a weekly meeting of the core KOWA volunteers. If you would like to get into radio, come plug in!

This message is from Bruce:

Every Wednesday at 7pm! Looking for more folks to become involved! We’ve just received grant money and are poised for growth and need your help!



6) Bonus Tip of the Day:

If you’re going to vote, vote smart.




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