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1A) TPP Update from the PEN

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4) Responding to Abrupt Climate Change with Guy McPherson

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A Tale of Two Cites



Excuses, Excuses!

Hey Kids!

Between producing radio shows (which I am very excited to be doing again) and several other things, then the news and commentary section of the Thunderbolt has been a lot shorter than usual the last couple of weeks — and since I’m leaving town for a week to attend the Social Forum in San Jose next week, then the next couple of weeks are likely to be short also.

Just sayin’…



Head to Bulgaria, Young Man!

Do you want fast reliable Internet service? Move to Bulgaria. Their Internet service puts ours to shame.

Most of the developed world, in fact, has Internet service far superior to ours.

We frigging invented the damned thing.

That’s what happens when you live in a country that is being looted.



TPP Follies

The election has barely started and already I am totally sick of hearing politicians’ bloviating. One criticism that I have of Democracy Now, in fact, is that I think they spend entirely too much time playing clips of politicians saying things. This morning (Monday, June 15) Amy Goodman played a clip of Hillary Clinton making empty promises and afterward Amy Goodman spent serious time trying to figure out where Hillary Clinton stood on the TPP based upon what she said in her speech — as if a single word that Hillary Clinton says means anything whatsoever.

This campaign is going to last for over a year. I think I may be in trouble.

Speaking of the TPP, I roll on the floor and I’m laughing over the fact that Obama is standing so firmly with the Republicans and against the Democrats. Never before have his true loyalties so graphically been demonstrated.

Anyway, there is very good news on that front: The Democrats in the House just pulled a political trick to at least temporarily defeat fast track authority. There were some token worker protections that Senate Democrats had insisted must be included in the deal and since House Republicans hate anything that might help labour unions they played a cover-their-ass move by voting yes on the overall fast track authority whilst voting against the worker protections. The worker protections were a necessary part for the overall bill to pass and the Republicans were obviously figuring that the Democrats would outvote them on the worker protections with the end result being approval of fast track and of the worker protections but this way the Republicans would be on the record as voting against the unions.

However, the Democrats pulled a fast one on them by joining the Republicans in voting against the worker protections — thus effectively killing fast track.

We’re not out of the woods yet — there will be another vote next week and Wall Street’s houseboy on Pennsylvania Avenue is applying serious pressure — on the members of his own supposed party — because the fascists really want the TPP really badly.

Stay tuned.



The Bovinization of Humanity

I have conducted an informal study of the 1%’ers for my whole adult life. I have done so with the understanding that in order for them to be able to do the things they do then they obviously inhabit a reality that is completely alien to that of normal humans. I have even wondered whether or not they could be considered to be of the same species as the rest of us — yet I also seem to have some psychic connection with them in that I can almost read their minds. I find them to be almost completely transparent and I can almost always detect the hidden agendas and spot the lies and inconsistencies in their various positions and activities.

These people should not be neither accepted nor tolerated. They should be seriously marginalized, in fact.

My astonishment upon coming across incontrovertible evidence that at least some of the 1%’ers love their own families even though they murder other people’s families for a living led me to the theory that the 1%’ers quite literally dehumanize us. I am convinced that they view the rest of us in a manner similar to a rancher who is viewing his cattle; the rancher may have some respect for his cattle and he may even experience a certain fondness — but when it’s time for the slaughterhouse, then all of that is irrelevant.



NAACP Advancing Non-Coloured People

In another great cultural and social leap forward for African Americans, it turns out that white people are now trying to pass themselves off as black! The head of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP has turned out to be a white woman who has been lying about being black for many years.

Roll over, Nathan Bedford Forrest.



Tolerance vs. Acceptance

I heard a gay activist on one of our KOWA programs say that she wasn’t going to settle for ‘tolerance’ because ‘tolerance’ means someone is reluctantly acknowledging something they think is wrong only because the alternative is worse. What this activist sought was ‘acceptance’, which is a different thing.

I disagree. I think that ‘tolerance’ is often a necessary first step to accomplishing ‘acceptance’ and that it is a mistake to simply dismiss ‘tolerance’.

Consider: I am not only a privileged white male but I am a rather large one who knows how to take care of himself. I can go pretty much anyplace I want to go without trepidation and there is not much in our culture that I need to fear. I don’t lose much sleep worrying about whether some cop is going to shoot me over some BS, either. While someone like me can have a fairly extensive academic understanding of oppression — and I do — at the same time it is utterly impossible for someone like me to understand what reality or everyday life is like for an oppressed person because I have simply never been there. This does not mean I am a bad person, it means I am an ignorant person — which is something else entirely. In order for an oppressed person to understand that, they need to first tolerate me so they can understand that I am still good at heart and once they understand that then maybe they can accept me, ignorance and all.

This can be applied to many areas. This is the basis for my theory that most people are good people who are guilty of nothing more than believing what they see on their media and that if they knew what was really going on they would rise up in outrage and put a stop to it. That is why I spend so much time trying to expose this stuff.

Ironically, homophobia is similar to being gay in that it is something that seems to get wired into your brain while you’re still a little kid. After that it’s just there and there’s nothing you can do about it. If one person makes another person uncomfortable it is a fairly natural human instinct to feel hostility toward that person even if that discomfort has absolutely no legitimate reason for being. If homophobes and gays both understood this fact then maybe it could lead to a little more ‘tolerance’ and maybe even eventual ‘acceptance’ between the two groups.

I have personal experience in this area. In my early twenties I had a friend named Mike whom I hung out with and whom I worked for and whom I got to know for several months before he hit on me one night. Since I knew liked and respected Mike as a human before knowing he was gay this led to a long conversation on the subject. When I explained to Mike that the very idea of sexual contact with another man repulsed me in some base part of my lizard brain he eventually understood and accepted it — probably because he also knew liked and respected me as a human before he knew I was homophobic. Our friendship continued for several more years — and Mike even had the respect to not kiss his boyfriends whilst in my presence because he knew that it creeped me out.

I would now point out that there are a lot of people of both sexes that I like and respect as humans but whom I would rather not picture in my mind as having sex with anyone much less picture as having sex with me — so whatever.



Prison Strategies

Since spending years in prison has become such a common experience for Americans and since I happen to have personal experience in this area then this week I wish to share some strategies for dealing with the situation in case you should ever find yourself in the cold steel embrace of your loving government.

My central goal for dealing with years in prison was to get out as quickly as I possibly could and part of my strategy for achieving this end was to keep a very low profile and to not be noticed by anyone, neither inmate nor guard. I did not socialize. I did not borrow, I did not lend, I did not gamble, and I did not participate in any of the inmate soap operas. I studiously followed all of the prison regulations — not because I gave a crap about their ten million little BS rules, but because I didn’t want to interact with or be noticed by the guards. For six years I basically spent almost all of my time either reading or walking in circles. For 3½ of those years I was imprisoned in Sheridan, Oregon, which is about 50 miles outside Portland, which meant I could tune in KBOO on 90.7 fm. KBOO is one of the best public radio stations in the country. KBOO proved to be a lifeline for me.

The success of my strategy can be demonstrated by the fact that the day before my release I had to get my councilor to sign off on some paperwork and he had no idea of who I was even though he had been my councilor for the past two years.

Another reason I followed all the prison rules is because I know myself pretty well and I know that I would go bat-shite crazy within a few days of being isolated in a no-contact confinement cell.



A Tale of Two Cites

I am going to now write a contemplation upon our legal system by describing two cases; that of a young man named Kalief Browder and that of myself.

I have covered this before, but for those of you who missed it, for most minour crimes, if you don’t have money for bail then your two choices are to plead guilty and get out of jail right away or plead innocent and remain jailed for the several months — or in some cases for the several years — that it takes to get through a trial. This means that if you say you did it you can get out of jail right away but if you say you didn’t do it then they will keep you in jail for a long time.

Everyone involved — prosecutors, judges, and defense attorneys — want you to plead guilty. That is a guaranteed conviction for the prosecutor and your case quickly makes its way through the judges’ seriously overcrowded docket.

Mostly, though, they really want you to plead guilty because if even a small fraction of criminal defendants insisted upon a jury trial their entire system would collapse in upon itself.

If you have a job and/or if you have a family depending upon you and/or you have other life’s activities that would seriously suffer were you to disappear for several months, then this means that every day people plead guilty to crimes they did not commit because they can’t afford to remain in jail for several months.

14-year old Kalief Browder proved an exception to this rule. He wasn’t going for it. He did not steal that backpack and he wasn’t going to plead guilty to something he didn’t do. He maintained this position for the entire three years he was in New York’s infamous Riker’s Island Prison awaiting trial.

I repeat: Kalief Browder — a teenage child — spent three years in Riker’s Island adult prison just awaiting trial.

In the end he was never even tried much less convicted of anything.

Whilst in Riker’s Island, Kalief Browder suffered regular savage beatings by both guards and prisoners. We know this because there are videos of at least two of these beatings. Two of his three years were spent in solitary confinement.

He was 14 years old when this ordeal began.

At one point — after Mr. Browder had been imprisoned for two years — a judge told him that if he would plead guilty then the judge would sentence him to time served right there and he could go home that day.

Mr. Browder refused.

That is courage that I find nearly incomprehensible.

Kalief Browder remained in Riker’s for another year — until his case was finally dropped for lack of evidence.

As for myself, I was in my forties by the time they got hold of me, so I already had a worldview that they couldn’t do much about. I was never beaten once in my entire time in prison. By the time I had been locked up for three years I had been through four separate court proceedings in four separate jurisdictions ending in four felony convictions and I had already completed half of my six-year sentence. All of these adjudications were for serious felonies — in two cases they were federal felonies — rather than for petty theft of a backpack.

Unlike Mr. Browder, I did choose to plead guilty to something I didn’t do. I was already serving time for something that I did do when a US Customs agent (as they were called at that time) named Johnny Walker manufactured a second case against me (i.e. he prosecuted me for something that he knew I didn’t do) in order to punish me for refusing to sell my friends to the feds on the first case.

The instant I understood what Mr. Walker was saying I shouted out an incredibly profane expletive and told him that he could take his papers and shove them up his ass. I did this knowing full well that doing so was likely to cost me several years in prison. Then I turned my back on him and stood silently for the two or three minutes that it took a jail guard to come open the visiting cell that I was locked into.

Since Mr. Walker also had to wait to be let out, he had to spend that two or three minutes staring at my back.

The deal the prosecutor eventually proposed — which, except in special cases meant a description of what would actually indeed happen — was that if I pled guilty then the prosecutor would recommend that my second sentence run concurrent with the sentence that I was already serving — meaning I would still get out of prison at the same time I would have anyway and that the only result of my conviction was that I would have another marijuana felony on my record — to go along with the other three that I already had.

If I took my case to trial and lost, on the other hand, then I was looking at a ten-year prison sentence.

It seemed like a no-brainer — yet it was probably the hardest thing to do that I have ever done in my life.

Mr. Browder was horrified of the thought of being labeled a thief. I was indeed, in deed, and in fact, a marijuana smuggler. I not only feel no shame at my marijuana smuggling activities but I considered flooding the University District in Seattle with top quality bud for $200 less per pound than anyone could get it anywhere else to be performing a valuable public service. I was making pot affordable to the common man. I was proud to have yet another marijuana felony on my record. I saw no reason whatsoever to risk ten years.

In spite of all this — I loathed the very idea of pleading guilty to something I didn’t do. Had I been falsely charged with some truly heinous crime, I am quite sure that I would have fought it tooth and nail.

Probably partly because I hated what was happening so much, I ended up pissing off the judge at my sentencing. When he asked me if anyone had threatened or coerced me into entering a guilty plea, I said hell yes, the prosecutor threatened me with ten years in prison if I went to trial and lost and that was the only reason I was pleading guilty.

The judge explained that the ten year sentence was what I should get for my ‘crime’, but that the prosecutor was offering me a break if I were willing to ‘accept responsibility’ for my actions. Therefore, the ten years wasn’t a ‘threat’, but rather the plea deal was a ‘gift’.

A federal judge actually said that crap on the record in a federal courtroom — and totally got away with it.

That wasn’t what pissed him off though. That happened when I broke into a smile as the judge was explaining a grand jury proceeding and the fact that a ‘target’ of a grand jury investigation does not have a right to a lawyer and is not presumed innocent and cannot even be present much less present a defense or offer mitigating circumstances.

Upon spotting my smile the judge angrily demanded to know whether I found all of this funny. I honestly explained that my smile was one of irony rather than of humour, and that it had been inspired by the thought that a Medieval Star Chamber would actually compare quite favourably with a federal grand jury.

So there was I, a lowly criminal defendant, effectively questioning the credibility of the very system that he had spent his life defending — and I was doing it right there in his courtroom!

Like cops, judges tend to become upset whenever anyone exhibits any behaviour other than abject subservience. Evidently my criticism of the federal grand jury was enough to trigger one of those rare exceptions to the plea bargain rule: The judge taught me a lesson (though probably not the one he intended) and ran 36 months of my second sentence consecutive with my first one — meaning I got another three years in prison for something that I hadn’t actually done on top of all my time for what I had actually done.

As for the ultimate fates of myself and of Kalief Browder: Since my release in 2007 I have become a notable (if not noted) political commentator in Olympia and I am having the time of my life, partly because after spending six years in prison then not being in prison is so totally frigging awesome that I can no longer find too many things in my personal life to become too upset about.

Politics is another matter — but whatever…

Kalief Browder, on the other hand, showed many symptoms of PTSD after his release from Riker’s.

Last week — after showing such incredible courage under fire by refusing to allow the Machine to blackmail him into slandering himself even though the cost was so great — it turns out that Mr. Browder wasn’t as successful in his battle against the inner demons that the Machine had so thoroughly unleashed upon his psyche and brutally embedded into his reality: Last week, Kalief Browder committed suicide at age 22.

It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of June 3rd thru June 9th, 2015




1) FYI Section:


1A) TPP Update from the PEN

This came from the PEN and includes an action page link. I personally save calling congresscritters on the phone for very special events. The TPP definitely qualifies. We need to flood Mr. Heck with phone calls.

There is going to be ANOTHER vote in just a couple more days in the House, and the President (who is allied with the worst of the right wing Republicans on this) is still pushing for passage of the second section of the Fast Track bill, which would in fact enable it all.

PLEASE speak out to stop this, even if your member of the House voted no in the first fast track vote.

No Fast Track revival action page:



1B) West Central Park Update

This message came from Alicia:

Hope everyone is keeping their larders full with the bountiful West Oly Farmers Market happening each and every Tuesday from 4-7 at the Park.  Don’t forget the vast array of local goods available to you there including fresh organic pork, chicken, seafood, canned tuna, gluten free baked goods, veggie starts, herb starts, eggs, raw beverages, fresh coconut drinks, the best Tamales, Barb’s Soul Cousine and so much more.  You really shouldn’t miss it if you want to ensure the continued presence of a market such as this, that keeps bringing you the most local, clean and independent food around.

Reminder, Monday Movie Madness is getting closer and we need your support if you are a local business.  There is a fabulous advertising opportunity for you at the start of each of the Park’s nine summer movies.  There will be a whole hour pre show ahead of each movie which will show off park work party slides, and the ads of the local businesses that supported the movies.  We are selling ad spots for as low as $25 for sixty, six second exposures of your ad. This is a great way to let everyone know that you support fun in our community. Let us know how you’d like to help!  The movies will be shown every Monday in July and August from 8:45 to 12 am.  Bring your blankets, your lawn chairs and your besties and snuggle in to the only walk in Theater in town!

This summer’s movies:

July 6: Raiders of the Lost Ark

July 13: Mouse Hunt

July 20: Goonies

July 27:  Frozen (A Sing a Long)

August 3: The Sting

August 10: Ferngully

August 17: The African Queen

August 24: The Sand Lot

August 31: Willow

As always the West Central Park welcomes your participation and involvement. The WCP is meant to be your neighborhood park, owned and operated by all of us. Lets make it work!

See you around the neighborhood.



1C) Update from Save the LBA Woods

This message came from SLBAW:

Dear Supporters of Saving the LBA Woods:

TRILLIUM is Back! The name has been changed to “Ashton Woods”.

400 Houses Proposed for Trillium Parcel!

First Comment Period Deadline is June 26, 2015.

DR Horton, the large national development company that owns one of the LBA Woods parcels (previously known as Trillium, now Ashton Woods) has submitted an application to build 400 houses in that parcel. Comments to the City are due Friday, June 26th.

Your voice matters. Please read the notice from the city, and send your comments in by the deadline to Cari Hornbein (

NOTE:  Public Meeting on July 6, 2015, 6:30 pm.

See pdf of Notice of Land Use Application and Public Meeting notice



1D) Sign Up for Seabeck NOW!

This came from Glen:

In order for the FOR’s annual Seabeck Conference to break even, we need more than 200 persons to attend.

A few hours ago I sent this out widely.  Now I’m sending it to you again with two requests:

#1.  Please share the information below (and the 1-page info attached) widely in your local community (e-mail lists, websites, announcements in publications, etc.).

#2.  Please tell me whether you can organize carpools from your local community (e.g., your county or a well defined part of your county).  The WWFOR office can tell you in late June who has registered.  When you create carpools you make it easier for more people to attend, and you build a sense of community among people in your local area.

Please tell me whether you can do #1 and/or #2.


à See the brochure and registration information at

Thursday July 2 (late afternoon) to Sunday July 5 (after lunch):


“Peace, Justice and Sustainability:

Strengthening the Links”

Fellowship of Reconciliation’s 57th Annual
NW Regional Conference at Seabeck in Kitsap County WA

Everybody concerned about saving our planet and creating a more just and less violent human community is welcome to this family friendly conference for people of all ages.  Together we will ask how the issues we care about are connected to one another and how we can best work with one another and with all the many others committed to bettering our world.  Programs for children and youth will help these attendees form peer communities, although all attendees are invited to participate in workshops and talks.

We’ll be inspired and informed by two keynote speakers, Jacqueline Patterson, Director of the NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program, and the Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou from the national FOR, who will connect us with the Black Lives Matter movement.  They and our workshop facilitators bring experience and insights for linking issues and activists.  Come learn, come teach, come enjoy the fellowship and the fun as well as the work!  And we’ll enjoy Tom Rawson’s music all weekend long!

Choose from among 16 fascinating and enjoyable workshops spread out among three time periods, plus a fourth “Activist Fair,” which is new this year and will encourage new topics to be raised, follow-up from workshops, planning for actions, and other options.

Our annual Seabeck Conference draws people from Washington, Oregon, Canada, and elsewhere.  The beautiful, historic site on Hood Canal offers spectacular views of the Olympic mountains and salt water.  Enjoy on-site housing and family style dining.  There are plenty of opportunities for informal discussions with nice folks who share your values.  Enjoy many planned activities, informal conversations with nice folks who share your values, and some nature walks, swimming, row boating, a bookstore, and more.  Please join us!

à See the brochure and registration information at

We strongly urge pre-registering during May or early-to- mid-June if possible.

Questions?  Carpooling?  Contact the WWFOR office at (206) 789-5565 or

To carpool from the Olympia area, contact Glen Anderson at (360) 491-9093

“Being free doesn’t mean to live in a free country, but to live with a clean conscience.”

— Mohammed Moulessehoul, a retired Algerian army general who has written good novels


Glen Anderson (360) 491-9093



2) SideWalk Benefit: SideWalk Swing!

Friday June 19th at 7 pm @ The Eagles Ballroom, 805 4th Ave E

This is a benefit for Olympia’s premiere organization for housing homeless people.

This message came from Janet:

Introducing SideWalk Swing, an all-ages, all skill-level event. The Three Magnets Brewing Company will provide refreshments.

This spectacular night at The Eagles Ballroom in downtown Olympia will consist of:

6:30 pm- East coast swing dance lesson

7:00 pm- Dance competition

7:45 pm- A word about SideWalk Homeless Services’ role in our community

8:00 pm to 10:30 pm- Open dance, accompanied by an 8-piece band and a swing DJ!

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased in advance at

[ ]

or at the door. All proceeds will go to SideWalk.

A bit about us:

SideWalk Homeless Services is a local nonprofit organization that is rapidly combating homelessness in Thurston County. In just under three years, SideWalk Volunteers have help over 400 people to move off of the streets and into homes of their own. The Olympia area has never before seen this kind of positive impact at this rate.

Our mission requires a tremendous amount of community support. We hope you’ll be a part of this special night.

If you would like to participant in the dance competition, or help with providing refreshments, please contact:

[ ]

To learn more about SideWalk, please visit:

[ ]

Tell your friends!



3) People’s Action Fleet

Sunday June 23rd Bus Leaves Farmers Market at 8:30 am

This is kayak activists in Tacoma!

This message came from Glen:

This Sunday June 21:

Join the People’s Action Fleet offshore near Tacoma
to Attract Nationwide Publicity, Stop the Exploding Oil Trains, and Protect Our Climate!


INFO about FREE BUS TRANSPORTATION at the end of this e-mail

Information about the event starts here:

Enjoy a day on the water while making a powerful statement to protect our communities, our climate, and our future. Join the People’s Climate Action Fleet on Sunday June 21, 2015, off the coast of the Chambers Bay Golf Course SW of Tacoma.  Bring your kayaks, canoes, sailboats, and powerboats, or participate on someone else’s boat.  We also need participants and volunteers on land.

This golf course will host the 2015 U.S. Open Golf Tournament from Monday June 15 through Sunday June 21.   More than two hundred thousand people will attend the tournament and one hundred million more will watch the action on television.  This is our chance to bring a dramatic climate justice message to the attention of a national and international audience.


Chambers Bay is a new world-class golf course immediately north of Steilacoom.  The train tracks – with 100-car explosive oil trains – run several times a day between the golf course and Puget Sound transporting oil to refineries in Tacoma, Anacortes, and Whatcom County’s Cherry Point.  The streets near the golf course will be closed to the public during the tournament, but boats and kayaks on Puget Sound (the Salish Sea) will be visible to all the cameras and spectators.  One of the chief attractions of the golf course is the spectacular view of the Salish Sea, Fox Island, McNeil Island and the Olympic Mountains.  Our powerful visual presence will attract public attention and mainstream media.

We will steer our fleet of sailboats, powerboats, kayaks, tribal canoes, etc., with signs, kites and balloons carrying our message, into the middle of that view, but far enough from shore to satisfy Coast Guard requirements, so our signs will be truly huge (letters 10 feet tall, visible from the golf course and TV cameras).  We envision a colorful demonstration, much like Rising Tide’s waterborne demonstration on the Columbia River near Portland two years ago.  Bring your own signs and banners.  We’ll have some signs on our cars parked near a nearby park.  Our banners will include messages such as “Stop the Oil Trains,” “Protect the Salish Sea and the Pacific Coast,” “Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground,” “Save a Livable Climate for our Grandchildren,” and Rising Tide’s Great slogan, “Coal, Oil, Gas, None Shall Pass.”

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s “Confronting the Climate Crisis” group is the primary group planning this great nonviolent event, but it can succeed only with help from many other organizations and individuals.  Please help organize and publicize this great event!  Please e-mail us at  See much information at this event’s website,

For information about the explosive oil trains, watch the Olympia FOR’s May 2015 TV program through your computer:  Visit,  click “TV Programs,” scroll down, and click the link to watch the May 2015 program or the link next to it to read a thorough description of the program and see links to information sources.


Sign up NOW for a FREE bus ride to the People’s Climate Fleet demonstration this coming Sunday June 21.  People will gather at the Olympia Farmers’ Market between 8:30 and 8:45 a.m. for a 9:00 a.m. departure.  The bus will go from Olympia to Sunnyside Beach Park in Steilacoom, where people will launch kayaks, canoes and small boats.

Bring your climate crisis signs, water, a lunch, a sun hat and sunscreen.

We are planning a full day for everyone, including those people not kayaking or otherwise on the water. A short rally is planned for 11:00 a.m. and shore-based people plan a brief demonstration near the railroad tracks.  Sunnyside Beach is a beautiful park, with a long shoreline, plenty of shade, water faucets and restrooms.

As of Wednesday night we still have space available, but we have only one bus, so space will be limited, so reserve your space soon.  If you want to ride this free bus, notify Bourtai Hargrove, chair of Olympia FOR’s “Confronting the Climate Crisis” group, at 352-6327



4) Responding to Abrupt Climate Change with Guy McPherson

Monday June 22nd at 7 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW

This is the prophet of doom. Come learn about the end of the world.

This came from Robyn:

“Responding to Abrupt Climate Change”, a presentation by conservation biologist Dr. Guy McPherson will be in Olympia on June 22nd at Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW.

Admission by donation.



5) Take the Bus to the USSF in San Jose!

Leave Tuesday June 23rd at Noon @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE

Return June 29th at around 11 pm

Come join the traveling party to San Jose! One of your friendly professional drivers will be none other than me myself in person!

This message is from Bruce:

Want to go to the USSF in San Jose this June?

The US Social Forum is this June for the first time since 2010 and it is being held in a polycentric model with three locations at the same time. The closest one thousands will attend is in San Jose. It is from June 24-28th! You don’t want to miss this amazing event!

Media Island is organizing two buses starting off in Seattle to go to the USSF in San Jose leaving June 23rd and returning the 29th. That means that we would like 40-60 people to join the buses! The journey can be as exciting as the destination on these old interesting buses.

It might be that Seattle on it’s own will fill both buses, however, we will be passing through Olympia and Portland and to make sure we fill up, we will take people who sign up from Seattle to Portland on a first come first serve basis. With 50 people on the buses, our ideal number for comfort and cost, the costs will be approximately $80/ person not including housing costs or USSF entry costs in San Jose. We encourage others to fundraise to help subsidize themselves or someone who can’t afford the cost. As of right now, the bus organizers can’t provide subsidy and can’t be expected to be primary organizers for ways to create subsidization other than our commitment to keeping the costs minimal.

If you would like to go on the bus fill out the form on the website, whether you can afford to or not, and let us know. Subsidized funding may become available closer to the date. Also check out

Thanks and solidarity!



6) US Social Forum

June 24th thru June 27th in San Jose, California

This is grassroots organizing at its best. I don’t normally promote out-of-town much less out-of-state, but this is a big deal and you should attend if there is any way possible.

In addition, I am tentatively slated to drive the Media Island bus to this event.

This message is from Bruce:

The United States US Social Forum – Another World is Possible is going polycentric this year and that means that it will take place on multiple sites. San Jose is excited to be one of those sites so please come and join us!!!

US SOCIAL FORUM San Jose CA June 24th-27th 2015 Bay Area Anchor Organizations are CHAM, Human Agenda, Hip Hop Congress, Silicon Valley De-Bug, Multi-Media Center, Move to Amend, Legal Aid Society of SCC, Low Income Self-Help Center, SJ Peace and Justice Center, SEIU 521, Disability Caucus, and Rap Force Academy

From June 24 to 28, 2015 thousands of people and organizations will convene in Philadelphia, PA, Jackson, MS and San Jose, CA for the third US Social Forum to host convergences, Peoples Movement Assemblies, and workshops. We will collectively develop peoples’ solutions to the economic, political, and ecological crises. The US Social Forum is committed in our struggle to build a powerful multi-racial, multi-sectoral, inter-generational, diverse, inclusive, internationalist movement that transforms this country and creates a new world. A world that ensures basic human rights and needs for all people.

To Get Involved or Donate email

or call Shamako Noble at 408-624-2999



7) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Try to avoid Riker’s Island.




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