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1) FYI Section:

1A) Food Not Bombs in Olympia

1B) Season’s Greetings from the Backbone Campaign

1C) Update from the Green Party about our Community Rights Ordinance

1D) Update from POWER

2) FREE SKOOL: Trans 101: For Allies and Questioners

3) Global Noise Demo for Prisoner Solidarity: New Years Eve 2014-20154)

4) Bonus Tip of the Week:




Deferred Thunderbolts!



Deferred Thunderbolts!

Hey Kids!

Yes, the Thunderbolt is late this week. I celebrate Christmas; I just don’t celebrate it as Christmas. I took a couple of days off. There’s nothing on the calendar until Monday anyway. Dock it from my non-pay. Get over it.


Thunderbolt Disaster!

I have experienced something of a disaster that is relevant to the Thunderbolt: I had an Excel workbook that contained all the links to all the political information that I often share here — and somehow that document was turned into something else when I was transferring my digital world from the Dominion of Microsoft to People’s Republic of Apple.

I feel like someone has stolen my magical talisman with which I safely stand bravely and stalwart whilst hurling turds into sacred punchbowls! I can prove that’s a turd, sucker! I can name the frigging names and I can link directly to the burnt asses! I gots the facts so nyah, nyah, nyah!

I have included many if not most of these links in past Thunderbolts and so I can probably dig through my archives and find many if not most of them — but there were a lot of rather esoteric ones that I didn’t include that I will possibly never be able to find again, and besides that digging through archives looking for stuff is a pain in the ass that I don’t really have time for.

Whatever. I’ll be back, don’t you worry…


The World Situation

As far as the world, things have continued more-or-less just like before in spite of my little mini-vacation. Their punchbowl continues to overflow with exceptionally malodorous turds that obviously came from something that subsists upon some sort of incredibly nasty toxic waste. Obama continues to say all the right things whilst doing all the wrong things, the American War Machine continues unleashing hell on earth all over the planet, and Justin Bieber continues to run around in public unsupervised.

I can’t actually prove any of this at the moment because I’ve lost my magic box of nasty secrets, but I can assure you that it is all just as I say it is! (Well, the turds and the punchbowl were metaphorical — but you probably already figured that out on your own…)

One of the reasons I don’t attend many political educational events lately is that over the decades I haven’t been able to avoid noticing that the same story just keeps repeating itself. I am forced to keep trying to think of new and interesting ways to say the same thing over and over again. There are different players and different details but otherwise it’s like some never-ending reality nightmare-loop of ever growing putridity…

Wow, I thought I just made up another word [i.e. ‘putridity’] but since Microsoft Word did not place one of their infamous little red squiggles under it, then I guess that’s the ultimate authority decreeing ‘putridity’ to be an actual word — so an actual word it is!

How putrid!

Whould’a thunk?


Our ‘Terrorists’

Speaking of ‘putridity’, I just learned the very interesting information that the survivors of the victims of the Cubana Airlines Flight 455 bombing and the survivors of the victims of the 9-11 attack are getting together to join their voices in a cry for justice.

A reminder: Some right-wing anti-Castro Cubans under the direction of two gentlemen named Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles blew a Cuban civilian airliner out of the sky killing all 73 people aboard, including the entire Cuban junior national fencing team that was returning from a successful tournament in Venezuela.

The Cubana airliner bombing represented the second worst act of air terrorism in the Western Hemisphere after 9/11.

The two masterminds — Bosch and Cariles — are both living the high-life in Miami under the full protection of the United States government in spite of numerous requests and arrest warrants from Cuba and Venezuela.

This is from the Council on Hemispheric Affairs:

Notwithstanding attempts at deportation and minor charges regarding immigration matters, Cuban born Bosch and Posada continue to live unmolested in Miami and are treated as heroes by hard-line segments of the Cuban community. The pair, responsible for a long line of terrorist activities yet treated as virtual celebrities, have appeared on various local television and radio stations, attended a variety of public functions, and Bosch was even photographed in the front row at a speech made in 2002 in Miami by President George W. Bush. In 1982 the Miami city commission held a Dr. Orlando Bosch Day while the guest of honor was at the time in a Venezuelan jail. Hundreds attended the event, including a religious ceremony and a civic proclamation at City Hall.

Keep in mind it was celebrating two of the most notorious terrorists in the hemisphere.

Posada is now a part-time artist who has sold his works at numerous gallery exhibits throughout South Florida; proceeds from his artistic endeavors have earned him thousands of dollars. He is often seen at public functions and is unfailingly greeted by supporters who champion his cause as a freedom fighter.

The FBI once described Bosch as the Western Hemisphere’s “most dangerous terrorist”, and Posada is currently under investigation for lying about his connection with a string of bombings against various Cuban tourist targets in 1997. However, neither one has ever faced legal proceedings in the United States regarding their role in the Cubana Airlines bombing.

This is in spite of overwhelming evidence, including multiple reports from American intelligence agencies, that has irrefutably established the pair’s involvement in the downing of the passenger airliner. On its fatal flight, the Cubana DC 8 had taken off from Barbados on its way to Jamaica, and then to its final destination, Havana. The flight originated from Venezuela, with a short stop in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Seventy-three people were on board, including the entire Cuban junior national fencing team, which was returning home following a successful tournament in Caracas.

It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of December 25th 2014 thru January 1st, 2015




1) FYI Section:


1A)   Food Not Bombs in Olympia

There is an organization in Olympia that holds to the radical idea that we should feed people rather than bomb them. They are called Food Not Bombs. I have personally been watching Food Not Bombs feed people for several years now and I have never once seen them bomb anyone, so they are true to their mission statement and they live up to their name.

If you would like to start feeding people rather than bombing them, Food Not Bombs is often in need of some helping hands, so feel free to drop by Media Island on Saturdays around 2:30 pm to cook up some quality vegetarian grub to be served in front of the Timberland Library at 4:30.

Media Island is located at 816 Adams St SE, which if you walked out of the back door of the library that you can’t walk out of anymore and then proceed straight ahead across Adams Street, and you will run into Media Island.




1B) Season’s Greetings from the Backbone Campaign

Here is a message from one of the premiere activist organizations in the world.

From Bill:

Backbone means standing up with the moral clarity that people, communities, nature and our obligations to future generations are not just NOT FOR SALE, they are SACRED.Please support our ongoing work today.

In this season of Gratitude and Generosity, we at Backbone Campaign are grateful for the support and collaboration of people like you who have made all our this possible over our now 11 years of work. If you value what we do, please propel it forward.

What I am most grateful for and proud of that our work is making an impact on people’s lives and amplifying their voices and aspirations. It is deeply satisfying to see images from past Backbone actions continue to resonate, reappearing in print and online. It is gratifying to experience the flourishing of change agents and efforts which we’ve worked to support.

It fills my heart with joy to see our courageous friends –and increasingly people I’ve never met and who may have never heard of the Backbone Campaign – utilizing the actual tactical tools and techniques we’ve shared across the country. In the past couple weeks, images from the LA Times and Washington Post, the streets of NY City, DC, Michigan, San Diego, Baltimore, Seattle, Spokane, Oakland and elsewhere.

What is more important to me to express to you than any particular analysis, list of accomplishments, or victories is this. Backbone Campaign works from the moral and strategic understanding that what is of ultimate importance is the relationships that we weave with each other. Those relationships are the ground from which the power to manifest a better world takes root and bears fruit.

Backbone is dedicated to sowing, nurturing, and tending those relationships. We are investing in the cultural competence and anti-oppression work that must be done to allow all of us expand our alliances and move forward together. I believe that even imperfect efforts (mine are certainly imperfect) of engaging and reengaging with honesty, the humility to reconsider assumptions, and the courage to forgive is the only true path forward.

The demands upon the Backbone Campaign are growing. We make every effort to answer the invitation for engagement with change agents with uncommon generosity. That generosity is a reflection of our faith in YOUR generosity.

As we welcome the literal and symbolic light back into our lives and our world, I hope that you will consider recommitting to Backbone Campaign’s work in some meaningful way. Even $5 is a gesture that communicates that you feel like you are part of what we are building together. If you know you can do more – please do more. As we grow into the challenges of 2015, we NEED people who have never given before to become members, at any level.

To our current members and old friends to whom we are forever grateful, please do renew your membership, it is not automatic. And please consider joining our sustaining donors, the Lumbar Club.

FYI – We have until March to claim a $10,000 matching grant for our Solutionary Rail/Protect the Salish Sea project. So, right now – any gift toward that work is functionally doubled.

I truly believe that Backbone is one of the best investments that you can make toward realizing positive social change. Please don’t delay in making your commitment or recommitment as we recommit ourselves to the work sacred ahead. Forward together!

Wishing You a Joyous Holiday with Loved Ones!

In Gratitude & Collaboration,

Bill Moyer
co-founder/Executive Director
Backbone Campaign

PS – And maybe we’ll even get some long awaited accountability in the New Year?




1C)   Update from the Green Party about our Community Rights Ordinance

This is from Janet:

Report on a Phone Conversation with Kai Huschke, December 18

(Next meeting is January 10)

I talked to Kai for about 45 minutes on the 18th.  His final word was, Stop chewing over what scenarios might work and what might not work and just pick something and run with it!   You’ll never be an inspiration to to other communities until you take that next step!

He didn’t think the idea of citizens having standing to enforce the Clean Water Act (or other environmental laws) was a good enough basis for a CRO, because he wants the Ordinance to be based on our rights rather than laws handed down from above.  In other words, our CRO shouldn’t refer back to any other laws.

Also, he said our CRO should clearly demonstrate the opposition between citizens and corporate power — as in, citizens versus frackers or citizens versus corporate farms.  To me, that requirement rules out the Puget Sound as the basis for our Ordinance, because the “enemy” is not so much corporations as it is other citizens, with their dumping of toxic chemicals (in small amounts each time) and building things that make it hard for water to proceed naturally into the Sound.  We can’t get up the requisite feeling of opposition if the enemy is other citizens.

Unless you want to say, no more oil, insecticides or herbicides will be sold in Thurston County. That would demonstrate that the pollution is due to corporations, as required.  Do you want to say that?   Please let us know (respond to the listserv).  We can talk about it.   Otherwise I’ll assume it’s too drastic for you.

So I would say, sadly, that unless we want to ban oil and other chemicals, we can’t create a CRO for the protection of the Sound.  It just doesn’t fit.

But we are still involved in several other efforts.

  • Banning genetically modified crops would work if it referred to the whole of Thurston County, and that might well be possible after the Better Thurston people manage to turn us into a charter county.  We would then have a reasonable process for bringing a petition to the citizens and having it stick once they voted it in.  But we won’t have a charter county until at least 2017.
  • Better citizen control over their own neighborhoods is still a possibility. A lot of people wanted this option on September 13 of this year.  It needs a lot  of polishing though.  We’ll look harder at this one at the next meeting.  If it’s the right one, it’s time to finalize it and get it moving.   We’ll do that at the next regular meeting, January 10.
  • Getting a Citizens Review Board to rein in the police seems to me to satisfy all the requirements.  It can be voted on by the citizens and the results would stick.  It’s a valid issue, there is real injustice under the present system, and if citizens knew about it they would want change.  It poses us citizens against an entity (the police union) that has seized power over us, illegitimate power because we are the ones hiring them and they should be doing what we say to do, not the other way around.  The proposed change — the Review Board — is easy to grasp and it would be effective.  You can say most citizens don’t yet understand how much the change is needed, but that would be up to us to fix through ongoing education.  That would be our job.  Let’s look at it on the 10th.

Thanks for sticking with this discussion.  It’s been going on for a long time (18 months).  It seems to me that’s because it’s not an easy assignment.  Up until just now I would have said the protection of the Sound was the most viable issue for our CRO and now I think we should just drop it.  Maybe it just took that long to think it through.

I believe we will get there.

If you have any reactions to the above, please respond on the listserv.   It would be nice to hear a new voice right about now!

Janet Jordan



1D) Update from POWER

This is from Monica at Parents Organizing for Welfare and Economic Rights [POWER]:

Dear POWER members,

We’ve had a POWERful year of hard work, witnessing personal and community struggles in the face of growing poverty and economic disparities. While we look back to review some significant events that occurred in 2014, we invite you to find ways to continue to support our work to come. Your faith in our work makes all of the difference.

Though there are key accomplishments we are proud to share, we want to start with a matter of the heart by acknowledging the loss of a member of our community this year. Long time POWER volunteer and Board member, Jennifer Roberts died at home on April 18th. Many of you may have met Jennifer over the years as she has been an integral part of our work, and if so, you know that she is truly missed. Jennifer’s memory lives on in our work as we continue the fight for economic justice.

Another pivotal time in our work happened this spring as we were selected and funded by the Thurston County Home Consortium to launch a two-month project, which culminated in a Rural County Needs Assessment. Through extensive research and outreach with low-income people, service providers, religious leaders, and elected officials in rural Thurston County, we found that rural services are funded at a lower rate than urban services. There is a belief that folks tend to travel to urban areas for services, but we found transportation to be the largest barrier for rural folks in accessing services as well as employment. This was just one of the myths that our work in rural Thurston County uncovered.

We presented our report in July.  You can find it at:  It was well received and has been creating ongoing dialogue about rural services. We were delighted to recently receive word that there is talk of expanding rural bus lines in Thurston County.

As poverty deepens and economic disparity grows throughout the US because of governmental decisions on national, state and regional levels to decrease supports that alleviate poverty, we are faced on a daily basis with the effects of these decisions – families fighting to stay sheltered, together, and safe.

We recently learned that Governor Inslee is including additional cuts to social services in his 2015 budget. We are receiving calls from members who live with permanent and severe disabilities and have barely managed to stay housed while their monthly disability benefits were cut from $339 to $192. Now this small monthly allotment is on the chopping block!

Along with our on-going advocacy, we provided intensive support this year for families whose poverty and disabilities are making them targets for discrimination. POWER welfare witnesses provided direct support at a local hospital and in family court to stand with families fighting for their rights and their children.

Considering the current economic situation, it is no surprise that we’ve had to make some cutbacks, as have many nonprofits in the last few years. Our work is possible because of our strong member base, and we ask you to consider how you can help us keep this important work going strong for the coming year. No donation is too small, and larger donations allow us to deepen and amplify our workPlease consider what would best fit your budget and support us with a one-time or an on-going monthly donation of $5, $25, $50, $100, $1,000 or more. You can mail checks, or use our secure Pay Pal donation option on our website to donate with debit or credit cards POWER is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, our EIN # is 39-2070376; your donations are tax-deductible.

If you are unable to provide a financial donation, consider contacting us for volunteer opportunities, where you can be trained to do outreach and advocacy to help us spread our important work to others. A few hours a week or even a few hours a month of your time can make a big difference. POWER is member driven and it is when we all contribute that we are able to truly access our potential to affect change. It is consistent volunteer support and the financial donations of folks who believe in our mission that have allowed us to continue to be a place of refuge, learning, strength and support to low-income people.

POWER is a small organization with a big mission. We hope you can join us in our work and we appreciate your continued support!


Monica Peabody                                                                     Shelly Robbins

Executive Director                                                                   Board Treasurer



2) FREE SKOOL: Trans 101: For Allies and Questioners

Monday December 29th at 2 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St



3) Global Noise Demo for Prisoner Solidarity: New Years Eve 2014-2015

Wednesday December 31st All Day @ Every Prison and Jail

This is a worldwide movement and it is an important issue.

From Yahcob:

Inside and Outside Prisons, Jails, & Detention Centers around the World

Noise demos outside of prisons in some countries are a continuing tradition. A way of expressing solidarity for people imprisoned during the New Year, remembering those held captive by the state. A noise demo breaks the isolation and alienation of the cells our enemies create, but it does not have to stop at that.

Prison has a long history within capital, being one of the most archaic forms of prolonged torture and punishment. It has been used to kill some slowly and torture those unwanted – delinquents to the reigning order – who have no need of fitting within the predetermined mold of society.

Prison is used not only as an institution, but a whole apparatus, constructed externally from outside of the prison walls. Which our enemies by way of defining our everyday life as a prison, manifest themselves in many places, with banks that finance prison development (like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, BNP Paribas, Bank of the West, and Barclays), companies that are contracted for the development of prisons (like Bergelectric Corporation, SASCO Electric, Engineered Control Systems, MacDonald Miller Facility SLTNS and Kane MFG Corp.), investors in prison development (like Barclays Intl. and Merrlin Lynch) to the police and guards who hide behind their badges and the power of the state.

Solidarity is not only an expression by way of our own revolutionary poetry which is defined by a developing anarchist analysis, but as an expression of actions put into practice within the social war daily. That is why we propose to others who have a certain reciprocal understanding of the prison world and the conditions it creates to remember this day, to mark it on their calendars. To locate points of attack. To not limit ourselves to just a noise demo, but proliferating actions autonomously from one another. That break the mundane positions we lock ourselves into by our own internalization.

To all our comrades known and we have yet to know. Just because we have not met, does not mean we do not act in affinity with one another. Our struggle continues not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. Prison is not an end, but a continuation. Through individual and collective moments of revolt, by the methods one finds possible. Like fire our rage must spread.

Against prison, and the world that maintains them.

For the social war.

In solidarity with those currently imprisoned.

An incomplete and growing list of NYE noise demos:

Oakland, CA:

Seattle, WA:

Portland, OR:

Portland, OR:


London, UK:



4) Bonus Tip of the Week:

Listen to The Thunderbolt this weekend on your radio or your computer.




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