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1) FYI Section

   1A) Update from the West Central Park Project

   1B) TC Pro Net Seeking Candidate Questions for TC Pro Net Town Hall Picnic in July

2) Olympia DamNation Premiere

3) Summer Lovin’: A Poetry Open-Mic Series Feat with Roma Raye

4) Move to Amend Meeting: I-1329 Signature Gathering Falling Short — Last Minute Push

5) Bonus Tip of the Week



Heart Breakers




Hey Kids!


So there are only three events on the calendar this week — and all three are on the same day and at the same time!


Ah, yes; those famous Olympia Summertime Blues…




Fun Ordinary Guys


Last week I strongly recommended that you watch The Act of Killing, which is now streaming on Netflix.


You can find the details of the movie here:


I have a couple of more things to say about this movie: A few weeks ago I wrote about Hannah Arendt, who coined the term “the banality of evil” whilst writing about the Adolf Eichmann trial.


I am afraid that The Act of Killing demonstrates that banality in a manner and with a power that Ms. Arendt could never have dreamed of achieving.


Besides the advanced tech that Ms. Arendt didn’t have access to, there is also the fact that Eichmann was on trial for his life whilst these Indonesian Death Squad guys are still there and still in power. That is why they can be so honest: They are immune to repercussions. They are, in fact, celebrated as heroes in Indonesia.


The Werner Herzog brand of the ‘ecstatic truth’ is at definitely at play here.


The Act of Killing is sort of a documentary, but I sort of hesitate to call it that because it is absolutely unlike any other documentary I’ve ever seen. The Act of Killing is a documentary about some amateurs who are themselves making a documentary with the help of the Americans — but the amateurs in this case happen to be members of an Indonesian Death Squad who have personally murdered many thousands of people.


I am writing about The Act of Killing again because this movie has had an aftereffect; numerous unforgettable images have been indelibly impressed upon my brain and there are a couple more things I’d like to say about it.


First, I would like to repeat this: The Act of Killing is the scariest goddamned movie I have ever seen. Along with scenes of happy laughing guys demonstrating how they mass-murdered women and children, scenes of Indonesian government sponsored anti-Communist rallies also thoroughly chill the blood. The director, Joshua Oppenheimer, and producer Werner Herzog, create an otherworldly atmosphere absolutely unlike any other that I have ever experienced and — showing true art on numerous levels — one of several Oppenheimer strokes of genius is that during the entire expanse of this epic you never once hear a single Western voice nor see a single Western face. The entire story is literally told from the point of view of Indonesians themselves and — again — it features a bunch of mass murderers who — when they aren’t killing thousands of people — and when they aren’t haunted by their own nightmares — mostly seem like ordinary guys who would be fun to party with.


That ‘banality of evil’ so vividly and bizarrely demonstrated here is what makes this the scariest goddamned movie I have ever seen.




Media Machine Flunks Turing Test


The Media Machine recently reported that a computer had passed the ‘Turing Test, i.e. that 33% of people could not differentiate between the computer and an actual human during online chats.


ALL of the usual Media Machine suspects breathlessly reported this as fact. The fact that the breakthrough came on Turing’s birthday made the story all the more poignant.


It turns out that the test was rigged and the ‘evidence’ was completely bogus.


So instead of a computer passing the Turing Test, the Media Machine instead flunked their own ‘Turing Test’: They couldn’t differentiate between a real story and a manufactured one.




Psychological Profile


Consider what kind of person would actually want the job of being president of the United States. Then, consider the kind of person that is both willing and able to run the insane gauntlet that must be navigated in order to actually achieve the office.


When I consider these things then I come to the conclusion that a desire to be the president of the United States should disqualify you for the job.




Regular Folks


The CIA is now tweeting.


Their first tweet was this: “We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet.”


Oh, how heartwarming! They actually took a minute from their drug dealing and from torturing and murdering families and from overthrowing elected democracies and replacing them with fascist military dictatorships — they actually took a break from all of that to make a joke!


Ha, ha, ha! What funny guys they are!


I guess they’re just regular folks too…




Another Wrong Here and Another Wrong There
Another Right Bites the Dust…


In a bold move against the scourge of those subversive backyard chicken-farmers and beekeepers — those dangerous anarchists and terrorists who dare threaten the profits of the Monsanto Monopoly Machine — thanks to the radical Republicans that Michigan residents elected to run their state government for them, said Michigan residents have just lost their ‘right to farm’!


I haven’t checked it out but this foul odour renders in me thoughts of ALEC and/or Monsanto…


(That metaphorical smile you may see on Monsanto’s face is not inspired by humor, by the way — no, that smile’s muse is the great boon this law will provide to the dream of monopoly control of the world’s entire food supply that Monsanto is getting ever so closer to achieving! Do not mistake Monsanto’s smile for a joyous smile; Monsanto’s smile is inspired by the thrill of glee that a predator feels whenever new prey suddenly comes into view…)


As implied by the description, up until now the residents of Michigan had a legal right to use their land for farm activities if they so wished. I am thinking this was probably a reactionary reaction to city slickers polluting the pure country lifestyle of a bunch of anal-retentive purists — but I love the idea nonetheless. And who knows? Maybe it was written into Michigan state law by some wise bygone lawmakers who were aware of the advantages conveyed by self-sufficiency in your local economy…


No more. Now the right-wing nutcases have done away with the ‘right to farm’. Now local jurisdictions can make laws forbidding small farm-type activities.


Michigan resident Kim White, who keeps chickens and rabbits, said, “They don’t want us little guys feeding ourselves. They want us to go all to the big farms. They want to do away with small farms and I believe that is what’s motivating it.”



Ah! Another wacko conspiracy theorist!


They’re coming out of the woodwork these days! And I tell ya’, these young whippersnappers have no respect for us old timer conspiracy theorists who’ve been yelling about this stuff for decades now…


…actually, that hardly happens at all. I get a lot of props from a lot of kids.


I’ve heard people say stuff like that though…


…and yes, Ms. White; that is indeed exactly “what’s motivating it”…




No Damned Dam


There is some good news this week, for environmental activists have scored a major victory in Chile: The infamous plan to construct five massive dams in the Patagonian wilderness has been shot down by the Chilean government.




The Cure for Suppression


150 years after the end of slavery and 50 years after passage of the voting rights act, there is still major suppression of the votes of people of colour happening.


Ben Jealous, ex-head of the NAACP, has the cure: Massive voter registration drives in key southern states. They worked back in the 60’s and Mr. Jealous insists that it can work again. Mr. Jealous claims that several southern states could become Democratic if such campaigns were successful. Mr. Jealous claims that this can be accomplished by spending a few tens-of-millions of dollars — which is pocket change in the modern political milieu.


I believe that Mr. Jealous knows what he is talking about.


So what are they waiting for?




Heartbreaker: Nuba


The Sudanese government is trying to root out some insurgents in some mountains. They have adopted the same policy that was employed by the American forces in Vietnam, i.e. making sure that you kill all of your enemies by simply killing everyone who happens to be in the area.


The Sudanese government is conducting a massive bombing campaign upon these mountains that is evidently aimed at anyone and everyone who happens to live there. This has created a massive human-rights crisis, but — since once again the victims are black Africans and since Sudan is a ‘friend’ of the American government — this bombing campaign is being completely ignored by the Media Machine.


The only reason anyone knows anything about this at all is because it is not being ignored by a western reporter named Ryan Boyette who happened to marry a Nuban woman a few years ago and who now happens to live in Nuba. Though he chose to evacuate his own family, he has chosen to remain on the ground himself so that he can report on the brutal bombing campaign.


Go here to learn about yet another massive outrage that is being completely ignored:




Heartbreaker: Iraq


Just last week I made a joke about how no situation is ever so bad that it can’t be made even worse by an American military intervention.


Events have since provided a classic case in point: Iraq.


Saddam Hussein was a brutal American-backed dictator who had no problem torturing and murdering any and all political opposition that he could lay his hands on. He had no problem with killing millions in a thoroughly savage multi-year war with Iran over bull-pucky and then he used chemical weapons (that he purchased through the CIA) against his own people.


That said, under Mr. Hussein — as long as you avoided politics — the average Iraqi enjoyed one of the highest standards of living in the Middle East. Iraq was a wealthy and vibrant country with top-notch educational opportunities and with near-equal rights (and the same lack of the same rights) for women. Iraqi scholars were right up there with the best of them. The social services and the health care were excellent.


Then, Saddam pissed off his American sponsors for some reason and they turned on him. George Bush literally lied us into an illegal war in the face of the largest protests in human history whereupon the United States proceeded to spend several hundred-billion dollars converting Iraq from a prosperous industrious nation into a smoking crater. They destroyed the physical and social infrastructures killed hundreds of thousands and displaced literally millions. Many of these displaced became homeless refugees in foreign countries. All of the most educated and resourceful Iraqis who managed to survive and that had the wherewithal to leave Iraq did so.


What the Americans left was a completely devastated Third World country ripe for looting by the oil companies and by American contractors — and ripe for radical hatred of the West in general and the United States in particular. The titular head of Iraq is an American backed dictator that everyone who actually lives there hates even though he belatedly stood up to the Americans and refused to sign the Status of Forces Agreement [SOFA] that gave American soldiers complete legal immunity for any crime committed upon Iraqis.


Before the Americans came along there were no radical Islamists in Iraq. Saddam Hussein hated them. He actively and successfully persecuted them with great vigour.


Now — thanks to the devastation and chaos wrought by the Americans — radical Islamists that I have heard described as making al Qaida seem moderate by comparison have seized control of northwestern Iraq and they are seriously threatening Bagdad itself.


In addition, the Kurds have seized control of their section of northern Iraq.


Obama is helpless. They are so desperate that they are now teaming up with our old buddy Iran to try to stop the Islamist forces. (Senator Lindsay Graham warned Iran, though, not to use this crisis to try to transform Iraq into an Iranian satellite nation! Iran needs to understand that Iraq is our satellite nation!) In another ironic twist, our good buddy Saudi Arabia is on the side of the militants and there are rumours that they are involved on the other side…


What this means is that after all that money blood terror horror and devastation we spent on Bush’s vile war, the very thing that that this war was supposed to prevent — and a thing that hadn’t actually been happening in the first place — is now actually happening for real as a result of the American actions. There is the definite possibility that radical American-hating Islamist forces are going to take control of Iraq. The American trained Iraqi forces evidently threw down their weapons and ran away en-masse. They left all of their American-taxpayer funded arsenals and weaponry behind. They left all of their banks full of American taxpayer cash behind. That means that your tax dollars just funded and armed this insurrection — and there appears to be absolutely nothing that anyone can do about it. Obama’s utter impotence in this situation is equal to both his and Bush’s responsibility for creating it, and while it is maddening in one sense — in yet another sense his helplessness is rather heartening as this is yet another indication (along with our stopping Obama’s Syrian Madness in its tracks a few months ago) that the War Machine is not nearly as omnipotent as it pretends to be.




Heartbreaker: Honduras


Shortly after taking office Barack Obama emulated his self-declared role model Ronald Reagan by overthrowing a popular and democratically elected government in Honduras and replacing it with a bunch of right-wing militarist butchers — i.e. graduates of the School of the Americas.


Then, Obama further emulated Reagan by lying to us about it.


With American taxpayer support, the Obama-backed coup has transformed Honduras into the murder capital of the world and one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists environmentalists and union organizers. (Obama’s other good-buddy Columbia is still number one in all those categories.)




Heartbreaker: Africa


Now that the ominous and baleful Eye of Mordor — er, I mean the Eye of the American Machine — has fallen upon Africa — and since the War on Drugs is becoming so unpopular in Central and South America these days — then the drug warriors have decided to…


…expand the War on Drugs into Africa!


The ‘West Africa Cooperative Security Initiative’ will reportedly bring the same model used in Central America and Mexico to 15 African countries — evidently because it has been working so well there.


Boy, I previously warned the Africans to head for the hills when I heard about the formation of AFRICOM, but now they’d better start building bomb shelters and stocking up on non-perishables if the War on Drugs is coming to their neighborhood!


How happy for Africa! Now they not only have their very own American military command (AFRICOM) (which had to be headquartered in Europe because no African country would allow it within their borders) but Africa will also soon begin reaping the effects of America’s War on Drugs! Now guns money murder and mayhem will begin contributing to Africa’s economy and culture! Now the CIA will have an in to begin conducting their unique brand of foreign policy by murder bribery torture and coup on a serious scale upon African soil! Yippee!



It’s time to get to work…



The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of June 19th thru June 25th 2014




1) FYI Section:


1A) Update from the West Central Park Project


Alicia has purchased the pharmacy right next to the park and she’s going to convert it into a coffee shop/ café!


From Alicia:


Hello WCP’ers-


Exciting doings brewing up at the park!  We will be having our regular work party this Sunday, June 15 from 10 to 1.  We will be working on lots of things and lots of last minute event primping.  Our June Jubilee is coming up next Saturday and we want the park to look sharp, and reflect all of our hard work this spring.  Come on out with your gloves and grins and we will supply the rest. Hope to see you there!


In other news I have signed a contract to buy the DeGarmo Pharmacy building. The building will be home to a cafe that will service the park directly and will include a small commercial kitchen that will be able to support any food carts that the Park hosts. It’s an exciting development for WCP and one that we have been hoping for for a while. From the beginning, the WCPP plan was to have a park cafe that could help keep the Park in the red far into the future. Having the cafe at DeGarmo’s is even better than having a new cafe on park grounds, because there is paved parking and potential access from Cushing Street built in to the pharmacy parking. Exciting!


Stay up to date at work parties, checking this email, or checking on our website in the upcoming months to find out more.


June Jubilee and Artisan Expo is upon us!  Next Saturday, June 21st from 12-4. the park will host its second annual summer solstice event.  Demonstrations of skills and crafts will be in the booths, and music and food will also be able throughout the event. Let us know if you want to be involved in any way! We need you.


Thanks all and hope to see you soon!




1B) TC Pro Net Seeking Candidate Questions for TC Pro Net Town Hall Picnic in July


From TC Pro Net:


Every year, we host an annual town hall picnic and invite all the local candidates who are running for office. We ask a series of questions developed by a knowledgeable committee. This year, instead of forming a committee, we’re turning to you. What questions would you like to hear our candidates answer? Questions will be put into a hat and drawn at random.Submit yours today by clicking here! Please include if your question is office specific. 


Let us know that you’ll be attending by sending an RSVP to

You can register in advance and pay the suggested $10 donation online by clicking here! (Just a note: the online ticket fee is included in the $10 — no extra charge to you!)

And on that note, to pull off our 10th annual event, we need about a dozen FABulous volunteers! Please, if you’re able to lend a few hours to this event, let us know by emailing us at

The TC Pro-Net Team



2) Olympia DamNation Premiere

Thursday June 19th at 6:30 pm @ Capitol Theater, 206 5th Ave SE


Come educate yourself about the damned dams.


From the Save our Wild Salmon:


$8.50 General Admission/$5.50 OFS members. Panel discussion after the film. Buy tickets here:


Don’t miss this award-winning film capturing the growing national movement to remove dams to restore rivers, fisheries and communities. Featuring the Elwha and Condit dam removals as well as the growing call to remove the four lower Snake River dams in eastern Washington.


Sponsored by Save Our Wild Salmon, Deschutes Estuary Restoration Team, Warehouse Rock Gym, EarthJustice, Emerald River Anglers and Mountaineers Foundation and Wild River Anglers.



3) Summer Lovin’: A Poetry Open-Mic Series Feat with Roma Raye

Thursday June 19th at 6:30 pm @ Café Love, 205 4th Ave E


Radical poetry!


From Daniel:


Got a story to tell this summer? Lookin’ to spit some verse in Olympia? Really love microphones, especially poetically open ones? HAVE WE GOT A SHOW FOR YOU!


Starting Thursday, June 19th, OGPC is hosting a weekly poetry open-mic at Cafe Love. Sign-ups are at 6:30.


The admission’s only $3-$7 sliding scale (no one gets turned away for lack of cash) to help pay the featured poet of the week. Every week will be graced by a different Cascadia poet from Seattle, Portland, maybe even Mars! (that last one seems a little less likely…)


The kick-off open-mic features Roma Raye:


“Roma Raye is a teacher, parent, partner, burly butch poet who lives in a little house in the suburbs of Seattle. She has a best friend who she make pacts with when things get to be too much. Roma reads comic books, believes in Disneyland, owns a little faith and keep her confidence stashed in an old tin lunch box. She is currently accepting applications from places that wish to employ her.”


Old Growth Poetry Collective is hosting a weekly poetry open-mic! Sign-ups start 6:30, poetry at 7. The mics open for eight or slots, anyone can sign up, followed by a weekly feature from Seattle, Portland, or Spokane. It’s a $3-$7 sliding scale admission.


We’re bringing spoken word to Olympia! Come be a part of it!


Schedule of Features for Summer:


6/19 Roma Raye (

6/26 Cecily Schuler

7/3 Robert Lashley

7/10 Rebecca Jennings

7/17 Elisa Catrina

7/24 Lauren Gilmore

7/31 Chris Leja

8/7 Michael Hodges

8/14 Imani Sims

8/21 Garfield Hilson

8/28 Tara Hardy



4) Move to Amend Meeting: I-1329 Signature Gathering Falling Short — Last Minute Push

Thursday June 18th at 6:30 pm @ Thurston County Courthouse, 2000 Lakeridge Dr NW


From M2A:


maybe our last olympia move to amend meeting is tomorrow…fate and time will tell

 we meet at 630pm, 2000 lakeridge drive olympia 98501, room 152.

we are down to two weeks till the deadline for submitting I-1329 petitions.

we have done well at events like the farmers market and ouucc but still need to tap friends…and friends of friends and walk the neighborhoods to reach those who have not heard.

we need 100k signatures in the time remaining…….…and if in the remaining two weeks,  all 15 groups affiliated with WAmend and all their volunteers can gather  signatures at about twice the rate we have gathered signatures in the last two weeks, we could put 1329 on the ballot…but

but  i have to be honest, the current trajectory of our rate of signature gathering does not put us over the top.

i for one will be gathering signatures right up to the deadline

michael savoca
chair, olympia-move-to-amend




5) Bonus Tip of the Week:


Help mend a broken heart this week.







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