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1) FYI Section:
1A) Comment Period for Port of Olympia Over July 31st
1B) West Central Park Update
1C) Deadline for Submissions to Oly FOR Newsletter July 29th
2) Day of Action on Gaza
3) Renegade Movie Night at the Well
4) Community Rights Ordinance Meeting
5) Really Really Free Market
6) Third Annual Occupy Gathering in Sacramento
7) Bonus Tip of the Week

The Sincerest Form of Flattery


Hey Kids!

I think no other iconographic image so encapsulates our unique American Disease than the videos of people draped in American flags and their angry squished red faces looking like caricatures of ugly hatred spewing profanity hatred and vitriol at a busload of traumatized and terrified children who had just experienced an ordeal that none of those yelling people could even begin to comprehend.


The Most Sincere Form of Flattery

Under Adolph Hitler, the Nazis meted out group punishments, conducted mass-arrests, engaged in the mass-murder of women and children, brutally oppressed racial minourities, seized property, and operated concentration camps.

In their latest attack on Gaza, the Israelis are intentionally targeting hospitals, mosques, private homes, and apartment blocks. They even murdered four children right in front of a bunch of western reporters.

All of this is being paid for with your tax dollars.

Palestinians are not the only targets: In Haifa, two-hundred protesting Israeli anti-war activists were viciously attacked by an organized gang consisting of thousands of rabid right-wing Israelis that had arrived by bus in for the occasion. They were screaming, “Death to Arabs! Death to leftists!”

There were numerous injuries amongst the anti-war protesters and two women are still in the hospital.

The Israeli police just stood by and allowed this attack to happen.

They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

Why do the Zionists — of all people — feel such a need to flatter the Nazis?

Zionist apologists often point out that Israel is in a very unfriendly neighborhood. True. Maybe they should have stolen a country in someone else’s neighborhood or somewhere they might have been a little more welcomed.

Many Americans don’t realize it, but it is an interesting and little known fact that many other locales besides Palestine were seriously discussed as possible locations for the new Jewish homeland. I had read once that there was a big push to make Alaska the selected locale.

Can you imagine what the Zionists would have done with Alaska? Especially since they wouldn’t have been required to spend such a major portion of their budget oppressing Palestinians…

Anyway, since I didn’t remember where I read that and since I like to second-source things like that anyway, my investigation led me to that secret crypt of esoteric and informific information — Wikipedia!

And of course I quickly found an entry on the subject of “proposed alternative homelands for the Jewish people”:

• Jewish Autonomous Oblast was a region created by the Soviet Union in the Russian Far East. It has been in existence from 1934 to the present.
• Salonika in the Ottoman Empire was populated mainly by Sephardim with Judeo-Spanish as the main language. After its incorporation to the Kingdom of Greece, it remained very Jewish until the arrival of Greek refugees from Anatolia in the 1920s.
• Albania – In 1935, British Zionist journalist Leo Elton traveled to Albania, apparently at his own initiative, to see if it would be possible to establish a Jewish national entity there. It seems the only surviving trace of his voyage is his report 10 years later to Hebrew University’s first president, Judah Leib Magnes. The document rests in the Central Archive for the History of the Jewish People at the university’s Givat Ram campus in Jerusalem. Elton’s journey was spurred on by the increasing persecution of German Jews two years into the Nazi regime and Britain’s refusal to increase the quotas on Jewish immigration to Mandatory Palestine. Elton writes that he first read of the idea in British newspapers reporting that the Albanian government welcomed Jewish immigration [1].
• The Kimberley Plan was a failed plan by the Freeland League, led by Isaac Nachman Steinberg, to resettle Jewish refugees from Europe in the Kimberley region in Australia before and during the Holocaust.[19]
• In 1941 Lord Moyne suggested to David Ben-Gurion that Jewish refugees could be resettled in East Prussia after Germany was defeated and the area’s German inhabitants were expelled. Ben-Gurion responded that “the only way to get Jews to go [to East Prussia] would be with machine guns.”[20]
• Qırmızı Qəsəbə – The town is the primary settlement of Azerbaijan’s population of Mountain Jews, who make up the population of approximately 4,000.
• Vietnam – Vietnamese government officials in 2005, told Israeli officials of a plan discussed between Ho Chi Minh and Moshe Dayan to invite Jews to live in the country. No documentation of the offer and discussion has yet been made available. There is currently a small expatriate community of Jews in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, intermarrying with Vietnamese, with the first Bar Mitzvah in Vietnam held in 2004, in Hanoi.[23]
• Sitka, Alaska – a plan for Jews to settle the Sitka area in Alaska, the Slattery Report, was proposed by U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt’s Secretary of the Interior Harold L. Ickes in 1939 but turned down.:[21]

According to Ickes’s diaries, President Roosevelt wanted to move 10,000 settlers to Alaska each year for five years, but only 10 percent would be Jewish “to avoid the undoubted criticism” the program would receive if it brought too many Jews into the country. With Ickes’s support, Interior Undersecretary Harold Slattery wrote a formal proposal titled “The Problem of Alaskan Development,” which became known as the Slattery Report. It emphasized economic-development benefits rather than humanitarian relief: The Jewish refugees, Ickes reasoned, would “open up opportunities in the industrial and professional fields now closed to the Jews in Germany.”[22]

[All emphasis added by The Thunderbolt.]

An alternate history of the proposal where Jews do settle in Sitka is the subject of author Michael Chabon’s novel The Yiddish Policemen’s Union.

It’s time to get to work…

The Thunderbolt Calendar
Week of July 24th thru July 30th 2014

1) FYI Section:

1A) Comment Period for Port of Olympia Over July 31st

The Port Oly did not give us much time to submit comments about their proposed SEPA policy and I think it is important that we persuade the Port to take global warming and sea level rise seriously. It is ironic, but not satisfying to consider that the Port’s marine terminal economic focus is the same one that guarantees the melting of glaciers, ice caps and disastrous rise in sea level.

For those of of who have been working on the Port since the PMR days, this is an important moment. We effectively stopped the movement of military material through the Port and that cargo is not likely to return, but the Port has still not done the about-face required to move from being a small hub in the globalization calamity to becoming an economic commons for a sustainable local economy. Exporting raw logs and importing fracking proppants is theft from young people, their children, and our grandchildren. The economic focus of the marine terminal is a crime against nature. It is not enough to protest against what we don’t want, we have to build what we do want. The Port is a perfect local example of a commons that has been hijacked by short-sighted economic interests. We need to take the Port back from the petrochemical industry and the timber barons. The Ports belong to us. They are the commons and they need our protection and involvement.

Please read the attached SEPA policy and take a few minutes to submit comments and requests to by July 31st.

Appendix A to Resolution 2014

SEPA and Climate Change
PART ONE: SEPA and Climate Change

SEPA requires lead agencies to consider the environmental consequences of proposals that are not
exempt from SEPA analysis. Climate is one element of the environment that SEPA requires agencies to evaluate prior to making a decision on a proposal. WAC 197-11-444(1)(b)(iii).

As a lead agency and project proponent, the Port will consider greenhouse gas emissions and the effect of climate change on proposed actions as a component of Port environmental review.
Consistent with Department of Ecology guidance, the Port will consider two different climate change
impacts when evaluating proposals:

1. New greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by the proposal; and
2. The effects of climate change on the proposal’s new infrastructure. These effects may include
(but not be limited to):

a.Sea level rise;
b. Changes in water availability; and
c. More extreme precipitation events and flooding.

Could it be more clear that the import of fracking proppants and the export of raw logs from the Port of Oly is out of step with the SEPA requirements?

Read Monica’s email below for more contact information.

The Port of Olympia is ground zero for environmental protection in South Sound. Think globally and act locally. The struggle over the Port’s economic activity and focus is important and urgent. The Port could be a cornerstone in creating and supporting a vibrant, sustainable local economy. Or it can continue to be a tool of large trans-national economic interests.

This is in our hands. Let’s do this for our children and grandchildren. We have it in our hands to begin the world anew.



1B) West Central Park Update

West Central Park got their 501c3!

From Alicia:

Well Gang!

We got some excellent news last week. The IRS has after 4 months of review of our application, has granted us tax exempt status under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code! The West Central Park has also been deemed a public charity able to accept any form of contribution, bequest, devise, transfer or gifts that will be tax deductible. The IRS backdated our new 501c3 to June of 2013 when the project began. All financial activity during the whole past year will considered in this new light. YEEHAW!

In other news, the movie nights are going very well with our attendance around 50 for the Iron Giant and 60 for the Karate Kid. Tonight, Back to the Future 1 will be playing and on July 28th, we will be showing the Princess Bride! All of the movies start around dusk so bring your blankies or lawn chairs and snuggle in for a fun evening of community theater. Daniel Gaster’s food truck will be there at every movie night until after the movie so bring a little movie mad money for trying out some of the excellent “Hot Box” creations that he serves.

Our Permaculture Workshop Series brought to you by Daniel Cherniske will be continuing next weekend on Saturday, July 26th from 12-1:30 and on Sunday the 27th from 10-12 for the hands on part of the workshop. This workshop is a great way to get introduced to the holistic picture of permaculture from the micro to the macro. Daniel’s extensive knowledge provide invaluable wisdom for the permaculture beginner or novice. The workshop is free with donations accepted. Please contact Daniel at to find out more.

The work party last week was excellent and we got a lot accomplished in terms of our regular park maintenance. Next week will be business as usual in the park next Sunday, from 10-1. Come on out with your gloves and a smile and we’ll provide the rest.

Finally don’t forget about our upcoming Arts and Music Splash! on August 16th from 11 -5. We still have openings for artists and musicians! Artists may pay $15 for a 10 by 10 tent and an 8 foot table to exhibit or sell their handiwork, or simply pay $5 to exhibit one work in the Gallery Tent. Musicians will be featured by playing a half hour set, and being able to sell any merchandise they may have at the Music Merch Tent. If you or any artists or musicians that you know want to register for this event contact Alicia ( or Tucker (

See you around the Park!


1C) Deadline for Submissions to Oly FOR Newsletter July 29th

If you want your event promoted in Oly FOR’s newsletter, the deadline quickly approacheth!

From Oly FOR:

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s newsletter publicizes news, announcements, calendar items, etc., related broadly to peace, social justice, nonviolence, the environment, economic justice, human rights, and related issues. I will mail hundreds of people our AUGUST-SEPTEMBER newsletter on August 5, so local people will receive it on about August 6 or 7.

Please send your announcements and calendar items BY TUESDAY JULY 29 or very soon after.

The vast majority of events we publicize will occur in the greater Olympia and Thurston County area, but we also publicize a few very special ones in nearby counties, Seattle and elsewhere. Because we are a 501(c)3 organization, we cannot publicize any partisan political activities.

I’ll check several of the local websites that offer many calendar items (e.g., TC Pro-Net, Interfaith Works, and Traditions Fair Trade & Café, but please provide any newer or more complete information than what you have posted there, and please notify me of additional activities.

Some events occur on a regular basis, but I want to make sure the information I have been using is still valid and accurate, so please notify me to confirm date, time, place, and the contact information for the key person.

Please send brief information to me as soon as possible – preferably by Saturday July 19 – so I can include them in our newsletter calendar. (Sooner is better!)

You can reply to this e-mail address ( or phone me at (360) 491-9093.

If you don’t receive our newsletter but would like to, please contact me at You may choose to receive the print version and/or a .pdf version. Also, you can see our current and recent newsletters at


I dream of a world where chickens can cross roads without having their motives questioned.

Glen Anderson (360) 491-9093


2) Day of Action on Gaza
Thursday July 24th from 7 AM to 5 PM @ Various Locations in Olympia

This is the start of a series of actions from the Rachel Corrie Foundation to protest the Israeli apartheid state.

From RCF:

Banner Drop:
7-9 AM – In the first of the day’s events, the Rachel Corrie Foundation will display a banner from the overpass across Capitol Way challenging U.S. support for the assault on Gaza.

Gaza Solidarity Theatrical Display:
11 AM-2 PM – Heritage Park, 330 5th Ave SW, across from Traditions Fair Trade – At a theatrical “die-in” volunteers will gather to lay in the grass, representing individuals who have been killed during recent violence. Join us as a participant or stop by to learn more about the current situation in Gaza and what has brought us to this point.

Petition Delivery to members of Congress:
4-5 PM – Congressman Denny Heck’s Thurston and Mason County Office, 420 College St SE, in Lacey (3rd floor of Lacey City Hall). Join community members to deliver a petition to Congressman Heck. We will demand action for a ceasefire, an end to the siege of Gaza, and accountability for Washington State tax dollars used to provide arms and support Israel’s occupation and recent assault on Gaza. Meet at 4:00 PM outside of the office.

Help to end our complicity in Operation Protective Edge.

3) Renegade Movie Night at the Well
Friday July 25th at 9 PM @ the Artesian Well, Corner of Jefferson and 4th Ave

The name says it all.

From Rita:

The first renegade movie night was a success so come join us for another night. We will be watching “Snow Piercer”

They have named it the “Artesian Commons,” but we know that commons are free and open spaces, spaces determined by the people who are connected to them not by the government and not by money.


4) Community Rights Ordinance Meeting
Saturday July 26th at Noon @ MIXX 96 Meeting Room, Corner of Washington and State Streets

This is a meeting to organize a Community Rights Ordinance in Olympia.

From Janet:

Sat July 26: Meeting to plan to strengthen democracy by passing a Community Rights Ordinance (CRO): Several kinds of organizing and work are underway now. Several CROs that have passed elsewhere are posted at 12:00 noon at Mixx-96 meeting room at SW corner of State & Washington, downtown. Info: Janet Jordan and South Sound Community Rights ( More info: and

5) Really Really Free Market
Sunday July 27th from 1 PM to 4 PM @ Sylvester Park, Legion Way and Capitol Way

It’s poking capitalism with a stick! Take what you want! Bring what you don’t want!

From RRFM:

Free music, food, comedy. We’ll be setting up the Really free market, a free gift economy in action, in which you bring things you’d like to give away and take what you want.

6) Third Annual Occupy Gathering in Sacramento
Thursday July 31st thru Sunday August 3rd in Sacramento, CA

Occupy is still active. Come plug in with the survivors in Sacramento.

From Occupy:

#For Immediate Release
July 23, 2014
Contact Us:

We gather again!

For the third year, the Occupy movement invites all to gather together to review the year, share knowledge and skills, celebrate successes and analyze disappointments, and prepare for another year of fighting for the better world that we all know is possible.

From Philadelphia in 2012 to Kalamazoo last summer, and this year in Sacramento (July 31 through August 3), Occupy has been heading west, bringing its hopeful, resistant message. We are the 99%—so we say, but are we really?

On July 30, the day before the gathering, independent yet connected, there is an anti-racism training customized for the movement by the Catalyst Project: Antiracism Training for Collective Liberation. The training is designed primarily for white folks, who often think that they are unaffected by white privilege, that they are beyond the bigotry of past generations—we may be surprised at the unacknowledged baggage that we carry, and we are sure to look at the world from a wider perspective after spending time together examining things we rarely take the time to consider. Special thanks to Delphine Brody for honoring the undone business of Occupy National Gathering 2013, which never quite pulled off a similar suggested training. Space for that is limited, so e-mail us to sign up—but the gathering itself will be held primarily on the grounds of Capitol Park: north side Thursday and Sunday, west side on Friday, so there is plenty of room for all!

The easiest way to get all the information, or to contribute in kind, monetary or in person help, is on the NatGat2014 Hub on InterOccupy; we are also on Twitter and celly: @NatGat2014. Already confirmed are a panel discussion on Environmental Justice, focusing on nuclear, water, and big oil, with a Native American perspective: speakers include Chief Caleen Sisk and Moke Sisha, as well as Faye Kennedy, John Kraintz, and Jan Rein; music by Fresh Juice Party; a memorial for Occupyers lost this year, including Monique Robinson; activist Darryl Cherney presenting the film Who Bombed Judi Ban?; workshops by Alternatives to Violence; and much more.

Nancy Mancias will reprise her role from “NatGat2012”, the first Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia, and again co-facilitate the FemGA on Friday evening—a general assembly facilitated from a feminist perspective. There will be a giant puppet hands workshop by Sacramento’s own William Spirit, and a Debtors’ Assembly led by Daniel Hong from Occupy Portland, who organized the I-5 Caravan from the Cascades. In these days of government overreach, there is also a Know Your Rights presentation by Claire White of the National Lawyers’ Guild.

For those who cannot attend in person, look for livestreaming—we have 3 confirmed streamers coming, including Patti Beers and Clark Sullivan, who will be leading teach-ins for those who want to livestream their own events. Punk Boy, the Los Angeles livestreamer whose radio show recently included three Occupy National Gathering organizers, will also be coming to the gathering. There is also the possibility of a few sessions from remote locations: Mark Taylor-Canfield, from Seattle, on Press Freedom In the United States, and Jan Spencer, from Eugene, Oregon, on Suburban Permaculture—the dream of the ’50s and ’60s has become the nightmare of the ’00s, but with planning we can reclaim the land and create healthier, sustainable options. Coming from East Oakland, California, is Pancho Ramos-Stierle, speaking on Guerrilla Gardening, Occupy the Farm, and Disobeying with Great Love.

The Occupy National Gathering begins with a sunrise blessing by William Underbaggage of the Inigendous Nations Network. There will be times for skillshares, teach-ins, and topical discussions, created by Occupyers — a favorite of the first two gatherings; open space for spontaneous discussion, artwork and activism; and speaker’s corners including poetry and the spoken word. A custom workshop will be held Friday afternoon: Say It Loud! by the San Francisco Mime Troupe (performing in Sacramento’s Southside Park on Saturday and Sunday of Occupy National Gathering Week). Saturday night has time to Step Up, Step Back: Occupy facilitators will actively encourage those who have not done public speaking before to find their voice and practice what they’ve learned from the Mime Troupe.

From the Overpass Light Brigades to the closing GA, there will be lots happening in Sacramento from July 31 through August 3—we are going back to our roots; we know that the world is watching: This Occupation Is Not Leaving! Come join us!

NatGat2014 Schedule


7) Bonus Tip of the Week:

Flatter good people.




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