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American Coups D’état:

1) Media Island Monthly Benefit Brunch: Gateways for Incarcerated Youth
2) ACAP Budget Hearing: Pack the Room!
3) Washington Community Action Network Legislative Summit on Racial Equality
4) Non Violent Communication Workshop
5) TESC, WRC, & T-Rex Present Andrea Gibson
6) Washington Low Income Housing Alliance Annual Meeting
7) Bonus Tip of the Day

The most powerful weapon of the oppressor
Is the mind of the oppressed

—Steve Biko

Hey Kids!

One thing I always greatly admire and to which I always give serious props is people who are willing to shove uncomfortable truths into the faces of people who don’t want to hear it.

Hannah Arendt, a writer for the New Yorker back in the 60’s, coined the term “the banality of evil” whilst describing the trial of Nazi War Criminal Adolph Eichmann. Ms. Arendt had asked the New Yorker to be assigned to cover the trial because she wanted to look evil in the face and try to understand it. She went to the trial expecting to confront a monster. Instead, what she found was not only a completely run-of-the-mill human, but a rather mediocre and unimpressive one at that.

She then wrote a book wherein she tried to explain how such plain people can commit such heinous crimes.

Many mistook her attempts to understand Eichmann as endorsement of his actions. Ms. Arendt was also vilified for pointing out the vital and virtually unknown role that collaborators amongst the Jewish people played in implementing the Holocaust.

Then, she stood her ground in spite of almost universal condemnation of her book, even from her long-time collaborator.

A much less-intense version of the same thing has also happened to me a couple of times.

Sociopaths are often able to don a completely convincing ‘masque of sanity’ and very convincingly act as if they have compassion and empathy even though the brain-wiring circuitry for those attributes simply does not exist in their cases — and this attribute of presenting a convincing false-flag front is not only extant in sociopaths and war criminals. I have personally known three child-molesters during the course of my life and two of them were close friends that I knew for several years before learning of their sexual inclinations. The third I spent four months in a jail-cell with.

You do not survive the life I have led without the ability to quickly and accurately assess character in others. This was especially true during my marijuana smuggling days. I am very good at spotting falsehoods and misdirection in others — and the scariest thing about all three of these pedophiles was that there were no indications of any kind about their problematic proclivities. One of them denied the charge (he claimed his girlfriend’s ex-husband — the father of the six-year-old girl that he molested — was setting him up) and due to the complete lack of tells I believed him at first. I even visited him in jail a few times.

I was completely blown away upon learning that the charges were actually true.

All three of these guys were friendly intelligent funny interesting engaging people. There was absolutely no indication of any kind that I could detect that they were child rapists. Even if it was done gently and lovingly — as I suspect it was in all three cases — these guys basically threw a problematic monkey-wrench into the lives of several children — and keep in mind that I also knew several of the children quite well.

That is the scariest thing about some brain-sicknesses; they do not announce themselves or wear signs. They are like the invisible monster from the Hollywood ‘B’ movie.

As for the effect of all this: I once had a girlfriend who told me that she was raped by the neighbor boy when she was six years old and that he had told her that this was love — and that for the rest of her childhood she subsequently thought that her father did not love her because he did not want to have sex with her.

Ms. Arendt’s theory concerning the ordinariness of war criminals was that it was due to the tendency of ordinary people to obey orders and go along with the herd without a critical evaluation of the consequences of their actions.

I guess that pedophiles could be said to utterly reject the herd without a critical evaluation of the consequences of their actions.

I think that both herds need new alpha-males.


And now, ladies and gentlemen and various permutations thereof — it’s time for the Big Event that You’ve All Been Waiting For!

Control yourselves now, Kids, because it’s time for the…

Irony of the Week!!!

The Irony of the Week this week is brought to us by House Representative Trey Radel [R-FL], who recently voted to require mandatory drug-testing for all Food Stamp recipients — yet Mr. Radel himself just pled guilty to Possession of Cocaine!

Now, since virtually no Food Stamp recipients possess any power, voice, or influence over national policy and since representatives in the national government have lots of power, very loud voices, and wield major influence over national policy — then that leads me to ask:

Who should be the ones being drug tested around here?


American Coups D’état

Everyone who was over 5 years old in 1963 when John F. Kennedy was shot remembers what they were doing when they heard the news. Until today (Friday November 22nd) this has been invariably the case for everyone I have ever met for the entire 50 years since that time.

I, for instance, was 10 years old. I was either parking or retrieving my bicycle from the bike-rack at my elementary school when a kid ran up completely breathless and freaked and he told me what had happened.

All the schools shut down, all the stores closed, and everyone went home and watched television for the rest of the day and for a good part of the next several days.

I mention this because today — 50 years later to the day since the assassination — I finally met someone who is about ten years older than I, yet she does not remember what she was doing when she heard about the assassination. She did remember that she was in nursing school in November of 1963. I’m not going to name her here, but I already knew that a large area of her brain wiring circuitry was missing or fried due to several previous encounters. She is getting rather elderly, but I suspect that this was a long-time condition. Whatever — it was truly amazing to meet someone who actually didn’t remember hearing about Kennedy being shot.

The memorizations of the 50th Anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination have been interesting. Many people jeeringly mock those of us who admire John F. Kennedy by pointing out that he was a typical Racist and Cold War Militarist who expanded American Imperialism in general and America’s Involvement in Vietnam in particular. They sometimes are even aware of the little-known fact that Kennedy’s father Joseph P. Kennedy used his Chicago Mob Contacts to steal the 1960 election and that Richard Nixon actually won in Illinois — meaning that Richard Nixon actually won the 1960 election.

Irony abounds.

The mistake many make in their various Kennedy analyses is that they confuse JFK before he became president with JFK after he became president. Kennedy went through some very profound changes very soon after taking office.

His first very-serious wake-up call came when the Central Intelligence Agency, under the leadership of the infamous Über-Nazi Allen Dulles, first lied to and then tried to blackmail Kennedy into invading Cuba — which at that particular time was the equivalent of declaring World War III.

Outraged, Kennedy instead left the CIA’s mercenary army stranded on the beach with no air support; they were all quickly and easily killed or captured by the Cuban Army.

Then, Kennedy fired Allen Dulles. He privately stated that he wanted to “smash the CIA into a thousand pieces”.

Then he declared open warfare upon the entire War Machine.

As a result of the friction betwixt Kennedy and the War Machine, Kennedy found himself in the truly ironic position during the Cuban Missile Crisis of trusting his ostensible enemy, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, more than he trusted his own national security team.

In addition to his many other talents, John F. Kennedy was a shrewd judge of character.

Another irony is that Khrushchev was in exactly the same position; the most famous of the famous personal exchanges between Kennedy and Khrushchev during the Missile Crisis was when both men — incredibly — admitted to the other that neither man was sure that he could prevent his own military from launching a First Strike.

I don’t know what the Russians were estimating, but it has now been documented that the American ‘experts’ estimated that the United States could survive the retaliation from a First Strike with around 40 million casualties.

Most of the Military Machine considered this to be an acceptable price to pay in order to destroy the Soviet Union.

Really? ‘Acceptable’ to whom?

Do you suppose we could vote on whether 40-million casualties should be considered to be ‘acceptable’?

Folks don’t realize how close these people came to blowing up our world. Kennedy single-handedly stopped them in fact. Thank to Kennedy, World War III was barely averted even without rogue submarine commanders preparing to launch nuclear missiles without orders, as also happened during the Missile Crisis. (See last week’s Thunderbolt for details of that incredible story.)

And — again amazingly and ironically — Khrushchev also single-handedly prevented World War III by stopping his military from launching a First Strike.

No shite.

Lots of single-hands stopped lots of major end-of-the-world shite from happening during those few weeks.

When Robert Kennedy secretly met with the Soviet Ambassador during this period to “personally convey the president’s great concern”, Khrushchev’s reply was “We have to let Kennedy know we want to help him”.

Thanks to Khrushchev opening a direct back-channel with Kennedy during the Missile Crisis (by smuggling to him a hand-written personal letter that was hidden inside a newspaper) World War III was averted.

Then — for an all-too- brief period of time — there was a true promise of a real and meaningful peace breaking out in the world. Enunciation of that dream came powerfully in June of 1963 when Kennedy threw down the gauntlet during his famous American University Speech, wherein he blasted the War Machine and the whole mentality behind it.

During this speech Kennedy lays out a detailed path to peace between the two superpowers.

I am quite sure Khrushchev was listening intently.

Unfortunately, so was the War Machine. I am convinced that this speech — while not the reason for his assassination — at least was the frosting that iced his fate.

Just over five months later — 50 years ago today as I write — the War Machine won.

Then — after five years of lackey Lyndon Johnson pumping up the War Machine fatter than ever — Nixon finally came to power. An interesting side-note that I just heard listening to one of Matt’s programs on KOWA (I don’t know who it was on the program, I haven’t checked it out yet, and I can’t verify this at this point, but the guy seemed to have his ducks in a row for everything else that he talked about that I did already know about) but this guy said that one of Nixon’s first acts as president was to demand that the CIA turn over to him all their files on the Bay of Pigs and on the Kennedy Assassination.

That is very significant. I did know that Nixon was obsessed with the Bay of Pigs throughout his presidency and I have always wondered why…

Anyway, according to this gentleman the CIA refused to turn over those files.

Since this is a democracy and since Nixon was the people’s tip-toppest elected representative of all in that Democracy and since the CIA was directly under the command of the Executive Branch and would be subject to the direct orders of the president even if they weren’t already directly subject to the Executive Branch, Nixon was understandably quite outraged over this refusal.

Who was the boss around here, anyway?

Thus began a quiet, secret, but very serious blood-feud betwixt Nixon and the CIA. This was yet another epic behind-the-scenes battle between a president and the War Machine. Nixon knew the risk as well as anyone; he intentionally picked one of the most vile human beings ever to grace politics to be his vice-president (Spiro Agnew) specifically so that the first alternative to Nixon would be utterly unacceptable — but yet again the War Machine prevailed: After first sending Agnew off to federal prison and replacing him with Machine-lackey and Warren Commission Member Gerald Ford — within the space of ten years America thus experienced its second coup d’état.

As with so many other aspects of Richard Nixon, there is profound irony in the fact that upon learning of the Watergate Break-In, it is now known that Nixon was initially puzzled since breaking into the Democratic Party Headquarters was a completely useless thing to — but he almost immediately came to the correct conclusion: Someone was being set up.

Whatever else you want to say about Richard Nixon, he was not stupid.

It’s time to get to work…

The Thunderbolt Calendar
For the Week of November 28th thru December 2nd, 2013


1) Media Island Monthly Benefit Brunch: Gateways for Incarcerated Youth
Sunday December 1st from 11 AM to 2 PM @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE

Its Media Island’s monthly brunch, wherein they team up with another social justice organization for a fun fundraiser. This month the Island is teaming up with Gateways for Incarcerated Youth, providing opportunities for jailed youth.

From the organizers:

Media Island International Presents
Our Monthly Community Benefit Brunch! with:

GATEWAYS for Incarcerated Youth

The vision of Gateways is to break the cycle of incarceration, recidivism, and community violence. By utilizing methods of popular education, self-determination and cultural identity, Gateways envisions a world that values youth, their development and contributions as future members of society. The mission of Gateways is to encourage incarcerated youth to achieve self-determination through youth-driven leadership in a collaborative learning environment.

Please join us for a pancake brunch and learn about the important work happening in the Gateways Program.

816 Adams St SE, Olympia, WA
360-852-8526 –

2) ACAP Budget Hearing: Pack the Room!
Monday December 2nd at 3 PM @ Student Activities Evergreen

This looks like some very interesting and very radical stuff.

Check it out:

Abolish Cops And Prisons (ACAP) is having a budget hearing in front of the Student Activities Board to review our budget proposal for Winter and Spring quarter.

Why should people come out and support ACAP during this budget review?

The more people come out and show support, the more likely we’ll be given the funds needed to do the following things…

ACAP has invited multiple people and organizations to speak about their organizing against mass incarceration and in their actions to support prisoners. We’ve invited the following to speak this year:

Andrea Smith (co-founder of INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence, the Boarding School Healing Project, and the Chicago chapter of Women of All Red Nations)

Kristian Williams (author of “Our Enemies in Blue” and a member of Rose City Copwatch and Committee Against Political Repression)

Ed Mead and Mark Cook (former members of the George Jackson Brigade, currently publishing a prisoner-written magazine called “The Rock”)

Robert H. King (former Black Panther Party member and freed member of the Angola 3)

“Know Your Enemy” Insurgent Theatre – “Know Your Enemy” examines the role of police using stripped down interactive theatre, critical understanding of history and the power of silent refusal. Insurgent Theatre strives to connect performing arts with radical struggles, to make theatre that is relevant, engaging, challenging and useful for those who confront the US police state and global capitalist empire.

Greg Lewis (professional martial arts instructor who teaches radical self-defense courses)

Other presenters include Portland Anarchist Black Cross, Sacramento Prisoner Support, Olympia Books to Prisoners, and more!

ACAP also needs funds to purchase mail postage to continue sending letters to political prisoners every month. Letter writing is one of the main ways we can communicate and support those inside prison.

3) Washington Community Action Network Legislative Summit on Racial Equality
Tuesday December 3rd from 6 to 8 PM @ New Holly Gathering Hall, 7054 32nd Ave S, Seattle, 98118

Washington CAN kicks ass. Plug in with them if you want to kick some with them.

From Rachel:

Before legislators head down to Olympia we want them to hear from their constituents.

That’s where you come in! Join us next Tuesday at our first ever Legislative Summit on Racial Equity. We’ll discuss the issues that are impacting communities of color and low-income families, and take action together for justice.

What: Legislative Summit on Racial Equity
When: Tuesday, December 3rd from 6pm-8pm
Where: New Holly Gathering Hall (7054 32nd Ave S, Seattle, WA. 98118)
Registration link:

Childcare and interpretation will be provided. Light snacks and refreshments will be served.

At the event we’ll release our annual “Facing Race” report, and outline a proactive policy agenda that will move our state towards racial equity.

The focus of the evening will be sharing personal stories, and individuals will have time to get to know each other, hear people’s experiences and gain a deeper understanding of legislation in the 2014 session that will advance racial equity.

Click here to register now!

We hope to see you on December 3rd,
Rachael and the rest of the Washington CAN! team

With over 35,000 members across the state, Washington CAN! is the state’s largest grassroots community organization. Washington CAN! fights for progressive social change at the local, state, and national levels, with a focus on issues that most directly affect the lives of Washington residents. Our mission is to achieve economic fairness in order to establish a democratic society characterized by racial and social justice, with respect for diversity, and a decent quality of life for those who reside in Washington State.

4) Non Violent Communication Workshop
Wednesday December 4th from 6:45 to 9 PM @ Lincoln Elementary School, 213 21st Ave SE

Come learn alternatives to the drive-by shooting method of negotiation.

From the organizers:

Non Violent Communication Workshop
Lead by Liv Monroe
Wednesday December 4th, 2013
6:45pm – 9pm
@ Lincoln Elementary School
213 21st AVE SE
Oly, WA 98501

for more information…

Event page:

5) TESC, WRC, & T-Rex Present Andrea Gibson
Wednesday December 4th at 7 PM @ The Evergreen State College Longhouse

It’s political poetry, and gender workshops!

From the organizers:

WRC and T-Rex Present Andrea Gibson featuring an opening performance by Old Growth Poetry Collective.

Andrea will be doing a Gender Theory Workshop on December 4, at 3:00 PM in LIB4300 at The Evergreen State College. This workshop is FREE, but we will have a donation box there if you are able to give back!

Andrea and Old Growth Poetry Collective will be performing that night, December 4, at 7:00 PM. Doors open at 6:30. This performance will be in the Evergreen State Longhouse. Cost for this event is $7.00 for students, and $15.00 general admission for non-students.

We look forward to seeing you there!

To find out more about Andrea Gibson, please visit her website, and read her bio here:

For a map of The Evergreen State College (to find your way to LIB4300 and the Longhouse), you can download that here: … The Library (where you will find LIB4300, where the afternoon Gender Theory Workshop will be held) is #10 on the map. The Longhouse (where the evening performance will be held) is #11 on the map.

6) Washington Low Income Housing Alliance Annual Meeting
Wednesday December 4th from 5 to 7 PM @ 315 5th Ave S, Ste 1000, Seattle, 98104

This is up in Seattle but these folks are a statewide organization and they are doing a lot of good work — it would be good if some locals plugged in and maybe even form a local WLIHA branch here in Olympia.


Washington Low Income Housing Alliance
Annual Member Meeting & Reception

You meet the coolest (and most adorable) people at our Annual Member Meetings!

Wednesday, December 5, 5:00-7:00pm
At the offices of Summit Law Group
315 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 1000, Seattle, 98104

It’s that time of year again! Housing Alliance members and friends gather to celebrate our past successes, learn about our current work, and continue to strengthen our collective voice for affordable housing and for ending homelessness.

Join us to hear about our legislative and electoral work for 2014, and find out how you can be involved. Appetizers, alcoholic, and nonalcoholic beverages will be provided.

Watch for more details in the future, but we hope you’ll mark your calendar now.

7) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Single handedly do something today.




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