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1) FYI Section:

   1A) Heron Rookery Update

   1B) Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation Volunteer Opportunities

2) Poetry for Pyros: An Old Growth Community Potluck

3) Village Alchemy with Mark and Marisha

4) Olympia Skill Share Faire

5) Meeting for Community Rights Ordinance

6) Media Island Monthly Benefit Brunch: Days of Global Listening

7) POWER Outage: Back to School Roundtable

8) Bonus Tip of the Week




Energy Drains






Hey Kids!


Energy is a funny thing. I put in 50 and 60 hour weeks all the time and while I get tired and occasionally feel burned out, overall I don’t have much trouble keeping up with it.


The last couple of weeks I have put in 50 and 60 hours, but it has been doing things I’m not good at doing and that I don’t enjoy doing — and when I was finally ready to sit down and get back to my normal work I was completely incapable of doing it I was drained — and I wondered about people who spend most of their time doing things that they are not good at and that they don’t enjoy, and I think that maybe that helps to explain why at least some people are so apathetic; they are just too burned out.


And now the newest computer just malfunctioned and I had to once again exchange it for a new one which means, for the fourth time in the last two weeks, I will spend 12 hours loading programs and files onto a new computer.


As a result, my Thunderbolt’s are far shorter and less comprehensive than usual.


Hopefully this is a temporary state of affairs.


I did come up with a couple of things in between the insanity this week…




In the Shadows


I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this before, but the central reason that the intelligence operations of the US government have been privatized is so they can more easily operate in secrecy. All of the investigations and such that resulted from Watergate and the Kennedy assassination were a major pain-in-the-ass for the fascists and they took major steps to make sure their work stays in the shadows.




More Black Kettles and Pots


The American War Machine is the enforcement arm for a criminal gang of sociopathic mass-murderers collectively known as ‘Wall Street’. The American War Machine is also an unimaginably vast and insanely complex bureaucracy that is utterly corrupt from top to bottom. Their ‘on-the-books’ budget for 2013 was $672,900,000,000.


How many of you know that on September 10th 2001 (note the date) Donald Rumsfeld made the astonishing announcement that “according to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions [in the Department of Defense]”. He also announced that “The Inspector General, the Pentagon cannot account for 25 percent of what it spends.”


However — Mr. Rumsfeld’s announcements were overshadowed by events the next day…


It is impossible to detail with any great accuracy, but educated estimates are that over $1 trillion in cash simply ‘disappeared’ into some mysterious Iraqi netherworld during the Occupation. Absolutely no one has ever been taken to account over this missing $1 trillion.


When we start talking in billions and trillions, these are sums that are literally beyond human comprehension. Some of you have seen this before, but last year I came up with an effective method of demonstrating how incomprehensible they are:


One-million seconds is roughly two weeks.


One-billion seconds is roughly 32 years. 32 years ago Ronald Reagan was president.


One-trillion seconds is 32,000 years.


Consider what your local school could do with the million dollars represented by those two weeks.


Then consider what the world could have done with those 32,000 years that the Pentagon stole.


The generals are politicians who kissed all of the correct asses and said all of the right things.


Consider: A trapped animal is a dangerous animal and now the War Machine is freaking out because the people keep rising up and thwarting their imperialistic endeavours.


Thus, they are now ginning up a new Cold War against Russia in order to continue justifying their giganourmous budget and so they can continue to manipulate the rest of the world for the benefit of Wall Street. Obama’s people are accusing Putin of lying and interfering in the internal affairs of the Ukraine, etc. Obama calling Putin a liar is similar to the Pope accusing one of his cardinals of being Catholic — and actually what Putin has been interfering with is NATO’s interference in the internal affairs of the Ukraine. The fact that Russia and the Ukraine have been intimately intertwined for literally centuries (the modern Russian Machine was actually first formed in Kiev before moving to Moscow a few hundred years later) and the fact that the Ukraine represents a vital strategic concern to Russia — all of that is evidently irrelevant. We evidently have every right to interfere in the internal affairs of the Ukraine but Russia doesn’t. Evidently this is so because we say so and because we have bigger guns.


I don’t know about you but I am very sick of a bunch of cavemen running my world.



It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of September 3rd thru September 9th 2014




1) FYI Section:


1A) Heron Rookery Update


The good ‘liberals’ on the Olympia City Council are evidently planning on building townhouses on land that houses the only Heron rookery that is still left on Budd Inlet. Mayor Buxbaum said that the city “should take a more active approach in educating the public and framing issues in order to minimize emotional reactions” in relation to the Heron rookery.


Evidently, people becoming emotional over destroying the last Heron rookery on Budd Inlet demonstrates our lack of political sophistication or something.


Note: Any Great Blue Herons you’ve seen around Budd Inlet were almost certainly born, raised, and reproduced on that little patch of woods between Budd Inlet and the Westside Food CoOp — as were their parents and grandparents etc.


According to my sources, the proposed development will almost certainly destroy the rookery.


When we are dealing on the city level then emailing, calling, and signing petitions are actually effective tactics and I encourage everyone to employ them.


From Chris:


Great Blue Herons (GBH) on Oly’s westside are in urgent need of our help. NOW!


 Some logging has started for sidewalks. A new group has formed, some info, petitions, fliers, other critical info & contact can be found at their new website:


This is a matter of life & death (especially if you are a heron).

 Spread the word. Not on our watch!!


Thurston County has given them priority specie status, Olympia needs to do this now to protect them & their heronry. This status would give them the buffer & canopy; they & their young need to survive. The Critical Areas Ordinance needs to be strengthened to protect the habitat area of this majestic, ancient & unique coastal sub-specie of the GBH.  They have evolved in this area since the melting of the Great Glaciers here some 18,000 years ago. They certainly should great-grandfathered in to have protected residency status over the building of some condos!




1B) Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation Volunteer Opportunities


Oly FOR has been working on peace issues in Olympia for over 20 years. They are organized, effective, and kick much ass.


From Glen:


The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation is cooperating with our Western Washington FOR regional network ( to create new volunteer opportunities and invite our members and friends to work together for peace, social justice, and nonviolent social change.  Examples:


è  Collaborating with each other for new Issue Action Committees,starting with the three listed below.  We have created e-mail listservs so you can communicate with other people with similar interests, share your concerns, ideas, resources, strategies, action proposals, and so forth.  These listservs serve all FOR folks throughout Western Washington, so you might want to divide into local communities to plan local projects, strategies, activities, etc.  Sign up for these listservs through these links:



Strengthening our existing local chapters, or starting new chapters anywhere in Western Washington.  Contact Glen Anderson at  (360) 491-9093  chaptersupport@wwf


We look forward to your participation in working more vigorously for peace, social justice, and nonviolent social change.

“Let us reflect on what is truly of value in life,

what gives meaning to our lives,

and set our priorities on the basis of that.”

   — 14th Dalai Lama


Glen Anderson (360) 491-9093



2) Poetry for Pyros: An Old Growth Community Potluck

Thursday September 4th at 7 pm @ 1320 5th Ave SW


It’s an Old Growth Poetry Collective’s party!


From Koyote:


Congratulations Olympia performance poetry community! Summer Lovin: A Poetry Open-Mic Series was extremely successful! We had a lot of fun doing it, and it’s time to celebrate and take a break before our regular series (to be named) begins on September 11th with featured poet, Brian S. Ellis!


Come on by to Werd Salad on 9/4 for a community potluck and informal poetry sharing around the fire! Bring a dish. Bring your favorite poems of yours or someone else’s and let’s enjoy each other’s presence and take a break!


Accessibility: Unfortunately, this location has stairs to get in both sides. Let us know any accessibility needs you have and we can work with you.


Also, we do have a dog. Her name is Kira, and she’s very nice, and she is not hypoallergenic.



3) Village Alchemy with Mark and Marisha

Friday September 5th at 6 pm @ Arbutus Folk School, 600 4th Ave E


This is from the Village Building Convergence folks.


From Chris:


Mark and Marisha will share village building skills from City Repair models pioneered in Portland that have also been making Olympia better for more than a decade. Village building like what you see at San Francisco Street Bakery, Fertile Ground and West Central Park re-envisions our community as a sustainable web of resilient places and neighborhoods. We’ll learn principles and practices, and hone our skills in community networking, urban agriculture, earthen building, and grassroots urban transformation.


Their talk will inspire the next day’s Skill Share Faire on Saturday, September 6 at the Friends Meeting House (just past Priest Point Park), and for the Olympia Village Building Convergence planned for August 2015!


Co-Sponsored by Northwest EcoBuilding Guild, South Sound Chapter – Arbutus Folk School – Transition Olympia



This from Village Alchemy:


Friday, September 5, 6-9pm:


Village Alchemy


Mark Lakeman and Marisha Auerbach
Arbutus Folk School, 600 4th Ave E


  Saturday, September 6, 10-5:


Transition Olympia’s

3rd Annual Skillshare Faire


Friends Meeting House, 32301 Boston Harbor Road NE         




Village Alchemy:  Mark and Marisha will share village building skills from City Repair models pioneered in Portland that have also been making Olympia better for more than a decade. Village building like what you see at San Francisco Street Bakery, Fertile Ground and West Central Park re-envisions our community as a sustainable web of resilient places and neighborhoods. We’ll learn principles and practices, and hone our skills in community networking, urban agriculture, earthen building, and grassroots urban transformation.


Their talk will inspire the next day’s Skill Share Faire on Saturday, September 6 at the Friends Meeting House (just past Priest Point Park), and for the Olympia Village Building Convergence planned for August 2015!


Sliding donation $5-10

Sponsored by: Northwest EcoBuilding Guild, Transition Olympia
and Arbutus Folk School


For details visit: Northwest Ecobuilding Guild or contact


Skillshare Faire is a day-long festival to revive many of those skills from the past and showcase new ones that will be needed for local self reliance.


There will be workshops, demonstrations and talks on hands-on skills like spinning and cheese making, seed saving and raising small-scale livestock, tool sharpening and knot tying.  Newer energy saving technology like rocket stoves, natural building and water filters will also be featured.


Join us as we share in passing on what we know in a multi-generational setting to enhance our resilience and better face the coming changes.  Bring apples to press, a jar for cider and contributions to make stone soup.


Sliding donation $5-$15, under 14 free. No one turned away.

Sponsored by: Transition Olympia and Northwest Ecobuilding Guild.


For details visit:  Transition Olympia Skillshare Faire or contact



And this from VBC:


Howdy Folks, Happy Labor Day!


We had a blast at Love Our Local Fest last Sunday – a year from now we’ll be doing it again and celebrating the end of Oly Village Building Convergence!


I’m writing to invite everyone again, and encourage you to spread the word about this Friday evening:


Village Alchemy

With Mark Lakeman and Marisha Auerbach

6:00 pm, Friday September 5

@Arbutus Folk School, 600 4th Ave E, Olympia

$5-$10 sliding scale donation please!

One purpose for this event is to build excitement and plans for Oly VBC 2015! 


To that end, we should pick a date for an initial planning meeting later in September, so we can announce at the event for those who might like to get involved.  Those of you already in the loop get first crack at choosing the date.  Please use this Doodle poll if you’re interested in participating:  Possible dates are Wed Sept. 17, Friday Sept. 19, Mon. Sept. 22 and Tues. Sept. 23.  Place your votes!


On the agenda for this 1st meeting will be:

  • Planning a Holiday Kickoff party
  • Strategy for fundraising
  • VBC Toolkit and Placemaking Guide – from City Repair
  • 12-month Oly VBC Timeline


I hope to see you all Friday!


Chris van Daalen

The Commons @ Fertile Ground

311 9th Ave. SE, Olympia Wa 98501

Good Beautiful Day to all of You!


Chris van Daalen, Education Coordinator

NW EcoBuilding Guild

911 Adams St. SE Olympia


(360) 789-9669


Making it Easier to Build Green!



4) Olympia Skill Share Faire

Saturday September 6th from 10 am to 5 pm @ Friends Meeting House, 3201 Boston Harbor Road NE


Come share skills!


From Chris:


A day-long festival to revive skills from the past and showcase new skills for local self reliance. Workshops, demonstrations and talks on old skills like weaving and cheesemaking, raising food and livestock, tool sharpening and knot tying, and newer third world technology like rocket stoves and water filters. Good food and music in a natural setting.

Sliding donation $5-$15
Under 14 free
No one turned away.

Sponsored by Transition Olympia

Volunteers are needed at 8:00 am to help set up, and at 5:00 pm to help take down.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Gita Moulton at 352-9351 or



5) Meeting for Community Rights Ordinance

Saturday September 6th at Noon @ MIXX 96 Meeting Room, Corner of State and Washington


This is a meeting for pushing a community rights ordinance in Olympia.


From Janet:


We are calling a meeting for Saturday, September 6, at MIXX96 at 12:00 Noon, to make sure we are prepared for the public forum on the 13th.  


Please come even if you have not been much involved lately.  We’ll briefly go over all the plans we have already made and ask for people’s input on what else to consider.  Your new viewpoint would be invaluable.  


We are also beginning work on the Police Accountability CRO; maybe you would like to be a part of that.


See you there  — 




And this is from Mike:


One way to look at and frame a CRO is along the lines of public trust doctrine.  This is the legal framework that supports the idea that each human has a right to some sort of natural commons, like clean air or clean water.  A CRO structured on these lines would specify that the private individual use of any property has to be balanced against the public rights of the larger community.  An example of this structure is the prohibition of burning tires on your private property because the resulting pollution has impact beyond the individual’s world.  This is the analogy that is commonly used to describe why fracking should not be permitted – the groundwater pollution that may result, the damage to ground stability, increased risk of earthquake damage, etc. extends well beyond the realm of the individual landowner who asserts a right to frack the ground under their property.  


If we were to craft a CRO for ecosystem protection based on this legal framework, we would be arguing that protection of the estuary and Salish Sea environment is a public trust and that individual landowners who disturb or destroy creeks, seeps, riparian zones that feed to the Salish Sea are encroaching on the larger public trust manifestation of the right to enjoy a healthy estuary environment.  


All well and good, but quite species-centric regarding the natural world as something that human beings are entitled to in some basic ways.  We are entitled to clean air, clean water, healthy oceans etc.  This approach is valid, but does not break new ground on basic rights and who/what is entitled to a natural, basic right.  


That leads to the consideration of a second approach to framing a CRO in the manner of the rights of nature, acknowledging, defining and asserting the rights of the natural world itself as balanced against the various types of property rights that a human being might assert with regard to the natural world. (Spokane’s rights of the river, Santa Monica’s rights of nature are in this area)  The analogy that is used to explain this expansive form of CRO is slavery:  where at one time, a human being might be born or sold into slavery and then would be seen to have few or no human rights, our thinking on slavery and human rights evolved to the point where the larger culture came to believe that slavery was an unjust social construct and the idea of human beings as property gradually disappeared through cultural evolution and struggle.  This kind of expansion and evolution of our understanding of the human situation continues with movements like marriage equality, and the expansion of our understanding of rights will naturally proceed and evolve to understand that other species, natural features, ecosystems have a right to exist and flourish in their natural state.  As always, this expansion of identification will need to be balanced by the property rights that are enshrined in the 5th amendment of the bill of rights.  


With the case of slavery, the 14th amendment specifically excluded the freeing of slaves from the due process and compensation of property taking detailed in the 5th amendment.  This property taking struggle continues to this day, so folks who cannot use their property because of mazama gopher presence have lost a right they thought they had to develop raw land.  This is part of the evolution of the rights of the natural world.  Your right to use your private property is always limited by changes in the natural world – an earthquake or mudslide can “take” your property and our government may not allow you to rebuild in certain locations after a natural disaster.  Sea level rise may “take” your property and that kind of situation may not fit well into the 5th amendment idea of due process and compensation for the taking.  We have to be ready to explain these ideas when questions arise about how a CRO can establish new public policy (not new regulatory controls) based on a community’s right to something or the natural world’s right to exist and flourish.  


Big stuff.  Hard to wrap my head around some days.  


With a police CRO that mandated video (either dash cams or body cams) we have questions about privacy of the people who are inadvertently “surveilled” by this kind of change to policing.  The question of privacy will come up by folks who do not want cameras on cops.  Clearly, this problem can be managed easily by policy in a society that is already as heavily surveilled as we are, but the question will arise as a means to turn folks against a CRO that would surveille the police themselves.  


I think we are planning an extra CRO meeting for Sat Sept 6th to go over the details and structure of the Sept 13thevent and subsequent CRO workshops.  You are welcome to be involved in the discussion. 


Lots to think about. 


Warm regards to all, 





6) Media Island Monthly Benefit Brunch: Days of Global Listening

Sunday September 7th from 11 am to 2 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE


It’s Media Island’s monthly benefit brunch, where MI teams up with another local social justice organization to raise consciousness and some moola!


This month MI will team up with the Days of Global Listening. On the 21st of each month DGL organizes a conference telephone call to Afghanistan with people from all over the world in order to foster peace and understanding.


From Chris:


Global Days of Listening 21st of each month ( from 6:00 – 9:00 pm Afghanistan time – which starts about 7am PNW time) is active listening to people around the globe conversing about each others paths of action toward a peaceful world.   It is inspired by the Afghan Peace Volunteers who invite everyone to listen to the ordinary voices of those whose homeland is occupied with violence.   You can listen & type into the conversation on the livestream page, or listen to previous Days of Listening! ( contact to request a time to talk)


 A special 24 hr Global Day of Listening beginning at 5 PM Fri Sept. 20th. Listening and sharing through Skype as the International Day of Peace is observed round the world! 



International Day of Peace is Saturday, September 21st. Here in Olympia we will have a full weekend of free activities for adults and kids begins Friday afternoon, September 20th and continues through Sunday, September 22nd at Heritage Park, 5th and Water Streets, in downtown Olympia. To see schedule go to to get involved help come to the Brunch.


– you can find out more about some of the schedule at the Rachel Corrie foundation website.



7) POWER Outage: Back to School Roundtable

Monday September 1st at 5:30 pm @ Darby’s Café, 215 5th Ave


It’s Parents Organizing for Welfare and Economic Rights monthly potluck/ workshop.


From Monica:


September POWER Outage

Back to School Roundtable


 Monday, September 1st

Darby’s Café, 211 5th Avenue in downtown Olympia


Join us for this roundtable discussion about going back to school.  Do you have information, resources to share?  Do you need information, resources?  We’ll hold a discussion about:  going to college as a low-income parent, resources for getting kids ready to go back to school, and more!


  • Did you get a college degree as a single parent?  How’d you do it? 
  • Are you trying to go to college while receiving TANF?  What are the rules? 
  • Do your kids need more supplies than you can afford? 
  • Have you found creative ways to get the kids what they need? 


As always we’ll start with a potluck at 5:30.  Bring something to share if you are able.  Please let us know if you’ll need childcare and we’ll make it available at the POWER office.


309 5th Avenue SE, Olympia, WA  98501


360-352-9716 toll free 866-343-9716 


Find us on Facebook.


If you can’t make it but have questions or helpful hints, send us an email.  We’ll bring your voice to the meeting.



8) Bonus Tip of the Week:


Don’t burn yourself out.







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