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Action Alert:

1) FYI Section:
1A) Plea from Dave’s PBJ Project
1B) Info on the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation
1C) Green Party Encourages Everyone to Call Denny Heck about the TPP
1D) The People’s House Project on Facecrack
2) By the Power of Good: Artswalk at Psychic Sister
3) Candidate Forums for County Auditor and Port Commissioner
4) Media Island Monthly Benefit Brunch with the Olympia Community School
5) Workshop: What is Clean Energy — How to Apply for Clean Energy Award Money
6) POWER Outage: Affordable Health Care Workshop
7) Death Penalty Information Fair
8) Cascadia Freedom Caravan; See the New Bus!
9) Learn About the Trans Pacific Partnership [TPP] Free Trade Deal
10) Bonus Tip of the Day

Hey Kids!

I was recently asked if I had to go to school for what I do.

Actually, I got thrown out of school for what I do.



I met a thoroughly delightful young lady named Hillary whilst tabling for KOWA on campus. Hillary is bottom-lining Wash Pirg this year, which is an activist organization at the Evergreen State College. As much as I wished to please her, she seemed somewhat disappointed in my lack of enthusiasm when informed that Wash Pirg was engaged in a voter registration drive.

I always vote, if for no other reason than people died for my right to do so. I will even concede that voting is very important in local elections, and in fact I plan on doing a piece soon on how much power and influence county governments have, yet they almost invariable work totally in the dark as hardly anyone pays serious attention to what they do.

However, on the national level — and to a lesser extent on the state level — voting has become a largely useless and pointless exercise as the process is completely dominated by the Republicans and the Democrats and there are no other realistic choices.

Also, it has been definitively proven that the voting machines in several key states are rigged, so that kind of throws the legitimacy of national elections onto the trash heap right from the get-go.

I still vote, though; I just never vote for Republicans and very very rarely for Democrats. Voting third party or writing in something like ‘none of the above’ throws a small monkey wrench into the cogs of their Machine, and if a lot of people would do that then it would send a powerful message if nothing else.

So yes, please register to vote!


My hero Matt Taibbi has done it again! Read Matt’s latest exposé on pure Wall Street Slime! Stand thrilled and amazed as you learn how Wall Street preys on the working class and the poor by looting their pension funds — and then how they subsequently charge the government to ‘rescue’ the people that they just destroyed!

These guys are geniuses, I tell you!

It’s time to get to work…

1) FYI Section:

1A) Plea from Dave’s PBJ Project

I am writing this as a last plea,
to help continue the PBJ project.
Today might have been the last day
we can provide this outreach.
We have reached “market saturation”
and everyone, friend, family and those
who know of us have donated. Some very
generously, multiple times.
We cannot expect so few to donate on a
continuing basis. People do have priorities,
and someone who is giving, has just so much.

Please tell anyone you can about the project.
Mention over 2,030 sandwiches provided.
If you know someone of means, please tell them.
You never know who might feel compassion until
you make them aware. It’s up to them then.

I’ll relate a story from this morning, while
I was doing my regular litter pick-up routine:
We have this character downtown, who is so
out of self control, as to be disgusting.
But, as I got ready to start, he comes by,
and proceeds to pick up some trash from the
gutter. Says “there ya go Tahoe” and puts it
in the can on his way through. My elation was
over the top. I could not believe what I saw.
He barely knew where he was. Just ultra stoned.
This same man, so out of control that he was
arrested 10 minutes later, honored my example.

I touched someone I considered hopeless.
This sandwich program was instrumental in that.
I will continue, as I have done so far.
And, I will be speaking to him more frequently.

We are making a difference. Albeit subtle.
Lost, banished and plain hungry are being served.
A quality sandwich, given freely, does has return.
There are still helpless, cold, hungry homeless.
We will persevere until there are not, regardless.

Imagine, being able to legally get out of the rain,
without having to spend money? Just sit down dry?
The homeless of Olympia no longer have that option.
We do not even provide for these poor human beings,
what you’re legally required to provide, for a dog.
That is not right. I will attempt to change it.

I am no-one. I have no influence over policy.
But I have a heart, and a voice.
The time comes soon, to use it proficiently with
those who make those atrocious decisions.
Dude Man will not have left us in vain.
Have compassion or suffer derision.
They will choose which is in their future.

Thanks for all of your kind giving so far.
Many hearts have been touched. It is good.

Links are below if you want to refer someone:


1B) Info on the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation

From Glen:

I’m nearly done compiling a CALENDAR of many dozens of events and activities (mostly in Olympia, the center of the universe, but some elsewhere) for OCTOBER and NOVEMBER to help us work for peace, social and economic justice, the environment, the climate, and other good things. This will be published in the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s OCT-NOV newsletter (which you may subscribe to if you want, for free) and also will be posted in early October on the CALENDAR page of our website,

Look for an e-mail containing those events this coming Monday September 30. If you are on Olympia FOR’s mailing list for the paper version of our newsletter, look for it soon after our October 1 mailing party. In early October you’ll see them posted on the CALENDAR page of


1C) Green Party Encourages Everyone to Call Denny Heck about the TPP

Hi Greens — It’s getting close to vote time on the TPP (short for Terrible Plutocratic Plan). Tom and I went to speak with Denny’s staffer, David Bremer, and Tom asked him what would be the most effective way to bring Denny over to our side (he is on the fence still). He said a lot of independent emails from his constituents would probably influence him the most.

Can you all please take a minute to email Denny about the TPP? Look at the notes below and pick out some issue that resonates with you, and then write a paragraph about it and shoot it off. Go to Denny’s website,, and click on “contact me” — follow instructions.

THANK YOU! We are effective in proportion to the actions we take. — Janet


1D) The People’s House Project on Facecrack

Many people — including me — regularly diss on Facebook. I don’t ‘hang out’ on Facebook and I almost never share ‘personal’ information and I fully understand that the Machine can read every word that I ever post anywhere on Facebook and that Facebook will be more than happy to share any of my information with any of Obama’s Nazis that might wish to enquire.

With those caveats, Facebook is the most wondrous tool for activist organizing of which I am aware. Non violent civil disobedience requires mass-numbers and there is no better way that I know of to alert large numbers of people of something happening.

The People’s House: A Program of Interfaith Works is the new low-barrier homeless shelter so that we can start providing all these mentally ill people who are currently living out in the rain accommodation that is much friendlier and much more cost-effective than keeping them in jails or leaving them to puke in alleys.

Go to this page if you want to follow the progress of The People’s House Project and if you think ‘liking’ things on Facebook does anything — and it actually does — then you should ‘like’ them too.

2) By the Power of Good: Artswalk at Psychic Sister
Friday October 4th from 5 to 10 PM @ Psychic Sister, 109 5th Ave SE

Its Artswalk with POWER!

This from POWER:

This night is dedicated to the POWER of Good! An art show featuring the work of artist/parents in our community.

Kim Murillo
Talcott Broadhead
Arrington de Dionyso
Sylvie Sovina
& China Star

A portion of the proceeds from this show benefit POWER (Parents Organizing for Welfare and Economic Rights). POWER is an organization of low-income parents and allies advocating for a strong social safety net while working toward a world where children and care giving are truly valued, and the devastation of poverty has been eradicated. They perform crucial work in our community including advocacy, outreach, policy change, and a welfare witness program. They have been facing severe funding cuts and are relying on our community support!

Learn more about POWER:

The event picture features Johnnie Tillmon, one of the pivotal leaders and activists with regard to welfare reform. A postcard of her image and her essay “Welfare is a Women’s Issue” will be available by donation at the event, as well as a chance to win the framed original collage in a raffle! All of the proceeds from this image benefit POWER!

3) Candidate Forums for County Auditor and Port Commissioner
Saturday October 5th at 7:30 PM @ the Olympia Center, 222 Columbia St NW

Sue Gunn is running for Port Commissioner.

This from TC Pro Net:

CANDIDATE FORUMS County Auditor and Port Commissioner
Date: Saturday, October 5, 2013
Time: 7:30PM
Location: Olympia Community Center
222 Columbia St. NW
Olympia, WA

The League of Women Voters of Thurston County will hold public candidate forums for the Thurston County Auditor and the Port of Olympia races.

The forums will be held at the Olympia Center in Room A of the multi-purpose room and will be filmed by TCTV.

The Auditor candidates’ forum will begin at 7:30 PM and the Port Commissioner forum will begin at 8:30 PM. League President, Allyson Brooks, will be the moderator.

There will be an opportunity for the candidates to answer questions submitted by the audience.
For any questions you may have about the forums, please email .

4) Media Island Monthly Benefit Brunch with the Olympia Community School
Sunday October 6th from 11 AM to 2 PM @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE

It’s Media Island’s monthly benefit brunch, this time teaming up with the Olympia Community School.

This from Media Island:

For October 2013, Media Island International is partnering with Olympia Community School to host our monthly benefit brunch in support of their awesome work!

Here’s their website for more information:

Olympia Community School’s mission is to provide quality elementary education that inspires, motivates, and challenges students. They empower children to reach their potential by nurturing their natural curiosity and desire to learn, their belief in themselves, and their ability to participate fully in their community with respect for self, others, and the earth.

Please join us for great food, camaraderie, and conversation. Please support Olympia Community School!

5) Workshop: What is Clean Energy — How to Apply for Clean Energy Award Money
Monday October 7th from 3 to 5 PM @ the Evergreen State College, SEM II, B 1105

Come learn all about clean energy!

This from the organizers:

The Evergreen Clean Energy Committee is hosting its first workshop of the 2013-2014 Academic Year:

“What is Clean Energy? Hands On Workshop:
How to Apply for Clean Energy Award Money”

Monday, October 7th || 3-5PM || SEM II B 1105


1 – History of CEC, Meet the 2013-2014 Board of Students, Staff & Faculty

2 – Break-out discussion on Clean Energy & Sustainability at Evergreen and in the PNW

3 – What ideas qualify for a CEC award?

4 – How to Apply! We will show you step by step.

5 – CEC supports Clean Energy Initiatives no matter how big or how small, Come to us with your questions, We will help you get connected with important folks on campus!


Clean Energy Committee @ The Evergreen State College

WHO WE ARE: A board of students, collaborating with staff and faculty. The Clean Energy Fund was initiated by Evergreen students in order to fuel progress in renewable energy on campus and in the PNW.

WHAT WE DO: Award money to students with creative clean energy ideas!

WHAT WE’VE FUNDED: The Evergreen Food Guide, Sustainable Aquaponics Food Production System, Student Activities Food Garden, TEDx at Evergreen, Permaculture Design Course, The Evergreen Orchard, RAD Aquaponics Greenhouse, Guest Speakers, Student Transit Bus Pass Program, Sustainability Tree Kiosk (CAB)

Ideas involving Clean Energy, Efficiency, Innovation, Resource Conservation, Carbon Reduction, Sustainability, Ecological Awareness Practices


LOCATION: Student Activities, Mondays 3-5pm (Except 1st Mondays)

AWARD HEARINGS: 1st Mondays, 3-5pm in SEM II B 1105

A LL A R E W E L C O M E !

A LL A R E W E L C O M E !

6) POWER Outage: Affordable Health Care Workshop
Monday October 7th, Potluck at 5:30 PM, Workshop at 6 PM @ Darby’s Café, 211 5th Ave

Come learn about the new health care law from POWER.

This from POWER:

Monday, October 7th
Affordable Health Care Workshop
How and where can I sign up for Obamacare?
What will it cost? What will I be eligible for?
Get your questions answered at POWER Outage!

POWER Outage begins with a potluck meal at 5:30 pm.
Bring something to share if you are able.

Discussions from 6 – 8 pm.
At Darby’s Café in downtown Olympia, 211 5th Ave.
The café is closed, but the owners kindly let us use the space.

Childcare will be provided down the street at POWER

Parents Organizing For Welfare and Economic Rights
309 5th Avenue SE, Olympia, WA 98501
360-352-9716 toll free 866-343-9716

Find us on Facebook.

POWER is an organization of low-income parents and allies advocating for a strong social safety net while working toward a world where children and care giving are truly valued and the devastation of poverty has been eradicated.

7) Death Penalty Information Fair
Monday October 7th from 5:30 to 7:30 @ Olympia Timberland Library, 313 8th Ave SE

Killing people is wrong and if you do it the state might kill you.

This from Olympia FOR:

“Information Fair” Helps the Public
Learn about the Death Penalty”
Monday October 7

Because so much of the general public admits not knowing much about the death penalty – or having mixed feelings about it – the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s Committee for Alternatives to the Death Penalty invites everyone to an “Information Fair” from 5:30 to 7:30 pm on Monday October 7 at the Olympia Timberland Library on 8th Ave SE, between Franklin and Adams Streets in downtown Olympia.

The organizers especially invite people who are undecided or conflicted about the death penalty and people who are totally new to the issue. The Information Fair will offer a variety of basic and advanced information and several activities, including some of the “games” that the organizers have developed and used at public events to help people engage with and learn about various aspects of the death penalty.

Several well informed local people will be available to answer the public’s questions on a one-to-one basis, including “dumb” questions that visitors might otherwise be shy about asking.

This event is sponsored by the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s Committee for Alternatives to the Death Penalty. For information contact Emily Hammargren (360) 352-0695 or Glen Anderson (360) 491-9093

A great amount and variety of information is posted at

8) Cascadia Freedom Caravan; See the New Bus!
Monday October 7th at 6 PM @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE

Join the caravan for the Tear Down the Walls National Gathering!

This from the organizers:

We’ve bought a bus and it’s a beauty! Want to help design the inside of the RAIN Revolutionary Bus? Want to go to Tucson on said bus? Either way come and see it and hear about the Tear Down the Walls National Gathering and our soon to be adventure. There will be pizza!

9) Learn About the Trans Pacific Partnership [TPP] Free Trade Deal
Tuesday October 8th from 6:30 to 8:30 PM @ United Church of Christ, 210 17th Ave SE

This is NAFTA on steroids. This is very bad for everyone but Wall Street.

From the organizers:

Learn About the TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP Free Trade Deal
Date: Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Time: 6:30PM – 8:30PM
Location: United Church of Christ Basement
210 17th Ave SE
Olympia, WA 98501

The TPP would include 12 countries that border the Pacific, making it the largest free trade deal ever considered by the U.S., and also probably the biggestcorporate power grab in history.

Not only would this trade deal threaten everything we fight for, but Obama wants to approve this plan himself — without the input of the American public or Congress.
So what would we expect to see under the TPP?
More fracking in the U.S. — We would see even more reckless fracking in the U.S. as companies plan to ship fracked oil and gas abroad to countries like Japan. The deal would also threaten the recent fracking bans and moratoria that we all have been working tirelessly to pass.
Sketchy food imports — Food imports would increase, much of them coming from countries with questionable food safety standards and with barely any inspection at the border.
No GE labeling — Companies that create genetically engineered foods are vehemently opposed to labeling their products, and this deal would give companies like Monsanto new legal channels to stop our efforts to label GE foods.

LEARN MORE from the Sierra Club and the WA Fair Trade Coalition about this disastrous “fast track” plan.

10) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Read Matt Taibbi.




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