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1) FYI Section: Port Proppants Warehouse Lease Expiring — No Word on New Negotiations

2) I-1329 and Olympia Move to Amend at Yelm Prairie Days Parade

3) Renegade Movie Night at the Well

4) Really Really Free Market

5) Missoula Invasion: Needlecraft (Missoula) Crow (Olympia) and Ham on Rye (Olympia)

6) Bonus Tip of the Week




Dishonourable Honour




Texan Priorities


Hey Kids!


Texas governor Rick Perry refused to sign on to Obama Care even though the feds pay for nearly all of it for a long time. Rick Perry doesn’t believe in spending a penny of public funds on health care for individuals.


However, Governor Perry is backing state funding of gay-conversion therapy.


He also compared being gay to being an alcoholic. He said that even if it is wired into your brain, that you can be an alcoholic who refuses to drink — and the same for being gay.


Wow. Pause.


Alcohol is a thoroughly deadly and highly addictive drug that induces violence, wrecks families, destroys lives, and it is directly responsible for tens of thousands of deaths every year. Alcohol abuse causes serious damage to literally every organ in your body except your inner ear. Withdrawing from alcohol addiction often kills people — and those it doesn’t kill often wish that it would. Alcohol devastates our culture and no other single causative factor is so closely linked with violence in our society.


As far as I know, the only social cost that being gay causes is that it brings discomfort to homophobes.




Black Kettles — Blacker Pots


Senator James Inhoffe accused Barack Obama of attempting to force Americans to live out the president’s ‘Green Dream’.


Wow. Pause.


That is just bizarre.


The only ‘Green Dream’ I can imagine connected in any way to Barack Obama would be if someone took John Stewart’s advice and started growing an ‘Obama’s Green Dream’ strain for the new pot stores.


It should be one of those downer-type Indica strains that first makes you stupid and then puts you to sleep.


(I’m a fan of Sativa ‘speed-weed’ strains myself, which has the opposite effect…)




Blackest Kettle


Speaking of bizarre: Dick Cheney is criticizing Barack Obama’s conduct of the Iraq Occupation.


Wow. Pause.


Is this clueless chutzpah or utter profound cosmic total absolute tone-deafness?



Speaking of bizarre: Did you know that Dick Cheney literally does not have a heart? This is absolutely true. His heart was replaced with a pump a few years ago.


This means that Dick Cheney literally no longer has a heartbeat. Dick Cheney no longer has a pulse.


Before this happened I couldn’t have ever imagined in a thousand years anything that would ever in a million years be able to make Dick Cheney even creepier than he already was…


As far as I can tell, Cheney is functioning completely normally without a heart.


I don’t think he used it much even when he had one.




Dishonourable Honour


In spite of being located in the most populous state in the union, my hometown — Ridgecrest, California — is about as far from anywhere else as you can be in the contiguous United States whilst still remaining anywhere at all. That is not the only anomaly. The town is called ‘Ridgecrest’ even though it sits in the bottom of a valley. The only reason Ridgecrest exists is because the feds built a naval base there in the 1940’s even though there is no ocean within 150 miles. The naval base is called ‘China Lake’ even though there is no lake. It is a military base but there are virtually no military personnel stationed there. Whilst I was experiencing the agony of my teenage-hood, the base was called the United States Naval Ordinance Tests Station [USNOTS] but the name has since been changed to the United States Naval Weapons Center [USNWC]. The USNWC is one of the places where the government spends serious cash inventing ways to kill lots of people. The Sidewinder Missile was invented at China Lake. Most of the population of Ridgecrest was employed in this field. Rather than military personnel, the China Lake/ Ridgecrest area is populated mostly by Civil Service scientists and engineers and such. My father was a radar engineer.


The USNWC sprawls out over California’s southeastern desert taking up more area than the State of Delaware. A large part of that area is used to blow stuff up. Ironically, since access to vast swaths of this desert is absolutely forbidden and since armed patrols enforce that edict, the areas where they don’t blow stuff up are undisturbed feral ecosystems.


Another factor in the local ecological reality is that back the 1930’s the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power — already a major political force in California politics even back then — swept through the Mono Lake Basin and the Owens Valley. They bought, bribed, and stole all the water using scandalous methods that are still controversial to this day. On one hand they have caused an environmental disaster by largely drying up a spectacular high-mountain salt lake called Mono Lake. Birds used to set up nests on the islands that aren’t islands anymore because the coyotes that can now get to the former islands couldn’t eat their eggs or chicks when the islands were still islands, but now they can so a valuable bird resource disappeared. In addition, vast swaths of former lakebed — covered with a fine alkaline dust made up of all kinds of weird minerals and stuff — blow up monstrous dust storms that blanket the entire surrounding area for hundreds of miles and cover the few residents who live in the area.


On the other hand, though the area has spectacular beauty it cannot be developed because there is no water even in the narrow strip of land between the Nevada border and the Sierra Nevada that has not been appropriated by the USNWC to blow stuff up.


All of this is leading up to a theme; please be patient.


Another factor in my slowly developing theme here is that this was at the time when ‘illicit drugs’ were becoming popular and lots of these educated middle-class all-American Civil Service yuppies were moving their teenagers from places like San Diego and Oakland to try to get their kids away from drugs; i.e. in order to get them away from drugs they moved them to a place where there was absolutely nothing for a teenager to do except to do drugs.


In 1969 my high school — Burroughs High School — had the highest percentage of admitted drug users of any high school in the State of California.


Ironically, we also had the best marching band in the State of California. I played drums in this band. I was already a ‘head’ by that point and I got a lot of flak from other heads for participating in an organized school activity, but our marching band kicked ass (we ran between our formations to a super-fast drum cadence) and I loved that crap. We once made a formation consisting of a carriage with turning wheels and we rolled off the football field.


I was the Third Chair drummer in the marching band. I tried out for a regional honour band — and I made First Chair amongst the best of all the other schools. (The First and Second Chairs in my band didn’t try out.)


In 1969 Burroughs won a band review for the best marching band in the State of California.


Beating on a drum really hard and really fast as you run around a football field in a choreographed masterpiece with 80 other kids is very therapeutic, I also might add.


Then, the band instructor — Earl Sherburne — went back to his alma mater, the University of Michigan, and he was replaced with a very nice Christian gentleman named Mr. Parker who was possibly the most boring teacher I ever had. In spite of widespread consternation, Mr. Parker stopped our famous ‘fast march’ for he was a dedicated fan of the ‘slow march’. He also was not a fan of massive choreographed moving formations with cutting-edge rockin’ music.


He liked John Phillip Sousa, if you can believe that.


Mr. Parker thus single-handedly destroyed the best marching band in the State of California.


I was going through my own changes at the time too. For a period of about two years (age 15-16) I hung out with a kid named Eddie Adams. Eddie’s big brother was the president of an outlaw motorcycle club out of Las Vegas called the Gents. Thus, for this period I became a ‘kid they let hang around’ and I spent much of that time partying with bikers.


Which finally brings me to the point: These bikers had an extensive and strict Code of Honour that they lived by. It was a Code of Honour that was sick perverted sexist misogynistic violent and senseless — but it was their Code and they were living by it.


Since they adhered to this Code of Honour, they considered themselves to be good people. Brothers who violated the Code were bad people — and depending upon who it was and depending upon what they did, they may be shunned — if not much worse.


I am thinking that possibly the corporate monsters have some sick Code of their own, and they think they are also good people as long as they follow their perverted Code…



Speaking of Codes of Honour — or the lack of same — Ahmed Chalabi was an Iraqi expatriate that crawled out from under some Middle Eastern rock and discovered that he was a born CIA asset. Mr. Chalabi was the central source for the Bush administration’s assertion that Iraq had WMD’s. Mr. Chalabi was the ‘asset’ that produced the liar that was the source for Bush’s lie that got us into the Iraq invasion and occupation. Mr. Chalabi is a sneaky opportunistic CIA slime-ball.


There is buzz that Mr. Chalabi is now the favourite of the Obama people to be the next token puppet on the throne in Iraq.


Here is a quote from Mr. Chalabi when a journalist questioned him about his lie:


We are heroes in error. …as far as we’re concerned, we’ve been entirely successful. That tyrant Saddam is gone, and the Americans are in Baghdad. What was said before is not important.”


So according to Mr. Chalabi’s Code of Honour — or lack of same — it is perfectly acceptable to help lie the United States into a 10-year war that was utterly disastrous to everyone involved except war contractors — this is perfectly fine as long as you get what you want. “What was said before is not important.”


Really? Not important to whom?




Avoiding Repercussions


One of the biker ‘rules’ that I had trouble adhering to was the proscription against falling asleep on the first night of a run. This was more a tradition than an actual Code violation, but the repercussions could be memorable. If they liked you then you might wake to find a dozen very drunk bikers pissing on you. If they didn’t like you, you may wake up to find yourself on fire or hanging by your ankles or something along those lines. (Some of these gentlemen had quite vivid imaginations…)


Everyone who knows me knows that I jerk awake at a ridiculously early hour and, after a cup of coffee and a brief orientation, I am ready for action whereupon I tend to go full bore all day — and then at usually around 9 pm I run out of gas and I become like everyone else is first thing in the morning.


Thus, during my ‘biker days’ (tongue in cheek there) I had to learn to hide myself very well before passing out on the first night of a run.




Wikileaks Takes a Leak on Wall Street!


This is important: Wikileaks has exposed some of the newest ‘trade’ negotiations that are going on behind our backs without our knowledge input or consent.


To condense the story, the Banksters are still trying to take over the world.


Surprise, surprise.


They are employing all kinds of malevolent little tricks and secret nastiness to prevent us from preventing them from looting what little is still left of our planet.


I’m shocked.


From Democracy Now:


…the draft has been classified to keep it clandestine, not only during the negotiations, but also for five years post-enactment. According to the leaked text, TISA aims to cement the extreme deregulatory model of the 1990s by forbidding countries from improving financial regulation. The draft Financial Services Annex would also establish rules favorable to the expansion of financial multinationals into other nations by preventing regulatory obstacles.


In addition to all the predictable fascist crap, did you catch that part about the negotiations being kept secret for five years after enactment?


Just wanted to make sure you saw that. I’ve never heard of that trick before and I think it is a new twisty twist in their game; now we won’t even know which criminal to lay the blame on…


Like bikers, some of these guys also have very active imaginations.



As usual, Amy’s crew over to Democracy Now has the best and most extensive coverage:


Don’t go there if you have high blood pressure, though.




Heart Breaker: Egypt


I didn’t include Egypt in last week’s new feature ‘Heart Breakers’ because I didn’t know the capacity of my audience to withstand such an assault upon their hearts. Possibly some of you have broken-heart conditions.


I haven’t been writing about Egypt much at all lately because I am so bummed about the way that turned out and I am disgusted. The Egyptian Machine pulled one of the oldest tricks in the book: If you can’t beat them, then just wear them out by attrition as you slowly take over their organizations.


i.e. the Egyptian Machine simply wore out the revolution. They consciously undermined Morsi’s rule and they maintained chaos and uncertainty as Morsi hung himself by his own petard anyway and finally the people were so sick of everything that they were ready to embrace anyone who could make it all stop.


The US Department of State is supposed to be the diplomatic arm of our government. Instead, it is now headed by an ex-peace activist who used our movement to make himself famous before selling us and our movement down the river. He is now Obama’s head War Monger. I loathe John Kerry with a particular virulence for this reason. I can’t stand to hear his voice or see his picture. Both experiences make me want to start beating my head on a wall and ripping my hair out. I consider John Kerry to be one of the vilest lowest pieces of putrid fecal decay on this planet.


When the Egyptian military overthrew a democratically elected government and installed a police state, Obama’s people did everything they could to wriggle out of imposing the legally required sanctions for doing this — but the pressure was on and so eventually they slapped Egypt’s hand and suspended some off the massive aid of which Egypt is the fortunate recipient every year. (They are second only to Israel as foreign suckers upon the American taxpayer teat, in fact.)


Kerry just visited Egypt and promised to renew all the aid even though Egypt yet remains a brutal and oppressive totalitarian dictatorship.


Then — the day after Kerry praised the Egyptians as one of our very goodest buddies again — the Egyptian courts sentenced three respected and credentialed Al Jazeera reporters to 7-to-10 years in prison for doing their jobs. All observers on the scene universally agree that not one shred of actual evidence was produced in this sham of a ‘trial’.


As the storm troopers were retrieving the reporters from the literal cage that defendants in Egyptian courtrooms must sit in during proceedings, one of the reporters cried out, “Where is John Kerry?”


I would advise that gentleman not to hold his breath waiting for John Kerry to come riding to the rescue — and in fact I am highly suspicious of the timing of all this (the verdict comes the very day after Kerry announced that Egypt was going to get the cash? Really?)


Not only will Kerry fail to ride to the rescue but I highly suspect that Kerry used him as a political chip and sold him down the river.



Next day: John Kerry — from Jordan — just expressed outrage over the sentences of the Al Jazeera reporters. Kerry said nothing about any repercussions to our very goodest buddies in the Egyptian military Machine — and I can guarantee you that there will be none — but Kerry sure wagged his finger at them!


They’d better straighten up and watch out or they might soon find themselves getting hit with a strongly worded statement!



John Kerry expressing outrage over the oppression of journalists makes me want to start beating my head on a wall and ripping my hair out.


That’s not as good as Cheney criticizing Obama, but it’s in the same spirit.




Fake Populism


And speaking of the Machine taking over revolutionary movements, another trick is to put forth someone who pretends they are on our side while actually they are there to pacify and shut us up. For several presidential elections, both Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich ran for president spouting populist messages to appeal to the grassroots right and the grassroots left respectively. Then, when it was obvious they weren’t going to win, Mr. Paul and Mr. Kucinich would both drop out and tell their followers to support whichever corporate fascist that the Republicans and Democrats were fielding. Their job was to fire up the base and get them to the polls even if they don’t really like the candidate that much. The only argument they ever really make when they bow out is that the other side is even worse and we should support the Republicans or the Democrats because they are the lesser of the two evils.


They never mention that the lesser of two evils is still evil.


This link will take you to a very good article on fake populism:




Anti Semitic Jews


The Presbyterian Church just divested from several companies that do business in the Occupied Territories.


I love it when Zionists accuse anyone that criticizes Israel of being anti-Semitic because Israeli policies have done more to bolster anti-Semitism than anyone since the Nazis has managed to do. Now all the true anti-Semites can point to Israel and say, “See? We have been right about the Jews the whole time!”


I don’t know about nationally, but I do know that our local Olympia branch of the BDS movement is made up mostly of Jews, several of whom are personal friends of mine.


So I guess my friends are anti-Semitic Jews?



It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of June 26th thru July 2nd 2014




1) FYI Section: Port Proppants Warehouse Lease Expiring — No Word on New Negotiations


The contract for the controversial warehouse that holds the proppants that ship through the Port of Olympia is in July. A friend of mine tried to investigate how negotiations for a new contract were going and she could not find any information. I have obtained a copy of the old contract from my friend and I will be happy to send it to anyone who might be interested and/or I can put you in touch with my friend should you want more information about this.



2) I-1329 and Olympia Move to Amend at Yelm Prairie Days Parade

Thursday June 26th from 5 to 8 pm @ Yelm CoOp/Gordons, 308 Yelm Ave E, Yelm 98597


This is part of the last-minute push to take I-1329 over the top.


From M2A:


I-1329 and Olympia MOVE TO AMEND at Yelm Prairie Days Parade


Thursday, June 26, 2014


5:00PM – 8:00PM

Short Description:

Join local volunteers to gather signatures for I-1329 from Yelm Prairie Days parade spectators.


Yelm Co-op/Gordon’s

308 Yelm Ave E

Yelm, Washington 98597

Contact Information:

Florence Vincent 360-264-6055,


Join us to gather signatures for I-1329*.  We’ll meet at the parking lot shared by the Yelm Food Co-op and Gordon’s Garden Center at 308 E Yelm Ave (98597).   We’ll have an info. table at the Co-op’s beer and brats event and also gather signatures from the parade spectators BEFORE the parade starts at 7:00p down Yelm Ave. Join us whenever you are able.   If you arrive by 5:00, you should be able to park relatively closely, but Yelm Ave. will be shut down for the parade (at 6:00p?), so know that you may have an easier time finding parking if you come earlier rather than later.


*I-1329 urges our state’s Congressional delegation to propose amending the Constitution to clarify that Constitutional rights apply to natural persons not corporations and to authorize greater regulation of political contributions and expenditures. For more about I-1329 see WAmend’s website



3) Renegade Movie Night at the Well

Friday June 27th at 9 pm @ the Artesian Well, off 4th Ave and between Adams and Jefferson Streets


Its name says it all! Check it out!


From Rita:


Renegade Movie Night at The Well


The city has a vision for the artesian well. They want to turn it into another space for businesses, for shoppers to hang out, another space cleared out of poor people. They have renovated the lot, put in lights so that people can’t do what they need to do in the dark, put in speakers with music that plays all night, so that no one can rest there. They lock the toilet after the businesses close in hopes that it will only be used by shoppers.


They have named it the “Artesian Commons”,


but we all know that commons are free and open spaces,


spaces determined by the people who are connected to them not by the government and not by money.


Come watch:

Over the Edge


“New Grenada is a planned community set in the desert where there is nothing for the kids to do, save for a rec center – which closes at 6 PM. The parents, in their zeal to attract industry to their town, have all but neglected their children. As a result, the kids begin to create their own entertainment, which involves vandalism, theft, and general hooliganism. During an incident when one of the kids brandishes an unloaded gun at town cop Ed Doberman, he is shot and killed. When the parents gather the next night to discuss the killing and the level of lawlessness among the youth, they soon find out that their kids have had all they can take.”


take back space

against gentrification

against capitalism

against the state



4) Really Really Free Market

Sunday July 29th from 1 pm to 4 pm @ Sylvester Park, Legion Way and Capitol Way


The Really Really Free Market makes its 2014 debut! Yippee!


It’s poking capitalism with a stick! Take what you want! Bring what you don’t want!


From RRFM:


Free music, food, comedy. We’ll be setting up the Really free market, a free gift economy in action, in which you bring things you’d like to give away and take what you want.



5) Missoula Invasion: Needlecraft (Missoula) Crow (Olympia) and Ham on Rye (Olympia)

Tuesday July 1st at 8 pm @ KOWA Studio, behind Media Island, 816 Adams St SE


It’s another live KOWA broadcast!


From KOWA:


MISSOULA INVASION: Needlecraft (Missoula), Crow (Olympia) and Ham on Rye (Olympia)


COME ON OUT FOR THIS WHOPPER! great local artists and songwriters along with some amazing folks from Missoula, Montana (the Olympia of the Rocky Mountains). Locals Crow and Ham on Rye will be joined by….


NEEDLECRAFT (of Wantage Records)


The stellar garage pop / surf punk band Needlecraft (Wantage Records) are set to invade the PNW with their scruffy tunes and vocal swagger. They are the perfect sort of band that has you bobbing your head and singing along to to their hauntingly drenched pop melodies and crunchy rhythms! Songwriter Mikki (also from Fag Rag, Pancakes and Knot Knocked Up) has a powerful talent of writing totally autobiographical lyrics about the most weird and offensive (often dude-oriented) human behavior and characters around. Listening to Needlecraft might inspire you to subvert the masculine paradigm and then quickly move on to the HUMAN paradigm, as well. All the while whistling along to poppy melodies and dancy beats.


also playing are the killer locals:


CROW (aka Susan Crow, Oly boggy banjo spells)


HAM ON RYE (aka Kate, Taylor & Will formally of Missoula)


July 1st at 8pm at Media Island International / Kowa Lpfm Olympia

(816 Adams St SE)

bring a couple bucks for the touring band!



6) Bonus Tip of the Week:


Be honourable.







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