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1)  FYI Section:

  1A)  Message from Strife

  1B)  West Central Park Update

  1C)  Update from Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

  1D)  POWER Looking for Mother’s Day Card Art

  1E)  Fellowship of Reconciliation will Publicize your April and May Activities

2)  A Discussion on Decolonization and Transformative Justice with Danica Brown

3)  Film Screening:  More than Honey

4)  Tom Rawson Sings for Olympia FOR

5)  Transitions Olympia Meeting

6)  Olympia Free Space Project

7)  Bonus Tip of the Day



Karmic Justice




Founding Principals


Hey Kids!


Our country was founded on the theory that a properly informed public is perfectly capable of governing themselves.


That first part is the key.




The Facts Is what the Facts Is, Mam


The Thunderbolt usually contains more opinion than fact, but when I state something as a fact then you can take it to the bank (or you can take it to the credit union) that I can back that assertion with documentation to either journalistic or original sources.  I make mistakes sometimes, but not very often.


Anyone is welcome to call me on this at any time.




Egyptian Facts


In case you hadn’t heard, Code Pink organizer Medea Benjamin was arrested and brutally beaten by Egyptian security forces last Monday.  They broke her arm and dislocated her shoulder.


Evidently the Egyptian security forces are just as stupid as the St. Paul Police Department, who manhandled and arrested Amy Goodman on camera during the Republican National Convention in 2012.


I am thinking the Egyptian security forces are going to be getting an earful.




Uncharitable Facts


Anytime you pay someone to get rid of something you create incentive for them to make sure that they never actually get rid of whatever they are being paid to get rid of since that would put them out of a job.  The more you pay them the more this problem manifests.  Thus, anti-cancer organizations focus on the ‘cure’ for cancer rather than trying to determine the ‘reason’ that cancer deaths are skyrocketing.  Over the years there have been several major scandals involving anti-cancer organizations.  The same is true of the War Machine.  If world peace ever broke out they would be out of a very lucrative job.


This also applies to the medical establishment.


There are many truly awesome and effective organizations working to get rid of bad things, but you need to always keep this paradigm in mind when dealing with such organizations.




Karmic Justice


If, as I am, you are aware of the existence of karma, then you know that you get whatever you need to have in order to get you wherever you need to go.


(Note:  This may not necessarily be where you ‘deserve’ or where you ‘want’ to go.)


The thing about karma is that the more you trust it then the better it works.  By ‘trusting’ your karma I mean absolute assurance that if you take care of your karma then your karma will take care of you.  I have absolutely no idea how it works or why it works but I know for a fact that it does work because I have quite literally living on it for my entire adult life.  I not only got away with living out on the very edge for decades, but I thrived there.  (Most don’t.)  I am convinced that if you can learn to completely trust your karma (I’m not there yet but I’m getting closer) then you need never fear anything and you can do whatever the hell you want to do — as long as you don’t mess up your karma — and whatever the hell I wanted to do was pretty much what I did for most of my adult life.


This does not mean that feces will never hit the fan; often quite the contrary, in fact.  (Refer to previous mention of getting what you need rather than what you want or deserve, etc.)


I spent 6 years in prison — and while that was actually happening it seemed a total and complete waste and I was having a lot of trouble thinking of any positive outcomes ever coming out of the experience — but I already trusted my karma enough to know that they would, and indeed they have.  Had that never happened I almost certainly would have never come to Olympia, for instance (though I can’t say that definitively since karma would have dictated that…)


What I am saying is that you should know that you are playing out your karmic role even if you don’t understand at the time what it’s for.


Another thing is that all of our personal karmas seem to interact with each other and that vastly complicates everything because you are part of their karma and they are part of your karma — and in addition to all that we also seem to have a collective karma both as a species and as a planet.


I sometimes wonder how and why all this happens, but while I have some theories I really don’t mind not knowing.  Evidently I will learn whatever I need to learn to get me wherever I’m supposed to go so I don’t lose much sleep over the how’s and whys.  It’s more than I can keep up with as it is.


In spite of all this, until just now I had never considered the fact that this means that humanity as a whole is also getting exactly whatever we need to have in order to get us wherever we need to go — and the available evidence seems to indicate that unless some unexpected event occurs then humanity evidently needs to experience some sort of extremis in order to move on to the next step in our evolution.


For the sake of future generations I am trying to reduce the level of that extremis and do what I can to assure that we come out of it better than we went into it.


One more thing about those things that you need to have in order to get you where you need to go:  For all this to work you also need to pay attention to the signs and signals and you need to learn from your mistakes.


Too many people never do either of those things.


Whatever:  I am most happy to play the part in humanity’s karma that I currently occupy…


…which means that now it is time to hurl some Thunderbolts!




Karmic Facts


A British businessman sentenced to death in 1987 named Krishna ‘Kris’ Maharaj has been in prison for over 27 years despite compelling evidence of his innocence.  In recent weeks, Florida prosecutors have blocked the release of fingerprint evidence that could further demonstrate Mr. Maharaj’s innocence.


But get this:  Remember when I told you about that 1993 Supreme Court decision called Herrera v Collins wherein — in a 6-3 decision — the court stated that ‘innocence’ is not sufficient reason to set a prisoner free on Constitutional grounds if the trial was otherwise fair?


Herrera v. Collins, 506 U.S. 390 (1993), is a case in which the Supreme Court of the United States (in a 6 to 3 decision) ruled that a claim that the Eighth Amendment’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment prohibits the execution of one who is actually innocent is not ground for federal habeas corpus relief.


Here is what happened:  Mr. Herrera’s lawyer had missed a filing deadline for one of the appeal briefs by one day — and thus, according to Texas state law, the appeals process was therefore nullified.  The State of Texas argued that since he had had a fair trial then the mere fact of innocence was irrelevant.


Six Supreme Court justices agreed with this insane contention.


Chief Justice William Rehnquist wrote the opinion.


Four months after the Court’s ruling, Mr. Herrera was executed by the State of Texas.


His last words were: “I am innocent, innocent, innocent…  I am an innocent man, and something very wrong is taking place tonight.  May God bless you all.  I am ready.”


In his dissent to Herrera v Collins, Justice Harry Blackmun said that, “The execution of a person who can show that he is innocent comes perilously close to simple murder.”


“Perilously close” to murder?  Gee, do you think?


However:  Mr. Blackmun’s outrageously understated opinion was in the minority.


Well surprise, surprise!  The Florida prosecutors are now relying on Herrera v Collins in their case against Mr. Maharaj!


They want to keep a man in prison even though they know he is probably innocent.


This is not uncommon.  They do this over and over all the time.  It seems, in fact, to be their default setting.  I personally know of several cases where prosecutors have prosecuted someone they knew to be innocent, and I was quite possibly sent to prison myself for something I didn’t do by a prosecutor who knew I was innocent, though in my case I think he was probably guilty of nothing more than believing the lies of what at that time was called a US Customs Agent named Johnny Walker who manufactured a case against me for refusing to what they call “cooperate with law enforcement” and what I call “selling your soul to the devil” (i.e. refusing to sell my friends in the marijuana business to the feds) and thus they tacked three more years onto the three year sentence that I was already doing for something that I did actually do.


I also academically know of scores of other cases where prosecutors knowingly prosecuted innocent people.


This is especially alarming since in the modern courtroom, a prosecutor now wields even more power than the judge in many cases simply by choosing what to charge someone with — if they can manage a conviction, the judge’s hands are then tied as to outcome and sentencing.


Thus, the most powerful people in the courtrooms these days are often mean-spirited sociopathic bullies with nearly omnipotent powers who have no problem completely destroying the lives of innocent people if it helps in their career trajectory.


I might do a major piece on all of this sometime soon now that I think about it.  There is a plethora of truly shocking stuff happening in criminal justice and no one has the slightest clue…


Stay tuned.




Facts Squared


Having Obama and Putin engaging in a pissing contest over who is the worst meddler in the internal affairs of other countries is just such a perfect and classic example of pots calling kettles black that I roll on the floor and I’m laughing.


How does John Kerry keep a straight face when he says all that crap about Russian interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation?  Dude!  Really?


FYI:  Besides being right on each other’s borders, and besides the fact that the Ukraine in general and the Crimea in particular are vital strategic concerns for the Russians, the Machine that eventually evolved into modern ‘Russia’ was originally founded in Kiev sometime way back when.  They moved the capital to Moscow sometime that I am also forgetting and I am even forgetting who did it, but I know that all of that happened because I actually have all of this information somewhere because I wrote a novel about it — but digging up the details would be a pain in the ass and they are irrelevant to the point anyway, that point being that Russia and the Ukraine go back a long way for a long time and there is a lot of history there.


Actually, Russia has a lot of very good reasons for what they are doing, vile as many of those reasons are.


There is ample evidence that agents of the American Machine are also buried neck deep in the happenings in the Ukraine — though the evidence also indicates that they largely impotent and that they aren’t really exerting all that much influence upon the players or upon the events.


Whatever happens in the Ukraine, this is the business of the United States because…?




Non-Professional Spies


Over the years I have had more than one friend who insisted that the government could spy on you through your webcam and these people always keep a piece of tape over the lens.  I have always thought that they were crazy.  However:  Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.  Thanks once again to information supplied by Edward Snowden, the Guardian is now reporting that British Intelligence has indeed not only been spying on people through their webcams but they have also been collecting lots of sexually explicit videos — and almost all of this being done upon citizens who are not suspected of any crimes.


Protecting national security?  Is that what they’re doing?  Really?


Sounds more like schoolyard bullies that have the principal in their pocket.


Sounds more like sociopathic gangsters with a government in their pocket…




Non-Professional Orwellians


As good as the fascists are at double-speak, I gotta say that the extremist Christians have Orwell down to a T — and I’m thinking that many if not most of them have never even read George Orwell.


Gee, wouldn’t it be nice if our belief system could be a major religion?  Then we too could use the power of the law to force our various superstitions down everyone else’s throat!  We too could attack people and accuse them of religious intolerance if they defend themselves against our attack!  We too could claim that we face religious discrimination because we are not being allowed to discriminate against other people!  We too could claim that disliked people getting married is an assault upon our religious rights when actually we are using our religion to assault disliked people’s rights!


Just keep saying it over and over and over — and then that makes it true!




It’s time to get to work…



The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of February 6th thru 13th 2014




1)  FYI Section:


1A)  Message from Strife


The City of Olympia has settled in Strife’s lawsuit.


From Strife:


The Art of Long Distance Running – Choosing Your Battles in the Courts (3-4-14)

March 4, 2014 at 6:50pm

Hey Folks,


Yesterday, the City of Olympia agreed to settle my civil suit so I will not be going to trial on March 11th.  Although evidence of my innocence was overwhelming, I was assigned an unsympathetic judge who essentially cut the legs out from under my case.  He refused to allow any mention of Officer Sean Lindros’ history of deceit and abuse, while empowering the defense to bring up irrelevant aspects of my distant past and politics to defame my character. 


I chose to settle rather than risk taking a loss in court at this stage because I want to maneuver strategically to benefit future court battles on the horizon.  Rather than getting stuck in the black hole of the appeals process, I am gathering new evidence and strengthening the claim that my frame-up in 2010 was not the sole result of local police acrimony but part of a multi-agency spying network led by the military and fusion centers partnered with corporations that would put the FBI’s COINTELPRO to shame ( 


The public records I am receiving will hopefully provide a window into understanding the meaning of my false arrest within the broader context of activism under siege in the Northwest and across the United States.  I fully intend to keep raising the profile of these issues, drop knowledge this summer on my new hip-hop album “Metamorphosis,” and cover the June 2nd trial of the military spy John Towery, which is bound to be historical and not to be missed (


My lawyer, Larry Hildes of the National Lawyers Guild who is bringing the suit against Towery is dedicated to pursuing justice for me at a higher court this Fall, including suing multiple federal agencies who have erroneously claimed they have no files on me.  I hope the community will continue to support me on this long and arduous journey. 


Yours In Struggle,






1B)  West Central Park Update


Here is an update on our new People’s Park:


Hello Volunteers!


The buds on the plants, trees and flowers at the park are just about ready to open and it should be a lovely sight.  Be on the lookout and plan to take a stroll through West Central Park on the next sunny day.


We got a good lot done last week by doing more rain garden research, and by digging a large dry well for enhanced drainage on the pad.  Our dry well helped a little, and we want to put a few more strategically placed drainage wells around the pad in the coming weeks. 


We will be having our regular work party tomorrow, Sunday, March 2nd from 10 to 1pm at the park, and on the following Sunday, March 9 from 10am to 1pm also.  We will be working on our permaculture education area, improving our compost and painting a little more on our back flow cover mural.  As always there will also be the maintenance jobs of collecting litter, sweeping the sidewalk and stage, raking the gravel pad, and weeding and maintaining our beds.  There will be plenty to do for the next couple of weeks.  We will provide tools, supplies, and refreshments, so dig out those work gloves and come on by!


Assume that our work parties will continue every Sunday from 10 am to 1pm unless you hear otherwise.  Also, we would like to start thinking about setting up a second work party day too so be on the lookout for that news too.  


Take care and see you at the park!


For info:




1C)  Update from Washington Low Income Housing Alliance


I haven’t included an update from WLIHA lately, and the session is wearing down!


Last week was so full of ups and downs, so full of developments, twists, and turns, that it is really hard to believe all the action was packed into just five days.  Read below for more about the legislative ups and downs of last week regarding housing and homelessness.


BUDGET: Housing Trust Fund

The Housing Alliance was extremely disappointed with both the House and Senate Capital Budgets.  Although the Senate’s lack of any appropriation was no surprise, the House’s low appropriation was.  We knew that the capacity of the Supplemental Capital Budget was very low, but we had hoped for a deeper investment.




The House’s supplemental budget proposal makes no changes to the Housing & Essential Needs (HEN) and the Aged, Blind & Disabled (ABD) programs that offer various types of assistance to people with long- and short-term disabilities.  But we were most worried about the Senate’s proposed budget regarding these programs.

Find out why we breathed a collective sigh of relief…twice!


SHB 2537 – The Fair Tenant Screening Act

SHB 2537 by Rep. June Robinson (38th LD) had a hearing on Thursday in the Senate, but the committee chair, Senator Jan Angel (26th LD), refused to bring it up for a vote.  This means that the bill has died because last Friday was the cutoff for bills to leave a policy committee. But not all is lost.

Find out why we have hope. There’s always hope.


ESHB 2368 – The Homeless Housing & Assistance Surcharge Bill aka “Last Week’s Drama”

The tumultuous play-byplay on what happened last week regarding ESHB 2368 is just too long for this email. You must go to our website and read our account of events. We also have links to other media coverage of what unfolded. Trust us, it is worth the read!

Check out our blog for the full story.


Good News on Two of Our Support Priorities
Lastly, despite some of the negative legislative news above, we have some very positive news on two of our support items: the Homeless Children’s Education Act and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF).

Check out the good news here.


Thanks for your advocacy,

Michele, Ben & Kate B.


The Advocacy & Policy Team

Washington Low Income Housing Alliance


206.442.9455 I fb /wliha I tw @wliha




1D)  POWER Looking for Mother’s Day Card Art


Hello all,


It’s time to seek submissions for this year’s POWER Mother’s Day cards!


As an annual fundraiser we create a beautiful Mother’s Day card to sell to honor mothers and raise money for POWER’s important work.  Each year our card typically features the art of a local artist, often a POWER member.  We also feature a short artist bio on the back of the card.  These cards get mailed to mothers all over the world.  If you would be interested in donating an appropriate image for our cards, send art to



1E)  Fellowship of Reconciliation will Publicize your April and May Activities


Olympia FOR puts out a most excellent newsletter and calendar.  Check it out:


The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s newsletter publicizes news, announcements, calendar items, etc., related broadly to peace, social justice, nonviolence, the environment, economic justice, human rights, and related issues. I will mail hundreds of people our APRIL-MAY  newsletter on approximatelyMarch 27, so local people will receive it on about March 28 or 29.


Please send your announcements and calendar items BY TUESDAY MARCH 19 or very soon after.


The vast majority of events we publicize will occur in the greater Olympia and Thurston County area, but we also publicize a few very special ones in nearby counties, Seattle and elsewhere.  Because we are a 501(c)3 organization, wecannot publicize any partisan political activities.


I’ll check several of the local websites that offer many calendar items (e.g., TC Pro-Net, Interfaith Works, and Traditions Fair Trade & Café, but please provide any newer or more complete information than what you have posted there, and please notify me of additional activities.


Some events occur on a regular basis, but I want to make sure the information I have been using is still valid and accurate, so please notify me to confirm date, time, place, and the contact information for the key person.


Please send brief information to me as soon as possible – preferably bySunday March 19 – so I can include them in our newsletter calendar.  (Sooner is better!)


You can reply to this e-mail address ( or phone me at (360) 491-9093


If you don’t receive our newsletter but would like to, please contact me at You may choose to receive the print version and/or a .pdf version.  Also, you can see our current and recent newsletters at




I dream of a world where chickens can cross roads without having their motives questioned.


Glen Anderson   (360) 491-9093



2)  A Discussion on Decolonization and Transformative Justice with Danica Brown

Friday March 7th from 1 to 2:30 pm @ the Evergreen State College, SEM II D1105


This is from Feminists in Solidarity Together [FIST]:


This event is a part of No One Wins in Patriarchy Week!  Co-hosted by Abolish Cops and Prisons and FIST

Workshop Summary

This interactive workshop encourages participants to scrutinize power and privilege, systems of oppression and relationships of domination. One of the most striking legacies in American history is that of slavery and genocide.  The legacy continues on with the New Jim Crow; the Prison Industrial Complex.  This workshop takes history, theory and praxis seriously to flesh out the dynamics of intersectionality that exist between race, class, gender and ethnicity in the American criminal injustice system.  Decolonizing our minds starts with revolutionary consciousness surrounding our cultural memory of revolutionary discourse against mass incarceration, torture and gentrification.  The end goal is stimulating critical thinking and pushing participants to become more involved in anti-colonial transformative organizing.
Danica Brown is Choctaw of the White Crane clan and Scottish of the Ross clan. She is currently enrolled at Portland State University working a doctorate degree in Social Work with a focus in Indigenizing Social Work Practice.  She was a member of the Denver/Boulder American Indian Movement and Red Earth Women’s Alliance, focusing her activism on Ending Colonial Legacies in the Americans. Currently she is a collective member of the PDX Anarchist Black Cross, focusing on Decolonizing the Prison Industrial Complex.



3)  Film Screening:  More than Honey

Saturday March 8th from 6 to 10 pm @ the Evergreen State College Longhouse


Come learn about bees in general and Colony Collapse Disorder, which is killing bees all over the world, in particular.


From Thurston Beekeepers County Association and the Evergreen Bee Club:


It’s a community evening to promote bees, beekeeping and to inform attendees on the many ways we can all conserve and protect bees and other pollinators.


The event will begin at 6:00 pm with the rotunda area open with displays and informational tables hosted by the OBA and TESC student groups including their Bee Club; the Seeds, Beads, Bees and other Biodynamical Processes Group; Ecological Agriculture; The Community Garden; and Alumni Relations.


Tickets will be available at Traditions and Radiance in Olympia and Gordon’s Garden Center in Yelm for $10 each.

This is FREE for Evergreen Students.


The art show is called: Artwork of the Hive:  Creative Responses to Ecological Questions.


The exhibition will shine the light on art that speaks to issues of conservation, remediation, and the human relations with the earth – issues that will be addressed in various ways during the Bee Fair itself.  To address the social and ecological crises we face in today’s world, a new way of seeing, a collaborative ethic, and an interdisciplinary approach are essential.  Through form and process, this project will put these values into practice and spread a positive message to those involved.


At 7:00 pm we will be showing a 10 minute documentary film by TESC students about the current bee crisis.  Following this we will be presenting the first “Pollinator Protector Award” to Robert Thompson, Jr. of Lincoln Creek Lumber who was so moved by a report regarding neonicotinoid pesticides and their adverse affects on honeybees that he pulled the neonic pesticides from his store shelves last summer.  We hope his action sets an example for others to follow and he has graciously accepted the honor.


This will be followed by a screening of the full length documentary film “More than Honey” by Markus Imhoof.  The filmmaker will be Skyping in with us from Berlin following the film for a question and answer session and we will also have a panel of “bee folks” for general questions and answers from the audience about bees, beekeeping, etc.  The evening will conclude at 10:00 pm.



4)  Tom Rawson Sings for Olympia FOR

Saturday March 8th at 7:30 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW


It’s a benefit for Oly FOR!  Yippee!


From Oly FOR:


Folk Singer Tom Rawson


to Benefit Olympia FOR


Tom Rawson – a banjo-playing, crowd-delighting folksinger – performs songs of peace, social justice and just plain fun on Saturday, March 8, 2014, at 7:30 p.m. at Traditions Café at the corner of 5th and Water SW in downtown Olympia. 


Rawson has charmed and invigorated audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest with his infectious wit, energy and songs that you just can’t resist singing along with.


This is Tom’s annual benefit performance for the Olympia FOR.  You may determine how much to contribute on a suggested sliding scale of $10 to $25.


Each year we nearly fill Traditions, so we encourage buying tickets in advance.  Buy tickets from Traditions Fair Trade, 5th & Water SW, Olympia, or from the Olympia FOR. 

If you want to buy tickets by mail, please make checks payable to “Olympia FOR” and tell us how many tickets you want for your donation.  We’ll hold your tickets at the door.  Please send checks to Olympia FOR to 5015 15thAvenue SE, Lacey, WA 98503-2723.  (Regular donations go to our PO box instead of our home address.)


For more information contact Glen Anderson at (360) 491-9093 or


Tom Rawson’s information and music are available at


Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s Mission Statement


The Olympia Chapter of the Fellowship of Reconciliation works for a nonviolent world, a healthy environment, social justice, economic justice, and peace.  We bring together people of diverse ages, races, and faiths who are committed to active nonviolence as a transformative way of life and as a means of profound social change.  We model these principles by personal example.  We collaborate and dialogue with the larger community for mutual education and to engage in nonviolent and compassionate actions.


Olympia FOR, 5015 15th Ave SE, Lacey WA 98503-2723


(360) 491-9093



5)  Transitions Olympia Meeting

Monday March 10th from 7 to 9 pm @ MIXX 96 Meeting Room, Corner of State and Washington


This is the future.


From Transitions Olympia:


Transition Olympia General Meeting

        March 10  7-9 pm


          Living Sustainably: A Local Example


                                                  with Kirk Haffner  


     Solar-power Powerhouse and Personal Resiliency Expert


“Skipopah Hoogdahl” and family live on a few acres just outside Olympia.  He will share what they have done to live simply and sustainably with examples of water conservation, rainwater harvesting, composting toilets, greywater, do-it-yourself solar, gardening, small livestock and more that an be done on almost any size property.  Bring your examples  and ideas to share.


7:00 Snacks, mingle, announcements, project group updates


7:30 Talk

8:15 Questions and discussion


MIXX 96 Meeting Room, corner of State and Washington





6)  Olympia Free Space Project

Wednesday March 12th at 7 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW


It’s an alternative community!


From the organizers:


One topic that has repeatedly been discussed over the course of several free olympia project assemblies is the need for more free spaces in Olympia.  This is a broad subject, from renting buildings or houses to use as community centers to reclaiming abandoned structures.


We’ve scheduled an assembly to discuss this subject specifically, but unfortunately the earliest available date is March 12th at traditions (thus highlighting the need for more free spaces).  So this is a page for that event, but also a means to discuss the possibility of an Olympia Free Space, and to offer ideas on spaces we could use to meet in person before March 12th.


One example that I’ve found that seems worth looking into modeling ourselves after is the Minnehaha Free Space.



7)  Bonus Tip of the Day:


Keep your  karma clean.







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