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1) Homeless Encampment Eviction

2) Coordinating Committee of the Green Party of South Puget Sound [GPoSPS]

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Authoritarianism 101



Spiders and Flies

So last week The Thunderbolt was late and now there hasn’t been one since last year!

Well, they say that time flies when you’re having fun…

…unless you happen to be a spider! If you are a spider, then time is fun when you’re having flies!



Authoritarianism 101

Hey Kids!

A couple of days ago I heard a loud crash outside the radio studio at Media Island. I investigated and discovered that a mentally ill homeless person had moved into the bike shed, he had propped up a door to cover the opening, and then he had evidently knocked the door over as he slept thus causing the crashing noise.

I had to tell the guy, “Dude, since you’re living in our fucking bike shed then I assume you already have enough problems to begin with and I do truly hate to add to your load — but I’m afraid that we can’t let you can’t live in our bike shed either.”

Why in fuck do I need to say shit like that to people? They can’t take a few of those mega-bucks they spend on murdering families on the other side of the world and instead spend them on giving this poor wretch a fucking place to live? Jeez fucking Louise!

I went out for breakfast at the Olympia Union Gospel Rescue Mission the other morning. When you walk downtown during the early morning hours you often must run a gauntlet of lunatics and you must often step around people sleeping on the sidewalks. When I got to the mission both of their large dining rooms were full to overflowing.

The newspapers, government officials, and even the Olympia Union Gospel Mission will all tell you that these folks are here due to some lack in character and/or morals and/or because they are just imprudent misguided lost messed up vulnerable helpless sub-people worthy of a little soup, a little disdain, and little else. The OUGM thinks their souls are worth saving, but they make clear that they don’t too much care for what is actually there.

Rarely if ever does anyone ask how this is happening in the richest country in the history of humanity. Rarely if ever does anyone discuss how when people spend all of their time and energy on basic survival then they don’t have time to foment revolutions to improve their lots.

This can only happen under authoritarian regimes. However, the wise authoritarian knows that ruling only with terror is problematic on many levels and for many practical reasons. The smart fascist is thus on a never-ending quest to win the ‘hearts and minds’ of their slaves so that the oppression does not need to be so utterly pervasive. When your oppression is too ‘in their face’ then the peons are always mounting revolutions and insurrections and it is a big expensive — and sometimes dangerous — pain in the ass. Yes, you can pay out the big bucks to arm and train a large armed force to keep them in line — at least on the surface — but it is much cheaper and much more efficient if you can convince the peasants to participate willingly. The intelligent plutocrat will thus convince the cows that their cud is actually gourmet fare and keep them ignorant concerning the true destination of that ramp leading to the slaughterhouse…

Continuing the Thunderbolt’s proud tradition of gutting sacred cows, I will point out in a related aside that this is the reason that universities are amongst the first public institutions that the successful imperialist will build in any newly conquered territories. If you’re not some rookie you will know that you can deploy ‘education’ as a tool to instill the desired world-view into the citizenry. John D. Rockefeller plastered the Middle East with universities as he was looting their oil reserves, for instance. Many of the Middle East’s finest mass-murdering dictators were graduates of Mr. Rockefeller’s schools. Harvard University is another classic example; Harvard was established not only to permeate the imperialist worldview into the locals so they would carry out the will (and to fatten the pocketbooks) of the English imperialists — but also to make the American sheep do it because they wanted to do it rather than because they were afraid to not do it. Harvard academics were used to justify conducting genocidal slaughters upon Native Americans and Harvard owned its very own slaves for many years.

I used to have a link to an excellent story about Harvard’s slaves but I lost it. It is probably fairly easy to find info on Google if you are interested.

The police also represent a vital link in authoritarian control and the deification of the police that occurred during the 20th Century in this country was intentional and strategic; having an omnipotent and unaccountable armed force at your command is a vital component to any good authoritarian regime and thus the American Machine conferred the police with a near god-like status in order to enhance their prestige and to enlarge their authority as well as to demonize anyone who in any way attacks or stands in the way of the police and their mission. This multi-decade brainwashing has reached a point wherein the police can now commit outright undeniable obvious in-your-face murder right on a video and yet have a ‘grand jury’ fail to charge the cops with anything. Even New York Mayor DeBlasio — who is turning out to be a very interesting politician — asked people demonstrating against police murders to chill until the murdered NYPD cops were buried. The police failed to chill in their continued mass-murder spree of black youth until their victims had been buried — but you see, the police are different. Their bodies aren’t left baking in the sun for hours. They are not ignored as they lay dying even though first aid could possibly save their lives and even though there are numerous medical technicians on the scene. With rare exceptions black kids murdered by the police don’t get parades in their honour and they don’t have every cop in a five-state area dropping everything else to catch the perpetrator.

Another difference is that the families of slain police officers are treated as near-royalty. They are given the classic ‘kid-glove’ treatment. They are given every possible deference and they are given every possible benefit of every possible doubt.

The families of black teenagers murdered by the police, on the other hand, often have their pain and terror greatly exacerbated by being smeared and harassed in the police’s invariable strategy in such situations of blaming the victim for being murdered. The police also often seriously harass the people who took the incriminating videos i.e. people who broke no laws and did absolutely nothing wrong and in fact did their civic duty in protecting their community from mass-murderers with badges.



Anti-Authoritarianism 101

I once described a court case I attended in New Orleans in 1988 wherein the feds were trying to shut down the Rainbow Gathering. During those proceedings I heard the federal prosecutor say a most interesting thing; he said, “When there are so many of them in one place then we can’t enforce our laws.”

That was the same year that I was quoted in a local Texas newspaper saying this: “The only way they’re going to stop the Rainbow Gathering is to drag 20,000 naked hippies out of the woods one-by-one — and then we’ll just have our Gathering in your jail at your expense, so its heads we win and tails they lose.”

When the Gathering was in Washington a few years ago, my friend Barry at one point threatened officials with having our gathering in the middle of Interstate 5 if they didn’t become reasonable. Barry was not bluffing and they knew it. They became reasonable.

There are usually between 15-20 thousand people at the annual national Rainbow Gathering — yet the feds admit that when even such a relatively small group of folks tell them where to stick it — they can’t really do too much about it.

I find that knowledge very comforting.

It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of January 1st thru January 7th, 2014




1) Homeless Encampment Eviction

Monday January 5th, All Day Across Tracks from Marathon Park


Rather than fix the problem they instead punish the victims.


This is from Teresa:


This notice is for the purpose of sharing information about a encampment clearing to take place the first week of January.  Please share this information with front line and outreach staff and with anyone who may be camping there or be storing belongings there that are hard to carry with them.

In a meeting with the State Patrol and the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) we learned that:

  • Where: the area to be cleared is across from Capitol Lake’s Marathon Park
  • Owner: the property is owned by Burlington Northern, though I believe some of the property to be public (state) property as well
  • When: work will begin Monday, Jan. 5th to schedule the equipment necessary to clear the area of belongings, bike parts and garbage with work expected to be completed during the same week

I will be providing the State Patrol with handbills with the Housing Hotline number on it along with information about the PATH Program operated by CRC so that officers can be handing them out to people they see as they patrol the area to give people advanced notice.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, though I may have to direct you to DES or the State Patrol for more information about the actual clearing.

Thanks for your help getting the word out,



Theresa Slusher

Planner | Facilitator | Consultant

Over 20 years in Affordable Housing and Homeless Systems Work

Phone: 360-789-4449


Coordinate Thurston on Facebook:



2) Coordinating Committee of the Green Party of South Puget Sound [GPoSPS]

Wednesday January 7th at 7 pm @ Eagles Lodge, Corner of Plum and 4th Ave E

Come help the Green Party do what’s right.

This is from Janet:

Coordinating Committee of the

Green Party of South Puget Sound

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Eagles Lodge, Plum and 4th

7:00 PM

We’ll meet in the downstairs cafe of the Eagles Lodge, which has wheelchair access.  You can buy soft drinks.  Also there are two pool tables — maybe they will let us play, after the meeting.

Up for discussion are the plans for our February event (on the CIA), review of strategy, new opportunities, upcoming campaigns, and updates on our various allies.

Everyone welcome.  Your ideas will keep us moving forward.

See you there,


Janet Jordan



3) Bonus Tip of the Week:

Always question authority.




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