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1)  FYI Section:

  1A)  Rethinking Prisons Month

  1B)  Update from Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

2)  Solar Energy Panel Discussion

3)  Community Rally to Support Behavioral Health Resources

4)  Co-Opatopia 2014

5)  The 106.5 KOWA fm “Ides of March” Celebration

6)  Demo in Solidarity with Hunger Strikers

7)  Remember Rachel Corrie

8)  Bonus Tip of the Week



Go F### Yourself!!!




Hey Kids!


The title for this week’s Thunderbolt represents some advice from my good bro’ Strife, who has been on the front lines in the Battle Against the Machine for a long time now and who has paid a high price for his service…


…and Strife suggests that you should go FOIA yourself!


Here’s how to do it:


Here is Strife’s message:


Go FOIA Yourself!  The Freedom of Information Act allows anyone with the time and commitment to retrieve all the files that any government agency keeps on you.  I’ve been requesting my files for the past two years, from multiple agencies including the NSA, the FBI, the CIA, and the Department of Homeland Security.  It’s your information.  You have a right to demand transparency.  Especially in a post-Snowden era, where a myriad of abusive spying programs have been revealed.


And while we’re there, here is Strife’s update about his lawsuit:


Yesterday, the City of Olympia agreed to settle my civil suit so I will not be going to trial on March 11th. Although evidence of my innocence was overwhelming, I was assigned an unsympathetic judge who essentially cut the legs out from under my case. He refused to allow any mention of Officer Sean Lindros’ history of deceit and abuse, while empowering the defense to bring up irrelevant aspects of my distant past and politics to defame my character. 


I chose to settle rather than risk taking a loss in court at this stage because I want to maneuver strategically to benefit future court battles on the horizon. Rather than getting stuck in the black hole of the appeals process, I am gathering new evidence and strengthening the claim that my frame-up in 2010 was not the sole result of local police acrimony but part of a multi-agency spying network led by the military and fusion centers partnered with corporations that would put the FBI’s COINTELPRO to shame


The public records I am receiving will hopefully provide a window into understanding the meaning of my false arrest within the broader context of activism under siege in the Northwest and across the United States. I fully intend to keep raising the profile of these issues, drop knowledge this summer on my new hip-hop album “Metamorphosis,” and cover the June 2nd trial of the military spy John Towery, which is bound to be historical and not to be missed


My lawyer, Larry Hildes of the National Lawyers Guild who is bringing the suit against Towery is dedicated to pursuing justice for me at a higher court this Fall, including suing multiple federal agencies who have erroneously claimed they have no files on me. I hope the community will continue to support me on this long and arduous journey. 


Yours In Struggle,





A final note on this:  Not allowing vital exculpatory evidence into a legal case is a standard procedure that is often employed by federal judges these days, especially in sensitive political cases — though it is also common in criminal cases.




Thunderbolt Quiz:



Qestion:  Who was the first ‘terrorist’ to be tortured by the Bush administration?


Answer:  John Walker Lindh — an American citizen.




Detention Follies


If you haven’t heard, the immigrant detainees at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma are staging a hunger strike.  It started off with several hundred but it’s down to a few now.  This is local national news but Democracy Now is the only major news outlet that is covering it.


I don’t know of any local organizations that are working on NDC things anymore but there is an outfit out of Seattle that is organizing an event Saturday.  (See the calendar.)


From Democracy Now:


Immigrant Hunger Strikers in Washington State Allege Worsening Retaliation


As activists and immigrant families challenge deportation on the U.S.-Mexico border, a hunger strike is continuing at a Washington state immigration jail.  Around 750 prisoners at the Northwest Detention Center are refusing meals in protest of the Obama administration’s record deportations as well as poor conditions that include wages of just one dollar a day for prison labor.  Supporters now say the strikers are reporting increased retaliation from prison officials, including isolation and threats of forced feeding.  Asylum seekers are also allegedly being threatened with the denial of their bids.  A rally in support of the hunger strike is set to take place outside the prison later today [Tuesday March 11th].




CIA Follies


Senator Diane Feinstein [D-CA] just made serious and detailed accusations against the Central Intelligence Agency claiming that they were spying on her Senate staffers.  The head of the CIA has flatly denied it — which means less than the dog leavings on the lawn — but I can guarantee you that there is some interesting back-story to this since the Senator Feinstein is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the War Machine.


Diane Feinstein’s Top 5 Contributors

2009 – 2014, Campaign Committee






PG&E Corp




J Street PAC




General Atomics




Edison International




General Dynamics





So Ms. Feinstein is biting the hand that feeds her?  I wonder if Ms. Feinstein is aware of the history when it comes to politicians taking on the CIA?


I am thinking now — and I cannot think of a single instance wherein a politician that has ever won that particular fight.


On the other hand — I can immediately think of several very powerful and very famous ones that have very badly lost that particular fight.


I don’t know what skeletons may be lurking in Ms. Feinstein’s closet, but I do know that you don’t get into her position without them.  She should probably watch her back now.



Ms. Feinstein’s outrage would also be a little more credible had she not up to this point enthusiastically supported all of the NSA’s outrageous illegal unconstitutional ‘right’ to spy on your grandmother.


Evidently it’s okay for them to spy on us but it’s not okay for them to spy on her.


After all, she’s tasked with ‘oversight’.




Democracy Now Revealed!


Amy Goodman on Democracy Now does a truly awesome job of walking that thin line between maintaining at least some official ‘credibility’ while still exposing the Machine.  She tries to maintain that air of ‘objectivity’ that is required for anyone other than the usual radical suspects to maintain any official ‘credibility’ so that someone that actually ‘matters’ might listen to you — but it is actually very easy to see behind the thin veil that Ms. Goodman places upon her personal point of view…


Here are two headlines that were back-to-back on the Democracy Now website for Friday March 7th:


Senate Rejects Independent Oversight of Sexual Assault [in the military]


And then this:


Top Army Prosecutor Suspended for Alleged Sexual Assault


Not even subtle, Amy.  You go, girl.


Back story:  There was a move in the Senate to take commanders out of the prosecutorial aspect of sexual assaults in the military on the theory that a general would be unlikely to want to prosecute his drinking buddy for raping his secretary…


…and on a related note, the Army’s overall chief prosecutor for sexual assault cases was just suspended from duty…


…for alleged sexual assault.


Really, Kids:  I could not get away with making that up.


That’s not all:  Several other high-ranking army officers that were also tasked with prosecuting sexual assaults in the military are also facing sexual assault charges of their own.


That’s still not all:  A sergeant who runs the Sexual Assault and Harassment Prevention wing at Fort Hood Texas is accused of setting up a prostitution ring made up of cash-strapped female soldiers…


Thanks to the United States Senate, though, the military foxes will continue guarding the henhouse…


…and using it as their private whorehouse.


Hey little girl!  The United States Army wants to join you indeed




Due Credit


The last 35 years have seen the most massive redistribution of wealth in all human history.  All of that redistribution has been going from the bottom to the top.  This is because the dominant meme in the United States for that entire time has been that making rich people richer is good for everyone.  This is still the dominant meme even though it is completely the opposite of the facts; making rich people richer not only helps no one but rich people, but it is highly detrimental to everyone else.  When working people and poor people have more money they immediately spend it and contribute to the economy.  Everybody, including rich people, gets richer.


When rich people have more money, on the other hand, they suck it out of the economy and send it to secret Cayman Island bank accounts, usually destroying the economy in the process.


In spite of the facts, Americans still believe that making rich people richer is good for everyone.


Credit for the installation of this belief is due almost entirely to the corporate media which, coincidently, is exclusively owned by rich people.



Another meme popular with the Media Machine is that the government is evil and that it is the main roadblock that stands between us and prosperity.


The actual fact is that most large multi-national corporations are evil and the government is the only institution we have that is powerful enough to protect us from them.  This is exactly why the large multi-nationals have seized control of the government and the media and this is why their propaganda constantly disses on the government; they are trying to marginalize the only real enemy that they have.


In spite of the facts, Americans believe that if only government would get out of the way then ‘market forces’ (i.e. the large multi-national corporations) would save us all rather than doing what they have always invariably done 100% of the time every time throughout all human history whenever they receive carte blanche to do whatever they want to do — which is to make slaves out of everyone else.


The installation of these beliefs is also due almost entirely to the corporate media which, coincidently, is exclusively owned by large multi-national corporations.



Vladimir Putin is being accused of ‘interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation’.  He is being accused of ‘breaking international law’.  He is being demonized because he is protecting Russia’s vital imperialistic concerns by intervening in a former Russian state that is right on his border and where a major proportion if not a majority of the local population want him to be there.


FYI:  The deal Gorbachev made with George H.W. Bush in 1991 was that in return for ‘tearing down the wall’ then NATO wouldn’t mess with the former Soviet republics.


Well shock gasp:  The ink was barely dry on this agreement when the West began breaking their end of the bargain.  Since that time, in fact, NATO has not only absorbed several former Soviet republics but they unsuccessfully attempted to move right up to Russia’s border by annexing Georgia a couple of years ago.  Putin put his foot down on that one and nixed their plan.


Now they are once again trying to move right up to Russia’s border by annexing the Ukraine — and again Putin is not allowing it.  They are not only whining about it and they not only have the chutzpah to call Putin nasty names but they seem to be getting away with these characterizations without criticism.


Wow.  The United States regularly violates nearly every ‘international law’ that there is and we regularly interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign nations that are nowhere near our borders and that represent no threat at all to our strategic concerns and where a major proportion of the population wants absolutely nothing to do with us — yet even normally honest media pundits are dissing Putin for sending troops into the Crimea without adding a single one of these acknowledgements, comparisons, or caveats to their critique.  While this is indeed a thoroughly vile thing for Putin to do, it is absolutely the correct thing to do if you are an imperialist power playing Real Politick.  The never-ending need to do incredibly vile things is, in fact, is the main problem with being an imperialist power.  The fact is that on a regular basis all over the world all the time, the western powers in general and the United States in particular do much worse than anything that Putin is doing — yet Putin is being unquestioningly and universally cast as a bad guy while western actions get a pass from everyone except radicals like me.


This accomplishment is also due almost entirely to the corporate media which, coincidently, is almost exclusively owned by war profiteers.



Do you see now why you need people like me?


It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of March 13th thru 20th 2014




1)  FYI Section:


1A)  Rethinking Prisons Month


It’s a month of anti-prison actions!


This is from Abolish Cops and Prisons and FIST:


RETHINKING PRISONS MONTH is a series of events at The Evergreen State College that addresses issues around mass incarceration, the Prison Industrial Complex, and alternatives to police and prisons.


WHY THIS MATTERS: 2.5 million people are incarcerated in the United States — the largest prison population in the world, and more prisoners per capita than any other country.  Another 8 million people are under some form of correctional supervision, including parole, probation, house arrest, etc.  The criminal legal system disproportionately targets people based on race, class, gender, sexuality, and ability, along with people who actively work to undermine these systems of control and domination.  Despite these obstacles, it is imperative that we connect across differences to struggle together for our collective liberation, and start building community-based alternatives to the prison-industrial complex.



(more info coming soon!)


April 2 (1pm-5pm) – April Prisoner Writing Day

April 7 (3pm-5pm) – Immigration and Incarceration Panel!

April 8 (5pm-7pm) – Robert King of the Angola 3

April 9 (2:30pm-4:30pm) – Jen and Kimberly for Troy Davis Tour

April 9 (6pm-8pm) – Boots Riley (Brought to you by Hip Hop Congress)

April 10 (5pm-7pm) – “Policing and Counterinsurgency” by Kristian Williams

April 11 – (11am-2pm) Greg Lewis – Radical Self Defense

April 16 – (3pm-5pm) AORTA Collective – Disability + PIC

April 19 – (9am) “Yet Again As Captives: Mass Incarceration in the U.S. & Palestine” featuring Angela Davis and Noura Erakat

April 23 – (3pm-5pm) Ed Mead & Mark Cook from the George Jackson Bridage

April 30 – (3pm-5pm) Prison Doula Project


Thank you to our co-sponsors EPIC – Evergreen Political Information Center, Fist Atevergreen, MEXA de Evergreen, Evergreen Students for Justice in Palestine, and Students for a Democratic Society!




1B)  Update from Washington Low Income Housing Alliance


By the time you get this most of it will be moot as this is the last week of the legislative session.  Be that as it may, here is the latest from WLIHA:


Last week will go down in history as the week that the legislature shook in their boots over homelessness funding!


The ESHB 2368 Media Blitz

The issue of ESHB 2368, the Document Recording Fee/Homeless Housing & Assistance Surcharge Bill appeared in over 30 print articles in papers across the state and also online in both traditional and blog outlets. The media blitz culminated in Friday night’s King 5 interview with Senator Jan Angel (26th LD) in which she retracted her position on ESHB 2368. The spotlight was truly on the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus’s (MCC) opposition to protecting state homelessness funds. Also, the major papers in Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia all had op-eds in support of ESHB 2368!

Go here for the media highlights.


Gong Action for Legislative Action

On Thursday, the Housing Alliance was joined by people personally impacted by homelessness, lawmakers, and fellow advocates to recognize each of the 5,043 people found trying to survive outside during the January 2013 annual point-in-time count. Each person struck a gong solemnly, with advocates and lawmakers taking turns.

TVW did a good job of covering the Gong Action here.


Homeless Legislative Action Press Conference

During the Gong Action event, we also convened legislators and other for a press conference nearby. Formerly homeless veteran Mindy Woods shared her story of success after being helped by a YCWA program funded by the Homeless Housing and Assistance Surcharge.

Our friends over at Firesteel captured her story here.


We’re Not in the Clear Just Yet…

On Saturday, the Senate Ways and Means Committee updated Monday’s 10:00am hearing schedule with a new bill by Senator Andy Hill (45th LD), who is also the Ways and Means Committee Chair. As of writing, this mysterious bill SB 5875 has no content, but said it was regarding the Homeless Housing and Assistance Surcharge. We were able to obtain the draft bill language and spent the weekend mobilizing advocates to attend Monday’s hearing. The bill is similar to versions written by the Rental Housing Association and other landlord lobby groups.


Find out why the House bill is the bill we support!


I can’t believe we have just four days left. Please help us keep up the pressure before it’s too late! Take action today and ask your friends to join you.





Michele Thomas, Director of Policy and Advocacy

Washington Low Income Housing Alliance


206.442.9455 I fb /wliha I tw @wliha



2)  Solar Energy Panel Discussion

Thursday March 13th from 6 to 8 pm @ TESC, Seminar II, Room A1107


It’s a discussion about our energy future.  Very important stuff.


From Environment Washington:


We’re hosting a solar discussion this Thursday evening in Olympia and I hope you can join us.


Since we launched our Solar Works for Washington campaign last year, more than four thousand Washingtonians have signed petitions and letters of support for our big solar goal: 150,000 solar rooftops by 2020.  But it’s going to take a lot more work to get us there!


We currently get less than half of 1% of our energy from the sun while states like Minnesota, Oregon and New Jersey have seen a huge increase in solar energy in the last few years.  Washington is falling behind — we are 25th in the nation for solar energy production.  That’s why we are pulling together a “Solar Panel Discussion” with experts on solar energy to elevate the issue and figure out what it will take to make Washington a leader in solar energy.


Can you join us this Thursday evening?


Here are the details:


WHAT: a panel of experts on solar energy discussing how we can maximize our solar potential in Washington State


WHEN: Thursday, March 13th from 6 to 8 p.m.


WHERE: Evergreen State University, Seminar II Building, Room A1107 – 2700 Evergreen Pkwy NW 


WHO: Panel will include Dever Kuni of South Sound Solar and Solar Installers of Washington; Pete Kmet, Mayor of Tumwater; and other leaders in Washington’s solar community; moderated by Environment Washington


WHY:  Because solar is awesome and we have so much potential for more of it in Washington State!  Did you know that even in the cloudy Puget Sound region, we get more sun than Germany, the world’s leading solar market?  So why do we get less than half of 1% of our energy from the sun?  Come to the discussion to find out how we can do better.

We know that Washington has vast untapped potential for solar, but we also know that it is going to take commitments from communities and leaders throughout the state to get to 150,000 solar rooftops by 2020.  Join the conversation this Thursday to find out how we will get Washington to go big on solar.


Can’t wait to see you there!

Katrina Rosen

Environment Washington Field Director



3)  Community Rally to Support Behavioral Health Resources

Friday March 14th at 5:30 pm @ Behavioral Health Resources, 3857 Martin Way E


Behavioral Health Resources is in trouble.  Come support this worthy institution.


From Behavioral Health Resources:


Clinicians and staff are joining together to do our part to save Behavioral Health Resources – stand with us as we take action to save BHR!

Thurston, Mason, and Grays Harbor Counties rely on BHR as our sole provider of critical inpatient and outpatient behavioral health services.

Our community cannot allow BHR to fail, leaving its vulnerable client population with unmet needs.



4)  Co-opatopia 2014

Saturday March 15th at 1 pm @ St. Martins Pavilion, 5300 Pacific Ave SE


This is a celebration of the Cooperative method of doing business!  Come plug into the wave of the future!


From the Olympia Food CoOp:


Co-opatopia is a free event open for you, your family and the local community.  This special event will celebrate cooperative businesses and all they contribute to our communities and the local economy.  Experience a variety of co-ops from across the Puget Sound!  There will be great food, local entertainment, and lots of fun.



5)  The 106.5 KOWA fm “Ides of March” Celebration

Saturday March 15th from 7 to 12 pm @ the Eagles Ballroom, 805 4th Ave E


This is a benefit for our beloved Voice of the Revolution!  Come help support KOWA 106.5 fm!


From KOWA:


The Amazing 106.5 KOWA-FM “Ides of March” Celebration with Yogoman Burning Band, DJ Selector Dub Narcotic, Fabulous Downey Brothers & Oh, Rose!

Your favorite low power radical, community radio station, 106.5 KOWA-FM is having a big celebration and benefit show as we gear up for a year of a vibrant rebirth and growth!  Help us upgrade our studio equipment for all our new DJ’s, strengthen our online streaming and FINALLY get our solar-powered transmitter back on the hill that will empower us to reach all of Thurston County with our 100 watt fully licensed signal!

This amazing all-ages event will include many antics and much revelry, including musical offerings from:

Yogoman Burning Band

Fabulous Downey Brothers

Oh, Rose

and very special host and aural evocateer:

DJ Selector Dub Narcotic

The show is family friendly and all-ages! Admission is $7-20 (solar panels and running a radio station are expensive!) but contact us at if you cannot afford the door price.

There will be a bar for those of-age and snacks available for all!

Saturday, March 15th from 7pm-Midnight!
The Eagles Ballroom
805 4th Ave. E
Olympia, WA 98516

“In addition to the monthly sacrifice, the Ides of March was also the occasion of the Feast of Anna Perenna, a goddess of the year (Latin annus) whose festival originally concluded the ceremonies of the new year.  The day was enthusiastically celebrated among the common people with picnics, drinking, and revelry.  One source from late antiquity also places the Mamuralia on the Ides of March.  This observance involved beating an old man dressed in animal skins and perhaps driving him from the city.  The ritual may have been a new year festival representing the expulsion of the old year.”



6)  Demo in Solidarity with Hunger Strikers

Saturday March 15th  from 3 to 5 pm @ Fireman’s Park, 801 A St, Tacoma


This is in solidarity with the Northwest Detention Center hunger strike.


From Wildcat Seattle:


This Saturday 3pm, meet at Fireman’s Park (801 A Street) in downtown Tacoma in solidarity with the detainees at the Northwest ICE Detention Center who are currently on hunger strike in the Tacoma Tideflats.  This is an opportunity to show your support on the streets for them while also spreading the word to the people of Tacoma.  Be there!  Bring your friends, fliers, banners, noise makers, and whatever else! Spread the word.




7)  Remember Rachel Corrie

Sunday March 16th from 2 to 7 p @ Olympia Ballroom, 116 legion Way SE


It’s a remembrance for a very brave young lady who gave her life for the cause.


From the Rachel Corrie Foundation:


SUNDAY, MARCH 16  Remember Rachel Corrie
The Rachel Corrie Foundation is pleased to announce our March 16th event honoring Rachel’s stand in Gaza. Every year we remember her on this date with activities encompassing three values she held closely: action, education, and community.


Please join us Sunday, March 16th at the Olympia Ballroom, 116 Legion Way SE, Olympia,for…


…Action: A Theater of the Oppressed Workshopled by Actress Ashley Malloy. With Image Theatre techniques, we will create instant tableaus that provoke, incite, and encourage lively discussion and debate around issues of the Occupation. No previous theatrical experience is needed – only an open mind! 2-3:30 PM


…Education: Ashley Malloy performs an abbreviated version of the play My Name is Rachel Corrie edited from Rachel’s original writings by Director Alan Rickman and Guardian journalist Katharine Viner. 4 PM


…Community: Our shared potluck meal – a March 16th Olympia tradition! Good food and company will be accompanied by discussion of the play My Name is Rachel Corrie, theater as resistance, and the cultural and academic boycott of Israel. Ashley Malloy will be joined by panelist Nada Elia, scholar-activist and a member of the organizing committee of the U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. 5-7 PM


This free event is open to the public. Donations at the door are welcome. Bring food to share! To lend support as a cosponsoring individual or organization, please contact or

(360) 754-3998.



8)  Bonus Tip of the Week:


Go FOIA yourself!











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