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2) Beth Doglio on Coal Train Safety

3) Social Justice Block Party

4) I-735 at Arts Walk Help Get Big $ Out of our Political System

5) Fast for our Children

6) Shell No: Seattle Draws the Line

7) Olympia Village Building Convergence Workshop #2

8) Strategies for Economic Justice in Greece and Spain

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Dirty Laundry



I make my living

Off the evening news

Just give me something, something I can use

People love it when you lose

They love dirty laundry


Kick ’em when they’re up

Kick ’em when they’re down

Kick ’em when they’re up

Kick ’em all around


                  Don Henley


Official Thunderbolt Nomination for Humanity’s Biggest Problem:

Hey Kids!

The biggest problem I see for humanity is that people in general and Americans in particular don’t have the slightest clue of what is really going on. The American Media Machine has been using methods developed through well-funded studies and through lots of real world application for a long time now and they have been systemically shaping our national narrative for over one hundred years. Their efforts have succeeded in convincing large numbers of Americans of ‘facts’ that are the complete opposite of actual reality. Most people are good people of average intelligence. If they knew that a world of peace and plenty for all was possible if only we could neutralize the influence of a handful of very wealthy sociopaths — i.e. if they knew what was really going on and if they knew that most of the negative crap that is going on is completely unnecessary — then I am convinced that they would rise up in outrage, stop doing the wrong things, and start doing the right things.

See Kids? Perspectives like these are why you need the Thunderbolt!


Dirty Laundry

Dirty little secrets

Dirty little lies

We got our dirty little fingers in everybody’s pie

We love to cut you down to size

We love dirty laundry


Kick ’em when they’re up

Kick ’em when they’re down

Kick ’em when they’re stiff

Kick ’em all around

Yes indeed, Thunderbolt fans! This week’s theme is upon a truly smelly topic!

Part one of this themes concerns the practice of ‘entrapment’: ‘Entrapment’ is when the police plan and even execute a criminal act in order to ensnare a third party into the plot so they can subsequently prosecute that person for their participation.

In case you find that so unbelievable that you are having trouble understanding what I just said, let me put it another way: The government itself creates a criminal conspiracy where otherwise there would not have been any conspiracy in order to bust someone for their participation in this fake government-created conspiracy.

Yes, I said it first the right time.

Entrapment is — understandably and quite reasonably — illegal in every western country. The United States is no exception. However, since the United States is so ‘exceptional’ in every other way then the American federal courts have also carved a massive ‘exception’ into the entrapment rule: If the government can show that someone was ‘predisposed’ to commit such a crime then entrapment is an acceptable tactic to use upon such a person.

Determining whether someone is ‘predisposed’ represents, of course, yet another Minority Report-type case of the government attributing thoughts to people. Since attributing thoughts to people is at best problematic and at worst impossible, then they aren’t allowed to attribute thoughts to someone in a courtroom — but evidently they can attribute thoughts to someone in order to get them into that courtroom.

And, of course, when you can attribute thoughts to people then you can just attribute whatever thoughts you want to attribute and/or whatever thoughts that are the most convenient to attribute which is exactly the attribute that makes such attribution so problematic.

As a result of this tolerance for entrapment the FBI — rather than trying to uncover actual terrorist plots — has instead almost exclusively been using entrapment in targeting various lonely and/or broke and/or disillusioned and/or vulnerable Muslim youth and then encouraging them into committing some ‘terrorist’ act. The FBI provides them with the original idea, enthusiastic support, pressure, money, weapons, and approval. They are trained on how to psychologically manipulate alienated Muslim youth.

They don’t do this to foil terrorism; they do it so they will look good to the public.

They are ruining many lives that are often mostly innocent and shattering many families that are mostly completely innocent all for the sake of their PR and their budget requests.

However, we can give thanks over the fact that they are idiots and we should sing hallelujah over the fact that their hubris is so ubiquitous it oozes out of their pores — because this means that you can always count on them to eventually expose their dirty underwear to public view.

What if two reporters who were highly concerned about the FBI’s practices found an FBI confidential informant [CI] who was not only willing to talk to them without the FBI’s permission but was willing to invite them into his safe house and give them a front row seat on a current operation that he was conducting?

Then: What if the current target of this CI figured out that the CI was a CI and had thus figured out that the FBI was trying to entrap him — and what if this target had then posted this knowledge on his Facebook page thus providing these two reporters with an in to approach and begin interviewing him at the same time they were still interviewing the CI that was trying to entrap him — and doing all this with neither the target nor the CI knowing the reporters were talking to the other?

Well — you would get a documentary called (T)error!

If you can’t see the documentary at least watch the Democracy Now piece wherein Amy interviews the authors and plays some clips from the film.

The details of this are truly mind-blowing.

The Muslim kid’s name is Khalifah al-Akili. Once Mr. al-Akili figured out that the feds were looking to hang his ass he made an appointment to talk to some lawyers from the National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms.

This action almost certainly resulted in the FBI poodliating in their knickers.

Thus, before Mr. al-Akili could meet with civil liberty lawyers the FBI raided Mr. al-Akili’s home and arrested him. They publically announced to much fanfare and hoopla that they had just foiled a major ‘terrorist’ plot. Mr. al-Akili became the latest demon-terrorist that was threatening our lives and our way of life.

Only problem was they didn’t find anything to tie Mr. al-Akili to ‘terrorism’.

Really? Oh, well. The Media Machine could be counted upon to ignore that fact — but wanted to make sure: They found a picture of Mr. al-Akili holding a gun. Since Mr. al-Akili was an ex-felon due to a many-years-old drug charge then his possession of a gun was a federal crime. Thus, after deporting Mr. al-Akili’s wife they sent Mr. al-Akili himself to prison for eight years. Mr. al-Akili — who had been breathlessly described as a major terrorist threat on every major Media Machine outlet in the country and whose subsequent innocence of terrorist activities was subsequently just as ignored by them — Mr. al-Akili ended up having his wife deported and he received eight years in prison…

…for having a picture of himself holding a gun.


Original Intent

We got the bubble headed bleached blonde

Comes on at five

She can tell you ’bout the plane crash with a gleam in her eye

It’s interesting when people die

Give us dirty laundry


Kick ’em when they’re up

Kick ’em when they’re down

Kick ’em when they’re up

Kick ’em all around

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito often invokes the ‘original intent’ of the framers of our Constitution whilst making his many unconstitutional rulings.

This country was founded by a bunch of radical revolutionaries that violently overthrew an oppressive government. Even though it is almost completely ignored these days, the Constitution is the Law of the Land. The central spirit of that document is that if a government becomes oppressive or unreasonable then it is not only the right but indeed the duty of all citizens to resist by whatever means necessary.

As for ‘original intent’, ‘original intent’ was that only white male landowners would have the vote and ‘original intent’ was for black people to be legally enslaved. “Original intent’ was for the only career opportunities available to women as being the legal property of their fathers or being the legal property of their husbands or being a prostitute.

However, the United States Constitution was as radical as it got in those days and a lot of their ‘original intent’ was some pretty potent and inimitable stuff. ‘Original intent’ is as ‘original intent’ does. There is nothing sacred about ‘original intent’ and each original intention should be weighed individually upon its own merits because while there is nothing sacred about ‘original intent’ there is something sacred about the Constitution that their original intent produced.

Read the Federalist Papers sometime. A whole bunch of ‘original intent’ is laid out in very plain English.


The Great American Chop Shop

Well, I coulda been an actor

But I wound up here

I just have to look good I don’t have to be clear

Come and whisper in my ear

Give us dirty laundry


Kick ’em when they’re up

Kick ’em when they’re down

Kick ’em when they’re up

Kick ’em when they’re down

When NAFTA was being debated during the 1992 presidential election, both Bush and Clinton were all for it, but Ross Perot said that if NAFTA were implemented then you would hear the ‘giant sucking sound’ of jobs heading south.

Whatever else you want to say about that crazy figoobliator, he was prophetic on that point.

I have compared what Wall Street is doing to our country to what thieves do when they take a stolen car to a chop shop. Since the TPP represents ‘NAFTA on steroids’ then the TPP represents the next step in that chop operation.

Since I must always take a long shower after speaking with public officials (and to a lesser extent after speaking with their aides) I only call my Congress critters on the phone for things that I think are very important.

If you aren’t already familiar with the TPP then please educate yourself about it and then call all of your federal legislators and adamantly insist that they oppose giving fast track authority to the Obomber for the TPP.

Denny Heck is largely funded by both labor unions and — of course — Boeing and the Wall Street Banks.

Top 10 Contributors to the Denny Heck Campaign Committee

* The Arrows are links to info about lobbyist influence…

1 State of Washington $20,650 $20,650 $0
2 Strategies 360 $17,900 $17,900 $0
3 Boeing Co $15,800 $5,800 $10,000
4 Puget Equico $12,749 $2,750 $9,999
5 Northwestern Mutual $12,500 $0 $12,500
6 Bank of America $10,500 $2,500 $8,000
7 Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers $10,450 $450 $10,000
8 Doughty, Hanson & Co $10,400 $10,400 $0
9 Machinists/Aerospace Workers Union $10,250 $250 $10,000
10 American Federation of Teachers $10,000 $0 $10,000

I think most of the unions are anti-TPP so he may be a vote.


Help Wanted: The United States of America Needs More Wars

We can do the Innuendo

We can dance and sing

When it’s said and done we haven’t told you a thing

We all know that Crap is King

Give us dirty laundry


Kick ’em when they’re up

Kick ’em when they’re down

Kick ’em when they’re stiff

Kick ’em all around

The United States of America is looking for a new war. Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen just aren’t enough to sate the War Machine’s appetite — and a hungry War Machine is not something that you want to leave laying around!

The United States needs this in order to keep their only remaining major economic engine alive. Applicants must be ready to be struck by drones and airstrikes and must be willing to face various and ever-shifting coalitions of proxy ground forces.

The US attempted to start a war in Georgia in 2008 but their interference was thwarted by Russian interference. The US was on the brink of invading Syria when — once again — Russia stepped in and along with massive worldwide protests prevented a war in Syria.

Then — in possibly the stupidest move in a presidency full of stupid moves — Obama declared that Venezuela posed a serious threat to American interests. This announcement was greeted with raspberries, guffaws, and various other forms of contemptuous humour from the rest of the world.

One possibility is the American puppet government in the Ukraine, whom the US is busily trying to convince that they can win a war against the pro-Russian separatists in the east, so that is a possibility. (This is in a country with several nuclear power plants, by the way, and in fact the Ukraine is the proud home of Chernobyl.)

Iran and North Korea are also exciting possibilities.

It seems that major portions of the rest of the world is tiring of never-ending war, though. They seem harder to come by these days.

Maybe the United States should consider another career?


GE: Lies You Can Believe In!

You don’t really need to find out

What’s going on

You don’t really want to know just how far it’s gone

Just leave well enough alone

Eat your dirty laundry


Kick ’em when they’re up

Kick ’em when they’re down

Kick ’em when they’re up

Kick ’em when they’re down

MSNBC — supposedly a voice for progressives — is owned by General Electric. General Electric is one of the largest and one of the most heinous war profiteers on our planet. Whenever the Obomber wants to bomb someone then MSNBC is ever ready to play its designated role as cheerleader.

MSNBC is actually ‘bi-partisan’, though, in that they favour wars by both Democrats and Republicans.

Richard Engle is an MSNBC reporter. He used to be a favourite on the Rachel Maddow Show but I just searched her website and evidently Rachel Maddow is not so buddy buddy with Mr. Engle these days as I couldn’t find any mention of him on her show in recent times — even though Mr. Engle is currently himself quite newsworthy.

Rachel Maddow also works for MSNBC, which, as previously mentioned, is owned by General Electric — so you see the problem.

Anyway, Richard Engle was working in Syria back in 2012 when he was allegedly kidnapped. This was back in the good old days when the Obomber was trying to gin up a war with Syria but we stopped him in his tracks. (At least temporarily.)

Upon his release Mr. Engle stated that it had been Shiites loyal to Bashir al Assad, the arch-evil president of Syria and enemy of the United States that had kidnapped him.

I describe Mr. Engle’s kidnapping as ‘alleged’ because it now appears that he lied through his teeth about nearly every aspect of it. While it appears he was indeed kidnapped, it turns out that it was those American ‘friends’ in the Free Syrian Army that your taxpayer dollars were arming at the time who had actually kidnapped Mr. Engle rather than Assad’s people.

Gee. Why would Mr. Engle say that, then?

He is now claiming that the kidnappers must have played an elaborate ruse upon him to convince him that they were pro-Assad Shias when actually they were anti-Assad Sunnis doing a sort of false flag attack.

However, there is evidence that both MSNBC and Mr. Engle knew for a long time — if not at the time — that his kidnappers had actually been members of the pro-American (except when they’re not) Sunni anti-Assad Free Syrian Army — who later transformed into ISIS, our newest arch-enemy de jour.

Even though they evidently knew the truth, though, both MSNBC and Mr. Engle continued to publically stand by their story until their pants were finally pulled down and their privates were exposed to public view.

Do you remember that NBC fired Brian Williams awhile back for lying about his personal involvement in a story? Mr. Williams basically spiced up a story about a helicopter battle to make himself look like some kind of warrior hero.

Well Glen Greenwald has a very interesting take on that aspect of this story:

[The] NBC story [about Mr. Engle’s kidnapping] was quite likely [intended] to fuel the simmering war cries in the West to attack or at least aggressively intervene against Assad. That’s a far more serious and far more consequential journalistic sin than a news reader [Brian Williams] puffing out his chest and pretending he’s Rambo.”

It will be interesting to see how Mr. Engle is treated as compared to the treatment meted out to Mr. Williams.

Mr. Engle also lied about his ‘rescue’, by the way.

The Angry Arab — of whom I just recently became aware of but who seems to be someone that knows his stuff on this stuff — wrote at the time that Mr. Engle was telling a “bullshit story”. (Quote)

He knew this from watching a video that the kidnappers had released at the time wherein they paraded Mr. Engle for public view.

If the Angry Arab can spot the fraud through watching a video then how gullible is Mr. Engle, who was there in person, who is fluent in Arabic, and who supposedly knows the turf? I think we can rest assured that Mr. Engle was at best responding to some government and/or MSNBC official who wanted him to lie in order to cover up embarrassing information about an ‘ally’ — or at worst Mr. Engle was a willing participant in a false flag operation.

Would an ambitious up-and-comer like Richard Engle knowingly utter falsehoods in order to assist in MSNBC’s never-ending efforts to involve the United States in those never-ending wars that provide so much profit to General Electric?

Yes, standing up and doing the right thing is what advances you in corporate media world! Not kissing up to the likes of General Electric — especially when they are signing your massive paycheque and especially when they have life or death control over your lucrative and exciting career!

And besides, doing any of that would be unethical!

Say it ain’t so, Joe!


See, Kids? Perspectives like this are why you need the Thunderbolt.

It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of April 24th thru April 30th, 2015




1) FYI Section:


1A) Update on West Central Park Project

This message is from Alicia:

The West Olympia Farmer Market is getting ready for their brand new year at the West Central Park. 15 local farmers and fresh food vendors will be set up under the white tents at WCP starting on May 12 and then each and every Tuesday from 4-7.  Come and show some support for the folks who are contributing to ensure your food independence and ability to buy only the freshest, most locally grown produce around. Come out on Tuesday, May 12th at 4 pm for their grand opening!

Calling all pets! The Grainery will be holding an Animal Nutrition Awareness event on Saturday, June 20th from 12-4.  As well as a few animal adoption and charity organizations in the line-up, there will be lots of pet give aways and an puppy ice cream social! Bring your leashed furry canine or feline friend and have fun at the Park on Saturday, June 20th, from noon to 4.

Let us know if you’d like to hold your event at the Park. The Park Board of Trustees would love to hear your ideas! Contact us at

And as always, please remember, this Park is a 501c3,Charity and thrives on your donations of time and money. The Park volunteers are grateful for your past help and it is truly what has sustained the project all along. Both your donations,your visits and your uses for the space help to keep the West Central Park vibrant in our community.

See you around the Park!



1B) Village Building Convergence Update

This message is from Chris:

Announcing: The 2015 Placemaking Program of Olympia Village Builders.  It includes:

  • The Placemaking Toolkit and Application (click to download)
  • Placemaking Workshops Series – Starts next Monday, 6pm at the EcoHouse!
  • Support for your project – planning, design, materials and volunteer energy

If you have ideas or desire for a neighborhood improvement, community garden or placemaking project this summer, JOIN the Placemaking Project today.  Call or email us your ideas and intention, and we’ll assign a volunteer to work with you to build community support and make all the preparations.

The Placemaking Workshop Series is for you! 

6:00 pm, Monday evenings, at the EcoHouse @ Fertile Ground

Beginning April 20 – August 10 (we’ll skip a week here and there)

Click to Register

The purpose of the Placemaking Workshop Series is for neighborhood folks join with other projects and peers to share skills and collaboratively learn the principles and practices of community building in public places.  Each week our instructors and guests will delve into a different aspect of the process:  Philosophy, asset mapping, neighborhood organizing, effective communication, collaborative design, permits, project management, celebration and much more!  Find out all the details by showing up at the first session, or register for the series now and receive the syllabus via email.  We’ll have several amazing Guest Instructors!

Projects, orgs and people intending to officially join the 2015 OlyVBC program participate in the workshops for free!  Others interested in learning can come too – you’re asked to pay a registration fee, sliding scale $50-$150 (Due by May 4), or $10 per workshop at the door.  We are also looking for a couple of business co-sponsors for this series if you want to get involved that way, let us know!

Workshops Coordinator Hired…

We’re pleased to announce we’ve hired Matthew West as the Workshops Coordinator!  Matt is a veteran and works with the Veterans Conservation Corps developing training workshops and hands-on agriculture and restoration projects.  He’s also taking lead on one of 2 VBC projects at the Eastside Urban Farm and Garden Center on behalf of Growing Veterans.   Help us Welcome Matt!

Workshops Schedule (*some items still tentative):

  1. April 20:  Introduction to Placemaking and the 2015 Olympia VBC
  2. April 27:  Introduction to Placemaking (part 2)
  3. May 4:  Project Planning Lab

May 11:  (No Monday Workshop this week – break for neighborhood potlucks) – DRAFT Placemaking Application / Fee is due May 15

  1. May 18:  Codes and Permits
  2. May 22 or 23 – Bonus!:  Community Potluck Event:  An evening with City Repair and the OlyVBC*
  3. May 25:  Communicating within Community – knowing your neighbors, outreach, non-violent communication
  4. June 1:  Neighborhood Organizing – strategies, structures, and decision-making
  5. June 8:  Designing Great Places –  Community collaborative design charettes, sketching to scale, engaging design help

June 15 & 22:  (No Workshops for 2 weeks – break for neighborhood potlucks and design charrettes)

  1. June 29:  Project Management – timelines, budget, contracts and more
  2. July 13:  Fundraising and Sourcing materials for your project
  3. July 18:  Full-Day Retreat for Philosophy, Design, Logistics, and Celebration!
  4. July 20 – August 10:  Monday Workshops continue, general project support and coordination, specific focus TBD*
  5. August 15-23

In other news…

Anniversary Celebration and Great Places Dinner was a great success! 

Thank you to Brighida deVargas, Sean and the rest of the crew at the Eastside Urban Farm and Garden Center for an incredibly beautiful event!  There was food, sun, and great company to share.  Thank you to all the wonderful people who came to enjoy, generously contribute and help us celebrate our amazing community.  Thanks, Mike @ Big Tom’s for providing our beverages and many other supplies! Thanks 3 Magnets for the awesome beer! Thank you Whitewood Cider for your generous donation as well! Thanks to Garrett and Thomas from Swing for preparing our side-dishes! Thanks to Brad for his barbecue mastery! Thanks to Sandy for her awesome management of the food area! Thanks to Eli for the biodiversity of decorations and those that decorated! Thanks to the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild, especially the Abercrombies for their fabulous organization of the auction! Thank you to Chris from Oly Village Builders for all your organizational and hands-on help! Thanks to Christopher and the folks at the Ground Inn for wonderful deserts and salad! Thanks to all those businesses and folks that donated to our auction, especially Olympia Federal Savings! Thank you to my fabulous staff that worked extra long hours leading up to and during the event! Thank you to the organizations, especially the Oly Village Builders, that spread the word and had a presence at the celebrations! Thank you to the five fabulous bands that played music we all loved! Thank you to all the volunteers that made it all possible! You all were crucial in making the day a success! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Hope to see you soon!



1C) Campaign for I-732 Carbon Tax Gearing Up: Volunteers Needed

This message is from Glen:

Republicans in the Washington State Senate killed Gov. Inslee’s legislation to cap carbon emissions, so now the citizens’ initiative for a revenue-neutral carbon fee is the only game in town.

Initiative 732 would help the climate and also roll back some of Washington State’s horribly regressive tax system, because it would use the new price on carbon fuels to reduce the sales tax by 1 percentage point and would fund the Working Families Sales Tax Rebate, which a previous legislature had passed but never funded.  So Initiative 732 is good for economic justice as well as the climate.

In order to make sure we have 247,000 VALID signature, we to gather need more than 300,000 signatures (to allow for some that turn out to be not valid) by December in order to qualify to have this go to the Washington State Legislature’s January 2016 session.

A growing number of persons are working on this now.  We are using VOLUNTEERS, rather than paid signature gatherers, so EVERY PERSON can help.

You can get more information about the initiative at, and you also can request petitions from that website.

I recommend it highly!

Here was a previous news item:  Group gathers signatures for carbon tax initiative



1D) Oregon Jericho Go Fund Me Campaign

Oregon Jericho works on social justice issues especially as they pertain to the prison industrial complex.

This message is from Oregon Jericho:

Go to:

Dear Sisters, Brothers, Comrades, Family, Friends, and Supporters:

Please accept this 4th of 5 Jericho Go Fund Me Blast to support Jericho’s international efforts in building international support to free all political prisoners.

Over the next few days, please take five minutes to review and consider donating a few dollars to support the work of campaigning for the freedom and amnesty of our freedom fighters. If you have already given, perhaps another ten or twenty again. Thank you.

In mid-May, Jihad Abdulmumit will be going to the Universal Periodic Review in Geneva, Switzerland to lobby those nations (there will be approximately 193 nations present) who have a record to or who have already supported and spoken on the issue of political incarcerations. These international efforts have indeed been building steam and slowly capturing the attention and support of people, organizations and nations around the world. Our international presence is a must in a world that is getting smaller through technology. The opportunities are there, and they must be exploited.

Jericho has already submitted three position papers and presented before the UN, and at various treaty reviews within the last year.

As mentioned before, over the last few month, Paulette Dauteuil, Former Jericho National Secretary, represented US political prisoners in Syria, at the Annual International Symposium Against Isolation. Also, Ramona and Alberta Africa recently returned from Geneva, Switzerland, where they lobbied the international community  to support our US held PPs.

Thus far, comrades and friends have been supporting and financing these international trips with their own money and resources. It is indeed a sincere sacrifice and struggle. But the cost is getting heavier. Our comrades in prison need and deserve our support.

Please contribute within your capacity!

Thank you!

Free all political prisoners!!

Go to:



1E) Washington Low Income Housing Alliance Update

This message is from WLIHA:

This is the last week of the regular 2015 state legislative session, and the House and Senate remain divided on critical components of the operating, capital, and transportation budgets. The main issue continues to be revenue. The question before lawmakers is whether they will get our state off the path of budget deficits and safety net cuts and onto a sustainable path with the revenue needed to fund our basic needs this year and in years to come. After many sessions of budget cuts, lawmakers have solid proposals before them to increase revenue while fixing our regressive tax system that currently allows wealthy households to pay significantly less of their income in taxes than lower income households.

Find out about what the next possibilities are regarding budget talks.

Last Week of the Regular Session to Take Action!

The 2015 Washington State Legislative Session officially ends Sunday, April 26. You have just this week left to tell your legislators to pass a final budget that includes creating new sources of revenue and making deep investments in both affordable housing and safety net services

  Take Action Here »


Learn at Lunch: 2015 Session Wrap-up

Join the Housing Alliance to debrief the session and to discuss how affordable housing and homelessness issues fared. If there is a special session, we will discuss what to expect and what advocates can do to ensure that the final budgets include the House’s affordable housing allocations.

Register Here »


New Opportunities at the Housing Alliance

Now you have an opportunity to join our awesome team leading the movement to ensure all Washington residents have the opportunity for safe, healthy, affordable homes in thriving communities. We are searching for an Operations and Finance Administrator.

Go Here to Apply »


Our 2015 Legislative Agenda

We advocate for public policy supporting our vision that all Washington residents have the opportunity to live in safe, healthy, affordable homes in thriving communities. Check out our housing and homelessness advocacy agenda.

Learn More »


How Our Priorities Are Doing

Our Bill & Budget Tracker for our lead housing and homelessness legislative priorities is online. Check back, as we update it frequently.

Bill Tracker »


Early Registration Ends Today!

The 25th Annual Conference on Ending Homelessness is in Tacoma from Wednesday, May 13 to Thursday, May 14. Join over 600 homelessness providers and advocates from across the state to exchange innovative ideas, best practices, and grow the movement to end homelessness in Washington. You have until 12:59pm tonight!

Register Here »




2) Beth Doglio on Coal Train Safety

Thursday April 23rd at

Come learn about the rolling bombs they want to start rolling through our county. This lady is said to know her stuff.

This message is from the LWV:


Coal Train Safety


Beth Doglio

Climate Solutions 6:30 pm


United Churches of Olympia 110 11thAvenueSE Olympia

Presented By:
League of Women Voters of Thurston County

PO Box 2203 Olympia, WA 98507

Phone: 360-352-8220



3) Social Justice Block Party

Friday and Saturday April 24th and 25th @ Rafah Mural, Corner of State and Washington Streets

This event is in conjunction with Arts Walk.

This message is from Rochelle:

Come to the Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural during Olympia’s Arts Walk, April 24 & 25th for a Social Justice Bloc Party. Celebrate social justice with visual art, music, theatre, poetry and community organizations building strong movements for collective liberation.

Featuring visual art from Malachi Muncy, the Just Seeds Artist Collective, Assembly of Revolutionary Artists of Oaxaca with performances by the Old Growth Poetry Collective, Lennée Reid, Artesian Rumble Arkestra, Citizen’s Band, a Theatre of the Oppressed performance, an acrobatic performance, an open mic and Combat Papermaking demonstrations led by an artist and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Stop by to learn about and connect with many of the area’s social justice organizations, including the Rachel Corrie Foundation, POWER, Coffee Strong, Stonewall Youth, the Black Student Union, Gateways for Incarcerated Youth, Center for Community Based Learning & Action, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Students for Justice in Palestine and more!

April 24th from 5-10pm & April 25th 12-8pm

Roots and Leaves of Solidarity, the Theatre of the Oppressed performance is seeking community organizers, cultural workers and activists to participate in a workshop April 17; 7-9pm, 18 & 19;10-5pm. Using the interactive tools of Theatre of the Oppressed, this workshop will focus on political organizing with intersectionality as a strategy. We will explore what it takes to build strong anti-racist, multi-class movements. Click here to RSVP or email Space is limited, so please register by April 12th.



4) I-735 at Arts Walk Help Get Big $ Out of our Political System

Friday April 24th from 4 to 7 pm @ Sylvester Park, Corner of Capitol Way and Legion Way

They’re going to be collecting signatures to get I-735 on the ballot.

This message is from TC ProNet:

I-735 at Arts Walk – Help get BIG $$ OUT of our political system
Date: Friday, April 24, 2015
Time: 4:00PM – 7:30PM
Short Description: Join local volunteers at Arts Walk and before the Procession of the Species to gather signatures for I-735 to get BIG $$ OUT of our political system.
Location: downtown Olympia
Contact Information:

OR Jennifer at jbsprague[at]hotmail[dot]com

OR Michael at masavoca[at]fairpoint[dot]net

Join local volunteers at Arts Walk on Friday, April 24, and before the Procession of the Species on Saturday, April 25, to gather signatures for I-735 to get BIG $$ OUT of our political system.

Friday, April 24:  We’ll meet at Sylvester Park and hand out the petition sheets and supplies, and head out from there.

For more information about I-735, go to


Click on the link at the bottom of this post for more information about our plans for Friday, April 24.


And see plans for Saturday 4/25, before the Procession of the Species, at:

Click here for more info about April 24 on the Facebook event page and to connect with the Olympia WAmend group.



5) Fast for our Children

Saturday April 25th All Day

Some folks want others to fast with them on Saturday to highlight abused children.

This message came from Michelle:

Children are our future, that is an indisputable fact. When children are harmed, society suffers for decades to come; those who care about the future of our society are naturally repulsed when children are harmed. The current family detention centers which lock up countless children who have come here to seek refuge is a deep and damaging wrong. The world is made less safe – colder by this action . . . Today thousands of children suffer in the USA at our Southern border while those who could help turn away – willing instead to embrace a more dangerous, harsher world.

In recognition of the need to respect and protect the humanity of our children, Starving for Justice will be holding fasts every Tuesday and Saturday from midnight to midnight for as long as these children are at risk. All are welcome to fast with us.



6) Shell No: Seattle Draws the Line

Sunday April 26th, Vanpool leaves Media Island, 816 Adams St SE, at Noon

There is an organized vanpool leaving for Seattle to join the big protest against Big Oil.

This message is from Works in Progress:

Media Island is teaming up with the Sunset Activist Collective to fill their 15-passenger van to go to the “sHell No! Seattle Draws the Line Action” at Myrtle Edwards Park in Seattle. If more people want to go than 15 we will take the bus. $1O for gas and to cover parking, if you can’t afford that you better be bringing hella snacks to share, seriously! Other folks taking their own vehicles swing by Media Island at noon and maybe we can fill your car with extra people! Passengers please be prepared to throw down equivalent for other drivers. I have no idea when we will be getting back, we’ll discuss that in the morning but I expect people may want to make a day of Seattle and come back dusk.



7) Olympia Village Building Convergence Workshop #2

Monday April 27th at 6 pm @ the EcoHouse, 911 Adams St SE

This is the next workshop in Oly VBC’s Placemaking Project.

This message is from Oly VBC:

Hello again Friends!


The springtime energy grows and flows – people and plants preparing for big moves!

In this email:

Greetings!   I hope you are excited about the Oly VBC and thinking about Summer Projects! We want to hear your ideas and support you in planning a project, involving your community, and gathering resources you will need. Volunteers are waiting to take your call! Get in touch today – email or call me, Daniel, Pat or Nathan.  More details are in the Toolkit and Application Form.

The main way we will support placemakers this year is through the Placemaking Workshop Series, most Mondays from now to August.  Next Monday we are continuing our “Introduction to Placemaking,” with a great guest instructor, Sarahope Smith, Placemaking Coordinator with the City Repair Project of Portland:

Workshop #2:  The Heart and Soul of Placemaking

6:00 pm, Monday April 27

At the EcoHouse, 911 Adams St. SE Olympia

With Sarahope Smith, City Repair Project (see her bio)

Register for the Workshop Series

This workshop will give an overview and a deeper look into what placemaking is, and the multiple forms in which it manifests throughout our community. Participants will be able to talk about the importance of sense of place and advocate for community enhancement and public health through placemaking.  Well learn about asset mapping and sharing community resources.  We’ll explore specific strategies for building community and transforming urban spaces into friendly neighborhood places.

The following week, Monday May 4 will be a Project Planning Lab, to help participants dig into the details of planning a great placemaking project, destined to succeed!  We’ll work in small groups, using the Placemaking Toolkit and Application form to guide thinking about design, permits, needed resources, building a team, and community involvement.  After that:  Community Resilience, Neighborhood Organizing, Designing Great Places, Project Management and more…

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn together, share your knowledge, and gather support for your summer projects!!  Join the OlyVBC Placemaking Program today.

Another Upcoming Chance to Engage:   

Events & Food CREW!  If you eat and like good company, You are Invited…

Wednesday May 6, 6:30 pm in the Garden at Fertile Ground

We’ll be meeting to plan five (5) Evening Program Events during the OlyVBC in August, and also to collaborate on planning the Love Our Local Festival.  We now have the following events planned for August 15-23, each with a different host site – how fun is that!  We need to get busy connecting with hosts and planning all the details!!

  1. Saturday August 15:  OlyVBC “First Night” event and celebration of a Great Place:  The West Central Park!  Opening the 10-day event with art, music, food and storytelling from Placemakers around the South Sound.
  2. Sunday August 16:  Ark of The Commons – BBQ, Pizza Party and Slow Food Tasting, and celebration of a Great Place:  The Commons @ Fertile Ground.  Community event by, with and for:   Fertile Ground, Slow Food, Edible Forest Gardens, and NW EcoBuilding Guild.
  3. Wednesday August 19:  Village Building Council – A potluck meal, celebration and leadership council of place making organizations, neighbors, community partners.  Our theme:  “Reinvisioning our Community as a Sustainable Web of Resilient Places.”  Eat, Drink and Discuss!  [Fishbowl or World Café Style?]
  4. (Thu, Fri or Sat – TBD) Growing at GRuB – celebrating The GRuB Farmhouse Environmental Learning Center
  5. (Thu, Fri or Sat – TBD)  Urban Farm and Gardening Event, celebrating a Great Place:  The Eastside Urban Farm and Garden Center.  Day Workshops, and dinner with music, and Speakers on the Theme.
  6. Love our Local Festival – celebrating the NE Olympia Neighborhood and culminating event of the 2015 Oly VBC.  A blowout city-wide street party at the corner of San Francisco St. and Bethel.

Some of these may be fundraisers for the OlyVBC and Host organization(s).  Get involved today to strengthen great places across the city with great events!

OLY VBC THEME FOR THIS YEAR:  “Great Places Happen… When people like you get involved!”



8) Strategies for Economic Justice in Greece and Spain

Wednesday April 29th at 7 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW

This is an educational workshop.

This message is from Matt:

This workshop will look at how Greece is fighting a form of economic policies called austerity. (think of it as “budget cuts” on steroids.) Its newly elected party, Syriza, was voted in on an anti-austerity platform, and we will examine what challenges they face and how effectively they have waged that struggle. The workshop will conclude by briefly discussing the impact Syriza is having on neighboring countries facing similar austerity measures, in particular Spain. What is happening in Greece and Spain may teach us how to struggle for economic justice here in the United States. This is a discussion based workshop, so please bring your ideas, questions, comments.



9) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Clean some dirty laundry today.




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