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1) FYI Section:

1A) Update on West Central Park Project

1B) Update on Rodney Reed Execution

2) Forum on the Safety of Eating Puget Sound Fish

3) Our Cities Our Airwaves: KOWA 106.5 fm Volunteer Orientation

4) How to Stop an Oil Train: A Workshop

5) Film Screening: Two Days, One Night

6) Olympia Village Building Convergence Placemaking Committee Meeting

7) Media Island Monthly Benefit Brunch: Friends of Public Power

8) Bonus Tip of the Day




Alternatives to Hell



Happy KOWA News!

Hey Kids!

For those of you following the trials and tribulations of KOWA, 106.5 fm, please note that a new situation has arisen wherein we have possibly found a location for our transmitter where we can finally broadcast at full power and reach the entire Olympia metro area, including Lacey, Tumwater, and the Evergreen State College! (Watch your back, KAOS!)

This is very good news. KOWA could soon become a much more significant voice in local affairs. Stay tuned.


America Oil Bombed!

Even as record levels of nasty weather slam the east coast and even as we here in the Northwest just skipped having a winter altogether — i.e. continuous crazy weather that appears to be the new normal — at the same time that climate change is warming up to seriously kick humanity’s ass — oil train bombs that seem bent upon wreaking even further global warming depredations and devastations have been detonating all over the continent.

One of them just exploded south of Los Angeles setting off a 1.4 magnitude earthquake. This was while the fire was still raging from the oil train bomb that detonated in West Virginia three days ago — a derailment that forced the evacuation of two towns and destroyed a house — and the derailment in West Virginia just happened to happen just two days after another oil bomb exploded in Ontario, Canada — which also left fires that burned for several days!

Who needs the Earth Liberation Front! These guys are bombing themselves!

Yet even as a barrage of oil train bombs are blowing up communities all over North America, the Republicans and a whole bunch of Democrats still think that business-as-usual is still desirable — even though it is actually quite impossible — yet they continue to push for the Keystone Pipeline.

They are also seemingly bent upon wreaking further global warming depredations and devastations — but at least it’s bi-partisan!


Meet the New Bush! Same as the Old Bush!

Brother Jeb Bush — what a piece of work! Along with repeated claims that he is his own man and that he is neither his father nor his brother, he has simultaneously been hiring largely the same team of criminal neo-cons as those who ran brother George’s administration and even a few that were on Daddy Bush’s team!

More business-as-usual! (I was worried there for a minute! Whew!)

Advising the supposedly ‘new and improved’ Bush will be Tom Ridge and Michael Chertoff — two of George W’s secretaries of homeland security — plus two of his former CIA directors, Porter Goss and Michael Hayden! Fascists galore!

Other key figures from the Shrub’s administration include famed mass-murderer and war criminal John Negroponte who — after overseeing the proxy mass-murder of Nicaraguan civilians by the Contras back in the 80’s (said Contras being financed by flooding the streets of Los Angeles with CIA supplied crack) and who, after he was the ambassador to Iraq whilst hundreds of billions of dollars were disappearing into thin dusty air of that sad country — after all of that Mr. Negroponte was also as the very first ever Director of National Intelligence! Welcome back, Johnny Boy!

Jeb is even bringing Brother George’s national security adviser Stephen Hadley back into power! Yippee! He’ll take care of that pesky Constitution so we won’t have to worry about that anymore!

And — praise be — ole’ Jeb is even bringing back ole’ Paul Wolfowitz from his well-deserved obscurity and shame! You may (or may not) remember that ole’ Paul was the Man with the Plan for the invasion of Iraq back in 2003!

Boy did that ever work out!

Negroponte, Wolfowitz, and Hadley all worked for both the previous Bushes — so this is almost like a big family reunion! Yippee!


Meet the New Clinton! Same as the Old Clinton!

Speaking of ‘family reunions’, it has been revealed that Democratic front-runner Hillary ‘business-as-usual’ Clinton’s nonprofit foundation has received millions in donations from fossil fuel companies, the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and a Canadian governmental agency tasked with promoting the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

Surprise, surprise.

I am quite sure that all those donations — especially the ones from the foreigners — were made in a pure spirit of community service and without any expectation of any quid pro quos…

The Clinton Foundation — run by Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea Clinton — has raised nearly $2 billion since its creation in 2001, by the way. That is some pretty serious cash.

And as I watch all the brainwashed leftist sheep lining up behind Little Ms. Front Runner, I can’t help but note the facts that Hillary Clinton is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Wall Street War Machine and has thus never met a war she didn’t like, that she is fully supportive of mass-murder by drone, that she is fully supportive of police state fascist tactics to suppress dissent, that she supports the TPP and the Keystone Pipeline, that she supports the PATRIOT Act, and that she is the personification of everything that everyone with half a brain should hate — but she is the Democratic front-runner.


It’s hard to feel much sympathy for an electorate stupid enough to elect people like George Bush or Hillary Clinton, and in fact it could easily be said that everyone is getting what they deserve for supporting such evil people — but I’m still convinced they know not what they do and thus should be forgiven.

A quick kick to the ass may be in order, though…


Alternatives to Hell 101

I am 61 years old and I grew up in California, which means I attended the best public school system in the world at the time. California also provided tuition-free higher education for all residents who academically qualified.

At the time California was a major world economic power in its own right and it was the educational and the cultural center for the entire world.

There were many reasons for all of this — but I’m pretty sure that having the most educated citizenry in the world was a major contributing factor.

Since that time, the public school system in California has gone from being the best in the world to 48th in the country — but they now have the second largest prison system in the world. It is now an economic disaster area. It is also running out of water.

All of those facts are interconnected.

Since the State of California has been under the almost complete control of the Democratic Party for this entire time then these policy changes and budget priorities can be attributed almost exclusively to them.

California is not the only state to be destroyed by the Democrats. Here in the Great State of Washington we possess the honour of having the most unfair and regressive tax structure in the entire United States!

We are #1! Yay for us! We have an even more inequitable tax structure than such progressive bastions as Texas and Mississippi! Nyah, nyah, nyah!

Yes, even though Bill Gates’ trucks are wearing out our highways a lot faster than I am and even though the dockets of our courts are constantly filled with Bill Gates associated cases and even though Mr. Gates used our publically educated workforce to make his fortune — the Democrats make us pay for all that infrastructure whilst giving Mr. Gates a virtual free pass!

And lest they appear to be playing favourites they also gave Boeing the biggest state tax break in American history — a bigger tax break than they spend on the entire University of Washington system — even as they are close to being in contempt by the State Supreme Court for failing to ‘adequately’ fund our schools.

Instead of making some of the richest people in the world — people who could write personal checks for the entire state budget deficit and barely notice — rather than make these people pay what is, after all, only their fair share — the Democrats instead threw a bunch of disabled people out onto the streets by cutting off their housing subsidies.

Thanks to the Democrats, things that working and middle class people are likely to own or purchase in our state are quite heavily taxed while things that rich people are likely to own or purchase are barely taxed at all. There is a sales tax exemption for private jets. There is a sales tax exemption for cosmetic surgery.

However: There is no sales tax exemption if your family is about to be tossed out onto the streets.

The problem here is that our state is being run by very sane people who are operating in an totally insane reality — and that means that in the actual real world, our state is being run by people who are actually totally insane.

Good luck with that.


Alternatives to Hell 201

Since capitalism is basically a parasite that consumes its host, I would advise considering alternative methods of running an economy — and when you do you may be surprised to discover that there are not only many alternatives but that many of them have proven to work quite well both in the past and are currently working quite well in the present.

We here in Olympia, in fact, have a shining example of an alternative method of doing business, i.e. the Olympia Food CoOp! The CoOp is literally owned by its members. An elected board of directors makes all policy decisions. The CoOp is not only by far the best place in town to find real food but there is a plethora of community benefits that directly result from having such an institution in our town, i.e. networks of individuals who met and/or work through the CoOp, the many good causes that the CoOp contributes to financially, and the festivals and sense of community that pervades the entire CoOp reality. The CoOp is part of our community and vice-versa.

In other words — unlike some stores around here — the CoOp is not a corporate money-sucking machine that is siphoning our cash off to a bunch of foreign sociopaths.

Overall the CoOp is pretty expensive — but if you look around there are always ‘deals’ on most products — and the CoOp gives a 10% discount to low-income people.

In addition, I have never seen an employee of Safeway walk around from behind their register in order to hug a customer.

Stores are not the only enterprise that works well under a community-owned model. In Spain, an owner of a window factory was shutting his operation down and laying off all his workers when the workers instead occupied the factory and took over. They eventually created a worker-run cooperative that reopened the factory to great success.

Go here for an extensive view of the Mondragon CoOp:

And this: If you still have your money or your loan with a bank rather than with a credit union then you are not only helping to finance lots of very nasty stuff but you are not even being wise or smart!

Chase and Bank of America are not your friends. These banks loot your communities. They finance wars and massive earth-destroying projects and they launder the cash of drug dealers and terrorists.

Since largely the same people who own the Media Machine also own these banks then you don’t hear much about all this.

Not only the Media Machine: I just Binged HSBC to look up their latest tax-evasion and drug-money-laundering fiascos — and I didn’t see anything about the fact that HSBC just paid out massive fines for laundering drug money (amongst many other crimes) until I got to the middle of page two of the search results. The first page-and-a-half consisted of pro-HSBC propaganda and Wikipedia entries on HSBC. Since I can just about guarantee there are a LOT more people who care about HSBC’s extralegal shenanigans than who care about how to open an account at HSBC or how to apply for a career at HSBC then you would think their criminal activities would rank right up there near the top of the ratings — but not according to Bing!

Also: All of the top-listings that do mention HSBC’s nastiness are foreign. Evidently the American press didn’t feel this worthy of much coverage.

This is from the Guardian:

Anyway, credit unions usually not only don’t do any of these nasty things but they also have better overall rates on nearly every service.

Like the CoOp — and unlike the banks — credit unions are usually not predatory foreign vampires sucking our life’s blood.

The point is that there are not only viable alternatives to our current dog-eat-dog winner-take-all reward-the-thief punish-the-honest economic system but the alternatives usually work out to produce results that are far superior to those produced by capitalism for nearly everyone except the 1%.

First, though, we gotta deal with the people who have appropriated our planet because they have all the money and all the guns. They stole it fair and square and they aren’t going to give it up without serious pushback.

And again: Rather than trying to fight them, I would suggest just making them irrelevant.

It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of February 26th thru March 4th, 2015




1) FYI Section:


1A) Update on West Central Park Project

This is from Alicia:

The City has informed us that the sidewalk on Harrison will be built immediately after the sidewalk project downtown, across from city hall, is finished.  Get ready for no automobile traffic through the Park!  The alley from 4th Avenue to the south end of the Park, will remain open to vehicles however. The original alley directly straight through the block will be restored, and where it passes through the Park, will be reserved for pedestrian, bikes and emergency traffic only. During the construction of the sidewalk, pedestrians and bicycles will be asked to detour through the Park. After the sidewalk goes in, a row of new plants will be placed behind the sidewalk, and behind those plantings, there is a plan for 20 bike parking spaces. This will help remind drivers that there will be no more through access.

Big changes ahead!  Come on out to the WCP work parties any Sunday of the year from 10-1 and be a part of it!



1B) Update on Rodney Reed Execution

This is from Chris:

Thurs March 5:

Rodney Reed who is LIKELY INNOCENT is scheduled to be executed today in Texas:

He is a black man who was convicted by an all white jury for allegedly killing a 19 year old woman who was engaged to a white police officer, but she and Reed were also having a sexual relationship, and some evidence points to a friend of the police officer as the real killer. This person twice failed a polygraph question, “Did you strangle Stacey Stites?” No credible evidence connects RodneyReed to this crime. For 17 years Reed’s family and other people have been fighting for real justice, but recently the courts denied his request to have DNA testing done on crucial evidence, and people who wanted to testify to his innocence were never called to testify at his trial. Police did not adequately pursue evidence pointing to the guilt of the police officer’s friend who is widely suspected of having committed the murder. See more information at the website of the

Campaign to End the Death Penalty,



2) Forum on the Safety of Eating Puget Sound Fish

Thursday February 26th at 6 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW

This is important if you eat locally caught fish.

This is from Chris:

Thurs Feb 26: How much fish from Puget Sound is safe to eat? It depends on how polluted the water is.

TTulalipTribal member (and 38th Leg.Dist. State Senator) John McCoy speaks to the public about Water Quality aand Fish & Consumption Rates:

The League of Women Voters of Thurston County invites the public

to learn about this. The State of Washington has been accused of seriously underestimating the amount of fish we eat, in order to avoid having to strengthen water quality standards and require polluting businesses and local governments to discharge less pollution into Puget Sound.

Learn about this tonight. Social time starts at 6:00 pm, and the speaker begins at 6:30 pm at Traditions Café, 5th & Water st



3) Our Cities Our Airwaves: KOWA 106.5 fm Volunteer Orientation

Friday February 27th from 5:30 to 7 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE

Alternative media is probably the most important tool that we have!

We should use what we have — and we have our own frigging radio station!

Protect it. Support it. Participate in it.

I’ve been basically running the radio station by myself for a few weeks now but we are fixing to significantly boost our signal so we will be able to reach the entire Olympia metro area. We will now have the physical capability of becoming a major voice in local affairs and so we are fixing to do some serious expansion of promotion and of our capabilities and thus this is an event that is even closer to my heart than run-on sentences!

Come help the Voice of the Revolution as we grow!

This is from Olympia Pacifica:

KOWA is organizing itself to be ready for a boost in signal that will make it 20x more available in the area. We have a tighter structure and need folks willing to jump in and do some fun radio work. This volunteer orientation is a chance for us to show off what has been happening and get new people or returnees involved. This is community radio, we’re celebrating community voices a volunteer’s role.

There are a lot of ways to volunteer! From major commitments to odd tasks and lots in-between. Come on down and learn more.



4) How to Stop an Oil Train: A Workshop

Friday February 27th at 7 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW

This will likely be a useful skill soon.

This is from Chris:

Fri Feb 27: 7 pm- Dan Leahy leads a session about organizing opposition to oil trains

this evening at Traditions Café, 5th &Water SW. It’s sponsored by the Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace (OMJP)



5) Film Screening: Two Days, One Night

Friday February 27th thru Thursday March 5th at various times @ the Capitol Theater, 206 5th Ave SE

This film is highly recommended.

This is from Chris:

Screening at the Olympia Film Society at the Capitol Theater 206 5th Ave ( across the St from Draby’s)

Fri Feb 27th- Thurs March 5th (check their website or pick up a schedule for exact times)

Two Days, One Night

This is the latest empathetic drama from the Dardenne brothers. Marion Cotillard, in a transforming, Oscar-nominated performance, plays Sandra, a worker at a solar panel factory who on return from a leave of absence makes the grim discovery that the owners have eliminated her position. But Sandra does have one chance to save her job, which is the sole income source for her family. On Monday morning there will be a vote on whether to keep her on or to offer the remaining employees a sizable bonus in order to accept her termination. So Sandra has the weekend—two days and one night—to convince her coworkers that she’s worth fighting for. Scott Foundas of Variety says, “The Dardennes once again find a richness of human experience that dwarfs most movies made on an epic canvas.” Dir: Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne / 2014 / Belgium / French w/ English subtitles / 95 min / DCP



6) Olympia Village Building Convergence Placemaking Committee Meeting

Saturday February 28th at 5:30 pm @ Fertile Grounds, 911 9th Ave SE

Come help transform your neighborhood into a community.

This is from Chris:

Join us Saturday at 5:30 to make preparations for the participation of Village Building project sites all over town. The Placemaking Committee will engage with organizations across the community to plan, fund, organize and support their placemaking projects for the VBC August 15-23. Please join us as we reach out and build connections



7) Media Island Monthly Benefit Brunch: Friends of Public Power

Sunday March 1st from 11 am to 2 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE

This is MI’s monthly brunch, wherein MI teams up with another social justice organization to raise funds and to spread awareness of their work.

This is from Media Island:

Sun March 1: Brunch to benefit Friends of Public Power

On the first Sunday each month Media Island International (MII)

hosts a benefit from 11am – 2pm to raise visibility and funds for a progressive cause

Enjoy a tasty brunch for a worthy cause each month, and donate a voluntary amount while learning about the issue & connecting with others…

MII, 816 Adams Street E (just east across from Olympia’s downtown library). If you need a handicap entrance, use the alley behind MII, accessible from 9th Ave SE.\

The Sunday March 1 brunch will benefit Friends of Public Power the continuing non-profit organization that is following through after the 2012 campaign to have the Thurston County Public Utility District (PUD) & remove Puget Sound Energy charging us the highest rates in the state, taking millons out of our county for the coffers of Australian investment bankers. Other countys in the state have well functioning Public Power, Mason County just had their 80th Anniversary, we can too. Join the revolution on Sunday March 1st – 11am -2pm at Media Island. .Let’s take back the power!!

PUD 1’s commissioner Ron Gold from Mason County will attend the Brunch. He is a TESC grad. The Mason County PUD just turned 80. Also Eppo will bring his guitar & do the Public Power song he composed & did at City Council open mic prior to a council mtg. It’s archived on the Thurston Public Power site & probably on the city site. In fact, it would be fantastic to use it in the Psa for the about perfect music to weave into your cleaver creations.



8) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Consider some alternatives to hell today!




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