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1A) West Central Park Update

1B) Update on HAARP

2) FREE SKOOL: Creative Writing Potluck

3) Free Skool Organizing Brunch

4) Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation 39th Annual Peace Vigil

5) FREE SKOOL: Protest Safety and Security Culture

6) FREE SKOOL: Herstory Book Club

7) FREE SKOOL: Intro to Digital DJ-ing

8) Bonus Tip of the Week




Tortured Logic



Capitalism Defined

Hey Kids!

Capitalism is the idea that purely evil people will do purely evil things for the good of humanity.


An Historic Event

An historic event happened today: Barack Obama made a major policy decision that I can find absolutely nothing to criticize about, i.e. his decision to ‘normalize’ relations with Cuba.

A word about Cuba: Fidel Castro was a totalitarian dictator and he severely punished anyone who participated in any sort of anti-government criticism or activism. Boo. That said, in spite of crippling decades-long economic sanctions imposed by the United States the common Cuban enjoys one of the highest standards of living in Latin America. They have a longer life expectancy than Americans do and they have a lower infant mortality rate than Americans do. While the United States mostly exports weapons of mass destruction these days, the Cubans export mostly doctors.

The stated reasons for American antipathy toward Cuba are pure bullshite. Yes, Castro is an undemocratic dictator, but the United States actively supports brutal dictatorships all over the world that almost literally make Castro look like a saint.

The reason that the powers that be in the United States have always harboured such a pathological hatred of Castro and his country is because he successfully told the United States to go enjoy sexual relations with its maternal ancestors — and he got away with it. Castro represented an example of a Third World country successfully standing up to American hegemony and that was utterly unreservedly absolutely thoroughly totally and completely unacceptable. Thus, for decades Castro had the most powerful country in the world trying every trick in the book to topple his regime — and we are talking here about the United States of America, a country that has successfully toppled literally dozens of other regimes. In addition, Fidel Castro personally also had the deadliest people in the world trying to kill him. These were the same people who successfully assassinated a president and the same people who framed another president forcing him to resign in disgrace.

Virtually all the people who were trying to kill Castro are themselves now dead.

Both Castro and his regime are still alive and kicking.


The Sincerest Form of Flattery

The Taliban is evidently taking cues from domestic American ‘terrorists’: They have taken to invading schools and mass-murdering small children.


Keep in mind: While this doesn’t come within light-years of an acceptable justification, the fact remains that the Pakistani army in the border regions with Afghanistan have evidently been taking their cues from their American patrons for they have begun mass-murdering the families of Talibani members as well as large numbers of innocent civilians. The Taliban says this latest school attack in Peshawar is retaliation for these murders.

When our ‘allies’ mass-murder children then it is not such an outrage.

It isn’t even reported, in fact.

If you reap what you sow, then according to my calculations there is still a lot of reaping yet to come…


Grand Jokey

This ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ thing seems to be becoming a full-blown movement.

I would encourage people who are concerned about the annual mass-slaughter of black kids to consider the underlying issues that allow police to mass-murder young black men with impunity.

(See the next section ‘Tortured Logic’ to explain a few parts of that particular puzzle.)

One of numerous positive side effects and results of this whole Ferguson/ New York/ Oakland/ etc. blow-up is that many Americans are becoming aware of and educated about grand juries. Since simply being arrested is often a traumatic and disastrous experience no matter what the eventual outcome, the idea behind a grand jury is that the prosecutor must convince a jury of our peers that criminal charges are warranted before actually arresting and putting someone on trial.

In theory this is a great idea. In theory, a grand jury is supposed to help assure that the prosecutor has sufficient evidence to assure that criminal charges are warranted before actually proceeding. However, as with so many positive theories and good ideas, our Machine has managed to take a good idea and turn it completely upon its head.

First of all, a grand jury is 100% the prosecutor’s show. There is no judge. There is no one representing the potential defendant (referred to as a ‘target’ in this context). The prosecutor can use hearsay and illegally obtained evidence, he/she can speculate, and he/she is not required to present exculpatory evidence. There is no cross-examination or challenges to the testimony of witnesses. The ‘target’ is not even allowed into the proceedings unless he/she is subpoenaed and his/her lawyer is not allowed to be present regardless — and indeed, the ‘target’ often does not even know that he/she is the subject of a grand jury proceeding. (Gee, I was wondering why my ears were burning all last month…)

The proceedings are secret and the ‘target’ is not allowed to know what the prosecutor or the witnesses are saying about him/her and the ‘target’ has no opportunity to correct or challenge information even if he/she does know what is being said and/or done. The result of all this is that the prosecutor virtually always gets whatever outcome he/she wants. Since grand juries are usually not required in order to issue an indictment, they are often used to cover a prosecutor’s ass so that he/ she may evade responsibility for bringing or failing to bring criminal charges. The prosecutor can blame the indictment or lack of indictment on the grand jury so his/her hands are tied as far as proceeding — or, as in the Michael Brown case, he can claim that it was the grand jury that failed to bring the indictment.

As for the Michael Brown case in particular: I can just about guarantee you that Mr. Brown was the one who was put on trial in that grand jury room. You can bet that every negative thing that could be said or implied about Mr. Brown was said and implied. The six witnesses that said Mr. Brown’s hands were raised when he was shot were certainly marginalized by the prosecutor and possibly he even demonstrated the proven unreliability of eyewitnesses to the jury members — a fact of which prosecutors generally prefer that juries remain ignorant.

Another thing: The cop was allowed to present a defense. This is something that virtually never happens in grand juries except in cases involving cops — and I can just about guarantee that the prosecutor gave the cop every benefit of every doubt, emphasized exculpatory evidence and suppressed damning evidence — also something that virtually never happens except in cases involving cops.

I can just about guarantee that the prosecutor got exactly the result that he wanted.


Tortured Logic

Now that the ‘Torture Memos’ have been released, the torturers are all over the TV Machine spinning justifying cajoling begging seeking validation for their crimes — and the TV Machine is fully cooperating by simply ‘reporting’ their lies without explaining that they are lies.

Disregarding for just a moment the profound moral questions that torturing people brings forth; consider the fact that the only reason that there is to torture people is to instill terror in the populace — i.e. torture is the tactic of terrorists. Torture is very famously bad at eliciting actionable information. People under torture will say whatever they think their torturer wants to hear whether or not it is the truth. Torturing people makes people think that you are not a nice person. Along with everything else that has been going on since 9-11 and beyond, rather than being a respected beacon of freedom and democracy the United States has instead become a criminal gang of thugs and bullies who are universally hated everywhere in the world.

You can safely give the Americans all due credit for the explosive growth of ISIS, for instance. All those tens-of-thousands of people whose relatives have been murdered by the Americans now have an effective tool for battling their oppression.

And by the way, the only person to be prosecuted over these crimes was the whistleblower that told us about it, John (I think you spell it) Keriaku.


It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of December 18th thru December 24th, 2014




1) FYI Section:


1A) West Central Park Update

This is from Alicia:

Hope you have been able to come out the Park in the evenings from Thursday to Sunday night when The Hot Box food cart is at West Central Park serving up delicious hand made food from 6-1 on Thursday and Friday, and from 6-3 on Friday and Saturday.  It’s where to go when you are out late and missed dinner!

The Park is looking forward in the next week or so to an additional food cart, La Taqueria Esquinita, that will be there daily from 11-8. Stay tuned!

[If you] would like to decorate the neighborhood tree, don’t hesitate to come out absolutely any time day or night to adorn the beautiful fir. All the decorations from last year have been saved and will be going up with more on Sunday, but this is a big tree and your help in decorating would be more than welcome!

Stay warm, happy and healthy and thanks for being you.




1B) Update on HAARP

Again, I know almost nothing about this issue except lots of people are upset about it.

This is from Elana:

12 15 14 UPDATE ON THE OLYMPIC PENINSULA “WAR GAMES,” JANUARY 9 DEADLINE TO PROTEST, COMMENT, QUESTION THE NAVY Hundreds turn out for Navy Growler EIS Scoping Meeting in Port Townsend Thursday Pacific Beach community meeting with the US Navy 10 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should Be Banned for Children Under the Age of 12 Are Underwired Bras Causing Focusing of Cell Phone Signals? Maryland City Votes Unanimously To Alert Citizens to the Health Risks of Cell Phone/Wireless Radiation and To Oppose Cell Towers on School Grounds Arizona Senator Kelli Ward Convenes “Chemtrails” hearing The Influence of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation on the Platelet Aggregation Most cancers are linked to the environment Remote Neural Monitoring: How They Spy on Your Thoughts Police cadets in New Mexico trained to have ‘warrior mentality’ and to use more deadly force A particle accelerator the size of a speck of glitter Former DARPA director on research into Beast Tech – You need to know this When ‘Smart Homes’ Get Hacked: I Haunted A Complete Stranger’s House Via The Internet (Forbes) Will try to attach pdf for complete photos.

Hullo folks,

Please use the link below to comment and question the Navy plans!

The fight of those defending the Olympic National Forest is our fight because this sets a precedent for all national parks, even United Nations World Heritage Sites—those already targeted include Olympic National Forest, Taos Pueblo, Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde—to be the playground of electromagnetic War Games, despite endangering local humans and wildlife populations and world famous natural environments. This as an international issue that can only be defended by environmental activists like YOU. Please keep alert for my next petition which will go to all the leading environmental groups worldwide.

Remember, that  you are good, remember that you are strong—and do not forget that you are sacred. felicidades, Felicia


on the Navy’s upcoming Draft EIS on adding 36 new Growler jets to the fleet of 82 already stationed at Whidbey Island. The page for both electronic and (paper) written comments is here: Questions are effective.

The confusion tactics include changing the date of the deadline, so please ignore the ‘new’ date and get yours in by Jan 9.

Please add your voice to defend their rights—and your own:

 From the leader of this fight, environmentalist Karen Sullivan:

Comments should do the following:

  1. Confine the subject matter to effects from jet noise and radiation from the jets, and
  2. Ask questions! If commenters do not ask questions the Navy will not respond.

Hundreds turn out for Navy Growler EIS Scoping Meeting in Port Townsend Thursday

Posted on December 4, 2014 by Al B.

Hundreds of people from the North Olympic Peninsula came to Fort Worden in Port Townsend Thursday afternoon to hear the Navy explain their plans for expansion of the Growler air fleet. The Navy had subject matter experts with signage to help explain their plans, which in some cases did clarify issues. (more on that later). Additionally, the Navy provided scribes and the ability for people to get their comments logged to the official record of public comment.

Opponents of the expansion were out in force, and had stations with question banks so people could ask knowledgeable questions. The opposition groups have a great deal of concern about noise pollution, jet pollution, the tie in of this expansion with the Electromagnetic warfare training that the Navy plans to use these planes to test over the west end of the Olympic National Park and Clallam County.

Some interesting questions that were answered were that the Navy has traditionally only scoped a radius of 10 miles from the base. We and the San Juans are about 15 miles away. It took petitioning our government representatives to get the Navy to wave the distance requirement for San Juan and Jefferson County. Speaking of that, many of our local elected officials were present.

Also, the Navy spokesperson was quite clear that the multiple EIS, EAs etc. that the Navy currently has moving, while easily seeming to be a tactic to throw off the civilian opposition to the expansion, in their minds is a work load issue. They just couldn’t take on all of them simultaneously.

Another question that was answered was that the planes are currently not funded in the military budget. It’s assumed they will be, but they could see funding cut at some level. It appears that the plan is for the maximum they want to add with the money they assume will be there.

There appear that are no EIS alternatives that are “no expansion”. The “No action” choice is being used as a ‘baseline’ as they call it, for the others, and the Navy claims it would not meet the goals of the DoD for electronic attack capability. To be clear, the Navy expects to expand their fleet here. The only possibility standing between that expansion is citizen opposition at all levels to change the goals, or have them find another field elsewhere. The Navy seems not interested in those options at all.

It is clear that these folks see their job to sell this expansion to us, as a simple matter economic savings by bringing all the planes and pilots here. Some of the people I spoke with live on the East Coast, have lived with Navy jet noise for years and see it as just the way the world works. It’s up to people here to make the Navy understand that expansion of this base, in a heavily populated area, is not something we have been able to vote on, and  that seems to be unstoppable, as the Navy themselves gives no alternative option to growing the base. While people who are openly anti-military attended the meeting, it seemed as if the bulk of the people are simply concerned with the growing noise pollution, threat to the environment, possible unknown health risks from these secret devices on the planes, and feel that it’s better suited to another, more remote base. One where the local population is much smaller, and spread away from the jets and their training.

So there you have it. It’s up to you to decide. They have presented their case. Do you want an expanding world of unmuffled jets, flying an expanded array of sorties throughout the day and night, or will you take some action now to try and put some rational limits on the local growth of this particular base? Do you want to continue to trade away our environment, both as it affects humans and the natural world around us? Do you think that people will continue to come  here to camp, fish and sail as the jet noise continues to increase, when they can choose to go elsewhere where it’s quieter? It’s not just about the environment, but it’s also about economic issues.

It is worth noting that we put up with a huge amount of Navy now, and have for decades. Indian Island, Bangor Sub Base and the ongoing closures of the Hood Canal Bridge which ties up commerce, harassment by Coast Guard of recreational sailors for what seems like practice on their part rather than any real concern, noise pollution of jets waking us at midnight, and unknown deaths and injuries to Orcas, whales and other sea life. The Navy admits they kill sea mammals. It’s just a question of how many, not if they will or not.

The Navy sees this all as part of their job to protect us. They are nice people, many with families too. They feel very patriotic about their job and they should. But they work for us, not a bunch of shareholders and stock. We are the ones that would have to say, “thanks’ but we have enough Navy here now, and your plans don’t fit this place. You are not actually saving us money if your consequences impact our economy. We have a unique environment with endangered species, some which are impacted severely by noise. We are not some part of the country that has already been trashed, and has nowhere to go but up. We really are in the middle. We’ve lost a lot, but have a lot more to lose. We can go either down or up in our quality of life.  We have families that come here from all over the world, because it’s quiet and beautiful. They can go outside to fabulous mountains, rivers, lakes and the ocean, and expect peace and quiet. It’s not Seattle, or some other noisy big city. If they need to do this, they need to go somewhere much more remote. “

It’s a long shot to take this on, but if you don’t, no one else will.

Pacific Beach community meeting with the US Navy

from RainDagger Productions PLUS 1 week ago / via Final Cut Pro ALL AUDIENCES

Electronic Warfare Operations Public Meeting 11-19-2014. Santa Fean Elana Freeland was present and tonight is speaking on the radio about this nightmare.

An invitation was extended to the US Forest Service who has the final say on the issuance of a permit to the US Navy, but they failed to show to answer questions from the public. For more information please visit and “like” then select “get notifications” on the Protect Olympic Peninsula FaceBook page:



2) FREE SKOOL: Creative Writing Potluck

Thursday December 18th from 6 to 8:30 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE



3) Free Skool Organizing Brunch

Thursday December 18th at 12:30 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE

If you want to plug in with the Free Skool, then attend this meeting if at all possible.

This is from OFS:

A new coalition of free skools or otherwise autonomous learning projects is forming in the southern Salish Sea area (aka Puget Sound). No money will be charged to attend any of these open hoses or for any activities connected to this network/ coalition. Free means FREE. We are expanding our capacity to work together in creating all that which education has suppressed. This is a long-term and multi-generational project for those of all levels of capacity.



4) Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation 39th Annual Peace Vigil

Saturday December 20th from Noon to 1 pm @ Percival Landing, 4th Ave and Water St

Oly FOR has been doing this for almost 40 years. This is important and it’s a lot of fun.

From Glen:


39th Annual Holiday Peace Vigil

SATURDAY DECEMBER 20 from 12 noon to 1 p.m.

Along West 4th Avenue at Percival Landing, Olympia

The public is invited to participate in Olympia’s 39th Annual Holiday Peace Vigil on Saturday December 20 from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. along West Fourth Avenue, along the south side of Percival Landing and in front of Heritage Fountain.

The annual vigil is an Olympia tradition.  Signs are provided, but participants may bring their own.  Children are welcome.  Members of the Artesian Rumble Arkestra will perform.  Participants may enjoy free refreshments nearby after the vigil.

“During this holiday season of joy and good will, let us set aside all violence and militarism, which are the opposites of joy and good will,” said Glen Anderson, vigil organizer.  “The vigil gives participants and passersby an opportunity to pause and consider choosing peace instead of violence.  Peace is so much more consistent with the holiday spirit.”

The vigil is sponsored by the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR).  The Olympia FOR has worked nonviolently since 1976 on a variety of peace and social justice issues.  It is the local affiliate of a very broadly interfaith, international pacifist organization founded in 1914.

The Olympia FOR has also sponsored a weekly peace vigil in Sylvester Park at the corner of Legion and Capitol Way, from 12 noon to 1 p.m. every Wednesday since March 5, 1980, and another vigil at the south end of Percival Landing from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. every Friday since November 1998.

The vigil is free, but the Olympia FOR will gratefully accept donations to support its persistent work for nonviolence, social justice and peace.

For information contact Glen Anderson at (360) 491-9093 or or visit the Olympia FOR’s website,

We grow up in a political culture that shows us only a VERY LIMITED range of choices.

Most people choose from this VERY LIMITED range, so our political culture remains stuck.

We can make progress only if we CREATE A MUCH WIDER RANGE of choices 
– and then using our best values and our best thinking to choose the wisest, most compassionate ones

— and also ENCOURAGE AND EMPOWER OTHER PEOPLE to explore wider possibilities too.

Glen Anderson (360) 491-9093



5) FREE SKOOL: Protest Safety and Security Culture

Saturday December 20th at 5 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE



6) FREE SKOOL: Herstory Book Club

Sunday December 21st at 3 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE



7) FREE SKOOL: Intro to Digital DJ-ing

Monday December 22nd at 2 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE



8) Bonus Tip of the Week:

Don’t torture either people or logic.




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