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1) FYI Section

1A) Call To Action: Proppants Contract Service Agreement Expiring Soon — No Word on New One

1B) Move to Amend Northwest Social Forum in Portland in September

2) KOWA Live Show: Summer Shimmer with No Body, Trout Stream, Mega Bog (SEA), Sheer Agony (Montréal)

3) Media Island Benefit Brunch: The Thunderbolt

4) Let’s Break the US Blockade on Cuba with Pastors for Peace

5) POWER Outage: Rural Outreach Program

6) West Central Park Movie Night

7) Memorial for the 47 People who Died at Lac Megantic in the Oil Train Explosion

8) KOWA Live Show: QRC + MISSOULA + SUMMER = Robin Cutler (OLY), Pancakes (Missoula), Freaky Pup & Artistic Crisis (Bellingham)

9) Bonus Tip of the Week




Most Evil Person in History Award




We are molded, our minds are governed, our tastes are formed, and our ideas are suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.”


                        —Edward Bernays




Corporations are People Too!


Hey Kids!


The Supreme Court just ruled that corporations have the same right to be reactionary misogynists as regular people do. Hobby Lobby can now refuse to provide birth control for their employees. This means that their ‘religious rights’ trump the human rights of their employees. They now have the right to force their religious beliefs down their employees’ throats.


America. What a place!




Disgusting Media Tactic of the Week


Welcome to the brand newest Thunderbolt Feature: The Disgusting Media Tactic of the Week!


Yes, Kids, the Media Machine has revealed their official Meme for the Iraq disaster!


Get this! This is so disgusting yet so typical!


According to the Media Machine the fault for the Iraq Disaster is…


(fanfare, drum roll, cymbal crash)…


Everything that has gone wrong is completely the Iraqis’ own fault!



Wow. Pause.



Yes, Kids, the Wise Benevolent American Machine came marching into Iraq with blazing rockets and cluster bombs so we could bring freedom to these poor benighted primitives who didn’t know how to take care of themselves — but alas, Kids! They are just too corrupt and too internecine to accept our counsel! They are just too corrupt and too filled with sectarian violence and ancient hatreds to be able to follow the enlightened path of the American Way!



Note: After World War I the western powers all got together and split up the Ottoman Empire amongst themselves and drew borders that served their own interests with absolutely no concern whatsoever for the interests of the people who actually lived there. Throughout the Middle East, Africa, and southwest Asia, families and tribes and sects and economic interests suddenly found themselves separated by artificially created lines on some European map.


Iraq was one of these artificially created countries. That is why the different parts of Iraq are so different from each other. That is why minourity Sunnis were ruling over majority Shias and that is why the Kurds got split up into three different countries, none of which was theirs.


Ever since then, the treasures of Iraq have been flowing largely unimpeded into the coffers of various Cayman Island bank accounts that do not belong to Iraqis. For decades now Middle Easterners have watched helpless as their countries were looted by western interests. Anytime anyone raised questions about these practices they were bombed or shot or tortured or whatever by whatever proxy the westerners had hired to do their local dirty work.


With notable exceptions, Sunni and Shia have lived together in peace for centuries. Before the Americans brought democracy to Iraq, with notable exceptions they lived together in peace in Iraq. Saddam pulled some sectarian nastiness (with American blessings and American weapons) but amongst everyday people on the street in everyday Iraq, Sunnis and Shias lived together and even intermarried without much comment. When political shenanigans begin, though, then whatever power Machine is trying to pull something will exaggerate and emphasize such differences. When the Iraq Iran War began (with the United States financing and arming both sides) then that was when Saddam went after the Shias and the Kurds; if western interests are involved in any manner (as is usually the case) then the Machine takes control by spreading chaos and violent anarchy because whoever has the guns and money in such a milieu is the one who wins. They do this by setting the locals onto each other’s throats so that they will ignore their true enemy that is sitting in complete safety thousands of miles away in some Wall Street boardroom.




Super Secret Sting Rays


President Obama is pressuring local police departments to conceal the fact that they now have a powerful technological tool called a ‘sting ray’ that will intercept all cell phone calls in a given area. When the Sarasota, Florida Police Department told the ACLU that they had records of their sting-rays that they would share, Obama sent US marshals to seize the records from the police so the ACLU couldn’t get their hands on them.


Especially in light of a recent Supreme Court ruling concerning the requirement to obtain a search warrant before searching someone’s cell phone, then this is problematic for several reasons and on several levels.


I think that Obama is entirely too fond of secrets.




Nomination: The Thunderbolt Most Evil Person of All Time Award


An interesting mind-exercise is to comb our history and try to determine which single human has caused the most evil and which human has caused the most good.


Ironically, I think that Jesus Christ could make a credible claim to both titles.


Unfortunately, many more names come much more easily to mind when considering the ‘evil’ side of the ledger than when considering the ‘good’ side even though in my personal experience good people vastly outnumber evil people. It is just that evil people’s footprint is so often so large that they receive a highly disproportionate level of attention. Hitler, Stalin, Justin Bieber — evil personified does not lack personages fully capable of adequately performing said personification.


Here’s a name that probably doesn’t immediately jump to most people’s list, though, even though it is a name that I maintain could probably challenge nearly anyone: Edward Louis Bernays.


Edward Bernays is the quotee that I quote at the beginning of this weeks’ Thunderbolt and Mr. Bernays is exactly the man that he himself describes in the quote, i.e. the man we have never heard of who manipulates our minds, tastes, and ideas. Mr. Bernays literally wrote the book on propaganda. It is called Propaganda. Mr. Bernays called propaganda the “executive branch of the secret government”.


Mr. Bernays is so non-famous that Microsoft Word just placed a red squiggle under his name to indicate a perceived misspelling. This non-fame is in spite of the fact that Mr. Bernays is credited by many with being the progenitor of the modern Public Relations Machine. That sounds pretty innocuous until you consider the uses to which public relations is being used these days — and those uses were exactly what Mr. Bernays had in mind as he originated them. Mr. Bernays was an ideological plutocrat. His understanding was that the masses needed to be closely controlled because they were incapable of controlling themselves. He constantly referred to us as the “bewildered herd” engaging in “group thought”. I don’t know how he knew all of this since as far as I know common people have never been allowed to just run their own affairs without a bunch of plutocrats’ feet on their necks, but I don’t think factual accuracy was very high on Mr. Bernays’ list of priorities. He was, in fact, an enthusiastic promoter of propaganda designed to further the advantages of the élite few, who ran the world by right of their superiority, and while the truth was optimal when appropriate, a lie was completely appropriate when the truth wasn’t appropriate.


Like so many of his other assertions, though, the superiority of this ‘élite’ has never been empirically demonstrated. While the Europeans have for several centuries now indeed been able to kick everyone else’s ass due to superior weaponry and to superior ruthlessness, many wouldn’t consider the ability to kill large numbers of people in an incredibly ruthless manner to be indicative of a superior race of beings.


Anyway, Mr. Bernays’ work was aimed at convincing people to need things rather than to simply want them…


…but that was only one part of a much larger strategy, for during this process Mr. Bernays not only sought to link their unconscious desires to the consumption of mass produced goods but — in turn — these desires could then be used to control the masses by keeping them distracted on frivolous BS so that they wouldn’t care about or question whatever nastiness the Machine was up to at any given time.


This concept was actually practiced by the Romans. They called it “Bread and Circus”. As long as the people are fed and entertained, they won’t care about what you do in the shadows.


For someone you probably never heard of, Mr. Bernays’ actual real world accomplishments were truly extraordinary.


You may remember that I have mentioned several times now in the Thunderbolt that the Machine spent big bucks right after World War I on studies of how to manipulate public perception?


Mr. Bernays was the bottom-liner of many if not most of these studies.


Mr. Bernays was, in fact, the first man to actually apply scientific methodology to the manipulation of public perceptions.


Mr. Bernays first earned his props by convincing the American public to support an American intervention into World War I. This was a hard sell; Woodrow Wilson had just won reelection on the slogan that “He kept us out of the war” and the public had absolutely no desire to get caught up in Europe’s insanity and they fully expected Wilson to continue keeping us out of the war. Wilson, though, had fully intended to become fully involved the whole time and as soon as he was reelected he hired Edward Bernays to help sell the war to the public — and in an astonishingly short period of time Mr. Bernays — almost single handedly — completely turned the public’s perception of the war around.


I have written recently upon how World War I was ten times more significant that World War II and that the disaster represented by World War I and the numerous disasters that resulted from World War I are completely unappreciated by the modern American public. World War I ushered in the birth of the modern War Machine, the modern Propaganda Machine, and the modern Security State. By the time that the United States belatedly jumped into the fray, the war was pretty much at a stalemate, everyone was sick of it, and it would likely have ended soon in a negotiated settlement — but the entry of the United States completely changed the entire dynamic. The war blew up again and went on for several years longer than necessary because of the American involvement, and thus, for Edward Bernays’ involvement in involving the United States in World War I alone, I believe that he deserves a special place in Hell — but this was just the first of numerous successful campaigns by Mr. Bernays in a very long and very prolific and very horrific career…


To sell World War I, Mr. Bernays proposed the idea that the intervention was needed in order to bring democracy to Europe. He proposed this over and over again all over everywhere all the time. Repeatedly. This contention was almost complete obvious in-your-face hogwash — but the public bought it hook, line, and sinker.


The spectacular success of his campaign blew even Mr. Bernays’ own mind. He knew that he was on to something big here.


The World War I campaign was what convinced Mr. Bernays that people must be appealed to through emotion rather than through logic or facts. Mr. Bernays was an enthusiastic student of his uncle Sigmund Freud, and he forever after became an enthusiastic promoter of “regimenting the masses without their knowing it” by manipulating their subconscious desires.


After World War I, Mr. Bernays went to work merging psychology and other social sciences with the art of propaganda. He went from advising the government to advising private enterprise. Among Mr. Bernays’ clients were Procter & Gamble, CBS, the United Fruit Company, the American Tobacco Company, General Electric, and Dodge Motors. Mr. Bernays was even the single most effective promoter for the fluoridation of public water systems.


Here is a partial list of Mr. Bernays’ accomplishments: He spearheaded a highly successful push to get women to start smoking cigarettes in the 1920’s. He labeled it as a women’s rights issue. He labeled cigarettes as “torches of freedom”.


He was also the man who convinced many industries that the news, not advertising, was the best medium to carry their message to an unsuspecting public.


Mr. Bernays was responsible for the public’s belief that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb when actually it was invented by a man that no one has ever heard of named Joseph Swan.


Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels used Mr. Bernays’ book Crystallizing Public Opinion whilst implementing the Holocaust.


Mr. Bernays wrote in his 1933 auto-biography about how horrified he was to learn of this; evidently the mere thought that his ideas on how to subvert democracy with lies could lead to ‘evil’ consequences had never even crossed his mind.


Mr. Bernays also taught that people who are in fear will blindly accept authority and thus must be kept ever fearful — and in that spirit Mr. Bernays became one of the architects of the Cold War. Mr. Bernays exacerbated the public’s fear of ‘communism’ in order to spur them into action rather than trying to assuage them with the actual fact that communism had never actually posed much if any threat to the United States. One of the first sinister applications of the anti-communist tactic came in 1954 when Mr. Bernays convinced the American public to accept an American backed coup against the popular and democratically elected government of Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala by convincing them that Mr. Arbenz was a communist.;wap2


This was done for the benefit of Mr. Bernays’ client, the United Fruit Company — now known as Chiquita Brand — because Mr. Arbenz was trying to force United Fruit to treat Guatemalan workers in a humane manner rather than brutally exploiting them in slave-like conditions.


The new military dictatorship not only abandoned Mr. Arbenz’ policies on United Fruit, but they instead began assisting United Fruit in brutally exploiting their workers in slave-like conditions.


The United Fruit Company’s ruthless domination of Central America throughout the mid-to-late-20th Century (with the regular help of the United States military) was responsible for the invention of the term ‘banana republic’ when describing corrupt Third World governments; during this period United Fruit was almost invariably the Corrupter in Chief in all these countries.


Mr. Bernays taught that the first reaction of most people when something happens is to follow their herd instinct, said instinct being to seek some sort of leader to tell them what they should think about this new thing. He taught that while individuals have minds, the herd has only ‘impulses’ and Mr. Bernays took full advantage of this tendency. Mr. Bernays knew that you could manipulate people into acting irrationally by appealing to their emotions and taking advantage of their need for a ‘herd leader’.


On the commercial level, Mr. Bernays was the master of converting ‘wants’ into ‘needs’. He was a genius at taking frivolous or irrelevant things and converting them into powerful symbols for something else. Mr. Bernays taught that you must establish an emotional connection between the consumer and the product. Rather than purchasing a car because you needed a car for transportation, Mr. Bernays convinced people to purchase a Dodge because purchasing a Dodge would make them feel better. Purchasing a Dodge conferred status. Purchasing a Dodge conferred sexual appeal.


Rather than manufacturers begging customers to purchase their product, under Mr. Bernays’ tutelage customers were soon begging manufacturers to sell them their product.


For instance, when Mr. Bernays took on the pork industry as a client, he convinced the American public to start eating bacon and eggs not because they tasted good or because they were cheap or because they were nutritious or anything practical; instead, Mr. Bernays convinced a bunch of doctors to tell people how great bacon and eggs were. American doctors were nearly demigods to the American public at the time, and that was all it took. Bacon and eggs soon became the all-American breakfast.


The tobacco industry later used this very same trick. When I was a child there were doctors on TV telling people how healthy it was to smoke cigarettes. Some doctors even recommended certain brands.


Mr. Bernays labeled his scientific technique of opinion-molding as the “engineering of consent”.



Guy Evans does a most excellent 16-part series he calls Deconstructing Edward Bernays’ Propaganda that goes into depth on this subject if you want to know more about Edward Bernays. Mr. Evans produces a most-excellent podcast called Smells Like Human Spirit in which he covers a very wide range of subjects and covers all of them very well, thank you.



Now, as to nominating Mr. Bernays for the Thunderbolt Most Evil Human of All Time Award


…that could be problematic.


In reading Mr. Bernays’ book, Crystallizing Public Opinion, I ran into exactly the same paradox as when I read Mein Kampf by Adolph Hitler; like Mr. Hitler, Mr. Bernays was a genius and he knew he was a genius and he was utterly convinced that he was helping to save humanity from itself. Mr. Bernays was convinced that the ‘herd human’ was completely irrational and that the herd human always needed the guiding hand provided by superior élites.


Like Hitler, Bernays was convinced that he was the saviour of humanity, and I think that both men honestly believed this.


Is Mr. Bernays ‘evil’ if his motivation was pure? Are we going to condemn him for manipulating people’s perceptions? If so then you’re going to have to condemn me too, because I also have studied these same studies and I regularly employ many the very same tricks and tactics in my attempts to sway people toward certain points of view. (I view this as capturing the enemy’s weapons and using them against him.) I am convinced that I am doing this for the good of humanity — but that leads right back to Mr. Bernays — and to Mr. Hitler for that matter. It was clear from reading Mein Kampf that Hitler was also convinced of that very same thing even though he and I are on the complete opposite sides of this particular fence.


As for determining which of us is ‘right’ or which of us is ‘wrong’, the fact is that Mr. Bernays was much more educated than I am and from reading his book I know that he was also a lot smarter than I am. All of the same things can also be said about Mr. Hitler except possibly about him being more educated than I am as Hitler didn’t have much formal education.


As for the underlying assumptions of the right and the left, i.e. the right-wing view that people are evil overall and need to be constrained vs. the left-wing view that people are good overall and that we can get along just fine if we are allowed to…


I suspect there is some projection going on amongst the right-wingers here. I suspect that their contention may actually be true — within the social circles where they tend to dwell.


It is not true, though, in the social circles where I tend to dwell and I think that my circles are a lot bigger than their circles.


As for all that education and intelligence possessed by Mr. Bernays, I will end this bit with this observation: People should never confuse knowledge with wisdom.


Knowledge just knows things.


Wisdom knows what to do with those things.


Wisdom without knowledge often works just fine.


Knowledge without wisdom can be the most dangerous thing in the world.


It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of July 3rd thru July 9th 2014




1) FYI Section:


1A) Call To Action: Proppants Contract Service Agreement Expiring Soon — No Word on New One


–   15-Day Campaign   –


End Porppants Contract – Service Agreement

Expires July 14, 2014


All Thurston County Environmental Activists:


Countdown – 15 days left to create a Strategic Plan for Local Proppant Contract & Service Agreement with direct action events, meetings, fact finding, fact gathering, etc. for open dialogue and discussions on how we are to proceed. Call to Action is needed.

With the rise of the oil energy, natural gas industrial complexes, Thurston County groups of environmentalists & others should not miss this opportunity to mobilize within this remaining 15 days to take action. To do otherwise is a missed opportunity for another two more years of a new contract. To not stop this contract and its service agreement would be a travesty.   Due note that two Port Commissioners, Sue Dunn and George Barner, both claim to know nothing of this current Service Agreement end date July 14, 2014.


Call to Action – Join a 15-Day Campaign to End the Current Service Agreement between Port of Olympia and Rainbow Ceramics. Call to action to mobilize against the Port of Olympia and Rainbow Ceramics Service Agreement.


Call to Action – All activists and their groups, such as, environmentalists , environmental healthcare activists Nisqually, Squazin Island Peoples & all of Native American tribes in Washington state, Washington Idle No More,, Backbone, Ruckus Society, food justice, farmers, climate change, health freedom movement, vegan, vegetarians, organic consumers, farm land trusts, land trusts, SPSCC & TESC student groups, staff and facilities, South Sound Sustainability- Food Summit, SPEECH – Green Pages, Thurston County Community Rights Ordinance – Action Team, Initial Communities, Transitional Community, Media Island International, Fellowship for Reconciliation – Climate Crises Group & five Sub-committees, etc. to build on our local opposition to the transportation of proppant chemicals in the production of fracking–crude oil.


            Would you or your group like to promote Action Planning with various Direct Action events on this issue?   Contact Carole W. at 360-352-5361          no email



File Name: 2014 – Port of Olympia – All Thurston County Environmental Activists   7-14.doc


Port of Olympia

915 Washington St. NE

Olympia, WA 98501




Port of Olympia – 2014 Meeting Schedule, go to:

Two Commission meetings per month are held in the evening and one meeting per month is held during regular business hours.  All meetings are open to the public.


Public Records, go to:


Port of Olympia, meeting dates & times, locations and other information, go to:



            Last PoO meeting URL link: 








Galligan, Ed

Executive Director



Bensley, Jessie

Executive and Commission Coordinator



Foglia-Jones, Jennie

Marketing & Community Relations, FTZ Administrator



Reid, Mike

Senior Manager Business Development



Sevier, Jeri

Human Resources and Administrative Manager



White, Kathleen

Communications and Public Affairs Manager









Jorgenson, Michele

Property Manager



Mattox, Clarita

Real Estate Operations Manager



Reid, Mike

Senior Manager Business Development




George L. Barner, Jr.             360-704-0093   or 360-357-8334        No active email

Sue Gunn                                360-584-4572                                      No active email

Bill McGregor                         360-491-6350                                      No active email

Fact Finding & Fact Gathering tasks:

Client or Personal Service Contracts are Public Service Contracts. For more information, go to:


Would you or your group like to promote Action Planning with various Direct Action events on this issue? Contact Carole W. at 360-352-5361            no email




1B) Move to Amend Northwest Social Forum in Portland in September


M2A is having a Northwest Social Forum in Portland in September. This is for amending the Constitution to deny corporate personhood.


From M2A:


All of us at Move To Amend are excited to announce that registration is now formally open for the Pacific Northwest Social Forum (PNWSF) that will take place Sept 26-28 at the First Unitarian Church, 1034 SW 13th Ave. in Portland, Oregon.


The homepage is here:


Registration is here:


This movement building process is associated with the U.S. Social Forum which convened over 10,000 social change agents in Atlanta, GA in 2007 and almost 15,000 in Detroit, MI in 2010.


Many members, supporters and leaders of Move To Amend attended and facilitated workshops at each of these, and Move To Amend even facilitated a Peoples Movement Assembly in Detroit.


The experience was so positive and powerful that we have committed organizational resources and staff time to helping to organize the third U.S. Social Forum, which will take place in 2015. The PNWSF is part of that movement.


The PNWSF is *not* a conference. It is a convergence of people’s movements whose primary work and struggles take place in CA, OR, WA, British Columbia, MT, ID and UT. The purpose is to build solidarity and unified action toward social, economic and environmental justice across the entire Pacific Northwest.


At the PNWSF, Move To Amend will facilitate a People’s Movement Assembly (PMA) on “Democracy and the US Constitution.” There will also be PMAs on Indigenous People’s concerns and issues, climate justice, food sovereignty, housing, education and more.


All of these are designed to help us collectively create and propose a Pacific NW People’s Agenda for Action – a document that will guide us in our work for peace, justice, democracy, liberty and ecology.


We will learn about each other’s struggles and connect to each other’s campaigns with the goal of mutual support, building toward a powerful movement for social justice in the Pacific NW.


We will reach across fronts of struggle to find where we have common goals and where we can build unity, capacity and effectiveness to end the violent systems of oppression all around us and build systems that will meet the needs of all people and sustain the ecosystems of our
region and the planet.


We are excited that we will be kicking off with a concert/performance by Mic Crenshaw on Fri. Check out


Please forward this announcement to your own lists.


Onward to the world we deserve,


Laura Bonham, Daniel Lee, David Cobb, Egberto Willies, George Friday, Jerome Scott, Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Edgar Franks, Richard Monje Move to Amend National Leadership Team



2) KOWA Live Show: Summer Shimmer with No Body, Trout Stream, Mega Bog (SEA), Sheer Agony (Montréal)

Thursday July 3rd at 7 pm @ KOWA Studio, Behind Media Island, 816 Adams St SE


It’s a live show broadcasting over the airwaves of our beloved radical community radio station KOWA, 106.5 fm or streaming at !


From KOWA:


SUMMER SHIMMER with No Body, Trout Stream, Mega Bog (SEA), Sheer Agony (Montreal)


Some killer buds are on tour from Seattle and Montreal and we want to give them a warm, shimmering Olympia welcome on a beautiful Thursday night! The show will be broadcast live on 106.5 in Olympia and streaming online at– but all the real magic will be in the shared heat of the bright studio, so come on over!


Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

at Media Island/106.5 KOWA Studios (816 Adams St SE)

snacks and laughs at 7pm, music sharp at 8pm

bring $3-5 bucks for the touring buds


Local hottie tamales no bodyandTrout Streamwill melt the cone and the cream off the walls of this summer-time candy store.


Mega Bogis Erin Birgy (former Oly) and crew, propelling powerful mystical howlings from the ballroom of an ancient Scottish mansion glowing of chrome and chrysalis. really.


Sheer Agonyare on tour from Montreal, the city where if you are under 30 and not in the streets half your life, you’re 6-ft under full-time and professionally. how’s that afterlife working out for ya?


No Body (OLY, continuously evolving, ever impressing)


Trout Stream (OLY, ’96 Olympia with sprinkles of ’69 Berkeley)



3) Media Island Benefit Brunch: The Thunderbolt

Sunday July 6th from 11 am to 2 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE


Yes, this month Media Island’s Benefit Brunch will be benefitting — the Thunderbolt! My computer is going squirrelly and I need a new one to continue!


Good food, good people, and good causes! Please attend and please spread the word!


From MI:


On the first Sunday of every monthMedia Island Internationalteams up with another social justice organization and organizes a benefit brunch. July’s brunch will benefit Media Island and the Thunderbolt, a local radical newsletter and radio program. Come enjoy good food, meet good people, and support two good causes.

Check out the online version ofThe Thunderbolthere:



4) Let’s Break the US Blockade on Cuba with Pastors for Peace

Sunday July 6th at 1 pm @ Peace Arch Provincial Park, White Rock BC


I don’t usually promote out of town actions but this is being organized by locals and this is an important issue.


From Rick:






Picnic and Rally


Peace Arch Park – U.S./Canada Border

White Rock, BC / Blaine, WA






The Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba is a U.S.-based Cuba solidarity project that each summer brings humanitarian aid and U.S. citizens to Cuba to challenge the U.S. Blockade and travel ban against Cuba.


Cuba solidarity organization across Canada have supported the Caravan since the beginning over two decades ago. Cuba solidarity activists and Caravan supporters from across British Columbia and Washington State will once again join the Caravan by supporting the border crossing at Peace Arch Park. We will be bringing humanitarian aid and Caravan participants across the U.S/Canada border on route to Cuba!


The Peace Arch border crossing has been the scene of several important recent victories against the U.S. Blockade on Cuba. Notably, the 2012 border crossing became an international event when U.S. border officials repeatedly attempted to deny our humanitarian aid from crossing the border. However, by launching an emergency media campaign, legal challenge and extended demonstration on both sides of the border we forced them to allow the aid through. We need a strong presence at the border to ensure our humanitarian aid will cross again!


Rain or Shine!


The event will include a potluck lunch (please bring a dish to share if you can!)


For carpooling to and from the border from Vancouver please phone:

778-882-5223 or 604-719-6947


Event co-organized by:

Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba (VCSC)

Member of the Canadian Network on Cuba (CNC)


Email: vancubasolidarity at

Phone: 778-882-5223


Twitter: @VanCuba_VCSC





BC Aid Network for Cuba (BCANC)

778-889-7664 | bcanc.cubaid at


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


WHAT IS THE PASTORS FOR PEACE CARAVAN TO CUBA? This summer for the 25th time, the Pastors for Peace Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba will challenge the United States government’s economic and travel blockade on Cuba, that has been imposed on the Cuban people for over 50 years.


The Caravan will travel through up to 100 cities in the U.S. and Canada, raising awareness about the U.S. blockade and gathering humanitarian aid to take to Cuba. After two weeks of travelling through the U.S. there is a blockade busting border crossing into Mexico. Caravanistas will then travel through Mexico and depart for nine days in Cuba, participating in a variety of educational and cultural events.


Over the past 25 Caravans thousands of participants and over 30,000 tons of humanitarian aid have been brought to Cuba, building a ‘people-to-people’ foreign policy based on mutual respect, solidarity and friendship between the people of the U.S., Canada and Cuba.


For more information or to join the Pastors for Peace Caravan please visit:


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *



5) POWER Outage: Rural Outreach Program

Monday July 7th at 5:30 pm @ Darby’s Café, 211 5th Ave SE


It’s POWER’s monthly POWER Outage, this month featuring a presentation about POWER’s Rural Outreach Project.




July POWER Outage: Presentation of our Rural Outreach Project



Monday, July 7

at 5:30pm – 8:00pm



Darby’s Cafe

211 5th Ave SE, Olympia, Washington 98501



Come to Darby’s on 7/7 and hear about the Rural Outreach Project POWER staff has been working on for the past two months!


In April POWER was awarded a grant after submitting a proposal to the Thurston County HOME Consortium, funding two months of outreach in south rural county in the towns of Yelm, Rochester, Tenino, and Rainier.


During this outreach we talked with social service recipients and providers about access to services and what is needed in their community.


Our Rural County Assessment report is due to the Consortium on June 30th. We will be presenting our findings to them on June 14th. We are taking this opportunity to practice our presentation by sharing our research and report with the community. 


The evening will start with a potluck at 5:30. Bring a dish if you can, and share dinner with us. Childcare will be provided by the Olympia Child Care Collective at the POWER office, 309 5th Avenue SE, next door to Rainy Day Records.


Questions?  Need transportation reimbursement?  Contact us at:


360-352-9716 toll free 866-343-9716 


Find us on Facebook.


POWER is an organization of low-income parents and allies advocating for a strong social safety net while working toward a world where children and care giving are truly valued, and the devastation of poverty has been eradicated.


Mark your calendars for POWER’s upcoming events:


Saturday, July 26th – POWER Sidewalk Sale and Square Dance!  We want your junk!


August 4th – POWER Outage – Cookout and swimming!


August 23rd – POWER Secret Café!



6) West Central Park Movie Night

Monday July 7th from Noon to Midnight @ West Central Park, Corner of Harrison and Division


Movie night at the People’s Park!


From Alicia:


The West Central Park is excited to announce our Monday Movie Madness series kickoff on July 7th from 12 until midnight. Local food carts and farmers will keep visitors fed and happy, and games such as bocce, checker, chess and more will be available to borrow all day. An open mike for all to come and jam together, will run from 4 until movie time. Come gather for community connection on these beautiful July Olympia days. Food and games start at noon, open mike at 4 and movie at dusk. See you on July 7th when our feature film will be The Iron Giant! Find out the rest of the summer movie schedule at :




7) Memorial for the 47 People who Died at Lac Megantic in the Oil Train Explosion

Tuesday July 8th at 7 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW


The train that killed these 47 people is the same kind of train they want to start running through western Washington.


From Mary Lea:


Memorial for the 47 people who died at Lac Megantic in the oil train explosion



♥We will have a memorial for the 47 people who died at Lac Megantic in the oil train explosion. Zoltan Grossman will lead the discussion.


♥We will also be showing some of the most effective parts of Years of Living Dangerously.


PLEASE NOTE:→ From 5:30 to 6:30pm we will demonstrate in Heritage Park across the street from Traditions.


For more information, contact Mary Abramson,



8) KOWA Live Show: QRC + MISSOULA + SUMMER = Robin Cutler (OLY), Pancakes (Missoula), Freaky Pup & Artistic Crisis (Bellingham)

Wednesday July 9th at 8 pm @ KOWA Studio, Behind Media Island, 816 Adams St SE


It’s a live show broadcasting over the airwaves of our beloved radical community radio station KOWA, 106.5 fm or streaming at !


From KOWA:


QRC + MISSOULA + SUMMER = Robin Cutler (OLY), Pancakes (Missoula), Freaky Pup & Artistic Crisis (Bellingham)


we are all really excited about this show as our friends A Band Called Pancakes(feat. Mikki of Missoula’s Needlecraft) are in town right at the same time as Queer Rock Camp. this is not any sort of official QRC show but some really awesome friends from Bellingham are in town for QRC and are super-stoked to play this show, alongside one of our favorite songwriters in Olympia, Robin Cutler. So come on over for a warm night of emerging talent and powerful songcrafters! The show will be broadcast on 106.5 KOWA-FM and streaming online at those who can’t make it to our comfy studios!


Saturday, June 9th at 8pm

at our KOWA Community Studios (816 Adams St SE)

bring a few bucks for the touring friends!


Pancakes (“electronic, ambient babe rock” from Missoula!)

***this is the latest project from Mikki of Needlecraft, Fagrag and Knot Knocked Up***


Freaky Pup (B’ham dreamy/danc’y self-care synth pop, Jammys from Rat Riot!)


Artistic Crisis (B’ham pop folk punk, 1/2 of Missoula’s The Scribblers)


Robin Cutler (Olympia songcrafter, formally B’ham)



9) Bonus Tip of the Week:


Expose some propaganda today.






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