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1) FYI: POWER Rural Outreach Program

2) Benefit for the Northern

3) Critical Mass Bike Ride

4) Native Plant Salvage 20th Anniversary Annual Dinner and Volunteer Recognition

5) Media Island Benefit Brunch with Veterans for Peace

6) Basque Senator Aiartza Speaks

7) Bonus Tip of the Day



Future or Not




News Flash: The Spanish Inquisition May Be Over!


Hey Kids!


The Thunderbolt is most happy to report that the Spanish Inquisition may finally be coming to an end in northern Spain!


First, a quick Thunderbolt Story of Historical Context:


In 1035 ce there was a Jewish pogrom in Spain and a large number of Jews gathered upon a hill for protection. The nearby village thereafter became known as the ‘Hill of Jews’ [Moda de Judios]. Then, a few centuries later when the Spanish Inquisition got going good, some witty city fathers decided to change the name of the town from Hill of Jews to ‘Kill the Jews’ [Matajudios].


That has been the official name of the town to this day. Really. There is a town in northern Spain called ‘Camp Kill the Jews’ [Castrillo Matajudios].


Here is a link to the official Kill the Jews website:



However, now we are in these enlightened times of 2014 and the 60 residents of Kill the Jews have decided to vote on whether they should change the name of their town back to the original Hill of Jews.


I have seen no polling data so I don’t know if this measure is expected to pass. (How difficult is it to poll an electorate with 60 residents?)


Lorenzo Rodriguez, the Mayor of Kill the Jews, supports the name change. Mayor Rodriquez hopes to ‘clear up his town’s name’. He is doing this in the hope that celebrating the Jewish history of Kill the Jews will help bring tourists into the region.


That is not a joke. He actually said all of that.


Evidently Mayor Rodriguez feels that a poster inviting people to ‘Kill the Jews’ would be counterproductive as far as attracting Jewish tourists is concerned.



This must have been a fashion trend at the time because not too far from Kill the Jews there is also a valley called ‘Kill the Moors’ [Valle de Matamoros].


I haven’t heard of any moves to change their name yet. Evidently the ambitious mayors of Spain are not as worried about offending Muslim tourists.



Hey, howz about we change the name of Olympia to ‘Kill the Bankers’…?



Thunderbolt Update:


The results are in! Hill of Jews has officially defeated Kill the Jews as the official name of the Spanish town! It was a nail-biter, but the final tally came to 29-19 in favour of the name change!—to-change-jew-killer-n/


The above link takes you to the Jewish Daily Forward, who generously seems to accept at face value “the municipality’s desire to remain faithful to the true history of the village, whose name became Matajudios because of an error in translation and not because of any bias against Jews.



So that’s it! The Spanish Inquisition is finally over!


(Er — it’s over everywhere except down the road in Kill the Moors, anyway…)




Honour our Vets


Our government can accomplish truly astonishing things when it wants to. They spent over $2 trillion to transform two countries into smoking craters, for instance — and in the case of Iraq, we are talking about a formerly advanced and vibrant economic and political powerhouse. We destroyed their economies, their infrastructures, we killed hundreds of thousands, we created millions of homeless refugees, and we caused all of the most desirable people to move elsewhere. Both countries are now devastated wastelands that are ruled by despots and both countries are being ripped apart by growing sectarian violence.


This is what our government can accomplish when they are motivated.


When it comes to taking care of the actual soldiers that sacrificed so much for the ‘cause’ of destroying these two countries, though, that motivation just seems to be missing…



We have a long history in this area. George Washington enjoyed catered luxury meals in his heated tent as his soldiers froze at Valley Forge. In 1781 a bunch of these soldiers finally went into open revolt and gained several concessions.


In 1783, a bunch of Revolutionary War soldiers literally took Congress hostage for refusing to pay them for their service.


1787 saw a large rebellion of mostly veterans who were outraged over Alexander Hamilton’s bankster buddies screwing them over while they were winning their war for them.


In 1794, George Washington became the only sitting president in American history to lead troops in the field — and he led them against a yet another rebellion by a bunch of American veterans who got screwed.


In 1932, over forty-thousand veterans of World War I occupied Washington DC to protest being screwed by their grateful government. They were attacked by a force that was supported with six tanks and that was led by Douglas McArthur, who cleared the camp in a thoroughly brutal manner and then burned it to the ground.


Our country has a long history of honouring the people who risked all for our country by screwing them at the first available opportunity.



I do find myself wondering why the latest DVA brou-ha-ha has suddenly blown up, though, since this is far from the most scandalous thing that has been going on over there. The Machine has always thrown ex-soldiers onto the trash heap any time they can get away with it, and this is especially so if their service has broken them in some manner. One of their current practices is that after they have broken a soldier’s brain they then give that soldier a bad discharge because their brains are now broken. After they received a bad discharge then the DVA doesn’t have to pay for the mental health care that those soldiers now so desperately need now due to their brains being broken by their service.


The spectacle of ex-soldiers waiting so long for care that they die while they are waiting — this and numerous other heinous practices have been going on for decades. Activists have been screaming about all of this stuff for decades…


…but suddenly the Media Machine has started paying attention to this one aspect of the situation.


It would be interesting to know why they suddenly pick up something like this and I might try to do some digging there…




No Comment


Future generations are going to be flabbergasted by the fact that during the critical period when the world was about to burn up and civilization was about to collapse…


…national leaders were arguing about whether or not gay people should be allowed to get married.




The Future or Not


I think the saddest thing about the Machine burning up our world is the potential that will be wasted on all of these useless and artificially created problems. Humanity is on the verge of numerous truly revolutionary discoveries and technological breakthroughs that will never see the light of day if our civilization collapses.


I have been pushing hard for a long time on the meme that the only way to fix our culture is to fix the people. I am convinced that attempting political solutions without fixing the underlying social disease is not only useless but counterproductive. The system is merely a reflection of the people, not vice versa. The complete moral bankruptcy of our financial and governmental systems is a symptom, not a disease.


For many decades now, every aspect of our view of reality has been manipulated by some very nasty people for their own benefit. They have intentionally isolated us. They have intentionally dehumanized us. They have taught us to dehumanize others. They have convinced us that our worth is determined by our bottom line rather than by who we are. Our worth is determined by our bankbook rather than by our character. They have intentionally made us utterly dependent upon their Machine for our survival. They loot our public treasury with impunity and when they rape you they say it was your own fault. They mass-murder families and they start wars for profit. As a result of their manipulations our culture no longer has a moral compass. When it comes to ‘others’ or ‘foreigners’ or ‘criminals’ or even people we don’t like, we lack compassion or empathy or any of the other basic human qualities that makes our living together even possible much less pleasant. Our country is angry and vengeful and it wants to kill.


They have taught us to hate.


Besides being a necessary component for our future survival, though, the reestablishment of an ethical framework is also necessary because scientific and technological breakthroughs are about to place some very powerful stuff into humanity’s grasp, and the thought of this gang of sociopathic murderers that are currently running our world having access to the kinds of tech that is coming through the pipe right now is truly epically scary.


Here’s just one of numerous astounding and game-changing things that are happening: Scientists have figured out how to transform information into DNA and then read it back again. Since DNA takes almost no space at all then this means that if they work this out then we will be able to carry around nearly infinite information storage capacity in a container you could carry under your fingernail. The only problem right now is that it costs about $12,000 per megabyte to transform data into DNA and it then costs about $220 per megabyte to read it back. Once they make this cost effective, though, then you should look out.


Here are some of the other things they are up to these days: They are mapping the human brain. They are learning how to implant memories into a brain. They are learning how to read other people’s memories directly from their brains.


Quantum computing is coming.


Who knows — maybe they’ll finally let us have the Tesla Machine!


A lot of the things they are figuring out are scary powerful — which just makes it all the more imperative that we clean up and fix the moral and ethical sewer in which our culture has been immersed…


…and that is the missing link we need to establish if we want to have a future. We need to instill a sense of responsibility for and a sense of kinship with the rest of humanity rather than viewing other people as expendable commodities to be disposed of in whatever manner produces the most profit. Rather than me and you we need to become us. We need to become all that we can be.


My ultimate goal is a society where everyone is capable of achieving whatever they are capable of achieving.


We absolutely cannot let people such as the ones that are currently running our world to wield the power that our technology and our knowledge is about to impart to us.


Literally Kids: POWER TO THE PEOPLE!



It’s time to get to work…



The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of May 29th thru June 4th 2014




1) FYI: POWER Rural Outreach Program


POWER is reaching out to the rural areas of Thurston County. If you know any folks out in the boonies who need some help navigating DSHS, then call POWER!


POWER’s Rural Outreach Project is in full swing and you may have met Sierra or Jen doing outreach at food banks, laundromats, grocery stores and other sites in Yelm, Rainier, Bucoda, Tenino and Rochester.  Please let us know if you would like to talk to us about services or lack of services in your rural community!


Would you and your neighbors, friends, or community group like to host us for a Know Your Rights workshop or Focus Group?


Let us know.  You can reach us at 360-352-9716, toll free 866-343-9716, or


DSHS’s mobile CSO bus will be in Rainier at Rainier Emergency Services at Valley Heart Assembly of God, 11318 Vail Cutoff Road SE, Rainier, WA from 9-1 on May 28th.  Come and talk with us there.



Parents Organizing For Welfare and Economic Rights

309 5th Avenue SE, Olympia, WA  98501 

Find us on Facebook.


POWER is an organization of low-income parents and allies advocating for a strong social safety net while working toward a world where children and care giving are truly valued, and the devastation of poverty has been eradicated.



2) Benefit for the Northern

Thursday May 29th from 7 pm to 2 am @ Cryptatropa, 421 4th Ave E


It’s a benefit for the Northern!


From the Northern:


Come have a drink at the Cryptatropa for Northern : Olympia All Ages Project! $3 admission -all proceeds of the door go to Northern. We’ll have DJs!! and raffle!! You can get raffle tickets now Bar Francis and Little General.


Northern is Olympia’s only dedicated all ages venue. Established in 2009 it is run solely by volunteers. For information on how to donate or volunteer please visit


Here is a list of the raffle prizes:

A gift basket from Little General

Gift certificates from Bar Francis, QB Restaurant (Quality Burrito), and The Old School Pizzeria

Original prints from Jean Nagai

Original test pressing from Perennial (sold out Son Skull 12″!)



3) Critical Mass Bike Ride

Friday May 30th at 5:30 at West Central Park, Corner of Harrison and Division SW


This is going to be a monthly event every last Friday.


From Critical Mass:


Meet at 5:30PM: Critical Mass Bicycle Ride, converge at the West Side Park. Critical Mass is a monthly bicycle ride to celebrate cycling and to assert cyclists’ right to the road. Wear whatever you want, bright fun outfits and costumes are encouraged! If you have whistles, bells, horns, etc. then bring it!


The idea started in San Francisco in September 1992 and quickly spread to cities all over the world.


CM is intended to be a celebration, not an opportunity to cause trouble. Those who want to try to tie up traffic as much as possible and be confrontational with motorists are missing the point. We can assert our right to the road without being rude about it. Focus on the ride, not on the cars that also happen to be on the road.


Critical Mass has a different flavor from city to city — there’s a big variety in size, respect of traffic laws (or lack thereof), interaction with motorists, and intervention by police.


Critical Mass has no leaders, and no central organization licenses rides. In every city that has a CM ride, some locals simply picked a date, time, and location for the ride and publicized it, and thus the ride was born.


CM is an idea and an event, not an organization.



4) Native Plant Salvage 20th Anniversary Annual Dinner and Volunteer Recognition

Friday May 30th from 5 to 9 pm @ Abigail Stuart House, 1002 Washington St SE

RSVP by May 26th


Restoring habitat for 20 years! Come celebrate!


From Native Plant Salvage:


You are invited to celebrate 20 years of action and education in the community to protect and restore water resources and habitat!

Doors open at 5:00 p.m. and the festivities will continue until 9:00 p.m. The dinner will be held at a new exciting location, the Abigail Stewart House at 1002 Washington St. SE, Olympia. In addition to dinner and an all-you-can-eat Olympic Mt. Ice Cream & Sorbet bar, the event features live music by Vince Brown. Local wines, beers, & hard cider will also be served.

The night’s activities will also include a presentation by artist Kathy Gore-Fuss, recognition of volunteers, and a silent auction to raise funds to support education and action projects.

Seating is limited and advanced reservations are required!



5) Media Island Benefit Brunch with Veterans for Peace

Sunday June 1st from 11 am to 2 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE


It’s the monthly Media Island Benefit Brunch, this month featuring Veterans for Peace. Come eat good food, meet good people, and learn about VFP’s good works.


From Media Island:


Please join Veterans For Peace at Media Island International

for a brunch benefiting local chapter

Veterans For Peace Rachel Corrie Chapter 109

on June 1, 2014; 11 – 2 p.m.

Help support your local Veterans for Peace chapter in all the

great works they have done and continue to do throughout the years.

Also check out their website at:


Kindest Regards,

Ann Marie



6) Basque Senator Aiartza Speaks

Tuesday June 3rd at 5 pm @ the Evergreen State College, SEM 2 Room A1107


Come learn from some long time revolutionaries from the Old Country.


From Peter:


Urko  Aiartza, a Basque Senator, will be speaking at Evergreen on the Basque Peace Process. The Basque country, which is the home of the Basque people, is divided between Spain and France.  It has had an ongoing and major struggle for the right to self-determination.


Urko Aiartza will discuss the historical conflict and the ongoing peace process.


Date, Time and place: Tuesday, June 3rd, 5 P.M., Evergreen, Sem 2, A1107



7) Bonus Tip of the Week:


Honour our vets.






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