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The Thunderbolt Most Evil Person In History Award



Raring to Go!!!

BANG! The Thunderbolt is off to a running start! Cis bang bada bada boom!

Never fear my loyal readers! I’ve got your back! I’m in your face! You can rest assured that I am a reliable ally whenever and wherever perfidious perfidy occasions itself! Anytime the Machine tries to pull some nastiness in some dark corner you can stand thrilled as I dramatically unsheathe my trusty word processor and begin hurling irresistible barrages of indignation and outrage! Watch in amazement whilst I blast them with terrible overwhelming Thunderbolts of truth and justice!

[Cheers, applause, wild yelling, exuberant exaltation, etc.]

THAT’S what I’m sayin’!



The Current Situation

We are molded, our minds are governed, our tastes are formed, and our ideas are suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.”

                        —Edward Louis Bernays

Currently, we have a situation wherein the government is ignoring heinous crimes but hyper-aggressively prosecuting anyone that exposes these crimes. We have a situation wherein the government no longer has any accountability for outrageous and blatant violations of the Constitution at the same time that they are developing the technology that will allow them to monitor our every move.

Our current president claims he can execute people without a trial — the very definition of a totalitarian police state — and in 2006 Halliburton was given $385 million to construct a large number of what they call ‘prisons’ but that are actually concentration camps. These new ‘detention facilities’ are under the jurisdiction of Homeland Security rather than the Bureau of Prisons, which means that these new ‘detention facilities’ are not for regular criminals. (Officially they are for ‘immigrants’ and ‘other programs’.)

(‘Other programs’?)

Everyone from Obama on down refers to anyone that questions these camps as ‘extremist’, and in their lingo the terms ‘extremist’ and ‘terrorist’ are pretty much interchangeable — and according to current ‘law’, under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) if Obama declares you to be a ‘terrorist’ then they can lock you away in one of their shiny new concentration camps without a trial and without a lawyer and they don’t need to produce evidence and they don’t need to prove doodly-squat.

With license plate readers and face recognition software they will soon be able to track you wherever you go. With all of the ‘back doors’ they now have the NSA can monitor you computer use even if you maintain a ‘clean’ computer that never goes online. They have drones with X-ray capabilities that can see through your walls and track you inside your home along with directional mikes that can listen to what you are saying. They are supposedly developing drones the size of a mosquito that can extract DNA — which means they can also inject things into you and a few weeks ago I mentioned the dust-sized microphones that are being developed.

Then we have the partnering of huge private corporations and the Police Machine. Jeff Bezos is signing $600 million contracts with the CIA and we have the ‘Domain Assistance Awareness Program’, wherein Microsoft has teamed up with the New York Police Department to institute a total electronic sweep system. All of these agencies and corporations then compare notes with the NSA, Homeland Security and the FBI. There are similar such programs in many American cities in cooperation with such luminaries as Google and Facebook. All information about all citizens is now triangulated between all of these local, state, and federal agencies through what are called Fusion Centers. Local police departments these days are little more than extensions of the NSA, in fact. There are now Fusion Centers in all large American cities and they are now even popping up in smaller towns and rural areas. What you say on Twitter or Facebook, what you purchase, where you travel, who you communicate with, where and when you use your credit card — all of this information and much more is now in government data bases and all of it can be pulled up and shared amongst all of these various agencies and companies.

Are you seeing a psychiatrist? Do you attend AA meetings? The government knows all that. With Obama-care they now even know the most intimate details of your health situation.

Apologists for these policies say that if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear.

Excuse me, but I am not the problem here. One of the people who will be controlling these things is quoted as saying that their ultimate goal is to have everyone implanted with RFID chips and have all everyone’s money and records and medical information and everything else on these chips — and then if you start doing or saying something they don’t like then they can just ‘turn off your chip’.

Second of all, if you have nothing to hide then howz about you send me an email with all of your passwords for all of your social, banking, and other online accounts so that I can read all of your emails and check out your bank activity and go fishing for anomalies in your personal or professional life?

If you have nothing to hide, then what are you afraid of? You don’t trust me?

But you do trust the government?

They are turning our entire country into a massive electronic concentration camp. As Glen Greenwald has said many times: Their ultimate goal is to completely eliminate all privacy for everyone.



The Current Situation Continued

Meanwhile, they just had an election in Israel and they reelected a man who is both a major war criminal and the most prolific mass-murderer of children on the planet. (He surpassed our own president as the planet’s most prolific killer of children during Israel’s latest brutal assault upon the mostly unarmed and helpless civilians of Gaza.)

He made blatant racist appeals at the last minute (he warned Jewish Israelis that ‘Arabs’ were pouring into the polls) and he said he would never allow a two-state solution — which has been the official American policy for decades, and which was the official Israeli policy until Netanyahu said that.

This effectively kills any chance at peace in the Middle East. Israel doesn’t want peace. If they thought they could get away with it, I am quite sure that the Israeli leadership would emulate American policy toward Native Americans and simply kill all of the Palestinians.



Trimming Hedges

There is a new tactic coming out that I think will be highly effective, i.e. doing what the government absolutely refuses to do: Holding individual Wall Street banksters personally responsible for their devastation.

This is from Democracy Now [with some added emphasis]:

Protesters from New York City traveled to Greenwich, Connecticut, on Saturday to rally outside the home of billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones. The protest came as part of a project called The Hedge Clippers, which seeks to highlight the role of hedge fund leaders in steering New York state toward policies that favor the rich. The group recently reported hedge fund managers have flooded New York State with nearly $40 million in political contributions since 2000. The largest individual beneficiary has been Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has received nearly $5 million, much of it from founders and backers of charter schools.



Sniping Americans

I have absolutely no interest in actually watching American Sniper, but the mere fact that we live in a reality wherein it is even possible to make a hero out of a sociopathic mass-murderer says a lot about our culture.

I understand that this ‘hero’ was himself murdered after he came home. What a classic case of a chicken coming home to roost.



And Other Accepted Unacceptable Outrages

I woke up at 4 am just like usual this morning (Sunday, March 15). It was pouring rain. There were two people huddling miserably in the pretty much non-existent shelter provided by the two cob benches located beside Media Island.

Since I had about 800 megabytes of audio files to upload to the KOWA server and since upload speeds at Media Island are about 2 to 3 megabytes per minute while uploads at the McDonalds at Plum and 8th are 30 megabytes per minute and since McDonalds opens at 5 am I have taken to heading over there during the early morning hours to do my uploads. The $1 for a cup of coffee is well worth literally saving me hours of waiting for uploads to complete.

On my way there I walked by that big state building located just west of McDonalds. There is also barely existent shelter in front of that building and there were five people huddled miserably against the rain that was still spraying them every time the wind blew and there were two other people sleeping on the sidewalk as their sleeping bags were slowly becoming soaked.

How is any of this in any way acceptable?


Nomination: The Thunderbolt Most Evil Person of All Time Award

The following is a reprint of what I consider to be a very important piece that I published in the July 3rd, 2014 edition of the Thunderbolt.

This piece also worked out really well for the radio version of the Thunderbolt. You can listen to here:

This piece may help to explain why so many people accept leaving human beings living in conditions in which it would be illegal to subject an animal:

It’s an interesting mind-exercise to comb our history and try to determine which single human has caused the most evil and which human has caused the most good.

Ironically, I think that Jesus Christ could make a credible claim to both titles.

Unfortunately, many more names come much more easily to mind when considering the ‘evil’ side of the ledger than when considering the ‘good’ side even though in my personal experience good people vastly outnumber evil people. It is just that evil people’s footprint is so often so large that they receive a highly disproportionate level of attention. Hitler, Stalin, Justin Bieber — evil personified does not lack personages fully capable of adequately performing said personification.

Here’s a name that probably doesn’t immediately jump to most people’s list, though, even though it is a name that I maintain could probably challenge nearly anyone:

Edward Louis Bernays.

Edward Bernays is the quotee that I quote at the beginning of this weeks’ Thunderbolt and Mr. Bernays is exactly the man that he himself describes in the quote, i.e. the man we have never heard of who manipulates our minds, tastes, and ideas. Mr. Bernays literally wrote the book on propaganda. It is called Propaganda. Mr. Bernays called propaganda the “executive branch of the secret government”.

Mr. Bernays is so non-famous that Microsoft Word just placed a red squiggle under his name to indicate a perceived misspelling. This non-fame is in spite of the fact that many credit Mr. Bernays as being the progenitor of the modern Public Relations Machine. That sounds pretty innocuous until you consider the uses to which public relations is being used these days — and those uses were exactly what Mr. Bernays had in mind as he originated them. Mr. Bernays was an ideological plutocrat. His understanding was that the masses needed to be closely controlled because they were incapable of controlling themselves. He constantly referred to us as the “bewildered herd” engaging in “group thought”. I don’t know how he knew all of this since as far as I know common people have never been allowed to just run their own affairs without a bunch of plutocrats’ feet on their necks, but I don’t think factual accuracy was very high on Mr. Bernays’ list of priorities. He was, in fact, an enthusiastic promoter of propaganda designed to further the advantages of the élite few, who ran the world by right of their superiority, and while the truth was optimal when appropriate, a lie was completely appropriate when the truth was not.

Like so many of his other assertions, though, the superiority of this ‘élite’ has never been empirically demonstrated. While the Europeans have for several centuries now indeed been able to kick everyone else’s ass due to superior weaponry and to superior ruthlessness, many wouldn’t consider the ability to kill large numbers of people in an incredibly ruthless manner to be indicative of a superior race of beings.

Anyway, Mr. Bernays’ work was aimed at convincing people to need things rather than to simply want them…

…but that was only one part of a much larger strategy, for during this process Mr. Bernays not only sought to link their unconscious desires to the consumption of mass produced goods but — in turn — these desires could then be used to control the masses by keeping them distracted on frivolous BS so that they wouldn’t care about or question whatever nastiness the Machine was up to at any given time.

This concept was actually practiced by the Romans. They called it “Bread and Circus”. As long as the people are fed and entertained, they won’t care about what you do in the shadows.

For someone you probably never heard of, Mr. Bernays’ actual real world accomplishments were truly extraordinary.

You may remember that I have mentioned several times now in the Thunderbolt that the Machine spent big bucks right after World War I on studies of how to manipulate public perception?

Mr. Bernays was the bottom-liner of many if not most of these studies.

Mr. Bernays was, in fact, the first man to actually apply scientific methodology to the manipulation of public perceptions.

Mr. Bernays first earned his props by convincing the American public to support an American intervention into World War I. This was a hard sell; Woodrow Wilson had just won reelection on the slogan that “He kept us out of the war” and the public had absolutely no desire to get caught up in Europe’s insanity and they fully expected Wilson to continue keeping us out of the war. Wilson, though, had fully intended to become fully involved the whole time and as soon as he was reelected he hired Edward Bernays to help sell the war to the public — and in an astonishingly short period of time Mr. Bernays — almost single handedly — completely turned the public’s perception of the war around.

I have written recently upon how World War I was ten times more significant that World War II and that the disaster represented by World War I and the numerous disasters that resulted from World War I are completely unappreciated by the modern American public. World War I ushered in the birth of the modern War Machine, the modern Propaganda Machine, and the modern Security State. By the time that the United States belatedly jumped into the fray, the war was pretty much at a stalemate, everyone was sick of it, and it would likely have ended soon in a negotiated settlement — but the entry of the United States completely changed the entire dynamic. The war blew up again and went on for several years longer than necessary because of the American involvement.

Thus, for Edward Bernays’ involvement in involving the United States in World War I alone I believe that he deserves a very special place in Hell.

However, Mr. Bernays wasn’t done. Not by a long shot. The World War I operation was just the first of numerous successful campaigns orchestrated by the Grand Master Edward Bernays in a very long and very prolific and very horrific career…

To sell World War I, Mr. Bernays proposed the idea that the intervention was needed in order to bring democracy to Europe. He proposed this over and over again all over everywhere all the time anywhere and everywhere that there was anyone at any time. He proposed this repeatedly. Over and over Mr. Bernays’ message was reiterated and reprised and recurred and recapped and reviewed and repeated yet once again yet once more just before saying it yet once again.

Even though this contention was almost complete obvious in-your-face hogwash, the public eventually bought it hook, line and sinker and rose up in manufactured outrage.

Thus, Mr. Bernays conceived ‘bringing democracy’ to other countries.

The spectacular success of his campaign blew even Mr. Bernays’ own mind. He knew that he was on to something big here.

The World War I campaign was what convinced Mr. Bernays that people must be appealed to through emotion rather than through logic or facts. Mr. Bernays was an enthusiastic student of his uncle Sigmund Freud, and he forever after became an enthusiastic promoter of “regimenting the masses without their knowing it” by manipulating their subconscious desires.

After World War I, Mr. Bernays went to work merging psychology and other social sciences with the art of propaganda. He went from advising the government to advising private enterprise. Among Mr. Bernays’ clients were Procter & Gamble, CBS, the United Fruit Company, the American Tobacco Company, General Electric, and Dodge Motors. Mr. Bernays was even the single most effective promoter for the fluoridation of public water systems.

Here is a partial list of Mr. Bernays’ accomplishments: He spearheaded a highly successful push to get women to start smoking cigarettes in the 1920’s. He labeled it as a women’s rights issue. He labeled cigarettes as “torches of freedom”.

He was also the man who convinced many industries that the news, not advertising, was the best medium to carry their message to an unsuspecting public.

Mr. Bernays was responsible for the public’s belief that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb when actually a man that no one has ever heard of named Joseph Swan did it first.

Unfortunately, Mr. Swan did not have Edward Bernays doing his PR.

Thomas Edison was not the only person to profit from Mr. Bernays’ teachings. Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, for instance, used Mr. Bernays’ book Crystallizing Public Opinion (a book that I have read myself) whilst implementing the Holocaust.

Mr. Bernays wrote in his 1933 autobiography about how horrified he was to learn of this; evidently the mere thought that his ideas on how to subvert democracy with lies could lead to ‘evil’ consequences had never even crossed his mind. It seems passing strange that a man with such genius for reading people and knowing how to manipulate them to the point where they are not only willing but anxious to do totally insane things — how could such a man miss such an obvious end to that particular slippery slide?

One piece of advice Mr. Goebbels found particularly useful was Mr. Bernays’ teaching that people who are living in fear will blindly accept authority — and thus they must be kept ever fearful.

In that spirit Mr. Bernays became one of the architects of the Cold War. Mr. Bernays exacerbated the public’s fear of ‘communism’ in order to spur them into action rather than trying to assuage them with the actual fact that communism had never actually posed much if any threat to the United States.

One of the first sinister applications of the anti-communist tactic came in 1954 when Mr. Bernays convinced the American public to accept an American backed coup against the popular and democratically elected government of Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala by convincing them that Mr. Arbenz was a communist.;wap2

This was done for the benefit of Mr. Bernays’ client, the United Fruit Company — now known as Chiquita Brand — because Mr. Arbenz was trying to force United Fruit to treat Guatemalan workers in a humane manner rather than brutally exploiting them in slave-like conditions.

The new military dictatorship not only abandoned Mr. Arbenz’ policies on United Fruit, but they instead began assisting United Fruit in brutally exploiting their workers in slave-like conditions.

The United Fruit Company’s ruthless domination of Central America throughout the mid-to-late-20th Century (with the regular help of the United States military) was responsible for the invention of the term ‘banana republic’ whilst describing corrupt Central and South American governments; during this period United Fruit was more often than not the Corrupter in Chief in these countries.

Mr. Bernays taught that the first reaction of most people when something happens is to follow their herd instinct, said instinct being to seek some sort of leader to tell them what they should think about this new thing. He taught that while individuals have minds, the herd has only ‘impulses’ and Mr. Bernays took full advantage of this tendency. Mr. Bernays knew that you could manipulate people into acting irrationally by appealing to their emotions and taking advantage of their need for a ‘herd leader’.

On the commercial level, Mr. Bernays was the master of converting ‘wants’ into ‘needs’. He was a genius at taking frivolous or irrelevant things and converting them into powerful symbols for something else. Mr. Bernays taught that you must establish an emotional connection between the consumer and the product. Rather than purchasing a car because you needed a car for transportation, Mr. Bernays convinced people to purchase a Dodge because purchasing a Dodge would make them feel better. Purchasing a Dodge conferred status. Purchasing a Dodge conferred sexual appeal.

Rather than manufacturers begging customers to purchase their product, under Mr. Bernays’ tutelage customers were soon begging manufacturers to sell them their product.

For instance, when Mr. Bernays took on the pork industry as a client, he convinced the American public to start eating bacon and eggs not because they tasted good or because they were cheap or because they were nutritious or anything practical; instead, Mr. Bernays convinced a bunch of doctors to tell people how great bacon and eggs were. American doctors were nearly demigods to the American public at the time, and that was all it took. Bacon and eggs soon became the all-American breakfast.

The tobacco industry later used this very same trick. When I was a child there were doctors on TV telling people how healthy it was to smoke cigarettes. Some doctors even recommended certain brands.

Mr. Bernays labeled his scientific technique of opinion-molding as the “engineering of consent”.

Guy Evans does a most excellent 16-part podcast series he calls Deconstructing Edward Bernays’ Propaganda that goes into depth on this subject if you want to know more about Edward Bernays. Mr. Evans produces a most-excellent podcast called Smells Like Human Spirit in which he covers a very wide range of subjects and covers all of them very well, thank you.

Now, as to nominating Mr. Bernays for the Thunderbolt Most Evil Human of All Time Award

…that could be problematic.

In reading Mr. Bernays’ book, Crystallizing Public Opinion, I ran into exactly the same paradox as when I read Mein Kampf by Adolph Hitler; like Mr. Hitler, Mr. Bernays was a genius and he knew he was a genius and he was utterly convinced that he was helping to save humanity from itself. Mr. Bernays was convinced that the ‘herd human’ was completely irrational and that the herd human always needed the guiding hand provided by superior élites.

Like Hitler, Bernays was convinced that he was the saviour of humanity, and I think that both men honestly believed this.

That is what made them both so dangerous.

Is Mr. Bernays ‘evil’ if his motivation was pure? Are we going to condemn him for manipulating people’s perceptions? If so then you’re going to have to condemn me too, because I also have studied these same studies and I regularly employ many the very same tricks and tactics in my attempts to sway people toward certain points of view. (I view this as capturing the enemy’s weapons and using them against him.) I am convinced that I am doing this for the good of humanity — but that leads right back to Mr. Bernays — and to Mr. Hitler for that matter. It was clear from reading Mein Kampf that Hitler was also convinced of that very same thing even though he and I are on the complete opposite sides of this particular fence.

As for determining which of us is ‘right’ or which of us is ‘wrong’, the fact is that Mr. Bernays was much more educated than I am and from reading his book I know that he was also a lot smarter than I am. All of the same things can also be said about Mr. Hitler except possibly about him being more educated than I am as Hitler didn’t have much formal education.

As for the underlying assumptions of the right and the left, i.e. the right-wing view that people are evil overall and need to be constrained vs. the left-wing view that people are good overall and that we can get along just fine if we are allowed to…

I suspect there is some projection going on amongst the right-wingers here. I suspect that their contention may actually be true — within the social circles where they tend to dwell.

It is not true, though, in the social circles where I tend to dwell and I think that my circles are a lot bigger than their circles.

As for all that education and intelligence possessed by Mr. Bernays, I will end this bit with this observation: People should never confuse knowledge with wisdom.

Knowledge just knows things.

Wisdom knows what to do with those things.

Wisdom without knowledge often works just fine.

Knowledge without wisdom can be the most dangerous thing in the world.

The difference between people such as Mr. Bernays and Mr. Hitler and people such as myself is that they never question themselves whereas I always question myself.

I think that is a profound difference. I think that is a vital difference.

I think that it’s time to get to work…

It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of March 19th thru March 25th, 2015




1) FYI Section:


1A) Petition Against Fencing In the Artesian Well

Online petitions are next to useless on the national level but they can be very effective on the local level. The Olympia City Council seems to be laboring under the false impression that this city belongs to them rather than to the people who live here. They are constantly doing things to curb us that are both unnecessary and that totally suck.

Now they want to put a fence around the Artesian Well and curb access. That is totally unnecessary and it totally sucks.

Here is a link to a petition against this idiocy:



1B) Registration for the Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation’s 17th Annual Spring Assembly

This is a big gathering of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. They would like people to register soon.

This message is from Glen:

Please register now.

Please share with your friends, other lists, etc.


Saturday April 11, 2015, in West Seattle:

“Nonviolent Solutions to Structural Oppression”

Western Washington FOR’s 17th Annual Spring Assembly

Saturday April 11, 2015, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

(Arrive as early as 9:00 for social time and refreshments.  We’ll start the event promptly at 10:00 a.m.)

Every year WWFOR brings grassroots folks together for a Spring Assembly to share ideas and strengthen the movements for social justice, nonviolence and peace.  Please join with other people from mid-morning to mid-afternoon on Saturday April 11 at Fauntleroy UCC Church, 9140 California Avenue SW in West Seattle.

Our 2015 Spring Assembly on Saturday April 11 will be more participatory than ever. 

This year’s theme and activities:  The problems we keep seeing at global, national, and local levels are huge, persistent, and deeply rooted.  The Vietnam war was not an aberration from an otherwise peaceful foreign policy, nor are police abuses caused by “a few bad apples,” nor is homelessness the fault of people making bad choices, nor are people of color to blame for the effects of racial disparities. Big problems cause continuous violence, continuous injustice, and continuous trauma stress.  Society needs profound healing from addictions to greed, violence, and racism.

These big problems that cause ongoing oppression are structural – built into our society’s systems. Solving them requires more than masking symptoms, applying band-aids, or enacting liberal “reforms” that merely tinker around their edges.

Real solutions require radical (getting to the root) approaches based on nonviolent values that profoundly respect the unity of the entire human family and all of our ecosystems.  Real solutionsrequire active listening and bold, creative alternatives to structural oppression.

Today is VERY PARTICIPATORY!  Instead of one keynote speech to a passive audience, everyonewill be able to collaborate in shaping our keynote message to flesh out 2015’s theme, “Nonviolent Solutions to Structural Oppression.”   Morning workshops will explore problems.  Afternoon small groups will allow everyone to generate creative nonviolent solutions.

à    Pre-register by April 3 if possible because this helps us plan.  But even if you don’t pre-register, come anyway!

à    Suggested donation:  It costs WWFOR approximately $15 per person to put on this Assembly.  We welcome participants regardless of ability to pay, and hope those who can afford more will balance those who can afford less.
Your registration donation includes a delicious catered lunch.

This is sponsored by Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation  (206) 789-5565  

For information and pre-registration contact Glen Anderson (360) 491-9093

à This will be posted soon at and



1C) Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation Activist Calendar

Oly FOR also has a most excellent activist calendar. Rather than reprinting it I will provide a link so you can access it online:



1D) Sue Gunn Resigning Port Commissioner Post: Action Requested

Sherri has organized a petition asking the responsible port people to appoint a replacement for Ms. Gunn that reflects her values.

Here is Sherri’s appeal:

Dear Friends,

You may have already heard that Sue Gunn has submitted a letter resigning her position as Port Commissioner, effective April 1.  Sue’s health is still fragile, and continuing at the Port is not conducive to her healing.

A petition (below) is being circulated requesting that Barner and McGregor appoint someone who shares the values and vision of Sue and her supporters.  We have about 10 days to gather as many signers as possible.


Will you please

  • Send me a return email saying that you wish your name to be on the petition
  • Pass this petition on to those you know who care about the environment, transparency in government and judicious use of taxpayer funds, asking them to send an email to me (Sherri Goulet, ) stating that they want their names on this petition.
  • Be thinking about a replacement for Sue—someone in District 3 who would be willing to run for her position.  S/he needs to run in THIS election cycle.


This is a time sensitive document.  Please immediately send me an email saying you want your name on this petition.

Many thanks and I hope to hear from you!


See below:

March 2015

Port Commissioner Sue Gunn was elected by the voters of Thurston County in November, 2013, beginning her term in January, 2014.  She’s been a strong advocate for an environmentally responsible port and has worked diligently to improve the Port’s relationship with the public, increase transparency, make the budget more comprehensible to all, apply Port funds more equitably across the county, support the Farmers Market and agriculture in Thurston County and see that a thorough analysis accompanies any decisions.  These are the issues she campaigned and won on, and she has been doing what she promised.

Currently Commissioner Gunn is recovering from open heart surgery.  In what appeared to many to be an effort to remove Sue Gunn from the Port Commission, Commissioner McGregor refused to excuse her from the February 27, 2015 Port meeting, saying she’d been absent “long enough.”  The failure to excuse a Commissioner from a meeting is a procedural maneuver that started a clock on a presumed 60-day deadline for Sue Gunn to return or be eliminated from the Commission.

Commissioner McGregor’s action was surprising, as there had been no direct communication with her from the Port.  In addition, this procedure was not invoked with the extended absence of Commissioner Barner several years ago.  This unprecedented maneuver occurred just when Commissioner Gunn had begun to recover from a series of health events following her surgery.  We denounce this act as not only lacking compassion, but also as undoubtedly causing increased stress to Commissioner Gunn.

The idea that one Commissioner attempted to undo the results of a democratic election is appalling.  Commissioner McGregor’s action undermines the voters’ will.  Although Commissioner Gunn has now announced her resignation, a personal choice driven by her health, Commissioner McGregor’s action remains unacceptable to us.

We strongly request that Commissioners Barner and McGregor involve the supporters of Sue Gunn in choosing an appointee who represents the views and values of the voters who put Commissioner Gunn in office.



1E) Petition for Relief from Student Loans

This message is from Monte:

This is not a form email, I am actually composing this message. A significant percentage of students who have taken government loans to pay for their college education in the past ten years still cannot make their payments. I am not one to say that people who borrow money should not have to pay it back, but I cannot ignore the fact that educational systems are “for profit” institutions, and although they provide employment for many individuals, this employment is achieved by placing many individuals into such a debt that statistics prove only a percentage will ever have the ability to re-pay. Many students get their degrees and still cannot gain salaries that enable them to pay their balance and live above poverty. If this were a crushing burden on our federal government then I would never be an advocate of such an initiative, but the amount students owe dwarfs the amount our military spends. We can afford to write some of our student debt off.

If you think it is wrong to place our children into debt at such an early age then maybe you can find a moment to review this petition and perhaps sign it? If you don’t care about this then I sincerely apologize for wasting your time.

Thank you for reading.



2) OLYMPIA BICYCLE Co-Op and Re-Cycle INFO Meeting

Thursday March 19th at 6 pm @ Timberland Library, 313 8th Ave SE

Come learn about the transportation of the future!

This message is from the Olympia Bicycle CoOp:

Come find about OLYMPIA BICYCLE Co-Op and Re-Cycle.. Ask all the questions you want..

This meeting is for ALL future MEMBERS ,CUSTOMERS , ,INVESTORS and or PARTNERS



3) Thurston Climate Action Team Monthly Meeting

Thursday March 19th at 6 pm @ Thurston County Courthouse, 2000 Lakeridge Dr SW

As their name suggests, these folks are working on climate change.

This message is from TCAT:

Thurston Climate Action Team Monthly Meeting


Date: Thursday, March 19, 2015
Time: 6:00PM – 7:30PM
Short Description: Discuss ongoing and new TCAT projects, related community events

and efforts.

Location: Thurston County Courthouse, Bldg 1, Room 280

2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW

Olympia, WA 98502

Contact Information: Tom Crawford, 360-280-0242,

The Thurston Climate Action Team (TCAT) is local non-profit dedicated to creating a healthy and sustainable future for Thurston County by encouraging, coordinating and taking action on climate change.  We work with local elected officials, business leaders, and community activists to reduce our county’s carbon pollution.  We are tracking greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions annually through a GHG inventory, sponsor an annual Solar Tour, and are working toward sustained local funding for clean energy and climate projects.



4) Film Screening: Resistance

Thursday March 19th at 6:30 pm @ the Eagles Ballroom, 805 4th Ave E

This is a film about the urgent problem of antibiotic resistance on factory farms.

This message is from Victoria:

FREE “Resistance” Screening & Panel Discussion

Join us on March 19th at 6:30pm at the Eagles Ballroom (805 4th Ave E) for a free screening of “Resistance”, a documentary on the problem of antibiotic resistance, followed by a panel.

“Resistance” explores the emerging pandemic of antibiotic-resistant infections – what’s causing it and what’s being done to combat it.

FDA and Congress have not done enough to deal with this urgent problem, so local resolutions are passing across the country telling Congress to act. And we’re doing the same in Thurston County – learn how you can get involved!



5) Global Days of Listening

Saturday March 21st from 5:30 to 8:30 am on your Phone

This is a conference call with Afghan people with participants from all over the world. This is early am to adjust to Afghan time.

This message is from GDL:

Nowruz (Nowrosee) – the Afghan New Year is this Saturday.

 And the Afghan Peace Volunteers will host a Global Day of Listening with their friends and supporters from across the globe. The United Nations’ (UN) celebrates this International Day of Nowruz, which start the Persian spring festival, on March 21 ever year. It will be a wonderful time for the APV’s to share the rekindling of their efforts at the Borderfree Community Center of Nonviolence. We will be discussing these, and many more topics, and hope you will join us as we welcome spring!


The call is broadcast live at these times

5:30 – 8:30 am Pacific Coast
12:30 – 3:30 pm in UK
3:30 – 6:30 pm in Iraq
8:30 – 11:30 am East Coast
2:30 – 5:30 pm in Palestine/Israel
5 – 8 pm in Afghanistan

LISTEN: Tune in to the LiveStream HERE.  This is live global public radio . . .


SPEAK: Schedule yourself for a part of the call:

– Review the SCHEDULE, then
– Request a TIME.

Please let others know as well.  Slowly but surely the circle of friends is increasing.

Love is how we will ask for peace,

The Global Days of Listening team



6) Future of Rail Conference

Saturday March 21st @ the Evergreen State College Longhouse, 2700 Evergreen Parkway SW

This is through the Backbone Campaign.

This message is from Bill:

Have you registered for the Future of Rail Conferences?


Environmentalists, railroad workers, and soon-to-be ambassadors for a 21st century rail system (YOU), will learn from one-another about our shared aspirations and chart a course FORWARD TOGETHERThis is a unique opportunity to learn from labor about their working conditions, issues, and their perspectives on rail. 

The Future of Rail: Safety, Workers, Community & the Environment 


Your meal is included in the $30 registration.

Date: March 21
Location: The Longhouse Education and Cultural Center
2700 Evergreen Parkway NW
Olympia, WA 98505

Support the conference! Chip-in to the crowd-funding campaign TODAY





7) Dinner at the Well

Saturday March 21st from Noon to 5 pm @ the Artesian Well, 415 E. 4th

The city wants to ruin our space. Surprise, surprise.

This message is from Renata:

There’s a lot of talk about improving downtown, but any way you slice it, the best solutions usually involve food.

Join Partners in Prevention Education, Interfaith Works Overnight Shelter, Dillinger’s Cocktails & Kitchen and MIXX96 for “Dinner at the Well,” coming to downtown Olympia on Saturday, March 21.

Break bread and build friendships with folks from all walks of life at downtown Olympia’s historic Artesian Well. Your $50 ticket buys one gourmet artisanal meal for yourself and one for someone living on the streets downtown.

Dinner at the Well offers two seatings in a heated catering tent, at noon and 3 p.m.

Tickets available online at

“Dinner at the Well” — bridging communities, transforming downtown.



8) World Poetry Day Workshop with Washington State Poet Laureate Elizabeth Austen

Saturday March 21st at 2:30 pm @ The Olympia Center, 222 Columbia St NW

Poetry can be a powerful medium and it can be a revolutionary tool.

This is from Koyote:

Celebrating 25 years of South Sound Poetry — A free, hands-on poetry workshop designed to engage participants’ imaginations, life histories and sense of empathy through language. The class includes close reading of a few contemporary poems, then using one as a model for writing our own first draft. No previous writing experience needed, and all are welcome. Maximum 25 participants.



9) South Puget Environmental Education Clearinghouse (SPEECH) 25th Anniversary Membership Meeting

Monday March 23rd at 7 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SE

SPEECH is the publisher of the Green Pages.

This message is from Janine:

South Puget Environmental Education Clearinghouse (SPEECH) 25th Anniversary Membership Meeting

Monday, March 23, 2015, 7:00 p.m.

Traditions Fair Trade, 5th and Water Street, Olympia

Come enjoy cake and share your thoughts and memories of 25 years of environmental education, successes and struggle. SPEECH members will also review the results of our survey and explore urgently needed, future organizational options.

What? You haven’t taken our survey? You may do so here:

Thank you to everyone who has answered our survey and for the generous outpouring of financial support in response to our 2014 end of the year letter. We know you love SPEECH and the South Sound Green Pages but we must match the financial support with volunteer support to keep our organization alive. Please attend this special meeting to find out how you can help and get involved!

For more information about these events, please contact Janine Unsoeld, or 791-7736.



10) The Hinges + at the Deadbeat

Wednesday March 25th at 8 pm @ the Deadbeat, 226 N Division St

This is political music at its best. (The Hinges are Danny Kelly and Karen Hancock.)

From Danny:

$5 cover, ALL AGES, doors at 8pm SHARP…DEADBEAT is open from noon to 8pm daily, buying/selling/trading new/used/collectible CDs/tapes/records and more!

THE HINGES…psychfolkduo from Olympia, WA



LIGHT THIEVES…spacerockpsychpop from Fresno, CA



STE MCCABE…poppunkelectroqueernoise from Liverpool, UK



ROBOTSVSGHOSTS…progmathpostrock from Lacey, WA





11) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Don’t become one of the ‘herd’.





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