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1) FYI Section:

1A) ‘Fight for the Future’ is Battling the Trans Pacific Partnership

1B) SPEECH and the Green Pages Need New People

1C) Update from the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

2) Jared Paul: Performance and Workshop

3) Slow Food Potting Party

4) Global Days of Listening

5) Earth Day Extravaganza at the Evergreen State College

6) Beth Doglio on Coal Train Safety

7) Bonus Tip of the Day




Secret Weapons



Mission Statement

Hey Kids!

I strive to find outrageous facts that most people don’t know and/or provide commentary from a different point of view than most people receive about outrageous facts that most people do know about.

The fact that virtually all violent criminals were violently abused as children, for instance.

The fact that two American brothers — Allen and John Foster Dulles — would need to be prominently displayed in any monument to the most prolific mass-murderers of innocent civilians in human history, for instance.

No one called me on that assertion, by the way, but if you have any doubts I’ll send you links to source material or if you’re a listener rather than a reader I’ll send links to a multi-hour Smells Like Human Spirit audio piece that lays it all out.

The fact that virtually no one knows these facts is a core part of the problem here.

Speaking of outrageous facts that you probably don’t know…


Training our Youth for Life in Modern Times

Children in our five largest states that grow up within the cold steel embrace of government foster care programs are nine times more likely to be prescribed psychotropic drugs than children with human parents are.

This sometimes includes even infants.

I’m sure all Thunderbolt enthusiasts are shocked to now hear that a recent study documented a very lengthy and quite horrifying list of profoundly problematic results that have resulted from this practice.

Who even allows such people around children in the first place much less allowing them to continue running our world, anyway? Whose job is it to do something about that?

Speaking of problematic people running our world…


Business As Usual Chapter 2,937

I mentioned a few weeks ago that after looking into the Clinton Foundation I concluded that it appears to be a massive money laundering operation for questionable campaign cash. I pointed out that the Clinton Foundation provides people such as foreigners and others who can’t legally ‘contribute’ to her various political campaigns with a convenient manner in which to purchase influence with Mean Mrs. Custard.

It turns out that one of the many controversial contributors to the Clinton Foundation was a foreign gentleman named Frank Giustra. Mr. Giustra is the founder of a Canadian oil company called Pacific Rubiales. It turns out that for a very long time now lots of people have been accusing Pacific Rubiales of using Columbian government troops as private hit men to unleash lethal violence upon labour organizers in Columbia — that good American ‘ally’ that has more than once been designated as the most dangerous country in the world in which to try to organize working people.

Gee. This is an American ‘ally’? I’m shocked.

Anyway, a while back Columbia was pushing for a free trade pact with the United States that would greatly benefit Pacific Rubiales — but Ms. Clinton opposed the agreement due to Pacific Rubiales’ abuse of union organizers in Columbia…

…that is, she opposed the trade agreement it until the Clinton Foundation received a very generous donation from Mr. Giustra! Suddenly, like magic, Ms. Clinton did an abrupt 180o turn!

She had seen the light!

You see, Ms. Clinton now understood that this agreement was for the good of the Columbian people! Yes, she was now the bearer of received wisdom from a higher power and she now realized that true wisdom dictated favour for this trade agreement!

Amazingly, Ms. Clinton also suddenly developed a case of total amnesia concerning all of those annoying accounts of lethal attacks upon union organizers in Colombia.

Ms. Clinton was so appreciative of Mr. Giustra’s contribution, in fact, that Mr. Giustra now sits on her board at the Clinton Foundation.


I wonder why the Republicans haven’t picked up on this?

Oh, right! That could lead to some uncomfortable questions about their own campaign finances…


Our Secret Weapon: Jury Nullification

Knowing things like this is why you need the Thunderbolt: The Framers of the Constitution gave to us — i.e. to the ‘people’ to which that document makes rather famous reference — that Constitution conferred upon us a secret power that most folks don’t even realize we have. Yes, my loyal fans, if you ever find yourself dealing with one of those nasty mean-spirited little men or women who prosecute people because they were picked on as children and now seek revenge against the world — if you ever find yourself in a courtroom wanting to make such a prosecutor seriously poodliate in his/her frigging droodliays right there in the courtroom then all you have to do is say these two words within hearing of the jury: ‘Jury Nullification’.

I have read of prosecutors who have demanded a mistrial simply because someone said those two words within hearing of a jury.

The thing about a jury is that a jury can pretty much do whatever the hell it wants to do and there is usually little if anything that the Machine can subsequently do about it. This is built into the Constitution. This is in some ways our last-ditch check and balance upon government overreach.

‘Jury nullification’ refers to a practice wherein a jury finds the law guilty rather than whoever is accused of breaking the law. They declare the defendant to be not guilty even though he technically may be guilty because it is the law that is wrong and not the person.

Since a verdict requires a unanimous consensus decision, all it takes is one nullifier on any given jury to let someone walk away from a given railroading relatively unscathed.

Spread the news.


Another Not So Secret Weapon: Guns

Do you remember the right-wing Nevada rancher who pulled guns on federal agents who were trying to confiscate his cattle to pay for millions of dollars in grazing fees that the rancher failed to pay over the course of many years and many legal proceedings?

Sharpshooters were lined up along the freeway waiting to open fire if the feds tried to take the man’s cattle.

You may remember that the government backed down and ran away with its tail between its legs.

This rancher has now become a folk hero to the nutcase right and there are many hundreds if not thousands of people standing ready to come defend this man’s right to trash our public lands with his cows and then not have to pay for it. All of these nutcases now know that the government backed off when faced by a large force of armed citizens.

To this day there has been no further attempts to confiscate this man’s cattle and there have been no repercussions of any kind for having threatened federal agents with guns, so I guess they’re right.


A Really Big Deal

In yet another example of the fact that Barack Obama is a much better candidate than he is a president, his people recently announced that Venezuela represented a threat to the United States and that he was going to impose sanctions.

I am reminded of one of those old B-grade movies from the 50’s where the teacher in a classroom says something utterly preposterous and all the kids have to hide their guffaws and laughs lest they incur the teacher’s wrath…

This was a totally stupid and completely idiotic thing to do and it has completely backfired all over Obama’s already highly tarnished bippy. Rather than isolating Venezuela he has instead isolated the United States as the rest of Latin America — including our stalwart ‘friends’ Mexico and Columbia — have roundly condemned Obama’s move and the arch-evil President Maduro of Venezuela has received a massive jump in public approval at a time that he really needed it.

Like so many other of his stupid foreign policy blunders (that famous ‘red line’ in Syria that later became ‘not my red line’ after Assad stepped over it, for instance) the Obomber had to walk back his latest absurdity and admit that Venezuela wasn’t really a threat but he had to declare them so in order to legally level some sanctions at some Venezuelan luminaries.

They broke the law so they could follow the law? Or is falsely declaring that a country poses a ‘threat’ even a crime?

Whatever. That is similar to bigots decrying bigotry. That is similar to having sex in order to maintain virginity.

Pathological hubris comes to mind in trying to understand what could have been going on in the mind of whatever idiot even came up with this idea much less implemented it, but that is actually a relatively small deal and this chapter is named ‘A Really Big Deal’ — so lest I get sued for false advertising, here is A Really Big Deal:

The rest of the world is forming two ‘investment banks’ that are specifically intended to eliminate the current economic monopolies enjoyed by the American dominated IMF and World Bank.

I’ve been saying for a while that the rest of the world is sick of our bullying psychopathic ways and that they were quietly meeting if foreign locales plotting our eventual demise. Since creating money out of thin air and then loaning it to people is about the only economic engine we’ve got left that isn’t sitting in some secret Cayman Island bank account, then the United States is about to be taken down several pegs in influence.

The United States is starting to resemble a dying dinosaur thrashing around. While they always talk nice nice about China, their actions reveal they are frying their jiglios in the nutter butter over China and are seriously ‘pivoting to the east’ and sending troops and selling WMD’s and unleashing predator drones all over everywhere all the time, much of this specifically in a vain attempt to corral China. The reason that the US military formed AFRICOM, for instance, was partly to marginalize China’s influence there since they have been seriously investing in Africa over the last decade. China is also making lots of friends in Latin America.

When the Chinese show up they bring dams, roads and hospitals.

When the United States shows up they bring soldiers, guns and drones.

Which would you rather see arriving in your neighborhood?

It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of April 16th thru April 22nd, 2015




1) FYI Section:


1A) ‘Fight for the Future’ is Battling the Trans Pacific Partnership

Fight for the Future is a national organization that has the lead on fighting the TPP. Join them and support them.

This message is from FFTF:

We’re organizing the Internet Vote on April 23rd to give Internet users everywhere a voice against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a secret deal that could lead to global Internet Censorship. Sign up here.

Dear Fight for the Future member,

If you feel like every week there’s is always another looming threat to the future of free speech on the Internet, it’s because there is.

The root of the problem is that too many decisions that impact Internet freedom are made by government bureaucrats and corporate lobbyists behind closed doors and without public input.

Right now, U.S. Congress is planning to pass a “Fast Track” bill that will make this situation even worse by ramming through secret agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership that could lead to more censorship and less privacy online. We think Internet users should have a voice anytime there’s a major decision that impacts our rights.

So we’re organizing an Internet-wide vote on April 23rd to stop “Fast Track” and give Internet users a voice. Will you join?

This is that do-or-die moment. But if we win, it won’t just slow down the Trans-Pacific Partnership, it will send a message to those in power that they can’t mess with the Internet. Ever.

The parties are split on Fast Track — which means if we as Internet users weigh in en masse, we can tip the scales and stop Fast Track for good.

Are you in? Learn how to participate here:

The TPP has pieces of every bad Internet policy we’ve ever fought against, and if it passes now we’ll be kicking ourselves for decades, fighting uphill battle after uphill battle on copyright reform, whistleblower protections, and so much more. Let’s not let that happen.

Yours for Team Internet,

-Evan at FFTF

P.S. Senator Ron Wyden continues to be a key figure in backroom negotiations about “Fast Track.” Please take three seconds to tweet at him today or call his office: (202) 224-5244.



1B) SPEECH and the Green Pages Need New People

The two people who have been running the South Puget Environmental Educational Clearinghouse [SPEECH] and publishing the Green Pages for the last many years are stepping down and they need others to now stand up. If you value the Green Pages then come help save them.

This message is from Janine:

SPEECH appreciates everyone who attended our 25th annual meeting in March. We had a good turnout and the conversation was difficult at times, as Krag and I announced (as we have said many times at monthly board meetings and elsewhere), that we must move on from the very real responsibilities of maintaining a nonprofit organization and its publication, the South Sound Green Pages. As you can imagine, this is very hard for us to do.

While we are putting together our 25th anniversary issue of the Green Pages (submit articles, photos, poetry, art, and remembrances now!), SPEECH is looking to its devoted members and others to step up and continue this beloved organization and publication.

Thank you to Joanne McCaughan, a former board member, who stepped up to rejoin the board, eloquently speaking of the need to honor her grandchildren. To be sure, there is still much to do now, and in the future, but it takes a few more folks to get involved.

What connects most of us to this region is, I believe, the environment. The word “environment” conjures up a variety of emotions and thoughts. What does it mean to you?

As an adjunct event to our annual meeting, I specifically reached out to the Heartsparkle Players to uniquely express our thoughts about the environment.

So, we welcome you to share your thoughts and memories of 25 years of environmental education, successes and struggle. Thank you….



1C) Update from the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

The Week in Housing Advocacy (2 more weeks left!)

The end of the regular session is rapidly approaching, and budget-related issues received a lot of attention. Lawmakers also spent a lot of time considering bills that have made it to the floor of the House or Senate. To get there, the bill had to make it through their own chamber of origin and then through the opposite chamber’s policy and fiscal committees. Bills not considered necessary to implement the budget (NTIB) will need a vote by Wednesday, April 15.

You might be shocked to see which of our items passed and which are still waiting.

The last day of regular session is Sunday, April 26. The very significant differences between the House and Senate’s budgets will be difficult to reconcile by then. If they are unable to come to a final agreement, they will still end the session on that day, but will need the Governor to call them to back for what’s called a “special session.”

Find out more about what could happen during special session.

Learn at Lunch: 2015 Session Wrap-up

Join the Housing Alliance to debrief the session and to discuss how affordable housing and homelessness issues fared. If there is a special session, we will discuss what to expect and what advocates can do to ensure that the final budgets include the House’s affordable housing allocations.

Register here »


Senate Capital Budget Released Last Week

The Senate both released and then had a public hearing on their capital budget last Wednesday. We were pleased to discover that their Housing Trust Fund allocation isn’t too far off of the House’s allocation, signaling an opportunity for the final budget to include the House’s $80 million.

More about the Senate capital budget »


Operating Budget Next Steps

While the House and Senate operating budgets both protected the Housing & Essential Needs/Aged, Blind & Disabled programs and SSI Facilitation services, the budgets have a major glaring disparity that we’d like to see fixed in the final budget. Also find out what you can do about it!

Find out how the operating budget could be improved here »


Our 2015 Legislative Agenda

We advocate for public policy supporting our vision that all Washington residents have the opportunity to live in safe, healthy, affordable homes in thriving communities. Check out our housing and homelessness advocacy agenda.

Learn More »


How Our Priorities Are Doing

Our Bill & Budget Tracker for our lead housing and homelessness legislative priorities is online. Check back, as we update it frequently.

Bill Tracker »


Registration Open Now!

The 25th Annual Conference on Ending Homelessness is in Tacoma from Wednesday, May 13 to Thursday, May 14. Join over 600 homelessness providers and advocates from across the state to exchange innovative ideas, best practices, and grow the movement to end homelessness in Washington. 

Register Here »


Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

1411 Fourth Ave, Ste 850

Seattle, WA  98101



2) Jared Paul: Performance and Workshop

Saturday April 18th from 11 am to 1 pm @ the Evergreen State College Longhouse, 2700 Evergreen Pkwy NW

This is political poetry at its best.

This message is from Koyote:

Join internationally acclaimed poet and activist Jared Paul for a performane and workshop on performance poetry mechanics at Evergreen at Evergreen Longhouse Room 1007 from 11am-1pm. This event is free and open to Evergreen students, staff and alumni.

Sponsored by Poetry for the People and the The Writing Center at Evergreen.

About Jared Paul:

After defeating the NYPD in court last year as part of the largest protest related class action settlement in U.S. history (Schiller v. City of New York), nationally acclaimed spoken word artist, Jared Paul, is celebrating 18 years of animal rights organizing, environmental rights activism, and veganism with a national tour: presenting live poetry and workshops at independent bookstores, art galleries, venues, and colleges around the country. The two-time Individual World Poetry Slam Finalist and eight-time Providence Youth Slam Team coach.

Full information on all engagements are available at: @[NjQyMTgzOTU5MjA4MTA3Omh0dHBcYS8vamFyZWRwYXVsLm9yZy9ob21lL3RvdXItZGF0ZXM6Og==:]




Performance Poetry Mechanics:

Contemporary performance poetry is one of the most active and current links in the very long and sacred chain that is the Oral Tradition. This tradition is a timeless mosaic of messages and testimonies transmitted through song, story, folktale, prayer, ballad, and poem, carried on, remixed, and reborn throughout generations. The history of these accounts is vastly older than written language and their diligence has never ceased being amongst the most sincere and effective means of human communication, expression, catharsis, education, and inspiration. Performance Poetry Mechanics is a 90 minute skill share which focuses on connecting with the universal force of the Oral Tradition, as well as developing techniques, confidence, and achieving the most sincere and effective presentation possible. Session covers methods of preparing for diverse performance settings, communicating with a live audience, voice projection, breath control, and blocking. Performance Poetry Mechanics also examines the process of conquering stage fright and performance anxiety through identifying and utilizing best practice habits, as well as critical assessment of the appropriateness of live recitation in the context of performance art spaces and events. Facilitated by Jared Paul, internationally touring performance poet and 8 time coach of the Providence National Youth Poetry Slam Team featured on HBO’s Brave New Voices.

“Enormously helpful analysis and critique of performance details. Jared’s firsthand performance knowledge overflows with invaluable advice.”
-A.K. Williams, Princeton University

“Jared has an infectiously engaged way of viewing writing and performing, and he brings that focus and energy to all those who attend his workshops or shows.”
-Laura Murphy, Goddard College

“Integrity In Craft’ was an invaluable experience. The feedback went deeper than what is found in even the most in-depth writing workshops…This workshop is for writers and speakers wanting newfound confidence in what flows from their pens as well as their mouths.”

-Amy Moore, Montserrat College of Art



3) Slow Food Potting Party

Saturday April 18th from 2 to 4 pm @ 1307 Gemini St SE, Lacey

Growing our own food is a revolutionary act these days.

This message is from Ali:

Slow Food Potting Party

Our favorite kind of Party!

When: Saturday, April 18th 2-4pm

Where: 1307 Gemini St SE, Lacey, WA 98503-2414

What: Potting Party–Pot up heritage plants including some we are testing for potential inclusion in the Ark of Taste. Take home heritage starts including: tomatoes, tomatillo, ground cherry, squash, herbs, Brussels Sprouts, cabbage, peppers and more in exchange for your help. If you have them, bring any of the following: pots, potting soil, starts. You may want gloves and a towel to clean you hands when we finish the work. Non gardeners are welcome.

Let us know if you are coming. Please complete the doodle poll at



4) Global Days of Listening

Tuesday April 21st from 6:30 to 8:30 am on your Phone

This is a conference call with people from all over the world.

This message is from Doug:

Global Days of Listening
Date: Tuesday, April 21, 2015
Time: 6:30AM – 8:30AM
Short Description: People all over the world want peace, so we talk through computers, phones, etc. on the 21st of each month.
Location: See description below
Contact Information: and Doug Mackey 915-6757

Sat Feb 21:  Global Days of Listening:  On the 21st day of each month, you can connect by telephone and/or computer (through Skype software) with the Afghan Peace Volunteers and other peacemakers of all ages in Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza, and many other countries around the world.  In the US’s Pacific Time Zone it runs from 6:30 to 9:30 am (yes, morning!), Pacific Time.  Listen to the live broadcast at or visit the home of Chuck Schultz and Rozanne Rants to listen or help.  Info: Local info:  Doug Mackey 915-6757  Listen anytime to the broadcast at this livestream link:

The 21st day of each month



5) Earth Day Extravaganza at the Evergreen State College

Wednesday April 22nd from Noon to 8 pm @ the Evergreen State College, 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW

This is an all day event.

This message is from TC Pro Net:

Earth Day Extravaganza at The Evergreen State College
Date: Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Time: 12PM – 8:00PM
Short Description: guests include ‘Yes Men’ Jacques Servin and Igor Vamos
Location: The Evergreen State College
2700 Evergreen Parkway Northwest
Olympia, WA 98502
Contact Information: Meryl Lipman (360) 867-5213

During the day, Red Square and the College Activities Building will be filled with student groups, community organizations and delicious specials at campus dining locations, all with a focus on interactive activities around the environment, food and sustainability in general.

The greener bookstore has proposed a poetry slam/reading in their space, climate change ‘culture jammers’, ‘Yes Men’ Jacques Servin and Igor Vamos will do a workshop on creative ways to enact positive social change, the Student Art Gallery is organizing an open mic, the Sheep Club will bring lambs to the grass on Red Square, the Rock Clumb will lead the creation of giant rock mandala, ARAMARK is bringing their ‘real food’ vendors to campus to hand out free samples, and there will be tours of the Organic Farm, RAD Sustainability projects, the aquaponics facilities and the shellfish garden.

In the evening there will be refreshments by ARAMARK in the Longhouse as President Les Purce signs the Real Food Challenge commitment to 28% real food purchasing by 2020, and sings a song about food inequality with music therapist Dr. Barbara Dunn. Foloowing, ‘Yes Men’ Jacques Servin and Igor Vamos will give a speech on creating positive social change through unique actions.



6) Beth Doglio on Coal Train Safety

Thursday April 23rd at 6:30 pm @ United Churches of Olympia, 110 11th Ave SE

Come learn about the rolling bombs they want to start rolling through our county. This lady is said to know her stuff.

This message is from the LWV:


Coal Train Safety


Beth Doglio

Climate Solutions 6:30 pm


United Churches of Olympia 110 11th Avenue SE Olympia

Presented By:
League of Women Voters of Thurston County

PO Box 2203 Olympia, WA 98507

Phone: 360-352-8220



7) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Use your weapons wisely.




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