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City of Peace:

1) FYI Section:
1A) Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation Action Calendar
1B) Update on West Central Park Project
1C) Plea from Dave’s PBJ Project
1D) Reminder: Mail In Voter Registration ENDS October 7th
1E) The Cusp: A South Sound Social Insurgency Center
2) Disorientation Week at Evergreen State College
3) Anti-Oppression & Solidarity: BDS and the Olympia Food CoOp
4) PiPE Fall Work Party
5) Move to Amend Barnstorming Tour with Ashley Sanders
6) 2013 Thurston Solar Tour
7) Imagine the Deschutes Estuary
8) (A) DANCE benefit PARTY (A)
9) Forum on the Sustainable Development Plan for the Thurston Region
10) First Fall Meeting of Evergreen Community Gardens
11) Bonus Tip of the Day

You Hypocrite!

Yes, Kids, I am referring to you!

Of course, I am also referring to myself!

In another example of delicious irony, it would be hypocritical for anyone to deny that they are a hypocrite because — with the possible exceptions of sociopaths who have no moral compass — depending upon how deep you wish to dig everyone is a hypocrite on some level and in some manner; there are just varying levels and various manners.

There are also conscious hypocrisies and unconscious hypocrisies. I am not conscious of my own unconscious hypocrisies. However, one of my conscious hypocrisies that I am aware of consists of the fact that I use American currency even though I know that by utilizing American currency then I am directly contributing to some of the vilest crimes in human history. I could theoretically stop using money — but if I consume anything at all that came through the American marketplace then I am contributing to the nastiness even if I obtain my sustenance through barter. In order to completely avoid hypocrisy in this area I would need to directly obtain my sustenance without going through the Machine, but all of my time would then be taken by basic survival and it would be a major pain in the ass as even if I wanted to go ‘back to the land’ the Machine has so damaged the natural environment that it has reached the point these days wherein becoming a hunter-gatherer or even a self-sustaining farmer could be problematic.

That is where ‘communities’ come in — and building communities is one of the most important of our revolutionary tasks and I plan to cover that very issue sometime soon in the Thunderbolt…

In order to do what I do, I use tools provided by the Machine since they have a monopoly upon such things. My Thunderbolts would be far less effective without my computer and without radio waves and without the Internet. Thus, I don’t like it but I compromise my principles on that issue because I feel that am working for a ‘greater good’ — and yes I know very well that the ‘greater good’ can become a slippery slope (some people think that employing child slaves serves the ‘greater good’, for instance) and I know that compromising upon principles requires constant vigilance and awareness lest you start jumping upon that slippery slope a little too easily…

If compromising principals doesn’t make you highly uncomfortable no matter what ‘greater good’ is being served — then you have a serious problem.

If I were to stick strictly to principals, then, I would reject anything to do with the American economy. I don’t do that, and I can live with that — even if somewhat uncomfortably. The question is not whether your life contains hypocrisies, the question is how pervasive they are and how deeply must you dig to find them and how easily you compromise them — and ultimately all of that depends upon the underlying character of the person in question.

Thus, while I am indeed being a hypocrite, I at least like to think that my heart is good.

And I do at least consciously address this particular hypocrisy.

Those Hypocrites!

There are two other men I can think of who I am sure are also fully aware of their own hypocrisies, though I can’t say if they consciously acknowledge them or not: Barack Obama and John Kerry, the two leading cheerleaders for bombing Syria, both came from backgrounds in grassroots organizing and protesting. Obama came up through the Chicago community activist networks and Kerry was part of the Winter Soldier project during the Vietnam War wherein a group of Vietnam veterans — and Kerry was a decorated war hero — held a conference to expose the systemic war crimes that were occurring in Vietnam.

John Kerry became famous for asking a Senate panel, “How can you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?”

His testimony was passionate and compelling; the guy was one of our most effective spokespeople at that time. Watch here:

Barack Obama and John Kerry do not have the excuse of ‘rich man’s blindness’ and neither is ignorant of the horrific results of American government policies; Obama knows the devastation that these policies wreak in the inner cities and Kerry knows of the devastation wreaked upon foreign fields.

These men are not of the brainwashed masses. Both men fully know the score.

Yet before the idea was shot down, Obama was pushing hard for an utterly useless and illegal war for the vilest of reasons and Kerry was acting as his bag man.

Now John Kerry has become the Obomber’s leading Warmonger Supreme.

These men do not have good hearts. These men serve the ‘greater bad’. Both men used our movement to make themselves famous and then both took advantage of that fame so that at the first opportunity they could sell us out to the Machine and sell our Movement down the river.

Rand Paul — a man of whom I am becoming more and more fond — recently asked John Kerry how he could ask a man to be the first man to die for a mistake.

Since this is a family newsletter — and if you harbour any doubts about that contention then please keep in mind that I even have an occasional special children’s segment called Poppy Seed Street — I will be diplomatic and simply suggest that both Obama and Kerry go engage in a sexual act with themselves that is physically impossible.

Manchurian Candidate?

Remember before the last presidential election when I conjectured the possibility that Obama was playing us all and that he was using his first term to set up an infrastructure from which he could begin kicking ass upon the Machine during his second term? I admitted this was very long odds and that I wasn’t going to hold my breath, and indeed; it seems on its face that this theory has turned out to be the complete opposite of the reality.

However, I have thought of another distant possibility to consider: What if the reason Obama is pushing the police state envelope so hard is to put into the face of America the fact that our country has become a police state and that they’d better do something about that? What if Edward Snowden is actually working for Obama and that Naomi Wolf was actually correct in her suspicion that Snowden is a government disinformation agent — or in this case a government information agent?

Obama is definitely smart enough to go that deeply — the question is whether he actually is. If so, the guy is providing an amazing example of walking a truly dangerous tightrope.

Again: I think this highly unlikely and I understand that it is based upon wishful thinking rather than any realistic assessment of the situation — but wouldn’t it be nice if Obama is actually on our side?


Obama Addendum

Hah! I wrote that bit about Obama a couple of days ago; yesterday Obama got up in front of the United Nations and came right out and told the rest of the world on no uncertain terms that yes, the United States is indeed not only going to continue looting everyone else’s natural resources but we will use the most powerful military in the world to kick the ass of anyone who tries to stop us. (If I may paraphrase a bit…)

Hmmm. If the aforementioned theory about Obama is accurate, maybe he’s putting America’s war crimes into the face of the rest of the world so they will understand what is happening — as if they didn’t already know.

Imperialists R Us!


And now, The Thunderbolt presents a meditation upon:


faith [fayth]


1. belief or trust: belief in, devotion to, or trust in somebody or something, especially without logical proof

I have riffed often about the problems associated with ‘faith’ in trying to fix our world; I have documented how the Machine likes to inculcate religious and political ‘beliefs’ and ‘faiths’ in order to advance its vile agenda.

For instance: The modern Christian Bible was compiled on the orders of a Roman emperor named Constantine. He did this to promote a very specific political agenda: Constantine wanted to combine the power of church and state into one institution — with himself at the head of both, of course. Thus, Constantine compiled the Christian Bible in order to consolidate his power.

Constantine’s empire began its collapse not too long after his death — but his religion is doing just fine and it still provides great assistance in its original purpose of consolidating power, albeit that it now also serves many masters other than Rome.

So: According to Encarta, ‘faith’ is an absolute assurance that something it true even without supporting evidence — and though Encarta doesn’t mention it, ‘faith’ is also often an absolute assurance that something is true even in the face of contradictory evidence.

I here admit: I have not one shred of understanding of how people live by ‘faith’. To me it seems illogical and senseless to the point of derangement. I have never had it. I nailed Christianity as being complete hogwash when I was still a small child attending Sunday school. After awhile I absolutely refused to go anymore. It made absolutely no sense to me even then. Since ‘faith’ and ‘beliefs’ seems to permeate nearly everyone living in every culture that is now or that has ever been, then I have absolutely no idea why I am not subject to them or why I have never had any inclination toward buying into any of the popular ‘faiths’ or ‘beliefs’.

Thus, I find this exasperating: ‘Faith’ is a very powerful force and I have no idea of how to counter it. What can anyone do about this?

Be that as it may, faith does often manifest in a positive manner. Throughout history some off the most powerful movements in social justice activism have been spearheaded by religious people and institutions.

However, more often their derangements are highly problematic and my complete failure to understand ‘faith’ and ‘belief’ means that I also have no idea of how to counter them when they become problematic. You cannot argue rationally with such people because rationality has nothing to do with it and because they become highly upset — sometimes violently so — whenever anyone challenges their ‘faith’ or ‘beliefs’. The more sound and reasonable your argument, the more upset they become. I am most happy to allow people to believe any happy horse-shite that they may wish to cling to as long as they don’t become a problem about it — but they often do become a problem, and sometimes they become a downright serious problem. They have proven over and over again that they are willing to force their twisted version of reality upon everyone else if given half a chance. Many of them insist upon trying to use the power of the law to force various bigoted and ignorant superstitions down everyone else’s’ throats and seriously persecuting anyone who refuses to go along. Many of them will rise to arms and murder your family if their religious dogma indicates it. Christianity was used to justify burning the library in Alexandria, the Children’s Crusade, the Inquisition, the murder of 9-million European women as witches, the African slave trade, the genocidal slaughter of the American Indian, and too many wars to count. Religious belief is often the central roadblock in trying to gain basic civil liberties for marginalized populations.

The City of Peace

The City of Jerusalem provides a shining example of the power of ‘faith’ and ‘belief’: In what must be the most ironic name in human history, the name ‘Jerusalem’ [Jeru Salaam] means ‘City of Peace’.

Even though Jerusalem sits on an isolated dusty hilltop, even though it has no strategic importance of any kind, even though it is not a port or a crossroad, and even though it has no natural resources of any note — fully seventeen wars (not ‘battles’, but full-on wars) have been fought over possession of the ‘City of Peace’.

These wars were fought solely due to Jerusalem’s religious significance.

No shite. They take this stuff that seriously.

They are insane.

These days, the battle over Jerusalem is threatening to ignite World War III.

So excuse me: What is it about Jerusalem that is worth risking World War III?

I do not have any ‘faith’ that this will ever be explained rationally.

It’s time to get to work, Kids…

1) FYI Section:

1A) Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation Action Calendar

Oly FOR has a little different focus than I do so check out their calendar if you want a full picture of what is happening in local activism.


1B) Update on West Central Park Project

Keep up with progress at our new People’s Park. This from the organizers:

Hello Volunteers!

Despite last Sunday’s rain showers, a good handful of volunteers still showed up to the work party and got a lot done. We pruned the sidewalk trees, mowed and edged, raked the event pad and began preparations for a new mural on our south neighbor, Li Phong’s garage wall. Mr. Phong gave us permission last Saturday to wash the wall and further requested that we paint a tree mural there. We have agreed and will be further readying the wall this Sunday for that project. Along with that prep, we will be working a bit more on our other tree mural, and continuing all of our maintenance projects this Sunday from 10-1. Come on out to the park rain or shine and get involved in beautifying the site!

We will be having our Fall Gala on October 12th and hope to have our invitations ready for distribution by next week. Admission will be $75 and include two beverages, a delicious meal, a contribution auction and an entertaining and lovely evening celebrating West Central Park, it’s past, present and future. An update will go out to all of you when the invitations become available. It will be a great way to help bring the park closer to its goal of creating a space that can serve the neighborhood.

The park had its first movie night last Saturday and it was a big success. We hope to have many more in the future. We are looking into the possibility of screening locally made movies to avoid the licensing costs of showing public films, but we can also look into starting a fund for just that. Most older titles are $150 per screening. Newer titles can go up to $300. If anyone would like to head up a movie committee we would like to start one!

Our Community Roundtable and Invitation to Membership last Tuesday was fairly well attended and all 10 of our Board Members were there to answer questions and explain different details of the park development process. We would like to increase the frequency of these neighborhood forums so be on the look out for the next one.

As a certain 170 or so of you are the only people to receive these weekly updates, we would like to encourage all of you to reach out to people about the project, and urge people to sign up as you did to get on the volunteer email list. The West Central Park wants to stay as connected to the local neighborhood as much as possible, and needs your help to keep the connections strong.

Thanks for all your help!



1C) Plea from Dave’s PBJ Project

I am writing this as a last plea,
to help continue the PBJ project.
Today might have been the last day
we can provide this outreach.
We have reached “market saturation”
and everyone, friend, family and those
who know of us have donated. Some very
generously, multiple times.
We cannot expect so few to donate on a
continuing basis. People do have priorities,
and someone who is giving, has just so much.

Please tell anyone you can about the project.
Mention over 2,030 sandwiches provided.
If you know someone of means, please tell them.
You never know who might feel compassion until
you make them aware. It’s up to them then.

I’ll relate a story from this morning, while
I was doing my regular litter pick-up routine:
We have this character downtown, who is so
out of self control, as to be disgusting.
But, as I got ready to start, he comes by,
and proceeds to pick up some trash from the
gutter. Says “there ya go Tahoe” and puts it
in the can on his way through. My elation was
over the top. I could not believe what I saw.
He barely knew where he was. Just ultra stoned.
This same man, so out of control that he was
arrested 10 minutes later, honored my example.

I touched someone I considered hopeless.
This sandwich program was instrumental in that.
I will continue, as I have done so far.
And, I will be speaking to him more frequently.

We are making a difference. Albeit subtle.
Lost, banished and plain hungry are being served.
A quality sandwich, given freely, does has return.
There are still helpless, cold, hungry homeless.
We will persevere until there are not, regardless.

Imagine, being able to legally get out of the rain,
without having to spend money? Just sit down dry?
The homeless of Olympia no longer have that option.
We do not even provide for these poor human beings,
what you’re legally required to provide, for a dog.
That is not right. I will attempt to change it.

I am no-one. I have no influence over policy.
But I have a heart, and a voice.
The time comes soon, to use it proficiently with
those who make those atrocious decisions.
Dude Man will not have left us in vain.
Have compassion or suffer derision.
They will choose which is in their future.

Thanks for all of your kind giving so far.
Many hearts have been touched. It is good.

Links are below if you want to refer someone:


1D) Reminder: Mail In Voter Registration ENDS October 7th


1E) The Cusp: A South Sound Social Insurgency Center

We have a new radical resource opening soon!

Here is a link to their Facebook page:


2) Disorientation Week at Evergreen State College
All Day Thursday and Friday @ TESC

Come get the counter-propaganda about the Olympia/ TESC connections.

From the disorganizers:

Every year at The Evergreen State College, the administration puts on a week of events for new students to show just how “progressive,” “diverse,” and “sustainable” the school is. Oh, and some bullshit about “community.”

And every year, anarchists at Evergreen and in Olympia put on our own week of events to counter that narrative. Whether this is your first time hearing the word radical or you’ve been battling capitalism and the state for years, Disorientation Week will be a welcoming place for you to make new friends, learn about the history of revolt in the NW, and gain skills for navigating this tool of social control called TESC.

All events meet in the Arts Annex 1114.

11am: Squatting
Noon: Recuperation: How Resistance Dies
1pm: Queer Ultraviolence
4:30pm: Palestine 101
5:30pm: Police and Prisons

2pm: Dumpster Diving & Proletarian Shopping
4:30pm: Security Culture
5:30pm: Protest Safety

3) Anti-Oppression & Solidarity: BDS and the Olympia Food CoOp
Thursday September 26th at 7 PM @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW

Come learn to view the Olympia Food CoOp’s boycott of Israeli goods on a deeper level.

From the organizers:

Who is behind the ongoing lawsuit against the Olympia Food CoOp? What is the ‘progressive’ response to the nonviolent Palestinian call for a boycott of Israel? How has Israel responded? And what does it mean to be an anti-oppression ‘ally’ in Olympia?

This discussion will place the Olympia Food CoOp’s 2010 decision to boycott Israeli goods in the context of world affairs and human rights. It will examine how the boycott has tested the Olympia progressive community and expose what has been said and what people are afraid to say; and it will confront the Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism that exists even within Olympia’s ‘progressive’ community.

Featuring Amirah Ziada, Palestine solidarity activist and founding member of Olympia BDS; and Phan Nguyen, Palestine solidarity activist who has covered the CoOp lawsuit for Mondoweiss and Alternet.

4) PiPE Fall Work Party
Friday September 27th from 10 AM to 4 PM @ Partners in Prevention Education [PiPE] 408 7th Ave SE

Come help PiPE do that thing they do so well!

This from PiPE:

Come Friday September 27th and join us as we work some fall cleaning magic.

The United Way will be joining us for their Day of Caring and we thought it would be a wonderful idea to invite all of our friends and make a party out of it.

All skills welcomed and encouraged to join. We will be doing things like deep cleaning the entire house, organizing the basement, and inventorying art supplies.

This could also turn into the most epic potluck so please bring your favorite dish to share!!!!

5) Move to Amend Barnstorming Tour with Ashley Sanders
Friday September 27th at 6 PM @ Thurston County Courthouse, 2000 Lakeridge Dr SW

It’s the movement to replace corporate rights with human rights.

From the organizers:

Olympia WA: Move to Amend Barnstorming Tour with Ashley Sanders!

Friday, September 27, 2013 – 6:00pm
Thurston County Court House
2000 Lakeridge Drive SW (360) 754-3800
98502 Olympia, WA
See map: Google Maps

“Organizing to End Corporate Rule & Get Money Out of Politics”
Presentation by Move to Amend’s Ashley Sanders

Move To Amend National invites you to an evening presentation by Ashley Sanders, a Move to Amend national spokesperson touring the state of Washington this September to build connections, inspire activism, and reveal the origins of corporate power in America AND talk about how we can build a democracy movement and take power back for the We the People.

Move to Amend is a non-partisan coalition of over 300,000 individuals and organizations whose goal it is to amend the US Constitution to end corporate rule and get money out of politics. Please join us for this event!

Ashley Sanders’ presentation “Organizing to End Corporate Rule & Get Money Out of Politics” outlines the history of the American Constitution as it pertains to Corporate Personhood and illegitimate but legal corporate constitutional rights. It will be followed by a facilitated discussion session and Q&A. Sanders aims to help local folks understand how they can work to abolish corporate personhood and establish a government truly of, by, and for the people.

Sanders is a long-time community activist from Salt Lake City, Utah. She began political work doing campus organizing against the Bush administration and then worked to build third parties as the Nader spokesperson in 2008. She worked for Democracy Unlimited (a Move to Amend Founding Organization) in 2009 and helped to form the Move to Amend coalition. She founded the Salt Lake affiliate of Move to Amend and serves on the National Leadership Team.

This event is free and open to the general public, donations appreciated but not required.
No RSVP necessary. People from all political backgrounds are encouraged to attend!

6) 2013 Thurston Solar Tour
Saturday September 28th from 10 AM to 4 PM @ Roosevelt Elementary School, 1417 San Francisco Ave NE

It’s alternative energy! Just what we need!

From the organizers:

Find Sites to Visit at

Or start at Roosevelt Elementary to learn more about the sites and solar!

7) Imagine the Deschutes Estuary
Saturday September 28th from 3 to 7 PM @ Fertile Grounds, 911 Adams St SW

Come help plan Olympia’s future.

This from the organizers:

What does a healthy urban estuary look like for downtown Olympia? Let’s find out!

The Deschutes Estuary Restoration Team is hosting our annual picnic at the Commons at Fertile Ground, at the corner of 9th and Adams, right behind the downtown library. Join us for food, fun, music and inspiration!

At 3pm, we will kick off with delicious food and solo jazz guitar with Vince Brown, along with opportunities for conversation and networking.

The program begins at 4:45pm, with an opening ceremony with Paulette Frisina Métis Cree. We will talk about what DERT has been doing over the past year, and our plans for the next year. We also have two knowledgeable and inspirational speakers to share their perspective (more details below).

At 6pm, we will have some lively music from the Westbrook Jazz Trio!

Guest Speakers:
Charlene Krise, Squaxin Island Tribe
Brenda Snyder, Urban Landscape Designer

Charlene Krise is a Council Member of the Squaxin Island Tribe and the Executive Director of the Squaxin Island Tribe Museum Library and Research Center. The Deschutes Estuary is part of the Squaxin Island Tribe’s Usual and Accustomed area and is a sacred place, used for subsistence hunting, gathering and ceremonial purposes for many centuries.

Brenda Snyder is an urban landscape designer based in Seattle. She did her master’s thesis on downtown Olympia, titled: “Sea-Level Rise: Re-imagining the Urban Edge”

Food donated by:
The Olympia Food Co-op
Old School Pizzeria
Wobbly Cart Farm
The Bearded Lady

8) (A) DANCE benefit PARTY (A)
Saturday September 28th at 9 PM @ 510 Birch St NW

It’s a benefit for Grand Jury Resisters in Exile!

From the organizers:

Benefit for Grand Jury Resisters in Exile. DAAAAAAAAAAAAANCE.

9) Forum on the Sustainable Development Plan for the Thurston Region
Monday September 30th from 6:30 to 8:30 PM @ Thurston County Courthouse, 2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW, Room 152

I’m not sure who is doing this but I think this is some sort of government thing and this might be something visionary people might want to plug into — it would be good to hear what these folks are planning if nothing else.

From TC ProNet:

Forum on the Sustainable Development Plan for the Thurston Region
Date: Monday, September 30, 2013
Time: 6:30PM – 8:30PM
Location: Thurston County Courthouse, room 152

What should we do to make the Thurston Region more economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable in the coming decades?

Attend the forum and learn about the draft Sustainable Development Plan for the Thurston Region, and join the community conversation that will result in a vision for a vibrant, healthy, and resilient future.

Presented by

Kathy McCormick and Veena Tabbutt

Thurston Regional Planning Council

Over the last 2 ½ years, Sustainable Thurston — a public/private partnership of local jurisdictions, organizations, and community members —has crafted a regional sustainability plan with goals and actions to realize the bold vision for the future between now and 2035.

Please bring your own mug – light refreshments will be served. The program is open to the public. Co-organized with TC Pro-Net and the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild. We would like to thank Olympia Federal Savings for co-sponsoring this and our other Fall education events. For more information about the forum, please contact

About Sustainable Thurston Over the last 2 ½ years, Sustainable Thurston — a public/private partnership of local jurisdictions, organizations, and community members —has crafted a regional sustainability plan with goals and actions to realize the bold vision for the future between now and 2035.

The draft Sustainable Thurston Plan is available for review.
Check out the Plan – Creating Places – Preserving Spaces – A Sustainable Development Plan for the Thurston Region

Comment on the Plan:
1. At the forum on September 30.
2. By email to
3. Take the online survey on the Sustainable Thurston website
4. Share your ideas and comment on the ideas of others at

Attend one of the jurisdiction briefings to be held throughout the Region, from now through October 2. Click here for the schedule.

10) First Fall Meeting of Evergreen Community Gardens
Wednesday October 2nd at 3:30 PM @ Evergreen Community Gardens

It’s all about controlling our own food supply.

If we don’t do it Monsanto will be more than happy to.

This from the organizers:

First Fall Interest Meeting at the TESC Organic Community Gardens!

When: Wednesday, October 2nd at 3:30pm
Where: Community Gardens next door to the Organic Farm and across from Demeter’s Garden

Agenda Topics:
– Welcome new students!
– Who We Are: Our Mission Statement
– Cover Crop
– Community Bulletin Board Construction
– Harvest Festival
– etc.

Bring a snack to share if you’d like!

E-mail: for more info or directions to the Gardens.

11) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Be a good hypocrite.




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