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1) FYI Section:

1A) Olympia FOR on your TV and your Computer!

1B) Volunteers Needed to Table for Hemp Foods

1C) Collecting Signatures for I-1329

2) O.U.T Once Upon a Time

3) Denver Lively-Hatcher at Orca Books

4) Green Party of Washington Spring Gathering

5) POWER Outage Ice Cream Social

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Confessions of an Apostate




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Hey Kids!


A dyslexic man walks into a bra and says, “I was wondering why the baseball was getting bigger — and then it hit me!”






June 3rd passed without much note even though that was the date that Billy Joe McAllister jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge.




Confessions of an Apostate


A lot of people don’t like what I say; that is the price for telling uncomfortable truths. There are several prominent liberals in this town who know what I do and who know that selling Real Change is how I finance what I do and to whom $2 is not that big a deal, especially spending $2 to purchase an award winning newspaper that covers very important stories and issues you won’t see anywhere else — yet they regularly walk right by me and I suspect this is because I am a leftist (mostly) who tells the truth about Obama and the Democrats.


To the Obama-bots I am even worse than a Republican: I am an Apostate.


On the other hand, a lot of people get what I am saying and then join the Revolution; that is the reward for telling uncomfortable truths.


During the last presidential election I spent a lot of time on left-wing websites trashing Democrats and on right-wing websites trashing Republicans. Overall, the Republicans tended to respond with canned talking-points that they were obviously reading from some website somewhere as they all said the same thing using the same phraseology and their canned talking points usually had little if anything to do with actual reality — but the right-wingers rarely devolved into snarky jokes or personal insults.


The Democrats, on the other hand, almost invariably ignored my facts, refused to engage my arguments, and instead called me a wide variety of highly uncomplimentary nouns draped with numerous very colourful and descriptive adjectives topped off with some very evocative and imaginative adverbs.


During many of these battles, though, there was often at least one and sometime even more than one person on more than one occasion who got it and who then started checking stuff out from the radical perspective…


Anyway, last Saturday, after I woke up at 4 am just like usual and after I had drunk my first cup of coffee whilst enjoying the unique quietude of very early morning just like usual and thinking about life the universe and everything just like usual — after my just like usual morning ritual and when my usual creative time usually ensues I found myself utterly burned out on anything to do in any way with any Thunderbolt related anything of any kind. The mere thought of anything Thunderbolt just wilted my lettuce — and so instead I decided to visit Rachel Maddow’s Facebook page and pick some fights with some Democrats.


First, I did my stump-speech complete with links to sources irrefutably proving that the Democratic Party was a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldman $achs and that Obama is installing a fascist police state. I provided a link to the St. Pete for Peace website; St. Pete for Peace is by far the most thorough documenter of Obama perfidy of anyone of whom I am aware — and I pay attention.


When one of them called the credibility of St. Pete into question (I am sure without having even visited) I challenged any of them to counter a single fact that St. Pete presents. I explained that this might be difficult since St. Pete provides links to source material for every single one of their many many pages of facts.


And what was the comeback from Rachel Maddow fans? One respondent made a snarky and very lame (in my opinion) joke about having just escaped from an Obama concentration camp. Another politely apologized, as liberals are wont to do, and then with reason and patience, as liberals are also wont to do, he delineated to me for my own edification, as liberals are in addition so wont to do, the numerous indications and signs revealing the fact that I was engaged in all of the classic troll behaviours.


It reminded me of the guy who admitted he hardly knew me before launching into a three-page psychoanalysis proving what a piece of feces I was underneath my pleasant teddy-bear thunderbolt-hurling exterior.


No one of Rachel’s fans even mentioned much less challenged a single one of my facts. One of them challenged St. Pete for Peace’s credibility but I gave their challenge no credibility. Rather than challenging me, the most substantive argument I saw accused me of ‘splitting the left into factions’ — which argument might seem compelling because there is a lot of truth to it, but which overall is about as substantive an argument as a patch of snow on a hot sunny day.


Then, as liberals are also wont to do, an administrator came onto the thread and explained that he could not monitor the thread in real time at the moment but that if anyone thought that I — who had done absolutely nothing but present facts — and that I — who had been called insulting personal names in response — and that I — who had then responded to their name calling by nothing more than by presenting more facts — he told the regulars on the thread that if I became ‘abusive or personal’ to let him know and he would have me banned from the page.


When I pointed out to this gentleman that it was I who had done absolutely nothing but present facts and had that it had been I who had been called insulting personal names in response and that it had been I that had then responded to their name calling by nothing more than by presenting more facts — he responded to this by saying that he was there to protect me too. I thanked him for his belated offer of protection but let him know that I was fully capable of protecting myself, thank you, and that I am actually well pleased when people respond to my facts by calling me childish names because that means they have no challenge to my facts nor counters to my arguments and thus they reinforce both.


During all this, the Thunderbolt gained three new fans and since my radio show happened to be coming on the air right at the time I sent a link to the whole thread so they could listen…


Ah, ye vile corrupter of Rachel Maddow fans!






Flanking the Maginot Line


Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchener told the IMF to stick it where the sun don’t shine; Argentina directly negotiated with creditor countries to pay off their debts rather than selling their country’s soul to the IMF middle-man devil.


Why other countries haven’t done this before?


Here is a quote from Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchener:


It’s the first time in the history of the Paris Club that a country in our conditions has negotiated with a multilateral body without the intervention of the International Monetary Fund, and without giving up the autonomy that a sovereign country should have, and which reveals to us that when we’re allowed to grow, when we’re allowed to develop our own policies, that when we’re allowed to generate jobs and employment, the conditions exist to honor one’s commitments and take charge of its debt. We’re not, as the vultures say, serial debtors. They, the international financial capitalists, are serial predators not just on our economy but of many economies in the world.



Well said! You go girl!




Plastic vs. Humanity!


Humanity finds itself under serious assault from several directions at once. Recently we were shocked and outraged over the fact that Plastic has taken over vast swaths of both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. As always when catastrophe actually strikes, you can count upon our stalwart national leaders to step up to the plate and boldly promise strong and decisive action before actually doing absolutely nothing about it.


Well, Plastic’s ruthless invasion of Planet Earth has taken a spectacular and surprising turn! In a shocking and stunning sneak attack, Plastic has taken over the Arctic ice! There are hundreds of particles per cubic metre everywhere that they look!


Plastic has seized the Arctic without us even knowing about it!


Barring a miracle, it would appear that humanity is done for. Our beloved mutant child Plastic has become a Frankenstein monster that has turned upon its creator…


Oh, well. We had a good run.




Humanity vs. Humanity!


On a related note — and in keeping with the Thunderbolt’s proud tradition of outraging reasonable people with the revelation of outrageous truths — the Thunderbolt feels duty bound to report that if Plastic doesn’t get us…


…then climate change will!


(Wanna try for a Hat Trick?)


(Oh, right! Peak oil! I almost forgot!)


Anyway, some scientists are now pointing out that all of the biggest baddest mass-extinctions of the past were not the result of the volcanic eruptions or the asteroid strikes that are usually give all the credit — at least not directly…


…no, Kids, all of the biggest baddest mass-extinctions of the past were instead the result of the climate change that resulted from the volcanic eruptions or the asteroid strikes. A volcanic eruption or an asteroid strike is gonna kill a bunch of individuals in the immediate area — but the direct affect does not affect other parts of the world.


Thus: Every single one of the biggest baddest mass-extinctions of the past were not the result of monstrous explosions — but of the climate change that those explosions triggered.


The relevance of this fact to our current situation doesn’t need to be pointed out except for dramatic effect — but I have no problem with mixing drama and politics so I wish to point out the relevance of this fact to our current situation.


When I devote my empirical logical thought processes to our current situation then I must say that considering that climate change is the number one known cause of all of the biggest baddest mass-extinctions of the past and considering that we are about to experience some serious climate change like no other before and considering that even before the climate change we were already in the middle of the most massive mass-extinction of species since the dinosaurs went their mysterious way — and a mass-extinction that was almost wholly human-created, by the way…


…then after careful consideration of all these facts I can only come to the inescapable conclusion that there is not enough evidence yet to determine with any degree of certainty whether Plastic or climate change is gonna get us first…



By the way: The species that tend to survive mass-extinctions are — not surprisingly — ‘generalists’ i.e. those species that can live in a variety of climates and eat a variety of foods. ‘Specialists’ i.e. those species that can survive only in a limited climactic range or eat only limited types of food, don’t tend to fare so well when the feces hits the lawn mower or the asteroid hits the Yucatan.


Since humans are kind of the ultimate ‘generalists’ then this would seem good news except that the odds also greatly favour simpler organisms over more advanced and complex species…


Oh, well. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.



And by-by the way: Blue Green Algae has not only survived every single mass extinction on the books, thank you, and Blue Green Algae not only survived the Great Permian Extinction that wiped out over 95% of every species on the planet, both on land and in sea — but Blue Green Algae seemingly survived all this without even much serious damage.


So, what is the Great Mystery that allows Blue Green Algae to survive seemingly unscathed against such lethal odds?


Never fear, my loyal readers, for the Thunderbolt is about to reveal this most ancient of Great Mysteries: Blue Green Algae have survived because they get their energy from photosynthesis; i.e. sunlight. They don’t need no stinking food except sunshine, thank you, and that don’t seem to ever be in much short supply except very briefly at night or during storms.


Now, even though Blue Green Algae scooped us by a billion years or so, humans are finally figuring this out and we have begun developing solar energy technology!


Boy, how smart we are!


(Better late than never, I say!)


Blue Green Algae aren’t stupid.


Well — actually — Blue Green Algae are unlikely to be competing in any spelling bees or chess championships anytime soon. In spite of its name, Blue Green Algae is actually a massive family consisting of many trillions of very tiny but very happy little bacteria, who bask in the life-giving sunlight without a care in the world.


(At least until the sun goes down…)


(I must confess to indulging some un-journalistic attribution to bacteria there…)


My question is this: As Blue Green Algae basked unconcerned in their wondrous paradise for all of these hundreds of millions of years, I find myself wondering if any of the little buggers ever feel any pity or empathy for the many billions of their brethren that must live inside my alimentary canal?



Maybe Blue Green Algae aren’t too stupid after all…



It’s time to get to work…



The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of June 5th thru 11th 2014




1) FYI Section:


1A) Olympia FOR on your TV and your Computer!


The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation produces a TV program every month, which you can now stream onto your computer.


From Oly FOR:


You can watch the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s June 2014 TV program on your computer  as well as on TV: soon after it debuts on TV on Monday June 2.


Every month since February 1987 the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation has produced one-hour TV programs on issues related to peace, social justice, economics, the environment, and nonviolence.  The Olympia FOR’s program airs several times every week for the entire month on Thurston Community Television (TCTV), channel 22 for cable TV subscribers in Thurston County, Washington.  It airs EVERY MONDAY at 1:30 pm, EVERY WEDNESDAY at 5:00 pm, and EVERYTHURSDAY at 9:00 pm throughout the entire month.  (TCTV’s entire schedule is at


You can also watch our programs through your computer from anywhere!  You can watch the program described below (and more than 100 of our previous interview programs and special programs at the Olympia FOR’s website,  Simply click the TV programs link to reach, scroll down, and click the program you want to watch.  Dozens of our most recent TV program listings on our website also include a .pdf link to a description of the program.  Starting soon after June 2 you’ll be able to watch our newest program:



JUNE 2014

“Igniting a Grassroots Compassion Movement”


by Glen Anderson, producer and host of this TV series


The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s June 2014 TV program explores the potential of applying compassion to a wide range of social problems.


Our four guests (listed near the end of this article) are active in Compassionate Seattle, which began in 2008, when the Dalai Lama visited Seattle and promoted the Seeds of Compassion, which Archbishop Desmond Tutu also supported.  Another boost came in late 2009 when Karen Armstrong won a TED award for her Charter of Compassion movement based on the Golden Rule.


After the Dalai Lama’s visit, many people in Seattle spent several days started how to use compassion as the basis for working on issues.  They also started developing Seattle as a compassionate city and the City of Seattle to adopt itsCompassionate City Proclamation of 2010.  Seattle was the first city in the world to do this.


The organizers kept pushing ahead and created a network of people in Seattle and throughout the Puget Sound region to form relationships, build trust, inspire hope and catalyze action to reduce pain and suffering in our communities.  They want to create “tipping point” changes for positive and sustainable improvements in our region’s quality of life.


On Friday March 14, 2014, Compassionate Seattle held an event attended by310 persons in the daytime and 700 for Karen Armstrong’s evening keynote.  This event was inspired by her point that “Compassionate cities are uncomfortable cities” thatprofoundly listen to the people who are hurting and won’t rest until they have devised compassionate solutions to social problems.


The March 14 event featured 6 different sectors (“constellations”) that attracted about 60 people each:   homeless/housing, at-risk youth,   compassionate education,   health & wellness,   economic justice,   and alternative economy/environment. Participants from several cities throughout Western Washington are following through throughout our Western Washington region and are planning their next big event for October 2014.


The campaign for Compassionate Cities spread around the world, so the Compassionate Action Network Internationalemerged to advocate for the Charter.  Now about 222 cities have proclaimed or are considering proclaiming their decisions too. Some officials at the United Nations say that city-level action of this kind is very important.


The Olympia FOR’s June 2014 TV program featured four guests who work actively with Compassionate Seattle:


      John Hale is the Executive Director of Compassionate Seattle and collaborates extensively with the national and international levels of this growing movement.

      Stephanie Lane had a very rough youth but turned her life around.  Now she has a Master’s degree in Social Work and is a Licensed Mental Health Professional who works in a compassionate and collaborative way with young people who experience various kinds of problems.

      Lisa Sterling has worked with Compassionate Seattle, especially regarding health & wellness and several other aspects.  She has served on boards of several nationwide non-profit organizations and has personal experience with several areas of concerns that Compassionate Seattle addresses.

      Jeff Sterling has a background in economics and business.  He also participated in the Occupy Movement and is working to offer compassionate alternatives to the dominant economic system.


The Dalai Lama said, “Compassion is the radicalism of this age.”  Yes, it would indeed be radical to build a new system based on compassion.  Let’s do it!


Buckminster Fuller said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”  OK.  Let’s use compassion to build a new model that can make the existing unjust and unworkable systems obsolete.


Building new systems based on compassion would require finding ways to include the people who have been excluded. This requires good listening and compassionate hearts.  The results will be much more practical and workable than the dysfunctional systems we have now.


We have exciting challenges.  Let’s face them with compassion and creativity!


Near the end of the TV program we offer the following resources: has research by the Washington State Institute for Public Policy.


Glen Anderson (360) 491-9093




1B) Volunteers Needed to Table for Hemp Foods


Volunteers are needed to table with Hemp foods during Hemp History Week – June 2-8 at the two co-ops and Farmers Market. A bill to allow hemp farming in Washington almost passed the legislature last session. Hemp has more than 20,000 uses and can help sequester carbon. Let’s help make hemp farming happen here.


Tabling schedule, serving Hemp foods:


Olympia Food Co-ops – June 2-8 – 3-7 pm


Eastside and Westside


Olympia Farmers Market – June 5-8 — 10 am to 3 pm

Contact to sign up to table:

Pat Rasmussen     509-669-1549509-669-1549




Pat Rasmussen

World Temperate Rainforest Network

PO Box 13273

Olympia, WA 98508





1C) Collecting Signatures for I-1329


There are numerous opportunities to collect signatures for the anti-corporate personhood initiative.


From Janet:


If 1329 passes in November, Washington will be the 17th state to be on record wanting a Constitutional Amendment against corporate personhood and for Congressional control of campaign expenditures. 34 states would be the trigger for a Constitutional Amendment (if it were possible to have one just for that one issue — that is still being debated).  Anyway, the 17th State is a crucial milepost.  After State #17, it’s all downhill!   Woo hoo!


So I am assuming you all are eager for this initiative to pass and for the issue to make it to the ballot box in November. 


The initiative has about half the signatures it needs, but only one month remains to collect the rest of them.  Signatures are due July 4. 


Here are opportunities for signature collecting.  Please put one or two on your calendar.  Just show up — or you can call Mike Savoca at 360-951-6518 to clear the details.



Fri 6th — Free Night at the Children’s Hands On Museum — line forms about 4:30


Sat 7th — Olympia Farmers Market — 10 am to 3 pm


Sat 7th — Olympia Climate Action event — 10 am to 3 pm


Sat 14th and 15th — Oly

mpia Air Show  — 9 AM to 5 PM


Sat 14th — Olympia Farmers Market 10 am to 3 pm




Olympia Pride Events


Thurs 19th — Pride Power-up & Dance Party @ Jakes, 4th Ave


Fri 20th

— Pride Kick-Off, Urban Onion, Legion


Sat 21st — Pride Festival starts at 11 am Sylvester Park


Sun 22nd — Parade 

starts 12 pm/Festival in Sylvester Park starts at 1 pm.


Janet Jordan




2) O.U.T Once Upon a Time

Thursday June 5th at 7 pm @ the Evergreen State College, 2700 Evergreen Pkwy SW


Political theater!


From Holly:


The Quisney Project Presents- OUT: Once. Upon. A Time. A satirical, parody musical about modern queer issues, inspired by animated children’s films from the 90’s. The Quisney Project is written and performed by students as part of an Independent Learning Contract.


Performances will be at 7pm (doors open at 6:30) on June 5, 6, 7, and 1pm (doors open at 12:30) on June 8th (2014) at The Evergreen State College [Seminar II, Building D, Room 4107] Admission for the show is FREE! Parking is free on weekends, $2 parking on Thursday-Friday.

OUT: Once. Upon. A Time. was written by Fian Grunwald, Finnbar Facebook, Holly Baker, Mimi Moore, C.S. Crowley, and selected members of the cast and crew.



3) Denver Lively-Hatcher at Orca Books

Friday June 6th at 7 pm @ Orca Books, 509 E 4th Ave


Come hear a report about human trafficking in Nepal.


From Orca Books:


Orca books is proud to welcome our own staff member, Denver Lively-Hatcher, for a report back to the community based on her recent trip to Nepal. In Nepal she worked with women and children that were victims/were at risk of being human trafficked. This event will give insight to trafficking in Nepal, locally and globally.



4) Green Party of Washington Spring Gathering

Saturday June 7th from 9 am to 9 pm @ Canyon Terrace Estates Clubhouse, 
9314 Canyon Rd E, Puyallup


Come plug in with the alternative to two-faced one-party rule.


From the Green Party:


Everyone welcome!   Come meet and talk to Greens from around the state!    


2014 Green Party of Washington State Spring Gathering 


Take 10 Key Values, add six Washington State candidates for elected office in 2014, mix in good food and assorted Green Party people – what’s not to like?  Come join us for a productive, interesting, enjoyable day!!! 


WHEN:  Saturday, June 7, 9 am – 9 pm 

WHERE: Canyon Terrace Estates Clubhouse 

9314 Canyon Rd E, Puyallup, WA 98371 (only 6 miles off I-5) 

REGISTRATION:  Includes breakfast snacks, lunch, dinner, and evening entertainment; $10-$30 sliding scale; you can purchase tickets HERE



9:00 - Registration opens, morning snacks and beverages 9:30 - Orientation, reports from GPWA and locals including presentation of Certificates of Affiliation to the Green Parties of Snohomish, Pierce, and East King County 10:30 -  Green Campaigns 2014 -  presentations and Q&A with our candidates 12:00  - Campaign support overview and recruitment 12:30 - Lunch - on site – salads and sandwiches 



1:30 – Our Vision for Green Party   


10 min. – Solutions Big Enough for the Crisis We Face  Ten Key Values and Green New Deal – Issues and Actions in WA  Introduction by Maureen Sheimo, GPWA Candidate Committee Co-Chair4  


20 min. – Imagining what we want GPWA to achieve in 2014, 2015 and 2016  Small group discussions so everyone has time to speak to their visions and strategies  


20 min. – Plenary – what points of consensus do we have on our vision and strategies  


10 min. – Backcasting to create a calendar of events for the next two years. 




2:30 -  Unified Campaign Strategies -  topics, artwork, public events, etc, 

       Candidate panel facilitated by Ethan Rourke 




3:30 -  Campaign Outreach - canvassing and door belling workshop –  

       Suzanne Pardee and Jeremy Torman 




4:30 - GPWA Elections and Resolutions 

Candidates for GPWA CC and GPUS delegates/alternates presentations   


       For job descriptions, see below. 

       Half page bios appreciated 

       Nominations  open until 5:30 pm, members will vote by mail ballot 


Consideration of Resolutions – members present will vote 




5:30- Dinner - on site – soups, breads, desserts Entertainment by the local Raging Grannie Contest for Green Party elevator speech  


For further information, contact Jody Grage – or 206-718-1529 



      *Green Party of Washington State Coordinating Council*  


     From GPWA bylaws: The CC shall be composed of seven members, five       members elected proportionally using the Gregory method of single       transferrable vote, plus a Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer. Each       newly elected CC shall choose a chair, vice chair and secretary       internally. These internal positions can be rotated at the       discretion of the CC throughout their term of service. The CC is       charged with facilitating the work of the Party.  


     In electing the CC, members should have as their goal the       inclusion on the CC of differences in as many areas as possible,       including but not limited to race, gender, and geography. The five       at-large CC members and the Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer shall       be elected for one-year terms by the membership. No member of GPWA       shall serve on the SCC for more than three consecutive terms.  


     The CC traditionally had two conference calls per month with the       calls generally lasting an hour and a half. Email traffic averages about five per day.       An active CC is necessary to do what must be done in our state!


     *Green Party of Washington State Delegates and Alternates to GPUS*  


     GPWA is entitled to two delegates and two alternates to GPUS. They       are elected proportionally using Single Transferable Vote, with the two       getting the most votes declared delegates and the two getting the third        and fourth most votes declared alternates.  


     The GPUS Annual National Meeting is in St. Paul MN on 24 – 27 July       this year. The email traffic at the national level can be very       heavy at times. It is recommended that each delegate serve on at       least one national committee.  

Washington’s Greens



5) POWER Outage Ice Cream Social

Monday June 9th from 6 to 8 pm @ Yelm Emanuel Lutheran Church, 206 3rd St SE, Yelm


POWER is doing their monthly POWER Outage in Yelm this month!




Ice Cream Social


Monday, June 9th from 6 – 8 pm

Yelm Emanuel Lutheran Church

206 3rd St SE, Yelm, WA 98597


Bring friends, neighbors, the whole family.  Join us for social time and a discussion about social services, rural communities, urban centers, and more. 


We’ll have rolling carpools from Olympia through Rochester, Bucoda, Tenino, Rainier to Yelm.  Please let us know if you would like a ride!


Contact us at



Parents Organizing For Welfare and Economic Rights


360-352-9716 toll free 866-343-9716 


Find us on Facebook.


POWER is an organization of low-income parents and allies advocating for a strong social safety net while working toward a world where children and care giving are truly valued, and the devastation of poverty has been eradicated.



6) Bonus Tip of the Day:


Tell uncomfortable truths to those you love.






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