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Alien Invasion:

1) FYI Section:
1A) Update on West Central Park
1B) Update on Coal Terminal Hearings
1C) Update on Backbone Campaign’s Attempts to Flush the TPP
1D) Update on Cannabis
2) Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta, Author of Refusing to be Enemies
3) Trial Date for Homeless 6
4) National Immigrant Youth Alliance Speak
5) Cannabis Patients United Two Lobby Days at the Capitol
6) Bonus Tip of the Day

What if aliens came and poisoned half our rivers, wiped out one-in-ten of our animal species, dismantled entire mountains and dumped them into the rivers, systemically laced our agricultural lands with poison, laced our children’s toys with carcinogens, torched and hacked down all the forests all over the planet, and radically altered our atmosphere thus making future survival problematic for billions?

Would we rise up and take a stand?

Or would we have the Supreme Court declare them to be ‘people’ and give them all our money?

— Unattributed Facebook Post Slightly Altered by Me


Hey Kids!

I hate to be the boy who cries ‘wolf’ or warn everyone that the sky is falling or whatever your favourite metaphor is for unwarranted warnings, but we are running out of time, Kids. It is possible that some unforeseen miracle will pop out of left field and save us all (maybe they’ll let us have the Tesla Machine) (and I don’t mean the frigging car) but the odds are becoming very slim.

Consider: Should the trucks suddenly stop rolling, then there is three days worth of food in any given American city at any given time — and there are not only several possible scenarios wherein the trucks would stop rolling but it is beginning to appear as if two or three of those scenarios may be playing out more-or-less simultaneously. (Climate Change + Peak Oil + Environmental Devastation + Peak Water = You Don’t Want to Know…)

What is needed is immediate radical change but it would seem that as long as people are reasonably comfortable (understanding that the definition of ‘reasonably comfortable’ can be highly elastic— ‘reasonably comfortable’ compared to what?) then they will go along to get along even under incredible circumstances.

One factor that works in our favour in a twisty sort of manner: You can always count on the bad guys to push the envelope way too far. They always do it unless they are prevented from doing it.

Republicans in Congress provide a case in point: They now want to impose severe cuts on the Food Stamp Program. A bunch of Democrats appear ready to go along. (Surprise, surprise!) The righties also have their sights set upon Social Security and Barack Obama has said that Social Security is On the Table.

Their argument for cutting such programs is that they encourage people to become dependent upon the state rather than depending upon their own initiative.

[Incredibly profane exclamation deleted]

First of all, this argument completely disregards the fact that half of the recipients of Food Stamps are low-income children and that virtually all of the recipients of Social Security are orphaned children and/or disabled and/or widowed and/or elderly.

Second of all, a Second Grade child presented with the actual facts of the matter could discern that this argument is highly fallacious specious shallow limited misleading and I could very easily think of a few other choice adjectives unsuitable for a family publication that would also apply — but it is an argument that large segments of the American populace considers as inarguable fact.

Such is the power of propaganda.


The Thunderbolt goes Controversial on your Asses Again!

I haven’t pissed off large numbers of people or stirred up any juicy controversies lately!

I beg your forgiveness! I will now remedy that shortcoming! (The Thunderbolt has a reputation to maintain, after all!)

With tongue halfway in cheek, I will now myself advance an argument in favour of cutting social welfare programs that benefit our poorest and most vulnerable!

[Fanfare, Trumpets, Baited Breath, etc]

In my decades of studying history I have sadly noted the fact that people in general and that Americans in particular seem prone to letting things slide as long as they are getting by. It would appear that in order to save our basic civilization then we need a lot more people to be financially destroyed or even facing outright hunger so that they will finally wake up and rise up into the streets…

…it would seem that things must become very bad indeed before we reach the necessary Nexus of Change…

…so maybe we should support the Republican Party’s valiant efforts to make everything worse!

Yes, Republicans! You go go go! Please, continue to enable your Wall Street pimps to continue stealing everything in sight and to continue enjoying their record profits without the burden of taxation even as you slash funding for Food Stamps and as you try to gut Social Security thus forcing poor children and the disabled and widows and the elderly — many of whom are already living on the very edge and none of whom had anything to do with the financial collapse — make them pay for Wall Street’s manufactured disaster!

Somebody has to pay for that river of tax-free lucre that is flowing at an ever increasing torrent into those secret Cayman Island bank accounts!

Republicans! You gotta admit, Kids: You can always count on them! Yes, you crazy diamonds! Please continue with your tone-deaf savage ignorance blazing in neon-lit glory for all to see! Please make it ever so-much easier for Toto to pull aside the curtain that hides you and thus open you to the view of ever more people…

Yes, Kids; THAT is what Revolutions are made of!


So, moving right along here; next, for your dining and dancing pleasure, we have…

An ASCAP Redux!

You remember how I recently documented ASCAP’s ruthless stamping upon any cultural event that uses copyrighted music in any manner unless they are willing to pay an exorbitant extortion fee? If you missed that, they fined Old School Pizza a bunch of money (I heard it was thousands but I have not documented the actual amount) because their patrons could hear the cook’s boom-box back in the kitchen. That actually happened. They shut down the Open Mic Nite at Burial Grounds because Burial Grounds couldn’t afford and/or didn’t want to pay such fees on principle — especially since they actually lost money on their open mic night. ASCAP also tried to charge — yes — frigging Music in the Park — but some knowledgeable person found a loophole wherein they were not subject to ‘royalty fees’ since they did not provide seating for their patrons.

And — they frigging put a major crimp in my style for my radio show because I can no longer use copyrighted music on my radio show, at least for awhile even though neither I nor KOWA nor anyone associated with anything to do with anything makes a single penny on my radio show and even though we all put in long hours without pay every week as a public service.

(Full disclosure: I love what I do.)

Well — I mention all of this because I just learned of a fresh new ASCAP outrage — and I heard it on frigging NPR of all places.

Let me preface this by stating that this is not a joke: Frigging ASCAP tried to frigging charge the frigging Girl Scouts for frigging singing frigging campfire songs!

No jibe. This quite literally happened.

Search any of this stuff on the search engine of your choice.

Doesn’t shafting the Girl Scouts finally cross some line or other?

Who will slay this raging beast? Who will rid us of this troublesome prince?

And the worst part is that I can’t even complain to ASCAP or much of anyone else; as far as I know ASCAP is as yet unaware of the existence of my radio show and I harbour a passionate desire to maintain that state of affairs. PLEASE don’t complain to ASCAP because you like my radio show.


Liberal Bias

Since the facts have a left-leaning bias, and since I give credence to facts, I tend to be a leftist on most issues.

However, I pride myself on avoiding partisan self-delusion.

In the last presidential election, twice as many people voted for right-wing third party candidates as voted for left-wing third party candidates. That means that there are twice as many right-wingers who get it. That means that right-wingers are twice as likely to understand that both parties are utterly corrupt than left-wingers are.

In addition, we should rejoice that there is a major insurgency happening in the Republican Party.

We should ask why there is not a corresponding one in the Democratic Party.

The last election: Kashama Sawant won a city wide election to the Seattle City Council against a long-time well-connected incumbent even though she is a declared Socialist.

The guy who was just elected mayor of New York isn’t a declared Socialist but he sure sounded like one in a speech I listened to. (Always remember though: Ignore what they say and watch what they do…)

Whatever he actually does, though, this was the rap that not only won him a major election but he won it with over 74% of the vote.

Perchance the pendulum is swinging back again?

It’s about time.


In response to Poppy Seed Street Lesson 4: Drugs R Us, a friend sent me a link to this essay.

I don’t often reprint other people’s stuff but even though this guy says a couple of things that I take issue with, this is some really good stuff.

There’s a link to the original at the end.

Check it out:

How to Make Trillions of Dollars

Before I get into it, I must say that I don’t recommend that you do this. I’m sharing this strategy for information purposes only, so that you can understand the playing field you’re working with, and can make better personal choices for how you make and manage your money.

I do encourage you to become a millionaire, if that’s something that interests you. If it’s billions you’re after, I’m a bit suspicious but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Aspiring to trillions, though, is the domain of the wicked alone and we won’t be able to be friends any more.

The big money isn’t in creating products, it’s in creating customers. A single, lifelong customer who lives his life spending the way you want him to is worth six or seven figures. A single one. Creating millions of these is the only way to make trillions.

You can make millions by selling a great product to people who need it, but you make billions and trillions by conditioning an entire nation of people to react to every inconvenience, every whim, and every passing desire or fear by buying something.

It does take some capital to get it going. You won’t be able to manage it with 5-dollar-an-hour overseas virtual assistants, but like I said I’d prefer if you didn’t strive to be a trillionaire, because it’s not so good for the rest of us.

What it takes amounts to an engineered cultural shift. A small-time entrepreneur could never manage it, but if you’ve got some old money kicking around (and someone always does) then you’re in a position to influence or purchase broadcasters, politicians and trendsetting media figures, and you can sculpt a new normal pretty quickly.

After the Second World War, a few privileged Americans developed a brilliant formula for building an unimaginably huge economy:

[Our economy] demands that we make consumption our way of life, that we convert the buying and use of goods into rituals, that we seek our spiritual satisfactions, our ego satisfactions, in consumption. The measure of social status, of social acceptance, of prestige, is now to be found in our consumptive patterns […] We need things consumed, burned up, worn out, replaced, and discarded at an ever increasing pace. We need to have people eat, drink, dress, ride, live, with ever more complicated and, therefore, constantly more expensive consumption.

~American retail analyst Victor Lebow (hat tip to reader Anna for this)

This is very-high-level marketing, and it has formed most of the developed world around you.

Using the television as their primary tool, very-high-level marketers have managed to create a nation of people who typically:

 work almost all the time
 absorb several hours of advertising every night, in their own homes
 are tired and unhealthy and vaguely dissatisfied with their lives
 respond to boredom, dissatisfaction, or anxiety only by buying and consuming things
 have disposable income but can’t find a more fulfilling line of work without losing their health insurance
 create health problems for themselves, which can be treated with drugs they can “ask their doctor about”
 own far more items than they use, and believe they don’t have enough
 are easily distracted from the unhealthy state of their lives and their culture by breaking news and celebrity gossip
 perpetually convince themselves it is not the right time to make major lifestyle changes
 happily buy stuff that breaks within a year, and which nobody knows how to fix
 have learned, through the media’s culture of blame-mongering, that the key to solving public and private issues is to find the right people to hate

Not that it’s drastically different in the rest of the developed world. Trillionaires (or at least their employees) are working around the clock to pipe these habits into living rooms everywhere. Huge economy, huge population, global influence.

Healthy people — who know how to deal with disappointment, who have given up on the idea of magic bullets, who don’t watch TV indiscriminately, who are fulfilled by things that don’t cost money — are poor consumers, and so the very-high-level marketers have nurtured a culture which produces the exact opposite.

You are being encouraged, from virtually every angle, to become or remain unhealthy and unfulfilled, because then you will buy more. Not to make you paranoid, but that’s the primary purpose of the glowing rectangle in your living room — to encourage poor (but not quite failing) health, general complacency, and an unconscious reflex for parting with money.

This is not a rallying cry to go burn down your local Wal-Mart. The anti-capitalism schtick is for high school kids.

I’m not even telling you to throw your TV out the window. But that’s definitely a move with a very high ROI, if the thought interests you.

I don’t even recommend that you nurture hatred for The Man. In fact, it’s an understatement to say that that would be barking up the wrong tree. There’s nothing out there — no ideology, methodology, behavior, person or idea — that it is healthy to hate. The Man does what he does because he doesn’t know any better — he’s an addict himself, with poor life skills.

Your life skills can be made into superior ones, which will protect you from succumbing to destructive and self-destructive urges, such as (among many others) the urge to create a culture of ill health, fear and addiction just so you can enjoy exclusive sensations like wearing 10,000-dollar underwear, or trading companies like they’re baseball cards.

It is a sad Man indeed who cannot achieve a comfortable life without running hundreds of millions of people into the ground to make it easier to get at what’s in their wallets. He can’t really back out of it now anyway — he’s pot-committed, as they say.

So don’t hate The Man, it will only weaken and distract you from what you might accomplish if you don’t follow his cues. Hate has a terrifically poor ROI, at least as far as quality of life goes. If you’ve got some rage you feel needs “investing”, take up a racquet sport. Direct your rage away from any people and animals, and when your tantrum is over, turn your energy towards the cultivation of your life skills.

I’m not referring to situationally-specific life skills like changing tires, folding button-up shirts, or opening public washroom doors without touching the handle, though they are certainly useful.

Here I’m talking about the real fundamentals of being an empowered, self-directed human being.

Creativity. Curiosity. Resilience to distraction. Patience with others.

And to make these all possible: self-reliance — an unswerving willingness to take responsibility for your life, regardless of who had a hand in making it the way it is.

Cultivate these qualities in yourself and others, and when this way of life becomes more normal than getting one’s lifestyle cues from discount-store flyers and CNN, the surefire trillionaire strategy won’t work anymore. For anyone.

Even from a seemingly unempowered starting point — a budget apartment in some forgettable corner of a society that has been designed to make you sick and impotent — these traits will do more for you than any “Anti” stance you can think of. Hating the system is a favorite American pastime. It feels good, is difficult to stop once you start, and gets you precisely nowhere, not unlike eating Doritos.

This is not us against them, it’s us for us.

Though The Man is immature in many ways, he does have a lot of cash, and his strategies are going to be in your face everywhere.

He designed your lifestyle, from the years you toil at a job that has nothing to do with your passions, to the Ford advert you stare at while you’re peeing in a urinal at Applebee’s, to your DVD player that lasted only thirty days longer than its warranty, to the well-trafficked path between your microwave and your couch.

The trillionaire-making strategies you encounter are so insidious because of how normal they’ve become. You’ll find them creeping into your life not only explicitly, in magazines and commercials, but implicitly, in the way other people around you — even people you love — expect you to live.

You will have to be unusual. I hope you already are.



So if you’re not too busy trying to make a trillion dollars…

…it’s time to get to work, Kids!

The Thunderbolt Calendar
November 14th thru November 21st, 2013


1) FYI Section:

1A) Update on West Central Park

Hello West Central Park Followers!

We are chugging on along with our permanent plantscaping at the northwest corner of the park. With the help we get every from you guys every Sunday we have moved about 20 yards of organic soil, and planted close to 100 plants! And we are really starting to make a difference to our community, as many kind words and respects are paid to park volunteers over the past weeks.

Join us this coming Sunday, from 10-1, as we will be preparing another twenty yards of planting beds for new and permanent plants for the park. It is our goal to plant the whole stretch along south Division completely by the end of the year. We will mostly be turning sod and moving wheelbarrows of soil this Sunday and could really use your help. Grab your gloves, and come on down to West Central Park this Sunday and really help make a difference in our community!


1B) Update on Coal Terminal Hearings

We have a few more days to send letters, e-mails or phone calls about the proposal to export coal from Longview.
Let’s show the decision makers and the world that our momentum is strong and growing after our several recent efforts in various cities.

See information below, including a template for sending your own e-mail, and relevant addresses.

And please also spread the word on Facebook.

From: Joelle Robinson, Power Past Coal
Subject: Together, we can do this

The public comment period is open until Nov. 18 on the proposed coal export facility in Longview, WA. This is our official public opportunity to say NO to this coal export facility and to voice our concerns about specific impacts. Please make your voice heard and comment today.

If approved, the Millennium Bulk Terminals proposal in Longview, WA would be the largest permitted coal export terminal in the United States with plans to export 44 million tons of coal annually. Right now, the three agencies involved in issuing permits are trying to decide which impacts to take into account in their decision making process.

In addition to saying NO, this is your opportunity to provide input on what impacts you believe should be considered. There are a myriad of potential impacts from increased train and shipping traffic, to our fragile eco-system, to our air quality and water quality, to global warming and more. What’s important is that you voice your concerns.

Because you stepped up in a powerful way there were over 124,000 comments submitted last fall concerning the coal export proposal just north of Bellingham. And thousands of you attended in person! Your diligence paid off, and the agencies listened. This proposal is just as disastrous as the previous one you commented on. Please comment today, and say NO to coal export!

Let’s make it clear that we don’t want coal in Northwest or Southwest Washington. We don’t want it in Oregon. We don’t want it. Period.

In addition to the noise, traffic congestion and air quality degradation, we’d get a new identity as one of t he world’s largest exporters of climate-disrupting dirty coal.

This is not us. We’re pioneering the clean energy revolution – building a stronger regional economy and developing clean energy solutions that work for the long haul. Let’s stand up against these dirty plans and demand a better, cleaner future for our children and our communities.

For more information about the proposals, go here.

Thank you for your vital part in this movement!


1C) Update on Backbone Campaign’s Attempts to Flush the TPP

Pull The Democracy Dismantling TPP Out Of The Shadows & Into Public Scrutiny

If you care about democracy, environment, or laws that protect the public’s health and safety, than help us Flush The TPP!

With more than 10 cities participating and key negotiators of the secret Corporate Coup about to meet in Salt Lake City, Utah, join friends in Seattle or your city to mobilize impressive night time visibility tactics.

Links to contact info, locations, and times are below. As well as the latest information on the TPP. You can check out this short TPP primer care of collaborators Luminous Intervention and Greenpants and read today’s Huffington Post Blog on today’s actions.

Rise up to stop the global corporate coup and FLUSH the TPP! The Trans-Pacific Partnership is the latest and largest proposed free trade agreement and it’s being negotiated behind closed doors. Its transnational corporate architects have the U.S. Trade Rep. requesting Fast Track authority to get it passed without real Congressional or public oversight. It’s a disaster for human rights, worker rights, the environment, and democracy.

We can stop the TPP by stopping Fast Track! Let’s pull the TPP out of the shadows and into public scrutiny. This is part of a coordinated day of action with day and night visibility actions taking place in Dallas, Detroit, Chicago, Portland, San Diego, Baltimore, Spokane, Olympia, Bellingham, Seattle, and more!

Help amplify the message by tweeting the media and twitterstorming your representative! #VoteNoFastTrack @FLUSHtheTPP

@backboneprog Get your Congressional representatives Twitter handles and find out their stance at (and select your state in the drop down menu titled “TPP”).

Public Visibility Actions in Participating Cities

• Seattle, WA: Facebook Event HERE call 805-776-3882 for any questions.
• Dallas/Fortworth/Lewisville, Texas: Facebook Event HERE
• Sand Diego, CA: Facebook Event HERE
• Chicago, IL: Facebook Event HERE
• Detroit, MI: Facebook Event HERE
• Spokane, WA: Contact ziggy @ 509-879-3988 or message or SpokaneCoalitionBuilders
• Bellingham, WA: Occupy Bellingham Website
• Olympia, WA: Facebook Event HERE or email Rod Tharp
• Portland, OR: Facebook Event HERE

o To RSVP contact: Elizabeth Swager
o Contact for day of action: Rogue Robertson 541-324-7474 cell


1D) Update on Cannabis

Legal Cannabis Week #49
Editor: Ben Livingston, Center for Legal Cannabis

• State senator plans medical cannabis bill
• Zoning map updates
• Upcoming events
• Week in review
• Worth repeating

State senator plans medical cannabis bill

The state workgroup that recommended effectively scrapping our 1998 medical marijuana initiative holds a hearing next Wednesday, and patients across the state are preparing to descend upon Lacey, Washington to demand the government let them alone and leave their pot plants be.

I’m hoping for good theater, at least, but beyond that, I hope for effective advocacy and a show of positive force. Previously I’ve said I don’t think this hearing will really matter, that it is a charade and a tactic to diffuse angry potheads, and that the real fight is in the legislature, where blame-shifting, opportunist lawmakers will attack our flank under the guise of cannabis consensus—hey, this isn’t just us, this is the general opinion.

I’m a bit salty, of course, so I still say most of that, but I’ve been convinced that the cannabis community’s response to this hearing can change the final legislative recommendations. I sat down with Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles this week, and pessimistically asked her if she thought this hearing could have any effect, if this was really the place where concerned citizens could affect a potential medical pot routing in 2014.

“This is the only place for this,” she told me, referring to the workgroup recommendations, undeterred by my naysaying ways. Furthermore, she said, these are draft recommendations, and they can be changed. Translation: stop being so effing pessimistic and tell people to go to the meeting with positive intent and not just to shit on everything.

So that’s what I’m doing, briney as my spit may be. You—yes, you!—can change these recommendations through your will and your word and your action. Just remember that intent is half the battle. (Which is why I do most things twice, I like to say.)

State Medical Marijuana Hearing
WED NOV 13 @6PM | Worthington Center, St. Martin’s University

Additionally, Senator Kohl-Welles has been proactively reaching out to members of the medical cannabis community for input on a bill she intends to introduce to protect the core components of our medical marijuana law. She is clear that we must defend home growing rights and the affirmative defense for prosecuted patients.

A number of people have asked me where I think they should invest their limited energy, and I usually feel fairly skimpy on my response, which basically boils down to call the legislative hotline—800-462-6000 by the way, try it sometime! But now I think medical cannabis advocates could actually realize and coalesce their inherent political power and further cement critical elements of our fifteen-year-old medical pot law—assuming they can overcome or withstand the fractious in-fighting manufactured between the various medical pot factions.

Senator Plans Bill to Save Medical Pot
NOV 6 | The Stranger

The Washington State chapter of Americans for Safe Access held medical cannabis stakeholder meetings across the state two weeks ago in response to the crazy cannabis recommendations, including one in Seattle that was attended by Liquor Control Board member Ruthann Kurose. The organization collected and summarized patient feedback, and today submitted recommendations to the state workgroup.

WA Holds Hearing on Plan to Gut Medical Pot Law, Group Submits Patient Feedback
NOV 8 | Smell the Truth

Oh! If you need a mnemonic device for the legislative hotline—800-562-6000—I just realized it spells 800-LOAN-000. “Toll free, loan nothing” is how you call your state legislator. Now you know. See you at the Wednesday show!

Zoning map updates

I’m mostly slacking on map work this week, but made the following moratorium updates to Map Legal Cannabis:

• Anacortes moratorium added
• Camas moratorium added
• DuPont moratorium added
• Ellensburg moratorium added
• Marysville moratorium added
• University Place moratorium added

Upcoming events

Remember to verify meeting dates. Add this free data to your Google calendar, link directly to the ICAL, XML, or HTML formats, or get embed code for your own web site. Get in touch if you want permission to add calendar events, or just email individual events to

Snohomish County Cannabis Zoning Hearing
WED NOV 13 @10:30AM | Snohomish County Admin Building East

State Medical Marijuana Hearing
WED NOV 13 @6PM | Worthington Center, St. Martin’s University

CCSE Open Meeting
THU NOV 14 @NOON | Northwest Patient Resource Center

CWU Panel: The Impact of I-502
THU NOV 21 @5:30PM | McCaw Hall, Seattle Center

Legislative Hearing on I-502 Implementation
FRI NOV 22 @1:30PM | O’Brien Building, Capital Campus

King County Cannabis Zoning Hearing
MON DEC 2 @1:30PM | King County Courthouse

I-502 Anniversary Celebration
FRI DEC 6 @4:20PM | Next 50 Plaza, Seattle Center

WSLCB Hearing: Pot Ban in Bars and Clubs
WED DEC 11 @10AM | WSCLB Headquarters

2) Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta, Author of Refusing to be Enemies
Saturday November 16th at 7 PM @ Orca Books, 509 E 4th Ave

Ms. Kaufman-Lacusta will be speaking to Palestinian and Israeli Nonviolent Resistance to the Israeli Occupation.

From the organizers:

Orca Books is proud to welcome Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta to the store on this November afternoon for a discussion of her book Refusing to Be Enemies: Palestinian and Israeli Nonviolent Resistance to the Israeli Occupation.

Refusing to be Enemies – now in paperback – presents the voices of more than 100 practitioners and theorists of nonviolence, with the vast majority being either Palestinian or Israeli. They reflect on their own involvement in nonviolent resistance and speak about the nonviolent strategies and tactics employed by Palestinian and Israeli organizations, both separately and in joint initiatives. The book considers the obstacles encountered by nonviolent organizations and includes examples of effective nonviolent campaigns. Additionally, it explores ways in which a more effective nonviolent movement may be built. In their own words, activists share their hopes and visions for the future and discuss the internal and external changes needed for their organizations – and the nonviolent movement as a whole – to successfully pursue their goal of a just peace in the region. A Foreword on the definition and nature of nonviolence is written by Canadian author Ursula Franklin. Additionally, the book is rounded out by analytic essays by activists Ghassan Andoni (Palestinian), Jeff Halper (Israeli), Jonathan Kuttab (a Palestinian activist lawyer with international experience) and Starhawk (an “international” of Jewish background).

3) Trial Date for Homeless 6
Monday November 18th at 9 AM @ Thurston County Courthouse, 2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW, Bldg 3

This is a tentative trial date for the folks who were arrested for sheltering homeless people.

From Alex:

Remember back in March when 7 of us were arrested for refusing to vacate an emergency cold-weather shelter for the homeless?

We need your help!

The State offered to reduce the criminal charges to an infraction, but then smelled blood in the water and retracted the offer when we went to take it. They are now moving to convict us all on criminal charges.

Tim and Shane, two young men who exited the foster care system into homelessness last year, had nowhere else to go that night. When they refused to leave the safety of the shelter and walk out into the pouring rain, they were charged with Criminal Trespass II. Tim and Shane missed the trial confirmation hearing and, as a result, now have warrants out for their arrest. They may end up spending a considerable amount of time in jail for being homeless.

Here’s how you can help:

Please contact the district prosecutors and urge them to drop the charges or at least make good on their offer of an infraction. Tim and Shane are at-risk youth who were only trying to stay dry that night, and had no other safe/legal option available. The prosecutors have full discretion over whether or not to continue pressing charges. These young men have suffered enough already.

The district prosecutors are:

Chad McClellan and
Cassandra Jones

Thank you.

From Rod:

The trial is set for Nov 18 at 9:00 at District court Bldg 3. There is a chance it could be postponed but we probably won’t know until that day

People can keep up on latest news at:

4) National Immigrant Youth Alliance Speak
Monday November 18th at 12 PM @ The Evergreen State College Longhouse

This should be good.

From the organizers:

National Immigrant Youth Alliance Speak!
Monday, November 18, 2013 at Noon
The Evergreen State College
Longhouse Room 1007a

NIYA members Claudia Muñoz and Luis Leon will be speaking about their work for immigrant rights and the use of direct action by undocumented immigrants.

Claudia participated in the NIYA infiltration of Calhoun County Jail, where roughly 150 immigrants are housed. During the 19 days she was detained, Claudia found many issues, including lack of medical attention for detainees and intimidation tactics used by ICE and jail officers to get detainees to sign Voluntary Departure.

In July 2013, Luis became part of the Dream 9. This group of undocumented youths, who had been deported because of their immigration status, attempted to cross the US border demanding to be let in on humanitarian grounds. Along with the rest of the Dream 9, he was detained and spent 15 days in Eloy Detention Center.

Presented by: Movimiento Estudiantil Xican@ de Aztlan (MEXA) de Evergreen, CCBLA, EPIC and Alternatives to Capitalist Globalization program

5) Cannabis Patients United Two Lobby Days at the Capitol
Thursday November 21st at XXX @ Washington State Capitol

Now that pot is legal they are trying to screw the medical people. Come help them keep their hard-won rights.

From the organizers:

Help to save medical cannabis from total state control.
The LCB has drafted proposed rules that would
1. Remove a patients rights to grow their own medication
2. Abolish collective gardens
3.Create a registry
4.Not allow any new conditions to be added to the qualifying conditions
5. Redefine what conditions do qualify
Bring your lobby signs & lets show strength in numbers & fight for what we want

6) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Stop giving your money to alien invaders.




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