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Interview with a Vampire:


1)  Cannabis Patients United Two Lobby Days at the Capitol

2)  Rainwater Harvesting:  Design, Permitting, and Construction

3)  Film Opening:  GMO — OMG

4)  No Keystone XL Rally with President Obama

5)  Worker Owned Olympia:  Electric Bikes, Rocket Stoves, and More

6)  Cannabis Update

7)  Bonus Tip of the Day




Hey Kids!


This is excerpted from an interview with filmmaker and former politician Aaron Russo wherein Mr. Russo described a conversation that he had once had with his one-time friend Nicholas Rockefeller:


ROCKEFELLER:  By having this war on terror, you can never win it so you can just keep [on] taking people’s liberties away [indefinitely].


RUSSO:  What are you doing this for?  What’s the point of this?  You have all the money in the world you could ever want and all the power.  You’re hurting people and it’s not a good thing.


ROCKEFELLER:  What do you care about the people for?  Take care of yourself and take care of your family.


RUSSO:  What are the ultimate goals here?


ROCKEFELLER:  The ultimate goal is to get everyone chipped with an RFID chip and have all money and everything else be on those chips and if anyone wants to protest what we do or violate what we want, we just turn off their chip.



See what I mean?  This is what I’m talking about, Kids:  If Mr. Rockefeller needs to be provided with an explanation for why people should ‘care about people’ then I suspect he is incapable of even understanding the explanation much less ever actually taking the sentiment to heart…


…and this attitude is what is killing us.  They steal everything and kill everyone so they can then erect an impenetrable wall betwixt themselves and the world — even though the storms they unleash often take them along with it when they get out of hand and sweep everything away.


This attitude is contagious.  It is synergistic.  It perpetuates itself.  Ill-will begets ill-will, violence begets violence, and hatred begets hatred; everything feeds on itself and then it often builds up to great crescendos of literal mass-insanity.  The costs are paid for generations.  Due to the brutalization of a generation, all of those Central American countries that were ruled by brutal murderous American-backed military dictatorships during Ronald Reagan’s heyday in the 80’s now have civilian murder rates that are killing just as many innocents as many of their numerous American-inspired and financed civil wars did.


This violence will also spread and perpetuate and synergistically grow.


A natural response to Mr. Rockefeller’s attitude would be to ask this:  Why should we care about Mr. Rockefeller?  Maybe we should follow Mr. Rockefeller’s advice and maybe we should ‘take care of ourselves and take care of our families’ by mounting a revolution against Mr. Rockefeller’ ilk.


But the whole point of our whole struggle is that we are better than they are.  We don’t dehumanize people, even those who dehumanize others.  If they are such terrible people why on earth would we ever want to use them as role models for our own behaviour?


That said, though, do you really think it would be in yours or your family’s interest to invest someone like Nicholas Rockefeller with the power to ‘turn off your chip’ if you bitch about one of his wars or if you complain about him stealing your pension fund?


If you do not think this is a very good idea then you need to get out into the streets, Kids, because that is the only thing that ever brings ‘change you can believe in’.


Otherwise, Mr. Rockefeller and RFID are coming soon to a neighborhood near you.




Bernie and Elizabeth for 2016!


Good news keeps rolling in!  Whas up wi’ dat?


I have heard unconfirmed rumours that both Senator Bernie Sanders — an Independent and open Socialist — and Senator Elizabeth Warren — champion of the Common Human and arch-nemesis of the Wall Street criminals — are both considering running for president!


I suspect that people are no longer content with business-as-usual — as personified by Hillary Clinton.  I suspect that Bernie and Elizabeth will throw some colour and perspectives into that mess that sorely needs it.


This should be interesting.




Wikileaks Strikes Again!


More good news!  Maybe this is a trend!


I am most happy to report that…


Wikileaks just leaked part of the super-secret draft agreement for the Trans Pacific Partnership [TPP]!




Sunlight is poison to such things.


Stand by for developments.




Enemies of Humanity


I don’t know how many of my readers actually spend much time at the ‘water cooler’, but for those of you that may have metaphorical water coolers if not actual ones, here is some fodder for some community speculation…


Just in the last few weeks I have trashed Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates Jr., the Democratic Party in General and Barack Obama and Denny Heck in particular.


Are there any liberal Washington State Sacred Cows that I have not yet gutted?


Why, yes, as a matter of fact!


Can you say Boeing?


The thing about Boeing is that it is the second largest war-profiteer in the world.


This means that our financial too-big-to-lose leading employer of Washingtonians is one of the most dangerous threats to the future survival of humanity that currently exists.


Boeing is the Enemy.


Now, in their latest outrage, at a time when the Washington State Supreme Court has ruled that funding for education is unconstitutionally inadequate and at a time when state programs that benefit the homeless, orphans, the disabled, the elderly, and the mentally ill are being slashed…


Boeing has been playing hard-ball with the state and negotiating yet another massive tax break by holding a gun to our heads (i.e. threatening to move their production to any state that is willing to assist Boeing in running minimum-wage sweatshops) and their strategy has succeeded spectacularly.  The governor and the spineless wimps in our state house just spent tens-of-millions of tax-dollars on a Special Session of the state legislature specifically so they could publically fall all over themselves begging Massa not to beat us anymore and to give Boeing anything and everything that they may want.


According to Cross Cut, the final cost of the ‘tax breaks’ to the state and to local governments will be on the order of $2.8 billion in current dollars.


$2.8 billion would fund a lot of schools.  $2.8 billion would feed a lot of hungry children.


$2.8 billion is more than the state spends to fund the University of Washington.


The Heroes of the Story


Part of Boeing’s ‘demands’ included the standard insistence that the workers’ who actually create the jets and the bombs that create all this wealth — Boeing is insisting that the workers that create their fortune eat crap even as Boeing reaps in billions of dollars a year in profits.


Unlike the spineless sold-out Democrats at the state house, the Machinists’ Union told Boeing to stick it where the sun don’t shine.


To do this they stood directly in the face of Boeing, the Washington State Democratic Party, the vast majority of the population of the State of Washington, and even their own union leadership.


They rejected Boeings hostage demands by nearly a 2-to-1 margin.


Many are referring to their vote as a suicide pact.  It probably was indeed.  The thing is that both paths were suicide.  The other choice consisted of capitulating and bending over.


Instead, they chose to go down with their pride intact.


Serious kudos to the Boeing Machinists’ Union.




Fanfares and trumpets for a brand-new Thunderbolt feature!


Grounds for Debate!


A gentleman named Rob recently posted this on the Thunderbolt Word Press page:


We are working to develop a movement to truly begin on Black Friday 2013.  We need an Occupy level movement across this nation to protest the corruption that permeates so many aspects of our society, but ultimately rests with the fact that corporations have purchased the American Congress, along with many other governments around the world.  We need to address this problem in the United States by creating a nationwide initiative to have a Constitutional Convention.  This needs to be done by petitioning state legislatures around the country.


I believe that the states need to see the large protests that happened in 2011.  We need to have a more defined mission than the Occupy movement.  The fractured nature of this movement led to nothing, but the same movement again with leadership could have a completely different effect.  We need to bring all of the separate organizations that are focused on all of the issues: GMO, environmental destruction, anti-TPP, and pro-2nd amendment groups, to agree on addressing the true corruption that has caused all of these issues.  Corporate rule must end to fix any of these issues, before this civilization goes the way of Rome.


Help us get our state legislatures eyes opened to what is necessary.  We must nullify corrupt federal and international laws at the state level and we must do this all over this country.  This needs to stay as non-violent as possible, or it will deteriorate into a violent collapse quickly.  Addressing these issues from a constitutional mandate is what the process was created for, so as to avoid the violent responses that have caused problems in the past.


We are starting a March against Corruption rally/protest/education at Wal-Mart on November 29, 2013.  I will be going to Wal-Mart to be one of the first people in line for the “Black Friday Deals” but be with a bull horn and hopefully a crowd to educate people how giving their money to this corrupt corporation that makes massive profits, has many programs and practices that hurt this nation, and pays third world wages to maximize their profits.  They have brought those third world wages to our shores, and are cutting back on the number of people that receive benefits, while increasing the number of employees that need federal assistance.  This organization can be the face on that day to truly open more eyes to the problems that persist in our country/world.


Help me get the word out around the nation!  This Christmas needs to be different!


Read more at:


I will be at the Lacey, WA Wal-Mart beginning on Thanksgiving at around 4pm, and will stay there as long as people will stand with me!



And I saw…


Grounds for Debate!


This was my reply:


First, I would take issue with the contention that the Occupy Movement “led to nothing” as the Occupy Movement changed the whole national narrative from blaming the victims to blaming the actual perpetrators.  There were many connections made and networks created and the work still goes on albeit it is not covered on the front page anymore.


As for a Constitutional Convention, I have the same attitude as toward Move to Amend:  I would endorse this move for a Constitutional Convention if not actively participate in the campaign as this could prove a very effective poke at the Machine — but I would only support it because there is virtually no chance of this actually happening and to be honest, the thought of a Constitutional Convention during the current political climate and with the current mass-ignorance of what is really going on scares the crap out of me.  I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that the problem is not the system, the problem is the people, and that once you fix the people then the system will take care of itself.  I don’t think you can legislate racism or freedom.  The condition of black people 150 years after slavery and 50 years after the Civil Rights Act seems evidence of that.  The condition of our current civil liberties (or decided lack of same) in spite of our vaunted Constitution seems evidence of that.  What good a Constitution if they just ignore it?  Regulatory pacifiers or reform suppositories simply force the bad guys to find alternate means.  When you can buy the government, you can pretty much do whatever.  The thing about laws is that good people don’t need them and bad people ignore them so they are of highly limited value; you cannot just pass laws or write new Constitutions, you must simply make racism and slavery unacceptable within your culture.  We must make racism and slavery into abominations.  We must rise up and firmly disallow it anywhere that we see it.


The first step is to expose it, and a campaign for a Constitutional Convention could help do that.


Consider:  Until fairly recently in human history slavery was the accepted norm and women were treated like brood mares.  Now we have a black president and there’s a woman who is likely to be a serious contender for president.  You can’t even say ‘nigger’ in polite society anymore.


While the progress has been WAY slower than anyone likes or wants, the overall trajectory is in the right direction.  We ARE winning.


Thus, while I’m pretty sure there will never be any Constitutional Convention and while I wouldn’t really want to see one happen anyway at this point, the organizing efforts and the networking and the debate that would result from such a campaign would make the effort well worth it even if there is no chance of actually achieving the stated goal.



It’s time to get to work…




The Thunderbolt Calendar

November 21st thru November 28th, 2013




1)  Cannabis Patients United Two Lobby Days at the Capitol

Thursday November 21st at 9 am @ Washington State Capitol


Now that pot is legal they are trying to screw the medical people.  Come help them keep their hard-won rights.


From the organizers:


Help to save medical cannabis from total state control.
The LCB has drafted proposed rules that would
1. Remove a patients rights to grow their own medication
2. Abolish collective gardens
3.Create a registry
4.Not allow any new conditions to be added to the qualifying conditions
5. Redefine what conditions do qualify
Bring your lobby signs & lets show strength in numbers & fight for what we want



Sensible Washington hereby invites you to a press conference being held to formally introduce their proposal to defelonize personal drug possession, which will be prefiled in the legislature next month.

This event will begin on Thursday, November 21st at 9am in the Olympia Capital, in Hearing Room B of the John L O’Brien building.

Speakers include:

– State Representative Joe Fitzgibbon

– State Representative Jessyn Farrelll

– State Representative Sherry Appleton

– Matt McCally (representative of (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition)

– State Representative Luis Moscoso

– State Representative Jim Moeller

– Attorney Douglas Hiatt

Please call 206-799-8696, or e-mail  with any questions.



2)  Rainwater Harvesting:  Design, Permitting, and Construction

Thursday November 21st from 6:30 to 8:30 pm @ Olympia City Hall, 601 4th Ave E


Water is the great future issue.  We will soon transition from oil wars to water wars unless we institute radical change.


Washington legendarily has no shortage of rain.  Learning how to collect and utilize rainwater will help wean us from the Machine.


From the organizers:


With Bruce Hostetter, Earth Systems NW And Todd and Kari Harris, Stone People LLC


Harvesting rainwater for domestic use isn’t new, humans have been doing it since the beginning. However, designing and building an efficient reliable and permittable system requires specialized knowledge and experience.  Come learn from the experts how harvested rain can be used for:

• Year-round irrigation, stormwater management and other chores

• Indoor domestic non-potable uses such as toilet flushing, and…

• Under the right circumstances, even drinking water!


About the Speakers:


Bruce Hostetter has over thirty years in landscape architecture and sustainable energy development from the late 1970s where he participated in the design of passive solar home and the planning of solar neighborhoods.  He has a wealth of experience and an enthusiasm for working with rainwater and everything it touches.  In addition to Bruce’s experience in both residential and commercial projects, he has completed advanced training from the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association.  Bruce Hostetter joined the EarthSystemsNW team in 2010 and spearheaded a large commercial rainwater harvesting project in Southern California.


Todd Harris has been working in the landscape construction business for more than 10 years and is also an experienced carpenter and mason. Todd graduated in 1998 from the Evergreen State College with a Bachelor of Science in Botany and Plant Ecology. He and his wife Kari established Stone People, LLC in 2003, a licensed, bonded and insured full service landscape design and installation company.


Come for the Food – Stay for the Program! Please bring your own mug – light yummy refreshments catered by Chocolakas will be served.  The program is open to the public.


Sponsored by the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild and the City of Olympia. We would like to thank Olympia Federal Savings for co-sponsoring this and our other Fall education events.



3)  Film Opening:  GMO — OMG

Saturday November 23rd at 6:30pm @ the Capitol Theater, 206 5th Ave E


Come learn about GMO’s.


From the Capitol Theater:

November 23 – November 27



With the subject of genetically modified foods up for debate, GMO OMG arrives at a pivotal time.  In this topical, environmentally minded documentary, filmmaker Jeremy Seifert takes us on a journey through the logistics of genetically modified seeds and crops. Going behind the scenes and around the world, he investigates the origins of this experimental food technology, taking into account the reasons for its invention, the implications that could result from its widespread introduction into our food supply, and the impact of its use right now. From there, we visit countries from Great Britain to Haiti, where GMOs have been banned due to the overwhelming voices of citizens who have refused to become unwitting guinea pigs in the name of profit for giant chemical companies. Informative and enlightening, GMO OMG brings this important subject into the public’s consciousness in a highly entertaining way.


Dir.: Jeremy Seifert / 2013 / US, Haiti, Norway / 90 min / Digital Cinema



Please help us spread the word about the important and timely new film, GMO OMG, which opens November 24th at the Capitol Theater in Olympia.


For more information go to:


Like us on Facebook.


Watch the Trailer:


“Filmmaker Jeremy Seifert digs deep into the current controversy surrounding GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) and their stronghold on the American agricultural system.”


“Director Jeremy Seifert accomplishes something remarkable when he turns his camera on his family…its refreshing to see a work that gives emotion its due.”


GMO OMG, takes the audience on a journey to explore the unknown health and environmental risks ofGMO’s, chemical toxins, and the food monopoly as well as the growing global movement to take back what we have lost.



4)  No Keystone XL Rally with President Obama

Sunday November 24th at 4 pm in Medina (Suburb of Bellevue)

Olympia Carpools Available


Big Brother is coming to Belleview!  (How appropriate!)


Come express your displeasure:


What: No Keystone XL Rally With President Obama
Where: Medina, WA
When: 4:00 PM –  Sunday, Nov. 24

For more information:

Pat Rasmussen
World Temperate Rainforest Network
PO Box 13273
Olympia, WA 98508



5)  Worker Owned Olympia:  Electric Bikes, Rocket Stoves, and More

Monday November 25th from 7 to 9 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW


So I’ve been promoting cooperative and worker owned business models for years; here are some folks teaching how to do it.


From the organizers:


How do we build the community we want? How do create a sustainable economy that builds/deploys/uses appropriate technology? How do we create work that generates the income that we need without becoming wage slaves in the fast food or big box economy?


Is worker owned business the way to go?  Should we all function as sole proprietors of our own little enterprises?


Is that too many questions?


This is a preliminary meeting of folks who are scratching their heads about one or more of these questions.


We have interest in electric vehicles for local transportation. We have interest in establishing a renewable energy system to charge vehicle batteries. We have interest in establishing urban gardens and orchards.  We have interest in the design and implementation of rocket stoves to take biomass, tree prunings, small amounts of burnable wood and maximize the heat gain as we reduce the fuel load and the exhaust gases. We have interest in heat pumps to heat our homes. We have interest in sealing and insulating homes to reduce our carbon footprint.


There is a larger system in place that addresses some parts of this movement under the steady hand of philosopher of work, Frithjof Bergmann.


Give it a listen if you want.  Come join us on Monday evening. I know that some of us will be bringing food to share.  It helps if you bring your own bowl/spoon so that we minimize the impact and work of cleanup for Traditions.


↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑


Listen to this podcast from the Partially Examined Life

Episode 83: New Work with Guest Frithjof Bergmann


Join us Monday at Traditions to discuss.



6)  Cannabis Update


Legal Cannabis Week #50

Editor: Ben Livingston, Center for Legal Cannabis

  • Overflow crowd packs state medical cannabis hearing
  • Legal pot licensing window opens Monday
  • State releases list of approved pesticides
  • Seattle Center permits pot party
  • Zoning map updates
  • Upcoming events
  • Week in review
  • Worth repeating

Overflow crowd packs state medical cannabis hearing

The state hearing on proposed rules to all-but-eliminate Washington’s voter-enacted medical pot law was a raucous affair. TVW has video. Here are some interesting time marks:



The state received 859 written comments. These are the top five:


  • 362 – Allow for patient home growing
  • 237 – Leave alone the medical cannabis law
  • 126 – Allow for collective gardens and access points
  • 126 – Recommended patient possession limits are too low
  • 96 – Medical and recreational cannabis should be legally separated


Here’s some news coverage:


Crowd gets rowdy at heated medical marijuana hearing

NOV 13 | KING 5 News



Hundreds attend rowdy hearing about medical marijuana

NOV 14 | KIRO 7 News


Remember the legislative hotline: 800-562-6000

Legal pot licensing window opens Monday


This Monday, November 18, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board starts accepting applications for legal pot business licenses. The initial application period will last for one month, through December 19.





Jim Camden from the Spokesman-Review covers eastern Washington pot business hopefuls including Sam Calvert and an unnamed farmer:


State taking applications for marijuana licenses starting Monday

NOV 16 | Spokesman-Review


And Nina Shapiro iliads the same topic, single-handedly holding down the Seattle Weekly content department with epic pot prose, like a tokin’ Tolstoy. Featured entrepreneurs include Shy Sadis, Derek Anderson, Alex Cooley, Molly Poiset, Ed Stremlow, Lara Taubner, Randall Oliver, Brenton Dawber, and John Brown.


Going to Pot

NOV 12 | Seattle Weekly


State releases list of approved pesticides


The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board released a list of products approved for use in cannabis production. I wrote about this issue last March:


What Bug Sprays Are Safe to Smoke?

MAR 27 | The Stranger



Since then, the state Department of Agriculture has registered over 200 commercial products for use on Washington weed. Those products are listed in the PICOL database maintained by WSU. There is a video tutorial on finding approved cannabis products.


The list includes common pot production products containing indole-3-butyic acid (for rooting clones), neem oilazadirachtin (extracted from neem), pyrethrinsmineral oil, herbal extracts (peppermint, clove, garlic, rosemary, corn, etc),sulferpotassium bicarbonatecitric acidiron phosphate, and Bacillus bacteria, among others.


Seattle Center permits pot party


I’ve been asked numerous times by visiting stoners where they can safely smoke weed downtown, and I’ve never really had a good answer. At the end of Pike Place Market where everyone else is smoking weed? I don’t know! And I’ve asked around, and most people laugh and say something like, are you kidding me? There’s people smoking pot on practically every corner in this god-foresaken city. What do you mean where can you smoke pot?


But the point is that they don’t want to be those people smoking on the corner. They want to be respectful. They want to feel comfortable. They want to comply with the law. So, frustrated by my lack of an acceptable honest answer to this question, I set about to create a space where, for one day of the year at least, tourists could come to our fair city and consume cannabis in full compliance with state and local law—out of public view, in a safe environment, free of fear.


In August when I approached the Seattle Center about hosting an I-502 anniversary celebration on December 6 with city-permitted on-site cannabis consumption, the answer was, perhaps not surprisingly, you have got to be joking—no way. But I was not joking, and pursued the matter for months, becoming part of a “broader discussion” the city was having about hookah lounges, cannabis clubs, and pot smoking tents at events.


And I was extremely pleased when Seattle Center finally agreed to let the show go on with a number of precautions taken to allay their cannabis concerns—like double-fencing to create an eight-foot “moat” to buffer the pot party.


You Can’t Smoke It in Public

NOV 13 | The Stranger


As with most grand holiday parties, the expenses started mounting. We’re talking about Seattle in December; we absolutely need canopies for rain cover. We should definitely have a stage and some music. Light food is always a good idea at a pot party. And union labor at Seattle Center can add up real quick. All told I expect the event to cost around $7,500.



Thankfully, the kind folks at Canna Law Group agreed to kick down two grand, which will cover the up-front costs for Seattle Center, and guarantee the event is officially authorized by the city. This is historic, the first time ever such an event has been sanctioned at Seattle Center. Because no matter how many years you’ve been smoking weed at Folklife, you’re still engaging in civil disobedience.


But we still need to pay for fencing, privacy screening, insurance, canopies, tables, chairs, caterer, stage, sound, and entertainment. So I’m reaching out for help in funding the 2013 Legal Cannabis Day Celebration at Seattle Center. We have table space for around ten vendors who want to be part of the permitted pot party and can kick down $300.


Buy a table at the Dec. 6 Seattle Center Legal Pot Day Celebration


If you’re interested in sponsorship, or have other questions, call me at 206-335-9214. I invite you to be a part of this historythis sea change in cannabis policy—and deeply appreciate your support.


Zoning map updates

Map Legal Cannabis has contained a few dozen moratoriums for a while now, and I finally added them to the data page. Additionally, I realized that unincorporated Snohomish County zoning included several incorporated cities, conveniently marked “City” zoning, that should not be in there. I’ve made the following corrections:

  • Darrington erroneous zoning removed
  • Gold Bar erroneous zoning removed
  • Granite Falls erroneous zoning removed
  • Index erroneous zoning removed
  • Sultan erroneous zoning removed



Snohomish County Commission enacted cannabis zoning on Wednesday, and it changed slightly from the draft ordinance. See the hearing video. Read the original bill, plus amendments onetwo, and three to get the official piecemeal picture. The gist:

  • Existing medical dispensaries and collective gardens are permitted through December 31, 2015
  • Medical dispensaries and collective gardens removed from R-5 zoning (was administrative conditional use)
  • I-502 processing permitted in R-5 zoning (was administrative conditional use)
  • Medical dispensaries, collective gardens, and I-502 retail permitted in CRC zoning



I updated the map with the CRC retail zoning, which is only two patches along Highway 9 near the Clearview community.  The R-5 processor zoning was already green on the map.

Added the following moratoria:



Also removed Puget Park in West Seattle from the buffer layer, as the city lists it as having only trails. Remember to check the data page before subscribing.


Upcoming events


Remember to verify meeting dates. Add this free data to your Google calendar, link directly to the ICALXML, or HTML formats, or get embed code for your own web site. Get in touch if you want permission to add calendar events, or just email individual events to

Kittitas County Cannabis Zoning Hearing

MON NOV 18 @10AM | Kittitas County Courthouse


Mountlake Terrance Cannabis Zoning Hearing

MON NOV 18 @7PM | Mountlake Terrace City Hall


Association of Washington Growers and Breeders Meeting

WED NOV 20 @8PM (WEEKLY) | West Seattle Legion Hall


CWU Panel: The Impact of I-502

THU NOV 21 @5:30PM | McCaw Hall, Seattle Center


Medical Cannabis Lobby Days

THU NOV 21-22 | Washington State Capitol



Legislative Hearing on I-502 Implementation

FRI NOV 22 @1:30PM | O’Brien Building, Capital Campus


King County Cannabis Zoning Hearing

MON DEC 2 @1:30PM | King County Courthouse


Longview Cannabis Zoning Hearing

WED DEC 4 @7PM | Longview City Hall


I-502 Anniversary Celebration

FRI DEC 6 @4:20PM | Next 50 Plaza, Seattle Center


WSLCB Hearing: Pot Ban in Bars and Clubs

WED DEC 11 @10AM | WSCLB Headquarters


Week in review


Vashon Island Marijuana Entrepreneurs Alliance connects the island cannabis industry.


Cannabis follows alcohol’s path. Remember medicinal alcohol?


Quincy City Council enacted an I-502 moratorium last week.


Pierce County Council enacted an I-502 moratorium last week.


African Americans face much higher arrest rates in Maryland.


Prairie Plant Systems shipped the first pot under Canada’s new medical cannabis rules.


Prairie Plant Systems lobbies for pharmacy pot in Michigan.


Michigan Senate passed a pharmacy pot bill.


Proposed medical pot recommendations harm military veterans.


Island County Commission postponed an I-502 moratorium for the second time.


Arlington City Council enacted an I-502 moratorium.


Frits Bolkestein pushes for legal pot growing in The Netherlands.


Four defendants face charges of torturing and sexually mutilating a California dispensary owner.


Columbia City Councilwoman Barbara Hoppe asked staff to draft a bill lowering penalties for pot growing in the Missouri city, after Dan Viets asked them to do so in the public comment portion of the council’s regular meeting.


Tacoma News Tribune advocates legislative action against medical cannabis dispensaries.


Cannabis consultants sprout like weeds.


Will Godfrey reports on the recent International Drug Policy Reform Conference.


Czech pot supporters protested nationwide raids on grow shops.


Miley Cyrus smoked a joint onstage at a music awards show in Amsterdam.


THC blood tests comprise 42% of the state toxicology lab’s work, up 15% from last year, cop says.


Henry Wykowski advises treating an IRS audit like a police encounter where you STFU.


Portland considers its brand in light of becoming the first east coast city to vote for legal pot.


Massachusetts hospitals fear federal funding loss over medical cannabis.


NAACP resolved to support legalized cannabis.


Nina Shapiro profiles several local legal pot entrepreneurs.


Washington State Liquor Control Board sleuths for hidden ownership in pot businesses.


Washington State Liquor Control Board accepts legal pot license applications starting Monday.


U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag continues medical pot prosecutions, despite recent ganja guidance from her boss.


NORML endorsed a Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate.


Snohomish City Council enacted an I-502 moratorium.


Lakewood City Council considers cannabis zoning.


Oroville City Council discussed cannabis zoning.


Moses Lake City Council enacted cannabis zoning.


Seattle Center permits cannabis consumption for the first time ever on Legal Cannabis Day.


Get Elevated sells cannabis tours in Colorado.


Survey says pot use shouldn’t get you fired.


Moms for Marijuana demands an end to government kidnappings over cannabis.


L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer sued another dispensary he says is non-compliant with voter-approved Proposition D.


ACLU demands the legislature leave alone medical cannabis home grow. 


Every Vote Counts plans a city initiative to overturn a retail pot ban in Colorado Springs.


High Times and Martin Nickerson agreed to an undisclosed settlement in a Cannabis Cup trademark dispute.


Patients overwhelmed a state meeting on recommendations to repeal Washington’s voter-enacted medical cannabis law.


Weed Wagon cruises Spokane advertising energy drinks.


Mountlake Terrace City Council votes on cannabis zoning this Monday.


People of color comprise 87% of New York pot arrests under Mayor Bloomberg. And a reminder to refuse to empty your pockets for police.


Grant County Commission held a hearing on a proposed I-502 moratorium.


Alan Brochstein analyzes pot stocks. Quick tip: avoid ‘em!


New South Wales Government rejected medical cannabis recommendations from a parliamentary inquiry.


Czech Republic prohibits pot production, despite legalizing medical cannabis.


Breeders prepare for direct-to-consumer sales in Colorado.


Kittitas County Commission considers cannabis zoning this Monday.


Washington State Liquor Control Board accepts legal pot business applications starting this Monday.


Rep. Jared Polis introduced legislation to allow cannabis users to legally own firearms.


Worth repeating


“There are so many higher priorities. I don’t feel the rush to be the first city to be tackling this legally. I wouldn’t even want to be the second or third city.”

— Lakewood City Councilwoman Helen McGovern-Pilan on legal cannabis zoning


“That leaves maybe a small area near John Moran’s building … about two places between there and Jon Neal’s where someone could set up a shop in the city.”


— Oroville Police Chief Clay Warnstaff on where retail pot stores might be able to locate in the city


“I think the moratoriums are going to fall into the same sort of category as the prohibitions because the law is pretty well in place, the feds have spoken and the rules are in place and it’s not going to be the state that’s going to object necessarily. It’s going to be that person who wants to open that retail establishment.”

— Moses Lake City Councilwoman Karen Liebrecht on why cities should avoid marijuana moratoriums


“It’s going to be super-sweet the day I open a 502 location [in Bellingham] and shove it in their ass.”


— Cannabis retailer Shy Sadis on opening a legal pot shop after being raided by the feds




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