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1) Olympia Village Building Convergence Venues and Food Committee Meeting

2) Old Growth Poetry Benefestival

3) Film Screening: The Throwaways

4) Film Screening: Pay 2 Play

5) David Rovics Live

6) Annual Homeless Census

7) Bonus Tip of the Week




Those Incredible Credible Lies!



Punchy Popes

Hey Kids!

Pope Francis recently stated that if someone insulted his mother then he — Pope Francis — was likely to punch that person in the nose.

He said this in the context of commenting about Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons and he was making a metaphorical equivalence betwixt insulting someone’s mother and insulting someone’s religion — but that begs the question: Why hasn’t someone insulted Pope Francis’ mother yet so that we can witness the spectacle of the Infallible One punching someone in the nose?

Is the Pope a jabber or does he prefer the papal roundhouse?

I did an investigation of the Catholic Church a long time ago and felt as if I had stuck my hand into an overflowing spittoon. The Catholic Church is a major political/ economic powerhouse and they pull all the same nasty crap that any other powerful and wealthy powerhouse pulls — but they commit their crimes under the mantle and moral authority of a frigging church, which in my mind makes their nastiness even exponentially worse. The state is what the state is, but the church is supposed to be something quite different

Anyway, I quickly withdrew my hand in disgust, I thoroughly washed it with a highly toxic heavy-duty industrial-strength super-duper badass cleanser, and I have very studiously kept my hands as far away from the Catholic Church as is humanly possibly in this world ever since.

When this newest Pope started doing his populist thing, my comment was that this represented a great leap forward since it appeared as if Catholic Church was finally joining the 19th Century.

Since I knew that the central job requirement for becoming pope is to sell your soul to a large number and wide variety of devils, my virginal hands never once strayed anywhere near his pontifical personage and I have never taken him seriously.

However — since that time it seems that rather than spouting pretty rhetoric whilst simultaneously spending prodigious effort not doing anything, Francis instead seems to be making the lifting the poor the central focus of his papacy.

This guy is actually starting to interest me — did the good guys manage to sneak one in through the back door or something?

Howz about a Papal Punch-Out Cage Fight Extravaganza with the contestants locked into the transparent bubble of the Popemobile!

Can you picture the framing!?!? That would not only provide a thoroughly kick-ass venue, but in addition the Pontiff would be unable to take unfair advantage by having God strike down his opponent with a lightning bolt or anything…



Pivot to Hell

Obama’s ‘pivot to the east’ is already producing predictable results. The governments in both Japan and South Korea have recently moved far to the radical right. Japan — which has not had a standing military since WWII — is — with enthusiastic American encouragement — now gearing up to re-militarize their country.

They say they are defending against North Korea, but China is the target. The US is using the lame excuse of North Korea to militarize the Far East when they are actually seeking to marginalize China and China damn well knows it — and China is taking countermeasures.

The United States has tried to dominate Asia before.   During the 1930’s the Americans surrounded Japan with military and naval bases and they almost completely cut off their access to foreign oil.

That worked out real well; that policy, in fact, led directly to the attack on Pearl Harbor, in fact.



Those Incredible Credible Lies!

This should come as no surprise to any Thunderbolt reader: An ex- Guantanamo prison guard has just published a book claiming that three Guantanamo detainees whom the military had told us committed suicide were actually tortured to death.

Here is what I think a very good question: Since almost everything that ‘Pentagon officials’ say to us later turns out to be a lie then why does anyone still listen to a single word that those people say? Why is it that every time they try to say anything they aren’t just drowned out by a chorus of raspberries, showered with hurled flotsam and jetsam, and drowned out with cries of ‘liar liar pants on fire MO-FO!!!’?

Keith Alexander was very publically caught lying to a Senate committee — a serious crime for which I can absolutely guarantee would earn us a trip to prison were you or I to do it. Even the Media Machine had to take note of Alexander’s lies since they were so blatant and since they were so quickly and so publically exposed.

And keep in mind: His lies were absolutely not told for any patriotic ‘good of the country’ or ‘national security’ reasons; his lies were told to cover up the vilest of imaginable criminal activity.

Virtually all criminal activity conducted by the government is now classified for national security reasons — and for good reason — and since the federal courts are also made up almost wholly of fascists these days then don’t hold your breath waiting for any criminal indictments — at least not for them. (If you’re a regular person, though, you may want to immediately cover your ass…)

As I have also pointed out before several times: They can’t start prosecuting people because once they started it would almost instantly turn into an avalanche enveloping nearly everyone in the federal government…

…so their nasty crimes are indeed kept secret for the security of the country.

The problem is the country they are securing is also the same country that is committing all of these crimes.

After Alexander explained that what he said was the ‘least untruthful’ thing that he could say (which probably another lie) and after he got caught red-handed with his pants down and with his other hand deep into the cookie jar — after all of that, nothing further happened. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Jack all. Business-as-usual just continued without hitch or hammer. Absolutely nothing further of any kind in any way shape or form was done on this matter in any manner whatsoever pro-forma or howsoever otherwise whosoever whetherwise or whensoever.

Never. Ever.


They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. They don’t need to hide it anymore. Mr. Alexander not only didn’t go to prison but he even kept his job. He not only kept his job but he was called in once again to ‘testify’ (i.e. offer more lies) to the very same Senate committee that he had already been so famously caught lying to.

These days whenever Mr. Alexander is spouting on the Media Machine you might hear the talking heads occasionally snicker and say, “yeah, didn’t Alexander get caught lying to Congress awhile back? Ha, ha, ha! Isn’t that funny?“

The Media Machine still treats him with deference rather than with raspberries.

I’m sure the good senators also played their roles well and that they still showed proper deference to this lying piece of human slime during his latest testimony.

This is insane. Literally.


Compostable Spin

Since I have suggestions about which compost heap you can deposit the words of almost any politician in general and Barack Obama in particular, I don’t listen to the State of the Union. In addition, I find myself wanting to throw things at my computer every time Obama’s visage is pictured there, and since I am still paying for my current computer then I just don’t want to risk doing something in a pique of passion that I will later regret…

According to reports, the O-Bomber evidently asked Congress for a blank check to throw the US military at whomever he pleases. He claims that Bush’s authorization back in the day is all he needs to do whatever he wants to do but since his argument has holes big enough to throw the planet Jupiter through with room left over then he is rather plaintively begging Congress to give him a new authorization. Congress is reportedly more than willing to go along, they are just quibbling over those devilish details.

He also reportedly bragged again about how — unlike his predecessor — he doesn’t torture people.

No, he doesn’t torture people; as he previously stated that just isn’t “who we are”.

No, Obama doesn’t arrest people without a trial and then torture them — Obama just kills them.

Much less messy.

I guess that is who we are.



“Terrorism” Defined

Since millions of people have died and since many millions more have lost their homes and everything they own and since they now live in refugee camps in foreign countries and since the most basic core tenets of our Constitution have been completely trashed and since all of this has allegedly been done in order to protect us from ‘terrorists’ — then just what, one may ask, exactly is a ‘terrorist’? Since our entire frigging world is being torn apart over them then shouldn’t there be a defined definitional definition that is exact and understandable and that is commiserate with the danger that they pose?

Good question.

According to our own government, a ‘terrorist’ is someone that targets innocent civilians to advance a political or religious agenda.

Okay. But wait a minute! Our own beloved government is mass-murdering innocent civilians all over the world like innocent civilians are going out of style!

Our government counters this by solemnly stating that a ‘terrorist’ is also someone who kills without official government sanction.

But wait a minute! Our government says that Hamas is a ‘terrorist’ organization, and Hamas is not only a legitimate government but they were a freely and democratically elected one!

Well, our government doesn’t recognize the ‘legitimacy’ of that election. [?]   This election was rated as ‘free and fair’ by every organization that monitored it but the United States says it was somehow ‘illegitimate’? Just because they don’t like Hamas? Really?

So evidently this is the rule about that: A democratic election is only legitimate when our government approves of the outcome.

If they don’t approve of the outcome you might want to cover your ass.

Our government assures us that what makes us better than the ‘terrorists’ is that unlike the ‘terrorists’ we take ‘every measure’ to avoid innocent casualties. The fact that ‘innocent casualties’ so vastly outnumber ‘terrorists’ in the piles of dead bodies resulting from Obama’s drone strikes and night raids would seem to belie this statement — but lets give them the benefit of the doubt for a moment. (It won’t be too long a moment, don’t worry!)

For the sake of argument lets say they do take ‘every step’ to avoid ‘collateral damage’: How does that explain Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch? These two men blew up a civilian airliner with 73 innocent civilians aboard — and yet both men lived the high life of the wealthy and celebrated in Miami for many years afterward — and in fact Mr. Carriles still lives there to this very day. (Mr. Bosch recently died of old age.) (He did not die in prison.)

Luis Posada Carriles is not only not being arrested but our government is protecting him from being arrested by some other countries that would very much like to arrest him. (Evidently they have a different definition of ‘terrorism’.)

A judge refused to extradite Mr. Carriles to Venezuela because he said that the government of Venezuela was likely to torture Mr. Carriles.

Actually the government of Venezuela is not known for torturing people.

The country in which that judge who passed that judgment lives in, on the other hand, is quite famous for torturing people.

The only explanation appears to be that since the innocent civilians that Mr. Bosch and Mr. Carriles killed were Cubans and since Cuba is considered a ‘State Sponsor of Terrorism’ then evidently it is okay to murder Cuban civilians without the pesky moniker of ‘terrorist’ being hung upon you.

Our government insists that we battle the ‘terrorists’ because we are better than they are. We are the good guys and they are the bad guys — yet our government is now admittedly using terrorism as a role model for their own behaviour and they protect our ‘terrorists’ from facing justice.

Our European brethren are no less partisan: At the very same time there were massive demonstrations celebrating the ‘free speech’ rights of Charlie Hebdo — and to complete the farce the Paris march was attended by numerous world leaders who are widely noted for their own thoroughly deadly policies toward anyone who engages in ‘free speech’ a little too freely in their own respective countries — at the same time all these people were shouting “Je sui Charlie” in the streets of Paris they simultaneously conducting mass-arrests of Muslims all over Europe — many for nothing more than engaging in ‘hate speech’ — which is very often defined as anything bad that anyone that they don’t like says about anyone that they do like.

Ironically, Charlie Hebdo themselves were once prosecuted under this law for making fun of the Jews.

And as far as defining ‘terrorism’, wait just another minute! Our government hyper-aggressively prosecuted all those Earth Liberation Front kids as ‘terrorists’ and handed a bunch of them 10-year prison sentences even though those kids not only never once so much as a single time ever never not now nor then nor before injured a single human being ever! These kids could also show that they went to extraordinary lengths to assure that they never injured a single human being and they all swore that if any human had ever did come to any physical harm as a result of their actions then they would have immediately closed up shop.

‘Terrorists’? Really? These were a bunch of idealistic kids who understood that the earth-rapists had the courts in their pockets and that the only way to prevent their depredations was to make their depredations unprofitable. If they were spending money doing something rather than making money doing something they would quit doing whatever that something was.

That is the only language these people understood.

‘Terrorists’? Really?

Okay, so to summarize our definitional definitions, it would seem that so far we have established a ‘terrorist’ is basically anyone the United States government doesn’t like and that they can get away with demonizing enough so that they can attach the label without too many open raspberries being spewed in their direction.

Do not make the mistake of underestimating their prowess in the art and practice of the vile total no-holds-barred demonization of your fellow human beings! They actually managed to demonize schoolteachers over the last few years! They are grand masters of the art!

I haven’t heard any right-wingers specifically referring to schoolteachers as ‘terrorists’ yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

This is not unique or even unusual. Here are the ‘rules’ as viewed through their warped Looking Glass: The United States government and its allies are free to kill all the civilians they want in whatever incredibly heinous manner they wish but should their enemies so much as cut an exceptionally stinky fart then that is bad nasty evil Hitler-esque level type stuff and they must be exterminated.

This double standard is pretty much standard in pretty much all areas of American foreign policy.

Consider this: Why does no one ever refer to Timothy McVeigh as a ‘Christian Terrorist’ even though that is exactly what he was? Why does no one ever refer to Haganah as ‘Jewish terrorists’ even though that was not only exactly what they were but they were actually the very first and original Middle Eastern terrorist organization?

Why then are any organizations with Muslim leanings always and invariably referred to as ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islamic’ rather than whatever they actually are? Some would say that Mr. McVeigh was a radical off-the-charts nut that had little if anything to do with actual Christianity. Okay. The exact same can be said about the Nutcase Islamic Flavour of the Week too, so that still doesn’t answer my question of why any organizations with Muslim leanings are invariably referred to as ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islamic’ rather than whatever they actually are whilst Christian or Jewish organizations that do exactly the same things never are?

This has become ingrained and unquestioned. I have been doing this myself until I finally figured it out.

When some new incident involving the intentional infliction of mass-civilian deaths goes down then this would seem very obviously on its face to be a ‘terrorist’ act by definition — but we now view reality through the Discount Looking Glass! These days the Media Machine and the government always hold off on designating any particular incident as a ‘terrorist act’ until they find out who did it because the rule is this: If almost anything was done by a Muslim then it is ‘terrorism’; if almost anything was done by a westerner then it is not ‘terrorism’.

A white guy can walk onto a schoolyard and kill a bunch of little kids without anyone even referring to his act ‘terrorism’ much less subjecting him to terrorism charges. At the very same time some lost 17-year old Muslim kid who got entrapped by some sociopathic federal official whose was trying to make a career for himself and who thus set the kid up in a series of events that resulted in a life-sentence for this hapless kid for something that he was aggressively encouraged to do, that he was taught how to do, and that he was given money to do — but in the end something that he never actually did — and all of this for something that he almost certainly would have never have even thought of doing had he not been coerced encouraged pushed and financed to do so by said federal agent.

A domestic right-winger can fly an airplane into a federal building without being designated as a ‘terrorist’ while a democratically elected government in Gaza is.

So here is the rule here: Muslim organizations are always referred to as ‘terrorists’ at every opportunity yet westerners are never referred to as such even when they do exactly the same things.

Does anyone see a pattern here?

It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of January 22nd thru January 28th, 2015




1) Olympia Village Building Convergence Venues and Food Committee Meeting

Thursday January 22nd at 6 pm @ Fertile Grounds Guesthouse, 911 9th Ave SE

This is a planning meeting for the Oly VBC. This is a good place to plug in if you want to get into village building.

From Oly VBC:

The events committee will be planning events leading up to, and during the Convergence. At this meeting we will be discussing and sharing ideas for events like what kind of events we know we have in the works, what possible events we should develop and assign people to make connections to event hosts/ venues.



2) Old Growth Poetry Benefestival

Friday January 23rd at 5 pm @ La Casa de Hueso, 129 Percival St NW

It’s a benefit for our local radical poets!

From Koyote:

Old Growth Poetry Collective is sending a team from Olympia to the National Poetry Slam this year, and Luna Productions is going to help them! We’re hosting a big festival at Casa Hueso featuring dozens of performers (poets, solo musicians, and full bands), an open mic, poetry ciphers, food, and more. All proceeds will go to sending Old Growth Poetry Collective to Nationals this summer. Haven’t you heard that poets throw the best parties? See you there!

Sliding Scale: $5-50

No one will be turned away.


Brian McCracken

Kina Wolfenstein

Rachel Greene

Jill Greenseth

Rebecca Shay

Daniel Georgeson

Solo Musicians:

Anna Gordon

Jason Lafountaie

Minda Lacy

Hel Dastvan

Caleb Hinz

Full Bands:

Fruit Juice

Holy Motors (First Show!)




3) Film Screening: The Throwaways

Saturday January 24th at 6:30 pm @ Timberland Library, 313 8th Ave SE

This film comes highly recommended.

This came via Glen:

The Throwaways: Film Screening and Q&A with Director

Location: Olympia Timberland Library, 313 8th Ave SE

Date: Saturday, January 24th, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

After screening at film festivals and theaters across the country,

award-winning documentary The Throwaways is coming to the Olympia Timberland

Library for its PNW premiere. The film is a personal exploration of the

devastating impact of police brutality and mass incarceration on the black

community told through the eyes of formerly incarcerated activist filmmaker

Ira McKinley.

With rawness, urgency and power, The Throwaways speaks directly to the

national movement rising up to fight back against a wave of police killings

of African Americans. Winner of best documentary at the Long Beach Indie

Film Festival and the Harlem International Film Festival, the film is more

just than an illumination of marginalized people at their weakest moments;

it is a call to action, a story of directly engaging in the fight for


One of the voices featured prominently in the film is Michelle Alexander,

who’s best selling book The New Jim Crow, sparked a nationwide conversation

about race and the criminal justice system in America. Alexander praised

the film, and saying, “The Throwaways courageously explores the most

pressing racial justice issue of our time: the mass incarceration and

profiling of poor people of color.”

The producers of the film were recently featured on an episode of Democracy

Now!<> with Amy Goodman, which highlighted the parallels between the

film and the wave of police killings of black men from Mike Brown in

Ferguson, MO to Eric Garner in Staten Island, NY. Goodman applauded the film

for “documenting police shootings and the consequences of mass incarceration

in upstate New York with searing detail.”

The Throwaways is a triumph for McKinley, who for the past 15 years has

battled homelessness and the stigma of being formerly incarcerated. After

coming out of prison in 2001, the seeds for the film were planted when he

learned how to shoot and edit video at a community television station in

Northampton, MA and went on to become producer of the year at NCTV in 2009.

Ultimately McKinley and co-director Bhawin Suchak hope that The Throwaways

can be an inspiration to people everywhere, and spark them to get involved

in transforming their communities. “This film is about people standing up

and realizing that they have a voice, and they need to use that voice and

take action to make positive changes happen in their communities.”

The Throwaways will screen on Saturday January 24th at 6:30pm, after library

open hours. Bhawin Suchak will be available for interview before and during

the evening of the screening. For more information about the film, please

visit:<http://www.throwawaysmovie.comto/>. To watch

the trailer, go to:

Allison Mackey

Adult Services Librarian

Olympia Timberland Library

313 8th Ave SE

Olympia, WA 98501

(360) 352-0595



4) Film Screening: Pay 2 Play

Monday January 26th at 2 pm @ SPSCC, 2011 Mottman Rd SW

Money in politics? Sounds like a conspiracy!

This is from Glen:

Pay 2 Play: Democracy’s High Stakes, a documentary from John Ennis details how deeply entrenched big money is in public policymaking and what these high stakes mean for the future of our country. Pay 2 Play follows Ennis in his investigations into elections in Ohio, in which politicians reward their donors with public treasury assets such as contracts, jobs, tax cuts, and regulation. Driven by the need to provide future generations a better world, Ennis’ film provides the public a study on how to find a way out from under the “Pay 2 Play” system of patronage. Pay 2 Play features Robert Reich, Lawrence Lessig, Marianne Williamson, Noam Chomsky, and many others

Monday, January 26 at SPSCC

South Puget Sound Community College (room number TBD)

2:00 pm Screening followed by discussion

Sponsored by Fix Democracy First and BRICK

More information:  Pay 2 Play:

More information:  Fix Democracy First:



5) David Rovics Live

Tuesday January 27th at 7 pm @ KOWA 106.5 fm Studio, located behind Media Island, 816 Adams St SE

David Rovics is a hilarious political raconteur.

This is from Bruce:

David Rovics, the traveling protest troubadour who is definitely “a better anarchist than you” and a graduate of The Evergreen State College, is playing at Media Island International. Opening up for him will be Brian McCracken of Old Growth Poetry Collective and the local folk punk band Meta Pigeon Parade! This is open to all ages. Please bring some money to help keep David on his NW tour and by some of the music, zines and t-shirts.



6) Annual Homeless Census

Thursday January 29th thru Saturday January 31st All Across Thurston County

This is an important action as this large determines how much federal funding we get for homeless services. A lot of the homeless kids think this is a plot by the police to help further oppress and terrorize them. I know the people who organize this and that is not the case; this is not to say the police won’t use some of the knowledge garnered in the census for nefarious purpose, but there is absolutely no collusion of any kind between the census team and the police and overall the census is a lot of upside with very little down.

Please plug in if you would like to help.

This is from Renata:

The 10th Annual Thurston County Homeless Census is rapidly approaching, and we could use your help in this unique service opportunity!

The 2015 Homeless Census starts on Thursday January 29th and continues until January 31st with activities all across Thurston County.

The annual county-wide Homeless Census is how we learn who is homeless and why. This information helps guide funding and other resources to critically needed programs and projects. Volunteers also help staff the popular “Homeless Connect Event,” a 1-day drop-in warming center with free hot meals and coffee, clothing/commodities giveaway, haircuts, medical services and referrals to shelters and other services.

Many shifts & volunteer activities are available all across Thurston County.

Please sign up to join us here:

Once you sign up, we will get in touch to provide more information and training opportunities.

Thank you for your help and service, and for making this a better community for all!

Renata Rollins

Volunteer Coordinator




7) Bonus Tip of the Week:

Don’t give any credibility to lies.




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