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1) FYI Section:

1A) CORRECTION: OMJP to Meet ONCE an Month

1B) Notes from Janet on Port Commissioner Interviews

1C) Update from West Central Park Project

2) Justice for Andre and Bryson

3) Global Days of Listening

4) First Annual Media Island Retreat

5) First Joint Meeting: Housing Task Force, HOME Citizens Advisory, and Thurston Thrives Homeless Housing Team

6) KOWA Volunteer Core Meeting

7) Bonus Tip of the Day


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Halo of Flies



Autobiographical Treatise

Hey Kids!

I was born at a very early age. I don’t really remember it.

That is probably just as well since I am told that I was born by cesarean section.



Greek Tragedy

Syriza has been toe-to-toe with the German banksters for months now and they were not giving an inch.

Then they held an election on the issue and Syriza won by a near super-majority.

Syriza seemed in the driver’s seat. The Greek people had their backs.

Then, the day after the election the Finance Minister resigned. He said the German banksters had requested he leave, but that sounded real weird to me since the Finance Minister was by far the most articulate and effective advocate for their cause.

Then, two days after the election the Greek prime minister completely caved in and accepted a deal that is said to be even worse than the one the Greek people just voted down.


Something that I suspect truly sucks on a monumental level must have happened.

I haven’t seen anyone holding a gun to the Greek prime minister’s head on any of the videos I have seen of him — but I can just about guarantee you that it is there.



Through a Looking Glass

The fact that Donald Trump — a man who possibly can be said to possess both more hubris and more ignorance than any other human on the planet — the fact that such a man is a major contender for president of the United States just underlines accentuates underscores emphasizes and shoves into your face what a completely ridiculous and farcical charade our elections have become.



Walk the Walk or Not

Before you get too excited about the fact that Barack Obama has been all over the airwaves talking the talk and saying very cool things about prison reform I would point out that Barack Obama has been saying all kinds of very cool things about all kinds of things ever since he’s been a politician. Saying very cool things is how he got elected, in fact.

I would point out, though, that he has never actually done anything about nearly any of it.

And yes, I am one of several million people who now have health insurance thanks to Barack Obama. I would point out, however, that his health care bill was similar to putting a band-aide on a severed artery and I would point out that his health care bill represented a big fat wet French kiss to his Wall Street pimps.

I will concede that possibly Mr. Obama is starting to freak out about his legacy — and in addition, he is now a lame duck. Perhaps he is going to actually make an honest try at real prison reform. Evidently he’s got everyone from the ACLU to the Koch Brothers to the evangelicals to Van Jones on board with his prison reform agenda (though I haven’t heard any details yet.) so let’s see if he actually walks the walk on this one.



Halo of Flies

According to Edward Bernays, humanity is a mindless herd that requires guidance from our superior elites in order that we don’t descend into chaos and violent anarchy.

The American military is nearly everywhere in the world and everywhere in the world that the American military goes instantly turns into crap. After spending over a trillion dollars ‘bringing democracy’ to the Middle East, the entire area is blowing up into insanity. The Iraqi Army that we spent hundreds of billions arming and training is completely dysfunctional and useless. Afghanistan is pumping out record amounts of heroin and rates of heroin addiction are skyrocketing worldwide.

In spite of all this Obama is still out there wagging the Great American Penis at pretty much everyone everywhere in the rest of the world even though there is every indication that the Great American Empire is about to crash and burn. There are currently more refugees on our planet than ever before in all human history. Black African civilians are still being raped kidnapped and mass slaughtered daily in numerous locales all over Africa while Fox MSNBC and NPR continue to almost completely ignore it. There is now a larger gap between rich and poor than there has been for almost 100 years. Climate change is threatening the survival of our civilization if not the future of humanity itself and all the lemmings just keep blindly charging forward toward the cliff.

In addition to all that, a large percentage of the human race is about to run out of water.

Gee! I’m certainly glad such superior ‘elites’ are leading us! Otherwise things might be really messed up!

It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of July 16th thru July 22nd, 2015




1) FYI Section:

1A) CORRECTION: OMJP to Meet ONCE an Month

Last week I said that the OMJP was now meeting every week rather than every other week. Actually they are now meeting only once per month for the rest of the summer. Sorry for any misunderstandings.



1B) Notes from Janet on Port Commissioner Interviews

This message came from Janet:

Notes on the Picnic and Interviews of 7/1/15

We interviewed Treacy (pronounced “Tracy”) Kreger and EJ Zita (who goes by “Zita”) on July 1 at Bigelow Park.   In summarizing their comments, I’m going to attribute all remarks to both of them because they basically agreed on everything.  They spoke with one voice.

They said the Port uses “funny accounting” in that it doesn’t consider depreciation, so that it gives the impression they are earning money while actually losing it, to the tune of $4 million per year which must be made up by a public subsidy.   Zita said the Marine Terminal does not actually have a future as a deep-water port.  Deep water has to be maintained by dredging which is ecologically disruptive (as well as expensive).  It might have a future with container cargo, they don’t know.

While they would be willing to consider discontinuing the Port as a marine terminal, they do see many uses for Port property that would be beneficial to the community.  Treacy went into detail about the possibility of a center for storing and adding value to farm produce, especially at the airport in Tumwater.  His idea was that, in an environment that favors factory farming and large producers, it would be a help to local producers.  The area needs good local food.  They also are looking at water taxis and tourism.

They said the East Bay properties should not be “developed” in the sense of finding something to build there, before evaluating them in their setting – they might have an ecological function, such as daylighting Moxlie Creek and letting it form an estuary, which would be more beneficial than building something.

They both take climate change extremely seriously.  They don’t think it makes sense to build a wall around the downtown area, or raise buildings on stilts, because the seas will continue to rise.  They want to scrap current planning and start over.  They see big opportunities to collaborate with City Council, the Planning Commission and other area agencies around sea level rise.   They say it makes sense to wait with Port plans until they have a chance to consult with all relevant agencies.

Regarding proppants as cargo, they say the contracts were sought out (without fanfare) by current Port commissioners, and that this was irresponsible since it facilitated an activity which is not in the interests of citizens.  Zita said (Treacy agreed) that the Port should not be in the business of promoting fossil fuels, especially coal – the externalities are huge.

Janet Jordan



1C) Update from West Central Park Project

This message came from Alicia:

The Park’s first movie night was a success! Raiders of the Lost Ark was attended by around 60 neighbors and visitors.  A show of hands poll revealed the majority of the group had walked to the movie that night. A record of those numbers will be kept, that we can offer to the City during their analysis of the impacts of the Park on the neighborhood. Thanks in advance for participating in these brief surveys.  Our next movie coming up on Monday night is Mouse Hunt! This is a hilarious comedy starring Nathan Lane and Lee Evans about two delightfully bungling brothers who inherit a string factory and a mysterious mansion.  The rest involves a very clever little mouse. A riot!  Bring your blankets, or lawn chairs and some extra layers.  It has been getting chilly in the evening at the Park.  There will be hot food and hot dollar popcorn available until about 11 pm. In the event of rain the movie will be rescheduled for later in the week, so stay tuned!

Put August 15th on your calendars, for the West Central Park’s 2nd Annual Arts Splash from 12-5! If you are or know of an artist or musician who is interested in performing or showing their artwork at this event, contact event coordinator Tuck Petertil at for more information. Last year the event was an exciting splash of color and sound that included over 12 artists and 6 different musical acts. Help us make this year’s event even better!

A small reminder to all of you that this Park is a public 501c3 charity and survives on even the smallest donations of money and labor. The weekly work party is the simplest way you can be involved and donate to the Park. You can also donate on our website with pay pal at, or simply put a check in the mail to:

West Central Park Project

2103 Harrison Ave. , PMB 2835

Olympia, WA     98502



2) Justice for Andre and Bryson

Friday July 17th at 7 pm @ Heritage Park, 303 5th Ave SW

This is a rally in support of the two young men shot by the Olympia Police last month.

This message came from Matt:

The city of Olympia and OPD told the community the investigation would take 4-6 weeks to complete. 6 weeks have passed and now we are being told there won’t be any details of the investigation released until August. What are they trying to hide? We demand that the investigation be released now!

On May 21st brothers Andre and Bryson Chaplin were being sought for an attempt to shoplift at the Safeway on Olympia’s west side. Officer Ryan Donald stopped the two walking north on Cooper Point and 37 seconds later opened fire on the two. Both were shot while trying to escape and both narrowly survived but Bryson is now partially paralyzed.

Please join us in demanding answers. Invite friends who believe in justice for Andre and Bryson!



3) First Annual Media Island Retreat

July 18th and 19th on Hope Island

This will be the first annual campout with the Media Island crew! Come plug in with Olympia’s activist resource center!

This message came from Bruce:

Media Island is going to Hope Island for a retreat focused on KOWA. KOWA received a substantial grant and is poised to reaching new strength. We’re hoping to have a blast, bond, and organize in a beautiful location. Please come! We’re taking Matt’s sailboat.



4) First Joint Meeting: Housing Task Force, HOME Citizens Advisory, and Thurston Thrives Homeless Housing Team

Monday July 20th from Noon to 2 pm @ Timberland Library, 313 8th Ave SE

This message came from Anna:

First Joint Meeting:

Housing Task Force, HOME Citizens Advisory & Thurston Thrives Homeless Housing Team


Monday July 20th

Noon – 2 PM

Olympia Library

313 – 8th Ave SE

Dear HCAC and Housing Task Force members,


Below is our planned agenda for our first joint meeting of the Housing Task Force, the HOME Citizens Advisory and the Thurston Thrives – Homeless Housing Action Team. 

Old School Pizza has contributed pizzas for the meeting. On behalf of the planning team, we look forward to seeing you there. 


WELCOME:                         Anna Schlecht, City of Olympia & HTF Coordinator

  • Introductions:  Name, organization & role – getting to know each other
  • Pizza & Networking

OVERVIEW:                        Schelli Slaughter, Family Support Center & HCAC Co-Chair

  • Background: on various homeless/housing groups and purposes
  • Proposal:  to join together HCAC and Housing TF

DISCUSSION:                     Paul Knox, United Way & HCAC Co-Chair

  • How-to:  What appeals/what adjustments to make?
  • Next steps: Ideas for learning/policy sessions
  • New Name? What to call the new group

CONCLUSIONS:                 All

Paul Knox

Executive Director

United Way of Thurston County

1211 Fourth Ave E, Suite 101

Olympia, WA  98506

360.943.2773 x 10

360.790.4464 (cell)



5) Global Days of Listening

Tuesday July 21st from 6:30 am to 8:30 am on your Phone

This is where you listen to people from all over the world talk about their lives. (The timing is for the benefit of people in Afghanistan.)

This message came from TC Pro Net:

Global Days of Listening
Date: Tuesday, July 21, 2015
Time: 6:30AM – 8:30AM
Short Description: People all over the world want peace, so we talk through computers, phones, etc. on the 21st of each month.
Location: See description below
Contact Information: and Doug Mackey 915-6757

Sat Feb 21:  Global Days of Listening:  On the 21st day of each month, you can connect by telephone and/or computer (through Skype software) with the Afghan Peace Volunteers and other peacemakers of all ages in Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza, and many other countries around the world.  In the US’s Pacific Time Zone it runs from 6:30 to 9:30 am (yes, morning!), Pacific Time.  Listen to the live broadcast

at visit the home of Chuck Schultz and Rozanne Rants to listen or help.  Info:

Local info:  Doug Mackey 915-6757


Listen anytime to the broadcast at this livestream link:

The 21st day of each month



6) KOWA Volunteer Core Meeting

Wednesday July 22nd at 7 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE

This is a weekly meeting of the core KOWA volunteers. If you would like to get into radio, come plug in!

This message is from Bruce:

Every Wednesday at 7pm! Looking for more folks to become involved! We’ve just received grant money and are poised for growth and need your help!



7) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Ignore what they say. Watch what they do.





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