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1)  FYI Section

  1A)  Update on West Central Park Project

  1B)  Update on Karim Khan

  1C)  Update from Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

2)  Punishing the Victims:  Olympia Land Use and Environment Committee Considers ‘Drug-Free Zone’ in Downtown Olympia

3)  Move to Amend Meeting

4)  The Cusp Reading Group:  Friendship as a Form of Life

5)  Muslims Need Not Apply Presentation

6)  Partners in Prevention Education [PiPE] 30 Hour Volunteer Advocacy Training

7)  Books Brownies and Beans Sale to Benefit Out of the Woods

8)  Housing Task Force Meeting

9)  Benefit Show for Anarchists Against the Wall

10)  10th Annual Israeli Apartheid Week

11)  Film Screening:  American Winter

12)  “From Activist to Terrorist” with Will Potter and Jake Conroy

13)  Bonus Tip of the Day



Debating the Devil




A Very Bad Idea


Hey Kids!


Some will be happy to note that the News and Commentary section is a very short this week.  Since it is appearing that I may become homeless this week, it may well be pretty short next week also.


So let’s get right down to business:  I just know you didn’t already have enough to worry about today so I thought I’d thoroughly alarm you right off the bat here by letting you know that the Media Fascists are making a major power play and massive public mobilization is — yet once again — required to stop them!


Boy, I’ll bet that took you by surprise!


One of our core problems is the fact that our media has been transformed from a watch-dog into a lap-dog.  Due largely to the consolidation of the media under the complete domination of a handful of corporate war profiteers the media has become nothing more than an outlet for government and corporate propaganda.


That problem just became much worse due to a court ruling and it may well become exponentially worse due to Comcast announcing plans to buy Time Warner Cable.  This isn’t just media consolidation; this is mega-media consolidation.  If this deal goes through then Comcast would be providing cable service to a third of American households and it would have a virtual monopoly in 19 of the 20 largest media markets.


That’s not the worst of it:  Due to the aforementioned court ruling Comcast will now also become the Internet Gatekeeper for all these people.  Comcast will not only seize control of both the content and the distribution of their programming, but with their new court ruling they can now block or seriously slow down any websites that they don’t like — or any websites that can’t afford it or any websites that refuse to play ball or any websites that air controversial subject matter and on and on.


This is a quote from former FCC Commissioner Michael Copps:


This is the John D. Rockefeller recipe for monopoly control.  You’ve got the whole thing, when you’re controlling the programs, designing the programs and distributing them, or deciding whether they’re not going to be distributed.  You have the power to block a little website or to block Democracy Now.


Rather than saying that this is utterly insane, such liberal bastions as MSNBC think this is just a great idea.


MSNBC is owned by General Electric, which is one of the largest war profiteers on the planet.


Nope, no conflicts of interest here!  Just move along now…


The lobbyists are wheeling their wheelbarrows full of cash up to Capitol Hill, so public outcry is probably going to be necessary.


I don’t care what MSNBC says, this is utterly insane.




Debating the Devil


The February 14th edition of Democracy Now aired a debate between famed Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg and former NSA lawyer Stewart Baker over the actions of Edward Snowden.  It is interesting for the content, for the fact that it is good to see a Machine apologist trying to justify the unjustifiable, and for the fact that it provides a very good object lesson for how Machine apologists spin things.  Since the facts are so in-your-face, Baker follows SOP several times to distract listeners from those facts.  As Ellsberg was wiping Baker all over the floor, Baker filibustered several times and at one point he [intentionally?] misinterpreted something Ellsberg said on a relatively minour point and then Baker spent five minutes arguing with Ellsberg over nothing even as Ellsberg quickly and easily explained the misunderstanding and clarified his statement and was trying in vain to move on to substantial matters as Baker continued to interrupt him with his multi-minute harangue of faux-outrage over something that Ellsberg hadn’t actually said in the first place.


Baker’s argument was that the security agencies were made up of honourable and patriotic men and women and that we must trust them to do the right thing.


A five-year-old child could effectively counter that asinine argument, so Mr. Ellsberg had absolutely no problem in very effectively knocking it out of the ball park with fanfares and wild cheering.


I found myself wondering if Mr. Baker knew beforehand what he was getting into.




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Thank you for your consideration and I hope that the Thunderbolt will continue to be an important source for useful weird alarming ridiculous or whatever information inspiration and respiration that you may need far into the future.


It’s time to get to work…



The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of February 20th thru 27th 2014




1)  FYI Section:


1A)  Update on West Central Park Project


The West Central Park Project meets every Sunday and works on the park.  This is dated (I get Alicia’s weekly alert the day after the Thunderbolt is published) but they do similar things every Sunday.


From Alicia:


Hello All!


After going without its weekly makeover last Sunday, the park is ready and waiting for us to return and continue our maintenance, tomorrow, Sunday, February 16th, from 10-1.  We will be mulching our beds, re-bracing our trees, digging more test drains, and begin to layout our permaculture education area.  Bring gloves and your great attitudes and we will provide the tools, and refreshments to make this park look loved!


In other park news, our application for our 501c3 status is finally completed and will be going in the mail today to the IRS!  We will let you know as soon as we hear anything back about our new tax exempt status.  


An exciting community event has been scheduled to be held at the park early Easter Sunday morning.  We are pleased to honor a request from the Gloria Dei Lutheran Church to hold their 6:00 am Easter morning service at West Central Park.  This is a great example of how we want to encourage the neighborhood to start using the park in all kinds of ways. 


Thanks, and see you soon!




1B)  Update on Karim Khan


Karim Khan, the anti-drone activist that I mentioned in last week’s Thunderbolt who went missing in Pakistan on Feb. 5th, has been released.  He says he was interrogated, beaten and tortured but still plans to travel to Europe to meet with parliamentarians.




1C)  Update from Washington Low Income Housing Alliance


As the legislative session passes the halfway mark, they seen to be conducting business as usual — which is utterly unacceptable.


Here is WLIHA’s take:


ESHB 2368 (document recording fees) and SHB 2537 (fair & portable tenant screening reports) are headed to the Senate.  As you may have heard, these bills are going to have a challenging time in that chamber.  But it doesn’t have to be this way, especially with your consistent advocacy!  Start by clicking here.


The legislative session has officially passed the halfway mark. And the two policy bills SHB 2537 (the Fair Tenant Screening Act) and ESHB 2368 (ending the sunsets of homeless housing and assistance surcharges) are both still alive. Their next hurdle will be in the Senate. Both have to be heard and passed out of the Senate Financial Institutions, Housing & Insurance Committee by Friday, February 28 in order to keep moving.


ESHB 2368 – The Homeless Housing & Assistance Surcharges

Last Thursday was a roller coaster ride for this bill.  The day started out with several confirmed Republican yes votes on an unamended version.  However, it ended with a somewhat different set of seven Republican supporters and a significant and sudden floor amendment on the bill.  In the end, the bill passed the House around 5:00pm.  Go here for the roll call to learn who voted yes and why thanks are in order.


The House floor amendment requires that 45% of the state’s portion of the homeless housing and assistance surcharge be permanently set-aside for the private rental market. Also, if the Department of Commerce fails to meet reporting requirements outlined in the bill, the Office of Financial Management may hold all of the department’s funds collected from this fee. Click here for more information on how this amendment affects the bill & what would happen if the sun sets on document recording fees.


SHB 2537 – The Fair Tenant Screening Act

The House version of the Fair Tenant Screening Act passed out of the House on Thursday the 13th on an almost party-line vote. The floor debate included a powerful introduction by the prime sponsor Representative June Robinson (38th LD) and a passionate rebuttal to bill opponents by Representative Drew Hansen (23rd LD).  Representative Hansen’s floor speech specifically talked about the tenant testimony he heard earlier in the month.  He noted the stories they shared and said, “This bill is about fairness.” You can watch the debate, as well as Rep. Hansen’s speech at our website.


Why Action is Needed Now!

Both ESHB 2368 and SHB 2537 will have a challenging time in the Senate.  That’s why we need you to take action right now and tell your senator to support both these bills when they get there. Start here to take immediate action!


Updates on Housing Alliance Support Priorities

Last week was a mixed bag for our legislative support items.  Check out our blog for the updates.


Your persistence and dedication ensures our lawmakers pass the bills and funding needed to prevent and end homelessness.  We’ve already come a long way in this fast, short session. Please keep weighing in and spreading the word.  As Representative Hansen’s floor speech on the Fair Tenant Screening Act made clear, you are being heard!


Thanks for being an advocate,



Michele Thomas, Director of Policy and Advocacy

Washington Low Income Housing Alliance


206.442.9455 I fb /wliha I tw @wliha



2)  Punishing the Victims:  Olympia Land Use and Environment Committee Considers ‘Drug-Free Zone’ in Downtown Olympia

Thursday February 20th at 5:30 pm @ Olympia City Hall, 601 4th Ave E


The Land Use and Environment Committee is considering instituting a ‘Drug Free Zone’ in Olympia.  Drug Free Zones are another way to further persecute the victims of our sick society rather than fixing the problem that cause such victims.  Our city council can always be counted upon to do the wrong thing in this area.  Come watch fascism in action.


From Monica:


Meeting of the Land Use and Environment Committee of the Olympia City Council.  5:30 Feb 20 in City Council Chambers.


The Olympia City Council Land Use and Environment Committee will, at its meeting next week, consider an ordinance that would allow stiffer penalties for felony drug convictions in essentially the entirety of the downtown.  It would do this by designating all land within 1000′ of municipal centers as a drug free zone.  This includes Children’s Museum, City Hall, Olympia Center, and Washington Center.



3)  Move to Amend Meeting

Thursday February 20th at 6:30 pm @ Thurston County Courthouse, Bldg. 1, Room 152
2000 Lakeridge Drive SW


It’s moving to amend the Constitution to curb corporate power!  A worthy cause!


From M2A:


Olympia Move to Amend Meeting


Thursday, February 20, 2014



Short Description:

Join us to get money out of politics and reclaim our democracy! We will be helping to collect signatures for WA’s I-1329 to overturn Citizens United.


Thurston Co. Courthouse, Bldg. 1, Rm 152
2000 Lakeridge Drive SW
Olympia, WA 98502

Contact Information:

Michael Savoca: savocas[at]fairpoint[dot]net


This meeting had been previously scheduled for Wed. Feb. 19, but our regular meeting place was not available, and we were unable to find an alternate location, so we had to change the date.  Sorry for any inconvenience. 


Please join us!  Our meetings are currently scheduled for the FIRST Thursday & THIRD Wednesday of each month.


We will be planning events to increase awareness of our movement and to educate our friends and neighbors about what we can do to reclaim our democracy.  It IS possible and we ARE going to do it.  Our group is open to all political beliefs, because this is about all Americans–not just conservatives or progressives or moderates, but all of us: WE, THE PEOPLE.  We must work together to get money out of politics and return to a government “of the people, by the people, for the people”.  


We will be helping to collect signatures for WA’s I-1329 through June 2014.  I-1329 urges our state’s Congressional delegation to propose amending the Constitution to clarify that Constitutional rights apply to natural persons not corporations and to authorize greater regulation of political contributions and expenditures. For more about I-1329 see WAmend’s website at  .


Some of the other organizations that are working toward a similar goal to overturn Citizens United include — and we welcome members of these groups to join us:  WAmend, Wolf-PAC, Public Citizen, People for the American Way, Sum of Us, Represent.US, Free Speech for People, StampStampede…


We the People, NOT We the Corporations 


On January 21, 2010, with its ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are persons, entitled by the U.S. Constitution to buy elections and run our government. Human beings are people; corporations are legal fictions.


We, the People of the United States of America, reject the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United and other related cases, and move to amend our Constitution to firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights. (


“The Story of Citizens United v. FEC”


WATCH and share this short video (under 9 min.) which explores: 

>the inordinate power that corporations exercise in our democracy,

>the history of the American corporation and corporate political spending, 

>the appropriate roles of citizens and for-profit corporations in a democracy, and 

>the toxic impact the “Citizens United” Supreme Court decision is having on our political process. 


It ends with a call to amend the U.S. Constitution to confirm that people—not corporations—make the decisions in a democracy.


SIGN!   Motion to Amend the US Constitution: Reject Citizens United:


SIGN! Corporations are not people:


Priceles$$ The Movie: A Call To Action For Campaign Finance Reform


We keep trimming the branches of the tree, but we really need to get at the root of the problem… Watch Pricele$$: (56:15)


Olympia MTA Chapter’s FB page



4)  The Cusp Reading Group:  Friendship as a Form of Life

Friday February 21st at 5 pm @ the Cusp, on Franklin St. between Dumpster Values and Old school Pizza


It’s radical!  Check it out!


From the Cusp:


This is the text we’ll be reading for our upcoming study group (check the calendar) on Feb. 21st. at 4pm.

It’s a compilation of writings from Deleuze, Foucault, Tiqqun, Cixious, etc. constellating around the topic of FRIENDSHIP.  What is it?  What does it mean to affect or be affected?  How do we determine affinity as social antagonists?  Join us in navigating our way up and down, around and through these questions. On our first meeting we will be reading section one ‘Common’.  You can download the text from the link below or you can come by The Cusp and pick up a copy.

We will meet in The Cusp: Olympia Anarchist Social Center between Dumpster Values and Old school Pizza.



5)  Muslims Need Not Apply Presentation

Friday February 21st at 7 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW


This is centered around local activist Zahid Chaudhry.


From Justice 4 Chaudhry:


Mark Your Calendars            Save The Date !


February 21, 2014



“Muslims Need Not Apply”

How the USCIS secretly mandates the discriminatory delay and denial of Citizenship & Immigration Rights to aspiring Americans


Presented by Ann Chaudhry


* 300 5th Ave. SW, Olympia, WA 98501

(Corner of 5th Ave. & Water)        360 705 2819




For more information:



6)  Partners in Prevention Education [PiPE] 30 Hour Volunteer Advocacy Training

Saturday February 22nd thru Sunday February 23rd and Saturday March 1st thru Sunday March 2nd from 9 am to 5 pm @ LBTA


Come train to work with PiPE!


From PiPE:


Partners in Prevention Education (PiPE) is excited to announce that registration is now open for 30-hour Volunteer Advocate Training!


PiPE is seeking volunteers to strengthen the safety net for youth and young people in our community.


Training dates:

Saturday & Sundays

Feb. 22 – 23 &

March 1-2

9:00 am – 5:00 pm


Must be able to attend all four days!


Seeking Volunteers for:

  • Advocates for walk-in advocacy,
  • Street Outreach,
  • Representation at various community meetings
  • Support Violence Prevention activities!


Click for more info on Volunteer opportunities!


About the training:


The 30-hour Volunteer Advocate Training is designed to provide skills and knowledge necessary to serve marginalized youth & young adult victims/survivors of sexually related violence, exploitation and other tools of oppression.


Topics include:


  • Dynamics of Sexual Assault & Compounded Trauma,
  • Fostering resiliency,
  • Anti-Oppression,
  • Crime Victims Rights,
  • Boundaries & Role Clarification,
  • Listening & Communication Skills, and
  • Cultural Competency Working with Marginalized Youth, including homeless and LGBTQQIA.


This training meets the requirements outlined by the Office of Crime Victims Advocacy (OCVA) for Services to Marginalized Communities.


Registration is free to those able to make a year commitment to weekly or monthly volunteering for a minimum of nine (9) hours per month. A Criminal Background check is required.


About PiPE:


PiPE serves young people (ages 13-30)  who are marginalized and at increased risk of homelessness and exploitation, including LGBTQQIA through a blend of crime victims’ support services, primary violence prevention engagement activities and community organizing.


Visit PiPE’s website


Save your spot by registering today!


For more information, please contact Rosalinda at 360-357-4472.


Looking forward to seeing you there,

The Partners in Prevention Education Team



7)  Books Brownies and Beans Sale to Benefit Out of the Woods

Saturday February 22nd from 9 am to 4 pm @ Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 2300 East End St NW


Out of the Woods provides shelter for homeless people.


From TC Pro Net:


Huge Used Book Sale!


Saturday, February 22, 2014


9:00AM – 4:00PM

Short Description:

BOOKS, BROWNIES & BEANS, huge used book sale to benefit Out of the Woods, an emergency shelter for families, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.


Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation

2300 East End St NW

Olympia WA 98502

Contact Information:

Caroline True,


BOOKS, BROWNIES & BEANS, the huge used book sale to benefit Out of the Woods, an emergency shelter for families, will be held on Saturday, February 22, 2014 from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm at the Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation.  Out of the Woods is a 501/C/3 non-profit organization that operates an emergency shelter for homeless families in the community.  Families can stay up to 90 days.  During their stay in Out of the Wood’s safe, homelike environment, resident families are helped to find jobs, permanent housing, and hope for homeless families with children. 


Featuring: Great bargains on used books, CDs and DVDs, plus door prizes, a Bistro with coffee, tea, and brownies, and live cabaret entertainment.

Location: Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation

                 2300 East End St. NW (off Division & 20th NW, Olympia)

                 Note: new large parking lot.




8)  Housing Task Force Meeting

Monday February 24th from 11 am to 1 pm @ Olympia City Hall, 601 4th Ave E, Room 207


This is the city organization working to end homelessness.  These are the good guys even though they work for the city.


From Anna Schlecht:


Double Header – Starting February:

11am – Noon:         Continuum of Care Meeting

Noon – 1pm:         Housing Task Force Meeting


Housing Task Force – Special Meeting

An Ad-hoc coalition of Homeless Service Providers


Review of the 2014 Homeless Census


Noon – Monday February 24th

City of Olympia

Room 207 




County Homeless Coordinator’s Corner


  • Educational presentations on current trends:  Progressive Engagement;  Rapid Rehousing;  Homeless Prevention;  Harm-Reduction Theory;  Housing First; etc


Review of the 2014 Homeless Census


  • 2014 Homeless Census Results
  • Review of Homeless Census Reporting – FINAL RESULTS DUE TO COMMERCE BY MARCH 1st


  • Transitional Housing – HMIS “Snapshot”
  • o   Emergency Shelters – Paper Surveys & HMIS Data Entry
  • o    Unsheltered – Paper Surveys & HMIS Data Entry


M. Anna Schlecht  / Housing Program Manager

City of Olympia Housing Program

City of Olympia / 601 4th Avenue East / Olympia WA 98501

(360) 753-8183 /


City of Olympia Website:


Please NoteThis message and any reply may be subject to public disclosure.



9)  Benefit Show for Anarchists Against the Wall

Monday February 24th from 7 to 10 pm @ Le Voyeur, 404 4th Ave E


It’s a benefit for activists.


From the organizers:


Benefit show for Anarchists Against the Wall & Portland BDS!




Dirty Joe and the Brick Walls


Burial Suit


Shadowboxing one more special guest TBA!


In conjunction with Evergreen Students for Justice in Palestine and Israeli Apartheid Week.


ALWAYS ALL AGES! Which means the show will start on time and end by 10pm!



10)  10th Annual Israeli Apartheid Week

Monday February 24th thru Thursday February 27th @ the Evergreen State College


Come learn about everyone’s favourite apartheid police state!  Financed with your tax dollars!


From Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP):


Next week the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at the Evergreen State College will present the 10th Annual  Israeli Apartheid Week.  Below is a schedule of events.




For the week beginning on February 24th Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at the Evergreen State College will be hosting a variety of events highlighting Israel’s apartheid regime against Palestine. We will be engaging with Israeli, Palestinian, and Pacific Northwest activists who are all struggling against this oppressive and unequal system.


MONDAY, Feb. 24th

      All ages Punk show benefit for Anarchists Against the Wall and Portland BDS.

      7PM @ Le Voyeur.


TUESDAY, Feb. 25th

      Resistance to Israeli Apartheid: Panel with Israeli and Palestinian Activists working  against occupation and apartheid (Maya Rotem from Anarchists Against the Wall and Wael Elasady from Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights at PSU)

      5PM @Lecture Hall 1


WEDNESDAY, Feb. 26th

      Letter writing to Palestinian Political Prisoners- Cosponsored with ACAP

      1-3PM @ The Flaming Eggplant


THURSDAY, Feb. 27th

      Connecting Struggles: Solidarity Beyond Palestine.

      Panel discussion with co-sponsors: MEXA, ACAP, SDS, EPIC and NSA

      NOON@ Lecture Hall 1


      Art exhibition with infographs on apartheid conditions in Israel/Palestine
      @The Flaming Eggplant


In Solidarity TESC SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine)


The Mideast Solidarity Project/Students for Justice in Palestine at The Evergreen State College supports a fair and just resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and an end to the Israeli government’s policies of discrimination and occupation against Palestinians in the occupied territories, inside Israel and those driven to become refugees by Israeli government action. We also oppose the involvement of the United States government with various dictatorial regimes across the Middle East in general. We aim to do our part to meet these goals by informing our community about and opposing Evergreen’s financial involvement with these policies and regimes through their investments in companies involved in human rights abuses.



11)  Film Screening:  American Winter

Tuesday February 25th at 6 pm @ the Capitol Theater, 206 5th Ave SE


This is a highly recommended film.


From the organizers:


Tuesday, February 25 – Pierce County Foreclosure Prevention Roundtable Presents American Winter.  5:30pm doors / 6:00 pm show.  FREE ADMISSION – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.  Q&A to follow the screening.  Mezzanine Lounge Open for those 21 and over.  Directed by Emmy award-winning filmmakers Joe and Harry Gantz (Taxicab Confessions, The Defenders) AMERICAN WINTER follows the personal stories of eight families struggling in the wake of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.  Shot in Portland, Oregon last winter, this powerful film reveals the human impact of budget cuts to social services, rising poverty, economic inequality, and the fracturing of the American Dream.


American Winter is a documentary highlighting the personal stories of Northwest families facing the effects of the recession and cuts to social services including homelessness, job loss, and foreclosure.  Click the link above to view the trailer or check out the Roundtable’s Facebook page for more information and pictures of a previous screening we sponsored in Tacoma last October.


Though the film has many themes, our intent in screening the film is to raise awareness among legislators and Thurston County residents that foreclosure is still a problem in WA state, to warn audience members about foreclosure rescue scams that are prevalent in WA, and connect the audience to reputable resources and social service providers through a panel discussion and resource fair following the film.  The screening is FREE and open to the public.



12)  “From Activist to Terrorist” with Will Potter and Jake Conroy

Thursday February 27th from 6 to 9 pm @ the Evergreen State College, Lecture Hall #1


I have warned often about the government designating left-wing political activists as ‘terrorists’.  This is a talk upon that subject by some experts.  Come learn about this very scary tactic.


From EPIC:


The Evergreen State College

Lecture Hall #1



The EPIC – Evergreen Political Information Center presents:


From Activist to Terrorist” w/ Will Potter and Jake Conroy


The FBI labels animal rights and environmental activists the “number one domestic terrorism threat,” and new laws turn activism into “terrorism” if it hurts corporate profits.  Unlike anti-abortion extremists and hate groups, though, these protesters have never harmed a human being.


How did this happen?  Why are undercover investigators and those who use non-violent civil disobedience being treated so disproportionately?  And what are the real life consequences for the activists who are investigated, and even sent to prison, as domestic terrorists?


*Will Potter*, an award-winning journalist who, after being told by the FBI he was on a domestic terrorist list, went on to investigate and expose these efforts in his book, Green Is the New Red.  He will discuss how corporations manufactured the idea of “eco-terrorism,” and why all social justice activists are at risk.  His reporting and commentary have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Mother Jones, and the Vermont Law Review, and he has testified before Congress.  Green Is The New Red was awarded a Kirkus Star for “remarkable merit” and named one of the best books of 2011.

He blogs at


*Jake Conroy* is a long-time animal rights activist who was sentenced to 4 years in prison for his involvement in one of the most successful animal rights campaigns in history — Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty.  He will discuss being the target of a multi-agency terrorism investigation, learning he was on a high-profile prisoners list, and navigating living a life branded as a terrorist in post-9/11 society.



13)  Bonus Tip of the Day:


Call out the Devil.







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