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  1A)  Roots Action to Cut Off the NSA’s Electricity

  1B)  Sneaking It In Through the Back Door:  TPP being Fast Tracked

  1C)  Community Rights Movement Moving Forward

  1D)  POWER Newsletter

  1E)  Chief Ronnie Wants More Homeless in Jail

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Evangelical Racism




The Thunderbolt Eats Crow!


Hey Kids!


Last week — with great fanfare and tooting of horns — I announced a rather prosaic change in the format of the Thunderbolt, i.e. I was moving the Calendar Index to the Calendar.


Astute readers may have already noted that — in spite of my triumphant marketing campaign delineating the many non-profundities of the New Improved Thunderbolt Format just last week — the Calendar Index has once again proudly claimed its spot at the head of the page.


Two readers noted that — due to the already excessive amounts of scrolling required to read the Thunderbolt — that when someone has interest in a specific event in the Calendar, then having the Index at the beginning allows readers to copy and paste an event into a search box and go straight to the desired information — whereas having the Index buried in the middle of the mess makes people scroll through the News and Commentary section in order to find it.


Sometimes change just for change’s sake is not such a hot idea.




Secret Underground Thunderbolt Studio Evicted!


A prominent local activist recently accused me of using the Thunderbolt for self-serving purposes.  With caveats, I denied this accusation stating that I used the Thunderbolt for Thunderbolt-serving purpose since I think I am putting out vital information in an entertaining fashion and therefore feel no qualms about shamelessly promoting it.


Now, in another delicious irony, I find myself in a position wherein I need to use the Thunderbolt for rather blatant self-serving purpose (if also for Thunderbolt-serving purpose):  Me looking for a place to live may not seem of sufficient importance for elevation to mention in the Thunderbolt, but the problem is that the maximum I can afford to pay is $250 per month — which under normal circumstances may be enough to rent a small closet.  I am hoping that someone who knows about all of the unpaid work that I do every week may be willing to rent the Thunderbolt a space for under-market value.  (I’m afraid that I come along with the deal too, though.)  Not too many strangers are going to do that.


About a month ago I moved both the Thunderbolt and myself into my daughter’s garage.  Due to a very long story she was having trouble with rent and I needed a cheap place to live and so I built a little 8×12-foot plastic house inside her garage that is heated and carpeted.  It is quite comfortable.  I spent most of my adult life on the Road and I have experienced much worse.  This is actually an awesome arrangement, especially since I actually get to see my daughter once in a while.  (I have twice briefly spotted my granddaughter, but she is a teenager with a brand new driver’s license who looks like a Barbie doll and who loathes hippies like her grandfather, so I still don’t see much of her.)


Unfortunately I moved in just in time for my daughter’s landlord to sell the house and evict all of us, so now I need to find a new place by March 1st.  Oh well.


As if I weren’t already asking enough, I am afraid that Wi-Fi is necessary for the proper hurling of Thunderbolts and I kind of need a detached place both because I tend to make loud noises early in the am whilst recording the radio-show and because I tend to play very loud music at very odd hours — though I could curb that last aspect of my lifestyle if it proves problematic.  I also need access to a bus line.


If anyone has a small detached room or a garage with a spare 100 square feet of floor space where I can build a plastic house and set up shop then please let me know.


Alternatively, since my daughter and her daughter now also need a place to live and since she is willing to rent me a space for $250 per month, then if you know of any 2-bedroom places that have a detached building or a garage that I can move into — and that she can rent for under $800 per month — then that works too.


Okay, blatant self-serving done!  Time to hurl some Thunderbolts!


This week’s theme is Evangelical Racism!




Alternative View of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


I was selling Real Change the other day and this week’s issue features a large picture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  A young and very attractive white girl walked by, saw the picture, graced Dr. King’s picture with a thoroughly seductive smile, and then with a purr that dripped sex all over the walkway she said, “Oh, he is soooooo HOT!



I have given much thought to Dr. King during the course of my life.  I must admit, though, that I have never once thought of him as being ‘soooooo HOT’!


Dr. King had many talents indeed.




Socialist Alternative


I did not follow Kshama Sawant’s campaign real closely because it was local to Seattle (or so I thought) but since I was getting two and three emails a day from various sources about her campaign and since the polls were saying she was doing well, I knew that she was working it hard.  When I did consider her campaign I was thinking that if a non-white female Socialist could get 30% of the vote then that would send a powerful message; the idea that an open Socialist could actually win a citywide election against an entrenched and connected incumbent did not even cross my mind.


I also pointed out that while Bill de Blasio, the newly elected mayor of New York City, sounded like the real deal that we must still ignore what politicians say and watch what they do — and one of the first things that Bill de Blasio did was to appoint William Bratton, an enthusiastic supporter of fascist police tactics such as Stop and Frisk and a pioneer in Rudi Giuliani’s implementation of the Broken Window Theory of Law Enforcement in New York, as the Chief of Police.


He said he’s against it but as soon as he is elected he then does the opposite; business as usual.


In the case of Kshama Sawant, though, my usual proscription about ignoring what politicians say and watching what they do — while still extant — is not so vital as many knowledgeable people personally know Ms. Sawant and Ms. Sawant was an active member of Occupy Seattle — so evidently she is the actual real deal.


This should get interesting.  Stay tuned.




White on White Violence


There is an epidemic of rape on college campuses.  Since most of the victims are privileged white girls then Barack Obama has formed a task force to study the problem.


Obama continues to completely ignore the mass-rape of black people that has been happening for over 400 years, though — even though Obama is himself half Scottish.




Evangelical Racism


Last May I did a piece called Evangelical Sexism wherein I posited that the reason women have been so brutally oppressed for so many centuries is because, due to their ability to create new life, women are actually the ones with the real power around here and that generations of justifiably insecure men have felt the need to beat rape burn degrade drown mutilate and keep women firmly under the dominance of oppressive male-thumbs lest they start exercising their power; I am convinced that women have been suffering all of this oppression for all these centuries because all of these big bad men are actually a bunch of sissies who defecate in their little knickers and whose little testicles shrivel at the thought of women’s power.


Personally, I find women’s power to be a total turn-on — but I’ve always been a contrarian, so whatever.


I have a similar theory for racism, at least as it is practiced in the United States:  What has happened here is that, using best practices in animal husbandry, our ancestors have created a race of super-humans amongst us.  The first forge was the journey from Africa:  Only the strongest and most determined managed to survive that experience.  Those that survived were subsequently bred like animals for centuries with an eye toward strength and stamina and intelligence.  In order to keep them under thumb, the white power structure has been forced to ever increasingly desperate measures over the centuries.  When slavery ended, Jim Crow was actually even more effective in many ways, and when Jim Crow ended then the War on Drugs proved to be even more so; now there are more Blacks under the thumb of the Prison Machine than were held in slavery at the beginning of the Civil War.


I think that Blacks should be proud of the fact that the white power structure is so utterly terrified of them.


Blacks already completely dominate sports — one of the few areas where they are allowed to compete on an equal field with Whites — and if they ever gain equal access to things like education, jobs, and economic opportunities then I suspect there is a very good chance that they would start dominating nearly everything.


The thing about making people live in a forge is that forges tend to harden the steel.  Since the United States is now basically operating a world-wide forge, then we are hardening the steel in a lot of people these days and many of these people very justifiably hate the United States government very much — though more of them than you may think make a distinction between the American government and the American people.


American Blacks, though, have always received special attention.


Anyway, the end result is that due partly to Slavery-Jim Crow-War on Drugs-etc. the Machine has thus far largely succeeded in keeping American Blacks down…


…but I think that their most effective strategy has been that they have managed to convince most of the Blacks themselves that they are worthless inferior losers.


You are whatever you think you are.  If American Blacks ever figure out the myth of their own inferiority — you may want to take cover.


It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of January 30th thru February 6th 2014






1)  FYI Section:


1A)  Roots Action to Cut Off the NSA’s Electricity


From Roots Action:


A bill with bipartisan support in the Washington State legislature would block all state support for NSA activities that violate the Fourth Amendment. This could include cutting off electricity and water to the NSA’s surveillance center at Yakima from which the NSA spies on our phones and emails without any warrant or probable cause.


Let the bill’s sponsors know the whole country supports them.


The Fourth Amendment Protection Act (HB 2272) would block the use of unconstitutionally gathered data in state court and block state universities from partnering with the NSA as long as the NSA engages in criminal activities.


Rep. David Taylor (R-Moxee, in whose district the NSA facility sits) and Rep. Luis Moscoso (D-Mountlake Terrace) need to hear from all of us right away. They need to be able to tell their colleagues we support their proposal to uphold the rule of law.


Please click here to sign the petition. 


Then forward this to everyone you know.


Note to NSA employees spying on this email: It’s nothing personal. Remember, you know all about us but we don’t know you at all.


— The team


P.S. RootsAction is an independent online force endorsed by Jim Hightower, Barbara Ehrenreich, Cornel West, Daniel Ellsberg, Glenn Greenwald, Naomi Klein, Bill Fletcher Jr., Laura Flanders, former U.S. Senator James Abourezk, Coleen Rowley, Frances Fox Piven, and many others.


P.P.S. This work is only possible with your financial support.


Please donate.




Tenth Amendment Center: Bill Proposes Criminalizing Help to NSA

Associated Press: NSA Listening Post in Yakima Is Secret No More





1B)  Sneaking It In Through the Back Door:  TPP being Fast Tracked


This is very spectacularly mega-super-duper badness, Kids.  I cannot stress how bad the Trans Pacific Partnership is.  (Note that there are a couple of large actions coming up in this week’s Thunderbolt Calendar concerning the TPP)


Now Congress is trying to sneak it in through the back-door because it so odious.  They are using a chicken-shite procedure known as Fast Track, wherein Congress gives the president a blank check to do whatever he wants because they don’t want any responsibility for anything.


This from Oly FOR:


“Fast Track” legislation for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has been introduced in Congress!


I am compiling information about TPP and “Fast Track” for a 3-page section in the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s February-March 2014 newsletter, which we will mail on January 31.


We are posting this new TPP information now as a .pdf on the Olympia FOR’s website,  Simply click the “Global Economics” link and see today’s new .pdf directly under the “Global Economics” heading.


You get a sneak peak right now because the TPP and “Fast Track” need urgent, vigorous opposition.  I hope you will read and act on this information.


The Olympia FOR’s current (Dec.-Jan) issue has plenty of information about the TPP on pages 2-5.  You can read that information below today’s new .pdf on the “Global Economics” page of  See this link: 

New Information – January 21, 2014 (Pdf document) about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and “Fast Track” for a 3-page section in the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s February-March 2014 newsletter


You can read about other important issues in our current and previous newsletters posted at our website.  If you want to receive our newsletters electronically or as paper publications in the postal mail, please contact me with your name, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address.




1C)  Community Rights Movement Moving Forward


This is a massive bi-partisan movement to take our communities back from Wall Street.  The Olympia chapter is particularly active.  Plug in here.


WCRN – January 20th meeting summary


·         In Skagit County, people are circulating a petition urging the County Commissioners to adopt a community bill of rights that would include protection of air, the Skagit River and other water bodies, neighborhood rights to decide about major development, workers rights to organize, transition to a carbon-free era, and adherence to the UN Declaration on Human Rights.


·         In LaConner, they have been working on a local clean and fair elections ordinance (money out of politics).


·         In Spokane, following the Envision Spokane charter initiative being kept from the ballot last year, they are continuing appeals in the courts on that question and considering other possible initiatives around police accountability and income inequality (i.e. worker rights).  Kai recommended reading the powerful CELDF appeal brief just filed, which you can see here.


·         In Olympia, the big issues are GMO-labeling (I-522 passed in Thurston County), and protecting the south Salish Sea. These have not turned into actual campaigns yet, though folks there are looking at possibly running a community bill of rights in Thurston County and/or looking at a home rule charter campaign.


·         Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin of Port Angeles, a contract lawyer for CELDF, mentioned a recent Washington State Supreme Court case brought by the Swinomish Tribe against the Dept of Ecology which had departed from its own statutory mandate and favored development over protecting instream flows for fish.  The Tribe won.


·         Kai talked about the people in three counties in Oregon that are pursuing campaigns variously to exclude GMO crops and to protect against pesticides.


·         We discussed SB 5347, which would guarantee that a local initiative with enough signatures would go to the ballot.

·         We reviewed the difficulties of moving through the formal county charter adoption process without preparing the ground with years of informal conversations.  The community rights people in Jefferson County have first hand experience with the difficulty of this work.  Their aim had been for the County to adopt a charter which included the initiative process


·         CELDF has drafted state constitutional amendments for ten states, including Washington State.  The two-page draft for Washington State can be viewed here.




1D)  POWER Newsletter


Last week I shared the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation event calendar.  This week I am going to share Parents Organizing for Economic and Welfare Rights [POWER] calendar.


That’s the difference between public service and business; I promote my competition.




Mark your calendars for February’s POWER Outage:

Telling Your Story


What makes a story interesting?

Can my story really make a difference?

How can I keep control of my own story?


Join us for this interactive workshop


Monday, February 3rd, 2014


POWER Outage begins with a potluck meal at 5:30 pm.  Bring something to share if you are able.  Discussions from 6 – 8 pm at Darby’s Café in downtown Olympia, 211 5thAvenue.


The café is closed, but the owners kindly let us use the space.


Childcare will be provided down the Street at the POWER office, 309 5th Avenue by the Olympia Childcare Collective!


Brought to you by POWER

Parents Organizing For Welfare and Economic Rights

Call 360-352-9716 or email


POWER is an organization of low-income parents and allies advocating for a strong social safety net while working toward a world where children and care giving are truly valued, and the devastation of poverty has been eradicated.



1.Call to action – contact legislators to support increasing access to dental care.

2.Call to action – sign a national petition to say no more cuts to food stamps!

3.Learn more about the groundbreaking civil liberties case POWER’s Julianne is a plaintiff in tonight at Evergreen.

4.Truthout article about WA state fighting back against government spying.

5.Utah’s simple strategy to end homelessness!



1.  On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, an overflow crowd turned out to speak up for House Bill 2321 and access to dental careIt was a powerful show of support for a new way out of our state’s oral health crisis.  See below for some of the voices from around the state that testified in favor of the bill.


This was an unprecedented public demonstration for a mid-level dental provider, but we need to keep it coming in order for this bill to move out of committee.

Please take a few minutes today, and send an e-mail message to the following committee members asking them to support a workforce solution proven to get safe, efficient care to kids and communities in need.  If you are part of an organization, please send this request out to all your members and colleagues!


Committee members (you can cut and paste the second column directly into an email):


Cody, Eileen (D) Chair

Riccelli, Marcus (D) Vice Chair

Schmick, Joe (R) *

Harris, Paul (R) **

Clibborn, Judy (D)

DeBolt, Richard (R)

Green, Tami (D)

Hunt, Graham (R)

Jinkins, Laurie (D)

Manweller, Matt (R)

Moeller, Jim (D)

Morrell, Dawn (D)

Rodne, Jay (R)

Ross, Charles (R)

Short, Shelly (R)

Tharinger, Steve (D)

Van De Wege, Kevin (D)


Message:  Support HB2321.  The time is now for Washington state to get safe, efficient oral health care to kids and communities in need.


 Voices from all across Washington State spoke up at the hearing (click here to listen to testimony):


“Statistics don’t lie. Statistics have shown that [mid-level providers] provide safety and quality care, it is well documented. So I ask you, what does it take to get you to vote yes?”- —  Hon. Brian Cladoosby, Chair of the Swinomish Indian Tribe and President of the National Council of American Indians


“The need is dramatic…. Out of all the offices [in Skagit County] we called, just three will take an adult on Medicaid: one was a denture clinic, one was Sea Mar Community Health Center, and one was our clinic.” — Dr. Raymond Dailey, DDS, Swinomish Tribal Dental Clinic


“In July 2012, I experienced an oral health crisis that threatened my life…I couldn’t eat anything. I couldn’t sleep. The pain was inescapable. This is Washington State, and I expect us to do better by all our residents, whether they are flush with cash or struggle to get by…How many more lives will you risk because oral health care is inaccessible and unaffordable?” — Aaron Kathman, Spokane resident and member of Children’s Alliance and Washington CAN!


 “We have done the things the dental association has put forward but we still have people not getting the care they need. We need to do more. This is the next step.” —Rep. Eileen Cody, Bill sponsor and House Health Care and Wellness Committee Chair



For more information or if you have any questions, please contact me or Tera Bianchi, Oral Health Access Project Manager, Children’s Alliance, tera@childrensalliance.org206-324-0340 x28.


Thank you!  Pam


Pam Johnson

Oral Health Outreach Coordinator | Children’s Alliance


206.755.4309 (cell)



2.  Last year’s $5 billion food stamp cut has slammed low-income Americans so hard that food pantries and soup kitchens are running out of food. Seriously.


But despite these devastating cuts, Democrats and Republicans are nearing a deal on the Farm Bill that would cut another $9 billion from food stamps.


Sign the petition: Denounce Congress for planning to cut $9 billion from food stamps.


This horrific news proves that private charity cannot compensate for the food stamp cuts that have already taken effect—let alone another, even deeper round of cuts.

We need to make sure that every member of Congress gets the message that any cuts to food stamps is absolutely unacceptable.


Please add your name to this crucial petition.


Keep fighting,


Michael Langenmayr

Daily Kos




3.  Join Attorneys and Plaintiffs to hear the unraveling story of Panagacos V Towery:


 A landmark civil liberties case that antiwar activists filed against the Army and other agencies. Fellow activist “John Jacob” was found to be Army intelligence agent John J Towery who worked with a Fusion Center at nearby Fort Lewis (JBLM). Towery infiltrated the antiwar group Port Militarization Resistance (PMR) which blocked military shipments en route to Iraq and Afghanistan. The case is set to go to trial in June 2014. 


This Monday, January 27th 2014 5-7PM SEM II E 1105


4.  Truthout

Friday, 17 January 2014 / TRUTH-OUT.ORG


Washington State Bill Proposes Criminalizing Help to NSA, Turning Off Resources to Yakima Facility


By Michael BoldinTruthout | Report


The campaign to turn off power to the NSA has gotten a big boost. Washington has become the first state with a physical NSA location to consider a Fourth Amendment protection act designed to make life extremely difficult for the massive spy agency.


The state-level campaign to turn off power to the NSA got a big boost January 15, 2014, as Washington became the first state with a physical NSA location to consider a Fourth Amendment protection act designed to make life extremely difficult for the massive spy agency.


Bills introduced in California, Oklahoma, Indiana, Missouri and Kansas seek to prevent the NSA from expanding further or sharing data and metadata in non-terror investigations. But Washington’s House Bill 2272 (HB2272 takes things a step farther because the state is home to the secretive “Yakima listening post” documented by famous NSA researcher James Bamford in his 1982 book, The Puzzle Palace.

HB2272 was introduced by a bipartisan team of legislators, Rep. David Taylor, a Republican from Moxee, and Rep. Luis Moscoso, a former three-term secretary of the state Democratic Party from Mountlake Terrace.


If passed, the bill would make it the policy of the state “to refuse material support, participation, or assistance to any federal agency which claims the power, or with any federal law, rule, regulation, or order which purports to authorize, the collection of electronic data or metadata of any person pursuant to any action not based on a warrant.”


Taylor, whose district houses the Yakima post, said he “cannot sit idly by while a secretive facility in his backyard violates the rights of people everywhere.”

“We’re running the bill to provide protection against the ever-increasing surveillance into the daily lives of our citizens,” Taylor said. “Our founding fathers established a series of checks and balances in the Constitution. Given the federal government’s utter failure to address the people’s concerns, it’s up to the states to stand for our citizens’ constitutional rights.”


Practically speaking, the bill prohibits state and local agencies from providing any material support to the NSA within their jurisdiction. This includes barring government-owned utilities from providing water and electricity. It makes information gathered without a warrant by the NSA and shared with law enforcement inadmissible in state court. It blocks public universities from serving as NSA research facilities or recruiting grounds. And it bans corporations who continue to do business with the NSA from holding any contracts with the state.


According to documents made public by the US military, as of 2008, a company called PacifiCorp is the primary supplier of electric power and Cascade Natural Gas Corporation supplies natural gas to YTC. The Kittitas Public Utility District, a function of the state, provides electric power for the MPRC and the Doris site, but no documentation has yet proven that it also provides electricity used directly by the NSA facility. And while YTC does provide a bulk of its own water, documents also show that some of it gets there by first passing through upstream dams owned and operated by the state.


The Army report states, “YTC lies within three WAUs whose boundaries coincide with WRIAs, as defined by the State of Washington natural resource agencies.”

WAU’s are the state’s Water Administration Units. WRIAs are state Water Resource Inventory Areas.


A Washington company has a strong link to the NSA. Cray Inc. builds supercomputers for the agency. Calls to the company for comment were not returned.

Taylor said he understands the need for “national security” but insists we can’t trample over the Constitution in the process.


“Simply claiming ‘national security’ does not negate an individual’s constitutional rights. We have a legal system which provides law enforcement agencies the means to conduct legal, constitutional surveillance. We’re simply asking the government to follow the supreme law of the land,” he said.


Three public universities in Washington are among 166 schools nationwide partnering with the NSA. Taylor’s bill would address these schools’ status as NSA “Centers of Academic Excellence” and would bar any new partnerships with other state colleges or universities.


OffNow national campaign leader Shane Trejo said that while people tend to focus on the banning of resources to NSA facilities, the bill’s prohibition against using data gathered without a warrant in state court probably would have the most immediate impact. In fact, lawmakers in Kansas and Missouri are considering bills simply addressing this kind of data sharing.


“Last fall, Reuters reported that NSA is sharing information gathered without a warrant with local law enforcement. The documents said that most cases where this is happening are not terror-related. By banning this practice, the bill would lessen the practical effect of all that data collecting that NSA is doing.”


Trejo said he expects at least three more states to introduce the act within the next few weeks.


“This idea is catching on. And if people in Washington make phone calls to committee members,, the bill has a good chance of passing. That will just encourage even more states to do the same,” Trejo said. “In the end, our goal is to put a stop to these NSA spying programs, whether the Congress wants us to or not.”




Utah Is on Track to End Homelessness by 2015 With This One Simple Idea

Give them an apartment first, ask questions later.

Utah has reduced its rate of chronic homelessness by 74 percent over the past eight years, moving 2000 people off the street and putting the state on track to eradicate homelessness altogether by 2015. How’d they do it?


The state is giving away apartments, no strings attached. In 2005, Utah calculated the annual cost of E.R. visits and jail stays for an average homeless person was $16,670, while the cost of providing an apartment and social worker would be $11,000. Each participant works with a caseworker to become self-sufficient, but if they fail, they still get to keep their apartment. 


Other states are eager to emulate Utah’s results. Wyoming has seen its homeless population more than double in the past three years, and it only provides shelter for 26 percent of them, the lowest rate in the country. City officials in Casper, Wyoming, now plan to launch a pilot program using the methods of Utah’s Housing First program. There’s no telling how far the idea might go.


Jenny Shank


Jenny Shank is a fiction writer and journalist in Boulder, Colo. Her first novel, “The Ringer,” won the High Plains Book Award. Her stories, essays, satire and reviews have appeared in The Atlantic, McSweeney’s and The Guardian.




1E)  Chief Ronnie Wants More Homeless in Jail


Ronnie Roberts, Chief of Police for the City of Olympia, wants to prohibit certain people from coming downtown.  (Guess who?)  That is so outrageous I am at a loss.  Ronnie Roberts is a fascist who terrorized the homeless in Eugene, Oregon in his spare time between oppressing political activists.  He is the worst sort of fascist too:  Intelligent, charming, and good looking.


From the Olympian:



Downtown drug issues require new police emphasis

The Olympian – January 19, 2014 Updated 15 hours ago


…There will be no satisfying solution for people damaged by negative life experiences until all levels of government and community activists muster the political will to provide adequate resources for treatment facilities and intensive case management.


But the level of drug-related crimes and threatening behavior in the downtown core has risen to a point that endangers the economic viability of small business and consequently the city center’s future.


…Roberts wants to take the next step and declare a 1,000-foot area around city-owned buildings as drug-free zones…The drug-free zones would allow prosecutors to seek enhanced penalties on conviction and an exclusionary policy that would prohibit previous offenders from returning to that zone.


He does want to send the worst people to ‘alternative’ methods of dealing with them.  This is an old political trick wherein you give everyone something they want so that everyone comes away happy.  However, it is also admitting that he knows himself that he is full of it with his fascist methods of dealing with things.



2)  Innocent Convict Speaks

Thursday January 30th at 7:30 pm @ Timberland Library, 313 8th Ave SE


People suffer from many illusions about our criminal justice system — such as thinking that it works at all, for instance.  Every day guilty people walk free and innocent people are convicted.  Come hear how easy it is to go to prison for something you didn’t do.


From Oly FOR:


Jason Baldwin served 18 years in prison
for a life sentence for murder,
but he was totally innocent!


Hear him speak at Olympia Library 7:30 pm Thursday January 30


In 1994 three completely innocent teenagers (the “West Memphis 3”) were convicted of murdering three younger boys in their small town.  Two teenagers were sentence to life without possibility of parole (LWOP), and one was sentenced to death.  After 18 years in prison it turned out that they were completely innocent, and they were released from prison in 2011.  Jason Baldwin, one of the teenagers unjustly convicted and sentenced to life, will speak about his experiences at the Olympia Timberland Library at 7:30 pm Thursday January 30.


Baldwin will speak about his experience as an innocent man sentenced to LWOP, and then Holly Ballard from the Washington Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (WCADP) will speak about other problems with capital punishment and share the work that is being done in Washington state.  Holly has worked on a number of social justice issues, and reforming the criminal justice system has emerged as her strongest passion. 


The event will occur at 7:30 pm at Olympia Timberland Library, 313 8th Ave SE (between Franklin and Adams), downtown Olympia.  It is sponsored by the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s Committee for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, whose chairperson is Emily Hammargren (360) 352-0695


See many very informative resources on the Death Penalty section of the Olympia FOR’s website,


Contact WCADP at (206) 622-8952 


Also contact the Safe and Just Alternatives campaign to abolish Washington State’s death penalty at 


Please mark your calendars for THURSDAY JANUARY 30, 7:30 pm at the Olympia Library – and spread the word!


“Perhaps the bleakest fact of all is that the death penalty is imposed not only in a freakish and discriminatory manner, but also in some cases upon defendants who are actually innocent.”

~ Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan Jr., 1994


Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation   (360) 491-9093



3)  Mangos with Chili:  QTPOC Bliss, Etc

Thursday January 30th at 7 pm @ the Evergreen Experimental Theater, Communications Building Room 124 on TESC Campus


It’s alternative bliss!


From FIST:


Mangos With Chili
The floating cabaret of QTPOC bliss, dreams, sweat, sweets and nightmares proudly presents

WHIPPED: QTPOC Recipes for Love, Sex, and Disaster

(otherwise known as the sometimes annual show about the miracles, dreams, and cream our hearts make)
As part of our 8th anniversary tour!

January 30, 2014
door 7 pm, start 7:30

The Experimental Theater
Evergreen State College campus
Communications Building room 124.
As part of Creating Dangerously: Experiments in And Diaspora Art
Sponsored by FIST

Mangos With Chili knows that queer and trans* folks of color do love, sex and total disaster like none other! In this special Valentine’s themed production queer and trans* folks of color will tell their true life stories of love, desire and disaster through music, spoken word, theater, dance, drag, film, and video diaries. Bring a trinket for the altar we’ll build to the loves we’ve lost, known, and are praying for, and come prepared to hear truths you’ve never heard spoken before but always needed to.

Promising to be sexy, smart, provocative, comical and touching, WHIPPED is sure to explore the many faceted aspects of desire, from the dark to the jubilant.

Valentines exchange to follow shows, so get them lovenotes and that courage ready!


Kay Ulanday Barrett
Yvonne Fly Onakeme Etaghere
Askari González
Beast Ly
Monica McIntyre
Cherry Galette
Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

With video art by:
Alexis Pauline Gumbs and Julia Wallace
Yosimar Reyes
Nazbah Tom
Manish Vaidya and Adrian Q Quinteo
more t.b.a

Access info:
The Experimental Theater is wheelchair accessible and all ages. There is fat friendly seating. Shows contain mature content. So that performers and community members with chemical injury can attend, we ask that attendees come fragrance free. Lots of info about how to do so and POC products can be found here:

For more about Mangos With Chili:

For even more information, press or access inquiries:

Our beautiful 2014 touring artists:

A 2009 Campus Pride Hot List artist, 2013 Trans Justice Funding Project Panelist, and 2013 Trans 100 Honoree Kay Ulanday Barrett is a poet, performer, educator, and martial artist navigating life as a disabled pin@y amerikan transgender queer in the U.S. with struggle, resistance, and laughter. Based in NY/NJ, K. has featured at universities and stages internationally; Musee Pour Rire in Montreal, Princeton University, UC Berkeley, University of Chicago, The Brooklyn Museum, and The Loft in Minneapolis to name a few. Their bold work continues to excite and challenge audiences.

K. has facilitated workshops, presented keynotes, and contributed to panels for NQAPIA, Forward Together, Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, The Audre Lorde Project, FIERCE, NQAPIA, Res Artis, and is a proud member/facilitator for The Brown Boi Project and Disability Justice Collective. He has also served on committees and advisory boards for The Sylvia Rivera Law Project and Transgender Law Center. Honors include: Chicago’s LGBTQ 30 under 30 awards, Finalist for The Gwendolyn Brooks Open-Mic Award, and Windy City Times Pride Literary Poetry Prize. His literary contributions can be found in Kicked Out Anthology, Windy City Queer, Filipino American Psychology, Asian Americans For Progress, POOR Magazine, Bitch Magazine, and upcoming anthology, Criptiques. K. turns art into action, dedicated to TQPOC, Asian, youth communities, and remixing his mama’s recipes. Please see his online swerve at: and on twitter @kulandaybarrett.

Beast Ly
San Francisco Bay Area

Beast Ly’s mediums of expression and areas of collaboration include film, repertory theater, painting, writing, and protest/street art, the sweet spot turned out to be site specific performance art and dance installation. Names of shows and artistic collaborations include: Are you there Gaga? It’s me, Mazique. (a lady gaga drag performance in an all queers of color curated by Mel Mel Sukekawa-Mooring), if it’s leaking it’s working, if it’s leaking i want it (with Blair Talbot, a contemporary dance on the hysterical ecstasy of menstruation), and Look at Me (a dance duet in the performance series Penny’s Big 21: queer rites of passage). Beast began working and living in the SF Bay Area in 2011, when they summer interned with the performance project Sins Invalid, doing media, PR, party planning, and promotion, returning again in summer 2012. In June 2013 they returned to live in the Bay full time.

Films about/starring Beast have gone to such film screenings as the Chicago Anarchist Film Festival, “The Monstrous Series” of the MisAlt Film Festival”, the2013 Belgrade International Film Festival for and by People with Disabilities, and The European Film Festival. Summer Stew, directed by Aaron Richmond Havel and inspired by if it’s leaking it’s working, has gone into the vault at Periwinkle Cinema, a queer San Francisco screening series. A fan and sculptress of erotic art, you can also find the seabitch sliding around on an increasing number of places for the romantic, the dirty, and the altsy like Queerporntv, Crash Pad Series, and Indiepornrevolution. “Lame is Punk!” was Beast ly’s short lived and potentially resurrectable guest column in Maximum Rock n Roll. Beast’s performance with Mangos with Chili includes pieces from the erotic essay on bodies, sex, surgery, coming out, and coming in, “body/Horror:Yours/mine”, which is to be published in the forthcoming issue 2 of LIES through AK Press.

Askari González
San Jose & Santa Cruz, CA

Askari González es una bruja, a magical gurl dropout, a wannabe xingona, a genderescent divinity, a political trans woman of color. She is a poet, a mixed media artist, and the author of Trauma Queen. She aspires to create films centered on queer and trans people of color. Her hobbies include online shopping, copious amounts of anime marathons, and unraveling her inner trauma healer.

Yvonne Fly Onakeme Etaghene
Oakland Based. New York Gully. Nigerian Soul.

Yvonne Fly Onakeme Etagheneis an Ijaw and Urhobo Nigerian dyke performance activist, poet, dancer, essayist, playwright, actress, video artist and mixed-media visual artist who was born with a mouth full of dynamite and sugarcane.

Etaghene has rocked stages and melted microphones internationally. She was interviewed by and was a Contributing Writer to None on Record: Stories of Queer Africa, a digital media project that collects the stories of LGBT Africans from the African Continent and the Diaspora. She has toured nationally with both of her one-woman shows, Volcano’s Birthright{s} and GUAVA.

A mixed-media visual artist who has produced four solo art exhibitions, Etaghene founded Sugarcane, an LGBTQ Of Color writing workshop. Etaghene has written and directed 2 poem videos that marry film, poetry and music, has self-published 3 chapbooks of poetry and independently released an album of poetry and music. Her second album of poetry, Nigerian Dyke Realness, drops in 2014. Etaghene’s first novel, For Sizakele, which addresses Queer African love, identity and inter-partner violence, will be released in 2014. For more info: &

Monica McIntyre
New Orleans, LA

Monica McIntyre is equal parts Jamaican metaphor-laden mother and read-the-dictionary-for-fun father; a perfect writers combination. Originally from Hyattsville, MD, she began her cello career in classical studies; honing her craft through private lessons and orchestral ensembles with the District of Columbia Youth Orchestra (DCYO). After graduating from Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt, MD, Monica migrated to Philadelphia, PA to study Fashion Design at Drexel University. In 1999 she earned a BA from the Nesbitt College of Design Arts.

Living in the city of Brotherly Love, where she was immersed in: Funk, Soul, R & B, Jazz, and World Music; brought her back to her first love, music. In October 2003 she released her debut album Blusolaz — a collection of original songs which fused the genres of Blues, Soul and Jazz. Bars of Gold, her first single, was released in August 2005. Monica has been featured at numerous events throughout the world most notably: Soul Sista’s Jukejoint (GA) 2005, The 215 Festival (PA) 2005, Sistahood Celebration (Vancouver) 2008, The Philadelphia Fringe Festival (PA) 2008 & 2009, The Black Women’s Art Festival (PA) 2009, Sisterspace (MD) 2009, Ladyfest New Orleans (LA) 2010 & 2011, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (LA) 2013, and The French Quarter Fest (LA) 2013. Most recently Monica was a featured artist on the online International music show “Balcony TV”.

In November 2010, Monica relocated to New Orleans, LA and became immediately involved in the thriving local music community. She joined forces with singer-songwriters Lynn Drury and Margie Perez forming The Honeypots, an acoustic women-led group which beautifully blends genres, original songs and harmonies. Their debut album Something Sweet was released in April 2011 on the ThreadHead Record label. The Honeypots have had immediate success being nominated for The Best of The Beat Awards 2013 and landing coveted spots on the Abita stage of the French Quarter Fest (LA) 2013 and the Lagniappe stage at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage (LA) 2013.

Julio Salgado
Berkeley, CA

(Julio will be appearing in our San Antonio- New Orleans dates)

Julio Salgado is the Art Director of Dreamers Adrift, a creative project documenting the struggles of undocumented youth. He arrived in California from Mexico in 1995 when he was 11 years old, and became undocumented as a child when he overstayed his visa. Julio is a leader in implementing cultural organizing tactics in the immigrant rights movement, and believes that we (undocumented people) should be leaders in documenting our history. He has a bachelors degree in journalism from California State University and is riding the bus because “[he] want[s] to make sure other folks know we have to come out and not be afraid.”

Ms. Cherry Galette

Ms. Cherry Galette is a movement artist, choreographer, queer showgirl, performance artist and producer who has earned recognition for creating movement narratives exploring race, power, empire, migration, queer bodies in diaspora, and for presenting genre pushing work based in sultry, sacred, and profane fusions of traditional dance forms and song with queer story, burlesque and cabaret. Cherry’s performance is a collision – a crossroads of era, tradition, and place – evoking elements of the cosmopolitan cabarets of the golden age of Middle Eastern and Latin American dance, the legacy of movement passed down in women’s kitchens and salons, and the energy, joy, and enthusiasm of collective street dance.

She has has captivated, delighted, roused and stunned audiences on stages across the Americas from La Habana to Montreal, including La UNEAC, Teatro el Sotano (La Habana, Cuba), Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse, Tipitina’s, One Eyed Jack’s (New Orleans), Palace of Fine Arts, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Brava Theater (SF), Buddies in Bad Times Theater (Toronto), Juste Por Rire (Montreal), Columbia City Theater, (Seattle), Bronx Academy of Art and Dance, The Knitting Factory, Bowery Poetry Club, WOW (New York), over 28 universities, as well as burlesque and cabaret stages in cities all over North America.

Ms. Galette has danced with some of the Bay Area’s most noted dance ensembles, is proud to have been an Oakland Tribune Timeout covergirl, and has also been featured in Oakland Local, Bitch, Make/Shift, San Francisco Bay Guardian, the SF Chronicle, and other independent media across the US. Cherry was raised by a family of legendary music makers, performers and innovators who centered song and dance as tools for transmitting hope, history, revolt, and the ability transform and lift heavy hearts. She is proud to continue her family’s work by giving audiences quality dance and burlesque performance based in roots of resistance, tradition, and inherited movement and musical legacy. Cherry’s work is grounded in the transformative power of story to make change, creating accessible, community oriented theater and performance, and putting movement and music back in the bodies of the people through creating a dance movement that encompasses all experiences, ages, genders, and bodies. For info on recent projects, please visit

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
Oakland, unceded and occupied Mississauga of New Credit territory, Toronto.

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha is a queer disabled Sri Lankan cis femme writer, performer, transformative and disability justice organizer and psychic tarot card reader. The author of the 2012 Lambda Award winning Love Cake and Consensual Genocide and co-editor of The Revolution Starts At Home: Confronting Intimate Violence in Activist Communities, her work has appeared in the anthologies Dear Sister, Letters Lived, Undoing Border Imperialism, Stay Solid, Persistence: Still Butch and Femme, Yes Means Yes, Visible: A Femmethology, Homelands, Colonize This, We Don’t Need Another Wave, Bitchfest, Without a Net, Dangerous Families, Brazen Femme, Femme and A Girl’s Guide to Taking Over The World. She is part of the Allied Media Conference family and a member of the Badass Visionary Healers.

A lead artist with Sins Invalid and an educator with June Jordan’s UC Berkeley’s Poetry for the People, in 2010 she was named one of the Feminist Press’ “40 Feminists Under 40 Who Are Shaping the Future” and is one of the the 2013 Autostraddle Alternative Hot 105. She has taught, performed and lectured across North America, Sri Lanka and Australia and co-founded Toronto’s Asian Arts Freedom School. She is currently completing her memoir, Dirty River, a third book of poetry, Bodymap, and a writer’s manual, Writing the World, to be published by AK Press in 2014. 



4)  Environmental Lobby Day at the Capitol

Thursday January 30th at 1 pm @ Capitol Steps, Washington State Capitol


This is from the Environmental Priorities Coalition:


We’re Coming To Olympia!


Join us as we visit legislative offices and drop off information about our two Priorities:


What: Environmental Priorities Coalition Lit-Drop

For: The Oil Transportation Safety Actand Closing the Big Oil Tax Loophole

When: Thursday, January 30th at 1pm

Where: Meet at the Capitol Steps 

RSVP: Sign up here


See you in Olympia,



P.S. Want to do more?  Check out our 60 Days/60 Ways to get involved!


This alert is part of a series of action alerts from the Environmental Priorities Coalition, a network of leading environmental groups in Washington state. Formed in 2003, the Environmental Priorities Coalition selects priority issues each legislative session that make Washington State a better place to live.


The Environmental Priorities Coalition is a combined effort of:


  • American Rivers
  • Audubon Washington
  • Cascade Bicycle Club
  • Climate Solutions
  • Conservation Northwest
  • Earth Ministry
  • Environment Washington
  • Fuse
  • Futurewise
  • Heart of America Northwest
  • The Lands Council
  • League of Women Voters of Washington
  • National Wildlife Federation
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • NW Energy Coalition
  • Sierra Club Washington
  • Surfrider Foundation
  • Transportation Choices Coalition
  • Washington Conservation Voters
  • Washington Environmental Council
  • Washington Toxics Coalition
  • Zero Waste Washington


Environmental Priorities Coalition

1402 Third Avenue

Suite 1400

Seattle, WA 98101

United States of America

Read the Vertical Response marketing policy.



5)  Anti TPP Actions:




5A)  Backbone Campaign Call to Action on the TPP

Friday January 31st — Various Actions Available Throughout the Day


The Backbone Campaign is right in the middle of the Anti-TPP Movement.


From Bill:


Friday Jan 31st Day Of Action and Rally to Celebrate the Defeat of TPP


While it may be a little premature to declare a final victory over the TPP, with more than 50 organizations demanding congress vote NO to Fast Track, a Inter-Continental Day Of Actionon the anniversary of passage of NAFTA, multiple leaks of the TPP secretive text, over 150 members of congress declaring opposition to TPP and Fast Track, twitter storms during the State of the Union, and citizens mobilizing across the U.S., it seems pretty clear which way the tide is moving.


Let’s strike the final blows against this Corporate Coup threatening democracy and our sovereignty. Action is needed now!


Although opposition to the TPP is strong and growing, President Obama will use the platform of his State of the Union address to push the corporatocracy agenda. 


Ways to Take Action:


  • Join the Twitter Storm Tonight during the State Of The Union (Details HERE)
  • Overpass Banner in your district between now and Friday
  • Fax Spineless Citations to your representative for not standing up for democracy by publicly opposing Fast Track (Find out where they stand by visiting HERE, so far only McDermott is opposing Fast Track in Washington state)
  • Call your Reps
  • and most importantly, take to the streets! Join Backbone and friends to Deliver Spineless Citations in Person on Friday January 31st and Rally at Westlake Center at noon.

If you have any questions contact Team Backbone


No More NAFTAs-Stop the TPP Action!!International Day of Action

Friday, January 31st 2014

Culminating in a Rally at Noon at Westlake Center 400 Pine St, Seattle


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: On Friday we need volunteers, please call or text 805-776-3882 or email to RSVP


  • 4 or more to be Grim Reapers
  • 2 Corporate Vultures
  • 2 people to hold the “We the Corporations Banner”
  • 3 or more to hold the “We The People” banner

8-9 AM: Overpass Bannering in Representative Reichert’s district (Friend of The TPP Caucus). Meet at I-90 overpass at 142nd Pl SEnear Bellevue Community College (parking garage just northwest of overpass). We need your help to send Reichert a strong message!


Noon: Converge at Westlake Center with activists from across the state to Declare “No More NAFTA’s, Don’t Fast Track the TPP Corporatocracy!”




5B)  Seattle Action

            Noon @ Westlake Center, 400 Pine St, Seattle


This from Ryan:


No More NAFTAs-Stop the TPP Action!!

International Day of Action


Friday, January 31st 2014


Westlake Center

400 Pine St, Seattle


The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a massive “free trade agreement” that could impact nearly every aspect of our lives, from the food we eat to the air we breathe to the quality of our jobs.  Despite the huge impact the agreement would have on our communities and the environment, the TPP is being negotiated in near complete secrecy.


Earlier this month a bill was introduced in Congress to fast track this flawed trade deal which would mean Congress can only do an up or down vote with NO amendments. To date, only Congressman McDermott has pledged to vote “No” on Fast Track and demand that the public have an opportunity to shape this trade deal and make sure our jobs and environment our protected.


What:  Press Conference/Rally highlighting the need to shed light on the TPP and to say “No” to fast track


When: Friday, January 31st 12 pm


Where: Westlake Center, 400 Pine St Seattle


Who: Washington Fair Trade Coalition, labor unions, social justice advocates, environmental groups and you!


Please join us to show the Obama Administration and our Congressional Representatives that we demand an open and fair accounting of the TPP before any decision is made.  We need a 21st Century trade agreement that protects worker rights and environmental laws. 


For more information contact: 




Robin Everett

Organizing Representative

206-378-0114 x308

206-713-5474 (cell, for reporters or urgent matters)



6)  Media Island Monthly Benefit Brunch:  Youth N Action

Sunday February 2nd from 11 am to 2 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE


It’s Media Island’s monthly benefit brunch!  This month the Island is teaming up with Youth N Action, working to empower youth.


From the organizers:


For February 2014, Media Island is partnering with Youth N Action, for our monthly benefit brunch.

Youth ‘N Action (YNA) is a Washington statewide program that brings youth voice to community affairs. YNA empowers under served youth, ages 14-24, to make impacting change within ourselves, our communities, and surrounding systems.

YNA programs empower youth leadership through providing technical assistance and outreach, community advocacy, peer support, accountability, and sustainability.

Youth ‘N Action projects have facilitated documentary film-making, development of community facilities for youth, organizing community outreach and events, and organizing educational conferences directed toward empowering youth and advancing youth interests in the broader community.



7)  Moms Rising Meeting

Wednesday February 5th at 9 am @ Wagner’s Bakery, 1013 Capitol Way S


Moms Rising kicks ass.  Plug in with these folks if you want to lobby legislators on the behalf of children.


From Moms Rising:


MomsRising folks in Olympia are gathering for our first meeting to talk politics, kids, and how Capitol moms can be a force for change in Washington state and we want to hear from you! Over the last couple of years these meet ups have been lots of fun and an incredibly effective way to help raise the voices of families in Washington state. We’re also going to eat a few pastries and we’ll have plenty of coffee on hand to fuel the conversation!


Want to join us for this yummy and effective gathering? Kids, babies, and dads are welcome! We’ll have extra bagels and snacks on hand for little hands.


Here are all the details:

When: Wednesday, February 5th

Time: 9am – 10am

Where: Wagner’s Bakery |1013 Capitol Way S, Olympia, WA 98501


RSVP to and feel free to bring kids & friends too!


What’s the lowdown on this gathering?  It’s going to be a great time: a little chit-chat, a little political discussion, a little brainstorming about some fun and effective activities we can do together (cool speakers, great kid-friendly events?), and then moms take over the world!

MomsRising members are powerful. There are now more than one million MomsRising members out there across the country. Nationally, MomsRising members helped pass the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the reauthorization and expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). In Washington state, we helped pass paid family leave and are working to protect funding for preschool and childcare. Over and over again, we’ve changed the political dialogue and focused our leaders on mom and family economic security issues.


And moms in Capitol cities, like Olympia, are especially powerful. They can be the in-person voice for thousands of moms across our state who can’t get to the State Capitol in person.


Here’s the email to RSVP again:


And please invite all the amazing moms you know to come along.  It will be a great chance to get together, meet other great MomsRising members, share great ideas for the future of Washington state and be MomsRising together!


Thank you for your work on behalf of children and families!


–Lauren, Sarah, Kristin, and the whole team


P.S. Have any questions?  Call or email Lauren at 206-550-7784 or

Like what we’re doing?  Donate: We’re a bootstrap, low overhead, mom run organization. Your donations make the work of possible–and we deeply appreciate your support.  Every little bit counts. Donate today on our new, secure website.


On Facebook?  Become a Fan.  Follow us on Twitter.


What should MomsRising tackle next?  Tell us what’s on your mind.



8)  Bonus Tip of the Day:


Hug an ethnic minourity today.







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