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1)  FYI Section:  New Hunger Strike at Tacoma Detention Center
2)  Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation Economic Justice for the 99%
3)  Olympia Village Building Convergence Community Potluck
4)  Book Signing and Reading:  Charlie JJ Kruger
5)  Bonus Tip of the Week

Underground Railroad to Hell

Thunderbolts on your Computer, i-Pad, or your Quantum DNA Tesla Decoder

Hey Kids!

I recently provided a link to some Thunderbolt radio shows that I uploaded onto a webpage.

A reader subsequently informed me that this link only took you to Sound Cloud’s home page and that unless you happened to know that my page is called the Olympia Thunderbolt (which you had no way of knowing since I didn’t tell you that) then there was no way to find it on Sound Cloud via that link.

And so, for those of you whose dreams of listening to the audio version of the Thunderbolt were so cruelly dashed by the vicissitudes of technology, despair not!  I am happy to announce that hope yet lives!

Go here:


Election Results

I didn’t even bother with a voter’s guide this year because there was nothing on the ballot that I felt deserved much if any mention.  For decades now, when we elect Democrats they stab us in the back, and so everyone then votes for Republicans.  The Republicans then club us over the head, whereupon everyone votes for Democrats again.  Then the Democrats stab us in the back again and they vote for Republicans again — the Republicans club us on the head again — and so forth.

This, again, reminds me of a popular definition for insanity.

As for actual results from the Republican landslide, it doesn’t really make all that much difference.  While many Democrats say all the right things, no one seems to ever notice that they never actually do anything about anything except continue business-as-usual.  The Republicans will continue the Democrat’s policies of installing a police state, they will continue the Democrats’ policy of vastly expanding the War Machine, and they will continue the Democrat’s policy of running our government for the benefit of 1% of our population and to the very great detriment of the other 99%.   Also just like the Democrats, they will continue mass-murdering foreign families for profit, and just like the Democrats, they will continue to oppress the press.

They aren’t exactly the same; at least gay people will be able to get married under the Democrats’ police state.

I don’t know how much voter suppression efforts had to do with the big Republican victory, but I do know that the only people stupider than those who vote for Democrats are those that vote for Republicans.

Since Obama is, for all intents and purposes, a Republican, then with the Republicans completely controlling both houses of the legislature that means that Obama no longer needs to even pretend that he is a Democrat anymore.  He’ll still say all the right things but he’ll ‘work with the Republicans’ on ‘bi-partisan legislation’ i.e. all of the policies I have already listed.  Now the Democrats can just continue saying whatever they think that everyone wants to hear, but now they no longer have to worry about actually doing anything about anything.

Look for further austerity measures (just like under the Democrats) look for more cuts to food stamps (just like under the Democrats) and look for cuts to all other programs that benefit the working class and the poor (just like under the Democrats) and look for approval of the Keystone Pipeline. (Why do you think Obama has waited so long to make a decision on Keystone?)

Americans have no room to complain; they are enabling their abusers by continuing to elect these people.

I hate to say this — but Americans probably deserve what they are now going to get.


My Hero Returns!

Just last week I mentioned the massive voter suppression effort being mounted by the right-wingers.  I pointed out that this lends some legitimacy to voting since they so obviously fear voters so much.  I have also recently been wondering about why I hadn’t heard from Greg Palast lately.  Suddenly, my hero not only appeared on Democracy Now but he was there blowing the voter suppression scandal out of the water!


As usual, Mr. Palast uncovers the facts, kicks the ass, and names the names.


Underground Railroad to Hell

Since the Overall Message is actually rather simple, I am on a constant quest to think of new ways to say the same thing and/or to trying to not say the same thing over and over.

Amy Goodman just reminded me of some truly outrageous outrages that I haven’t thought about in a long time — and I don’t think I’ve ever covered any of this in the Thunderbolt before!

New ways to say the same thing!  Yippee!

So anyway, this newest outrage making its Thunderbolt debut this week is the fact that thousands of Nazi war criminals not only came to the United States right after World War II, but many of them became highly influential in American government policy.  There was also a top-market for German scientists, engineers, and administrators.  Immediately after World War II, for instance, both the United States and the Soviet Union were running around all over Germany looking for Hitler’s rocket scientists; since the vast majority of them far preferred working for the Americans to working for the Russians, the United States largely won this contest.  There is a running joke at NASA, in fact, about Germany’s conquest of the Moon.

Many of these war criminals were sponsored by such luminaries as Allan Dulles, the original director of the CIA, and J. Edgar Hoover, the original director of the FBI.  Mr. Dulles, for instance, was instrumental in importing and protecting Karl Wolff, who was Heinrich Himmler’s chief-of-staff — i.e. Karl Wolff was the top man for one of the central architects of the Holocaust.

In addition to all that, there were long-time and very deep financial ties betwixt numerous German financiers and American financiers, including the Kennedy’s, the Bush’s, the Ford’s, and et al, plus etcetera, and in addition to ad infinitum.

The circles these people run in tend to be very small and very inbred.

During the 1980s and 1990s, the Justice Department began going after a number of these Nazis and tried to deport them for their involvement in war crimes — but the CIA blocked these prosecutions.

Here is an excerpt from Amy’s interview with Eric Lichtblau, who just wrote a book about all this:

“The CIA—in the case of a Lithuanian security chief who was involved in the massacre of about 60,000 Jews, the CIA tried to kill that investigation in 1994 and ’95.  And they told Congress, yes, this guy was a CIA spy for us, this former Nazi collaborator, but we knew nothing of his wartime activities, is what they said.  And, in fact, in their own files, in their own postwar files, it showed that they knew that this Lithuanian was under — quote, ‘under the control of the Gestapo and was probably involved in the murder of Jews in Vilnius.’  So, this was — again, this is not the 1950s we’re talking about; this is the 1990s, where people at the CIA were actively trying to conceal their ties.”

One truly outrageous thing that I learned from this Democracy Now segment (that I did not already know) is that the United States not only continued to operate many of the concentration camps after the war and they not only continued to keep Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and various other ‘undesirables’ in these camps under armed guard — for several years in many cases — but they often appointed ex-Nazi prisoners that were also now confined in these camps to run them, i.e. the same people who brutalized them during the war were put in charge of the camps after the war.

Also, keep in mind that even as these thousands of Nazi war criminals were allowed entry into the United States, millions of Jews were denied the same privilege.

General George Patton was largely responsible for this policy — and General Patton was both an open admirer of the Germans and a virulent anti-Semite.

Here is another excerpt from Amy’s interview with Eric Lichtblau:

“And there was a report to Truman from the dean of the University of Pennsylvania Law School, a guy named Earl Harrison, that compared the camps [speaking of the camps after the war when the were being run by the Americans] to the Nazi concentration camps, except that, Harrison wrote, the only difference is we’re not exterminating the Jews.  And General Patton, who ran the camps as the supreme Allied commander for the United States after the war, was furious when he read Harrison’s findings to Truman.  And he wrote in his own journal — and I looked at these. I found the remarks so troubling and so jarring, I thought maybe at first they were a forgery, but it turned out to be true.  He wrote in his own journal that what Harrison doesn’t understand, he thinks that the displaced persons in the camps are human, and they’re not. The Jews, he wrote — this is General Patton speaking — are worse than human, they’re locusts, and they have no respect for human dignity.  And he recounted taking General Eisenhower, soon to be President Eisenhower, on a tour of the displaced person camps, and he said that Eisenhower didn’t really understand how loathsome the displaced persons were, and he thinks that they have some human dignity, when really they don’t.”

George Patton was the supreme allied commander in Europe immediately after the war.  He is considered to be a great American hero.

With heroes like this, who needs villains?


Incumbent Flaws

I just had a great idea fall into my head from nowhere:  Require all incumbents to receive 55% of the vote in order to be re-elected!  Figure out some formula for what happens when the incumbent receives over 50% but less than 55% — but that’s all details.  I don’t remember what they call it but there are people trying to implement an election procedure wherein you can make a second choice on your ballot and if no one receives a majority (or if the incumbent receives less than 55% in my scenario) then everyone’s second choice receives another vote and so forth until someone finally comes up with a majority (or 55% for the incumbent in my scenario).  I think that the 55% idea would greatly reduce the problems created by career politicians and I think that if it is done correctly (i.e. not allowing too many devils into the aforementioned details) then I think that this would greatly help in keeping them on their toes.

The second choice election procedure would also help third parties have a much larger voice, which is why the Demo-publicans hate it so much.

It’s time to get to work…

The Thunderbolt Calendar
Week of November 6th thru November 12th 2014

1)  FYI Section:  New Hunger Strike at Tacoma Detention Center

This is from Oregon Jericho:

For immediate release
Nov. 3, 2014
Contact: Jolinda Stephens, 614-915-4079
Maru Mora Villalpando, (206) 251-6658

Third Hunger Strike Begins at the Tacoma Detention Center

At least 200 people stopped eating on Fri. Oct. 31st, and more people will join today.
Tacoma, WA – Immigrant detainees are putting their bodies on the line for the third time this year, to call attention to the inhumane treatment in the GEO Group detention center. Geo Group, a corporate giant that profits off the unnecessary suffering of those it imprisons for the convenience of ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, while their civil immigration status is investigated. Advocates are concerned that hunger strikers will suffer retaliation similar to the retaliation inflicted during previous hunger strikes.  Hunger strikers were placed in solitary confinement for up to 30 days and threatened with force-feeding. Last spring hunger strikers received promises from ICE officials that have never been implemented.

Geo Group has been allowed to supplement their lavish compensation of more than $100 per day per person with a cluster of self-reinforcing schemes to profit even more from the people placed in their “care.” Those schemes include:
Unwholesome meals with insufficient nutrients
High commissary prices for food and other items
Using the labor of detainees paid at the rate of $1 per day to prepare the meals, do the cleaning and laundry
Charge fees to families to provide money to the detainees

Geo provides inadequate nourishment which creates a demand for commissary food at inflated prices, which induces detainees to work for essentially no pay and then profits from families’ contributions to those commissary accounts.

Cipriano Rios, one of the hunger strike leaders, provided supporters with the following information this weekend.

As of today regardless of the difficulties we detainees face in communicating with each other, we began another volunteer  peaceful hunger strike starting October 31st to November 2nd. Utilizing radio, visits from relatives and other ways, more detainees have joined the strike. Just today 35 more people joined, making a total of close to 200 detainees in hunger strike. We are certain that if it wasn’t for all the communication restrictions we face, more detainees would have joined, reaching more than two-thirds of the total population. Our action is in the name of justice, hunger for freedom; therefore the hunger of the body, for most of us, is not above the claim for justice. Not one more! Stop families destruction!
Colectiva de Detenidos NWDC
PS: (another POD will join tomorrow)
In honor of Día de los Muertos, supporters of the detainees are holding a four-day encampment outside the GEO Group detention center, mourning family members who have passed, and all those who have died due to the aggressive immigration system over the years. They also honored and mourned  the loss to their families and communities of all those deported and locked away in the NWDC. Thus far, some 150 supporters have come from all over Washington to join the festivities which have included a procession of the souls, music performances, an installation of a cramped solitary confinement cell, and altars. Opening ceremonies included a blessing by the Rev. William Bichsel, S.J., affectionately known to many Pacific Northwesterners as Father Bix for his active opposition to nuclear weapons and the School of the Americas which has earned him about 50 arrests and approximately three years in prison.

The Northwest Detention Center Resistance also participated in the Tacoma Art Museum’s Dia de los Muertos with an altar to the great injustices at the Northwest Detention Center. The Northwest Detention Center Resistance has had a constant presence outside the immigration prison since March in support of the incredible organizing and hunger strikes that have taken place inside.

Jolinda Stephens

2)  Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation Economic Justice for the 99%
Saturday November 8th in Lacey, Location TBA

This is a regular Oly FOR event.  Highly recommended.

From Glen:

“Economic Justice for the 99%”
Western Washington FOR’s 2014 Fall Retreat
Saturday November 8 in Lacey (near Olympia)

Most Americans are suffering from economic injustice in one or more ways:

·      Many millions can’t find decent jobs or work for wages that are too low.

·      The gap between extremely rich people and everyone else has been widening since the 1970s.
·      Many Americans are homeless or are suffering from foreclosure.

·      Young people know their standards of living will be worse than their parents’ generation.

The Occupy Movement and millions of Americans’ ongoing experiences have convinced more and more people that capitalism is failing to meet most people’s needs, so they are looking for alternatives.  Western Washington FOR’s 2014 Fall Retreat – “Economic Justice for the 99%” – will bring us together to better understand the problems and to work together at the grassroots to organize solutions.

Everyone is invited to WWFOR’s 2014 Fall Retreat in a pleasant setting in Lacey, near Olympia.  Our annual Fall retreat on Saturday November 8 will bring together people from throughout our region to stimulate grassroots progress toward economic justice.  A keynote panel, eight participatory workshops, and other opportunities will help us share information and work on solutions, including after we return home.

Enjoy these exciting workshops (choose from four in the morning and four in the afternoon):

·      Economic inequality
·      Alternatives to capitalism
·      A human rights context for economic justice
·      Best current strategies for serving homeless people
·      How to organize a nonviolent movement for economic justice
·      Should we tax wealth?  The case for taxing intangible property
·      Seattle Solidarity Network:  Direct Action Economic organizing in the Age of Austerity
·      Organizing low-wage workers, the growing campaign for a $15/hour minimum wage, and more

See the flyer posted at and  It includes a pre-registration form.

For more information – or to register — contact Glen Anderson at (360) 491-9093

At 9:00 a.m. we will welcome people with light refreshments and social time.  We’ll begin in earnest at 10:00 a.m. and continue (with your own brownbag lunch) until 5:00 p.m.  The Fall Retreat will occur in the rustic Old Main Lodge at the Gwinwood Conference Center in Lacey.
Location and driving directions:  The WWFOR Fall Retreat is held at the Gwinwood Conference Center (the old main lodge) in Lacey, near Olympia.

From the north, take I-5 to Exit 109.  Turn right onto Martin Way, left onto College Street, left onto Lacey Boulevard, right onto Ruddell Road, left on 25th Ave SE, right on Hicks Lake Road SE, left on 30th Ave SE, right into Gwinwood and see the Old Main Lodge straight ahead when you first enter the conference center.  Parking is in front of the building and beyond it.
From the south, take I-5 to Exit 108.  Follow the very long exit to College Street.  Turn right onto College and follow the rest of the above directions.

Cost:  We keep costs low and try to just barely break even.  $15 per person will cover our costs.  We give discounts to young and low-income people upon request.  Persons who can afford to give more will help offset the cost for those who have less.  One way we are keeping the cost low is for each person to PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH.  We will provide coffee, tea, and light refreshments throughout the day.

Pre-registration helps us better plan the day, so if possible, please pre-register by Wednesday November 5, but even if you don’t pre-register please come anyway.  To pre-register, please use the form on the flyer that we posted at and, or contact Glen Anderson at (360) 491-9093

Questions?  Contact Glen Anderson at (360) 491-9093

3)  Olympia Village Building Convergence Community Potluck
Thursday November 11th at 6 to 9 pm @ Eastside Urban Farm and Garden, 2326 4th Ave E

It’s the Oly VBC planning meeting and potluck!  Come learn how to transform your neighborhood into a community!

From Chris:

Feed the Autumn Fire! Join us for a placemakers potluck Nov 11 to see, hear and collaborate on the plan for next Summer’s Olympia Village Building Convergence Aug 15-23

Passion for Placemaking is burning strong in Olympia, where every year people create new pocket parks, urban farms, and Commons places all around town.  Every so often, the OlyVBC brings together all the Oly Villages to work, share and celebrate the sustainable web of resilient places and neighborhoods we are creating.

4)  Book Signing and Reading:  Charlie JJ Kruger
Thursday November 13th at 7:30 pm @ Timberland Library, 313 8th Ave SE

This is radical fiction.

From Peter:

Author Charlie Jj Kruger will be appearing at the Olympia Timberland Library on Thursday, November 13th, at 7:30 to read from his latest novel ‘In Stark Weather’.  He will also talk about his upcoming work and take part in a Q+A session. He will be signing/selling copies of his novels.

5)  Bonus Tip of the Week:

Expose a Nazi today.




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