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1A) Confronting the Climate Crisis

1B) Update on West Central Park Project

1C) Cop Watch Olympia

1D) Update on the Olympia Village Building Convergence

1E) Olympia Free Skool Coming Soon

1F) Backbone Campaign Localize This Action Camp

2) Olympia People’s Mic Community Speak Out Feat: Black Lives Matter

3) Flood the Streets: Anti Fascist, Anti Nazi

4) Emily Yates, Eventual Ukulele Superstar

5) Formation Meetings of an Olympia Citizen Review Board

6) Mitchell S. Jackson

7) Forum with Candidates for Olympia City Council and Port of Olympia Commission

8) Move to Amend Monthly Meeting

9) Bonus Tip of the Day


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Desuckers of America and Mothers National United!



Gay Lessons

Hey Kids!

Ireland — an overwhelmingly Catholic country that had a major political battle over whether to legalize divorce just a few years ago — just voted by a near super-majority to legalize gay marriage. Gays can now openly join the US military and they can get married in over half the states of our country.

My enthusiasm over this development is somewhat subdued by the fact that I have serious questions about straight people joining the military and getting married — but if anyone can join the military and get married then gay people should definitely be able to do so also.

However, the point I want to make here is that I have never seen any other issue upon which public opinion has been so radically altered in such a short period of time.

I think there are a lot of valuable lessons in the gay rights movement from which activists on other issues could learn much.

I am also now wondering if this awesomely effective political machine might not now be unleashed upon some other social justice issues…



How to Deal with Bad PR

Occasionally the Machine does something so vile it deserves special mention. Wikileaks recently exposed a NATO plan to conduct a ‘military intervention’ in Libya to ‘prevent’ migrants from boarding boats. These ‘migrants’ are escaping mass violence and insanity, they have nothing, they are traumatized by violence, they are truly desperate, and they are utterly helpless. They are putting their families on boats they know full well are deadly dangerous because they are desperate to find anything other than their current conditions.

NATO’s answer is to go bomb them before they leave because it looks so bad when they manage to get on the boats and actually make it to Europe. They planned to specifically target the boats themselves and sink or sabotage them before they left port. They also planned to target the people who are there trying to provide services to the ‘migrants’.

Meanwhile, the US directed Saudi bombing campaign upon Yemen has killed thousands of civilians and 60% of the civilian population of Yemen no longer has access to clean water.

We’re sure showing them!



Expect the Unexpected!

I recently came up with my favourite theory explaining Life the Universe and Everything. My revelation came after thinking about the fact that every atom in our body was once inside an exploding star — and that thought led to me to suspecting that humanity might well represent an attempt by the Universe to become self-aware.

After understanding that I possibly represented the equivalent of a sensory organ for the entire frigging Universe, I decided to allow the Universe to experience one of those frosted brownies from the Bearded Lady Bakery.

The Universe seemed very well pleased with that particular arrangement of Her atoms. I could almost hear Her saying, “Wow, that Bearded Lady is down with some truly sweet atoms, let me tell you!”

I’ve mentioned in the past that at the subatomic quantum level of reality the very rules of reality completely change and good old reliable E=MC2 no longer applies. Things can be two places at once and they can travel faster than the speed of light and merely observing them can change their nature — demonstrating a direct connection between our consciousness and quantum particles.


I’ve mentioned that all of the entire observable universe — all those hundreds of billions of galaxies each with their hundreds of billions of stars that the Hubble Space Telescope has revealed — I’ve noted that all of that combined represents only about 5% of the total mass of our universe. The other 95% is completely invisible to us and we don’t have the slightest clue of what it even is much less what its nature is or what its properties may be. It does not interact with visible light. It does not visibly interact with normal matter except gravitationally.

It is called ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’ because it is literally invisible.

One property that dark matter does definitely have is gravity — and that gravity is the only reason that we even know that dark matter exists.

I’ve also mentioned my awareness of the existence of a force in our universe that I call ‘magic’ but that most people call ‘karma’ and that while I have absolutely no idea of how it works or why it works I know for a fact that it works just as well as I know for a fact that my computer works (most of the time, anyway) even though I also have no idea of how or why it works either. To me, having a picture of a finger pushing a picture of a button and then making all these wondrous things happen seems like ‘magic’ to me — and strictly speaking, it is indeed!

I also suspect that quantum reality and dark energy probably also has something to do with all of this — both with magic and with computers.

Anyway, that theory resultantly lead to my theory about the near future of the human race — i.e. that something unexpected is going to happen because I can’t imagine what that something could possibly be since judging from the empirical facts I see not much hope for the survival of much of anything more advanced than a nematode much less humanity once the mass ejections of methane start and once the nuclear power plants all start melting down — but I also know that having us come as far as we have come and being as overall beautiful and as perfect as we are (yes, we have some warts — but we also frigging went to the Moon and wrote frigging Beethoven’s frigging 9th frigging Symphony while we were stone frigging deaf, too, so nyah, nyah, nyah!) — anyway, I just know that it would be highly karmically inappropriate for us to just burn everything up and to have almost all higher life forms on the whole planet all just die off at this point — especially when we are getting so frigging close to being all that we can be…

Therefore I am expecting the unexpected.

Whatever. By definition ‘unexpected’ means that I have not a clue what it will be — but I can’t wait to see whatever it is.

By the way: The Guy McPherson people — who are expecting exactly what a practical person would expect once becoming aware of the facts — operate support groups to help people deal with the fact that we’re all about to die. They call people like me — i.e. people who know the facts but still don’t accept the inevitability of humanity’s impending doom — they call us ‘hope addicts’ and they rather derisively refer to what I am saying here as ‘hopeium’.

Anyway, if ‘hopeium’ doesn’t work for you and you need assistance emotionally dealing with humanity’s impending extinction then they have a Facebook page support group. In addition, I air their radio program, Nature Bats Last, nearly every Thursday evening (though they miss a broadcast every now and then) at 10 pm on KOWA, 106.5 fm in downtown Oly or streaming on the Interweb at



The Thunderbolt Irony of the Week

60,000 years ago humanity rather suddenly experienced a big jump in evolution and took the final form in becoming what we now are.

Since climate change appears about ready to wipe us out, I find it truly ironic that many scientists now believe that adapting to climate change was a major driver in in our Great Leap Forward 60,000 years ago.

Do we have time to evolve ourselves out of our current mess?



Darkness Eternal

Maybe so. Scientists are working on halting the ageing process. If they work that out then people would be able to stay young and healthy until something kills them — and it is going to be harder and harder to kill them.

I cannot think of a worse disaster. Human evolution would come to a complete halt.

In addition, one of the main problems with humanity is reactionary old people not allowing young people to make a better world. If old people started just hanging around forever then I don’t even want to speculate about what a horror-show reality they would create.

In addition, unless we stopped having babies then the planet would very quickly start becoming very crowded.



New Dog on the Block

Everyone is expecting that China will soon displace the United States to become the top dog of Planet Earth. China is directly challenging American hegemony on many fronts and their economy is expected to be larger than ours soon. They are forming their own equivalent of the IMF fund — which would destroy the last whip that the United States has to economically dominate other countries — and China is making major economic investments all over Africa and Latin America. They are even directly challenging the United States militarily in Asia.

I don’t find this to be heartening news. China is not a democracy. China is, in fact, a complete totalitarian dictatorship that has no accountability to their own citizens and it does whatever the hell it likes to anyone it likes. The Chinese government owns all the land, all the banks, all the media, the Internet, all manufactories, all utilities, the police, the military, and all almost everything else of any importance within its borders.

The Chinese government does not experience ‘political gridlock’.

In addition, China has over a billion people.

Another noteworthy fact: Less than 1% of the American population lives full time on farms. Over 50% of the Chinese population lives full time on farms.



Desuckers of America and Mothers National United!

As my loyal regular readers know (and yes, I’m talking to both of you) I try to not only point at things and say “that sucks” but I try to figure out why it sucks and I study historical records looking for effective methods of desucking various things in various contexts and various scenarios.

I once considered forming an organization called the Desuckers of America and Mothers National United [DAMN-U] but I decided better.

(For obvious reasons.)

Anyway, I am convinced that the baseline problem underlying nearly everything else is we have created a culture that lavishly rewards incredibly vile behaviour at the same time that it severely punishes honourable and/or courageous behaviour. This has led to a cultural and political framework that is literally insane. We have created a society where large numbers of people carry devices around in their pockets that gives them access to a major portion of all the knowledge that has been so carefully and painfully uncovered discovered and stumbled upon by our ancestors and contemporaries — and then they use these miraculous devices mostly to look at pictures of cats and to trade insults at strangers. We have created an economic system that resembles a parasite that is consuming its host. We have created an economic system wherein in order to feed our own families we must pay to manufacture weapons to kill other people’s families. We have created a world where rather than working for the advancement of humanity our best and our brightest instead work for either the Pentagon or for Wall Street or for both.

Every election for the last 15 years has been called ‘the most important election in American history’. Depending upon how you look at it you could consider every election the most important in American history as each election helps to determine the future course of our country; thus, this next election could probably be considered to be the most important in American history.

As far as electoral politics go, we really need to stop enabling our abusers. I think the number one tip toppest most important priority should be to smash the two-faced single-party monopoly upon political power that currently exists. This means that everyone needs to stop supporting either Democrats or Republicans.

I’ve told this before but I’m telling it again:

Depending upon various parameters, every study done upon the subject comes up with a figure of between a 1,200% and 1,700% return for every dollar invested in public education. Prisons, on the other hand, represent a very expensive way to make a problem much worse than it was originally. I grew up in the State of California, which means that I attended the best public school system in the world at the time and which means that I lived in a state that provided tuition-free higher education for any resident who academically qualified. Partly as a result of this policy California was a major world economic power in its own right and it was the cultural and technological center of the world.



Oly Boyz Redux: Kirsten’s Story

You may or may not remember that I wrote a long piece on the police last April that featured three stories about abuse meted out by the Olympia Police Department [Oly Boyz]

I have another. I have not second sourced this, but I believe this is most likely a true story.

This is from Kirsten:

I was preparing to jump in the shower when I heard noise and found Lieutenant Don Stevens on the stairs with his gun pointed at me. He drug me outside and all I had on was a pink shortie robe. My daughter was directly behind me. I was shocked and demanded not very nicely to see a warrant. He told me he didn’t one, or something to that effect. He then drug me down the stairs and outside, threw me on the hood of my car and shoved both thumbs in the center of my throat. The last thing I saw before my head hit my car hood was the horrified look on my daughters face. I thought “So this is how it ends-Ill just be another news story”. I couldn’t breathe and began to fight. My robe was open and had been forced down off my shoulders and my body completely exposed as HE LAID ON TOP OF ME as I was NAKED with his thumbs putting pressure on my windpipe. He then grabbed me shoulders and began stomping my bare feet, first the left, then the right, fracturing the right smallest toe extending into my foot. I felt the bones break. I have never broken or fractured a bone but I felt them. They felt like little bird bones. I was then violently thrown on the concrete, resulting in a separated shoulder. I was refused the ability to cover my body, instead they ridiculed me. There’s more. But that’s just what consisted of my brutalization. I am vindicated and I think it speaks volumes that both Superior and District Prosecutors refused to prosecute me. I fought to the point he had blood on his face when he was lying on my body.

I asked if I could publish her story in the Thunderbolt and I asked for further details. Here was her reply:

Sure. There are more details. But that’s the body of it. Like when they told me to shut my mouth and stop screaming for help, because I was the one upsetting my daughter. They refused to call a family member and instead said they would call and CPS so that my daughter would be kept from me. The fire department came, but they just sided with police denying I had an injury and refusing [sic] me treatment. As I was taken away I watched a police officer hand my daughter a teddy bear as a consolation. I was charged with resisting arrest and felony assault of a police officer and taken to Thurston County where they refused to catalog any of my injuries and the nurse there also rudely dismissed my injuries. Wait til you see the letter crime victim’s comp sent me saying my brutalization was brought on by my mouth. Her name is Mary Peters.

If you have any similar such stories, Olympia Cop Watch is going to be hanging out at Traditions Café every Thursday from 6 to 7 pm in order to start documenting all this stuff. Feel free to stop by and tell them your story.

It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of May 28th thru June 3rd, 2015




1) FYI Section:


1A) Confronting the Climate Crisis

This message is from the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation:

Every issue of the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s newsletter includes information about the climate.  Olympia FOR’s “Confronting the Climate Crisis” group works in a variety of ways, and our newsletter helps to publicize information people need if we are to protect our climate from further damage.

The information below will appear on pages 6-7 of our June-July 2015 newsletter.  (Current and past newsletters are posted

Confronting the Climate Crisis

The Olympia FOR’s “Confronting the Climate Crisis” group works on a variety of strategically important methods, including informing the public, communicating with the government, urging entities to divest from fossil fuel investments, and promoting alternatives.  We have also been organizing opposition to the explosive oil trains that endanger local communities throughout North America and the climate of the whole world.

This June-July 2015 newsletter highlights only a few aspects of the climate crisis.  Ourwebsite’s section on the Climate Crisis includes A GREAT MANY MORE news items, andTHOSE LINKS ARE LIVE, so we invite you to see much more at 

Meet with us:  Our exciting, productive climate group meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Olympia Center, 222 Columbia Street NW, in downtown Olympia.  Info:  (360) 352-6327

PLEASE come to two special meetings (THURS JUNE 4 and TUES JUNE 9) to plan our Sunday June 21 People’s Climate Action Fleet and volunteer to help in a wide variety of ways:  See and newsletter page 2 and for information about this exciting action.  We need more volunteers to help in various ways, so please come to special meetings at the Olympia Center (222 Columbia Street NW, downtown) from 6:30 to 8:30 pm on THURSDAY JUNE 4 (in Room 103) and TUESDAY JUNE 9 (in Room 101).  We are inviting active friends from out-of-town to join us.  This ambitious project also needs financial donations so we can the barge and huge balloons, buy materials for signs, and pay for other kinds of practical expenses.  Make tax-deductible donations payable to “Backbone Campaign” (earmarked “People’s Climate Action Fleet”) and mail them to Backbone Campaign, PO Box 278, Vashon WA 98070, or donate through or through and specify that your donation is for the “People’s Climate Action Fleet.”  http://www.peoplesclimatefleet.orgwill post updates.  For information about these meetings or this exciting action, contact Bourtai Hargrove, (360) 352-6327 or

FOR’s Seabeck Conference (Thurs-Sun July 2-5) will address the climate crisis along with other issues:  We’ll “connect the dots” across issues and build the movements in our 57th annual conference at Seabeck in Kitsap County WA. Our 2015 theme is “Peace, Justice and Sustainability:  Strengthening the Links.”  One of our keynote speakers is an African-American woman who directs the NAACP’s climate program.  REGISTER NOW.  See the brochure and registration information at  To carpool from the Olympia area, contact Glen Anderson at (360) 491-9093

Putting a price on carbon pollution would help our climate.  Initiative 732 would do this and also make Washington State’s tax system more fair:  See



1B) Update on West Central Park Project

This message is from Alicia:

Hello Parkies!

The West Central Park never looked prettier with all of the tender loving care that each Sunday morning brings. Anywhere from 5-20 volunteers show up each Sunday from 10-1 to do the weekly and much needed maintenance at the Park.  Come be a part of that squad each week and you will begin to feel a real sense of pride in the small simple changes that are made each weekend.

The West Oly Farmer’s Market is making a big splash on Tuesdays at West Central Park.  The farm vendors quietly and efficiently assemble their goods shortly before 4 pm on Tuesdays, and stay open for three hours for the whole neighborhood to get their shopping done.  Only handicapped parking and vendor loading and unloading will be available inside the Park, until the 24 space parking area is built at 110 Division. That should be in place no later than mid August.  For now, please come to the market via your bikes, the bus or your own two feet, and if you must drive please be prepared to park a few blocks away on Cushing, Milroy and Decatur. A walking path through 135 Cushing will be created so that if you are coming from Cushing, you can cut through to the Market there. Pedestrians may also enter the Park from the alley on 4th, and anywhere the Park borders sidewalks on Harrison or Division.

Thanks again for the donations we have received! Don’t forget, that the West Central Park is a public charity 501c3 and must be sustained by a broad base of support.  If you appreciate having the Park in your neighborhood, feed and water it so it can grow and thrive for all your grandchildren to enjoy some day!

See you around the block.



1C) Cop Watch Olympia

This message came from Terrence:


The police keep us safe

We keep the police honest

We are a group of concerned citizens who have heard and seen news reports from across the United States. Since Olympia is part of the United States, and our police are part of the greater brotherhood of police departments and officers, we have every reason to believe that the police in our community operate with the same attitudes. Especially so because there is no official civilian oversight of the Olympia Police Department.

We, as Cop Watch citizens, will do what we can to give feedback to the OPD, city council, news media outlets, and the community regarding the conduct, behavior and actions of interactions that are presented to us, both good & bad.

We will collect stories in oral, written or video formats and use these to compile an on-going document of interactions between the officers of the OPD and the public whom they are charged to serve & protect.

Cop Watch citizens will be available at Traditions Café’ on Thursday afternoons from 4 – 5 pm.

Free cookies.



1D) Update on the Olympia Village Building Convergence

if you are not familiar with these folks, they specialize in converting dry and sterile ‘neighborhoods’ where no one even knows their neighbors into ‘communities’ where there are lots of places for people to hang out in a beautiful environment — leading to neighbors getting to know each other.

If you have any building or landscaping skills, come put them to good use!

Go here for information on their many events and workshops:



1E) Olympia Free Skool Coming Soon

This came from Nora:

“What is a Free Skool” Dialogue Coming Soon

Open philosophical and logistical discussion.  We will ask, What is a Free Skool, and What do we want our free skool to look like?  Time and location TBA.  I would like to have this somewhere outside on a weekend, perhaps at a park.  Suggestions encouraged!  I need help to plan this.

IMPORTANT INFO FOR VOLUNTEERS:  The Library at Media Island is now open on Mondays from 3- 5pm.    Folks are welcome to come by to check out books, drink tea, start discussion groups, help with the library or initiate projects!  

Until we set up a regular meeting time for free skool ‘organizers’, these will be “open hours” for people to communicate in person about the free skool and form working groups.  

Thank you all!


Nora Mahto-Knutson



1F) Backbone Campaign Localize This Action Camp

August 11-17 on Vashon Island

If you want to learn how to do political theater from the masters come participate in this intensive week-long activist training camp on beautiful Vashon Island.

This message is from the Backbone Campaign:

Localize This! Action Camp is August 11th-17th

Register for Action Camp


Mark your calendars, tell your friends, submit/save vacation days, and make sure you don’t miss Localize This! Action Camp


What: Localize This! is the Northwest’s dynamic Cross-Movement, Artful Activism, Strategy, Creative Tactics & Community Organizing Intensive Training Camp!

When: Tuesday August 11th – Monday August 17th

Where: Vashon, WA a beautiful and rural island across from & with easy access to Seattle.

Register HERE

If you are interested in volunteering or helping to plan and shape camp to make it better than ever click HERE

What do you need and what will you offer to propel our movements for equity andjustice forward? 

Localize This! 2015 is YOUR destination for Creative Direct Action Tactics and Effective Organizing Strategies
Lock arms with passionate action-oriented change agents from across the country.

Dive into a week of intensive training, strategizing, learning, and sharing of victory stories with some of the movements most effective organizers.

Take action before everything we value or hold as sacred is extracted, exploited, and extinguished.

What started out as training ground for a community’s fight to stop a transnational corporation’s environmental destruction and extraction has turned into an annual celebration of some of the best our movements for justice have to offer.

We hope that action camp will be a valuable resource to your organizing. 


Donate online HERE or send checks to PO BOX 278, Vashon, WA 98070 





2) Olympia People’s Mic Community Speak Out Feat: Black Lives Matter

Thursday May 28th at 7:30 pm @ the Urban Onion Ballroom, 116 Legion Way SE

This is in solidarity with those abused by police.

This message is from Brian:

Olympia People’s Mic is responding to the shooting of Andre Thompson and Bryson Chaplin, black and unarmed in a country littered with racist police brutality by white officer Ryan Donald by hosting a community speak-out. The white establishment of the Olympia Police Department, Olympia City Government, and Media has a big enough mouthpiece to deflect and pacify with their story so this is an opportunity for people of color to tell theirs.

SIGN-UPS @ 7:30
SHOW @ 8:00

Olympia People’s Mic is generally a poetry open-mic with a featured performer afterwards. This week the sign-up sheet will be OPEN TO ANY PEOPLE OF COLOR who would like a forum to express whatever they need to in response to the most recent event of racialized police brutality in our community. To ensure the most open-mic participants get the opportunity speak possible, there will be a 3 minute time limit. We only have the space until 10pm and want to fit as many people as possible. If we have more speakers than we have space for we will consider organizing a follow-up event with more time.

Hosted by Scarlett Pedersen

THIS WEEK IS NOT LIMITED TO POETRY People who sign-up can share poetry, song, or just speaking about how they are experiencing and feeling these events. If you have music you’d like played we can plug your iPod or mp3 player into our sound system.

There may be a march afterwards. More info to come on this.

WHITE AUDIENCE MEMBERS: This is a chance for white people to listen, support, and try to understand what your community members are going through right now. It is not a space for your voices and opinions. If you would like to respond to something someone shares on the mic, consent is required. Please understand that that poet/musician/speaker may have just shared something very vulnerable and hard to express in a majority white town that is often explicitly or implicitly hostile towards PoC sharing their experiences of racism.

$5 suggested donation to support our featured poet


Any excess funds will be donated to Andre Thompson and Bryson Chaplin if they consent, or towards organizing Black Lives Matters responses in Olympia. Olympia People’s Mic will not keep any of this money.

Afterwards, we will have a feature from nationally acclaimed spoken word poet, Amber Flame.


An award-winning writer and performer, Amber Flame is also a singer for multiple musical projects. Flame’s original work has been published and recorded in many diverse arenas, including Def Jam Poetry, Winter Tangerine, The Dialogist, Split This Rock, Jack Straw, and forthcoming from Black Heart Magazine and more. Flame works as a teaching artist and co-produces the Oakland Slam and performs regularly on musical, slam and literary stages. She is committed as an activist and organizer for a diverse number of theatrical, cabaret, queer, and POC communities. Amber Flame is one magic trick away from growing her unicorn horn


Old Growth Poetry Collective is composed of all white and white passing people. As the organizers of this event we must be and are willing to be accountable to PoC community members. If you have any questions, concerns or comments about this event please feel free to comment below or send us a message and we will take your feedback very seriously.



3) Flood the Streets: Anti Fascist, Anti Nazi

Saturday May 30th at 9 pm @ Percival Landing, 4th Ave W & Water St NW

This message came from Rita:


Neo-Nazis and their friends have been rallying nightly in
defense of OPD and white supremacy. Olympia in the
1990s saw an explosion of white power organizing, and
violent attacks against people of color and queers,
including the murder of Robert Buchanan. We must join
together, in a show of unified force, to rid our town of
these racist-heterosexist swine before it’s too late.

Saturday, May 30th, 9pm
Percival Landing
Olympia, WA



4) Emily Yates, Eventual Ukulele Superstar

Sunday March 31st at 6 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE

It’s political ukulele!

This message came from Bruce:

After finishing six years in the U.S. Army, Emily Yates learned to play the ukulele, and decided to use her training as a military journalist for a greater purpose. She started writing songs (such as “Try Not To Be A Dick,” a finalist in the 2012 International Songwriting Competition, and “Smoke Break,” a reflection on her deployments to Iraq) and playing them for unsuspecting strangers. She soon realized that writing these tunes and playing them would be the best way to get her many opinions across to the world, so she set to work writing dozens of songs, and by 2012 she had recorded her first album, I’ve Got Your Folk Songs Right Here.

Media Island, $5 donation, no one turned away!

“There’s no denying Yates’ piercing wit and unflinching commitment to telling the truth as she sees it,” writes Gary Peterson in the San Jose Mercury News. “From ‘I Don’t Want to Have a Baby,’ to ‘Shut Yer Face,’ to ‘Foreign Policy Folk Song,’ you don’t have to wonder what she’s thinking.”

In the few short years since those initial performances in 2011, Yates has already recorded one full-length album and has two more currently in the works – one entirely comprised of original songs for children. She’s supported and performed with members of Americana bands (including Hot Buttered Rum, Railroad Earth, Fruition and others) and rock bands (New Monsoon, Grant Farm, Good Gravy, Scott Pemberton Trio), as well as with other singer-songwriters and stand-up comedians, showing her versatility as a performer. She’s toured America and performs regularly in the Bay Area and on the west coast. Although she’s still in the beginning stages of Eventual Ukulele Superstardom, she is sure that soon she will be able to drop the “Eventual” and just move on to total world domination. Especially since she now also plays the tenor banjo – everyone knows how effective a communication tool banjos can be.

Her second full-length album, Folk In Your Face, is due out in May 2014, and you can find her all over the place on perpetual Eventual World Domination Tour.



5) Formation Meetings of an Olympia Citizen Review Board

Monday June 1st at 5:30 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE

This message came from Bruce:

An Olympia Civilian Review Board for the Olympia Police Department is necessary and we aren’t going to wait for it. This is a meeting for the people interested in doing the independent research around this latest incident as well as looking into the funding, training, hiring and practices of the OPD. We are also interested in compiling historical context of the OPD. Finally we want to connect nationally and internationally with organizations and movements to associate with. We will strive to use best practices in forming the Review Board. Please come with information to share and ways in which you think you can help.

7PM, Monday, June 1st
Media Island, 816 Adams St. SE



6) Mitchell S. Jackson

Monday June 1st at 6:30 pm @ Timberland Library, 313 8th Ave SE

This message came from Jody:

Mitchell S. Jackson: Monday, June 1 @ 6:30

Mitchell Jackson is an all-too-rare success story. He grew in a crime-ridden neighborhood of Portland, Oregon during the crack epidemic of the 1990’s. He went to prison for selling drugs, yet managed to channel his hard times into a book that is already being considered for literary prizes.

“It’s tough to write beautifully about ugly things,” writes award-winning author Victor LaValle, “but Mitchell Jackson makes it look easy.” The story focuses on a man and a woman – his mother – trying to overcome the enormous hurdles life has put in front of them. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that, in this situation, simply doing one’s best takes great courage.



7) Forum with Candidates for Olympia City Council and Port of Olympia Commission

Wednesday June 3rd at 7 pm @ Garfield Elementary School, 325 Plymouth St NW

Come hear politicians bloviate.

This message came from Olympia FOR:

Wed June 3:  Forum with candidates for Olympia City Council and Port of Olympia Commission:  Interact with candidates for Olympia’s Mayor, two of Olympia’s City Council positions, and two positions for Commissioner of the Port of Olympia.  Olympia’s NW and SW Neighborhood Associations are sponsoring this forum at 7:00 pm at a big room at Garfield Elementary School (preferably the gym, or at least the multi-purpose room), 325 Plymouth Street NW.  Info:  Dan Leahy, Candidate Forum Organizer, (360) 402-0441



8) Move to Amend Monthly Meeting

Thursday June 4th at 7 pm @ Thurston County Courthouse, 2000 Lakeridge Dr NW, Building #1

This is to get money out of politics.

This message is from Mike:

Thurs June 4:  Get big money out of politics!  Local organizing meeting tonight:  Olympia’s Move to Amend group invites everyone to join them for tonight’s monthly meeting (first Thursday of each month) at 7:00 pm in Room 280 of Bldg 1 at the Thurston County Courthouse.  Info:  Michael Savoca at  or Jennifer Sprague 866-8906



9) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Desuck some sucky thing today!




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