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1) FYI Section:

   1A) Deadline for Olympia FOR Newsletter

   1B) Public Comment on Thurston County Comprehensive Plan Ends Soon

2) Media Island Bus to the Cascadia Media Convergence in Portland

4) International Day of Peace — Olympia

5) Monthly Meeting to Abolish the Death Penalty

6) Bonus Tip of the Week



 Windows Goes to Hell!!!



Hell on Windows Final Chapter:

Windows Goes to Hell

Hey Kids!

I brought computer #6 home yesterday. Out of the box it was so slow as to be unusable.

I finally gave up on Windows.

Computer #7 is a Mac.

Numerous people have been suggesting that I do this for years.

I haven’t really made friends with my Mac yet as I don’t know how to do anything with her and I’m really tired of dealing with computers right now. I know my recent nightmare is not Mac’s fault and I’m sure she is a very nice computer — I just can’t deal with getting to know yet another computer — this time one that I have never met before and thus will have to spend a lot of time getting to know — a task I simply feel very un-up to right now.

Since I know absolutely nothing Mac I would appreciate it if anyone that knows anything that I need to know about her would tell me what those things might be. I have already figured out that both my office software and my Paint Shop Pro software — the two programs that I use the most — won’t work on a Mac and since both programs now have newer versions I know that they won’t let me re-download a Mac version of my older software for free even though I paid hundreds of dollars for the Windows versions; they will want me to upgrade to the newest version only I can’t afford it these days so I guess either I’m stuck with a crappy word processor and minimal graphic abilities for awhile or I just keep using my old machine until it dies (it is buggy but still operational) and hopefully by the time Old Trusty here finally heads for the cyber-cemetery I will be able to afford new software for my new Mac. (Paint Shop Pro occasionally has sales on upgrades, so I’ll wait for the next one.)

The trick software for all the fancy features on my wireless mouse is simply unavailable for a Mac.

In addition, Macs are very expensive and I had to get the cheapest one they had and the hard drive is not nearly big enough to contain all of my audio files. I keep the archives of the radio show in three different formats — two of which tend to have very large file sizes — meaning that I have over 80 gigabytes of audio files alone, and so I must also wait until I can afford a large external hard-drive before I can fully set up shop with the new Mac; I literally have no place except my old computer to keep my audio files.

If I keep my Windows machine I will have to pay my friend back the $40 that he already paid up-front for it so I could get the new computer, but that is still the only affordable way that I can continue to operate.

Revolution on a shoestring! Yippee!

Next day; I am discovering that Macs don’t have all the pretty bells and whistles that Windows has, but they are simple, efficient, and everyone says they are much more stable and far less buggy.

In fact, I suspect this will amaze lifelong PC users as much as it did me, i.e. the way you install a new program on a Mac: Mac users may or may not know that installing a new program onto a PC is usually a several minute process that takes several steps and shite can happen — and if you’re downloading a free program (which is usually the only price I can afford these days) you need to make sure they aren’t installing some other program that does weird stuff and/or takes over your browser or something.

Well get this, PC addicts: On a Mac, when you click the installation icon you get this weird window with nothing but a program icon and a folder. I had no idea what to do with this and so, assuming the folder contained the program files, I selected both and tried to install them. When this produced weird results I finally consulted the ‘help’ section and learned that — amazingly — all that is required to install a program onto a Mac is to move the icon into the folder. Vóila! Program installed!

Did you mess up this most simple process the first time you tried it and so now you need to uninstall a program so you can reinstall it correctly?

Again, on PC uninstalling a program is a multi-minute several step process that is sketchy because once a program is inside Windows it likes to leave little pieces of itself behind to use up resources and mess with other programs…

On a Mac, to uninstall a program you drag the program icon into the trash can.

Program uninstalled.

Anyway, all of this has meant yet another week of spending full time in cyber-world and so I have another very short Thunderbolt this week…



2014 or 1984?

In George Orwell’s novel 1984, there are three ‘alliances’. It has been decades since I read it, but if memory serves correctly, the alliance where the protagonist Winston Smith lives is never named, but I’m pretty sure that the other two are the Northern Alliance and the Eastern Alliance. During most of the book Mr. Smith’s alliance is an ally of one of them — I believe it was the Northern Alliance — and they are at war with the Eastern Alliance. Everyday Mr. Smith is inundated with stories about the evil perfidy of the Eastern Alliance. These stories were interspersed with glorious stories of the bravery of Mr. Smith’s alliance and the Northern Alliance in combating the arch-evil Eastern Alliance.

Then, suddenly Mr. Smith’s alliance announced that they were now at war with the Northern Alliance and they were now allied with the Eastern Alliance; overnight the propaganda did a 180O turn and suddenly the Northern Alliance was the personification of pure evil and the Eastern Alliance were now their brave allies in the glorious never-ending battle.

Well: During the Syrian Civil War, the American government armed the opposition to Mr. Assad. However, now that our former allies have invaded Iraq, suddenly our former friends are now our enemies! Now Obama is talking about arming ‘moderate’ Islamic forces in Syria so that they can attack ISIS or ISIL or whatever they are calling them today! (I have no idea why the West keeps changing their name every other day — probably being guided by PR concerns…)

Obama actually said he wanted to arm the opposition to ISIS in Syria but that he had a plan to do so without helping Assad at the same time…

…and he seems to have completely gotten away with making that asinine assertion.

Of course, these ‘moderate’ Islamists that are our newest friends are also the same people who sold those two American reporters to ISIS that were subsequently beheaded — but they’re our friends now, so they can do no wrong.

At least at the moment.

My policy with politicians is to ignore what they say and watch what they do and find out who gives them money. I don’t listen to Obama’s speeches not only because everything he says is misdirection at best and a lie at worst and not only because he is a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldman $achs, but I also don’t listen to Obama’s speeches because merely hearing his voice makes me want to start beating my head on a wall whilst screaming uncontrollably.

For instance, Amy Goodman reported that Obama just said that he has been employing his proposed strategy for dealing with ISIS successfully in Yemen and Somalia for several years now.

Ms. Goodman did not mention if there were any gasps of astonishment or outbursts of jeering laughter from any of the assembled reporters — but in our bizarre twisted all-American reality I am quite sure that all of these ‘journalists’ simply accepted this statement at face value, wrote it down, and reported it…

But if Yemen and Somalia represent ‘success’…

…then I can’t help but wonder how our president would define ‘failure’?



Holding, Folding, or Going for Broke

Anyone can do the right thing when the right thing is easy to do.

When doing the right thing carries great cost — that is when the true character emerges.

I feel I have cred to speak on that.

For those of you who feel like people such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are going to actually do anything, keep in mind that they both voted to fund Israel’s latest genocidal slaughter.



Sanity is Insane

According to our president, mass-murdering hundreds of women and children by remote control with drones piloted from Nevada — strikes that tend to leave pieces of babies hanging from trees — according to our president, this is ‘acceptable’.

However, cutting off people’s heads is ‘barbaric’ and ‘unacceptable’.

I find myself writing all of these totally insane things every frigging week yet I am one of the only people I know that regularly makes such comparisons — and I am the one that is dismissed and called radical lunatic conspiracy-nut crazy person for doing what is nothing more than pointing out simple uncontestable thoroughly documented facts — such as the fact that our beloved president is the most prolific mass-murderer of children on the planet — though now that I think about it, I suspect that during his latest little genocidal romp through Palestine Benjamin Netanyahu may have surpassed even Obama…

It’s like they have everyone so brainwashed that reality itself has become so utterly warped such things are just accepted as the way things are.

Well, I, for one, don’t accept them as they are. Not at all. I will, in fact, continue to scream about it until it stops or until I can’t scream anymore, whichever comes first.

Stand warned.

What I really love is when someone asks, “But what can I do about it?”

Well — it just so happens that I have a few suggestions about that very thing…

…meaning that it’s time to get to work, Kids!




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of September 18th thru September 24th 2014




1) FYI Section:

1A) Deadline for Olympia FOR Newsletter

Oly FOR puts out a most-excellent newsletter. They have a lot more readers than I do so you should also promote your event there.

From Glen:

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s newsletter publicizes news, announcements, calendar items, etc., related broadly to peace, social justice, nonviolence, the environment, economic justice, human rights, and related issues.  I will mail hundreds of people our OCTOBER-NOVEMBER newsletter on September 30, so local people will receive it on about October 1 or 2.

Please send your announcements and calendar items BY SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 21 or very soon after.

The vast majority of events we publicize will occur in the greater Olympia and Thurston County area, but we also publicize a few very special ones in nearby counties, Seattle and elsewhere.  Because we are a 501(c)3 organization, we cannot publicize any partisan political activities.

I’ll check several of the local websites that offer many calendar items (e.g., TC Pro-Net, Interfaith Works, and Traditions Fair Trade & Café, but please provide any newer or more complete information than what you have posted there, and please notify me of additional activities.

Some events occur on a regular basis, but I want to make sure the information I have been using is still valid and accurate, so please notify me to confirm date, time, place, and the contact information for the key person.

Please send brief information to me as soon as possible – preferably by SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 21 or very soon after – so I can include them in our newsletter calendar.  (Sooner is better!)

You can reply to this e-mail address ( or phone me at (360) 491-9093.

If you don’t receive our newsletter but would like to, please contact me You may choose to receive the print version and/or a .pdf version.  Also, you can see our current and recent newsletters at


I dream of a world where chickens can cross roads without having their motives questioned.

Glen Anderson   (360) 491-9093


1B) Public Comment on Thurston County Comprehensive Plan Ends Soon

If you want to see what the politicians have in mind for Thurston County, check it out.

From TC Pro Net:

Thurston County: Public Comment Invited on Preliminary Docket for Comp Plan Amendments

The 2014-2015 Preliminary Docket of Comprehensive Plan Amendments is now available to the public for review and written comment. The preliminary docket is a list of proposed changes to the Thurston County Comprehensive Plan. Comments on the preliminary docket must be submitted by 5 p.m. on Thursday, October 2.

General plan amendments include projects pertaining to:

Prairie Habitat Conservation Plan
Shorelines Master Plan policies and regulations
Annual amendments to the Capital Facilities Plan
Updates to the Grand Mound Sub-Area Plan and design guidelines
Review of transfer of development rights programs and policies
Evaluating land use based on a watershed analysis

Click here for full details and to review the proposed amendments. Written comments can be sent to Cindy Wilson,


2) Media Island Bus to the Cascadia Media Convergence in Portland

Leaving Friday September 19th at time TBA from Media Island, 816 Adams St SE

It’s a convergence of the grassroots media! This is where we need to take more command.

From WIP:

Rick will be taking one of his buses down to Portland for the event. We need ten people committed to going so the cost per person will not be more than $10-12. The more that go the cheaper it will be.

The specific time the bus will be leaving on September 19 and returning September 21 will be announced soon. The bus will be boarded at Media Island International (816 Adams St SE, Olympia).

For more details about the Cascade Media Convergence go to


There is an extensive and lengthy schedule located here if you want detailed details:


3) Shuruq Arab Festival Fundraiser

Friday September 19th from 6 to 9 pm @ the Chambers House Restaurant, 1751 Circle Lane SE, Lacey

It’s a celebration of Arab culture!

From the Rachel Corrie Foundation:

You’re Invited!

Help bring Olympia Arab Festival

to our state capital!


The Rachel Corrie Foundation warmly invites you to an Olympia Arab Festival

Fund-raising Dinner:


The Chambers House Restaurant

at Panorama City

1751 Circle Lane SE, in Lacey, WA

Friday, September 19th

6-9 p.m.


Enjoy an evening of fine Arab cuisine, 

good company, 

a silent auction, no-host bar, 

and more!


Get your dinner tickets now!  

$30 per person


Purchase “Will Call” tickets online here at Brown Paper Tickets!


To make a reservation with payment by check, 

call the Rachel Corrie Foundation at (360) 754-3998.  

Or purchase a ticket directly from one of our dedicated Olympia Arab Festival volunteers! 


Ticket sales and donations support the Rachel Corrie Foundation in bringing Shuruq II – the Olympia Arab Festival to our state capital, October 4th, celebrating Arab culture, uniting communities, and educating for peace.


We hope to see you 

at our September 19th fund-raiser

and then on October 4th for Olympia Arab Festival! 



Make Shuruq II happen!


4) International Day of Peace — Olympia

Sunday September 21st from 10 am to 4 pm @ Capitol Lake (Heritage Park)

This is a major worldwide event.

This came via Marylea:

International Day of Peace:

We invite everyone to celebrate the International Day of Peace at Heritage Park,

We’ll start at 12 noon with a blessing from a local Native American spiritual leader and representatives from local peace and social justice organizations:

The day’s events will include
→the much appreciated walking meditation around Capitol Lake,
→music by the Singing Bowls,
→children’s activities,
→an illustration of a sustainable planet, a world map of peace display with peace manners in more than 100 languages,
→tabling by several local peace -related organizations,
→performing arts,
→Really Really Free Market
→and more.

Olympia’s 2014 celebration of the International Day of Peace is organized by members of the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation, the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice, and other volunteers.
or Marilyn Dungan

The U.N.General Assembly set September 21 as the International Day of Peace, and it was first celebrated in


International Day of Peace →Olympia

Sunday, September 21 at 12:00pm

Capital Lake (Heritage Park) in Olympia, Washington


5) Monthly Meeting to Abolish the Death Penalty

Tuesday September 23rd at 7 pm @ Location TBA

Olympia FOR has monthly meetings about abolishing the death penalty.

From Glen:

Abolish the Death Penalty — monthly meeting
Date: Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Time: 7:00PM – 9:00PM
Short Description: The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s death penalty committee invites you to our monthly meeting.
Location: Call 352-0695 or 491-9093 for location
Contact Information: Emily Hammargren 352-0695 or Glen Anderson 491-9093

For decades the Olympia Fellowshipof Reconciliation’s Committee for Alternatives to the Death Penalty has been working to abolish that atrocity.  We invite you to our monthly meetings at a convenient location in Tumwater.


6) Bonus Tip of the Week:

To all Windows users: Check out a Mac.




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