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1) FYI Section:

1A) Update on Save the LBA Woods

1B) Legislative Update from Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

2) Rosalinda’s Retirement Party

3) Free Yourself From Microsoft and NSA – Teach Yourself Linux

4) Green Party of South Puget Sound Annual Meeting

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Pavlov’s Humans



Pavlov’s Humans

Hey Kids!

Every time there is a mass shooting, the left’s knee-jerk reaction is to try to pass gun control laws that will almost certainly never actually be passed and that wouldn’t do jack to actually fix the problem even if they were passed. The left seems to feel that all we need is to pass a law and suddenly the bad guys wouldn’t be able to get guns anymore.

In addition, the mere attempt to pass such laws represents the most effective method known for uniting and motivating the nutcase right-wingers into action and into pouring massive donations into the coffers of the NRA.

And by the way, Mr. President, the 2nd Amendment was not written to protect hunters and sports shooters. It was written partly to keep our federal government in line. I actually loathe both sides on this issue. It makes me truly angry that both sides of the gun control issue so distort the 2nd Amendment. The idea behind the 2nd Amendment was to provide for citizen militias. The idea was for the American citizenry to be armed and professionally trained on how to safely and responsibly handle firearms and how to effectively use these firearms to protect their communities. The idea was not for every amateur Tom Dick and Harry to own a gun and then with no training whatsoever to just go start blasting any stereotype that they feel represents a threat.

The central reason the Founders founded such a system was because they absolutely positively did not want the United States to maintain a standing army as they knew that permanent standing armies invariably cause more mischief than they solve.

Our current situation provides a perfect case in point.

However: Another important reason for the maintenance of civilian militias was so that these militias could act as a check on federal government overreach.

For all of you Original Intent Fanatics: Read the Federalist Papers. This is written there in very plain language.

Since Barack Obama is overreaching all the way back to the 13th Century as far as our civil liberties are concerned, this situation provides yet another case in point.

Even though I agree with them on this particular issue, I think that the right’s reasoning behind their stand is seriously flawed and overall I really hate it when the nutcase right-wingers start getting motivated and organized. In addition, while I greatly appreciate the NRA’s efforts to protect gun rights, I otherwise really don’t like them very much. It drives me nuts that I must depend upon such people to protect my gun rights from the left’s knee jerk ignorance.

All of this makes me wonder whether Ivan Pavlov was right after all.



That’s All, Folks!

Since I am leaving in a few hours to drive a bus full of radicals to California, this is probably it for this week’s Thunderbolt.

A couple of quickies: It is starting to look like the Black Lives Matter movement could expand from addressing police racism to addressing the entire country’s racism.

It’s about time.

In fact, it’s way past time.

Also, it may seem to some that the movement to remove the Confederate flag from the South Carolina statehouse is a tempest in a teacup — but if you’ve ever spent time in the deep south, you will know that that flag is a very powerful symbol and even the possibility that such a symbol could fall and for the governor of South Carolina to call for its removal without any credible threats of lynching being directed toward her (that I am aware of, anyway) is actually a big deal.

FYI: The Confederate flag was not part of the South Carolina state flag until the 1960’s and it was done in the spirit of directing an erect middle finger toward the Civil Rights Act.

It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of June 25th thru July 3rd, 2015




1) FYI Section:


1A) Update on Save the LBA Woods

Here’s everything you could want to know about the LBA Woods controversy.

This came from Save the LBA Woods:

Two Important Opportunities to Comment:

Ashton Woodsand Conservation Futures Grant

Dear Supporters of Saving the LBA Woods:       

While your LBA Woods Park Coalition Leadership Team continues to look for ways to save the LBA Woods (e.g. talking with City officials about a possible Metropolitan Park District initiative), there are two important opportunities where YOU can participate.  YOUR comments are needed on both of these:

  • Comments against the proposed “Ashton Woods” (formerly known as  “Trillium”) development (due this Friday, June 26, 5 pm.)
  • Comments supporting our application for a $5000,000 grant from Thurston County Conservation Futures program (due Monday, June 29).

Suggested talking points for each of these are provided, below, to give you ideas to use in your comments.  As always, the people who make the decisions about these matters find personal and heartfelt content more persuasive than cut-and-pasted comments.  But don’t let that keep you from submitting your comments!

Suggested talking points for comments against the proposed “Ashton Woods” :

Ask for these issues regarding “Ashton Woods” to be addressed via a thorough State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Review Process.

  1. If you are concerned about natural habitat and water quality…
    • Olympia has lost over 30% of its natural habitat since 1994, according to the City’s own 2013 Habitat & Stewardship Strategy.  The mature upland forest and wetlands ecosystem of the Ashton Woods parcel is a key component of the Chambers Creek Basin-a sensitive drainage basin that is part of the Puget Sound watershed.
    • Conversion of forest to impervious surfaces would decimate a last large remaining area of important wildlife habitat as identified in the Chambers Basin study and plan for the region. Ashton Woods developers are planning to clear all but about 8 of the 73 acres of trees on this property. A map in the City of Olympia’s Comprehensive Plan shows the Ashton Woods parcel as part of an Open Space Corridor.
    • The wetland report that DR Horton submitted appears to be incomplete. The report identifies two wetlands on the Ashton Woods property, and classifies them as “non-jurisdictional wetlands.” D.R. Horton is proposing to fill these wetlands, reduce off-site wetland buffers by at least 25%, and to drastically change the hydrological pattern of the site-though no specific details are provided about how they intend to do so. Please ensure D.R. Horton has conducted appropriate cataloguing of the existing on and off-site wetlands.
  1. If you are concerned about wildlife…
    • Ashton Woods parcel is upstream from Chambers Creek, which offers three types of habitat for coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch). Coho salmon has been listed by NOAA/National Marine Fisheries Service as a species of concern in the Evolutionarily Significant Unit (ESU) encompassing Puget Sound drainages.
    • The local Black Hills Audubon Society chapter has identified 58 bird species that use the mixed-aged forest and diverse understory of native plants for nesting, migratory stopovers, and wintering habitat. Twenty-one of these bird species are listed by the National Audubon Society as at-risk from climate change. The Ashton Woods parcel is a refuge for these species.
  1.  If you are care about protecting open space for parkland in Olympia…
    • Ashton Woods is one of two parcels in the forest known locally as the “LBA Woods.”  In 2014-2015, the City of Olympia parks planning process documented that conservation of the LBA Woods is one of the top priorities for Olympia citizens. Support for saving the Ashton Woods and Bentridge parcels is broad across all quadrants of Olympia and continues to grow.
  1.  If you are concerned about Olympia’s water supply and flooding…
    • Groundwater from the Ashton Woods parcel filters through the ground and into our regional aquifers. D.R Horton’s plans for Ashton Woods do not adequately address the impact to these aquifers of the removal of 70 acres of forest cover, significant re-grading and filling, changes to the hydrological flow regime, and paved/impervious surface cover.
    • Increased stormwater flows are caused by the removal of forest cover and paving of the exposed soil. Impervious surfaces (streets, sidewalks, roofs, lawns) eliminate the significant capture of water through evapo-transpiration and infiltration. In 2008, the City of Olympia placed a moratorium on development in the upland area of Chambers Basin, including the Ashton Woods parcel (then called “Trillium.” In their Chambers Basin Moratorium Report, the city confirmed that development would increase the risk of flooding of Wiggins Road and properties downstream of the Wiggins Road Drainage Ditch.  In attempt to reduce these impacts, D.R. Horton is proposing to re-route large amounts of stormwater, but hasn’t yet proposed how.
    • As a result of the Chambers Basin Moratorium Report, a significant portion of the Chambers Valley has now been designated with a special zoning meant to promote low-impact development. Conservation of the forest in the upland area would promote the protection of this sensitive drainage basin.
    • According to expert review of the Ashton Woods application documents, D.R. Horton has not provided sufficient geotechnical data to demonstrate the impacts of the proposed changes. In addition, D.R Horton should provide data on impacts to on and off-site wetlands, flows and water quality to Chambers Ditch/Creek system, and -given the proposal to direct significant volumes of stormwater to infiltrate next to LBA Park, investigate the potential for further saturation and flooding of LBA Park ball fields.
  1. If you are concerned about traffic in your neighborhood…
    • Ashton Woods is expected to generate 3,440 vehicle trips per day. Current streets in the vicinity of the development are ill-equipped to handle such high volume of traffic. For example, if the City of Olympia agrees, 600-900 daily trips are estimated to be directed into the Wilderness Neighborhood via Highline Drive-a road vacated by Thurston County for this type of through traffic years ago due to safety concerns.  DR Horton is proposing no improvements to narrow Wiggins Road, a street that currently has no shoulders and is next to steep banks of Wiggins Ditch.  
  1.  If you are concerned about overcrowded schools…
    • Public schools that would serve Ashton Woods residents are at capacity or close to capacity. As of October 2014, Washington Middle School enrollment exceeded its capacity, Olympia High School, and McKenney and Centennial Elementary Schools are at capacity, or close to capacity.

Your voice matters. Please send your comments in by the deadline (Friday, June 26, 5 pm) to Cari Hornbein ( or mail to:

Cari Hornbein

City of Olympia Community Planning & Development

601 4th Avenue E

P.O. Box 1967

Olympia, WA  98501

NOTE:  Public Meeting on July 6, 2015, 6:30 pm, at Grace Community Covenant Church, 5501 Wiggins Road, Olympia (corner of Wiggins Road and Yelm Highway.)

See pdf of Notice of Land Use Application and Public Meeting notice



1B) Legislative Update from Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

The clock is ticking with less than two weeks left for lawmakers to pass a state budget.

They need to hear from you. Click here to quickly and easily send your elected officials this basic message: “Before you go home, you need to do all you can for housing!”

  • Make sure the final budget invests at least $100 million in affordable housing, which includes $80 million for the Housing Trust Fund.
  • Pass HB 2263 and give local communities the tools they need to address critical affordable housing and mental health needs.
  • Hold the line on the state safety net, and ensure the final budget fully protects Housing and Essential Needs (HEN) and the Aged, Blind, and Disabled (ABD) programs.
  • End the budget deficit cycle, and set Washington on a path to a sustainable state budget by enacting new revenue.

Housing advocates turned out in droves last week at the hearing on HB 2263 making it clear to legislators that our state must do all it can to meet basic needs like housing, mental health care, and basic services.

So please let’s keep it up! Send this housing/homelessness advocacy email now.


Ben Miksch, Affordable Housing Policy and Advocacy Specialist
Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

206.442.9455 x204  |  |  fb @wliha  |  tw /wliha



2) Rosalinda’s Retirement Party

Sunday June 27th at 5:30 pm @ Priest Point Park, Shelter #4

Rosalinda Noriega has been working with the people no one else wants to work with (and thus most need to be worked with) ever since I have been in Olympia and I have no idea of how much longer. This is the end of an era.

This message came from Renata:

Come join us in celebrating all Rosalinda Noriega has done for our community as co-founder, administrator and advocate with Partners in Prevention Education, and to wish her well on the next stage of her amazing journey!!!

We’ll be serving up hamburgers and hot dogs. Please bring a side dish, beverage, or dessert to share.

The party is at Shelter #4 at Priest Point Park.

(The photo is old, there is in fact seating there!)

Carpooling is encouraged!

If you’d like to help with organizing, or with covering costs, please message me (Renata Rollins)!



3) Free Yourself From Microsoft and NSA – Teach Yourself Linux

Monday June 29th at 7 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW

This message is from a2zoly:

Hi Friends,

If you have ever used computers or would like to use in future or know someone who does or would be, bring them along also.

Mark your calendars for this “not to miss” free event !

You have asked for it & it will soon be here in Olympia !

David Spring will be presenting updates & changes in the world (since his previous presentation at Traditions) and since he wrote the highly acclaimed book : Free Yourself From Microsoft and NSA – Teach Yourself Linux at Traditions June 29 (Monday) at 7 p.m.

Traditions Café and World Folk Art
300 5th Avenue SW, Olympia, WA 98501

Check out the YouTube link & previous presentation below

Please forward & let all your friends know, too !
It’ll be lots of fun !

See you all there
BEWARE: This communication may be UNLAWFULLY collected and stored by the National Security Agency (NSA) in secret.
The parties to this email do not consent to the retrieving or storing of this communication and any related metadata, as well as printing, copying, re-transmitting, disseminating, or otherwise using it. If you believe you have received this communication in error, please delete it immediately.
This e-mail is covered by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. §2510



4) Green Party of South Puget Sound Annual Meeting

Wednesday July 1st at 6 pm @ Bigelow Park

This message came from Janet:

When:    July 1 at 6:00 PM

Where:   Bigelow Park in NE Olympia

What:     Annual Meeting of the Green Party of South Puget Sound

Details:  Cookout with the Party supplying hamburgers (both meat and vegetarian), and

              several candidates for public office to interview.

Wednesday, July 1

Bigelow Park

6:00 PM

With Elizabeth Zita and Treacy Kreger!

How to get to the park:  From State Avenue (going South), turn right on Tullis and go about 4 blocks to Bigelow Ave.  You’ll see the park ahead of you to the right.  Go one more block to Mitchell Ave so you will be on the other side of the park, turn right again, and find the parking area.

Janet Jordan



5) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Thought is always better than the jerking of the knee!




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