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   1A)  Update from West Central Park Project

   1B)  Resistance to Keystone Pipeline Mobilizing

   1C)  Annual Homeless Census Asking for Help

2)  Poppy Seed Street Lesson 4 to Air on KOWA

3)  King Tide at Percival Landing

4)  Media Island Benefit Brunch:  Campaign for Gaza Children & Families

5)  POWER Outage:  Planning the MLK Day March

6)  Author Appearance; Karen Litfin, Author of Ecovillages:  Lessons for Sustainable Community

7)  Hungry Cloud Darkening, SiLM and Autococoon @ Timberland Library

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Proper Props


Hey Kids!


I wish to start off this week’s Thunderbolt by giving props to organizations such as Médecins Sans Frontières, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Occupy Sandy, POWER, PiPE, Sidewalk and on and on (you know who you are) for providing so much to so many for so long with so little.


The Thunderbolt also wishes to give proper due to corporations such as Dow Chemical, Monsanto, General Electric, Goldman $achs — and on and on — whose generosity makes such organizations necessary.


Last — and possibly least — the Thunderbolt also wishes to thank the beef industry…


…because thanks to you, beef is now so much more than just dead cow meat!




Through the Discount Looking Glass — Again


The goal of the NSA is to completely eliminate privacy for everyone worldwide

                                —Glen Greenwald


We need to give heartfelt thanks to James Bamford for blowing the lid off the NSA with his book The Puzzle Palace.


The NSA is much more powerful and has a much bigger budget than the CIA, and in fact the NSA makes the CIA look like a bunch of boy scouts — yet up until Mr. Bamford published his book in 1982, the NSA operated almost completely in the shadows.


And now the NSA is doing exactly what the 4th Amendment was written to prevent.


The NSA has literally turned the 4th Amendment on its head, in fact:  Rather than conducting searches based upon suspicion, they are conducting searches of everyone and then looking for suspicion.


Basically, the NSA is treating everyone in the country like a potential terrorism suspect.


Make no mistake:  The NSA is possibly the most dangerous and powerful enemy that we now face.  In many ways, information is even more powerful than money.


Make no mistake:  The NSA is the Machine’s enforcement arm.  The people at the NSA are the storm troopers for the Machine’s efforts to install a worldwide corporate dictatorship.


This is important.  Keep an eye out.  Raise your voice.  Take to the streets.




Thunderbolt on Thunderbolt


Warning to Readers:  This week the Thunderbolt is going to indulge in some navel-gazing.


(If a corporation can be a ‘person’, then I guess a newsletter can have a ‘navel’.)


(And you thought ‘Thunderbolt on Thunderbolt’ was some kind of kinky sex thing, eh?)


Before getting lost in the Thunderbolt’s navel, though, I want to touch base with the fundamental foundational thing here:  I wish to emphasize stress accentuate call attention to underline underscore point out and point up once again ad-nauseum ad-infinitum how absolutely vital an informed public is to a functioning democracy.  There is a very good reason why the press was the only private enterprise that was given special consideration in the United States Constitution and there is a very good reason why the press is called the Fourth Branch of Government.


There was also a very good reason why the US Postal Service was the number one budget priority of the United States’ government for the first 100 years of its existence; this represented a massive government subsidy to assure a flourishing free press and it worked awesomely (often to the great distress of some of the Framers themselves, as it ironically turned out).  The Framers knew well that the media is our watchdog and they knew well that the need for such watchdogs is never-ceasing and relentless; they say just that over and over again in the Federalist Papers.


Since that time, though, our media has been bought paid for and transformed from a watchdog into a lapdog…


…and that is the reason that I now spend 20+ unrecompensed hours per week producing this newsletter and the associated radio program.  I consider the numero uno absolutely vital thing that absolutely positively must happen is the education of Americans about what is really going on.  That is the Key to the Revolution.


In doing this, though, I am in direct competition with a massive multi-billion dollar Media Machine that has been showering a well-financed and well-researched waterfall of counter-narrative down upon our little heads for several decades now, and by this point everyone is near drowned.  In addition, the Machine Narrative is generally comforting and pleasant whilst mine is generally quite the opposite.  Their arguments are much easier to accept and people are naturally more inclined to favour that narrative — often even in cases where they know the narrative is false — because that narrative is so much more emotionally appealing than my apocalyptic doomsday sky-is-falling hysteria.


People will often prefer the Machine narrative even in cases where they know that I am right.


The Machine has spent and continues to spend a whole bunch of serious cash studying how to manipulate public perception and they’ve been spending a whole bunch of serious cash implementing the best practices that their studies reveal.


I see no ethical problems with stealing their research and using it for the good guys.


Double-edged swords can be a bitch.


The Machine is winning, though.  They have largely succeeded in installing a faux-reality that has little to do with actual reality.  Their money and their bombs and their missiles — these are actually of highly limited utility (as the US military has been finding over the last few decades.  The United States military has won every battle but lost every war it has fought since World War II.)


No, the Machine’s most potent weapon is not a bomb or a missile:  Their most potent weapon is in shaping reality — and then using that reality to inculcate public apathy.


I sometimes ask people to define the opposite of ‘love’.  The obvious answer would be ‘hatred’.  I would disagree.  I consider ‘hatred’ to be frustrated love and I think that hatred is closely related to love.


I think that the opposite of love would be ‘indifference’.  Not caring.  Not considered to be worthy of consideration.


The central wall I hit when trying to activate people is not an argument in favour of the status-quo; people who do that are usually dedicated idiots anyway and talking to them is usually pointless.  No, rather than hearing arguments that try to justify anything, this is what I hear over and over and over:


“That’s just the way it is.  There is nothing we can do about it.”


The Machine’s gravely metallic laugh booms out sinisterly whenever it hears anyone say that.  This is exactly what it wants you to think.  Encouraging you to think this is why they spend the big bucks on all the propaganda.


I find this widespread ‘belief’ in our helplessness to be truly maddening because the provable fact is that once a grassroots critical mass makes a decision about something, then that something almost always gets done.  What that means is that not only can we indeed do something about it but — indeed — we are the only ones that can do anything about it!


The ‘we can’t do anything’ argument is provably false — but no one knows this because — again — the bad guys own the media — and that’s probably the very last thing in the world that they want us to know.




Credible Incredibility


Establishing credibility can be a bitch, especially since the Media Machine spends a lot of resources discrediting people like me.  In addition, a lot of people do indeed say a lot of crazy stuff and establishing yourself as a credible source of information — especially when the information you share sounds ‘paranoid delusional’ to someone who is unfamiliar with these things — then you could project your message across the sky in mile-high letters, yet it will all be utterly useless if no one pays any attention.


I have argued that — contrary to the Media Machine Narrative — there are numerous reasons to trust someone with an obvious point of view over someone that is hiding behind what — these days — is usually a put-on face of ‘objectivity’.  Attempting true objectivity is a worthy goal, but it should be understood that with the modern Media Machine, most of the time this purported ‘objectivity’ is actually a false front being utilized to push very specific agendas.  Even in those cases where journalists are attempting true objectivity — even in those cases, there should be the unspoken understanding by all concerned parties that no human is ever truly ‘objective’ about much of anything.


A journalists’ subjective bias can be determined right off the bat, for instance, by that journalist’s decision about which stories they choose to cover and which they choose to ignore.


I understand that I probably toot my own horn more than is seemly, especially considering that my observation has shown that — at least in personal life — most people with a right to boast usually do not need to.  Part of this boasting is my attempt to establish credibility and part of this is due to the fact that there are constantly new readers who are unfamiliar with past Thunderbolts and part of this is due to the fact that it also blows my own mind when every fact I pass along later proves out and when every conjecture I make turns out to be right on the money.


I probably also have some personal insecurities over the fact that I have neither academic nor journalistic credentials of any kind other than a press pass from Works in Progress which comes in handy on the few occasions when I am conducting actual journalism…


…yet I am always right and they are always wrong.


Whatever:  In order to get the message across, I am willing not only to boast but I am willing to sing dance beg joke cajole coerce bribe lay guilt trips — and I very consciously use many of the same tricks that the Media Machine uses in their brainwashing activities.  I sensationalize I use inflammatory emotional language and I even sometimes leave out relevant information (figuring the other side will make sure everyone knows about it).  I very intentionally push envelopes stretch rules push buttons and ignite controversy for its own sake.


My facts are facts, though.  I don’t include as many links to source info as I used to (doing that is actually a fairly major pain in the ass, especially since I don’t have the most efficient filing system in the world) but feel free to enquire if you ever want to do further reading upon any subject that I touch upon and/or if you wish to verify any of the facts that I relay.  I have them; I would just need to find them.


As for my credibility and accuracy:  In 2006, I called everyone I knew from the federal prison where I was engaged in a facsimile of living at the time and I strongly urged them to immediately sell their homes close their bank accounts and put everything they had into gold because the Wall Street looters were about to cash in.


I was a pot smuggler in a federal prison and I frigging figured it out — to me, in fact, it was like the impending crash was lit up in neon lights — yet now I must watch as all of these so called ‘economic experts’ on the Media Machine talk about how no one could have seen the 2007 crash coming.


I saw it coming because I have been studying this stuff all my life, and while history does not repeat itself per se, after awhile you can see distinct patterns that occur over and over.  For instance, except for the period between the mid-30’s and the mid-70’s, the Bubble-Bust Cycle has been the norm more or less constantly throughout American history.  If you know the pattern it was actually very easy to see 2007 coming.


I tried to warn people about Obama during the 2008 election but people got so incredibly upset with me that — believe it or not — I finally just shut my mouth about it.


As a special service this week, I will reveal my Great Secret of how I was able to identify Obama as a fascist whilst everyone else was convinced that he was our saviour:  I looked up his campaign financiers and saw Goldman $achs at the top of that list.


That told me all I needed to know about Barack Obama.  It was that easy.


In order to see the patterns, I need the facts — and they are out there if you know where to look, and in fact I think that the most important service that I can provide to Thunderbolt readers is that over the decades I have simply figured out who knows what they are talking about and I have figured out where to go to find out what is really going on.


Last week, in the midst of my last orgy of self-delusion and horn-tooting, I mentioned the fact that back in September I speculated that the Syrian Chemical Weapon Attack was a False Flag Attack orchestrated by a Western Intelligence agency.  I specifically mentioned that because the last time I received any feedback on the Thunderbolt was over that speculation.  This feedbacker went to lengths to point out that she considered the CIA to be a criminal organization — but then said that accusing them of something so incredibly vile without any supporting evidence was irresponsible.  She then went on to accuse me of being delusional and paranoid before asking to be taken off my mailing list.


Now my ‘paranoid delusional’ speculation has been mostly confirmed by none other than Pulitzer Prize Winner Seymour Hersh, who is pretty much the definition of credibility.


Again I based my speculation upon familiar patterns.  Again I based my speculation upon the fact that they’ve done things just like this over and over in the past and this incident bore all of the traditional hallmarks that are easy to see if you know what to look for.  I will also point out that I did this immediately after the attack happened and as far as I know I called it before anyone else did.  I searched the web at the time specifically looking for such speculation, and while I found a lot of skepticism over Obama’s and Kerry’s contention that Bashar al-Assad was responsible for the attack, I could find no one anywhere who mentioned even the possibility of this being a false-flag attack or even that the Syrian Resistance may have played any kind of hand — other than to parrot the US government’s contention that the Syrian Resistance didn’t have the capability to mount such an attack even though — as Mr. Hersh has just documented — actually western intelligence actually knew full-well that — well — actually…




Taking Things Personally


I didn’t hear anything about it this time, but in the past I have been rather heatedly criticized more than once by more than one person for combining the personal with the political.  On that we must just disagree because I think the two are inseparable, but I don’t want to go into all that again right now…






I love feedbackers.  The more views the better.  People often come up with things I hadn’t considered and they often correct me when I am mistaken, and this helps with the credibility thing.


Plus, I like to know that someone is actually reading this.


It is impossible for me to be truly objective about my own work.  That said, I think that overall I am very good at what I do.  I think I have developed a very good network for information and I think I am very good at determining what is the most relevant of that information.  I think I am very good at analysis and I think I am very good at detecting hidden agendas and I at least like to think that I am very good at presenting all of this an entertaining and memorable manner.


The one-year anniversary of the radio program approacheth and I’ve been taking some stock lately.  While I constantly try to shake things up and keep innovation happening, I know that over the course of the last year the Thunderbolt has transformed from a magical new thing into a somewhat routine and formulaic same-ole same-ole.


In addition, for the last two months the radio show has been shackled by ASCAP, and while I think I’ve kicked ass with what I had, it still put a crimp into my thing and changed the entire dynamic of how I do things; with two exceptions, I have previously always written the narrative first and then I perused my extensive music library to pick the accompanying music.  For the last two months that has been on its head:  I’ve had to look over the available non-copyrighted music and then construct the narrative around what I had — which was fun in some ways — but it still placed limitations upon where I could go with the narrative, which I didn’t like at all.


I am breaking that proscription this week, by the way, and the radio version of the Thunderbolt is going to feature Poppy Seed Street Lesson 4:  Drugs R Us, which I couldn’t play during the ASCAP Alert.


Anyway, the lack of feedback recently was another sign of the stagnation and so last week I came out and asked for some.  I received numerous responses, both from people I know and people I don’t know.  Thank you.


Most of it was positive.  Here is a representational example from my friend and local activist PL:


I read the Thunderbolt!  It’s a fuggin’ awesome treasure trove of vital info, commentary and wit 🙂  Feel free to quote me on that…


Another response came from my central target audience, i.e. someone I don’t personally know and who is not already an activist but who is very concerned about what is happening and who uses the Thunderbolt to keep up with things.


However, while I thoroughly enjoy hearing from folks who think I am the cat’s meow and the greatest thing since blue cheese, I am not going to reprint any more of those because it would be somewhat self-serving (if flattering) and I now find I should perhaps become a little more sensitive about using the Thunderbolt in self-serving manners…


I am actually even more interested in what people don’t like about the Thunderbolt as sometimes it is something in which I have never shined a critical enough light upon or something that I have never even before considered.


I got this from local activist DR:


Hey Kid,


I think you’re getting less feedback ‘cuz your messages are bloated/excessive.  Too much scrolling…


But the work you do is awesome and could be a leading voice in our community if you could reformat your presentation.


To do it right you need to get as many opinions as possible from your readers about the format they’d prefer.


My personal opinion is you’d be a mad genius if you posted to a blog/website everyday and then once a week or every other week emailed your usual email as a very brief one or two page list of excerpts of the very best sentence or two from each effort with a link to the full presentation. And I believe in you, so I’d be willing to donate a custom designed WordPress website, free hosting, and all the training/question answering you need.


I actually received suggestions from two knowledgeable folks to move the Thunderbolt to an online blog; I’m not real familiar with ‘blogs’ and I’m not real sure why reading and/or responding to a blog is easier than reading an email or hitting a reply button, but one hesitation is that while I spend a lot more time and energy on the News and Commentary section, I consider the Calendar to be the most important part of the Thunderbolt and I’m thinking that the Calendar is probably best served in an email format.  However, I will do some more research on this and possibly I will transform the Thunderbolt into an online-email hybrid of some kind.


Thanks for the offer and I might take you up on it.


I will also gladly accept your advice about soliciting feedback in that area:  I hereby officially solicit as many opinions as possible from my readers about the format in which you would prefer your Thunderbolts to strike.



I also got this response from CS:


I don’t read it much anymore.  Too self-serving.  “Kids” got old real quick?  It’s like your own playground but it isn’t amuzing anymore.  It’s radicalism run amok.  sorry, I’m sure I’m not the first to offer criticism.


First of all, CS is a local activist organizer extraordinaire whom I hold in very high regard, so to some critiques I do give added weight…


As far as calling ya’ll ‘Kids’ too much, I’ve wondered about that myself a few times.  Maybe I’ll stop doing it so much.  If you have been annoyed by this habit then I will apologize — Kids.


As far as ‘radicalism run amok’, on that one I’m afraid I simply disagree; I actually restrain myself quite a bit in this newsletter.  If you want ‘radical run amok’, you should read the things that I don’t publish.


I generally avoid writing about ‘9-11 Truth’, for instance — not because I don’t think most of the things they say about the 9-11 Attack are not indeed the truth, but because 9-11 is simply one of those things that — like the Kennedy Assassination — the Machine is simply not going to allow into the public purview for at least 40 or 50 years.


It aint gonna happen.


I know this because this is another typical pattern whenever they cover up such highly explosive information; they will literally kill you.


For the record:  Numerous credible sources provided numerous detailed warnings to the Bush Administration of the impending 9-11 attacks, including especially the CIA.  It has recently come to light that the entire CIA team involved seriously discussed quitting the Agency due to the Bushies ignoring of their warnings — especially since they accurately predicted that they would become the fall-guys when the shite hit the fan.


This leads to speculation about why Bush’s people would ignore such warnings.


Numerous credible sources state that there it is not anywhere near even the remotest of possibilities that the three towers — and especially Building 7 — collapsed for the reasons stated in the 9-11 Commission Report.  Numerous credible sources state, in fact, that the tower collapses showed all the hallmarks of a controlled demolition.


This leads to speculation about why the towers did actually collapse and to speculation about why the government would lie about something like that.


It has been proven beyond doubt that there was a massive cover-up of the facts surrounding the 9-11 attack — and that this cover-up was conducted at the highest levels of government.


This leads to speculation about what really did happen on 9-11 — and to speculation upon why the government would lie about something like that too.


Then, the true rotten tomato:  There is far less compelling but still striking evidence that there was operational assistance provided to the 9-11 attackers at the highest levels of the US government.


This leads to speculations of a much more dire nature…


Yes, 9-11 Truth would appear on the surface to be the ultimate playground for the Thunderbolt to deploy its infamous conspiracy detectors — but consider:  Say that someone was to come up with anything that could seriously shake up the 9-11 thing.  If they tried to actually push that out there then they would immediately be subjected to the typical progression in matters that are that high on the Machine’s priority list:  They would first be consciously ignored by everyone that ‘matters’.  If ignoring them didn’t work then they would be ridiculed.  If that didn’t work then they would be attacked (i.e., railroaded into prison and/or blackmailed and/or have their family threatened and/or whatever).


If none of that worked, then — like I said — they would be killed.


In any case the information would never see the light of day — so why bother?


Be patient:  We’ll find out about most of it in 40 or 50 years.



As far as the Thunderbolt being ‘self-serving’, I’m not sure what is meant by that.  I shamelessly promote the Thunderbolt at every opportunity and I haven’t hesitated to boast when I call something correctly, which is pretty much every time.  (There I go again.)  (I also don’t hesitate to admit it in the very few instances where I have proven wrong, though.)  This may be a character flaw on my part — but I do all this to promote the Thunderbolt and since I do not profit in any fiscal manner from the Thunderbolt then I cannot be accused of self-serving there, and if feeding my ego can be called self-serving, then I think priding myself on being good at saving my granddaughter’s planet is a rather benign form of that particular psychological derangement.


I have used the Thunderbolt a couple of times to encourage people to purchase a copy of Real Change from me.  I was fully conscious at the time that this was basically using a political newsletter to promote my private for-profit enterprise, which could be ethically problematic.  However, the fact is that selling Real Change is what finances all the other things I do that I don’t get paid for, and while I make a profit, Real Change itself is a 501 C-3 as well as an activist newspaper in its own right, and Real Change has won several prestigious journalistic awards; purchasing Real Change is not only a political act in itself, but you receive a top-quality product with a lot of information much of which you won’t get anywhere else.  Thus, while this was most definitely ‘self-serving’, it was all up-front with no hidden agendas and it was self-serving in two good causes; when you purchase Real Change from me you are directly contributing to  Real Change and you are indirectly contributing to the Thunderbolt.


I will even do a full-full disclosure here:  I do spend around $40 per week from my Real Change income on the marijuana that is partly responsible for the wacky loony-tunes ambiance that I so carefully cultivate.


So anyway, what I was doing was asking for contributions.  As far as ‘fund-raisers’ are concerned, I think mine are far less obnoxious than most…


If you prefer, you can just kick down the $2 without taking a paper; whatever.  I may even check out one of those alternatives to Pay Pal.  There are a couple of people who kick small contributions on a regular basis, there were several who kicked larger contributions over the holiday season, and shortly after I started publishing the newsletter I received a $100 bill as a donation.  DR just offered to set me up with a website.


Thanks to all.


I also love hearing from folks.  Thanks for that too.


So now that all the navel gazing and sappy sentimentality has been dispensed with…


It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

Week of January 2nd thru 9th 2014




1)  FYI Section:


1A)  Update from West Central Park Project


Here’s hoping everyone had a beautiful holiday and lots of good friends and family time!  As we approach the end of the year, the crew at West Central Park is very grateful for all the work the volunteers have done at the Park and wants to send out a huge THANK YOU!!!


This weekend, our Sunday work party will be about taking our christmas lights down,  tidying up the park, and making more progress on our Division Street plantings.  We are over half way to our goal of planting the whole Eastern side of the park.  Help us make that a reality soon and come on down to the park this Sunday, from 10 -1  and help us move dirt and mulch and turn sod into beautiful new beds.


In other news, we are well on our way to filing our 501c3 application, and we hope that this will greatly improve our chances to raise the remaining $120,000 we need to build our permanent park. 


Also, we will be meeting with City officials in the new year to revisit our next steps in going forward with a Neighborhood Park use, and to examine the possibilities for interacting more with the West Olympia Farmer’s Market at the park.  


Thanks to all for staying involved and helping us make this dream real, we couldn’t do it without you!




1B)  Resistance to Keystone Pipeline Mobilizing


I’m not sure how effective online petitions are, but Glen suggested plugging in with these folks, so they are most likely very good.


From Glen:


I have known and respected Vivien for decades, and we have conducted trainings together over the years.  She invites people who oppose the Keystone XL to sign the pledge – and to sign up to take training in Seattle on Sat. Jan. 11.


From Vivien Sharples:


Please join me and over 76,000 others around the country in signing the Keystone XL Pledge of Resistance  ( ).  By signing, we’re saying that we are willing to risk arrest, or support those risking arrest, in a massive wave of nonviolent civil disobedience actions all over the U.S. should the State Department recommend approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline to President Obama.  The power of this action is in its numbers and geographic spread, to show President Obama the level of opposition to Keystone XL.  So it will make a difference to our leverage if you sign the Pledge too, if you haven’t already!  You can sign it here:


In communities large and small across the country, groups are being trained to be ready for the wave of actions, should it prove to be necessary.  In Seattle we have already had 4 trainings so far, and we have two more coming up in January.  Please join us!  The training is not only for people willing to risk arrest, but also for those preferring to take support roles.  There will also be local Pledge actions in Everett, Bellevue, Portland, and more.  You can search for your closest actions by zipcode and city here:




1C)  Annual Homeless Census Asking for Help


From Anna Schlecht:




Thurston County needs your help with the 2014 Homeless Census!  The annual County-wide Homeless Census is how we learn who is homeless and why – – information that helps to guide funding and other resources to critically needed programs and projects. 


The Homeless Census will occur on Thursday, January 23rd and will continue into the following week.  Many shifts & volunteer activities are available all across Thurston County – including the urban hub of Lacey / Olympia / Tumwater;  the Yelm / Rainier hub; and, the Tenino / Bucoda hub areas.  Please sign up now using the following link:


Once you sign up we will get in touch with you soon to provide more information and training opportunities.


Thanks for making this a better community for all!


M. Anna Schlecht  / Housing Program Manager

City of Olympia Housing Program

City of Olympia / 601 4th Avenue East  /  Olympia WA 98501

(360) 753-8183  /


City of Olympia Website:


Please NoteThis message and any reply may be subject to public disclosure.



2)  Poppy Seed Street Lesson 4 to Air on KOWA

Friday January 3rd at 8 am and 7 pm and Saturday January 4th at 8 am on KOWA, 106.5 fm in Downtown Olympia or streaming at all over the world


I am engaging in unabashed self-promotion once again:  I have had Poppy Seed Street Lesson 4 recorded for a couple of months, but over that couple of months I have been seriously constrained by the fact that I could not use any copyrighted music because ASCAP was breathing down our throats.


We think/ hope/ pray that ASCAP has their baleful eye turned elsewhere by this point, so I am going to air Poppy Seed 4 for the next two weeks.


For some reason, the Poppy Seed Street format seems to draw the most formidable blasts from my arsenal.


I also have a heavy-metal blasting of ASCAP recorded as an intro to Poppy Seed 4.


If you’ve never heard the radio show, basically I read the Thunderbolt to the accompaniment of music.  Imagine having your Thunderbolts hurled to Beethoven’s 9th Symphony — or, if you prefer, to Rage Against the Machine.  I also have bluegrass, classic rock, new age, and many other things that are simply unclassifiable.


I’ve been collecting kick-ass music in a wide variety of genres for my whole life.


Check it out!



3)  King Tide at Percival Landing

Sunday January 5th at 8 am @ Percival Landing, 4th Ave NW and NW Water St


There is a full day of events today!  Get an early start by bearing witness to the King Tide.


From Mike:


Join Olympia Confronting the Climate Crisis, Fellowship of Reconcilation, and Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace at the Harbor House and let’s reflect on the future of downtown Olympia with global warming and rising tides.


This would be a good way to start the day, then follow up this event by heading over the Media Island International for the 11 am brunch benefit with the Rachel Corrie Foundation and friends for families in Gaza.


We also have a planning meeting for Transition Olympia and Free Olympia Project tentatively set for 2ish at Media Island.



4)  Media Island Benefit Brunch:  Campaign for Gaza Children & Families

Sunday January 5th from 11 am to 2 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE


On the first Sunday of each month Media Island teams up with another social justice organization and then they jointly sponsor the Media Island Monthly Benefit Brunch.


You really should check out one of these brunches.  It’s a great way to meet local activists in a relaxed setting.  For several of the brunches I had never met any of the people before and I was unfamiliar with their work.  I am always very glad I met them and I am always very glad I now know what they do.


Making these connections is the whole point of the brunches.  Now they are on our radar and we are on their radar and now we’ll know what each other are up to and now we can spread the word to our various networks.


As for what actually happens:  People hang out and talk about whatever they want to talk about.  Usually a representative of whatever organization is co-sponsoring gives a short talk about what they do.  Sometimes there are live performances of one kind or another.


The meal consists of eggs scrambled with several varieties of bell peppers, onion, garlic, and secret proprietary spices that I will not reveal under threat of torture.  (Just the right amount of cayenne is the trick…but don’t tell anyone!)  There are potatoes similarly fried with similar ingredients and there are big fat pancakes — both glutinous and gluten-free…


…yes, Kids, all of these culinary delights are all to be had at Media Island’s famous gastronomic tour dé force!


11 am to 2 pm the first Sunday of every month at Media Island, 816 Adams St SE (across the street from the downtown library).


From Media Island:


It’s time once again for Media Island Internationals monthly community benefit brunch!  We are celebrating the presence of our friend, and current Media Island roommate Anees Mansour, and partnering with the Rachel Corrie Foundation, Al Basma Club For The Disabled and the Rachel Corrie Cultural Center (in Gaza) to bring you a wonderful morning of delicious food and productive conversation.


Community Benefit Brunch For Gaza

Sunday, January 5th from 11am-2pm

at Media Island (816 Adams St SE, by downtown library)

Sliding scale starting at $5-20 (no one turned away for lack of funds)

Presentations and Discussion around Noon!




Anees and the Rachel Corrie Foundation are leading the effort to raise money for a couple of current projects in Gaza.  Come chow down on January 5th and join the conversation as we discuss these important projects for Gazan families and children:


1) The Rachel Corrie Cultural Center in Gaza is seeking $1500 dollars to help purchase much needed books for their library for the children and youth.  This cultural center is an important place of learning and socializing for the community, especially the young, and the center is in need of new materials and books to help the children continue to learn and grow.


2) Since Operation Cast Lead in 2008, the Gazan people have suffered with extreme power outages. These outages have become even more severe in the last six months, with most families now only receiving 4-8 hours of electricity a day.  The Al Basma Club For Disabled seeks $5500 to purchase 150 rechargeable emergency lights for the poor families in Rafah and to educate all on the risks of using candlelight.


For more information on these organizations:


Rachel Corrie Foundation:


Al Basma Club For Disabled:


Media Island International:


KOWA Community Radio:



5)  POWER Outage:  Planning the MLK Day March

Sunday January 6th Potluck at 5:30 pm @ Darby’s Café, 211 5th Ave


The is the monthly POWER Outage, always an educational experience.  Come help plan the MLK Day March.


This from POWER:


Happy New Year!  Our hope is for forward movement toward poverty awareness and eradication in 2014! 


Toward this end, POWER will be developing a strong campaign to take to our state legislators and to DSHS policy makers.  See the notes from our member meeting discussion below.  To that end, we hope you can join us at POWER Outage on Monday, January 6th for sign making, campaign development, and planning for our MLK Day March to the Capitol.


POWER Outage begins with a potluck meal at 5:30 pm.  Bring something to share if you are able. Discussions from 6 – 8 pm at Darby’s Café in downtown Olympia, 211 5th Avenue.  The café is closed, but the owners kindly let us use the space.


Childcare will be provided down the Street at the POWER office, 309 5th Avenue by the Olympia Childcare Collective!


You can reach us at 360-352-9716 toll free 866-343-9716        Find us on Facebook.


POWER is an organization of low-income parents and allies advocating for a strong social safety net while working toward a world where children and care giving are truly valued and the devastation of poverty has been eradicated.



6)  Author Appearance; Karen Litfin, Author of Ecovillages:  Lessons for Sustainable Community

Tuesday January 7th at 7 pm @ Orca Books, 509 4th Ave E


It’s time to learn about alternative ecological living!


From the organizers:


Tues Jan 7:  Karen Litfin will talk about her new book, Ecovillages: Lessons for Sustainable Community:  In a world of dwindling natural resources and mounting environmental crises, who is devising ways of living that will work for the long haul?  To answer this fundamental question, the author embarked on a journey to many of the world’s ecovillages, intentional communities at the cutting-edge of sustainable living.  From rural to urban, high tech to low tech, spiritual to secular, she discovered an under-the-radar global movement making positive and radical changes from the ground up.  This event is free and open to the public at 7:00 pm at Orca Books, 509 4th Ave E, downtown Olympia.  Info:  (360) 352-0123



7)  Hungry Cloud Darkening, SiLM and Autococoon @ Timberland Library

Wednesday January 8th from 7:30 to 9:30 pm @ Timberland Library, 313 8th Ave SE


This is radical political music — at the library!


From the organizers:


“Glossy Recall” by Hungry Cloud Darkening will be released on cassette.



8)  Bonus Tip of the Day:


Don’t get lost in your navel.







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