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The Thunderbolt’s Helpful Household Tips on Proper Storm Trooper Etiquette!



Bigots Against Bigotry!

Hey Kids!

The governor of Indiana recently signed a bill making it legal to discriminate against people if such discrimination was in keeping with ones religious ‘beliefs’.

In a classic example of turning an issue upon its head, when a serious shite-storm erupted as a result of their new law, the governor of Indiana complained that the people who were protesting intolerance were actually themselves showing intolerance for Christian ‘beliefs’!

Bigots are now condemning bigotry against bigotry!

What a world we have created!

With people like this around, then who needs comedians? These people write my stuff for me!

FYI: If your religious ‘beliefs’ include bigotry then I have some very unpleasant suggestions of a highly perverted sexual nature for what you can do with your religious ‘beliefs’…


The Thunderbolt Plagiarized! (Not)

Speaking of bigoted religious ‘beliefs’, I specifically remember writing something in the Thunderbolt a long time ago concerning the hypocrisy of some Christians that was very similar to the following excerpt — though I’m pretty sure that mine wasn’t nearly as extensive as this one is. (I might find my piece again someday when I have some spare time to dig through my now voluminous Thunderbolt archives.)

Mine started as a Facebook post on some homophobic thread that graduated from there to a Thunderbolt feature and I remember that in my version I made a comment about ‘acceptable’ and ‘unacceptable’ abominations and I remember expressing a biblically approved wish to enslave some Canadian girls of my acquaintance. I also remember suggesting using ‘designated stoners’ rather than the burdensome task of assembling the entire community to stone people every time someone schleps someone else’s wife — but whatever.

I got this from the Daily Kos:

Dear Dr. Laura:

Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God’s Law. I have learned a great deal from your show, and try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defend the homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind them that Leviticus 18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination… end of debate.

I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some other elements of God’s Laws and how to follow them.

Leviticus 25:44 states that I may possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighbouring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can’t I own Canadians?

I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair price for her?

I know that I am allowed no contact with a woman while she is in her period of menstrual unseemliness – Lev. 15: 19-24. The problem is how do I tell? I have tried asking, but most women take offence.

When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a pleasing odor for the Lord – Lev. 1:9. The problem is my neighbours. They claim the odor is not pleasing to them. Should I smite them?

I have a neighbour who insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2. clearly states he should be put to death. Am I morally obligated to kill him myself, or should I ask the police to do it?

A friend of mine feels that even though eating shellfish is an abomination – Lev. 11:10, it is a lesser abomination than homosexuality. I don’t agree. Can you settle this? Are there ‘degrees’ of abomination?

Lev. 21:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I have a defect in my sight. I have to admit that I wear reading glasses. Does my vision have to be 20/20, or is there some wiggle-room here?

Most of my male friends get their hair trimmed, including the hair around their temples, even though this is expressly forbidden by Lev. 19:27. How should they die?

I know from Lev. 11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes me unclean, but may I still play football if I wear gloves?

My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev. 19:19 by planting two different crops in the same field, as does his wife by wearing garments made of two different kinds of thread (cotton/polyester blend). He also tends to curse and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary that we go to all the trouble of getting the whole town together to stone them? Lev. 24:10-16. Couldn’t we just burn them to death at a private family affair, like we do with people who sleep with their in-laws? (Lev. 20:14)

I know you have studied these things extensively and thus enjoy considerable expertise in such matters, so I am confident you can help.

Thank you again for reminding us that God’s word is eternal and unchanging.

Your adoring fan,

James M. Kauffman, Ed. D.

Professor Emeritus Dept. of Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education

University of Virginia



Actually, I just noticed that this piece was originally published in 2010 and I didn’t start publishing Thunderbolts until 2011, which means that it was Dr. Kauffman who actually came up with this meme originally.

I was actually flattered for a minute at the thought of a genuine academic plagiarizing the Thunderbolt.

I guess great minds think alike.



Moving now from hypocrisy on the right to hypocrisy on the left, Obama’s justice department just essentially gave General David Petraeus a free pass for passing state secrets to his girlfriend — this at the same time that many whistleblowers are looking at major prison time for doing almost exactly the same thing.

I say ‘almost’ because the whistleblowers were revealing information in order to expose government fraud and criminality to the public whilst Petraeus revealed it in order to impress his girlfriend.

Senator Diane Feinstein of California, who has never met a war she didn’t like and who regularly fulminates about Edward Snowden’s exposures, feels that Petraeus has ‘suffered enough’ and therefore should not be held accountable for doing the same thing Snowden did — even if Petraeus’ leaks were delivered for reasons and motivations far less noble and honourable than Snowden’s were.

Nobility and honour evidently have no place in the Democratic Party.


Shocking Thunderbolt Exclusive!

I have some rather astonishing news to report this week: It is my grave duty to report that THE PROGRAM MANAGER AT KOWA IS CENSORING POLITICAL INFORMATION!

And, in a unique twist on this particular story, I also happen to be the program manager at KOWA! Thus, not only can I report on the story but I can also give the official response from KOWA!

Yep, this is called ‘multi-tasking’. (No conflicts of interest here! Just keep moving along…)

Yes, in a bold and naked power grab, I just unilaterally took Background Briefing by Ian Masters off KOWA’s air!

Last week I heard Mr. Masters portray Barack Obama as a good man who wants to do the right thing but who is being prevented from doing so by the evil Republicans, who offer evidence of a pathological hatred of our president that has no basis in fact.

While the Republicans do indeed possess a pathological hatred of our president that has no basis in fact, my hatred of our president is based wholly upon facts and so I emailed Mr. Masters, sent him links to incontrovertible evidence that actually Barack Obama is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Wall Street War Machine, that he is mass murdering children with drones, and that he is executing people without a trial — meaning that he is by definition a mass-murdering fascist war criminal — and that if I ever heard Mr. Masters saying crap like that again on my air then I would remove him and all memory of him from the KOWA library and from all institutional memory as far as that was humanly and technically possible.

Every major media outlet in the country already broadcasts Obama’s crap. There is no need for it on my air.

Thus, I listened to Background Briefing very carefully this week — an Mr. Masters made a Freudian slip: During an interview, the interviewee mentioned that Afghanistan is landlocked. Mr. Masters’ reply was, “Yes, that has always impeded OUR access to Afghanistan…”

I definitely added the emphasis because Mr. Masters just dropped the pronoun in a completely matter of fact tone as if it weren’t even questioned that the Goldman $achs storm troopers who had invaded Afghanistan were ‘us’. He also said it with the unquestioned implication that impediments to American access to Afghanistan was a bad thing — even though I suspect that the vast majority of Afghanis wish that said access was exponentially more difficult…

Thus do I do my civic duty and protect the sensitive ears of my discerning listeners from exposure to unexpected unwarranted and unwanted government propaganda.




I was joking a couple of weeks ago about how our enemies and friends keep playing musical bombing raids with the United States and switching sides every few heartbeats. (I guess that would only apply to those whose hearts are still beating, though…)

Well, I am proud to report this week that they’ve topped even that: Iran is now both our friend and our enemy at the same time! Yes, Iranian troops are assisting our former enemy and current friend Iraq against the our former friend and current enemy ISIS at the same time that Iran is fighting our current friends and former enemies in Yemen against our former enemies and current friends in Yemen in whatever figoobliation the US has stirred up over there now. (I haven’t checked on the details of this latest drone-inspired revolution in Yemen yet, but I it sounds like some American puppet is getting his ass kicked by some Islamic fundamentalists.)

Meanwhile, Israel — who has been our ‘friend’ for a long time now — is assisting ISIS in Syria — where ISIS is currently our ‘enemy’.

I guess technically this means that Israel is now simultaneously both our friend and our enemy too!

Yep, Perpetual War for Fun and Profit!

With friendemies like this, who needs anything else?


Guns R Us

One bright spot in the American economy is that we are by far the largest exporters of weapons of mass destruction on the planet. George Bush the Dumber significantly kicked this trade up by arming homicidal lunatics all over the world (with many of these weapons now being used against us by our former ‘friends’) and Barack Obama has kicked it up even more, having sold more arms in his first five years in office than Georgie Boy did in his entire eight years.

More guns make us safer, right?


An Unprecedented and Historic Event!

Moving now from foreign to domestic oppression, if you want to watch an unprecedented and historic event, follow this link to the Shreveport Times, wherein a prosecutor offers what appears to be a true and heartfelt apology for having sent an innocent man to death row over 30 years ago.

In spite of the massive suffering, destroyed lives, and the destroyed families of literally millions of innocent people that have been wrought by various and sundry prosecutors in this country, in all the years I have been following this issue I don’t remember any prosecutor ever apologizing for anything ever before.

Anyway, on that same note I promised you a major piece last week.

This week, a cop in South Carolina was charged with murder after a video surfaced proving that everything the cop had said about the incident was a lie.

That makes this new piece all the more poignant.

Thusly, this weekly for exclusively the delightfully delectable delectation of dedicated Thunderbolt enthusiasts, I present…


The Thunderbolt’s Helpful Household Tips on Proper Storm Trooper Etiquette!

Part One: Legends of the OPD [Oly Boyz!]

To set the context for this week’s monumental missive I first present three tales of our own local boys in blue, the intrepid Olympia Police Department! [i.e. Oly Boyz]

(The first two stories are already pretty widely known throughout the community — but the third story is not…)

Round One: Oly Boyz vs. Dude Man

Dude Man was a long time institution on the streets of Olympia. Since he tended to roam 4th Avenue with a bicycle pulling three trailers — and since one of those trailers usually housed three pit bulls — then Dude Man was also a very noticeable institution.

I personally found him to be a somewhat abrasive young man whose company I usually eschewed. I would note that being an unpleasant person is not a crime, though. Dude Man’s abrasiveness combined with the fact that he didn’t kiss anyone’s ass meant that all of the local liberals who don’t like to have to step over homeless people sleeping on the sidewalks and so instead of actually dealing with the problem they instead forced them out into the cold wet dark woods where the predators prowl — these same local liberals found Dude Man and his F*#K you attitude and his three pit bulls to be threatening. (I can easily think of numerous and sundry more dangerous threats that they actually should be concerned about, but whatever.)

Thus, the Oly Boyz began conducting a reign of terror upon Dude Man. They regularly harassed him, beat him, and arrested him on a variety of bogus BS charges. Each time they jailed him Dude Man not only had to negotiate the ‘going to jail’ gauntlet but he was also forced to make arrangements for his dogs.

When these tactics didn’t drive him out of his town they tried confiscating his bicycle and his three trailers claiming that they were ‘abandoned’ since they hadn’t been moved for some arbitrary length of time.

His bicycle and his three trailers represented Dude Man’s home and everything he owned.

Finally, Dude Man arrived unannounced at Media Island one evening and crashed a meeting on a completely unrelated matter in order to lay out his incredible tale of woe. He further explained that at this point he was at the end of his rope and didn’t know what to do and — literally in tears — he begged us for help.

We referred him to a lawyer and I agreed to look into matters. When I subsequently opened that can of worms I learned that the Oly Boyz were actually conducting their reign of terror not only upon Dude Man but also upon many other members of Olympia’s mentally ill homeless community.

I confess to lacking the patience for ignorance that a more enlightened being would possess. I think it is insane for a society as rich as ours is to make tens of thousands of mentally ill people live on the streets. It makes me want to scream and suck on rocks and to cause damage to inanimate objects, in fact. Mentally ill homeless people are literally the most helpless and vulnerable members of our community. A lot of them are thoroughly unpleasant often rude often filthy often disgusting human beings who you wouldn’t want to wake up next to in the morning — but they are humans and humans never happen in a vacuum. A lot of very important stuff gets hardwired into your base brain when you’re still a little kid and you have little if anything to do with it. If that wiring is problematic then there is a good probability that you are going to become a problematic human — and in fact there is some new research out on that very subject that I plan to report on as soon as I get a round tuit — and even disregarding the humanity of the thing there is the fact that there are a whole bunch of other ways to deal with such problems that are far cheaper and far more effective in addition to being far more humane and enlightened — yet the Oly Boyz, like virtually all American police forces, instinctively deploy the most expensive and counterproductive methods.

Upon learning that for all intents and purposes the omnipotent might of the Oly Boyz was being deployed to make the lives of people already leading an existence so miserable that most of you are incapable of even imagining it — upon learning that they were intentionally making the lives of these people even more wretched than they already were — I became upset. (Outrageous things sometimes have that effect upon me.) My outrage led to the founding an organization that subsequently organized the Busker Parades which led to the rescinding of the busking laws but which also led to the exponentially more problematic ‘sit lie’ ordinance which is the law they now use to sweep unsightly homeless people off the sidewalks and out into the woods where the liberals don’t have to see them and feel guilty anymore.

Whatever: All of my efforts thus proved not only counterproductive but evidently they also brought Dude Man little relief as he very soon thereafter committed suicide.


Round Two: Oly Boyz vs. Scott Yoos

For contrast, we have the Trials and Tribulations of Scott Yoos.

Scott is a kind gentle self-effacing young man who works full time volunteering to perform good deeds for a large number of various local non-profits. He is also an active activist who can be found at most of the demonstrations. There are thus hundreds of people in Olympia who know Scott personally. Ironically, many of these people are the same influential liberals who were so terrified of Dude Man. However, Scott Yoos is not Dude Man and these folks absolutely love Scott. Everyone loves Scott. I think even the anarchist kids at least respect if not like him.

There’s not much to not like about the dude.

The bottom line as far as the current context goes is that all of these hundreds of people know that the very idea of Scott Yoos ever becoming violently abusive in any way or in any manner under any condition or in any circumstance of any kind was quite insane.

Scott was riding his bicycle in the rain one night and he had some wet napkins he had just used to wipe some stuff off and he decided to throw the napkins away in the dumpster next to the Twister Donut Shop there where Martin Way and Pacific come together.

The Oly Boyz witnessed this heinous act, decided it was contrary to law, and thus charged forth to mete out some Oly Boyz justice to this notorious dispenser of wet napkins.

My theory about what happened next is this: Scott is an activist in civil rights issues and so he thought that he still had some constitutional rights here and made the mistake of trying to utilize them. I also suspect that his ability to communicate his rights to the Oly Boyz was hindered by the fact that Scott cannot speak and must communicate by writing on a pad. (On a funny side note: The cops assumed that since Scott couldn’t speak then he was also deaf — which he isn’t — and they began talking about him right in front of him. In this manner they revealed, amongst other things, that they knew that Scott was ‘always at all the demonstrations’.)

Scott’s ability to communicate was then completely eliminated when the cops confiscated his pad and pencil.

(Would that they could silence all of our voices so easily!)

Most cops are cops because they are dominance freaks. They are in command and if you don’t meekly submit to their authority and subserviently say ‘yes sir’ and ‘no sir’ then you are likely to experience highly unpleasant resultant events.

When Scott failed to properly lick their boots they did what they usually do to such people: They beat Scott up and then charged him with assaulting them.

They do this all the time. I personally know five people right here in Olympia that they have done this to; three of those who allegedly violently assaulted the cops were female and two of those females were teenagers under five feet tall and who weighed less than 100 pounds.

Since juries always believe the police then usually there is no problem for them when they do this.

This time, though, they f*#ked with the wrong dude: Scott Yoos was not Dude Man. Scott not only had friends in high places but many of those friends were experienced activists and thus knew how to make a lot of noise and bother. If these folks can sweep the streets free of homeless people you know that they can also muster the force to bring serious pressure upon such an obvious miscarriage of justice.

Regardless: Showing their usual shoot first and then justify, justify, justify, for years the Oly Boyz refused to back down. After years of repeatedly postponed court dates and very dark clouds constantly hanging over his head Scott eventually pled to some lesser charge — but the point here is that this whole charade proved to hundreds of local people that the Oly Boyz are perfectly willing to lie in order to railroad one of our community’s finest citizens into prison for assaulting a cop — and going to prison for assaulting a cop means you will be doing hard time, I might add. Thurston County’s maddeningly tone-deaf prosecution of Scott was the equivalent of shooting themselves in the foot and even Scott is ultimately glad all of this happened because the incident was so effective at exposing the local Law Enforcement Machine for the lying sociopathic power trippers that they are.

I personally and very publically thanked the Chief of Police at a recent city council meeting for pushing so hard on Scott’s prosecution, in fact.


Round Three: Oly Boyz vs. My Daughter

This address to the city council and to the chief of police, though, actually resulted from the third tale in this subsection and — unlike the previous two — almost no one is familiar with this story:

My daughter is a delightful beautiful single working mother who both as child and adult has always been a happy pleasant easygoing person and everyone who meets her loves her.

A few years ago Daughter hooked up with one of these charming good-looking sociopaths (this one was so good that he even fooled me, and I usually have a very good radar for such folks) and she had to go to great lengths to escape from him (unfortunately not before he stole over $10,000 worth of espresso equipment from the stand that I used to own — which ultimately led to me moving to Olympia, so I guess it’s all good after all.)

Anyway, two years later a smiling and friendly Oly Boy showed up at Daughter’s home looking for this gentleman. Daughter explained to the friendly Oly Boy that she had not seen said gentleman for over two years and since she had a restraining order against him she didn’t expect to see him anytime soon.

Then, the nice Oly Boy asked if he could take a peek inside Daughter’s house.

Since Daughter is neither a criminal nor an activist, I have never trained her in the care and feeding of wild police.

Other fathers, take advantage of the shortcomings in my paternal duties and fail not to prepare your own innocent daughters!

Anyway, in reply to the nice cop’s wish to take a ‘peek’ inside innocent naïve nothing-to-hide Daughter says, ‘sure’…

BOOM! Like some dark magic, four more Oly Boyz instantly appeared from nowhere with weapons drawn and then — screaming at the top of their lungs as they shoved their way past Daughter — they kicked her door open and burst into her home!

Fortunately Granddaughter wasn’t home.

Okay. Deep breath.

I think this was totally unnecessary but I also know the guy they were looking for is very bad news — so whatever.

However, Daughter has never experienced anything even closely resembling this in her life and she is traumatized. She sits on her front step shaking and crying uncontrollably…

…whereupon one of the Oly Boyz saw fit to come back out and begin mocking and insulting Daughter and calling her names because she is traumatized by the fact that her home had just suffered a frigging armed invasion.

Evidently this makes her a ‘cry baby’.

When Daughter told me of this, the police accountability thing suddenly became very personal.

After expressing my displeasure to the city council and to the police chief at a city council meeting, the city manager, Steve Hall — who seems to have a terminal case of chronic lameness — said that Daughter should file a report about the incident.

This forced me into the position of having to explain to Mr. Hall that Daughter is now utterly terrified of the City Machine and that she now wants absolutely nothing to do with it. She waited for over a year to finally tell me about the incident because she knew damned well what my reaction would be and she didn’t want me to start making any waves.

Since she doesn’t want to follow through then I had to content myself with publically explaining to the city council and to the chief of police my extreme displeasure with the Oly Boyz.

Part Two: Here There Be Monsters

I once saw a picture of a map that is housed in some museum in Italy. The map was made in 1491.

In the big blank area west of Europe — where North America was destined to be stumbled over by some European land developers from hell the very next year — the map stated: “Here there be monsters.

The job of a soldier is to make war. The job of a cop is to keep the peace.

You may have noticed that those two job descriptions are polar opposites. Over the last several years, though, our cops have been becoming a lot more like soldiers while our soldiers have been becoming a lot more like cops. This is intentional because in a police state both jobs are basically the same, i.e. they are both tools of violent oppression. Thus, pretty much anywhere in the United States, unless you are Mr. White Joe Average Taxpayer Citizen then if you have a situation that requires brute force to resolve — you may want to call the police. However, that is a very serious decision that the wise person thinks about very carefully because if you have a situation that requires any amount of sensitivity, nuance, intelligence, or sanity — then the police are absolutely the very last people that you want to call. I could literally fill pages with stories from my direct personal experience wherein there was a situation that was peaceful and presented no problems for anyone until the police showed up; then, almost instantly everything turned to shite and blew up into violence anger screaming and angst.

If we’re really going to do something about the police then people need to first understand who they actually are and what they actually are there to do, and in order to do that we must overcome this mystique and aura of righteousness that permeates most American’s view of the police — a meme that has been very consciously implanted into our society by the very same people that use the police to oppress people because the Machine loves making some of their victims brutalize other victims.

That keeps our attention off them.

As part of this beatification, we are told that cops risk their lives in order to protect ours. Actually, a clerk at a convenience store is seven times more likely to be killed on the job than a cop is. However, convenience store clerks do not have big parades when they are killed and they don’t have every cop in a five state area dropping everything else to catch the perpetrator.

There are actually numerous trades that are much more deadly than being a cop.

There are cops who seem like decent human beings. I have met several. However, as with any other demographic, it is the ones that cause the figoobliations who get all the notice and attention. Whenever a cop does go under the bus, it is written off as a one-off aberration. They cite the ‘bad apple’ theory.   Most cops are good, but a very small number of them are not.

In the case of cops and ‘bad apples’ I will make this observation: It is true that on a typical city police force around 3% to 5% of the cops are generally responsible for around 40% of the complaints. This fact would seem to bolster the ‘bad apple’ theory. HOWEVER — all the other cops know who those ‘bad apples’ are and they still unconditionally have their backs no matter what outrageous behaviour they engage in — so that tells me that all the other cops accept of not approve of said behaviour and that means that the so called ‘good’ cops are probably just too chicken-shite to do it themselves.

However: Their practice of covering up the perfidy of colleagues becomes null and void if a cop ever does actually receive official sanction or if it looks like the feds and/or Internal Affairs are going to make a case. In such a case all the other cops generally desert that ship faster than a mixed metaphor gathers criticism. They will usually sing like canaries and they will dance like Astaire. If anything, I suspect that an even higher percentage of cops facing criminal charges snitch on their ‘brothers’ than even the general public does — especially if it’s the feds who are doing the prosecuting as almost all fed cases these days are won by blackmailing snitches rather than by gathering evidence. Since the feds can usually threaten a defendant with 5 or 10 or 20 years in prison and since they don’t hesitate to seize your home and you’re your bank account and since they will harass and threaten your family and harass and threaten your neighbors and coworkers and friends and since they have a virtually bottomless budget compared to most criminal defendants, then the feds usually have all the cards in a deck that was already stacked to begin with and thus they can pretty much do whatever they want to do.

Usually they do nothing good.

Guilt, innocence, right, wrong, or sanity usually has little if anything to do with anything. Every day guilty people walk free and innocent people are sent to prison. I have personally done both of those things myself, in fact.

The bottom line is that the feds have got ‘turning’ people down pat.

Ostensibly, the job of a cop is to solve crimes and to protect good people from bad people. Actually their job is and to protect rich people from poor people to make sure that both stay that way. Again, ‘right and wrong’ or ‘good and bad’ often has little if anything to do with it. They do work to solve crimes — though often they don’t do that very well — and they do often take people off the street that should not be there — though they should not be in a prison either. (No one should be in a prison.) Whatever: The central focus and primary purpose of the modern police force is to maintain the status quo — which means that their central purpose is to quell any popular uprisings or movements that might become serious problems for the Machine.

I lived in Canada for several years (and probably would be still had I not literally been drug back to the USA in chains) and one Halloween I dressed up as an ‘American Peacekeeper’, i.e. I draped myself with toy weapons and actual ammo belts full of shotgun shells.

They want us to believe that the reason the police need armoured vehicles and military grade weaponry is so they can ‘keep the peace’. This is in spite of the fact that armoured vehicles and military grade weaponry generally don’t make much of a contribution to peace — quite the opposite, in fact.

Who are they so afraid of, anyway?

The evidence would seem to indicate that they are terrified of black people. The modern police force is a direct outgrowth of the old slave catching gangs, in fact. The racial bias in our criminal justice system is so blatant and so outrageous and so in-your-face that it should be an insult to the intelligence of every American. In every nook and cranny of our criminally unjust criminal justice system you see black people vastly overrepresented. They are arrested more often, they are convicted at a higher rate, and they are given longer sentences.

Blacks represent only 12% of our population who use and sell drugs but represent over 60% of the people who are in prison for it.

Historically, 84% of all the people that have been executed by the state of Alabama have been black.

65% of Alabama’s murder victims are also black but 80% of the people currently on Alabama’s death row are there for killing white people.

These kinds of numbers are not at all uncommon — yet this just keeps rolling on unabated over the wasted lives of all these black families and no one in any position of power is doing anything serious to stop it.

Part Three: The Thunderbolt Guide to Dealing With Cops for the Complete Idiot

This concern is almost certainly not academic. I have been expecting for a while now that some major ‘terrorist’ attack was going happen whereupon the government would declare martial law and the mass arrests would begin. I actually expected this to have already happened, but evidently they do not yet have their ducks in a row.

In such a scenario your ‘constitutional rights’ will be suspended (probably permanently) and many normal procedures will probably be null and void and you will probably be on your own.   However, in the meantime…

If you are arrested, rule one is DO NOT SAY ANYTHING TO THE POLICE.


Once you have actually been arrested there is no way to help yourself by talking to the police and there are thousands of ways to screw yourself. Any ‘deals’ you may make will be with the prosecutor, not the police, and the police will ignore anything exculpatory that you say to them while they have hundreds of tricks they will use to get you to say incriminating things.

NEVER give permission for police to search your home or car. You will be eliminating a possible future legal recourse and once you give permission they will completely trash all your belongings, they will read your mail, they will break glassware, they will dump all the contents of your refrigerator out onto the floor, they will punch holes in your walls, and they will cut open your couch cushions. If you have a dog they will shoot it whether or not it poses a threat. If they know in advance that you have a dog, before they enter they will assign a specific officer with the task of shooting your dog.

Then, when they are done, they will leave you to put it all back together without a word of apology.

If you are facing state charges then you will be engaging in a contest of who has the best lawyer so you will want to hire the best lawyer you can afford.

If you are facing federal charges you might as well save your lawyer money for commissary expenses because the fed’s game is rigged from top to bottom and you are almost certainly going to prison for a long time. (Unless you are willing to sell your friends to the feds and your soul to the devil, that is.) This is especially true since federal judges are merely part of the prosecution team these days and they will disallow any exculpatory evidence that they can get away with excluding. In my case, for instance, there were cell phone records that would have proved I was hundreds of miles away from where they said I was but the judge wouldn’t postpone the trial long enough for me to obtain them. Since the feds never actually caught me with a single gram of pot, their case was based wholly upon the word of blackmailed and coerced snitches, which meant that my cell phone records were the only actual evidence in my case.

If you are there for some sort of civil disobedience and/or political action, the judge will not allow you to talk about your motivations and/or will not allow you to present a ‘necessity’ defense. If you were growing legal medical marijuana the judge will not allow you to tell that to the jury. In Tim DeChristopher’s case, the judge would not allow him to tell the jury that the land sale he crashed was later ruled to be an illegal sale meaning that Mr. DeChristopher’s actions prevented the government from committing an illegal act — but the jury wasn’t allowed to know that.

Part Four: Conclusions

Ultimately, the police are merely a reflection of the same underlying problem that underlies nearly all our problems, i.e. the cultural meme that has been firmly implanted into the American reality bubble, i.e. our view of reality in general and the way we view and treat our fellow humans in particular.

As mentioned in several previous Thunderbolts, our plutocratic enemies have literally been using scientific methodology to diligently and effectively implant our current meme into our collective consciousness for over 100 years now.

The police are a symptom. They are not the disease. While efforts at ‘reforming’ the police are needed, this battle needs to be understood as only a small part of the much larger battle of curing the numerous cultural diseases from which our society suffers. Once we fix that then everything else will start fixing itself. Rather than spinning our wheels trying to make it ‘illegal’ for the police to beat and shoot people without reason, we need instead to simply make such things ‘unacceptable’.

And to do that we need to first find the ‘cure’ for the cruel mean-spirited angry disease with which the Machine has so thoroughly infected us.

It appears to me that the combined forces of climate change, environmental destruction, mass extinction of species, peak oil, and economic chaos are all about to come together at once into a major figoobliation. This means that regardless of what the Machine says, humanity is about to be forced into a major transformation in our attitudes and fundamental changes to the very core of how we conduct our business with each other.

These transformations are going to happen whether we’re ready or not.

This could prove to be our golden opportunity if we do this right. I don’t want to waste it.

It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of April 9th thru April 15th, 2015




1) FYI Section:


1A) Update from Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

Here’s a legislative update from WLIHA:

The Week in Housing Advocacy

Last week was full of significant developments with three budget hearings, another policy cutoff, and a hearing on the House revenue proposal. The week kicked off with budget hearings and then ended with the House passing both their operating and capital budgets and with the Senate stymied by many hours of debate on their own operating budget.

Check out our summary of the three budgets released thus far.

Unfortunately, last Wednesday’s cutoff closed the door for progress on most tenant protections this session. We thank everyone who took action this year to help advance tenant protection legislation. While we are disappointed that the bills are dead for this year, we know that the process educated a lot of lawmakers. This will help all of the bills next session. We witnessed incredible public testimony, deep education of lawmakers, and tremendous advocacy. Check out our current blog post for more legislative policy updates.

Pledge to Participate in Budget Advocacy Call-in Day

We still have an opportunity to make sure the final budget invests in affordable homes and protects safety net services that help keep people off the street. Sign the pledge to call your elected official on Budget Advocacy Call-in Day on Tuesday, April 7.

Go here to take the pledge »

A Welcome Surprise in the Senate Operating Budget

The biggest surprise of the week was the Senate operating budget. It appears to fully preserve the Housing & Essential Needs (HEN)/Aged, Blind & Disabled (ABD) programs and SSI facilitation services, However, we still have concerns.

What worries us about the Senate operating budget »

The House Talks Revenue

The House’s budget is also more sustainable because it includes new and fair revenue. The House Finance Committee had a hearing on the revenue package last week with strong testimony from housing advocates Sonya Campion and Peter Shapiro.

Find out about the House revenue package here »



1B) Sustaining Fund Grant Applications Being Accepted

Do you want to perform some public service but need some cash to do it? The Community Sustaining Fund exists to fund people just like you!

This message is from the Sustaining Fund:

The Community Sustaining Fund of Thurston County is pleased to announce their 2015 grant cycle. Grant applications are now available to groups and individuals interested in progressive community oriented activities. The deadline for submitting grant applications is Friday, May 1. Grant criteria and application forms are available by clicking here or visiting



1C) Public Citizen Website Marginalized

Public Citizen is an excellent activist organization and they are so effective that they are under attack by the Machine.

This is from Public Citizen:

We’re under attack.


Right now, if you search for “Public Citizen” on the Internet, the top result might be the just-launched website of an industry group attacking us and our allies for the work we do to protect consumers and the environment.


This is what’s going on:

Private, for-profit companies — exploiting cash-strapped municipalities and our country’s woeful negligence in infrastructure investment (itself the result of policies pushed by and for the benefit of giant corporations) — are swooping in to take over water services in towns, cities and counties all over America.

And what tends to happen when basic public services are handed over to Big Business for its profiteering?

Prices go up. Service goes down. And critical public safeguards like clean water protections get flouted.

Here’s some of what the website says about Public Citizen and our allies:

  • “like to describe themselves as … consumer advocates”
  • “not focused on what’s best for a local community”
  • “extremely well funded and internationally connected”

Yes, we like to describe ourselves as consumer advocates. Because that is what we are and what we have been for almost half a century.

And we focus on nothing but what’s best for everyday citizens and their communities. The companies behind this smear campaign, however, are surely focused on something else — namely their own profits.

Unlike the corporate group attacking us, Public Citizen is not, never has been and never will be funded by Big Business.

We have just enough real-world financial resources — thanks to individual supporters contributing $5, $20, $50 or whatever they can — to back up our unmatched advocacy, organizing and research prowess.

But that baseline strength takes a hit when we’re confronted with unforeseeable attacks from powerful corporate forces.


Please contribute right now if you can.

Thank you.

Robert Weissman

President, Public Citizen



2) Film Screening: The Imitation Game

Opens Friday April 10th at 6:30 pm @ Capitol Theater, 206 5th Ave SE

Other Screenings throughout the Week

This is a film about Alan Turing.

This message is from the OFS:

April 10 – 15


The Imitation Game stars Benedict Cumberbatch in an Oscar-nominated performance as British mathematician Alan Turing. Weaving together three periods in Turing’s life, The Imitation Game takes you into the beyond-top secret Bletchley Park compound, where Turing and a supergroup of fellow mathematicians, logicians, and cryptographers worked around the clock to decode the reputedly “unbreakable” German Enigma machine. Barely a decade after his visionary work in what would become known as artificial intelligence provided an invaluable advantage for the Allies in their eventual victory over the Axis, he was prosecuted and convicted by his own government for being homosexual. Winner of the Oscar for Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay (Graham Moore), Rodrigo Perez of Indiewire’s The Playlist calls The Imitation Game “a stirring and bittersweet story of brave men and women instrumental in winning WWII with their revolutionary device” that “never forgets the cost of Turing’s sacrifice and the tragedy of a national war hero being subjected to bigotry.” Dir: Morten Tyldum / 2014 / USA, UK / 114 min / DCP

Screening: Fri 4/10 6:30; Sat 4/11 4:00 & 9:00; Sun 4/12 5:00; Mon Closed; Tue 4/14 6:30; Wed 4/15 4:00 & 9:00



3) Cascadia Media Convergence

Friday April 10th at 7 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE

This is a convergence of alternative media outlets from all over the Pacific Northwest.

This message is from Media Island:

This interactive workshop delivers a birds eye overview of media for organizing from three perspectives and then swoops in on specific skillshares. The main sections will cover DIY media making, how to get the mainstream media to tell your story (earned media), and conceptualizing collaborative media. Each section discusses examples of media organizations doing positive work in these forms, as well as short skill shares on tangible skills that participants can use in their own personal and campaign work. This workshop is organized by the Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media Education (NAAME).


Tim Rice of B Media Collective, will present on do-it-yourself (DIY) media. He takes the broad look at what media is and the empowering of diverse media. He will give a short skillshare on how to make political mashup videos.

Bruce Wilkinson of Media Island International, will present on earned media. The art of making things irresistibly interesting and impossible to ignore for corporate media. Examples from recent campaign work and skill share.

Adam Carpinelli of Oregon Jericho will join Bruce and Tim for conceptualizing collaborative media. They’ll explain examples from around the world and go into what is happening in the NW.



4) Heartsparkle Players: “Stories of the Environment”

Friday April 10th at 7 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SE

This is organized by SPEECH, the publishers of the Green Pages.

This message is from Janine:

SPEECH and the Heartsparkle Players :  “Stories of the Environment.”

Friday, April 10, 2015, 7:00 p.m. 

Traditions Fair Trade, 5th and Water Street, Olympia

Come tell your personal South Sound environmental story and see it spontaneously “played back” by the talented Heartsparkle Players.

Suggested donation: $7 – 12. No one is turned away – your presence is our present!

For more information about these events, please contact Janine Unsoeld, or 791-7736.



5) Eastside Urban Farm and Garden 1-year Anniversary Celebration and Great Places Dinner

Saturday April 11th at Noon @ Eastside Urban Farm and Garden, 2326 4th Ave E

This message is from the Olympia Village Building Convergence:

Greetings from Olympia Village Builders!!   Our committees have been busy …

  • We have a new Logo and Brochure!
  • We’re hiring!
  • We are having a big kickoff event on Saturday April 11!
  • We are ready to hear about your projects!

And that’s just for starters!  With this message , we officially release the 2015 OlyVBC Placemaking Program Application & Toolkit (see attached).  And invite you to join in the fun of creative collaboration to transform spaces in the Great Places all over South Sound this Summer.  Draft applications will be due May 15, after which we’ll consult with you and work to the Final Deadline of June 15.

But the FIRST STEP is to Email or Call us Today, and say “HEY, we have a placemaking project or idea to share!!”

Kickoff Event!

Eastside Urban Farm and Garden 1-year Anniversary Celebration and Great Places Dinner

12noon – 9:00 pm, Saturday April 11

Dinner is from 6-9 pm.  Cost sliding scale $5-20 / person. 

Raffle Prizes during the day; and Come prepared to bid on our totally local silent auction in the evening!

With a daylong barbeque, sales throughout the store, information tables, raffles, live music, and silent auction later on.

Great Places Dinner will be a fresh local feast, and feature neighborhood storytellers sharing their visions of great placemaking efforts in the works all around the South Sound.  A chance for placemaking project teams to connect with other neighborhoods!   Get updates at our website!


Volunteers attend for FREE!  We need volunteers to help with this event, especially:  Outreach and Flyering, Food Crew, Set-up & Breakdown, Tabling during the Day, Silent Auction Items, etc.  Please contact Brandon, Brighida, Chris or Pat today if you can Help (see below)!  The next Event planning meeting is this Friday March 27, 6:30 pm at the EUFG, 2326 4th Ave. E, Olympia.  Please come join in the festive foody fun!!

The Anniversary Celebration is co-sponosored by Olympia Village Builders, the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild, Growing Veterans, the Upper Eastside Neighborhood Association, and Olympia Federal Savings

Olympia Village Builders is Hiring…

a Placemaking Workshops Coordinator! We received a grant from the Community Sustaining Fund to put on a series of 10 workshops leading up to the OlyVBC in August, and the series begins April 20!  Please post or forward the attached announcement to anyone you know who is an excellent community educator (Or read it on our website) and passionate about aspects of placemaking.  Position closes Friday April 3 (just over 1 week away)!

Future emails will be come as an approximately bi-weekly e-Newsletter.  So be looking for another update soon coming from, and when you see it take a moment to confirm your subscription to our newsletter.  Or subscribe now.

Chris van Daalen, Treasurer

(360) 789-9669

Daniel Cherniske, Placemaking Team Lead

(360) 918-6682

Brandon Henkins, Events Team Lead

(360) 550-8499

Pat Rasmussen, Outreach Team Lead

(509) 669-1549

Brighida DeVargas, Outreach & Event Team

(360) 972-2993



6) Cascadia Cypherpunk Convergence

Saturday April 11th from 10 am to 7 pm @ Portland State University, Smith Memorial Center, Downtown Portland

Yes, this is in Portland but cyber security is a vital issue and these are the experts. If you have any interest at all in freedom from government surveillance then you need to attend this convergence. If anyone wants to organize carpools let me know and I’ll promote them.

This message is from Adam:

Cascadia Cypherpunk Convergence

Facebook Event Page

Downtown Portland Oregon

Portland State University

Smith Memorial Student Union Building- Second Floor

Saturday April 11th 2015 10am-7pm

A cypherpunk is someone who uses cryptography and similar methods to achieve societal and political change.


Over the last two decades we have seen the Internet transformed from a tool of emancipation to the most insidious threat to human liberty the world has ever seen.

But amidst the seemingly intractable rise of a transnational surveillance society, there is a small spark of hope endowed on us through the power of mathematics.

It is possible to formulate a math problem (an algorithm) so difficult that even the mightiest superpower cannot decipher it. It is this fundamental property of our physical universe that provides some measure of hope in what otherwise seems to be very dark times.

Through this conference we hope to increase how networked our movement is and raise public awareness about issues of privacy, technology and social change in the digital age.



1) The State of NSA Surveillance Reform

A representative from the Electronic Frontier Foundation will legislative efforts focused on reforming the National Security Agency, surveillance law, and intelligence law, which includes updating the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and the Foreign Intelligence
Surveillance Act. Apart from his legislative efforts, one of his upcoming research projects focuses on the use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act for computer network operations.

2) How to bulid a mesh-network.

This workshop will cover the importance and potential of mesh networking. A mesh network is a kind of computer network design that differs substantially from the traditional, centralized hub and spoke model. A meshnet is a distributed, resilient, self-healing form of internet architecture. Unlike the centralized system you would get from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), such as Comcast or Century Link, a node in a meshnet connects to all other nodes within range. This allows for the network to be more resistant to disruption, be it from a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, or censorship from an authoritarian body. Meshnets can also be design to be resistant to dragnet surveillance, such as is currently being practiced by the NSA, GCHQ, and other intelligence services. This workshop will also cover the technical aspects of a meshnet, such as how they work, potential hurdles, and the basic concepts one needs to understand the technology.

3)Defense Distributed vs. United States

Our speaker will talk about Phil Zimmerman, the crypto-wars, and the constitutional challenge he has brought against the United States Government’s prior-approval requirement on the open source publication of privately generated technical data related to arms.

4) Electronic Civil Disobedience

Jay Leiderman, known as ‘the lawyer who represents Anonymous’, will talk about an emerging realm of law and free speech. As technology has developed, law has not kept pace. A major result of this is that the
laws often appear as draconian or absurd to digital natives. As the gap between the Internet and real life increasingly narrows, it is important that people’s rights in meatspace also be applied to the digital realm. Currently, many acts of online protest are considered felonious or even ‘terrorism’ under the law. Many people believe that nonviolent online protest actions ought to be treated as civil disobedience rather than terrorism. Jay Leiderman will speak about the legal argument for this position, and the progress it is making in the courts.

5) Redesigning Civilization: Permaculture’s Vision for a Just and Sustainable World

It’s no secret that our society has become unsustainable. Modern agriculture, industry and finance all extract more than they give back, and the Earth is starting to show the strain. How did we get in this mess? And, more importantly, what can we do to help our culture get back on track? The ecological design approach known as permaculture offers powerful tools for the design of regenerative, fair ways to provide food, energy, livelihood, and other needs while letting humans share the planet with the rest of nature. This presentation will give you insight into why our culture has become fundamentally unsustainable, and offers ecologically based solutions that can help create a just and sustainable society.

6) Feminist Hackerspaces

Hackerspaces, also known as makerspaces, they are community centers where people interested in computers, technology, and art can meet and collaborate on projects. While groups like Lizard Squad and Anonymous grab headlines for their pranks and other sensational actions, hackerspaces are quietly building alternatives to the status quo. The Guardian newspaper has argued that hackerspaces are the digital equivalent to the coffee shops of enlightenment era England, which played an important role in the emergence of modern democracy.

7) The Social Significance of Dark Markets

One of the most interesting developments in the battle over privacy and anonymity on the Internet is the emergence of the Deep Web. The Deep Web (variously known as the Darknet) refers to both that part of the internet not indexed by search engines and also the subterranean layers of the internet only accessible through anonymizing software such as Tor or I2P. The Deep Web is home to a good deal of black market activity, among the many things one can find are illegal drugs, firearms, and false identification. These Dark Markets have been embraced as a tool of liberation from overreach from the State by libertarians, agorists, and left-market anarchists alike. This lecture will cover what the deep web is, how it works, and what impact it is having on our society. Other topics that will be covered include the distinction between markets and capitalism, and the extent to which free markets are necessary for a free society.

8) Community Resilience and Technology

The Cascadia Resilience Network is engaged in a multi-pronged decentralist approach to dismantling the system that concentrates social, political, and economic power into the hands of a few. We see two sides to establishing grassroots community that will seriously challenge the state – community resistance and community resilience.

The Cascadia Resilience Network grew out of friends and associates who were involved in community resistance who recognized that we need to expand our resilience through establishing high speed internet utilities and cooperatives and community-based meshnets, open source manufacturing cooperatives, tool lending libraries, seed banks, spore banks, community gardens, and food cooperatives. Our organizing principle is federation of decentralized community groups based on neighborhoods, communities, and bioregions. Our goal is to create resilient communities that build abundance and sustainability throughout Cascadia. Decentralized networks create platforms for distributive networks that rebuild the commons. We need open source resilience.

9) Drupal and Cascadia Fibersheds

This talk will be about the new code and payment models behind the barter-economy levels slated for use in the Cascadia Fibershed Marketplace. This is much more than just another generic session on Drupal for community building, this session will be about a specific implementation of Drupal for emerging applications in the inter-Cascadian network and economy.



7) Olympia Fights for a $15 per hour Minimum Wage

Wednesday April 15th at 10 am @ Percival Landing, 4th and Water St

The $15 per hour fight comes to Oly!

This message is from Liz:

Join Olympia low wage workers in the fight to win a fair economy and a living wage of $15/hour! We are fighting in solidarity with low wage workers all over the country on 4/15 as a part of a nationwide action. March with us starting in downtown Olympia starting at Percival Landing Park, and moving down 4th ave, to hear the stories of low wage workers and allies who are fighting for income equality!



8) Jose Gomez Farmworker Justice Day

Wednesday April 15th at 10 am @ the Evergreen State College Library, 4300

2700 Evergreen Parkway NW

Come learn about farmworker labor issues.

This message is from TC Pro Net:

Jose Gomez Farmworker Justice Day
Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Time: 10:00AM – 12:00PM
Location: The Evergreen State College Library 4300
2700 Evergreen parkway nw
Olympia, WA 98502
Contact Information:

Join our annual educational event focused on farm worker labor issues and worker determined strategies to demand change. The event is now a tribute to José Gómez, Evergreen faculty member and former United Farm Workers member, who passed away last year. Speakers include: Frente Indígena de Organizaciones Binacionales – (FIOB), Community to Community Development, Not One More Deportation/ North West Detention Center Resistance, and Familias Unidas por La Justicia. Sponsored by: President’s Diversity Fund, TESC Farmworker Solidarity Committee, CCBLA, Campus Food Coalition and 8 Academic Programs in Sustainability and Justice. For more information about this event, please contact Ellen Shortt Sanchez at s​h​o​r​t​t​s​e​@​e​v​e​r​g​r​e​e​n​.​e​d​u



9) Tax Day 2015: We Won’t Pay!

Tax Day, April 15th

Join with the war tax resisters!

(I can’t because I don’t make enough money to pay taxes, so I need someone to cover for me too!)

This message is from War Tax Resister:

Are you resisting war taxes in 2015? Do you support war tax resistance? Join this event and let your Facebook friends know!

Please sign up today to join our Thunderclap! At noon Eastern on April 15, Tax Day, a message will go out across Facebook and Twitter in support of war tax resistance, but ONLY if at least 100 people sign up to automatically share that post at that time. We need your support on social media, sign up today!…/23620-i-support-war-tax-resist…



10) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Take an anarchist to lunch!





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