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1B) Sue Gunn for Port Commissioner Signing
2) Help PiPE Haunt the Corn Maze
3) National Food Day
4) Meeting for Port Action against Ship Carrying Fracking Material
5) Christening Party for the Cascadia Bus
6) An Abundance of Food and Language (West Side Arts Walk!)
7) Beginners Workshop to Natural Beekeeping
8) Cascadia Freedom Caravan to Tear Down the Walls National Gathering
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Hey Kids!

Faith is absolute. Facts are not. I far prefer facts even though they are not absolute — or even because they are not absolute. (I am convinced that the absolute is beyond human comprehension anyway.)

Facts are more ‘probability factors’.

For instance: Even though I live in western Washington and couldn’t see the sunrise this morning, I accept as a fact that it happened based upon the evidence. Perhaps the sun didn’t rise this morning and the evidence led me to an incorrect conclusion ¬— but I don’t think so.

So — with those non-absolute factual caveats firmly established, the Thunderbolt now brings you:

Significant Facts!!!

Fact: The problematic persons who oppress us and who are burning our world are very few in number. We vastly outnumber them.

Fact: A few hundred-thousand people cannot tell 7-billion people what to do unless a significant portion of those 7-billion people go along with the deal.

Fact: Our oppressors are well aware of the aforementioned facts. As a result of those facts, our oppressors spend a great deal of their energy and resources convincing us that we can’t do without them.

Theory: We could do just fine without them. I suspect we could do much better running our world than they do, in fact.

Fact: They can’t do without us. We do the actual work that actually creates all the wealth that finances their empires and we are the ones that fill the ranks of their armies.

Without us, their empires would be meaningless empty shells.

I say again: Who are the important people in these equations?

I say again: We need to come up with a humane method of identifying and neutralizing sociopaths.


One caveat to the aforementioned need: There is evidently some work recently published (I haven’t checked it out yet) positing that sociopaths actually perform necessary and vital tasks within our society. Actually, I can imagine that; there are tasks that would be more easily accomplished if one is not ‘burdened’ by a conscience. Sociopaths are definitely human — albeit they are missing what some might consider a vital component to that designation — but I wouldn’t want to oppress a minority, especially if they are capable of valuable work that those of us who do operate with consciences and ethics have difficulty performing. As long as they aren’t mass-murdering women and children for profit and as long as everyone else understands that they are sociopaths and as long as everyone else understands what that means, then sociopaths should have all the basic human rights that their humanness or near- humanness would confer.

They just need to be prevented from hurting people for profit and from continually oppressing the rest of us by such incredibly foul means.


And now — contain your excitement, Kids! It’s time for…

[fanfares, drum rolls, etc.]

Poppy Seed Street Lesson 4: Drugs R Us!

[sounds of children playing to the sound of the Poppy Seed Street theme song and then the Poppy Seed Street schoolmaster begins…]


[however, the children ignore the schoolmaster and continue playing — until their play is interrupted by the sounds of several gunshots followed by dead silence…]

Now you see kids, more children had to die because they chose to disrespect my authority! I do hope we won’t need many more such lessons lest I start running out of children to teach!

[Tee hee hee!]

And so, to you survivors, greetings! Welcome to my neighborhood!

For Poppy Seed Street Lesson Four I am going to reveal some of the tactical genius displayed by some of the great heroes and role models of modern imperialism by focusing upon one aspect of the battle, i.e. our War on the Poor!

Now, children, you should note that for purposes of public relations we have labeled the ‘War on the Poor’ as the ‘War on Drugs’. However, the ‘War on Drugs’ could also be called the ‘War on Blacks’ since it has been highly successful at keeping the darkies well under hand let me tell you yes sirree bob! First we had slavery, then we had Jim Crow, and now we have the War on Drugs! It is even much better than Jim Crow was! Even though Blacks only constitute 14% of the population that use and sell drugs, they now represent well over 50% of the people in prison for it! We, in fact, now have more dark-hued people under the thumb of our criminal justice Machine than were under the thumb of the slave-masters during slavery!

In addition, the ‘War on Drugs’ has been going strong for over thirty years now yet there are more drugs than ever and all of the drugs are cheaper than ever! Thus, our ‘War on Drugs’ has been a complete and utter failure at its stated purpose of reducing drug use — but that wasn’t the point anyway, right children? Can anyone tell me the real reason for the ‘War on Drugs’?

Why yes yet again, Sarah! Boys, I am amazed that you continue to allow a mere girl to keep showing all of you up like this!

So as Sarah so brilliantly deducted, the ‘War on Drugs’ has been a spectacular success at creating the most astronomical financial windfall for criminals in all human history!

[Fanfares, sounds of joyous celebration]

Do you remember Exxon/Mobil so proudly boasting last year of the largest reported profit in human history? What was it, in the neighborhood $40 billion or so if I remember correctly?
Hah! We can laugh in condescending derision at a mere $40 billion! That is chicken feed! That is pocket change! We recently received $600 billion from the taxpayers and almost $15 trillion from the Federal Reserve literally for nothing! First there was nothing — then there was $15 trillion! This is like cosmic alchemy! Who needs Midas? Exxon/Mobil is a mom and pop country store! We own Exxon/Mobil! We own everything! In addition to already owning almost everything on the planet that there is to own, we also now own their homes and their pension funds and their life savings and their jobs! We own Joe Mama’s ass!

But believe it or not, even the proceeds from these over-the-top dominatrix style business tactics represent only a portion of our portfolio and profit!

Yes, I’m here to tell you most truest and positive-itively that the truly big bucks are in drugs kids!

Now, we can count upon our paid Conspiracy Theory Debunkers to unsheathe their knives in joyous expectation at any accusation that we, the modern gods of financial wizardry, are dealing drugs!

And we most certainly are not! Other than the odd board member here and there, we are far too high on the economic food-chain to dirty our soft white hands indulging in anything as sordid and as low as dealing drugs! The very idea is ridiculous on its face!

No children, here is the foundational secret of the War on Drugs: We launder the drug money!

That is the Big Secret. That is where the truly big bucks are. That is the vital underbelly of the entire system of the worldwide drug trade.

That is the most important and least talked about part of the equation.

That is the elephant in the room that no established reporter who values their career or their life will touch.

As mentioned, I am talking lots of money. I am talking vast sums of unaccount¬able cash. Scads of money! Tons of money! Huge mountainous stacks of $100 bills! Enough money to buy all of the cops, judges, politicians, and even entire countries that you may need! I am talking small mountains of $100 bills filling multiple rooms!

The Bureau of Statistics estimates that the illicit drug trade took somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.5 trillion last year. In addition, this is not just any $1.5 trillion but this is an untraceable unregulated and tax-free $1.5 trillion, which makes it worth much more than a mere normal on-the-books and taxable $1.5 trillion.

$1.5 trillion represents over 8% of all world trade. Drug trafficking represents 20% of the American economy and 60% of the Mexican economy.

Almost all of that $1.5 trillion eventually passes through our busy soft white hands — and invariably a percentage of that $1.5 trillion sticks to our sticky soft white hands.

To place these figures in perspec¬tive, $1.5 trillion is more than the GNP of all but a half-dozen of the planet’s weal¬thiest industrialized countries. Entire nations depend upon drugs as their major source of their income. When entire nations depend upon a highly profitable venture, legal or not, there will be no real efforts to curb it. By making drugs illegal the government instantly trans¬formed cheap and easy to manufacture drugs into an incredibly valuable commodity. Thanks to the ‘War on Drugs’ it now costs pennies to produce a product that sells for hundreds of dollars. In actual production costs it is more expensive to produce a gram of salt than it is to produce a gram of cocaine. Thanks to the ‘War on Drugs’ ‘illicit’ drugs have become by far the largest and most profitable enterprise in the world. The Earth’s inhabitants spend more money on drugs than they spend on food. They spend more on drugs than they spend on housing; more than they spend on clothing, education, medical care, or any other product or service — and when there is that kind of money to be made, there will always be people lining up to participate in the drug trade — and these people will naturally seek to increase their customer base! Since drug addicts are constantly dying and going to prison then the drug dealers saturate the schools to insure a steady supply of new users. Since drugs are so expensive due to their illegality drug addicts are forced to pillage and plunder in order to support their drug habits. This also assists us in the installation of police states. We have used drug money to completely corrupt large portions of the law enforce¬ment apparatus; we make all of the money we need selling drugs to buy all of the influence we need to assure that no one ever kills our source of income by decriminalizing drugs.

All of this is not due to the drugs themselves; drugs are actually a relatively minor problem when compared to many others; these problems are due to the war. Drug dealers shooting people is a result of the war, not of drugs. Drug users stealing and prostituting themselves in order to pay for artifi¬cially expensive drugs is a result of the war, not of drugs. The saturation of the schools with drugs is a result of the war, not of drugs. The diversion of tens of billions of dollars from the prose¬cution of violent street crime and fraud to the prosecution of hundreds of thousands of non-violent drug sellers and users is a result of the war, not of drugs. The exportation of tens of billions of American dollars to foreign countries each year is a result of the war, not of drugs. The spectacular increase in the income and influ¬ence of our allies over in organized crime is a result of the war, not of drugs. The fact that the ‘Land of the Free’ now has more people in its prisons — both proportionally and in total numbers — than any other country in the world is a result of the war, not of drugs. The fact that we are experiencing the mass-incarceration of Blacks is a result of the war, not of drugs.

Now, we insiders know from personal experience that treatment is a much more effective and a much more humane method of dealing with drug problems than incarceration is since that is always invariably what we do whenever our own children fall into the drug-trap. Treatment is much more effective than incarceration and at a fraction of the cost and, unlike incarceration, it does so without decimating millions of families. It is much cheaper to send people to college than it is to send them to prison. Every study ever done shows money spent on college returns somewhere in the 1,000% to 1,700% range while prisons are a financial black hole representing a very expensive way to make a problem much worse than it was originally.

Instead, a whole bunch of tax dollars are taken from Everyone Else in the World and given to us! Then we spend this mountain of money taking a very serious problem and making it exponentially worse than and many times as costly as it had been originally!

Then we laugh all the way to the bank!

In the War of Us vs. Everyone Else in the Whole World in general and in the ‘War on Drugs’ in particular, Everyone Else in the Whole World are falling like flies. Those at the bottom of the drug pyramid often spent their lives contributing to the Prison Industrial Complex whilst we at the top are awarded prestigious board seats on various Bankster-owned conglomerations of interwoven business enterprises.

One of many typical and illustrative anecdotes of this effect was provided by Roberto Hernandez: Roberto Hernandez was the owner of the second largest bank in Mexico. After he was exposed as a high-level drug dealer Mr. Hernandez was given a seat on the Board of Directors of Citicorp. Logically it would seem to make more sense to prosecute those at the top levels of the illicit drug busi¬ness rather than promot¬ing them to prestigious boardrooms, especially whilst simultaneously filling our prisons with the victims of Mr. Hernan¬dez’s activities. It would indeed make sense if actually destroying the drug trade were the true purpose of the ‘War on Drugs’. But it’s not; quite the contrary. Profits from the illicit drug trade are so astronomical and they have proven to be so tempting that as a result we have corrupted even those at the very highest and most respected echelons of international finance and government! Chase, the Bank of America, Citicorp, members of the Reagan administration, members of the Bush family — and the ubiquitous Goldman Sachs — have all participated in laundering drug money. Some nosy reporters even proved that the CIA has been participating in large-scale drug trafficking for over forty years now. Every ten or fifteen years the newspapers are briefly filled with lurid tales of CIA drug trafficking activities. Then the story goes away, no one ever does anything about it, no one ever goes to jail, and it simply continues. For several years major CIA drug shipments were funneled through Mena, Arkansas with Governor Bill Clinton’s full knowledge. Drug money was instrumental in Mr. Clinton’s successful presidential campaign.

All of this is documented. This information is easy to find. Thus, we must just assume everyone just doesn’t want to see this stuff.

Most of the drug money goes to murderous gangsters; the more murderous they are the more successful they tend to be. We make our bank, literally, by taking a very tiny little cut — but we take this small cut from all of it. Virtually every bloody little penny of that $1.5 trillion eventually passes through our hands on its mysterious and exotic journey through the tax havens and drug dens of the world. We have expertly utilized the enforcement arm of our operation [the government] and the propaganda arm of our operation [the press]. We began conducting the ‘War on Drugs’ in a manner that is highly profitable to us and highly unprofitable to Everyone Else in the Whole World. The ‘War on Drugs’ has caused a plethora of social problems that are exponentially worse by several magnitudes than the problems caused by drug abuse itself. Almost all of these costs are due to the fact that the drugs are illicit, not because they are drugs; and make no mistake: These costs are astronomical. Combine the costs to health, families, social services, prisons, cops, military, psychological, so on and so forth ad infinitum…

…and there is money to be made!

We are their worst nightmare, kids! We are the vampires! We are giant leeches! We are a monstrous mega-parasite getting fat by consuming our host!

Consider: Just after the election of 1988, 34% of Americans polled declared the budget deficit to be George H.W. Bush’s number one priority while 3% listed drugs. Almost immediately after assuming office Bush started barking about drugs and the media obediently began jumping up and down and barking in concert. After a massive media blitz in September of 1989, a new poll said that suddenly 43% of Americans now consi¬dered drugs to be the top priority, with the budget deficit running a distant second at 6%!

To quote Bush’s son and future president: “You can fool some of the people all the time — and those are the ones you want to concentrate on.”

Nothing had changed except for the public’s manipulated perceptions. As a result, govern¬ment intrusion into their personal lives was greatly expanded. Bills approved by Congress widened the application of the death penalty, limited appeals by prisoners, and allowed the police much wider latitude in obtaining evidence. As a result, Mr. Bush was now free to ignore the budget deficit. As a result, all of the social costs of the ‘War on Drugs’ began to manifest.

As a result, we experienced a virtual tsunami of money falling upon our blessed little heads!

Then came Clinton — and he was even better! He declared War on the Independent Marijuana Growers and got rid of the government’s competition! Under Clinton, federal arrests for marijuana exploded 10-fold whilst arrests for all other drugs remained more-or-less flat.

And, of course, the big bonus is that the ‘War on Drugs’ has become such an effective tool for our authoritarian lackeys in the government. We cried out in serious and dire tones: ‘The drug dealers are a threat to the country! Special laws are needed to deal with this dire threat. Yes, these laws are unconstitutional but we promise we will only use them on drug dealers! Cross our hearts!”

I suggest querying a Native American as to the worth of the word of the US government.

Virtually every federal prosecution these days is under these unconstitutional statutes because the bar for prosecution is set so low.

Thus, from our perspective, the ‘War on Drugs’ has been a rousing success!

And the general public just never seems to notice that the only people who actually benefit from the ‘War on Drugs’ are criminals and fascists!

All they would have to do is to decriminalize and regulate drugs. After all, if drugs are such a dangerous product why wouldn’t the government want to control and regulate them rather than leaving that responsibility to criminals who are accountable to no one and whose only incentive is to sell as many drugs as possible? Decrimi¬na¬lizing drugs would instantly put every drug dealer in the country out of business. They would no longer prowl the schools trying to get the kids hooked on drugs as there would no longer be any finan¬cial incen¬tive for them to do so. Decriminalizing drugs would free up tens of billions of dollars currently wasted in the futile and counter¬productive efforts to catch and jail drug users. This money could then be used much more effectively in educating their youth about the dangers of drugs and on programs to help those already addicted. Decriminalizing drugs would deal a serious financial blow not only to us but also to organized crime and to numerous terrorist organizations. Decri¬minalizing drugs would increase govern¬ment reve¬nue through taxa¬tion rather than generating astronomical outlays trying to enforce unen¬forceable laws. Regulating drugs would greatly decrease deaths due to overdose and from bad cuts. Regulating drugs would signifi¬cantly lower drug prices so that addicts would no longer be forced to commit crimes in order to support their habits. Decriminalization of drugs would free up hundreds of thousands of prose¬cutors, police, judges, jailers, probation/parole officers, and lawyers to find something useful to do with their lives.

And note: Homicide rates nosedived over 70% the year after Prohibition was repealed.

So, what would be the negative effects of decriminalization? Experiences in countries that have tried it show that there would be a slight increase in the number of people who use drugs. Bummer.

On the other hand all property and violent crime rates would plummet.

This seems the definition of a ‘no-brainer’.

The second negative effect, though, is much more serious: If drugs were decriminalized then what few tattered shreds of the world economy that are still viable would suffer much further damage, possibly fatal. Even besides the fact that about half of the monstrous criminal justice system would suddenly become superfluous there is the fact that even though they aren’t making anything on the ‘War on Drugs’ we certainly are — and if that cash cow suddenly stopped giving milk then you can bet we would be right back to take something else away from them because that is just what we do! We have intentionally arranged it so that you cannot just eliminate a $1.5 trillion industry without serious economic consequences. Thus, American drug policy has completely and intentionally avoided the core of the problem, i.e. the economic ties between the legal and illegal worlds — between criminals and the large financial corporations that handle and launder the drug money. In May, when ABN Amro Bank (now largely part of the Royal Bank of Scotland) was caught funneling drug money for the benefit of Iran, Libya and Sudan in violation of UN sanctions it was fined $500 million. This is pocket change to them. No one went to jail. Last December, Credit Suisse Group agreed to pay a $536 million fine for doing the same. Again, no one went to jail. In recent years Union Bank of California, American Express Bank International, Bank Atlantic and Wachovia have all been caught moving huge sums of drug money. No one went to jail. A lot of people funded a lot of death with those drug dollars. A lot of bankers made a lot of money with those drug dollars. When caught, the banks just admit to criminal conduct and pay the government a small cut from their profits. No one goes to jail. Ever. It is a busi¬ness expense and a relatively insignificant one at that.

Meanwhile, people in California are receiving life-sentences for stealing pizzas.

As with nearly every aspect of the ‘War on Drugs’ the astronomical profits are a result of the war, not of the drugs. The corruption created by these profits has become so pervasive and systematic that the entire system seems incapable of correcting itself. It has reached a level where if even a significant minourity of corrupt politicians were prosecuted for their criminal activity the government would cease to function. The scope of the problem is so enormous and the level of public ignorance and/or apathy is so great that no realistic solution presents itself — especially since the officials charged with prosecut¬ing the corruptions are themselves among the most corrupt.

Thus, their core problem is that there is no practical way to success¬fully battle those of us who maintain and profit from the ‘War on Drugs’. If they ever seriously tried to shut us down the entire world economy would collapse!

We have them by the short-hairs, kids — which is just where you want them in Capitalist World!

That’s it for Poppy Seed Street this week, kids, but don’t be sad! You can tune in next week when we will learn how to use secret proprietary software in voting machines to steal elections! Yippee!

Won’t you be my neighbor?

It’s time to get to work…

The Thunderbolt Calendar
10/24 — 10/31

1) FYI Section:

1A) Further Info on the TPP

I got this from Glen in response to my piece on the TPP:

Now you can watch the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s OCTOBER 2013 TV program on your computer as well as on TV:

Every month since February 1987 the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation has produced one-hour TV programs on issues related to peace, social justice, economics, the environment, and nonviolence. The Olympia FOR’s program airs several times every week for the entire month on Thurston Community Television (TCTV), channel 22 for cable TV subscribers in Thurston County, Washington. You can see TCTV’s schedule at

You can also watch our programs through your computer from anywhere!

You can watch the program described below (and more than 90 of our previous interview programs and special programs at the Olympia FOR’s website, Simply click the TV programs link to reach , scroll down, and click the program you want to watch. Dozens of our most recent TV program listings on our website also include a .pdf link to a description of the program. We will post the October 2013 program to our website soon.

“Dangers of Genetically Modified Food”

by Glen Anderson, producer and host of this TV series

In recent years more and more people have become concerned that giant corporations are doing things to the food we eat that are bad for our human health, bad for agricultural animals, and bad for the environment.

A few giant corporations are tampering with the genetic makeup of food crops such as corn and soy. They are splicing into these food crops some genes from totally different species to kill weeds or insects, or to make the plants grow faster.

The changed crops are referred to as “genetically modified” (GM) or “genetically engineered” (GE).
Scientists are increasingly warning us of the dangers of this. While some aspects of the science are detailed, ordinary people can easily understand the basic facts.

Our guest for this TV program is Sandra Lee, who has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. For several years she has been educating herself about genetically modified organisms. She is skilled at explaining the science clearly in ways that ordinary people can understand. Sandra provides some visual images to illustrate the facts she shares with us during this hour.

Our TV interview begins by debunking the common assumption that any food that the government allows to be sold must be safe. Actually, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not routinely determine whether food is safe. We are largely at the mercy of whatever the food corporations say.

More and more people who are concerned about runaway technology are urging governments and corporations to practice what scientists call the “Precautionary Principle.” The “Precautionary Principle” basically says, do no harm. When we consider doing something to the natural world, we stop and first find out what the consequences would be, and we should avoid doing things that would hurt animals, humans, or anything in the natural world. The Precautionary Principle says, don’t mess with the natural world in ways that cause unanticipated consequences.

Genetically modifying food is very different from breeding hybrid plants or animals, because hybridizing simply breeds compatible species. In sharp contrast, genetic modification takes DNA or genes from one kind of organism and splices them into totally different kinds of organisms. Examples include splicing DNA from bacteria into food crops, or DNA from fish into foods.

GMOs provide no benefits to humans – only for the business corporations that sell them.

The scientific method is a cautious set of principles and procedures. Companies producing GM foods behave much more recklessly and without a suitable feedback loop.

There has not been enough scientific experimentation to prove whether GM food is safe. But there is research showing that it is very risky and dangerous.

An excellent source of information about GM foods is a non-profit organization called the Institute for Responsible Technology started by Jeffrey Smith. They produced a book titled Genetic Roulette, which – among other things – exposes how the GM industry rigs its own scientific research to distort the results.

The career of Michael Taylor is an example of the “revolving door” where people from the private sector cycle through jobs in governmental agencies that are supposed to regulate the businesses that the people came from. By far the biggest developer and promoter of GM foods worldwide is the US corporation Monsanto. Michael Taylor was a Monsanto attorney and vice president. George Bush put him in charge of FDA policy. Recently President Obama appointed him the federal government’s “Food Safety Czar.” This is a severe case of “the fox watching the henhouse.”

In England, the United Kingdom, the scientist most knowledgeable about genetically modified food was Arpad Pusztai. His experiment showed that rats who ate genetically modified potatoes developed serious health problems in less than four months. He was prevented from speaking out, but Parliament wanted to hear him, so the gag order was lifted. He spoke to Parliament, and now most countries in Europe require labeling of GM foods. The companies that sold GM foods recognized that Europeans would not buy them, so they switched to GM-free for the European Union, but they still sell GM foods without labeling in the US.

A French study of feeding GM food to rats resulted in more than 50% offspring dying in three weeks.
Chromosomes and DNA are the blueprints for all living things. The GM process assumes that it’s OK to manipulate DNA as if they were Lego blocks and engineer DNA in various ways without risk. The reality is much more complex because of interactions within the cells of an organism. Many of the interactions are totally unpredictable when the DNA has been re-engineered, resulting in a great many mutations and unpredictable consequences – “collateral damage” in the plant.

A variety of proteins and enzymes that are absolutely crucial for the normal health of animals (including humans) are disrupted when we eat GM foods, because the proteins might end up with different shapes and be unable to interconnect and communicate with various parts of our bodies for normal health.

The vast majority of some common foods are genetically modified – especially corn, soy, cottonseed and canola. Also, many sugar beets have been genetically modified. The federal government recently allowed GM alfalfa and is considering allowing GM salmon to be raised in “fish farms,” but would likely escape and interbreed with wild salmon and further endanger them.

The federal government’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for protecting us from dangerous food and drugs. But in 1992 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said GM foods are basically the same as regular foods, so no testing is necessary. Actually, FDA’s own scientists had previously said that some important differences likely existed, and they said more testing was necessary. But in 1992 the FDA yielded to pressure from Monsanto and other corporations, overruled the FDA’s own scientists, and imposed the policy that ignores problems. That 1992 policy persists despite more than two decades of additional research elsewhere showing the dangers.

Monsanto makes the herbicide called “Roundup” and owns most of the patents for GM foods. Most GM foods are genetically engineered to be “Roundup ready” – able to grow when the herbicide Roundup is sprayed on them. The food crops drink up the “Roundup” and store it. When animals or humans eat GM foods, we absorb the “Roundup” into our bodies, where it persists and causes damage.

Weeds have evolved to become more resistant to herbicides, so over the years farmers – especially big-scale farmers – have been increasing the amounts of herbicides (such as Monsanto’s “Roundup”) that they spray on their fields to kill weeds. Farm lands have been inundated with these chemicals, and food crops now have large amounts of herbicide residues on them and inside their cells.

Instead of protecting the public health, the federal government has simply allowed more and more residue of herbicides to be on and in the food we buy and eat.

A huge amount of grain grown with Roundup is fed to livestock, including cows, pigs, chickens, and other animals that people eat. Roundup enters their bodies, and then it enters our own bodies.

Farm animals that have eaten grains grown with Roundup are experiencing failures to get pregnant and failures to bring fetuses to full term.

Farm animals – and human beings – have very complex digestive processes. We rely upon a huge number and variety of bacteria in our guts to digest food and send vital chemical signals to other parts of our bodies. GM foods very likely hurt the vital bacteria in our guts, causing a variety of health problems.
Many vegetarians have replaced meat with protein from soy. Also, soy is a product in a great many processed foods – often under technical names that ordinary consumers don’t recognize. More and more people nowadays are allergic to soy. The vast majority of soybean plants are genetically modified nowadays, so it’s quite likely that the recent increase in soy allergies has resulted from the genetic modification of our nation’s soy crop.

If people want to avoid eating genetically modified foods, they can look for a label saying, “Certified Non-GMO.” They can also use the list of safe foods in the shopping guide at

Washington State’s November 2013 ballot will include Initiative 522 (“The People’s Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act”). We do not advise people how to vote, but we do urge people to read all sides of the issue and make up their own minds.

A mutual friend of Sandra’s and Glen’s recently visited England and saw that the US food companies made food there without GMOs, and it cost the same as here, not more as the anti-labeling lobby claims.
In recent years, more and more people have become concerned – and better informed – about genetically modified foods.

People can get more information about genetically modified foods from these sources:
• Institute for Responsible Technology Read information and watch videos at that website.
• Jeffrey Smith’s videos and writings, including his book Genetic Roulette. Look for their label.

Foods that have had their genes modified or engineered provide huge profits to a few giant business corporations.

They do not provide any benefits to humans, but they do cause huge risks and dangers to our health and to the environment worldwide.

In order for the “free market” to work, consumers need accurate information so they can make informed choices. Labels on food products already provide information about nutrition. Labels could also inform us about whether products contain genetically modified ingredients.

This program will air on TCTV channel 22 for cable subscribers in Thurston County throughout October 2013:

— Every MONDAY at 1:30 pm
— Every WEDNESDAY at 5:00 pm
— Every THURSDAY at 9:00 pm

Here are some of the best organizations opposing the TPP. The guest I interview for our TV program is Kristen Beifus, a knowledgeable young woman from the first group listed here.

Washington Fair Trade Coalition
(206) 227-3079

Global Trade Watch

Citizens Trade Campaign

Flush the TPP


1B) Sue Gunn for Port Commissioner Signing

This from Mike:

If anyone is trying to find Marylea or Mike for the next couple of weeks, we will be at Plum and Union on Monday,Wednesday and Fridays for about an hour. We have four Sue Gunn for Port Commissioner signs with us and would love to have company. I think that is our schedule for this week and next week, then 2013 campaign season comes to an abrupt and hopefully, joyous conclusion.


2) Help PiPE Haunt the Corn Maze
Thursday October 24th at 6 PM @ Rutledge Corn Maze, 302 93rd Ave SE, Tumwater

Have scary fun with PiPE!

This from PiPE:

PiPE is seeking volunteers to help us Haunt the Rutledge Corn Maze! We need 18 COMMITTED volunteer actors (at least 14 years of age) to scare the bajesus out of Corn Maze visitors. All volunteers must attend the haunting orientation (date and time to be determined). This year’s theme is a Seahawk’s Corn Maze. Plan your costume to be related to living/dead athlets. You must be able to provide your own costume. This is a FUNdraiser to benefit


To sign up, e-mail

3) National Food Day
Thursday October 24th All Day in Restaurants All Over Town

Eat at a restaurant that sells local food. Look for the “Local Eats” sticker.

Participating restaurants:

All Fed Up
Old School Pizza
Aqua Via
Dino’s Sandich Ship
Bagel Brothers
The Bread Paddler
Nineveh and Tamale Fusion
Many more

4) Meeting for Port Action against Ship Carrying Fracking Material
Thursday October 24th at 6 PM @ Percival Landing, Water and 4th Ave, Downtown Olympia

The Port of Olympia is contributing to fracking. People are organizing.

This from them:

News: More proppants have arrived to support the industry of hydraulic fracturing of Bakken Oil Shale. Ship in Port. This ship will be there until Friday. Meeting to discuss our options tomorrow, Thursday at 6pm at Percival landing, than we will move to another spot. Let’s look at this as a practice run. How quickly can we mobilize? What are potential tactics? See you there.

The port wants to build a new warehouse to increase their capacity to handle the ceramic proppants that they have been importing. The proppants are an aluma-silicate bb type bead material used to prop open fissures created by hydraulic fracturing. These ones are specifically used in North Dakota, where the wells are extremely deep and pressures are high, because they are very durable and won’t be crushed by the pressure.

I think we can argue that the SEPA must include all environmental impacts, not just ones specific to the warehouse site. But also in terms of the rail traffic, as well as environmental impacts from fracking/ fossil fuel extraction / consumption / emission.

Comments can be submitted by email to:
Alexandra K. Smith
Port of Olympia
915 Washington Street NE
Olympia, WA 98501


5) Christening Party for the Cascadia Bus
Friday October 25th at 5:30 PM @ Casa de Nada, 1325 10th Ave SE

It’s the new activist bus! Come help break it in for the coming trip to Tucson for the Tear Down the Walls National Gathering.

From the organizers:

The Cascadia Bus’ maiden voyage to Tucson is on Tuesday and we’re having a party at Casa De Nada to wish safe journey! Friends and supporters warmly welcomed! If you’re on the bus this is your chance to meet by a bon fire to break bread and drink wine! We’ll be christening the bus, there will be an opportunity to cast your well-wishes into the fire and a cleansing of spirits!

6) An Abundance of Food and Language (West Side Arts Walk!)
Saturday October 26th from 6 to 8 PM @ 2506 Conger Ct NW

Poetry and food! Great combo!

From the organizers:

Revel in the arts of food and language when you come to the first ever FALL FEAST, POETRY PERFORMANCE & OPEN MIC AT I.A FOR THE WEST SIDE ARTS WALK!

Spoken word artist and self-proclaimed chef Nora Mahto Knutson will be performing and hosting the open mic.

A variety of squash soups will be served to all, and you are encouraged to come with bread or a side dish to share. Homemade chai tea and baked goodies (What!) will also be served for at will donations.

Feast with us from 6-7pm.
Performance will start at 7pm.

*Send Nora Mahto Knutson a message if you would like to be in the lineup! Otherwise the open mic sign up sheet will be out until the show starts.*


7) Beginners Workshop to Natural Beekeeping
Monday October 28th from 8:30 to 10 PM @ the Evergreen State College, SEM 2 C1105

Help kick the corporate food habit — raise bees!

This from the organizers:

Come join us Monday evening, presenter Ernie Schmidt from Thurston County Beekeepers Association will be covering basic information on the first steps to becoming a beekeeper! With the nation’s bee population dropping drastically, lets step up and take charge to better understand this tragedy and take charge in the name of cute friendly bees!

Please RSVP so we know how many people to expect, I want to bring cookies! 😀


8) Cascadia Freedom Caravan to Tear Down the Walls National Gathering
Caravan Leaves Tuesday October 29th

Come get on the bus.

This from the organizers:

You are invited to join the Alliance For Global Justice in Tucson for the Tear Down The Walls National Gathering to strategize and network together to build a more unified movement for transformational change in the US. Check out the video:

The Tear Down the Walls National Gathering is hoping that 50-100 people will make the journey fromCascadia at the beginning of the rainy season to sunny and warm Tucson, November 1-3. We’re setting up a travel fund for those who can’t afford it to make it accessible to those with the heart and the time. Also be sure to check out the Cascadia Bus which will be a cheap to free bus ride to the gathering! For more info contact or call 360-742-0864.

The Tear Down The Walls National Gathering! It’s being organized in sunny Tucson, AZ, November 1-3, the Alliance For Global Justice just received a small grant for travel subsidies.

I’m organizing a bus trip to this event from the NW. The Cascadia Freedom Caravan which will be an absolutely excellent experience. We are leaving October 29th and will be gone for 10 days. If you all can come, contact me, if not please share this with your networks.
Kind regards,
Bruce Wilkinson

More on Tear Down the Walls:

Cascadia is the idea that revolutionaries, alive today, will tear down the false political walls of state and national borderlines and unite a bio-region under a Blue Green Union Flag. That’s one of the many reasons why we are joining the pilgrimage of change agents and converging on Tucson, AZ, for the Tear Down the Walls National Gathering.

It’s a long road to peace through justice as many folks in Cascadia are well aware. We’re gonna get there someday but we’re definitely gonna get to Tucson by November 1st and we want those with the heart and the time to jump on board the bus for a journey you won’t soon forget. Finishing off November 3rd in Tucson is the All Souls Procession Weekend which at 20,000 people in the street, is their biggest community gathering mixing ancient tradition, culture and art in a visually stunning and enthralling procession and performance.

The Tear Down the Walls National Gathering is 3 days of workshops and trainings that is aimed at building cross movement alliances. It’s open for anyone to propose a workshop so we’re hoping folks in Cascadia will share their stories of organizing for liberty, equality and solidarity.

In 2010 the Cascadia Freedom Caravan was born to take folks to the US Social Forum in Detroit. Now it’s 2013 and it’s back for Tear Down the Walls. In 2014 we may be taking on travel to the NW People’s Movement Assemblies and in 2015 to another US Social Forum and beyond. It’s hard to predict the future but when we thread together the different paths of struggle along the blight of interstate highways by caravanning to share our stories, listen to the stories of our friends and weave together new forces for radical struggle.

Empires don’t fall, they’re torn down and it’s going to take a nonviolent revolutionary working class rainbow coalition of Latinos, Blacks, First Nations, Whites and all the wonderful rest led by women and youth to get it done.

9) Learn About 2014 Carbon Tax Initiative
Wednesday October 30th at 3 PM @ the Evergreen State College, SEM II – E1105
AND 7 PM @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW

Making jokes about the economy? Why didn’t I think of that?

Check it out:

Yoram Bauman, PhD.
The world’s first and only Stand-Up Economist of the 2014 carbon tax ballot measure effort proves that solving global warming can be hilarious!

A PhD in economics, Yoram Bauman uses humor to educate as he entertains.

Anyone who watches will laugh and learn.

Wednesday October 30th 2013
3:00 PM
The Evergreen State College
Seminar II – E1105
7:00 PM
Traditions Café
300 5th Avenue SW – Olympia

Both Shows are free & open to the public.

Laughs for no bucks!

discussion about climate policy with Yoram & Gar Lipow and a Q & A Session.

Learn about the 2014 Carbon Tax Initiative at

Sponsored by:
Olympia Movement for Justice & Peace
Olympia Fellowship of Reconcilliation Climate Crisis Group
Contact Info: Gar 943-1529

10) Standup Economist Yoram Bauman
Wednesday October 30th from 7 to 10 PM @ Traditions, 300 5th Ave SW

Stand up comedy about the economy? Why didn’t anyone think of that before?

From the organizers:

Standup Economist Yoram Bauman at Traditions
Date: Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Time: 7PM – 10PM
Location: Traditions Cafe
5th and Water Street
OlyWA, WAOly 98502

Standup Economist Yoram Bauman comes to Olympia. It’s free! It’s fun! You are invited? Be there! We will follow the performance with a short panel event with Yoram and author Gar Lipow, then a short question and answer session.

The underlying discussion is the need for economic and legislative solutions to global warming. Things like a carbon tax or a green jobs program.

Carbon WA is the website for the carbon tax ballot measure.

Sponsored by Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace and Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation – Climate Change Action Group.


11) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Expose a Drug Warrior today.




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