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The Brothers Dulles



RIP: Danny Schechter

Hey Kids!

Yep, the News Dissector himself has passed.

I would need to say a lot if I were to say anything and I don’t have time this week, so I strongly encourage you to watch the Democracy Now feature about Mr. Schechter that aired on the March 23rd program.



Criminals and Not

In another example of the reality bubble surrounding America, most Americans vastly underestimate the outrageousness of the federal Wikileaks investigation — even when compared to all the other whistleblower prosecutions. The American government is not only trying to hyper-aggressively prosecute the people who are exposing crimes rather than the criminals who actually commit the crimes — but in the case of Wikileaks they are attacking the publisher of the information.

That is not all. They are attacking not only the publisher but they are attacking a foreign publisher. This means that they are accusing a foreign organization of espionage against the American government when that organization did nothing but publish factual information that was provided to them by third-party sources.

The reason this is so off-the-charts outrageous is that this opens a path not only to prosecute organizations such as the New York Times but any other publisher anywhere on the planet who reports any facts they don’t like.

I’m a tellin’ youse, Kids: The American Machine has its crosshairs on everyone.



Yemen: An Iraq Libya Syria Combined Scenario?

The United Nations has warned that Yemen is descending into “Iraq-Libya-Syria”-type civil war”.

Their words.

(Quiz: What country conducted recent militarily interventions in all of those countries?)

Yep, thanks mostly to American meddling utter chaos reigns throughout the entirety of the whole Middle East.

Your tax dollars at work.

Our new friend and old enemy Iran is helping our old enemy and new friend Iraq to fight our new enemy — the self declared ‘Islamic State’ — whom your tax dollars armed back when they were our friends helping us to fight our old enemy Bashar al Assad of Syria who is now our friend again.

Jeez. At least during the Cold War we had the same enemy for longer than the gestation period of a fruit fly.

Speaking of the Cold War…



Heads Up

I am about to embark upon the writing of a major piece that I have been thinking about for a long time — and that you are about to read!

Anyway, I am going to recite a lot of facts from my memories of past research that I have done and I am going to make a lot of factual references without providing sources. I could provide sources — but the fact is that this is going to be a very long and far-reaching piece and I simply don’t want to spend the several hours it would take to document all the stuff that I plan to cover. (Remember that I lost my List of Links to Dirty Secrets when I escaped PC world and became a refugee in the Land of Mac — which means that I would have to go rediscover a lot of the stuff that I had and some of that might not even be possible anymore.)

If anyone wants to contest any of my factual assertions then please let me know and I will make the effort to track down the sources — most of this stuff you can Google yourself these days anyway — but otherwise I ask you to trust my past record for factual accuracy as well as my past record for correcting factual inaccuracies.

I feel need to emphasize this because what you are about to read is rather unbelievable.

Thus, let us now get right to the main show:



New Nomination[s] for the Thunderbolt Most Evil Person[s] in History Award:


The Brothers Dulles

This week I am honouring both of the Brothers Dulles by nominating both of them to share in the Thunderbolt Most Evil Person in History Award.

I am nominating both of them for this non-prestigious award because the Brothers Dulles were a team and one or the other brother could never have individually accomplished hardly any of the numerous and incredible achievements that they realized as a result of their collective efforts.

Again, many if not most of you possibly never heard of the Brothers Dulles. The only reason the name ‘Dulles’ might be familiar to the average American is because the central airport serving the Washington DC area is named after one or the other or both of them. When I say that the Brothers Dulles spent 30 years as corporate lawyers for the law firm Sullivan and Cromwell and that the Brothers Dulles specialized in corrupting Third World leaders for the sake of their corporate clients — please don’t just assume that this represents nothing more than ‘business-as-usual’ and start yawning or switching over to NPR.

Understand: In the crony fascist capitalist world of the mid-20th Century, the Brothers Dulles were the metaphorical equivalents of rock stars. They were not mere corrupters of Third World governments — they were the pioneers of the art and practice of corrupting Third World governments. The Brothers Dulles represented the cutting edge in this Brave New World brand of imperialism. Rather than bothering with the direct political control as practiced by the European imperialists, the Americans instead came up with a unique system of indirect control, i.e. rather than stationing permanent and expensive armies to oppress poor people, rich Americans simply bought educated and armed locals to do their dirty work for them!

People like the Brothers Dulles were the recruiters: “Hey, bro, you wanna play ball and be showered with gold or do you wanna go all ‘populist’ on us and get showered with cluster bombs?”

Personality-wise, Allen Dulles and John Foster Dulles could have been the definition of an Odd Couple. John Foster was so arrogant uptight and condescending that even his closest friends didn’t like him. Future British PM Harold McMillan said this of John Foster Dulles: “His speech was slow, but it easily kept pace with his thoughts.” Winston Churchill once referred to John Foster Dulles as “the only bull I know that carries his own china shop around with him”.

You gotta love the British insult.

Allen Dulles, on the other hand, bedazzled all who met him. He was a charismatic charmer in the first degree. He was a wine connoisseur. He was a tennis player. He was a master seducer. He was a bon vivant and man-about town. He was a lover of Claire Booth Luce and he famously partied with — and seduced — the Queen of Greece whilst at CIA headquarters.

Allen Dulles himself was the CIA’s best PR. Most people in those days weren’t real clear on what the CIA even was — but if someone like Allen Dulles was running it then it must be a wonderful thing indeed! Thus, almost all scrutiny of the CIA usually ended with Allen Dulles — which was fortunate for there were already all kinds of thoroughly nasty stuff going on behind Mr. Dulles’ charming smile.

Be clear here: This charismatic teddy bear was arguably personally responsible for more innocent deaths and more pure evil than any other player of the 20th Century — and that is a truly saying something in a century that harboured such homicidal luminaries as Mao Stalin Hitler and Pol Pot — but the Brothers Dulles personally ordered actions that collectively killed more innocents than any of those more famous butchers.

Virtually no Americans are aware of that fact.

Also: Allen Dulles was buried neck-deep in both of the Kennedy assassinations and in their subsequent cover-ups.

And importantly: While the Brothers Dulles’ had personalities that were polar opposites — their worldviews were exactly identical.

The destruction of our civilization has been a team effort requiring vast effort by countless people in myriad locales and stations — but if we were to assign responsibility for the level of humanity’s current misery index and the level of homicidal insanity that it represents — if we were to assign responsibility for this ridiculous mess into a single pair of hands — or in this case into a single twin pair of hands — then there are few people who hold more responsibility for the current state of world affairs these days than the Brothers Dulles.

The Brothers Dulles metaphorically wrote the book and literally set the mold.

The Brothers Dulles suffered the same personality disorder that seems to be a job requirement for fascists, i.e. a fairly common delusional state known as ‘fanaticism’. A ‘fanatic’ is someone who has an absolute unquestioned unquestionable assurance that they are 100% correct in all their assessments of any and all given situations and that their view of any and all situations was far superior to any other view that could possibly be presented by anyone else. They firmly ‘believe’ things and their ‘belief’ is unquestioned even if there is no supporting evidence — and often even in the face of contradictory evidence.

And of course, one of the hallmarks of this derangement is that all counter-views must be marginalized or eliminated. It just stood to reason — especially since this entire worldview is wholly dependent upon an ability to completely delude oneself into believing a large number and a wide variety of things that are totally insane. This delusion is much more difficult to maintain if someone is in your face telling you that you are insane, so such people are always marginalized or eliminated if possible.

Anyway: The non-infamous Brothers Dulles were the original architects of the framework over which the contradictory murderous and insane nature of American foreign policy is draped to this day.

The biggest influence upon the budding young destroyers of worlds was their grandfather, John Watson Foster. John Foster was — amongst many other things — the Secretary of State of the United States during the 1890’s. This meant that John Foster was right on the front lines at the birth of the Modern American Imperialism Machine, when the attentions of the American juggernaut shifted from brutally expropriating the land and treasure of our own indigenous population to brutally expropriating the land and treasure of people in foreign lands. This change eventually manifested in the Spanish American War, wherein the United States invaded and occupied numerous Spanish ‘possessions’ such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines whereupon they installed brutal dictatorships to properly martial and control the ‘manpower’ needed to do whatever nasty work was required to assure a constant torrent of cash into the coffers of the clients of the law firm Sullivan and Cromwell.

The campaign in the Philippines was especially brutal, involving the mass-slaughter of large numbers of civilians amongst a lengthy list of other outrages and crimes against humanity.

The 7th Cavalry — Custer’s old unit, and still fairly fresh from conducting the Wounded Knee Massacre just a few years earlier — easily exported their highly successful techniques for the genocidal slaughtering of indigenous people to the Philippines.

Grandpa John Foster was an enthusiastic practitioner of the doctrine of ‘Manifest Destiny’, which stated with great authority that Europeans were obviously destined to bring enlightenment to the world. Therefore, there were no ethical or moral problems with anything they had to do in order to achieve that destiny. White people were not only compelled but were indeed obligated to spread the enlightened worldview of the clients of the law firm Sullivan and Cromwell to the ignorant savages of the Third World so that their national treasures could then be more efficiently drained into the bank accounts of the clients of the law firm Sullivan and Cromwell where they belonged.


John Watson Foster was, in fact, the very first American Secretary of State to help overthrow a Third World government for this purpose when he helped to engineer the occupation and eventual annexation of the Hawaiian Islands in 1893. This was sort of an imperialist baby-step before the big Spanish American show a few years later. What happened was that some American businessmen in Hawaii spuriously claimed that there was an “imminent threat to American lives and property” thus justifying the landing of American troops on sovereign Hawaiian soil. These troops were supposedly there to prevent violence — but the only thing they prevented was the ability of the Hawaiians to defend their island from a bunch of rich drunk Americans with guns who took advantage of this state of affairs by simply taking the place over by force of arms. Queen Liliuokalani was arrested for ‘treason’ when she tried to take her own country back and though President Grover Cleveland recognized the overthrow of the queen to have been illegal and though he refused to consider annexation of the islands and though he initially worked to restore Queen Liliuokalani to her throne — Cleveland was done in during the 1896 election by internecine fighting within the Democratic Party and the winner of the 1896 election, Republican William McKinley, was an enthusiastic imperialist who was fully on board with stealing Third World countries and converting their rightful owners into economic slaves for the clients of the law firm Sullivan and Cromwell.

Queen Liliuokalani eventually signed abdication papers in return for the promise that the Americans wouldn’t execute her and all her friends.

John Watson Foster — the grandfather of the Brothers Dulles — oversaw all this.

Must be in the blood.

Thus were the doctrines of ‘Manifest Destiny’ and ‘American Exceptionalism’ drilled into the forming young minds of the Brothers Dulles.

That took care of the politics and the justifications.

This left the morality and the ethics.

No problem: In addition to being lawyers the Brothers Dulles were also, of course, Christians. Their family, in fact, contained a seeming overabundance of ministers and preachers. Their father was a Presbyterian clergyman, for instance. Uncles, grandfathers, and nephews — many were called and all were chosen. They had a grandfather who famously sailed a small boat to Ceylon to preach to the ‘savages’ there. Missionaries just returning from places like China and Syria were common visitors to the Dulles home during their idyllic childhoods in upstate New York.

The Dulles family was of the ‘Calvinist’ persuasion. (One of those ‘beliefs’ that I mentioned earlier.) This worldview meant that everything could very conveniently be divided into strictly segregated camps of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ — and never shall the twain meet! You’re either ‘good’ or you’re ‘evil’. This meant they had all of the ‘moral’ justification they needed to do whatever nastiness they felt was ‘necessary’ to accomplish this perceived ‘good’. Anything that furthered the interests of ‘good’ was by definition ‘good’ — even when it was in itself ‘evil’ — and being the ‘good’ Christians that they were, the Brothers Dulles were fully qualified to make such determinations thus saving everyone else the bother.

As mentioned, the law firm Sullivan and Cromwell were the original ‘economic hit men’ who bullied bribed and coerced Third World governments into doing whatever their clients wanted them to do — and for decades Sullivan and Cromwell were the Grand Masters of this. EVERY major multi-national corporation that had operations or interests in foreign countries hired Sullivan and Cromwell to deal with both the American State Department and the various local governments that they worked with. It is something of a misnomer, in fact, to refer to Sullivan and Cromwell as a ‘legal’ firm. Sure, if you needed a divorce or if you wanted to draw up a will — they could probably find some intern to do that — but such things were not why people hired Sullivan and Cromwell. No, you hired Sullivan and Cromwell if you wanted to sell flour in Guyana at a time when Guyana wanted to protect their local food producers and thus charged a heavy tariff on imported flour. Protecting local industries — especially for vital things like food — is an age-old and universally practiced policy. Every government that has ever existed has practiced various forms of this.

However, it is a pain in the ass if you’re a foreigner trying to sell flour in Guyana.

Solution? Simple! Call Sullivan and Cromwell! That’s the name…

…and away go troubles down the drain!

The good John Foster Dulles will go to Guyana — and lo and behold, just a few short days later the Guyanese government will announce that they are eliminating trade tariffs on imported flour! Now you are free to dump tons of your heavily government subsidized flour onto the Guyanese market and completely take it over! Yippee!

The Brothers Dulles very successfully accomplished many similar such things all over the planet for over thirty years.

Simplicity was the name of the Dulles game. Since they already knew everything, this meant that their judgments were never clouded by the opinions or views of experts or diplomats or anyone else for that matter. They were the Ultimate Determination of Good and Evil. In their world everything was very simple: The corporate clients of the law firm Sullivan and Cromwell represented ‘good’ while anyone that opposed the corporate clients of the law firm Sullivan and Cromwell represented ‘evil’. It was a nice simple uncomplicated black-and-white view of the world that served the both the Brothers Dulles and resultantly the corporate clients of the law firm Sullivan and Cromwell quite well over the decades.

Everyone else not so much.

Anyway, great-grandpa killing Indians in the name of Jesus led to grandpa overthrowing the Hawaiian Islands which led to the Brothers Dulles attempting to impose absolute American authority over every nook and cranny on the planet at the dawning of the Nuclear Age.

I couldn’t find any evidence that any Dulles forebears owned slaves. Other than that, though, the Dulles family seems otherwise to almost perfectly personify American history.

I cannot find any evidence that the Brothers Dulles ever even met much less worked with Edward Bernays — another candidate for the Thunderbolt Most Evil Person in History Award — but since their client lists were nearly identical (United Fruit, the American Tobacco Company, General Electric, Standard Oil, etc.) it is a pretty safe bet that they at least knew of each other’s work even if they were not acquainted and/or collaborators.

Edward Bernays did the PR work.

The Brothers Dulles did the legal work.

The result was that the clients of the law firm Sullivan and Cromwell made bank (literally).

Except for a select few white Americans and their paid lackeys, though, everyone else sucked rocks in hell.

However, these thirty years merely represented a warm up. The Brothers Dulles were not themselves plutocrats; they were merely the highest ranking and the best paid in the small army of lackeys and toadies that served the interests of the plutocrats. After thirty years of private service it was now time for the Brothers Dulles to achieve their true potential! Yep, the Big Show came when the Brothers Dulles entered ‘public’ life!

Under Dwight Eisenhower, John Foster Dulles became Secretary of State while Allen Dulles became director of the newly formed CIA.

Since everyone was too busy liking Ike as they watched him playing golf on the new TV Machines, the Brothers Dulles had pretty much free reign to operate their little fiefdoms unhindered. Their decades of experience bullying poor people for the benefit of rich people was about to serve the clients of Sullivan and Cromwell very well indeed.

Yes sirree Bob! With the advent of Big Government and Big Military it was time to institute the Permanent Wartime Economy!

Yes indeed! It was time to throw down a good old-fashioned new-fashioned Cold War!

Everyone in the United States thinks of the 1950’s as a time of peace and prosperity.

Actually, for everyone but white Americans the 1950’s were a period of never-ending wars. Except for Korea, almost none of them involved American troops and so average Americans heard almost nothing about them. This was truly ironic in that most of these wars were being fought with American taxpayer dollars in order to maintain that prosperity for these white Americans — and almost all of these wars were orchestrated by the Brothers Dulles. For their entire reigns they pretty much perpetually had three balls in the air at any given time. They never ended one covert op without beginning two others. They orchestrated operations in Indonesia, India, Egypt, the Congo, Greece, Cuba, and Vietnam amongst many others. All of these operations appeared to be discreet and isolated incidents at the time. No one had a clue that every one of them was initiated and carried out by the Brothers Dulles using their tax dollars.

However, their first two operations as public officials were meant to settle old scores.

I mentioned that the Brothers Dulles enjoyed almost complete success during their decades at Sullivan and Cromwell. They seemed to almost literally have the Midas touch. However, right at the end of their careers at Sullivan and Cromwell, the Brothers Dulles had actually suffered two humiliating and ignominious defeats — which they never forgot — and as subsequent events proved, they never forgave.

The first was in (drumroll, cymbals crashing) Iran!

If you truly wish to understand the relationship between the United States and Iran, here is its root: In the 1950’s those Iranian savages had the chutzpah to elect a prime minister named Mohammad Mosaddegh who had the chutzpah to nationalize Iran’s oil reserves so that the wealth could be used to build Iran rather than fatten the bank accounts of rich foreigners. The elected Iranian parliament backed him unanimously in this decision. Since those rich foreigners were the clients of the law firm Sullivan and Cromwell and since it was to prevent things just such as this that these clients paid the very big bucks to the law firm Sullivan and Cromwell, then this was a major black eye for the Brothers Dulles.

Then, the people of Guatemala appeared ready to elect a president who insisted that United Fruit — one of the oldest richest and most important clients of the law firm Sullivan and Cromwell — this possible president was insisting that United Fruit must begin treating the workers on their banana plantations with respect and living wages and with the freedom to organize rather than brutally exploiting them in slave-like conditions.

Again, attempts by the Brothers Dulles to corrupt and/or rig the election failed and Jacobo Arbenz became president of Guatemala. Arbenz introduced a new constitution. Censorship was brought to an end, men and women were declared equal before the law, racial discrimination was declared a crime, higher education became free of government control, private monopolies were banned, workers were assured a forty-hour week, and labour unions were legalized — all policies opposed by the previous American-backed government and — more importantly — opposed by the clients of the law firm Sullivan and Cromwell.

Losing this election was another big black eye for the Brothers Dulles.

Well never fear! As soon as the Brothers Dulles soon took over the State Department and the CIA their very first order of business was to right these outrageous wrongs! Within months of the Brothers Dulles taking their government posts both Mohammad Mosaddegh and Jacobo Arbenz had been overthrown by violent military coups and replaced by militaristic right-wing dictatorships with the proper respect for the American Way of Doing Things.

In Iran, Allen Dulles had dispatched the grandson of Theodore Roosevelt — i.e. Kermit Roosevelt — as the CIA’s ‘man on the ground’ to organize things. Mr. Roosevelt pioneered many tactics and strategies that are still practiced today. His bag of dirty tricks included organizing and financing competing pro-monarchy and anti-monarchy mobs to fight each other in the streets in order to foster the appearance of chaos and violent anarchy.

Mr. Roosevelt’s efforts succeeded. America triumphed over Iran. Mr. Mosaddegh was replaced by America’s very good buddy Shah Reza Pahlavi. The shah returned to Iran’s policy of allowing western oil companies to loot their county.

The Brothers Dulles successfully replaced a popular democratically elected head of state with a brutal dictatorship — and they totally got away with it. For the next twenty years the shah ruled Iran with an iron fist. He required constant large cash infusions from the American taxpayer in order to maintain the very large and very brutal security force that he had to maintain since the Iranian people knew full well what had been done to them.

The Iranian people, in fact, eventually overthrew the shah in a revolution despite his American money and his security force. They knew who was backing their oppressor and THAT is why the Iranians loathe the United States government to this day.

Virtually no Americans know of this history.

Everyone in the Middle East knows this history by heart.

In Guatemala, the new right-wing coup government took over and was immediately recognized by the good old USA. The immediately reversed Arbenz’ policies toward United Fruit and the torture, disenfranchisement and murders of union organizers, college professors and anyone to the left of Genghis Kahn resumed.

Big win for the Brothers Dulles. Big loss for everyone else.

The subsequent histories of both Iran and Guatemala speak for themselves.

At the time, though, the operations in Iran and Guatemala seemed to be spectacular successes. The ‘evil’ people were gone and the profits were once again rolling in.

Another very important thing about the reign of the Brothers Dulles: John Foster Dulles’ strategy for negotiating with ‘enemies’ was that he didn’t do it. He absolutely refused to talk with any representative from any country that was on his shite list. He would present a list of impossible and demeaning demands that the offending country must carry out before Mr. Dulles would deign to speak to them.

Remember: This man was Dwight D. Eisenhower’s secretary of state. He was our nation’s top diplomat.

Right after Stalin’s death in 1952, the interim Soviet government sent peace feelers toward the Western powers, i.e. France, England, and the US. They suggested a major peace summit.

France and England were all for it.

John Foster Dulles was against it — so it never happened.

The Cold War could possibly have been nipped in the bud right there.

The Kennedy assassination happened partly because Kennedy and Khrushchev were moving to end the Cold War and usher in an era of peace.

The clients of Sullivan and Cromwell did not want peace. They were addicted to war profits.

As far as his refusal to negotiate, Mr. Dulles was clear on his reasoning: His overall strategy depended upon demonizing the enemy. They were subhuman and fit only for domination or extermination. If you started talking to them then this conveyed the message that these people were actually human like you or I.

Another thing the Brothers Dulles refused to tolerate was neutralism. You were either with us or against us. There were dozens of countries in South and Central America and Africa that were just emerging from colonialism and World War II and many of them didn’t give a flying fig about America’s beef with the Soviet Union. They were busy trying to recover from centuries of disaster and they wanted just to build themselves a country. They were focused upon domestic affairs and didn’t care about either the United States or the Soviet Union.

However, their refusal to allow the clients of the law firm Sullivan and Cromwell to loot their country proved they were secretly Communists and thus many of these also received the special Dulles Deluxe Coup de Tat a la American Taxpayer. Mosaddegh was actually one of these. Arbenz was another. Sukarno in Indonesia was yet another. (Watch a movie called The Act of Killing for an idea of how Sukarno’s CIA sponsored replacement worked out.) U Nu in Burma, Nehru in India, Nasser in Egypt, and later Lumumba in the Congo — anyone that did not 100% toe the American/ Sullivan and Cromwell line was likely to find himself dead or in exile.

The Brothers Dulles were very busy boys during those peaceful and idyllic years of the 1950’s. I was myself a small child watching a lot of Leave It to Beaver on the Television Machine at the time.

Their strategy, of course, contains numerous very serious flaws that would be obvious to many seven-year olds as long as they weren’t insane — yet many of these strategies and tactics are still popular with certain American policymakers to this day.

Our country has paid and will continue to pay dearly into the foreseeable future for these policies.

Others have paid much more. In addition to the tens of millions of deaths and unimaginable human suffering that the Brothers Dulles’ policies directly caused, evidently the very concept of ‘blow back’ had never even crossed their Dulles minds. They never mentioned it and they certainly never prepared for it.

No, they left us holding their bag.

Thanks, bro.

It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of March 28th thru March 4th, 2015




1) FYI Section:


1A) Proposition for New County Courthouse

This is from Nancy:

When we stand together, we are stronger than sea level rise.

The County can show it’s commitment to fighting sea level rise by committing to building a flagship county courthouse in downtown Olympia.  This commitment by County leaders will serve as a rallying call to citizens of Thurston County and to the elected State officials who frequent the State Capitol of Olympia to stand fast against sea level rise.

This is ice that was always thought to be over land, rather than water.  The warming oceans are melting it from underneath.

Yes, lets building the new courthouse right down on the waterfront.


…The floating ice shelf of the Totten Glacier covers an area of 90 miles by 22 miles. It it is losing an amount of ice “equivalent to 100 times the volume of Sydney Harbour every year,” notes the Australian Antarctic Division.

That’s alarming, because the glacier holds back a much more vast catchment of ice that, were its vulnerable parts to flow into the ocean, could produce a sea level rise of more than 11 feet — which is comparable to the impact from a loss of the West Antarctica ice sheet. And that’s “a conservative lower limit,” says lead study author Jamin Greenbaum, a PhD candidate at the University of Texas at Austin.

If you haven’t already done the math, this means we could see well upwards of 20 feet of sea-level rise over the next few centuries, double the rise expected from the West Antarctic ice sheet alone — and those are conservative estimates.

Though it’ll be awful for the entire world, the newly liberated Antarctic ice melt will affect some of us more than others. The Northern Hemisphere (including, of course, North America) will be hit particularly hard: As Antarctica melts, it exercises less gravitational pull on the seas, and will head northward.

Researchers have made it pretty clear that the West Antarctic ice sheet’s collapse is unstoppable. The Totten Glacier has almost reached that same point. “The ice loss to the ocean may soon be irreversible unless atmospheric and oceanic conditions change so that snowfall outpaces coastal melting,” the researchers said in a press release



1B) Registration for the Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation’s 17th Annual Spring Assembly

This is a big gathering of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. They would like people to register soon.

This message is from Glen:

Please register now.

Please share with your friends, other lists, etc.


Saturday April 11, 2015, in West Seattle:

“Nonviolent Solutions to Structural Oppression”

Western Washington FOR’s 17th Annual Spring Assembly

Saturday April 11, 2015, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

(Arrive as early as 9:00 for social time and refreshments.  We’ll start the event promptly at 10:00 a.m.)

Every year WWFOR brings grassroots folks together for a Spring Assembly to share ideas and strengthen the movements for social justice, nonviolence and peace.  Please join with other people from mid-morning to mid-afternoon on Saturday April 11 at Fauntleroy UCC Church, 9140 California Avenue SW in West Seattle.

Our 2015 Spring Assembly on Saturday April 11 will be more participatory than ever. 

This year’s theme and activities:  The problems we keep seeing at global, national, and local levels are huge, persistent, and deeply rooted.  The Vietnam war was not an aberration from an otherwise peaceful foreign policy, nor are police abuses caused by “a few bad apples,” nor is homelessness the fault of people making bad choices, nor are people of color to blame for the effects of racial disparities. Big problems cause continuous violence, continuous injustice, and continuous trauma stress.  Society needs profound healing from addictions to greed, violence, and racism.

These big problems that cause ongoing oppression are structural – built into our society’s systems. Solving them requires more than masking symptoms, applying band-aids, or enacting liberal “reforms” that merely tinker around their edges.

Real solutions require radical (getting to the root) approaches based on nonviolent values that profoundly respect the unity of the entire human family and all of our ecosystems.  Real solutionsrequire active listening and bold, creative alternatives to structural oppression.

Today is VERY PARTICIPATORY!  Instead of one keynote speech to a passive audience, everyonewill be able to collaborate in shaping our keynote message to flesh out 2015’s theme, “Nonviolent Solutions to Structural Oppression.”   Morning workshops will explore problems.  Afternoon small groups will allow everyone to generate creative nonviolent solutions.

à    Pre-register by April 3 if possible because this helps us plan.  But even if you don’t pre-register, come anyway!

à    Suggested donation:  It costs WWFOR approximately $15 per person to put on this Assembly.  We welcome participants regardless of ability to pay, and hope those who can afford more will balance those who can afford less.
Your registration donation includes a delicious catered lunch.

This is sponsored by Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation  (206) 789-5565  

For information and pre-registration contact Glen Anderson (360) 491-9093

à This will be posted soon at and



2) Solar 101: Brought To You by South Sound Solar Inc.

Thursday March 26th at 5:30 pm @ Lacey Timberland Library, 500 College St SE, Lacey

Come learn about the energy source of the future!

This message is from Tony:

Solar is a wonderful renewable energy resources, even in Washington. Join us for this free, educational workshop to learn more about how solar works in Washington.

We will cover:

  • Effectiveness of solar in Washington
    · How solar powers your home (or business)
    · How to know if your site is right
    · The incentives and financing available
    · The latest and greatest technology
    · Washington-made solar options
    · The best systems for your goals and budgets

Kirk Haffner has his Master’s and has worked as an award-winning high school math and science teacher, and is the founder, president, and lead engineer of South Sound Solar.

Thank you to the Timberland Library System for the use of the space! By allowing us to use the space, the library does not endorse or sponsor the workshop.

South Sound Solar, Inc.



3) League of Women Voters General Meeting TOPIC: Carbon Tax/ Cap & Trade

Thursday March 26th at 6 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW

Carbon cap and trade is an effective method for lowering emissions.

This message is from the LWV:

LWVTC General Meeting TOPIC: Carbon tax / Cap & Trade
Date: Thursday, March 26, 2015
Time: 6PM – 7:30PM
Location: Traditions Cafe

300 5th Avenue SW


The League of Women Voters of Thurston County general meeting topic for March 2015 will be Carbon Tax / Cap & Trade. The meeting will be held on March 26th, at Tradition’s Café in Olympia.  There will be a 6 pm social with the speaker at 6:30 pm.

At this public program, we will be focused on educating our members on the difference between a carbon tax and cap and trade.  Knowing the details of both these efforts is crucial to understanding how we can slow down the impeding environmental disaster of global warming.  Almost all of us hear these terms regularly but many of us don’t really know the difference or the methodology between cap and trade.

Our speaker will be Jay Manning, former Chief of Staff to Governor Christine Gregoire, and former Director of the Department of Ecology.  He currently works for Cascadia Law Group, a leading environmental law firm.  We are excited that Jay Manning will be joining us to fully explain the Governor’s approach to a state carbon tax, the methodology behind a cap and trade system, and what is happening up in the legislature with both approaches.  Who supports such as a system and who is opposed and why? Come and join us so that you can learn and help us advocate for a cleaner healthier environment!



4) Year Long Garden Planning

Saturday March 28th from 11 am to 1 pm @ GRuB, 2016 Elliott Ave NW

Growing your own food is a revolutionary act.

This message is from Ali:

“Year Long Garden Planning”
Saturday, March 28th 11am-1pm at GRuB
Workshop Facilitator: Loretta Seppanen

Join the chair of Greater Olympia’s Slow Food Board for an intermediate garden planning workshop. Learn about winter gardening and the steps to take now to prepare for harvest all winter long.

*These workshops are free for KGP 2013-15 gardeners
and $5 for the general public unless otherwise noted.

**If you plan to attend a workshop, please e-mail
or call (360) 753-5522 and ask for Ali to register



5) Jose Chencho Alas @ Traditions

Saturday March 28th at 7 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW

Come learn how some Central American activists are dealing with things.

This is from TC Pro Net:

Saturday, March 28 – Salvadoran Peace, Justice, and Environmental Activist Jose Chencho Alas @ Traditions
Chencho is director of Mesoamerica Peace Project (Guatemala to Panama). They sponsor workshops for peacemakers focusing on values and principles that encourage change bottom-up and training for economic self sufficiency and empowerment. They have projects in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama that include alternatives to youth gangs, defending rights of women, environmental restoration and organic agriculture. Chencho is a historic figure in the history of El Salvador, a close friend of slain Archbishop Oscar Romero and worked in Base Communities in Suchitoto, El Salvador in the 1970’s before being forced into exile by El Salvador military. Chencho Alas has been working on bottom-up peace, justice and environmental restoration efforts in El Salvador for 50 years.

Chencho will explain his Mesoamerica Peace Project and approach he uses moving from a situation that seems hopeless to empowerment that focuses on the positive and builds on small successes. There may be opportunities for this method of empowerment and healing in other war zones and areas of conflict. His talk is part of a Northwest fundraising tour and a basket will be passed for free will offerings.  For info:  Bob at or (360) 570-0848.

Saturday, March 28 @ Traditions, 7 – 8:30pm



6) Olympia Little Theater Benefit for South Sound Estuary Association

Tuesday March 31st at 8 pm @ Olympia Little Theater, 1925 Miller Ave

The South Sound Estuary Association educates people about the ecology of the Puget Sound — and sounds the warning when human practices threaten it.

This message is from the SSEA:

Tuesday, March 31 – Olympia Little Theater Benefit for South Sound Estuary Association

Benefit performance of Laughing Stock by Charles Morey

This production is a funny and genuinely affectionate look at the magic that lies at the heart of the theatrical world.  When “The Playhouse”, a rustic New England summer theatre schedules a repertory season, confusion ensues.  Join us for an evening of community theatre that benefits South Sound Estuary Associations marine and estuary education. Tickets are $10.

Tuesday, March 31, 8pm @ Olympia Little Theater, 1925 Miller Ave, Olympia



7) Potluck Party with a Purpose

Wednesday April 1st at 7 pm @ 112 E 4th Ave

This is a benefit for Green Corps.

This message is from Victoria:

I hope you’re having a great week! I wanted to take a step out of the campaign to invite you to a small party that will also be a fundraiser to benefit Green Corps—the organization that is training me to run environmental campaigns.

It’s crazy to believe I have less than three weeks left here in Olympia. The time has flown by and has been incredible! It’s so cool to see how much we’ve done on the campaign and I feel really lucky to have met and worked with you.

I’m writing to invite you to a Potluck Party With a Purpose on April 1st at 7pm at 112 E 4th Ave. It’s going to be a going away party, a celebration of all of our work together, and a chance to hear more about Green Corps. I want to share more about Green Corps, the work we do, and help raise funds so that more folks like me will be able to work on issues that matter to all of us

Can you attend on Wednesday, April 1st at 7pm?  RSVP by clicking here!

Of course, there will be great company, conversations, and local food since everyone brings a dish! We’ll be upstairs in Suite 206 of 112 E 4th Ave—it is located right next to the Spar downtown.

I’ll give you a call in the coming week to follow-up and make sure you have the details!

I really hope you’ll be able to make it!




8) “Shine a Light” for the 1st Anniversary “McCutcheon” (McCutcheon v. FEC) Decision

Thursday April 2nd at Noon @ Sundial, Capitol Campus between the Cherberg & O’Brien Buildings

This is a Move to Amend and Fix Democracy First event.

This message is from Mike:

“Shine a Light” for the 1st Anniv. of SCOTUS’ “McCutcheon”

(McCutcheon v. FEC) Decision



Thursday, April 2, 2015

Time: 12:00PM
Short Description: Join WAmend and Fix Democracy First for an action to

“Shine a Light” on dark money in our elections and the legislators

who support it.

Location: Sundial on the WA State Capitol Campus – between the

Cherberg & O’Brien Bldgs.

Olympia, WA 98504

Contact Information:

WHAT:  “Shine a Light” Action

WHEN:  Thursday, April 2 — NOON

WHERE:  Sundial at WA State Capitol in Olympia

(The sundial is located directly south of the Legislative building/rotunda, between the

Cherberg and O’Brien Buildings. See the lower left corner of this campus map:

BRING YOUR FLASHLIGHT to shine a light on legislators that want to keep

Washingtonians in the dark about who is influencing elections.

WHO:  Fix Democracy First!  Public Citizen and allies

WHY:  To call attention to the 1st anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s terrible 5-4

“McCutcheon v. FEC” decision, to call upon President Obama to sign an executive order

requiring federal contractors to disclose the dark money they’re funneling to campaigns, and

to celebrate state legislators who sponsored legislation and circulated a sign-on letter.

More information about McCutcheon v. FEC:

The ‘McCutcheon’ decision explained — more money to pour into political process

Welcome to the dawn of the ‘jumbo’ joint fundraising committee

By Michael Beckel

April 22, 2014

Click here for the Facebook event page and to connect with the Olympia Move to Amend/WAmend group.




9) Judy Bardin for Olympia City Council Campaign Kickoff

Thursday April 2nd at 5 pm @ the Artists Gallery, 2505 4th Ave W

The good guys are lining up behind Ms. Bardin.



10) Olympia Move to Amend WAmend Meeting

Thursday April 2nd at 7 pm @ Thurston County Courthouse, Bldg. #1, Room 280, 2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW

This is to amend the Constitution so corporations can’t buy our government anymore.

This message is from Mike:

Olympia Move to Amend/WAmend Meeting:




Thursday, April 2, 2015

Time: 7:00PM – 9:00PM
Short Description: Come hear the latest about WAmend’s plans for this year to get

BIG $$ OUT of politics. 1st Thursday of each month through

December 2015.

Location: Thurston County Courthouse Complex, Bldg. #1, Rm 280

2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW

Olympia, WA 98502

Contact Information: Michael Savoca at

Please join us!  We will be planning events to increase awareness of our movement to get money out of politics and educate our friends and neighbors about what we can do to reclaim our democracy and return to a government “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

We’ll gather in Rm #280 of Building #1 at the Thurston County Courthouse Complex.

Questions? email Michael at

Some of the other organizations that are working toward a similar goal to overturn Citizens United includeand we welcome members of these groups to join us:  WAmend, Wolf-PAC, Fix Democracy First!, RAD (Restore the American Dream) Team, Public Citizen, People for the American Way, Sum of Us, Represent.US, Free Speech for People, StampStampede…


We the People, NOT We the Corporations 

On January 21, 2010, with its ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission,

the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are persons, entitled by the U.S. Constitution

to buy elections and run our government. Human beings are people; corporations are legal


We, the People of the United States of America, reject the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in

Citizens United and other related cases, and move to amend our Constitution to firmly

establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations,

are persons entitled to constitutional rights.

“The Story of Citizens United v. FEC
WATCH and share this short video

(under 9 min.) which explores:

>the inordinate power that corporations exercise in our democracy,

>the history of the American corporation and corporate political spending,

>the appropriate roles of citizens and for-profit corporations in a democracy, and

>the toxic impact the “Citizens United” Supreme Court decision is having on our political


It ends with a call to amend the U.S. Constitution to confirm that people—not corporations—

make the decisions in a democracy.

SIGN! Motion to Amend the US Constitution: Reject Citizens United:

SIGN! Corporations are not people:

Priceles$$ The Movie: A Call To Action For Campaign Finance Reform

We keep trimming the branches of the tree, but we really need to get at the root of the problem… Watch Pricele$$: (56:15)

Click here to connect with the Olympia Move to Amend/WAmend group.



11) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Escape this Dulles reality!




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